The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 10, 1930 · Page 16
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 16

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, January 10, 1930
Page 16
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PAGElTlX.TE!DN. CETUHIPJH, UONNim /LSVULrLE, PA. e Fashion Snfiiles By Gra«ie .TeweU A««tfn On tho whole, sensible hus certalul.r boon tho watchword for women's stj Ics this winter. Uttlc folks In the old-time red wool knit hoods of Hed Hiding Hoorl tipn wpre not warmrr and more comfort- nhle tUnn the women wearers o£ tho comfortable caps urul turbnnB which fit the bond snugly, o f t e n completely cover the euro, Jrac8 J. Austin. and B!ly flrral y to till fold hfusta, "Keep out 1" The Uu(;th In gowns and eonts rimkea tor warmth, and she who hns gone out In snow, dnmp or cold without soffla form of high protecting over- boot has been zmich more conspicuous rhan admired, This" Ia~almo3t~a~»acrileg!ou8 joke, but when Dame Fashion wns ft little girl nnd hoard th- IJiblo verse, "The King's daughter is cti glorious* within," she though't for a number of years that It meuut the lovtly TindercloUiIng that this princess wtfre beneath her royal robfs. I't'rlmps tho "within" may have meant truth and purity, but without any doubt her wonderful lingerie was an Important part of her benuty. In AmoMca all the glrla and women nre princesses, If they only realize It, nnd tho marvelous ailken rind rayon gfirnK'Uts with which the shops are filled malse millions ot them "more Klorlous within." It be 'ins qulie evident that w i t h the Increase of feminine Huffy i-uflles In dresses, (he pretty llnporie keeps puce, l.uce and embroidery and ribbons, with color In all the glory of the rainbow shades, form a part of these garments for princesses -- a phraie now unusually good since so many dresses are cut on tlip 'so- cnllcd princess lines. I.ftngtli of tlrpssei i- 11 own In pielurps If often more a l n r u i l n g than the ronl- Ity. When wholesalers, p l a n n i n g for spring, still tnlk of street and spoils dresses four Inches bolow the knee, as they did in the fall, with afternoon dresses longer but not extreme, it need not cause aerious anxiety if the phrase, "evening dresses very long" is added. Indeed It will he entertaining to wjitfh whether, as has been prophesied, from tho coming of the lonj; party dress, the frisky jar.z music will have to give way to more etately tunes. And there Is another evidence of the jrood sense of the American girl and woman In the statement, "Suutan bncka have practically disappeared from dresses.' 1 They were not wicked ; they wore only foolish and rarely becoming, so their going is a good rld- nncp. Happy Is she to whom Ion;; earrings are bei onilng. They withdrew a bit from s:jli» foe a time, but uosv they nrc liii-k In full glory. Put a stately nnd he u i t l f u l woninn into one of the now gowns of dignity of length, perhaps In n dahlia shade, give her a n r - f k l H ' e and pendant of amethyst irjst.'il*. with long, swaying amethyst and (llltjree earrings, a wide bracelet nn lu" arm and narrower ones on h f r r l ^ h t , with nn an ethyst-Bet ring an her l i t t l e finger, give her some moiro pump*) in shade to mntch her Sown, mill Ift tier take long gloves, n jeweled vTompact, w i t h a lice and chlffoi b a n d k e r r h l e f , and . I'ur wrap on |] r. other nrm. Isow we have (ln!vi(| her I l l v o this, doesn't Hl.e sound ivadv to dine w i t h any potentate and q u c t n , nr piesident and his wife? (£· 1330, \VtBtprn Newspaper Union ) Nursery Aprons Always Appeal to Little Tots JEALOUSY CAUSES SLAYINO OF GIRL Salesman Tells Story .,, , Crime in Hotel. of n.--Ie.Ttpr Churchill Dny- ton, u t w e n t y n \ e year-old insurance anlpsfrmn, !» u n d e r arrest here, having cnnfossoil, iiccorrtlng to authorities, to Strangling Miss Mnrjorl* I.ury O'Donnel!, t \ v e n t v - l h r e r . n/i employee of tho National (icoarnililc society, In tho Koos«\elt hotel. The young man is snlil to htnn toUl police ho committed the crime t h r o u g h jealousy of another suitor, heightened by Induftronce Ln liquor. In n voluntary ntntcmont to police Dayton «aid tic had repeatedly esi- trenled Miss ODonncll to prointrm to nuirry lihu, B i i j l n a ho would soon be earning enough m )«ey to euro for l h « m hot'» but Umi sho had as many times refused, indicating that sho "iiilght nmrry and Her man." What Dayton did between the time he strangled the girl In a fit of Jealous rage, iind the ^iour he colled police, apparently IK still cloudy in Ms memory, lie Is certajn they began to (junrrcl shortly after midnight. At Umt time, Dfi.vion said, he upbraided the girl for hci reluctance to become engaged to him, and sho replied by referring to tha other man. Woks Up at Noon. Dayton said In bla confession to police t h a t he h u d been drinking heavily meanwhile, although the gUl had taken ouly u few drinks. lie declared that when he became so incensed ho could no longer control himself, ho seized the ghl aad they struggled about the room. "1 woke up later that day," Dnston told U'o pollci'. "It must have been getting on toward noon, because the sunlight was strong outside. Then I begun to realize what I had done. The thought \MIS so awful I made up my mind to 1.111 myself, but I found I rouldn't gt t up the nerve." He said he sot fi r a moment contemplating his pistol then turned It to His temple nnd p illetl -the trigger. "It would u t go off," he dodnred, "although 1 -flopped the hammer on several shells Then I knew I couldn't 1:111 myself and decided to call In the police. I telephoned for a bell boy; he came In a moment later, and I told hlin to call to tin 1 officers." Writes Note In Hotel. Dayton declared hp started drinking early the dn · before the murder and went to the note, about 11 a. m. that same day irid registered. He con- t i n u e d d r i n k i n g during the afternoon, ho said, and inter met the girl, Inviting her to coiiie to his room for drinks before going out to dine. During tin hours between the crime and its dls 1 overy Dayton wrote on incoherent f h r o e page note on hotel stationery In which he told of his quarrels w i i h the girl, his love for her, nnd hli determination to commit suicide. The note inld In p a r t : "I niii going to kill my sweetheart and then rrsself. I Know T love her. Without he · love 1 cannot l i v e . We botl) hnvn deceived and h u r t one another. Xo-v t h a t the effect of the liquor !*! \ etuiiig oft I shall begin drinking npiln and get up t h p Dutch conrnge to kill rnysolf. "She chMted on me, 1 cheated on her; wa both cheated on each other," O K CHIl clam TO EN 1 Tlffi PARENTS r MAi A child who is old enough to nsk w h a t niiulo the rocks h a r d or what keeps the stars in the nky Is quite old enough to dike hold of t h e Iden of a prlmnl causa nnd of tho sustaining fur33 w h i p h perpetually holds the universe together. Ideally, an awareness of God's continued immanence should bocomo n commoaplacs in a. child's dnllf experience, ( Equipment for tha dining room table nood not be expensive but there should be plsmty of It and It should ba pleas- Ing (in well as serviceable. A colorful, well appointed table, with a crnter- pleca of flowers is tha right setting for tho Incuii'utlon of mood table manners arid that training In correct soclnl behavior which children should onrly no- quire. It nlso helps to make simple meala Inviting, Tho flre r M-m box on tha rorner la provided by tho city for thu specific purpose of. calling the llro department. It Is thoroughly reliable and Itu use practically eliminates the possibility of error or delny In response. Go to the (Ire alarm box, pull tho hook, nnd the flieman wilt arrivo within a vt-ry short space of time. It is always well to leave some one stationed at the flre alarm box so that when the tlranen come they will lose no Urns in locating tha exact house which is on flre. Close on the heols of the new silhouette for women there now conies the announcement from I'nrls that children's clothes are showing higher v. alatllnea and flared treatments that ere In accord with the g r o w n u p mode. .There is a definite upward movement of circular ^llrts mid (lie belt Is placed at a new and j a u n t y normal line. Statistics snow that the days of the week when shopping la heaxlest are 'Tuesday, Thursday, und S(tUmlny. Knowing this, why not plan 10 avoid the rush and buy your staples on the other dnys of the w e e k ? Statistics also shertv thnt the heaviest buying takes place between ten and eleven In (he morning, and four and six In the evening. Avoid rush hours and marketing will be easier. Homo "movie" cameras and projectors are Ideal gifts which bring both Immediate pleasure and l a s t i n g enjoyment through tho years. Modern cinema equipment provides everything to make good picture-taking suto- The following toys are appropriate for the child from one to two years: Nested Mocks (solidly made of wood, painted in bright colors), sturdy linen picture books, ncht of colored wooden trays, floating water toys, pyramid of wooden rlnffti (n colors, rubber balls, toys for digging, small wooden carts nnd trucks for pulling or pushing. Maroon Tweed Ensemble Advance Spring Fashion Money Machine Swindle Lands Man in Prison Now Y o r k -- Although Lester Jpf- feison, Asi ria grocer, admitted under cross Piant n a t i o n that lio did "Ihlnte he was j o i n s to make counterfeit money," A' lllniin Kalian, twenty-nine, w h o was climbed by Jefferson witu grand larceny m n "moiipy machine" Confidence grime, was held in $](),XX) ball for 'he action of the Queens K i a n d j u r . Jofforsrm testified that on Hecemler 2 1023, K illas nnd (mother man ciune Into his K ot'c-ry store In Astoria w i t n n machine w h i c h they said was a'jle to repiod'ice any money placed In it. Hills ver~ placed in the machine In front of .)"fTprKon nnd the original b i l l s nnd nc-v duplicates came out, Jeffer. son ("Ptll nd t h a t at thf Pii2«pstlon (if 111* 1 \ H i t i rs h i \ \ l t h d r e w $1,150 from tho hnnk im! plnrpd It In the machine T|IP nifti told h i m It v. ould take several bmi « for It to opprnte with jo much ni»npy, and it was agreed to lp,!\e UH bo\ In Jefferson's care ovor- nlshf "f -snld t h a t in the morning w h e n He nipti did not r e t m n ;nJ tlx 4 machine did not .hnw any sipns nt prodwin · nionov. [IP forced it open and foin d it C u l l of clipped ncus-pii P i n a f o r o says the Woman's Homes Companion, with its enchanting cat, Is one of thoso nursery aprons that children like to wear. It appeals to mother, too, because bias binding Is art easy way of finishing neck, armholes and lower edges and of marking a I n r u e nursery animal. Ready-folded binding, presed and baated In place, will ctltch easily on tha machine. If the binding Is bolng stitched to a thin cotton such as d i m i t y a paper placed under tho material v r l l l keep It smooth, It 'a a little g a r m e n t that you can cut cuV of .1 r e m n a n t a n d hava ready In less t h a n two hours. Tha sketch shows j w h i t e d i m i t y 4.pil(|jed with blue, rod -\ J ysliov/ roaea and bound with t : t;Ung blue Sown. Csts 5350,000, but j Keeps at Odd Jobs j Domr -- J o h n \V. \ andersliro, s « v - j p n l y - u v i ' old »dd Job man, who v as ! notified bore thnt he is h f i r to $35.),000 froui the estate of his brother, the late Howard Vandersllce, mllllonolre oil and ;rnin man of Kansas City, M o . will "kc"p cm working, because I must have something to do" Tho Denver mini r e i e h f - d nn outright gift of $100,000 in cash. Engli ih Wanderer Modela House After Submarine London.--M. Sfnurlce Dt'kokrn Is a wanderer as wcl! as n noted atitlur. To ke -p up the wandering utnio- sphero, ho baa n house nnd f u r n i t u r e decoraiid to repre.ient a pullman car, H j a c h i and a submarine. In the snb- n i u i l i u 1 l o a m Is n cocktail bar nr- rnujjul u-ovuid a wheel and perlacry* Paris contributes this lovely m a t o o n tweed onaembls with a wrap-around o k f r t and threo-fourthG-length coat for early s p r i n g wear. Tho biouao and l i n i n g arc of beige figured crepa do chine. Brown With Black; Sports Jewelry Made of Wood Whether brown should be worn w i t h black may have been a question ofi any other season, but the combination Is completely sanctioned now. The smartest form t h i s alliance takes Is seen In t)ip font of black broadcloth with heaver collar mid cuffs. Sports Jewelry of wood often combines brown w i t h black and a lighter accent of beige or cnpuclne. New Hat* Jn sjilto n? the general unbc'coinln(?- noss of the off-tho face lints for many faces, the predominating style IB Just thnt. T u r b a n s now, come in at least twenty four v n i l p t l e s , with tho bon- not t u v h n n proving morn popular, especially for glils find young matrons. That Is the expresaic n we hear from hundreds who use our Classified Columns. The cost is moderate and the results big. Use oxir Classified Columns. Be one of FRIDAY, JANUARY 10, 1930. AT THE Fj R. METRES! CO. 802 IVcsfc Crawford Ave. and Tubes in all the world NOTE:---The Trade-in aHowanoe shown below will be given you regardlepa of U e condition of your old, worn-out tires. We need your scrap tire; In order to make blow-out patches, skived^ patches, eto. NQTE:IOT[oheHn makes one quality tire only--the best. No three or four "qualities" to befuddle the motorist. SIZE 20x4.40 reg 29x4.40 2x4.50 30x4.50 28x4.75 29x4.75 80x4.75 20x5 00 30x5.00 81x5.00 J?8x5.25 £'9x5.25 80x5.25 Btx5.25 28x5.50 LIST R80E ? 7.90 9.20 0,80 10.15 11.45 11.90 12.40 12.80 12.50 18.45 13.05 14.15 14.60 U.05 15.15 CREDIT On Worn-Out Tire ·$2.31 2.66 2.91 2.93 3.27 3 41 H.54 3.52 3.56 3.80 3.87 4.(U J 4 15 4.18 4.30 YOUR COST $ 5.59 6.54 6.94 7.22 8.18 8,49 8.86 8.78 3.94 0.59 9,78 10.13 10.45 10.77 10.85 WORLD'S T I R E that can be e O N D E D FOR 2 Y E A R S Against ANY kind of wear and EVERY kind of dam~ age. SIZE 29x5.50 80x5.50 32x5.77 30x6.00 31x6.00 32x8.00 33x6.00 80x3V 31x4 32x4 33x4 32x4 iy , 3 3 x 4 V j 34x4 Vi 30x5 LIST PRICE $15.75 15.05 19.40 16.90 17.20 17.55 17.95 7.60 13.55 44.45 15.15 ·19.55 20.20 20.80 24.15 CREDIT On Worn-Out Tire .$4.46 4.46 5.51 4.79 4.91 4.96 4.97 2.21 3.86 4 12 4.30 5.38 5.69 5.92 6.82 YOUfi COST $11.Si9 11.48 13.89 12.11 12.29 12.59 12.98 5:39 9.69 10.33 10.85 14.17 14.49 14.93 17.38 Top picture shows "the Mich lin Supertread Tire --now setting new records, for. mileage, freedom from trouble, and ridin j ease . . . At the righl, the difference be- twee i ring-shaped Micli- elin Tubes and the old- style straight tube, which can never fit tho cash g properly. For 35 years Michelin Tires and Tubes have been building a steadily-growng reputation in every land where automobiles are used. They were the world's first pneumatic automobile tire -- the first successful non-skid tire -- the first balloon tire for present rims -- and the first tubes to be built ring-shaped, like the casing, for perfect fit and longer wear. Throughout all these years, it has been Michelin who has led the way to better, longer-wearing, more satisfactory tires and tubes. It was Michelin who pioneered the development of "high twist cord," who have always made their tires of "rubber saturated fabric," who have introduced many other notable improvements now generally followed by the industry. Today, Michelin Tires and Tubes stand out above all others in value, , c «rvice, and all-around satisfaction. That is why we are now .selling Michelins -- the most, famous tires and tubes in all the world -- and the most satisfactory. We invite you to come in and learn more about Michelins -- to see these greater tires and tubes, particularly the wonderful new Michelin Supertread Tire. In little more than a year, this new-type tire, designed and built for today's cars and today's traffic, has rolled up amazing new records for mileage--48% MORE miles, on a national average, than its owners had ever before received from an}' tire they had used. 302 West Crawford Ave. TIRES MOUNTED FREE! Foot of Bridge OPEN EVENINGS PRICES ON OUR 16,000-WIILE GUARANTEED TIRES 30x31/2 HEAVY DUTY 29x4.40 HEAVY DUTY 30x4.50 HEAVY DUTY (Other Sizes in Proportion) Ri^Mmgm®,^!^ !^^®Jt£^^

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