The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 10, 1930 · Page 15
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 15

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, January 10, 1930
Page 15
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FRIDAY, JANUARY 10, 1980. fHE DAILY COURIER, CONN ELLSV ILrL) 3, PA. PAGE FIFTEEN. \ SPRING PRIMARY ELECTION WILL BE HEU) NEXT MAY 20 Rally Around for World Court Tho spring primary election at which candidates wilt b.j nominated ·for State and national offices win bo held on Tuesday, May 20, with the general election on Tuesday, November 4, tho political- calendar tor 1980, fts prepared by U-oorgo D. Thorn, chief oil the State Elections U u r e a u shows. * The last day for ; flll:.iJ? petitions "with thft secretary' ot tho commonwealth for the primary will be Monday, March SI, and for Mling petitions ·with Uio county commissioners tor party offices on Monday. April 14. Tho three registration days for tho general £tlect!o:i aro Thursday, September 4, Tuoeday, September 16 and Saturday, Octobsr 4. The complete calendar follows: First day for securing signatures on pnttttons for nominations to bo filed -with the secretary of the commonwealth, Wednesday, February I D . Last day for filing petitloaa with he secretary of tho commonwealth lor tho primary, Monday, March 31, before 5 P. M. Tho first day to secure signatures en petitions to be Jilad with the county commissioners, Monday, March 5. Last day for flllns petitions with the county commissioners for party offices, Monday, April 14. Last day for filing nomination papers by Independent bodies of citizens for any office, Friday. September 5. Last dayi when 'candidates may withdraw before the- primary. Tuesday, April 8, uj) to 4 o'clock P. M. Last day when candidates no:;nl- ·nntod at the primary election, may withdraw from nomination, Monday, September IB. Last day to file JiominailonB to fili vacancies caused by,, t h e w i t h d r a w a l of candidates nominated at the p r i - m a r y alectlori, Monday, September 29. Last days to ho assessed for t h e November election are Kriday and Saturday. September 5 IUH! ti: Th« assessors sit at tlu polling places on those days. Last dny to pay tar to f i n a l i t y for the November election, S a t u r d a y , October 4. Last day to be roKistcred for voters November election of 192!), in Philadelphia, Pittsbnrg and Scraiitou, to qualify them to vote- ;il the s p r i n g j primary, Wednesday, A p r i l :.0. i Last day for registration and en- ! T oilmen t in boroughs and t o w n s h i p s lor tho spring primary. May 10. First day to be- registered for t h e November election in any city, Thursday, September 4. Secoryl day, Tuesday, September -16. Th'ircl and last day, Saturday, October 4. La.3t day for candidates ,.x flic statement of expense!) fcr fT.e p r i - mary, Friday, Misy art. Last day for tveasurors of polin'cul committees to f i l e statement of ex- ivonsea for tho [irlmary, Thursrlay, Jnuo 19. Last day for filing' statflmom of e\- j penses for the November election t»y 1 caTKildati-.'i and t r e a s u r e r s of eom- inltteos, Thnrsday, December 1. Left to right: Mrs, W, 3. Bnshea, Mrs. Wph S. Tyl«r, of Cleveland, arid Mrs, Frank A. Vandorlip, of New York, are gathering forces at Clave land, Ohio, to make an organized effort to bring pressure on ' the United SUtes Seriate with the hops of ratification by that bo«b of fche World Court Treaty. Upon the arriva.l of Mrs. Vnndorlip in this «ty the Cleveland World Court Committee was revived. ION RAILWAY MUST CONTINUE SElWCE ON CHARTIERS LINE '1 WAYNESIUmG, Jan. 10,---The Puh- llc Service Commission, according to word received here, has denied a petition of Uio MonorigalnHii Railway t n a b a n d o n passenger s e r v i c e on ttirt C h a r t l B r s H o u t l i o r n x ; e i ) H i o n tvh!(-li touches at MiiUier', N e - f n i i c o l i n , "AHIlB- boi'o and other nearby t o w n s . C i t i / o n s mid I t i d i i f r l a l i n t e r e s t s have protested the proposed cessation of service. ; Perryopolb I'KIIKYOPOLIS. Jtui. J0--Mr«. John liurke oC Mone6«eu i ; vitsitliiff w i t h her mother, Mrs. J o h n ' "\\'l!J;f«. Mrs. (;iareju:e K u r n s o[ Star J u n c - tion le ;ub6tUutlii£ in I'erryopolls echoolt) in place of Miee Amanda H n k e r . Tho Pe-rry Glco C ' l i h hold a danco WfxInetHlay evening ii; Kuroliek'fi Hall. M u s U i wa.s f u r n l s h o i l by an urctiestra. Tho (kuico wa« l a r g e l y attended. Ke-phyro K u r t x of .Star J u n c t i o n , who has iKH^n v l s i U n g w i t h r o l a t i v t e ill L n t r o b c , hu« r c - t u r n«.Ml to lief home. Mititi K u r t * is ;\ j u n i o r of Pei'ry t o w u - slilp High E'.cliool. This evening the "Perry boys' basketball team wilt journey to Dunbar whero it will enfiago in the second league Rams. Tho last n u m b e c on Hie l e c t u r e course was hold n the grade KChool a u d i t o r i u m last evening. Ohiopyle OBIOPYLK, Jan 10--Mif« ARHOS Oor- r l s t a n wag a chopper in UnUmtowu Thureday. C. E. D u n h a m of U n l o n t o w n wae a business c.aller in Ohlopylo Wednesday. ·1. "W. Tre-Ksier was a caller In Con- n,'llfiv ; .lle Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rnffcrty and daughter, Madellno, of Unlontown, motored t o O h l o p y l o Thursdoy.' IJenny Mitchell was n visitor in C o 11 f I ti cm · T h u red ay. Mr. nnrl Mrs. .Inmes W l I H a m n and c h l l d r o n of Mito'ler arrived In OUio- p y l o Thursday to epond a f«w days.!n Trcael-or of Unlontown was n v i K i t o r In town Thursday. Mlse Hutli Conway of Hop-wood cpcut Tlniraday calling on Olilopyle friends. "looking for BargainR ! H so, read tho advortlslniB cnltmviiji of Tho Dally Courier. AN earns and woman spends. For many years this . has been the popular plan in the American home. And in most eases it is a very good arrangement. Too seldom, however, does, the wife-andijiother receive due credit for her part in the enterprise. Earning a comfortable income today is a mighty fine accomplishment-"a man's .job," sure. enough. But the wise investment of the family funds is also far from child's play. This most often is Mother's task, arid she deserves a medal for her able handling of it. Women as a rule are good buyers, because they study their problems. They budget their resources, adjust their purchasing schedule to the budget, and buy carefully. The best help they get ir^ marketing comes from the ads in their home newspaper. They find that intelligent study of ads % means economy of money and time, The woman in your ;iome knows how true this Is! IL inarjUf* fiwmfxa A Sale That Will Appeal to Women -pers xtraordinary Values up to $3.00 A shirt evei.t that you cannot afi'orcl to ii'iiss. MANHATTAN, WILJ ON BROTHERS, RIT2J and other quality shirts included in this sale. All kinds of desirable materials and pat.l r n s ; light grounds and dark grounds, with collar aU:iehed, collar to match, and neckband. Plenty of sizes from 13'/: l,o IS, in assorted sleeve length. Every shir . guaranteed first quality and fade proof. Cut f u l l a n d ro my. You \vill want to buy Hcvcral of these shirts whm yo t. see t h e m . Our \ifum! guarantee of perfect wilisfaoi.ion goes with each sale. 124 North Piftsburg Street 9HKtmarfj? ?t*J%,IHf»*r Find Korean Leader T c r m i n p himself ^i V f u g live from injustice," Dr. Synpn an Ithee, prcaiddiii of the provi -ional Ko» rcan government, \a, admitted his identity tig .reporters w}io discovered him i i Los Angeles as he was board!) g a ateani* t v for Hawaii. He isappcared when a price was set '.n his head a f t e r i:is Kovcrnmenl fell. Dr, Jlheo exacts tho "Don j-Ji" move-'; mcnt, which he- heads to succeed ultimately and he t h - n plans to l rofiumc the prcB dcncy., Rcprtssenting three faiths (left to rigiit), Alfred K. Smith, Calvin Coolidgc and Julius Rouenwald, a» tioy met as a committee to decide on the ! distribution of a $3,Q00,OQO charity fund loft by the late. Conrad Ht'.bert, founder of the ,Bond Electric Corporation of Jr-rscy City, and originator of the flashlight. Mis entire fortune was made through the m a n u f a c t u r e of flashlights and will be distributed among thirty charitable, religious and educational organizations. : " ^ V :^-M ****$ ^feS ,.%'$£ A m o t h e r sii.-riroptf t r n ! n ^ f l lliri-'iwrh a drii-fJ to tl'-e w'affl ilia I f f i n a i ' h M p v n n m y h« or pnncn.ka E m b a r k i n g : on ono of tho (yrpatnst peace pil^ri-na-r-f! of if.odoni I.imcs. ihi- A m . - r i r r n de!»-!.v:;t:.,n u, IP- London n a v a l r n r , f o i - f t i r ( ! i.s .shown in f r o n t of the W h i l ^ f - f o t ^ c :-,', S V ^ h i u j n o u ; ; f(.-,,. ( i s , , ;.'-',',,,.. ni ,,, n j"., (j S ai.l poo,!-byr. to j ' r r H . l A n t Moor,-. C e n t r a l Press t e l e p h o t r t show, ,i, n o i M i ^ ^ . h H p r o u p ' r i c f ^ t o r J E h t S r c r e t o v y of th«- N n v y C h n r l r - a F. Adams, Senior David A. Kced of I V n n n v h ania, S-cretan- of Sta*« - r y T, tji.miEon, head of t h o delegation; Hoover, Senator Joseph T. Robinson of Arkansas, and forrn«? to Mexico DwioEht W,

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