The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 15, 1918 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, March 15, 1918
Page 7
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FRIDAY, MARCH is, TLLHj UAJXY CO DRIER, if A. PAGE HEWS OF THE DAY AT ML PLEASANT BRIEFLY RELATED Eightieth -Anniversary of a Veteran Merchant Observed at Dinner. UNION SERVICES TO CONTINUE Fw-Xlnte Ken Discuss the Imcoxnr lax at tie Horn. Theaters and Otter PmWIc Places; Matt Irrested o« Ctarge ol Lmrcenj; Other has been lojaDy supported throughout the reason, although at first it did not look ven promising as a wm ner The team has been e assed with the best, however since it has taken over Scottdale and Greensburg Saturday night the jeam will go to "West NeTvtoa to play there Special to The Courier MOUNT PLBAAOT March, 15 -One oC the most active men for his »S« in th« town i John i Stevenson irhos* 80th birthday anniversary was observed at a dinner ghen by his daughter Madge Each day seen Mr Stevenson zi his harriware store "fcere he activel looks after the business, ijypaxentl} he is g»od tor many years jet At the dinner gi\en m his honor covers were laid for 20 persons The center ot the table was graced by a large cake bearing the number 80 m caiuUes. Inion Strrice Popular. The union Cervices ht Id earlier in the winter to conserve fuel proved so popular that they are being continued, Sunday evening's meetins'will be held in the Methodist and Loited Presbyterian churches This has proves to be a yerj sood war to bring the people together and have them see more of the church lite of eich. other and to be more congenial and willing to sh»rc each others church To Visit Brother. Miss Clara BurUKld.rr has gone to Camp Jtentt V J to visit her broth er Captain John Burfcholder T»I h the AHftfheny hos-pital unit stationed there Tulkiutr Income Tax. Tour-mtoute talks a-e being g ven im the local theaters each evening the subject being the income tax. These talks are proving verv helpful ojid in structive to the publu 11 co must be instrneted in these matter^ Charged With 1 itrcenr Police Officer Josepl \Vhite arrest ed A. L TVfaeeler **an ed for larcenv The county an hcr-itie^ were notified and Constable Dan re came last ·evning after Mr Whueler Personal iliss Susan Fiapatrick spent a cou pie of duys w th Scottnale friends "Walter Bnnker of 1 hiladelphia has returned to his homo there after a visit paid his mother Mr= M S Brinker ilrs Frank Carbau,-h let tudav for Camp Hancock Georgia j visit her husband Top Sergant Frank Car baugh of Coropanj k. 110th regi meat. SINGLES OF SPORT , Some states permit wrestling/ because they don t know "what to' do with the promoters | They claim the world Is progressing 1 but were seen a lot of guys wearing ear-mjiffs tliis winter A number of coBege teams are going to be Inform oUy defeated. this spring The Cabs have their -wort cut out. Tliey will haTe to beat the Cards, Giants and Rals to the pennant and the Sox to the The Yankees and Braves nre going to take a spring Jaunt to gether Misery lores company How can Philadelphia fans boycott the Ythletlca? There is no such anlroul If the Cubs ·wla ibe pennant this year It wftl be against tbo law to print an mte T Tkw with Larry Doyle The minor leagues naked lor a moratorium By July they will need a morgue, Looki like a hard summer ahead for the pennant venders Chnrley Ebbets vrlil be glao. when the war Is over He* will have a chanop to intent * Jew more hoi I da VF BROWN CRICKET'S SONG EERY O H you little deal"" exclaimed Bett a« she ap ed a tiny brown cricket eVttln* on a stono in the ftrep ace TVhen dlrf yo-a g«t In here** Dear me chirped Brown Cricket. 1 came in one flay last fall anfl hav»s bee living: here ever since 4.nd I never JCHPT Jt laugher! Bettv Why haven t I ever heiud n - s ing* Because I n«rw aln% until lone af:e you BJsd jour daddy and yo ir mtunni t are asteep JThon I hop upon the mstnu and atns nij ch«« T sons ehirpc Brown Cricket. "But -why d you wMt until we -e EH jaslecp* asked E"t y T\ e house crlcLots lon t belie\e It disturbing- folks Ourirj, tl e (Hytlrie wUli Our sonir* for fear of trctur (hrcnn oiil £nto the cold replied Bro*n Cricket. Hell I m sure m mamma wouJ never throw you out of doors bfc^anse ahc B*y* a. cricket on the hearth Brings igood luck laazhpd. Betty 4 No-w isn t that a.Uy "" "xclainu ^Brown Cricket. Just AS If «. poor lit lc Pricket could brinr fl-ni one good lucl puiii Ero\wn Cricket \'r*ed his tlr j wi- and madi, »- funny sni^ak that 3tur»!c 13 if he ffors lauffhins , "We don t "bring ffoot lucfc chirpe rarown Crickot W"* ust sins our [cheery aong and ! make 1 * *nttn hip [who hear us antl where ha?pl eas abld' lucfc Is uurg to M ovr MISS BJURSTEDT TO CONTEST FOR TITLE Dunbar. *" DUVB\R March 15-Elias Tincoln of Hampton Road^ \a is \isninj his brother Charles Lincoln, of Railroad street. J Mrs Ophelia KoonU of \anderbilt ·was a business caller here yesi-crdaj "Mrs Fred Keams was a Connells ville shopper Thursday Clayton Jones o£ New Kensington is as a business caller here "Wednes J-*v Rev Clarence Leckenby who is conducting the reviiaJs in tie Meth odist Protestant church was a busi ness caller m Connellsville Thursda Mr and Mrs Prank Riley of Glass port were business callers here for the past week * f Tb« Y E C of the Dunbar high school met in Room No 7 ^V ednesday afternoon at 2 oclock and the follow Ins program was carried out Three mmute talks were made bj Eta Tressler * Carmg for Pershing's M«n Pauline Ororf A Defense of Secretary Baker Evelyn Young "Lightless Nights Georget a Scott "America and France Ethel Moyer * The Daily Wilbur \Varne Tae End nf the "War " Sara Jacobs When Sammie Comes Home A letter from a British sailor describing an encounter with a Crewless Raider GeoreoCta Scott Debate Resolved, that classics should be upheld In tae high school TJvelyn Young and Wilbur Warn* 1 The Diarv of a Lumberjack Etliel Moyer The Food Administration Sara Jacobs Criticisms and suggestions were of fered by the members of the class and Miss Baker Reports emanating from California n ' few day 1 ; apo to the effect thut Uib"? "MoUa Bjurstedt national woman Uiwi , tenats champ OQ la half a dozen Ion } guajes «ould Jea^e within the ueit fpvf ^eeks for her home in iNonvuj and hence would not compete in the , Tvomans indoor chumpionihip tourney j ure unfounded. Marvelous Moila has denied them hersel* and faho nntlcl patss being Q contender again for the | j crown, tha' sh.e won two years In sac ' cession The great Vomefelun has been p ay Jng sen^Uionnl tennis at the Heights casino In Brooklyn and threatens to 6%eep the courts ODCC more In 91S. "Why don t you open vour moul i when you '·ing'** ashed Beliv f or vri all hta chlrplnp Bron-n CrH xtl B moul j had never opened I flon t n«d to laughed Brown CrfefepL S*o my winds'* TTe re dl vided Into little spnces 1 k » so many t ny drumheads, Now look it the IttJa rtdfre that runs across tho top of im wing When I fcal like alnidns; 1 riis pij iTlnfra and rub them together so nnd Sown Cricket mined hlJj wjrig-s an« Btnff his chcco Hone; Cft'cry chtrp £«? rVrpei,, cft-^T Listen to what Im sinking /ITC Fill your tfay* r££ft hew y laughter AIMS good luck ictll fallow after Oh what a prett} sons c'-iecl Re Iv What cram; is tha dcai' askwi Bettj a mamma, looitfnir up from her paper* Betty Jumped up from thn nip in fron of the fireplace nnd rubbed her eye* Frown Cricket Imd returned ID t! c chinJe In tho 3replace. "Why Cheery Cricke* «* ^ong rep e l Betty slecpft «nd cllrib i s tnto I Tnju-iraa 3 lap Belt} repealed me it sonjr TS ell Brown Cricfctt [5 rfp,h all dos prood lu k Is sure to r n! ow Then aho drrw Uftty 1 ^ RO der upou hor abouidc'" and f oon driftlnR awa^ Into Dreu iiland Bro vn Cricket s clioor ^ong a I( r i Inff In f*- cara CHARLIE HERZOG MAKES FINE TRADING MATERIAL Best She Could Do \VhT don t you want to let me hold your hand 1 * \Vhat good would it do you to hold my hand 9 It would make me glad and me courage per'iaps to--to say something that I--that 1--er-- Thera, please hold both, ot ray I handa ' Indian Creek. INDIAN CREBFC March 14--Edward Fnllen is transacting business in Coanellsvjllc and Mt Brafldock to d»r Sits Link Davis and son Kalph are spending today among Bear_ Run fneods The I C V Railwaj missed connection with No 43 tins morn, ng all passengers took advantage of the Cross Tie tiffcet, John. Cunie frogn Connellsiville Is a business calter m our "valley today J M Illig »as a business exile- here tod*7 S T Steele from Da^istown is transacting business m Conaell^viUe today Chrl-os Hampshire trom Connells ·ville spent a fe* da-TS ajiong Mill Kun trien.ds BASKETBALL TONIGHT Hlfk Sebvol Will Stage Oamc Here Wttk F»«t Imtrobe Team. The Co%B«llsrUle high school basketball team will play the Latrobe high team tonight on the local gym floor The game is one of the last »t horn* this seiison there being onl one more signeil tip for here The Latrobe tram 1° reputed to ha^c had a sueeewfat season and the locals h»re keen on the jump this -week pro partag tor tie fame The *high ttcfrool bod Is expected out in full force tonight The team Musterole Works Easier Quicker and Without the Blister The-e's no sense in mixing a mess of mustard, flour and water when you easily relieve pain, soreness or stiffness with, a httie clean, v-hite Musterole Musterole 13 made of pure o i of mustard and other helpful ingredients com-' bmed in tie form of the present white i ointment. It taies the place of out of ' date mustard plasters, and wiil not blister Musterole usually gives prompt relief (from sore throat, bronchitis, tonsilitis, croup, stiff neck, asthma, tieuralg a, headache, congestion, pleurisy rheumatism, lumbago pains and aches of the back or joints sprains, sore muscles bruises chil- 1 blains, frosted teet, colds of the chest [it often prevents pneumonia) SOc and Kte jars; nospital size $2 SO 1008--Berzog joined New York Gl ants 1010--Traded to Braves by Giants ·nlth Outfielder Collins for Outfielder Becker 1911--Traded by Braves to Giants for Shortstop Bridwell and Catcher Gowdy 1913--Traded by Giants to Cincinnati ' Catcher Hartley for Outfieldei Bescher i 1816--Traded by Cincinnati to GI aots for Pitcher Mathewson Out fielder Konah Inrtelder McKechnie and cash 1918--Traded by Giants to Braves for Inflelder Dovle and Pitcher Barnes TJLLIE SHAFER NOW AVIATOR Former Giant Star Has Responded to Call of Uncle Sam and Is In Aviation Service TIlHe Shafer, former star major league Infielder who turned dovro a fat contract with the Giants to attend '0 his buaess interests has answered the call Uncle Sam He has enlisted in the aviation service YOI/ An extra, fialr always-% h j not have them up no\\ * Headj to "t jou with the a.test nnd best--for the service you Intend them A. L.Tocta, Op. D. 105 South Pittslmrjc Strc«l Councils lilc It's Greater values that create the Enthuslas You 11 always find a good natured wowd of buyers a,, this store It's because they re satisfied customers Everything is up to their expectations They have no difficulty in finding just the things they want at a price the} can aftord to pay and the paving part is made doubly easy by our credit terms Get the habit of coming to this store You'll soon learn whj everybody says-/ i'You'11 Do Better at the Rapport-Featherman Co." Here's One of Our Best Sellers and It's A Big Bargain, Only Tbii bed is of -very nrnssnc appearance It has continuous posts which measure two inthes in diameter and proportion ately heav-v fillerb It is very r'gidly constructed and beautifully finished You mav have your choice of heavily coated white enamel or that rich golden broil/e FIST runis, S1.00 Cash, oOe a TVcek Handsome Swell Front J?rjncess Dressers, Values £Ovl For Only . «P^4Jfc. Thii is tie style of Dresser most popular with the ladies be cause its low base and long swinging mirror permits the reflection of the full length figure It i bii It of beaulifull grained quarter sawctl oaK and \ e r highly finished This Beautiful Library Table With hearv scroll supports and massive Colonial £-| A base onlj . . sPJLTt. ! KOCKLUS ^01! SATURDV1. Tliis Bed Davenport of Very Beautiful Design - - - - - I VSY TERMS--*I/n C IfeH, $1-00 A. It js mstanth convertible into a full sue double led Tbc hod 1 s ! ill ^tctl sLrictl ^anitar\ ind ~ \ ( r v tomfortahk It o\\ icis ip t :^^es tho rf*nl ind cost oC furnish ng in extra bedroom The he^ \\ell br u ed i r a m e 1b of solid oak h Rhly finished and the cover ng is a tood grade of IJIP u i Span ^h Itaiher \e Aro Autbonred Vptnts For COLlMfiiA 3KAFOOLAS Vnd Colnmbia Ponblp Ii«»c IU cords "ion H al-fti\i sure of x a w el come here Come n ind hear the new Rwords "We are alv.a^'? glad to put a Col urabia m ^u- bome on easy i* arranged to sui jour con ^ enience l i t r e s a monstrous i larked no\\ onlv ,, _ 12 _ $89J iOlTl It pr^tcc = them from the dust This splendid Ghifforobo (gl Q 7££ only ,, f ^ « p X * / » * D Solccf T o u r A p i i Rugs ni Our Advance Spring 1 Sale. See oar Special A K12 fi rapes trv Brus.. sels Rug for __ Don't Miss Our Big Spring Display of Baby Carriages. You'll Save Money Here. See the Ohio Combmal n Gnc Coa 1 or flood Haaso, Ji elicit a!) fuel worries Your Credit is good is gold at.ihe Rapport rcatherman ( a Meyersclale. r muSDtJj; March 15 --Nc\t SuncUv i" t w o ot the "Meyeisdale c-iurches seivice flats will be unfurled aad to both of these services the pal he s cordially m \ i l e r The progta/r follows M the /ion Lutheitin clunch at 30 SO A M the dedication of tt^e set i ice Hag consisting of pa tnotlo hymns bnet idilress by th* pas or Re\ J I uthei Frant/ so piano solo The Trumpeter an the unveiling of the service lag w ith its 15 stars U 7 !0 P Al in SS Philip and Tames Cntholic church the follo-n mg progian "Will be lendereu Pro cession solo Keep t i e Home Fires JBurring Miss Regmi Fo mil ca 1 ind unfurling or Uie service flift con slating of 22 stirs by the children laising At ^e Snis ind Stupes bj John Sticer \ctc in of tho Civil -war "Slar Spingled Bannci bv Citizen- b-^nd me Lliorus faerjnon b 1 * tho pis toi Rev 1 J Biady hjrin beredic tion J Tta'i Le K^mM ind Ijiithei reni of Comp-ny C 110th Resin t.nt Hancock Augusta Ga armed licic Wednesdi for a visit v. ah then p*»i ents and other relatives and fiieuds MIJ Thoaiis "Wellet ind son w e n t i o Akron 0 "ft ednc^dij ha-Miig been | railed here bj thp ill! es= oi the for i mer s father Sanies Goulor ( Mi and Mis John Buikbolrtei of Gariett weie shopping hcie Thu s di Mi*? lohi Lage~bi im is i, ^idiff for a e^v da\s tutli relatnes at Tine hill Heal Skin Diseases It is unnecessary for you to suffer with ebzema, blotches, nngwom, rashes and similar skin troubles A little zemo obtiJned at any drug store for^SHc, or $100 for c^tra large bott'e, ard promptly opp 1 ed will usually give instant relief f rom itching torture I" cleanses ard soothes the skm and heals quickly ard effectively most skin diseases, Zemo is a v ondcrful, penetrating dis appearing liquid and is sootning to the most delicate skm It is not greasy is easily applied and costs little. Get it today and save all further dutrt-sa Tbc £. W. Rfaw Co i CM34* Q. TOPLAYDOUBLEHEADER Cilv f e i ^ u e leam^ Hill tliihli in lifer ,;i s{ NipEit of Se .son thUMlay, \ double holder basketball ga ne \ \ i l l be placed m tht, cit\ league it he "\ticcabee u.11 Jticsdaj inght u J i c n on*, of the biggest ciowfls of ibc sea son is cvpccted to be oul Tht E )lc club and the Baltimore t Olno \\ill p ai tlio first game of the oemnj, to It. fo3]D\\(d In ono between tht. Mic Liibces «ind h( Carage ttans I h o donhio licader \iill be the first pln\ecl in tin, cit\ "league this ^cai The season Is nearinfe a elost and I t j Is not Ukeh that much more basket I all will be plnvcd In the cln. this j eai f h c i e will be no game tonight in oidcr to allow the double heade 1 * TurstU\ ' evening ^ A I l tht ttnins schediiltd to piaj Ttiesdav p f e n n i g arc oquallv matched and a good f askxt h d l l L\Iiibition w i l l be ghen Just Over the Bridge 9 Cauoll Battery Co. i J actor} I r a i i i i i l Jta Man. TTlio to Patronize Verchaats who adveru^e their good* ha Gatb Coprler Of All Kinds not the cheap kind hut the good kind done here.

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