The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 20, 1964 · Page 21
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 21

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 20, 1964
Page 21
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1 i- Union- NationaU Party Leader Daniel Johnsoa (righO and Yva Cabiaa,au: pended member of tba Quebec Legislature for Three Rivera, shake bands after a party caacue. Mr. Gabtaa bad critidzad Mr. Johnaon'a leaderthlp, raeaaUy , i. Expect Canadian Flurry Son irititac el Air AwaitsftB J sHPiri ' ly AKCH MacKENZIE WASHINGTON (CP) Tba United States Congress aaat tba loretaa aacuritlea ' las bill to .President Johnson Wedneaday to be signed into law. He It also expected to sign at the same time the special exemption tor Canada oa Pew securities issues. This exemption waa aledted to be exercised at residential discretion- alt a r Canadian government protests about driving up borrowing costs m Canada's main source of investment capital. Tk tax proposed about II months ago will bo retroactive to July la, IMS, and Increases the borrowing coat for foreigners by about oaa per coat It applies only to existing Cat diss stocks and bonds issued or bold m the VS. ; . RESULTANT STRAIN It expires Dec Jl. IMS, but could be extended. The U.S. administration baa suggested that the purpose of the Us hat been substantially achieved even before the bill becomes law, curbing demand PM's Wife Opens FDRPorlc CAMPOBELLO ISLAND. NB CTV4a a rare public Mrs. Letter B. Pearson today recalled her memories of Frank. Un D. Roosevelt, late President of the United States. . Mr. Pearson Joined Mrs. Lyndon' B. Johnson for the ooenlna ceremonlea of the Roosevelt Campobello National Park on thia island where the former president spent bis Summers from the time be was a baby. "My first. lea of President Rooeeveit go beck to those dark day of 1939-41 when, with my husband m London among tba bombs and the fires. I waa atone in Ottawa with my children. ' "I remember listening to bit ' fireside chats to the American people pleading the AHied cause against Nad Germany; and 1 remember bow I prayed that hit volca would be baard with tmdersUndlng and, ultimately, with accord.". ; , ' Mr. Pearson recalled that the had met President Roosevelt several timea. "I remember how deeply I admired and racpected his courage ta tha face of hit physical disability." Campobello bland, an out. pott of Canadian territory si moat a atone'i throw from Maine, it being established as an international park today. ' Mrs. Pearson and Mrs. John-ton, who arrived by boat from Maine, cut a ribbon, officially opening tba new tntaraaUonal 'Y 1 ,:, -. . i ... ";t' 1 , !.l.,.',;i-V..''--I' ,:-:.'' :Yl ! .f ... A THEY'RE PALS AGAIN 1 for United States capital and aasliig the resultaat strata the U-3- - balaoce-ef-payBMaU problem. : : WARNING HIPUEO ' - The possibility of exteadmg the Ux beyond tba current deadline of IMS la regarded as another warning to foreign bar- sians, Guerrillas KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) The defence ministry today that another Indonesian guerrilla and the first Malaysian soldier were killed ia a clash fat Southwest ' Malaya Wednesday night ; Tha ministry said 30-to-40 Indonesian ' tnfiltratorl who landed on the peninsula Monday now have loot three awn killed and more than 16 cap tured.. Betides tha one Malay- tiaa killed two ware wounded. The latest fightlna took place m the Pontiaa swampt aboot SO rnllet from Singapore.'': ' ,' Meanwhile, Premier Tunloi Abdul Rahman told reporteri he believed the objective of the infiltrators waa "to etir up trouble, to kiB people end assassinate government leaders." He added tba situation waa "now very much under coa- trot".' . .-' fyiaiay Bill .rowers ta use restraint. Canada and otaera have. Uaa advised la hold down their demand fori OS. intormaau bare there may be a brief aad teavl porary Rurry pt Canadian antry into the UX' racW ' aurkets whea the tax bi0acmea:law. Tbey say aoata CanaiUia tetar-1 nil Vat that t .jtetlvity wffl wvei oux auKaqr..-.. -, .The b0 oacoaMtarod a Ing tluwagh the House of Rea- reaentadvea Taaaday aad cleer-j mg tae senate weonesday oa a vutca vote. Japan aad. WeeteraV Europe appear to be the aula targets of the ataatura, r wtdch would Impaae tea rates at aearty tine' per cent Jo a full II pea cent aa bond Issues, and flat .11. per cant en foreign aiocht acojiliad uk tms country. , ;. : - survives rux'- - pensacoLa. rui (apv- a young' alrmea-fell I.Ma teet after kit aarachates failed, and bit oaty tahny-wai a aeratcb an hit knee. The air 'fore paid alrmaa C . Michael D. Leonard of Lawler. lewaowaa falling at a aata of . about 41 tailet aa boor when be kM the around Tuesday. Lieut Hardy LebeL bead ef :.. Sfaadrea, said be-beilevee Leonard "Owes bis Ufa D) kU ls nmaJve training,-'1 kit eirceneat physical condition, aad hit cool SEASON CLOSED ON ICE CREAM TETJCKS C Roto Brown. 391 jat aVtxarban . Tonatb Mueewif ' who hat won markmanshtp medala watt ' laer rkfle. i J Wednesday waa bound y-oouit ordaf 4a. keep, the, . v peace for two yeart on a charge of poatatalot a-.dan- , J gerout weapon and discbarglng a nrearm ia-a pubHo V place. Aa Ice cream truck driver7 told" paUca eta, ' khoutad at him to get Off the street, then, (hot wa ,- " one of sWa ttran. Magietrata M. J. kx reatrtatai -her ahooting to Urget practke and hunting. !.-? (r TW CD TW aplt taaf fl 4abM ground forward la bt Commont for. jJw litk daj WodOfoday. with MPs howlnf M-aica coocara for th pubtK raactioa at for tba U- At aooa today tba patty load- THURSDAY, AUOUST 20. 1964 21 PartyXcodcrs Try Again rhise Dim rrions r m t i ni t-i . 1,1 (- III III W 1 w Yrr. .V " - ' i I , . Hbbes of Flaq Corhpro i 1 i - "N , , - Ss Tempers Flare in Com Brass Maki 5;800 1 art vara n maal a(ia to at Umpt to kraak tha deadlock. But Ja aa atmopbara cbargad Say One-Third (By The CP) There are la affkera bi the four top ranks ef tba- armed farces ami tbey draw salaries of between SUv aot aad (3MN a year. - Abeuf eae-tklrd at them will be retired during the next coo- pie of eaontha as JategratkM ef the defence department's oa maad stntctars take hold, bv formama aaid Wednesday . Defence Minister Heliyer says there now it eaeugt oua-pewer. at defence headquarters to adman star a defence force .of mm ea, The Caaadlaa armed (ercaa aauabar about IU told (be Cpamont Monday that a auhstaatial aumber of ef. win be retired, ant bo causa they aren't ef high cali bre But because there simply won't he fobs for them whea the comwtaad structure at faste- gratad.. Some wU be retii osmpalsorlly before normal retirement age. The . govarasaeat at reduce the anted 143 Top From $1 YOYAGE INTO THE PAST ' ''v,- ':- . ' Victoria Again (Br Tba CP) Tight i etra in black top hatt aad flow- ma bearda will go eboare a dreaad-ua Icebreaker and tail for CaarloMetwn next week to w enact" tba first meeting there of the Fathart ef Ceitiedmtioa ia Itti ' this federal centennial conv mitsioa proiect already' I aught euch attention that Premier Small wood baa personally arranged ta have the show take In hit Newfoundland piWttacUl capital, eve though played a audi. part la onieoarauoa tie year aad. ' -. : J. . Artart aa be earned later win portray the folee of John A. MacdonaML wad aevea ean who reoreetnted the Ualted Provacaa e( Canada East and Watt 'Upper aad Lower Can ada) at the 1H4 toniarence. called mitUlly to discuss ualoa of the Atlantic provinces. Tha .Caaadiaa coast guard tcebcraker Eraeet Lapainto baa ta tUtad out with false struc ture to make bar look like the Two leave gen acooped up aa armful' it litter from a Saa Francisco .street Wedneaday after a garage attendant said R bad been- discarded by M Beetles r' The pair, John Oebow. IT. bt White City, Ore; and Jea wtfer Ten. r.-of Monterey, Calif, searched through the refute with ad aye vtowerd selling tha scraps V Beatia ta the lobby W the Hiltoe) Hotel, 4h etomplng aroundt' for Beetle fana while tha Brit-hh tinging 'group It here, John and Jennifer discovered many of' the papers lookad bfca legal atocumenta. i . Ibey put the papers tn a locker at the Oeyheund but depot Back at the betel they came acrotf a worried Paul , Cauhma; promoter- tor the Beatles' Cow Palace appearance Wedneaday night. Several performing cottracta bad disappeared yttertoe!y. Ca Catalaaa eaM tte yeuagttert turned over the cache ta exchange for 'front-row tickets for ike ainging graup'a per witk aeeuaatioaa of. fllibutttr aad nltinutoa taara waa Uttla bopa of afraanianC Tba debata Uily to far! tS paechaa. Tba braakdowa abow M ProfrMaivo Coaaarvativas, 11 Ubarala, fivt Now Damo-cratt, fhra Social Cradltan and (our Cradltlttaa, -EXAMPLE ,. Thia li a aaaipla of tha kind ' ' p-'U;1-- r- Soon ta Go Integration baa reduced the nior command ot the armed forces to IS officers from IT though there bow are five offM of nontenant -general or equivaient . rank compared to threr previously. Mr. Heliyer tome atoatha ago Informed ' aba Commont there are almost as many senior officers at the RCAF now at there were during the Second World War when tba ear force waa five timea bigger. 1 '' informants aaid tins also ap plied at the aavy and army, though act to each a degree. Mr. Heliyer hat expressed the fear that the new defence staff may engage tn the well-known baraaucratic apart of empire-building, v - Thia fear may already have been Justified. The three secre tariats of the aaval board, army council aad air council be bee integrated but not into carried tba Ctnadisa oe legates from Quebec City to Cbariotta- aewa, Haafax. Saint Joan, N.B aad other pointaia IM4. Crew members of the ka- braaker will be dressed aa coa- nee of the period. The La- pobtte, offieiany registered the Qoeea Victoria tor. the voyage, wtn tail front Quebec Cky Aug. aad drop anchor m Cnarlotte-aawn harbor Sept 1, Jutt at the origiaal ship did a century ago. Robarts Raps forces by aeate 1I.0M ta the i aaat year or two. -. ' f Denies Portable Pension 'Dilution' TORONTO (CP) Premier Roberts It teed a statement Wednesday denying there had been any "dilution ef the On tario portable peaatOB legisia. His comment referred to a published story which aaid the a bed bean "hadtaa ana chopped about for 17 months" aad that Ka portability feature bad bean watered down. Tale wu .cosnpltery mrunsOus aad triwspoBsiMe," the premier eaid. .' ' : -.s " ' However. Tba Cioba and Man says today thai Quean's Park officials confirmed that the portable pension plan, m Me original draft bad called for pro- esiva. vesting of company ailbuthma over a period of years, between the agaa ef M and M, but that this was later chanted to vesting at M, that a further amendment thia year provided only for vesting at the ag of after II years of service Mr. Roberta said that all that bad been done tha year waa to repeal the section ot.tbe pen- stoa act requiring au eompau- lea with U or more employees ta Introduce a standard, mini mum -pension plan. This waa dene, be added, to make room me the Canada Panskm Phut The aaat lea repealed tamed tha ot aoul Marching tha Houia baard Wedneaday: . Andrew Brewin (NDP Toronto Greenwood): "Onca the mala issues have bean made clear, continuation of debate on such aa emotional subject can only serve to causa bitterness, aad what iaperkaps equally bad, boredom and irritation about tha whole subject o$25000 X r v A DIVERTED RETURN : ' ' Sen. Barry Gold water, the Republican preaiden- " ' ' tial nominee, leaves a plane at Duilea International . ,' Airport after it waa diverted from Washington Na- - tional Airport Wednesday because of a reported threat -r . on the senator's life. Goldwater was on hit way back to the capital from Springfield. I1L, where be spoke at the niinoit state fair, when the plane was ordered - to twitch alrporta. , - tAPWewnal Wtewahoea " " "" f : . " Report Ing of company contributions at the age of M, -the newspaper aeyt, leaving only the sections of the act dealing with supple mentary benefits pension benefits to excess ot the standard pensionwhich were to be subject to vesting at 4$. . ' Mr. Roberta aaid Wednesday that before the amendment the Ontario plan which deals only with private plant provided that part of the pension benefits (the standard portion) waa portable at M end the re mainder waa portable at 45. The premier aaid that now the whole of the private pension plan ben efits will be portable only at 43 after 19 years of service. Mr. Roberta suggested em ployees are not much Interested la portable pensions before they are 4S. Many employee who teeve their Jobs under the age ot ," he aaid. "have more use for cash refund than for deterred annuities and would not w Immediate- portability.' CHURCH HEAD IN HOSPITAL .SALT LAKE CITY OP) -David O. McKay, 00. president of the Mormon Church waa ad mitted to hospital Wednesday for what a hospital spokesman celled "observation of ' mild coronary symptoms. ' McKay's condition was described . at vest- satisfactory. :;.v:M AY?K Steve Otto (L-York East): "Wa have turned this great debate into aa internal palace dialogue which only we can understand. Wa have left tba people of Canada completely oa the outside and they have now lost patience with at. They do not understand tha tempo ol this da- bate. We art going to lota their respect, as they have lost i ng ...... if . . - ' -t T - .-:.r 4 ,i- 1 -I YH CS Case A former Canadian Commer cial Corporation employee whoaa appeal agunat a rating board decision was upheld will appear before another rating board. ' V- It la now being formed. , . The employee appealed against' his downgrading from principle clerk to Clerk grade four when the corporation wati integrated with the Defence Production Department The Civil Service Commission appeal board Sfreed there were grounds for another hear-to , . , - But other employees whose appeals have been dismissed will not get a second chance. LEFTtlSMM LONDON (ReutartV-The late Countess Attlee, wife of Earl Attica, Labor prime minister from 1943-1951, left an estate of C319S2 (S1SS.S58) when the died last June, k wu revealed in her win published Wsd net- .1 vA Board Will Review j day. spect for this House." . I Edward Nasaerden (PC Roe-thern): "Thit ill-fated Parlia-ment, borne of minorities and intrigues, it witnessing another of those acta ef carelessness which to vividly portray the petulance of the present prime minister. . . . This (is) one of the most unproductive Parliament! in Canadian history." -' None of- the three speeches gsvs eny Inkling of a change in party positions on the issus it-self. The Liberals stand behind the flag with three maple leaves. The Conservatives want a plebiscite. The NDP favors a single maple leaf. In a fiareup during the question period, before the flag debate began Wednesday. Prime Minister Pearson aaid the gov- iiinnn w whb . parliamentary receas alter the flag issue Is settled, then it would proceed with the Canada Pension Plan. However, Opposition Leader Diefenbaker sought assurance Mr. Pearson will deal witk the pension legislation immediately after the flag resolution ia "disposed Of." - ; , ..-' j . If be dote, wa wiN be be hind .him oa the pension legislation IN per cent" Mr. Dlefvi enbaker said.' ' Mr, Pearson said be would be happy to giva that assurance a Mr. Diefenbaker, ia turn, would giva me an assurance that wa will be finished with the (lag resolution In time to deal with the pension legislation." URGES LIMIT . Mr. Pearson added that the . government would be reedy to go ahead with the pension legislation if tha Conservatives il only agree to some rea sonable time limit" on tba flag debate. , " Still later, with tempers rising. Mr. Pearson said the pen sion legislation ia being drafted and will be ready for the Commons "as soon as my right honorable friend (Mr. Diefenbaker) will agree to put en end to tha filibuster oa the flag resolution." . .. Mr. Otto aaid no flag wiH divide a nation not . thready-'-d vkfed; "nor wlH K unite a nation which prefers to live in separata solitudes." He said ibe Libera Ii didn't expect that so many people would be entrenched behind the Red Ensign. -, - , V: "Il it because tbey are afraid and have gathered under the Ensign hi fear and apprehen-. sion o: one thing the division of this nation.' . The Ensign-had become the banner for Englisb-epeakmg ra ac on. . Separatism was not the clamor ot most people in Quebec. It waa rather "the mumblings of oo! ileal Idiots and charla-taas." MPs knew that but those who rel.ed on newspspers and radio for their Information did not know it. " , ' It was Parliament's duty to state that unity would be pro-. served. Then the support behind the Red Ensign would faH. , UVWPians Target CHICAGO (AP)-Tbe United Auto Workera Unioa backed by a $M.tM.0M strike fund-ia exoected to select its prime Ur-get today for a possible U.S.- wide strike la the euto industry. -. '., ,v..' . ,:; U h 1 0 a o'f tlals. including UAW President Walter Reuther, scheduled a series of meetings to discuss the status of negotia tlons over three-year contracta covering more then JOt.sOt assembly I ne workers. Out ot the Ulks is expected to come a decisioa on which of the big three automakers General Motors, Ford or Chrysler wlH be tasted as tha No. I target for a possibly crippling walkout. The unioa already ia ia tba process of taking a strike vote among Ita members ia nil three companies. A UAW spokesman estimated that the strike fund, providing an averate of $21 a week ht ' benefits to each worker, would suoport. a strike up to eight weeks at CM, tongetA at Ford or Chrysler. Such a atrlke could come at midnight Aug. 11, when all the bit three contracts are due to expire. - ' SUN TREAT AT BASE SCOTT BASE, Antarctica (Reuters) New Zealandert nanning this Antarctic beta taw the sun rise for the first time In four months Wednesday. The temperature wu 19 degrees below zero, . . n ,. i J ; . . , -. . 4- .- ' , . . . vi .- ,.. .i . s . V '.t ..,-,. 1

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