The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 15, 1918 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, March 15, 1918
Page 6
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PAGE SIX. THE UAl^Y UOUKl^K, CONNlfiJjJLSVJLLdJVJfA. FRIDAY, MARCH 1.5, 191S: HONORING THE KING OF A WAR-RAVAGED COUNTRY ^_Kujg Albert of Belgium and General Petain of the French forces review the officers in command Franco-Belgian forces, who arc battling the .Hun at the JlortherB-eJtrennty of the western line. of the WHEN THE mm FAILS MAN WHO S U F F E R E D CALL3 : ATTENTION TO W R O N G METHODS. -WAR PENS" HIGHLY VALUED| Prevailing,. Attitudt Toward Insanity Ridiculous, If Not.Disgusting,'He Declare*--Mental Disorders Should -B» Looked To. \ "In erery line of mental research ] it is admitted that prevention is more | Important .than, 'cure---with, the escep- f tion of mental dtaeaaes," says Clifford; .Whittingham Beers, who created -a -I sensation a few years ago.when, un-' der the tlUe.A-.Mind. That Found It-' self, he published a record of bis years | of insanity and of his awakening from , mental death. . "Our scientific · atti-: tude toward diseases of the mind is truly amazing- We consider them as; something .unavoidable. "We watch ; stupidly -the disease. running its' course from' a "Slight disturbance of mental processes until the'first violent manifestations 'o: insanity . "If a man presents the slightest ·ymptoms of pneumonia or even ! measles he receives immediate treatment of some. kind. ' Oa the other'. hand, a patient who is suffering from: disease of the mind, the most threat-; ening calamity of life, must be so far advanced in the disease and so dis- \ ordered hi action or in speech as to' satisfy a lay tribunal of the necessity. ot justification of the forcible depriva-. tlon. of his liberty, must be told that lie'is 'insane,' must-be 'adjudged In-: ·ana* and 'committed' by a court to an, Institution for the inrane before ho can receive the treatment best adapt-; ed to the restoration ot his health. - j "The public should be convinced. that-insanity is a disease like any! other disease; people must be taught i to seek intelligent advice promptly : ·whenever something''seems to be the I matter -with, their ·nerves,' instead o f : concealing their fears tor mere shame.; "Had I, for Instance, at.the age of! eighteen, when I" began to worry, myself "Into a state of depression; had, access to advice and i:iformation, and had I, as a result of an established | and widespread Interest in -mental j hygiene^ sought such advice as a matter of course, as persons threatened with, tuberculosis now seek the help I and advice they need, I am confident' that I should not have suffered tfce ( affliction, of mental disorder. Though: I took medicine for *n«:rves,' I did not! .find the remedy I needed, which was i a -verbal corrective for thought and j -fears'which were to prove my tem-| porary undoing. j "It may take some time before a j sick man is no more ashamed of call*! ing on a-pbyslclan for incipient inaan- j Ity than for a cold hi his head, but ] let us hope that time will arrive even-! tually. -A. campaign^of .education is ] sorely needed to dispel--tho supersti-, tlons still prevalent - in - "the public ( mind as to.the:cause of insanity." j Those U»ed In Affixing Signatures to PCMKW Treat let Command a Big Frlc» From Collectors. The pens with which peace treaties i are iigned invariably fetch high; prices, .if they happen to find their; way. iatoJ-'the market, and there are; many people who would be willing to draw a check for $1,000 or more for · the'pen which will be used to sign the ! treaty of peace between the Balkan ' states aid Turkey. -. . ' It is Interesting to loiow that when j it became public property that peace j had been proclaimed between Russia' and Japan pen manufacturers in all! parts of the world pent supplies o f : their pens to those engaged in draw-, Ing up the treaty, hoping that the doc*. ument would be .completed by the ; agency of their "wares. In order to i avoid any unfair discrimination b- tween Um penmakers it was eventually decided to use quill pens for the signing of the treaty. _ It was a quill pen that was used by tho Spanish commissioners when they | put their signatures to the treaty o f ; peace drawn up after hostilities had J ceased between this country and j Spain. This particular pen, by tho way, sold for |125 some time afterward. The pen used by the' plenipotentiaries in signing the memorable treaty of Paris fell into tho hands of the Empress- Eugenic. Apart from its historical Interest." this pen is of considerable value, for it is mounted in solid gold and encrusted with, diamonds. The English home secretary occasionally recnives an application from '· a relic huntor for the pen with which | be hag signed the actual order of a reprieve. When Viscount Llandaff was home secretary, during the reign of the late Queen Victoria, he received several hundred such applications. Queen Victoria always retained possession of the pens that were used to set aside death sentences. One of these pens which was studded with Jewels and worth several pounds, was presented by her majesty to Mine. Albani, the vocalist. Slme.Patti received a "reprieve pen" from ex-Queen Isabella .of Spain, and for many yeara the diva carried it with her wherever §he went. Pens which have been used by famous authors often fetch high prices when put up for sale by auction. Charles Dickens used a quill pen to write part of "Hard Times," "Little Dorritt" . and. "Bleak House" at tho Villa Les MonUneaux. and this was sold some time ago for $17.50. Itary age, the youth ot Moresnet have tho choice of serving either Belgium or Germany. Astronomical Discoveries, The particular universe of stars In which we dwell Is half again as large j In Bcalo as the world has been sup-: posing. Our own sun Is still youth* | ful, and keeps traveling northwardly; .through space at tbe- comparatively j leisurely pace of twelve miles per; second, or only two-thirds th average j speed of stars of its own class. The j North trtar is not really a single star,] but triple, constating of three suns! revolving about a common center, j These are some of the rocent dlscov*' eries of the Lick observatory, the i famous graduate astronomical depart; ment of the University of California.; People who learned their astronomy j twenty years ago. or five years ago,! will havo to change many of their j Ideas of the nnfvcrso in the light of the Lick observatory's nowly achl*v«wj knowledge as to how the heavenly! bodies are born and live and die. No-! where in the world is so much being' done to alter and expand man's knowl-| edge of the stellar universe as on Mount Hamilton, under tho direction; of Dr. WT W. Campbell, the famous dl-! rector of the Lick observatory. About Bagp!p«. The Bulgarian delegates U'onld have, been interested if they had heard bo- [ fore leaving that the Prince of Wales I was learning the bagpipes. For the! pipes are the Bulgarian national 1a-| stniment, as Sir Charles Eliot sbov.'aj by a striking illustration. Until late-i ly. at any rate, the servants when waited at the porte on the grand : vizier were mutes, though not. as i n j former times, persons specially muti-, lated, hut children born deaf a n d j dumb. They used a language of signs, with a special gesture to describe the! representative of each nation. To In-f dlcte the Bulgarian agent they imitated a man playing on. the bagpipes. It was not the Bulgarianes who invent ed the pipes, however. They ar« among- the oldest ot musical instru-. mentB. An ancient gem shows Apollo j with them, and two instruments In th»| Boofc-of Daniel were almost certainly j bagpipes,--London Chronicle. i 71MMERMAN WILD Furniture « FURNITURE ' » RUGS STOVES Crawford Company "The Big Store Near The Bridge. Come To The Hew Everything spic-span new in Floor Coverings at the "Big Store Near the Bridge." We invite and will appreciate your inspection. The latest and prettiest conceptions in Spring Rugs are represented in a wide variety of designs and prices. We direct particular attention to the special below. Extra Heavy Axminster Rug^Special at $34.50 · 9x12 F u ' Priced Elsewhere at $45 and $50. .Luxurious deep nap Axminister Rugs in full 9x12 foot size. Beautiful new blue and tan effects predominating in colors. The patterns embrace the best there is in domestic rugs. Compare these Rugs with any you see elsewhere at $45 to $50. ' 9x12 Ft. Bogs *11.95 Up. Continuing All This Week See our big display window to get an idea of the sterling' worth of the values offered during this sale. These prices prevail this week only. Mattresses Worth 56,50 to $20 Priced Now $4.95 to $14.75. Opening of Our New Luggage Department You will always find a complete display of modern traveling accessories in this department for we are Exclusive Ascnts For BELBER Trunks. Bnc*s and Suit Cases. We Give. , S. H. Green Trading Stamps Zimmerman-Wild Company The Zimmerman-Wild display of Dining Furniture bears the stamp of quality on every piece, whether it be the finest period suite or the most modest chair. It is a pleasure for us to show merchandise such as its-represented in this department. Will you afford us this pleasure? Very Special Values in Bininc: Tables and Chairs All This Week. posite.l to sec u r e circuit!Lion i par val ua 3Q.OOG.UO L". S bondn and Dunk St : Qu«*n Pearl Rope Broke. ·" The accident- which ^recently befell the peart necklaces of tho Queen dowager of .-Italy, whan the -string broke and, the priceles little spheres j were scattered in every direction, re- i call3 a similar mishap to the splendid! fivefold rope, which used to adorn the j neck of Queen ".Alexandra on certain | state occasion*, the Pall Mall Gazette rpmarks. On stepping into the gilded coach on her way to a state opening ot parliament In tho last'reign her necklace caught In the ornate door handle and the pearls foil In a shower and rolled from the crimson carpet onto the mud- ·dy-ground.- · - · -- · Europe's Smallest State, The centenary of the Napoleonic wars calls attention to the existence of the smallest state in Europe, the autonomous republic of Moresnet, on tha boundary between Germany and Bef* glum. Moresnet^has- an 'area- of barely one and,·on«-qu»rter square miles,, and a population .of 3,600; - A boundary commission-^Bettling-the frontiers alter s the;H^r:top"qleon,In 1814 was unable. f to. .agree-.upon- tire ownership of this-tiny;, .piece of land, and finally left the'ciaestloa-fbr future «ettle- ment.;'.. .Meanwhile It was to be administered jointly by-two states. The joint administration soon resulted In-an administration by neither state, and the community became Belf-governing- un- dtr the protection of Prussia and Bel- jdam. In 1841 the two guaranteeing c6untrie«''gave tho district its own independent, administration,. It has no coarta. but litigants can choose between, the" Belgian, and Prussian tribunals in beginning litigation, which is subject to the laws neither of Germany nor of Belgium, but of the ancient code-.Napoleoa. On-reaching mil- REPORT OF CONDITION OK T H K | First National Bank nt Perryoplin, in ' ihe Stattf of I*cnt^"ylvania, at the j ;]r,.s ( - i.n Alii cell 4 t h . , 1 0 1 8 . ' RBSOL'KCKS. j Ln;ms i i l i t l (lit- j counts ( e x c e p t ' ! thosa s h o w n j in b am! cl..S^;i,rR',.9S Overdrafts, u n secured 5 1,31'J.GT !.'. S. hnrnJs de- p O S i t C d tO HC- rruro c i r e u l i i - t i o n ( ;i a r v a l u e ) 5 50,000.00 U. S. boiKl4 nnd ccrtitlcatus of indrhted'n o S S o iv n c d a n d unpledged. L i b e r t y Loan bonds. 3 V{j per cent nnd '4 per Securities o t h e r than U. S. bonds (not. Inc l u d i n g stocks) owned u n- pledfire 08.423.54 9S,-t29.54 Stocks, other than Federal Reserve Bank stock 450.00 Stock of federal Reserve B a n k (50 per cent of subs c r i p t i o n ) ., 3,000.00 F u r n i t u r e and .fixtures 1,200.00 L a w f u l , reserve'with federal Reserve .Bank 90.000.00 Cash In vault and net amounts due from national hanks 473,236.63 Total 'oC Items . 14, 15, 36, 17. and 18 ?563,290.63. Checks on banks located ' outside of city or town of reporting: -bank and . o t h e r fash Hems* I'fS.TT R e d e m p t i o n f u n d *-ith U. F. T r e a s u r e r and due, f r o m L". £. Treasurer H ^ O f l . O O War Sftviujj^ "erti('?s anil T h r i f t .Slumps u e L U j i l - !· j.o:{'J.71 ! i n d e t t t u d i j t j s s · · i owned and u:i- T-iUil S I . 4 : 5 . 7 2 7 . S O ' p l c t l g c d . . . . S.'iOO.OOO.OO ' Liiberry Jjoa.ii | Bond.s. 3',« sr*,ooo.oo · p( * r c o n l ^ nl} SO,000.00 i * rcr cent, u n i pl**tijjed . . . . 103.350.0^ · S e c u r i t i e s o t h e r J than U. S. j bonds ( n o t m- 30.SOI.3!) I cludinc Btoc;k:i i o w n e d u n - INABILITIES. C a p i t a l stock pa:J- in . . . . I S u r p l u s furul ............. 1,'tnliriried profits .tr3,72G.5- LOJ«« current, ox- ponrna. i n t o r o.'Jt, and taxe: intr notcii o u t K l a n d - )lftpo.'=itM s u b - oil t- iluin . h a n k d c- p c s i L s) U c n e r v e . /terns 31. 35. -Ti. 37, .'!8. r.O. ·10, and -11 . .$1.217,325.91 Total 50.000.00 1.5lT.8s 50.00 220,000.00 270,000.00 j 5R,900.r''0 56.300.00 -Stale o f - P e n n s y l v a n i a , C o u n t y of F a y - etie, s. 1 *: !. H O W A R D A D A M S , Cashier of t h e a-bove-named b a n k , do t s o l e m n l y swoar t h a t t h f ^ a b o v e s t a t e m e n t is true t o (Jic best of my ' f n o w i e d j r c and hcJief. I I O W A K D ADAMS. Ciishier. Subscribed and s w o r n to b (if ore mf t h i P 12th day .of. March, 1!»18. D^VtARTlN', Notary Public. JT. K. STRA'WX. J. L. COCK RAX- J. H. PRICK H."..441J 1 Stock, o t h e r t h a n K o i i e r a l Reserve B a n k stoirh . . Stock of F e d e r a l Iti'fst.-rvi; Bank (50 per co:u of suhstiription V a l u e o f b a n k - ing house 2:i,37B,?;i F u r n i t u r e and l i i t u r ^ N . . L a w f u l reserve w i t h 1-Vd- eral Iteservo Bank .. Cash in vault and net a m o u n t s d u e f r o m n a - tional h a n k s Total oC Items 14. 15, 1G, 17, and 18, S4G.175.45 Checks on banks and o t h e r cash (terns . . . . . . Redemption f u n d w i t h r. S. Treasurer and chie f r o m U. S. Truoflurer Total 550,000.UO 102,350.00 1 4 3 . 4 4 1 . 1 1 1,900.00 its ( o t h e r than bank d e p o s i t s ) subject lo Rc- scrvf, I t e m ? :'.-!, a». 36. 37. 3S. 3?. -10, ar:d -· 4 1 1,913.375.67 Total Sin tc of Pennsi i v a n i a . County of F a y - ! ettc. ^s: i 1. Jl. D. HBNP.Y. Cashier of tlic ; ab"vc namixJ h : i n k . do solemnly ' swear that, the above «siai"rn**nt is true j tf t h e beat of my k n o w l e d g e and bo- i i c f . T;. D. H K N K Y , Cashier. Subscribed nnd s\vrrn ! u h p f o r c me -.his 12ih day or March, T.'1S. A. V A N / H O R X . Notary Public. ' M. M. I ' O r H H A N . .1. H. I ' K I C K . -M. 1C. S T H A W X . S - ! ? . i 7 5 . i 5 IDirectors. I L I A B I L I T I E S . Capital stock paid i n . . S u r p l u s f u n d U n d i v i d e d p r o f i t s , . . . 72,567.39 Less current expenses, · i n t e r est, and tasea paid 2.0-1G.31 REPORT O ^CONDITION OF THE | C i r c u l a t i n f ? notes o u t First National Bank at Dawson, in j ntanding the state of Pennsylvania, at the close Net amounts' due to Xa- of business on March 4, 1918. I . tional banks EESOUnCKS. Loans and disc o u n t s Cescept those shown shown in b a n d . c) ... .*415,Q31.G" 5 415,031.67 j Cashier's checks o u t - Overdraffts. u n - i standinp- secured 158.06 · 158.06 f Total of de- U. S. bonds de- . · } mand ttftpos- TotrU o£ items 32 and 33 .. 2.566.17 Individual deposits sub- .jeoc to chsck Certified checks 50,000.00 liiO.OOO.OQ 70.021.OS 49,400.00 I 20.80 ] ENLIST 1'OUR DOLLARS in a good cause--one that will help you and, your country. Decide to save all tlie money you can can now and deposit it regularly to your ; credit with the Title Trust Company of Western Pennsylvania. Your account is invited. The only Bank in this community paying \%-on Savings Accounts. Every day yoy delay starting a savings account you lose something in interest. And yon may al.^o lose some his opportunity to b.nier yourself just for lack of a liltlc money. Money ahead of you will give you coniideuco in yourself and give other people confidence ia you. 51 starts an aceouui. Liheral Interest. 120 IV. Crinrforil Are., Cdnncllsvtllis 'The Bonk llm( Docs Tilings for run" Checking- Accounts Invited. WEAR Horc£r ' s Clothing Patronize Those Who Advertise. _..;...JCITJEY DESK--He.Might Hare Bone It'With » Xet By C. A. VOIGHT ^ \ .PARW FISH JSM^PPED ' \ AT ME:^- IHCN'RE Too __ CAME. x x IW P^ A.NDI STAMP IT--

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