The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 10, 1930 · Page 14
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 14

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, January 10, 1930
Page 14
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f'AUliJ P'UOKTl'JKN. Basketball . 7 A i M U / \ t t Y ru, irrou. By JAMES M, D1USODL, Cokers Encounter Meeting and Itlju-k Hopes to Win Kegisterod Over ('jrcoiisburg. LATROBE HERE NEXT TUESDAY The Cotters p l a y their see-on;! '\V. i' I. A T.ciisue CIK-junter of week to n l s h t when Jeaiuietto High oo.ui-eb acre riuc t o a revision of the schedule t r o n n e l l f v i l l e High was orig'ina'.b booke-.i to K3 -to tlu- Tire Town for to night's foiite*,t hut th-e journey will be msulo later. Tho Oran-go a:vil Black machine II red w i t h a desire to win as u result of the victory over Greens'..airg oil Tue.s-.1ny niK'.it. bus been glviu-s iif f u l l attention to preparation fi;r Joan nette. Dold-o h n s a t r u l y llve-uutu team There is absolutely no one star on it and the o n l y fiicc-ess it may attain I, when- K. function;- as a u n i t . Latrobo U f e h Suliool Jolted Jeun nette last nigiit and with the- g.uu t h i s evening also being played on a stran-gp floor hy rise Tire Town t|uln- tot, tho oppc; UmtUe f a r a Conn-el 1s- v-lllo victory a:\' 1 adviuH'e-d. Interest, in tho Orange anil Bku-U ably since- t h e Tuesday night, w i n That.-success was so iruexiXH-tccl inaii,\ hardly bellev-d it. Yot It. \v«..s t r u l y ileswvcd iiml nuwmplislietl by playiti;, "boafli no" e \ o r y minute. Tho K»m« this eve-ninj; will boglu at 8:15 o'clock. The next. league encounter w i l l !«.· on Tuesday when I/ati-obe visits here. Star Junction Its First Young Pitcher Jumps From Campm to Majors FLOOR CLASS C Coif Champa ad His Inspiration To Twp. Louis Winer, as Crane College The campus, sta this S p r i n g wit Giants. Ho is p.iul first attract he pitch«I n l i u t for Ntarsha!) H. cuffo; He in ;i i 'A'cigha 370 fioir ho pitched for the nine at Chicng-o. - will get a try oil I h tho New Yori inly 20 years- oW '.'d attention whei uU "i-oiv-'istcntly' irii School in Chi i'eiit 11 pichu:« nnc The Star Junction grade schools basketball team yesterday lost i t i ^ aliening gamo to the J u n i o r High team of Woa-hington townshlu. The score wae 2S-15, wltli Hondorson iloing reoman work for tho victors. Ho netted 10 field goals. Skubun regiatot-eU the only double leck-er credited to Star Junction. On Thursday evening the' .1 imetion- lte« will travel to Perryopolls and j phiy the grade school outfit at that i placo. ; - j · The llno-np: ! Star Junction--5. »'a.*hInirton--i!S. Banu .._ _ F Henderson Skubnn JF _ M c C r ( r y Ripvosl^y C Pintclc Matty G _ _ Arthers j Keffor G. I l u r n p i i r u s ; Substltviiiouti--Hyvlth for Koffev,-' Kozms. for / y v l t h , Koloeky for Me.- ; Crocy, Rofcoc- for Arthers, Boyd for I Humphrus. ! l^lel*! goalfi--Skubnn, Henderson 10,! McCrory 2. FColoeky. A r t h o r s . ' Pou! goals--Star J u n c t i o n , S out o f . D ; 'Washington Township, 0 out of Ii, Referee- -Dlckeon. Presidents .Leiseiirfng Gymnasium Expected to Be Jammed for Thrilling Contest, FLAG HOPES IN BALANCE X0yvs of · followers of Section XII ot (.ho W-ei'.tern Pennsylvania Inlorscbol- Hfltio Athletic Leuguo will bo focudad on tho- conjlost tonight at the I^oisen- rlng No, 1 gymnasium whore Ihjnbar and Perry, contender ovnn-up fnivor- Hee for Ihft tlllo, will claish in tho ttrst of tho i.wo-garne carles. ' The. ;jym ,\v)ll bo taxed to capacity ·with fans of both combinations. Perry Towne-hlp V--1U have a largo delegation ou huiul and tho rootora Of the Dun- tmritca will a!so' t u r n out on marsso, pHtl:e after roee-lviuK Information from the camps of the- clubs in tho division declare that the championship Ites between Dunbar and F«rry. Tho Cornier ulub haw two from last year's pennant conibiimtkm while Perrycpolls' aggregation boots four regulars. It Is contended that Dim- bar'6 % renarvo material bus given the AiT8'n£-,'ai.lon 11 more formidable outfit tiian tJittt which took the (sectional flag but the touin'tt roal (strength will meet «. big treat lu tho Perry gtvmoA Dunlwr, sporUn, 1 ,' two clean cut triiitn;tlm over tjuoUdfilit, had 'a difficult t i m e in u i i b l t f n g ISusl llutt'ting- doa '1 owtiehlji by u six point m a r g i n . On Shu other hitiui, Porryopolin wutl w h i p p e d by North Ihilon'fl drbhlora In a h.iM.l fought KIUIHK Howovor, |uwt HViifions have )ndh"ilcd that previous (lorfocniftiiceH moun very l i t t l e w h e n tlH'UO t w o C O I l t i l l g X ' l l t t i t-'lfUih. lirui 1 ') Khc'ui;M' w i l l «n1 a five-man dvlViw /ij.cnln'-t tin? I'-M-vy cohorts vyhn liuvrv found i.liist liiie-ii|i v r r y d i f f i c u l t to p e n e t r a t e . Tho Ptrryi|)olls Jloor is w i i i a l i ami t l i e r o th; clulxi iiueork ti tnan-1'or m u n defence and tbis in enid t o have- Caused Dunhar't* d o w n f a l l on t h a t p y n n i H K i u m for many ye-are. Thn c l u b a l w a y s playu i live-man dofeneo on Die large courts uiul ones thw « t y l o down to a soad trait H i« d i f f i c u l t io maintain w i n n i n g form, in another there w i l l bo action \ gal-cre and is-eoros of t h r i l l s for i h o . him - I r e d a of fane who j o u r n e y to bele c u r i n g ? BTOYJQSTOWN, Jan. 10~-Rockwood High School scored its se ond win in the Somerset County Hicrh School Basketball League as I t handed the Stoyeatown High School an IS to 5 defeat on tho Sloyeatown door. AVith both schools presenting sturdy Riiarda in their l i n e u p s Iho fans v/era treated to little scoring". la the p r e l i m i n a r y grume, the Stoyestown. girls reversed the tables, winning ^5 to 8 from th Redwood girls. The llneupe and s n n m a r y : Girls' Stoycstown--36. Rone Sornzon, former wo: Id'a cluwnploix golf pro with his wt/e at the Winter home, of Thomas Melghan, screen star, St. Petersburg, Fta. Saraaen claims ttat bis : rt£o is tha constant source of inspiration which causes him to amas i.par records on some of the moat difficult sourses in the country. 1 he ia not hia "severest critic." Fyouk Holton Sp-anglor Shaffer Landis Mostoller Uockivood--8 ... E. McVtckor Livongood .... B u r n w o r t h . K. M c V i c k c r j Speiehor for Muni- Chairman oatk Dakota Legion --@ IHSTllAXY, V,'. Va... Jan. 10.- ^oiii'S 1 at top sp-wJ last wrr"k~omt to f a k o tho m-easui' · of Junlata and IViui State on SIK- OKsive niglits, the HeUuuiy colic-go baslwteers an; can loci for o n l y on-tv ?a.ive tliis w-eok, that be- in;," with W. -I', at Washington, Pa., Kattirda.y niplrt. Stiff scTlmma'-?o ·s-osxtoitK 1iavo feat u r e d tho -daily practice'* t h i s wwk. T h f - e h a v e poll, h f ' l th-e loumw-ovk and p.isHinir to Mini * dv,TC, but ihcro is xtiill roo:ii for m u c h improvement. U'hoii tho SQII d tn'ken tho floor n i g h t t h e y \v : .I! he p r i m e d to coaie out on top or o! u :. Tho l ' e n n . « y l \ a n i a n s nro Io he t a k e n far from lifiht.t . Tho Flisona look two f a l l s out of U' -in lri.'?t. year, a n d t h i s w i l l tmiko t h i Koin.g t,h-;it. m u c h t o u g h e r for IV I b a n y this year. The in-eii roprpss-iil iij; "VV. .1. are a I'a.-it combination. 'Konncr Honored mnnrtcr Yoiilh by State (.'om- 1» C. Morrison. SUPERS WIN ODD GAME FROM MAIN OFFICE AT DUCKS 1 V u f o .\E\V Y O H K , J a n . .10.-- I C d w a r d P. Waruor, f o r n i c ; - assSsta.'ii secretary uf tho navy for aeronautics, last n i g h t was a n n o u n c e I as Iho n o w prc.Hiileiit of the Society of A u t o m o t i v e Kiigln- ecrs. The Superintendent's Office won the odd same from tho Main Office in the Capstan f!Ui«6 Company League at t h e j Elk alleys Just night. High (-score went to Imehii'V with a count of 4'!;', 'Die renults: M A I N OFFICE. Fisher 10S 146 1TIJ 430 Cunningham ll.'i SS 111 314 DeMerrel ISf, flt 105 351 JUilBtou 127 113 118 SGS Cohoii !.";; 113 129 ;)95 B. Younkin 7!) 91 99 2TZ L o o k i n t foV Bnrgains ' If ao, read the advertising colutima of The Daily Courlor. ' fatronlzo lio»o who WEST SIDE DEFEATS MONESSEN CATHOLIC DRIBBLERS, 27-14 T*ho \Vfwl Si'Cle lMtsketba.1! loam :;tcp- Ie/! i n t o It.s strido lost n i j r l i t am!' lU 1 - j f u n t w l* Catholio Chili of Moii'Hson at ( b a t plaro Tho scoro WHS 27-1-t. and laola the acjtrns- ipovrcirs of th« wln:iiin-K coni'hlna- lion Karh notted four t w o - p l y shots I'rciu tho floor. Tliin Tvpni!!'K U. S o'clock, l!ii Wost Ki'iers will do "tholr stuff" at. Uie ftlato Armory asainat the AVnverly O i l s of H-coftdnle, Tho Wnvorlys h a v o (wi-co f a l l e n br-f'oro l.hf Keasy f.'nrnw p.-sisers and the U'e.--:t H i f l o is hoping ·to b u i l d up its record also al. ox- pcrwe of tth-e- Seottdale machine. 'Die IVUC-UP: \Vosl S.'ilo--27. 3!onnssori-~ 11. I; ola ....'. F Koval 1'oier F IJcna.k l.ioclemenl I C -- Kurey J'iobblii-s fl - - Koshlk King ..-- .O .-- Troyhalt . Substitutions -- Wills fo-r Poisor, Cilflck for Bcti'alc, Mi-tf.s for Troyhak, Field gou/ls--fsola ·(, Poiser 4, Wills," Kin?;, RobblUH 3, 1-Jenak -!, Koval 1. I'\nii] goals--West" Sirlo .1 oii-t of i Mo n OH son -i out of 10., 3--Slisp|)ard. on t h a t I tw of ?GO j ut of tho j ard about 1 SCOTT I.) A I,E, Jan. 10--Me t-rack I n d e p c n d o n l (age dx rn p u l l r t l i n t o t h e M i l l TONVIS Wtidnoe lay n i g h t for a basketball n!; the Stato A r m o r y -- but ii dwolopoc Uiat ono was not fichf.'Klulnd. It has been Iwmed that · ne Buick« h«ad dickerocl wlUi tho ; lomestcad M i i t f l t Tor n f r a v nn-l t h n PIU«bur(r r f ··in bur ban Itrri !omuiu-C.l a KI i r a i i i e o o t $100 for Lho appearance ol tbo stans i wiio inclucled r t h o populni hoys. The Scollic* renoRi 1 jirlce and offered a Riiarai ·* w i t h a p r l v l l f g u of 10 per gatf, That van- the List h iho Bti'im; and tho lv-al n gavo It no f u r t h e r aucnti n, fooling t h a t I n a H m u c h afi no con I", -million or refusal -.v«s forthco;nir.j- tb game wae out of (luctitlnn. But, Ar:kr-rm:in o;' tho Homestead t r a m dac.lai-od that lui fell that fiince j the K e o t t d n l r oU'er would m satlefac-j f o r y . ihon t h - j m « t l ' r at'orx closed, app a r e n t l y l e n l i F K ; dial tho ical ox«cu- l i V M · ar m i n d rmdon Manager A c i c d r m a n Hid nut f o r w a r : any word Ui tho M u i r k s nnl l h - y w. ro u n a w a r e j of the p l l R r i m s i p o nf the Homestead j c l i i l ) u n t i l tbri bas'.colecrs ippcarcd a t ) t h o A r m o r y . What t.lio l-Iomw-i'tpad In yd were ro- jioi'twl to" h a v o told A e k o r . l a u couldn't i)flss tbo COIISIM-. l-Iowpve -, they maiio t h e ( r i p back h o m e will n u t bavins r.ngaged In any t ontc-at, and f u r t h e r nonviuued thai, tho- Scott- alo offlcialfl are not mind readers. TEAM CAPTAIN IN BIG SHOOT Georgo P. l-Uni'M. of Kapid City, South Dakota, a forrnor rcaldont of Oonnollevlllc and one tirno a newsboy of Tim Courlor. has be«n appointed chairman of tho South, Dakota State' Arnorlwin I^opion committoo for tho promotion of ri!l! practice and marks- .... S. C. G (J. ... Substitutions--Grovft worth, Miller for Spelch'M-, Jaffeo for Fulton, Zimmerman t'l'i- Bpangler, Spocht for Shaffer, 3VIetz«ar for Lan- dtR, .DenuliiR for Motzgnr. 1'Mfild i.,oals--Kyock '.', Fultoti 'i, XoarfoKK 2, B, M c V l r k e j 1. Foul ffoals--Hockwootl, 2 out. of 10; Stoyewtown, 1 out of 4. Refarcc--howls. Hoys' On in i'. Hock-wood --IS, f-'to^cslown 5. B. K l m m n l F - - J a f f n a W h i t e F _ Griffith /carfoaa C Fulton 0. H. K i m m c l !. G (.'.. Kiminel «---Morris )ii for 11. K i r n m c l , R. K.imme-1 fo - C i r i f l i t h . ( l i b son for F u l t o n . FIR Id Roals--White 3. Ivinunel 1, Zenrtosa -, Crtflltli 1, .'affpo I. Foul goals--Rockwiw d, ii out of IS; Stoyostown, J. 0111 of 9 Referct;--Lewis. T i m cr--N'ew rn a n . Scorer--Forsytbe. Quintftt WHl Appoat Fur First Such Exhibition .T/m««ry IS. CHARLEROI ON WEDNESDAY SCOT'I'DALE, Jan. 10 -- A now de- p a r t u r e In hunketball conteste' in this vicinity IB ox pooled U take place on Saturday aft.ornion when the Knight*! of Pythian drlbblont of Moncflson ftp- pear at the State Armory for a, fray with the Buicke of Scott/lale. If. is believed t h a t entauaiasm in afternoon, cage wrnpotitloii way 1o increased to su«Ii a« that it will even climax tho attendance at oven- ing- porformancee. 'However an effort will bo mad-e to work up Interest In Saturday aftarnoon gaint'K the (irfit of. which will be tliu fray with tho pow- e r f u l Mouofifii'Ji eonibination. A n n o u n c e m e n t wa« niado thet Char- lerol will play hero on W-ortnesday evening, January 15. The Babes, :» forznidable aggregation, IH a serious contender for laurels In t h o Allegheny County Loague and (he Bulcka will bavo th«lr htui(l« fall. SIiow Great E'Orm Goorgo, n son of Sire. EIlznbo-Hi Hiiral of Kpearfleh,' South D a k o t a , ! viwltml in Connellevillo on Uibor Day loet y-ejir .u-hiio in thi« region. 11 o hae many frlendn bora. Tho Rapid City Journal in coril- montliiR on tho appointment Btatea: "Appointment of Ueorge- I'. Hurst of .Rapid C i t y ti« chalrninii of tho Stale Aniorlean Lotion committoo for tlie promotion of riflo practice atKl niarkm- manehip was Announced WoilniMday by L. C. Morrison of Kadoka, depart- m-ent. oomninndcr. "Tho juirpoiie of lhl« com ml (.too IB to assist In the orRiinlKing of rltlo I f t n h a throughoU't the eUito and Hurst \vlll be available for any aid to any community that w r l t e n bim, he pointed out today. " ' A t one time t h o UnltPtl States of A m e r i c a wne k n o w n ' t h r o u g h o u t tho world for its markemen and should bo MACHINE SHOP IS VICTOR IN CAPSTAN LOOP · Two out of three sa ncs went In the M u e h i u e Shop in a duckplli match w l t l i t h e W a i n Office in the Csipt=tan Glass Duckpln Tas;u: al K1U alleys last, night. Younki:; had tho bijrb total w i t h ·!:!;. The M A I N Cohen DcMcrrol! Y i n i n k l u _ D n i n n i y D n n i m y 1 3 - 10U " j Totals M' M A C H I N K 1.0. Clawson 14 Pliss 13 II. Clawaon IS 'Every know tho Charleroi Next ToUila _,, Dutshaw _. K. Younkto PittJHSoli MeNatiU'.ra 11 [tonour Moorman Totals ,._... 737 fiiii 73S 2120 T'S OFI'UCIS. 121 109 123 4-13 103 310 118 1(M 12-1 141 355 384 JU-1 380 _677 78:5 776 221G HOOKER PHILLIPS CHOSEN MANAGER CUMHISKLAND, Jan. 10.--Joseph Phillips; of Morgttatown, W. V;t., former iiuvmber o£ tho Cumberland club of tho Middle Atlantic beaguo, and for tho laBl three yoars manager of tho Fairmont, W. Va., c l u b of tho league, will mauiifro tne local loam d u r i n g tho 1030 catnpaign, it was announced by official* ot tho (.'uuibor- land club. The local olBcials saltl they camo to (ertna wlf.ii Phillips over Ions dlatuuco toluphiirK today and thut iu would coino to Ouiaberland on Tuesday to a i g n hi.s coiitruot ami 'toy plmm for tht- ctnniits; douson. 1'hiliips, a bouuh manager, w i l l auc- c r t d Job a Byrnes, bawoinun of tivt k.;u.'.s. who was mado a t'f«o as-ont til t h o clotio of tho td-W soiison. Byrnes intil buon flavor manager of thu Cum- burial d eluh f n r the last thrc.n catn- Mow Sues Baseball Magnate Mrs. Beatrice Rice, widow of Teddy Rice, jockey, who was killed sis years ago, and her two children, Teddy (with whip), sged 6, and Audrey, She is suing ' Charles A. Stonoham, for whom her husband was riding at the fj'ine be met his death, Stoneham is president of the Giants baseball chib. TSiiiam WJOTTDA1J3, .Jan. K' -- Tho St:ott- d a l o Bu!clH took it Irli unlns at tho h a n d s of the MonesHen ( ub laHt n-lRlU n t t h a t place, t l i o Una) count, being -3fi. AlUiou'gii both K i r k m : u and Fuller registered u n o u f b field goals to win t h e o r d i n a r y contost, t 10 defeiiBo of tho team WHK not, tifi'ht. i nough to shut oft' the double-deckei's t! rough the net by n e a r l y cveryono on the Monesscn club. The U u l c l f s v/lll bo at boin.fl next week, mmiUns- tho Cha Icroi Scholas- l.trr,. T h a t t a a n i is a : lemuer ui. i...« Allegheny C o u n t y Lea: uc. The l i n e - u p : MonesHen --."2. Hnlcks-- 'An. i \ l c l ; a u g h l i u F Klrlunan isaho - P Fuller Le-onard C Turk. Sif.lii Ci J. Caffierty Myers G. · Brookman Substitutions--Albrl; lit f o r . - Mc- Laughlln, Bachoscr £o Isaho, Swalln for Slchi, UlBley for -Vtyers, T. Caf- lerty for Brookman. Field K-oala--MoLauj blln 'i, Isalio 5, Bachoser 'I, Looinir S, Slchi 3, S w a l i n , K l r k m a u -1, V (Her 6, T u r k 2, J. Catterly 2, T. Cafl.'e -ly 1. Foul goals--Monessi n, 12 out. of Hi; Bcottdale, 5 out- of 1 . Rel'acoe--Henderson gain,' Hurfit said toriny. bodied American should orrect use of tire arms.' "Oovernme-nt HfsslAlanco is availabl 1 -: to rlflo clubs with guns, ammunition and a l l necessary equipment furnished without charge, tho new state chairman said. These clubs are not limited to Legion members but are open to all citizens of tho U n i t e d StateB, he able- K e a r n e y Huret, South Dakota expert, marksman, was cuptain of the Soijtli. Dakota team of rifle-men who took part in t.lio nntic-nul «hoot at. C a m p Perry, Ohio, last September. Tipping ic.0 i. fiSt SHOP r no 14!) IS 7 110 I l l 8 105 327 iii ~M~\ Mli 1-Mi 706 211.3 Ml 83 'JO 117 112 201 ·IH ,.8; i GS;I 84 RABBITfj ARE RELEASED BY SPORTSMEN Oiliest CatJiolic Prelate 111. BATON ROUGH, .Tan. 10.--Tile most flov. S. C!. Mossmer, S3, a r c h b i w h o p of Milwaukee', and the oldest .Homan Catholic prelnte in iho United States, was seriously ill with b r o n c h i a l pneumonia hi a hospital hero night. Tho release ol' seven (iozons of rab- b i t s ye.slerd.ay in northern Fa ye He c o u n t y b r o u g h t to a close tho iJislri- bntioii of the C(i ildKcus in tho entire county. Robert G. Bi-y.vni, eounly game in'otector, y e s t e r d a y was assisted hy local sportsmen In relwslng t h u eoi- t o n t a l l s In tlila v i c i n i t y . It is not lUUily ·..hut. any adiHtional "·""' Ksimo will bo w h i p p e d to t h i s i:ounty for d i s t r i h n t i o n l.?.foro spring w h e n I 301110 "Wrds' 1 iiro ox[)e-ctPd. Pnliroii-17/o l.hoS'O who ad'V-ort.iH-o. Use oiw "wa.nt" sudvertisomcait. Jlountaineur Sines M u'ooned Fantil.v. BAN 3m.^K',TSCO, an. 10.- A. faia- llj- of tliri'c, t r a p p e d \n a t i n y m o u n - tain i::tibin Cor all u»,st. a. wirjlc liy tromondons snow dr : .'ts and froo^iiiM- temperutiues \vas i mud "sai'i; 1ml h u n g r y " last night y H e n r y Monti, veteran nianntainecr. Those Courier. Who to Ta ront/.r, who advert Be la The Dally MiOTTNT PTjEASANT, .Tan. 10.--Mount PleaRant and tlUTsf, Cla«s 13 b l R l i «i:lioo.lK of Westmorelai'.-'t county, who aro newcomers In the realms o! W. r. I A. L. ba..sJtc-tball, will l»aJce a v a l i a n t tl.eht t'o ke;-p in the swim will) tho chl^r and more exporlenoed: quintets wUU which tb-ey JITO forced to t:oio, ai.TOTdin-jf to their arraageil wliwlulos. Hurst on-terod tho W. P. T. A. L. .door ranks last yciw and cam« tbroii'gh with a fairly Hiiccies-sful Wilson. Al) games w«ro p-lcyed away from hoitic. This year th* Hod -caRom arc under the tn-tel-a^e nt I-lHroId T. Bciuiftr. diroofor f pliyical education at Hu-rflt Htgii Sc'hool. The Mount J'loasnnt floorm'On ara iiiidor tlio diiTction of Clifford S1ng2oy, l i f f f l i sx'hoo! cofK-h, who piloted Iho l!i'_'!) I'Sluc and White prld t^iiii Mount Pleasant 1s in Ke;tio-\ X of t h e AV. P. 1. A. L. with GroflroslHir?;, .l?;u]ii-etl,e, I.atroHe, Sfoftdalo, Con- nollsvilli! and Uni-ontown. Hurst has IxK'-ii placed- in S-ectkm XII with £??- wickl-ey Towiwhlp, East Ifuu'tlndon Township. LU/Uc- Ve-mon, Durtbar Towiiohip 'and Perry Township. Both Hurfit and Mount Pleasant have .had a taste of lea-griw fif.o-r play t h i s sens^n. ami jiMtc-rt jug-aiTiS't a rilron-pr foo h a v o f a l l e n in tlio sanies, ilnrst dropped its, first, of tho season to Perry Township, 3'.l-7, and M o u n t Pleasant bowed to the fast UnionUnvn nulntot, 23-lfl, but displayed 'an ourlablo brand of ball. Two of'is out.-jt.atj'iiiup .player? wore out of tho Perry Township gain-e, M, S m i t h and Alhort Tony S m i t h , who has been i l l . w i l l 110 doubt be in shape- for Hurst's c i n s h w i t l !!e!! Vernon at Tln.rsL t o n i g h t bu- Tony is not oxpocted to bo in ·Qh-e-iTte! team's likicup this season ;ts) IM i·; hedfaK-t, \vil,li typhoid fever. Tlip K*nio will rnavk Hie o.pcning jf tho hom-i reason for 1 hirst, while Mount PJca- Hant's bonw :;va»O)i cioof- not ope i until January '.'A wli-en OonnollBTlll-i w i l l I'lM'iiisb tb-o opposition. Mount Pleasant cag-orr, n.ra loo-Tern* forward to a win this tveiling wlu^i Uify flre r n r d e d to be ibo g-uosts » f (Sreensburp High, (''-oiioli S i n g l o y b i - s been, drilliii'or tho boys intonl-iA'c.'y pru«fmin iiivd shootinc a t t a c k . Th« schedules of. tho aforementio'i- ed taa.rua for tho p-resont Keasoti i'!lows. Mdtiitt I'Icav'fliif. .Inn. 10--Orecnsburp;. nwny. Jan. 14--J-e.annet.fe, away. Jan. 17--J robe, a w a y . Jan. 21--·ffoiinoM.svillC 1 , at b-ome. Jan. l?"i -- Hurst, it home n«ndrn;:), .Van. -S--Scott.dale, away. J a n . 3 1 - -- U n i o u t o w u , at home. FoJs. ·!--Dnjil.-ar Township, nway. Feb. 7·· ·-CrTotiiisburK, fit bivmo. Kelt. 11- -.leanii-tMU 1 , at Intmo. l''ob. 1 I -- Ixitrobe, at. ii-omo. 1'Vb. ix--ConiKflbivDI'. 1 , away. 1'Vb, ^ - - - f t e o t f i t a l o , at homo. 1'Vb. "S I l n r H t , ;r,v;iy. Towu.°li)|J, a. Ailocn Ripg-jn, Olympic d i v i n g r h s n i p i o n In 1020, a n d for ievrrai years women's n u t t o n n l n m u t t ' u r (living r h n n i p i o - i of t h e 1'nitr?/) Stal.ff:, temporarily deserts tha }i.-;uid depths for thn icy surt'aiio. Ste is ftll ready for a skim over the snows of QueV-ec in a dog sled. J;i:i. l ( i - - ! ! y l i ' Vi.'niui!. a t homo. J a n 1 I · - D e r r y T f i w n . s h i p . awri.y. J n u . i"- - 1 l u t i l w r T o t t ' i i s h i p . at \\ i J a n . 'J'l--H(rw!d(l-i:y Twp., a w a y . J a n . 2 !i--: ; J'lsn. '.'* I'.'.i".! Itui.'-l!.·(-'i5ou, at ·hcm. . I a n . I! 1- I'M-ry T w p . . ' i d liotti-o. !' N el). 7 - - I h - l i i 1 V'.jriKin T w p . , a w a y . K- i b. I ! - - D u u ' b a r T w p . , a w a y , l'Vl. L'l---Suwi-ciUoy Twp,, Kt hi m«s I'\-!i. "'·-· - K i t s ; ) l u n t i n ^ d o u , a w a j . i-'j.'!. -,S - A l . u u n t Pleanan't, at h'O*n*. M a r i ' - i i 7- iKuTy Twp., at houic. I H i f J U c r y ,-tt SJioro Haldoii. A T L A X T I C C I T Y , J a i l . It).--For cral ^U-.'iil.s and t-ity police last. tMifht ' - l i i i l - j d w h a t t h ' . ' V t i ' i - n i u d t h e d -si i l i l i u j r a l i - o h o l p l u m m i ' i - discovert U i n i . X c \ v Jc-rsey. ll:,- r a p y f l i y was l,!Hli) i a ^ri.i'iM'. TO

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