The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 10, 1930 · Page 13
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 13

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, January 10, 1930
Page 13
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FRIDAY, JANUA11Y 10, 1930. DAJTLY OONNELTJS 7TLLE, PAL PAGE THIRTEEN.' ·v You will be pleasantly surprised at th« a$lng*tm will i from buying your ffrocerla at Key/stone Stores-daring the New Year,. Fresh--Clean--/*«m---foods always/ WE SELL GRENNAN'S FUtE CAKES Really . . . . it anything moro delicious than lasefou* juieo-au.tked slice* of golden pineapple? Thits it exceptionally flnrory and wo mture you tie price in right. Eight bit;, thick slice* to the cant The day will' seem brighter if at breakfast you Ooo of our rollera! I*. ^L The fnvorita blend of Thousand* 1 IS W 3? © M A Gh*f£Ie»» -- steel cut/ -In airtight .cans. A ·uperfina blaadl Tta Pill. bury or Aunt J»mlma Box 215* of 's Bo* Carpenter Brand Ox. Jar It w i l l pay you to buy * dozen can* at thi» low prlcrt, "Argo" is a rich thick, creamy milk thmt five* add« 1 flavor to coffre or dc«sorts. Fine for cooking met too! Meaty Large Lba. Dvom'edary Grape Frttlt Plain "Bread and Butter" is a treat when you spread on Only hiftti score butter !» n c«pted R» of! enough for Jersey Maid. Thi* means you are gc t t i n g the finsat, best- flnvorec! butter, nl a moje*t price 1 Bread ii the cheapest and niott nourUhing food vo cmn rfit. A whiff of the fragrant brown loaves "Wlito Home" make* i s u f f i c i e n t proof of t!ie goodness of this popular flour 1 £,,,,, 2 Cans J^ Large Cans Prudence Br»nd Ready to Serve Campbell's Tomato ©©up § Can* Palm Olive Soap * 1 f - 22o c an8 Its the "Dry ScJt Cure."that gives the wonderful flavor to our J u s t try a package of thi* taoty bacon, Curod ·with o specially imported *alt, it« ·wonderful fiaror will bring you a now breakfast enjoyment! A big throe-pound bag of these plump tasty raisin* fot a quarter . . . . Surely a real bargain! Let the wholj f a m i l y enjoy the good pie* -and de«sert» tht «o meaty raisin* -will mako. Quality With Economy Tuns In Friday al 10:30 A. M. on WJAS for the Keystone Store* Program. Short Rib Roast, 3 Ibs. 85c Steaks,sirloin ; tender!oinorropnti,3!b.$1 Sugar Cured Ham, whole or hjilf, !b.24c Home Dressed Chickens ·SvoBvAnHv «8fc SAUSAGE, 4 Ibs. $1.00 SALT SSDE 9 5 Pound $1.0O 3 Ills. Spare Ribs, 3 ibs. Sauer Kraut 35c J, 4 Pound $1.i "QUALITY with ECONOMY" 3 0 x 3 » G L 29x4.40 30x3iCl. O.S. 30x4.50 $§«! OTHER SIZES PRICED ACCORDINGLY OPEN EVENINGS DUNLOP MOTOR OIL 6 a gal. at rate of C a qt. t E ACH Dunlop store is one of a chain. Chain store methods of selling eliminate many, many items of expense. Advantage has been taken of every known chain store economy in offering Dunlops at these low prices. For remember, these tires are genuine Dunlop quality! You know who makes these tires--they are not built just for someone else to sell. Each tire is backed by all of Dunlop's 41 years of tire building experience-and carries an unlimited guarantee. Visit the new Dunlop store today. Sec for yourself the savings it offers. batteries too! 13-plate Ford and Chevrolet and old battery 11-platc .. . *S»45 13-plate heavy duty.. »3,4J OTHER SIZES PRICED ACCORDINGLY batteries uncondition illy guaranteed OVER 26,000,000 DUNLOPS NOW RUNNING DOTS 1 BLUCHEA SHOES LITTLE GENTS' Black Bluchtr Shoe. Uikidc bole. All Rubber Heel. Stut 9-UH -*« Sizes J to I}'; ic nunim Fire I/ines Mubt Bo Cut Arouiul SOSa Aon 1 Tract in 1'Iiroo MUCH WILD LIFE TO BE PLANTED __. o of tho Pennsylvania Game- Conimist, on havo already coin- plated their ta k of surveying tho V0!!2 3 acrc« ot ]anl In Wharton, Str-wart and 1» nbar townships which t r a c t is to bo i-on verted I n t o a hutce pubiii- h u n t i n g trrotim) nnd Stato panic ritcrve, n , i o r d us to Robert C! Biy- soti. Fayctte tot Jity panic protector, in an intorNk'w vith ti Courier rep-ro- eontativo. Mr Bryson .-aid t h a t It would bo I soin^ t l i n o hoto-( tho tract Is o f U r l u l - j !v t u r n e d I r t o ,i lunittnc; ground and ! KTn*» rt'fut;" o\\uii; t - t h i ' \ a^t work fi.'t lia^ c % t to ho tou!! l''ir--t. of ,\" .1 Uir^o- fu- v l i n o n n i ^ t lv» \ irt .irouml t'n x o n t i r t s t r a c t nnd th"i !hf^ ar«M f'MH o i Tho h« ni ! ' h » i t i . i i in i ' lii.v t.H'K will be rosorv^d for tho noloase of all kinds of wild ani«i.U lite. Attcr this phrase ot t h o worK has boon coin- plote-d, the State w l ' l stock this largo t r a c t which will he oncloaod by H l.trgo tonc-. Hunton will not bo per milled to go Inside 1hia section during hunting season. It was l«.arnxl from other soim-ea t h a t many of the and owners who option-wl tho laud to tho Kay-otto County Flali'£ Gai 10 Protective AB- sociatiwi j-oserved tl o rl^ht to leniovo much, of the Urn lor rom 1ho preniKci and it was Indicted hat this may t a k e at least two or tin o years, thereby delaying tho fornu' Ity ot the trans- a c t i o n . Nhui'ods of the c nin for war to (he e?ta pub!io hunting pro irid pected to bo a trem 'u!^ spivt.-men as ^.;un- wlJl Lt» hi abuncKiiK the- spoit w i l l not tluMr n u i h l i l t to r» enilses. The stu (*'ss n s l i i 'h» K . u o t t o O o i n i t % '·K't»U.OH W l l h It o f p i » M K i i i i L , ' i l l * h n i n - ·, « ; ] i l i o h n n i l iiro looking t ot tho which is ^\.is assiM tfi t i i o (".v-c-ry -,iie".o t h a t .t.rca and m i t i i i r ^ o n t o th'. 1 ot in ELECTION BALLOTS PLACED IN MAILS BY TRADE BOARD Balfo's for tho n o m i n a t i o n of K candidates for nevcu p o s i t i o n s on t h e board of d i r r c t o r s of l l i o Board o£ Trade ·svere mailed today. It is i c r j u o B t e d t h a t all of the ballots bo r e t u r n e d not latin 1 than 7 o'clock on tho e v e n i n g of J a n u a r y 11. Tho general election will bo held on J a n u a r y J i at (he d t n n e r - j n e o t i n g of tho niemberHhiri. iron Bridge I l K ' J l ' L t I W3*. \\ i l l l As- n working i n t l n h u p p 1 t n ' s t a r r i - w l j t '·o. ( i n n w t " ' « · JTH HO · * ' .'"( ^ ' " lien V o » WH it Lao IRON BHUJOK, J a n . ] U.- Mr and A/ra. Ci'joi-go J l l c h a u J n /ind h ( ( l o tyii, Kugono. ol Ui'eiMisburg a n i l M!t-h Ihttbel Ji'Ittruigaii o ' Kvonion w e r e liorc Sunday e v e n i n g w i t h ( h e i r i n e n d u , Air. ami MJ-J. C r J e n n J. "Wfavur \Voauell K u e l c r vibilcd hl« u n c l e and a u n t , i\!r. «nd M i s . JcstaQ AViltrout of Wooddnle on Sunday. Ihn. Elme-r DillhiKPr wa a Scottdale ehopiier on Wednesday morning. Mi', and Mi is, K l m b r 1'rinkey and son of Normalvitle were hero Sunday w ilh the ftunlly of Mr. Prlnkey'a uni'juit, Mr and Mrs. "\Villlam llow- u n t . .Mr ami Mi's S t e w a r t Johnston ot ( I i eens Jin ic and Mi and Mrs. Jacob Kuti-es ot Kai3t (icottdfile v.ora here '1 n cud, i v \ \ i t l i M'-. Kut^ey's brother, I \ u i f p l Kuttjcy a n d t a m i l y Mr ,ind Mis Sirtwell McConnell and Mr an i lire H.irwn- McConnel! and C t r l ? l i i i ' e h t e r s v e i e a t Apollo Sun-- 'i.iv ( f i p H f l i i i g !hi f u n p r a ! of Mr Mc- t jniM-1 3 u n r i p , Joseph M i l l e r , ,vho I ; I M ] n; his home on J a n u a r y 2, from aaed T2 Air?. Irpiio (jacld n a f f ) n ^ s; l i f r al^ter, Mre. ulivi.i Sed- Mount, Pleasant on .Satinxkiy noon Mr. .and Mrs. .Lewis Miller ai ily of Pe-niiflville were horo with Mre. Minor's iiarenttt, M Mrs. Ara/,1 Rlcp. JMrs. JJavid Pinknry and fa, Carnilcliaels aro hero for a visit with Mre. PinKney'a parci a n d Mrs. John Graven Mr. and JVIre. J o h n Crobhy ai dren wero t h o puogte of y t r i e n d o on Saturday evening. Mrs. Iva Stouer nf Sc-o'tcla hero \Vwlnesday w i t h h e r pare titifl M t u I'JH If Crofib}, Hr. es t of rs of a f t o r - '1 fam- ·iuuday ·, and illy of tt eek'e is, Mr. d chil- ottdale 3 was ts, Mr. MEW'S WQRjfc SHOES MENS' B U c k o r Tun .Moccasin BliKher Workahoa. Comno- 'moon Salt. Rubber WOMEW'S SHOES , W O M E N ' S M « t ' \ Kfd Center Suckle O n « - s t r a ' p w i t h Pitcni trimming. Spj.kc Heel. MEN'S Stick DIucher Oxford. Composition Rubber Heel. ¥aSi;i®s tSaan ever- sffiiakltig reosia f®r ®nv ILitft® · White Bridge . .run. Jo.-. l i i n h i l \MIS ;i bit ni' x !-.T i allor Ii Ploatiint on 'I'lUbtl i V. Mr. and Airs. N i c h e law K;ii K u i K v n n v spent t h u wock-eiKl ^ torniov's p r r d i i d p a n m l s , Mr. .a 1 A. J,. J'ask-c-. Mr. and Mrs. P. C. Johnst daughter, Iluth", of Acme wore here -on Tu-esday II. lI.Yeck-ol'3 -of J-oannette sumed his duties I'U'tor v two vacation. Mr and M r a . Hov Cooper a d i e n were vialtlnig with Mirs. ( parents, Mr. and Mrs. Nonnar Mr. and Mirfi. It. II. Yeokels i Junioi, spent ( h a w-eeU-e-iwl B M o u n t nor of ith the d Mrs. in ami calling IRS re- weeks' d cliil- cwp-en-'a Lyoim. n d e r n i , Jeaia- M i s s BlanoSi Bf^i h i ' w a s oa ling at th« Paaka rraldenco on Monda . Roy Cooper was a ousines r n l l o r at Mount Pleasant last week ^^r. a~nd Mra I/loyd Klnn -e-r of M'"iint Pleasant wcro v siring i ith Mir ?ind Mrs ]£m(?'r?ori T s l u n ^ ^ r , F r a n k Thomas of .Mount I WOMEN'S Patent Ono - strop with Blonde Snake trim- minx. Cuban Heel. MISSES' BUckor I » n Oxford. Composition Sole. Goodyear Welt. Rubber Heel. Wo have no "hard timer 1 '! Neither have jrcra --ia car stctrao. Onr prloa* tor very sattd and smart ah^ea BMfc* OTerjr cuototmw |irM* S«r*«M In a KUstwy Stor*. CHILDKEN'S OXSOK09 SHOES FOIl THE ENTIRE FAMILY W O M E N SPur«S'l!k lull rmiiioncd Ho- ilery In til I c n d i n c j had oi. , infants' Black or "PRICES MA KB TWO PAmPOSSttBlE" White Hhicner Boots. B1/C9 '2 Moil's Scout. ShOCS MEW'S AND WOMEN'S , , , l l t KSJBEERS %M Am -omposlMon nolt* ami M F N S and WOMrN . s D Jpl.^y heels Sizes 0-| IJ(\ Rulbsr*. A wonderful Vsluc. Ii to n pJL» 4 ty ,]·* ~-i co ii . . . . N' IiSEN'S C H O Y S ' DRE8S S H O E S Ulack or I a n . Leather sok- i i i h t K i r hc-fllH. S i / r - 1 to 5M; .. WOMEN'S CLOTH CASTEKS X V O M I N S CJodi l!!ik. llrown. f i h u r c d B r o u n or baj;e Holder v.uti J-o\v or Cuban HceL 103 V/est Crawford Ave. TRY OUR CLASSIFIED ADS.-They Bring Results!

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