The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 20, 1964 · Page 17
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 17

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 20, 1964
Page 17
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Page 17 article text (OCR)

THURSDAY, AUOUST 20, 1964 CBS Concedes Baseball jls A Business jNEW YORK (UPI) The owners of th ;. New York Yankee Wedoeiday conceded that baseball is both a port and a business. ,i"Bif League baseball . . . la a butmess because any professional sport In society tkat does not : subsidize It must make Its own financial way," said Frank Stanton, president of the Columbia broadcasting ' system, and William S. Paleyi CBS chairman; In-a Joint statement The CBS officials added the mere fact that baseball is business "does not subtract from Its genuineness as a sport any more than a newspaper is less a newspaper because K is a business." It was considered an interesting statement inasmuch' as baseball has enjoyed exemption from anti-trust laws for many years Jnecause of its classification as a sport and not a business' 'engaged in inter-state commerce. . Regarding whether CBS' acquisition or the Yankees raises' , anti-trust problems, the officials reiterated their belief that they anticipate do trouble in this direction. "The best legal idvice that CBS could get assures us that no conflict witbantt-trusf, law W involved," they said. 1, .- TAKES FEATURE K'- WESTBOrV. NY. CP)-U. Marr w. atawier ana frank lericks Pace A Breete. virtually averv Men of way. -m the featured $10 - "Fret do rt Elks" ttaca . at oosevelt Raceway Wednesrlav ight before 2..60 onlookers . pe ! ,J.. - . . VJoarnbl, f $835 Double At Richelieu : I MONTREAL (CP)-The daily double paid M3S.S0 it Mon treal's Richelieu Raceway Wed; aesday night The two winning horses involved in the high payoff were Topsy Lee, ridden to victory in the first race by Philippe Dus- sault; andSir Hal. which won (be second with Adrien Bedard up. Individually, the horses paid til JO. ta 90. KM tor Topsy Lee and M.. OJa for Sir Lnat Topsya Time was J.J7 44 ana; Sir Hal's US -. ,-, ' SPEEDY COT FAVORED WESTBURY; New York (UPI) Speedy Scot of the U.S. is the early 3-5 favorite for Saturday night's Roosevelt International Trot Su Mac Lad. the 1963 winner, was rated the second choke at 4-1. - pr- ' ROMA TRIUMPHS ; ,J TORONTO (CP) Toronto Rrrnia defeated the last-place Montreal soccer club 4-1 in aa Eastern .Canada Professional League soccer, game herp WecV Journal Want quick results. j Ads bring; 4'V- Greenwood Results Pint Mile. Pees: Prtnceaa Vol H . S M ST. S M: Prince Locum. t t. S 40; Henry's AUrn. I SO Tlsee. to -. CrrUI Hal. Armbraee Aboe. Abbaa Wick. Hmut Vol C, Utoooae Himw alee started. ' Second Mil. Pace: MaxWI Chief. IS as. sa. ao. RoMlawa Boy, ae. Se: MaeLennen Boy Gretran. 4 SS Time. 17 4-i SpuU Ik. Dtck't Her.1v. Kanon Hal. Mr. Dilloa. Governor - Baldvta also tuned. DaUy Doaklei SSI.1S. Thlr Mil. Tret: Jack Bkytoa. 7 M. 4JS. SM: Saber. Use. T 00, Trio Account; 4 IS. Tlmo. a og -S nil way c. infills Lo. prince Cos. Rlverdale Baa. Wind Co. aieo started, i v., . . Povrth Mil. Pass: Kelly Mae Nal. 4 00. I te, s set Judge Herbert. s 10. s so: Opeongo. 1 so. Tim 1 OS luwartna Baaa. Armbra ralth. Hortnwood DanlaL Wll Uor Bob. Judge Forbes, Morthwood Daxtar alas etaned, Ptrtb Mil. Paca: Ban Harbart i to. x-ja. attgnty Kaarartha. S40. 1 10: Meaoew Wayne. , sat. Time. SIS 44. Kawartka Star. widow Killeea) Mooreland'a Deety. Argvel Boy. Nortkwood Oaa aawl tuned. Main Mile. Pace: Sonny Creed. To. sea. tso: Bob Brook, it. I JO: Beverly DUlard. IS. Time. I 4 s-s Baron Atom. oentrjr Taiaa, tfcootlnc Par also atartad. stataaBai Sll ia. . - Bevaajth Mtla. Paca: Worthwood Bald;. 1 00 see. 170; Tom Tally. s aa. s e: Minor Helen, ui Time, 107 l-S. La Salla-s Rone. Centre McKlyo. Midee Diamond, faet TraHlo. Terry Mae, nlao atartad. Bfhtb Mlla, Pace: MlfTity Ka-wartha. 13 40. 4 SO. ISO: Kelly Mae Hat S M. 1 00: Ctpeonan. 4.10. Time, t ea., Boa Herbert, Kawartha Star Meadow Wavae. Judae - Herbert Armbra ralth, Kawartha Babe. Widow Kllleaa alee atartad. Ninth Mile. Pace Scotch Bed, 4 SO. 140. 110: Jimmy O. Runko. S40. 4 SO: Poplar Grattan. S Glendale Joe. MIlMy Creed,. Jeff Dllbm. Asabj.. Pall Borne ; alee tarted. ,, r - .. r BETTING INCREASE ' ; . TRENTON. NJ (UPI) At-trndince and betting are' op over last ear at Atlantic City race track, and State Treasurer John A. Cervick said yesterday he expects an even greater increase during the Democratic National Convention, which be gins next -l,t eaedj ft.elt VJ' v'-'' J A 1''':." '. ''- 'r G-;'' - - - t - ..- s ler , J WE'Lt BE THERE! OTTAWA CENTRAL CANADA EXHIBITION AND MANY OTHER St CURL-0-DROME BUILDING SV -.i',?li SEE: PANELLING OF ALL KINDS! SEE: THE FIREHOOD! SEE: AN ENTIRELY NEW KIND OF VACUUM CLEANER "' -.-4 - --..ntoM b a m.,;:,,, THE MOST COMPLETE LUMBER YARDS IN THE REGION j -; : i . '..'.'it ( i ' - '-- M , ' BONHOMME MATERIALS LTD. 31 ST. JOSEPH BLVD. (CHELSEA MXV'HUIX, QUE. BYTOWN LUMBER CO. LTD. r Cor. el CYIVILLE MX aael ST. LAURENT BLVD, CYRVHXE. ONT. 7U482S i GATINEAU LUMBER LTD. MAIN mtEEi; CATINEAU, QUE. L BONHOMME ET-FILS LTD. - MONT-LAUIUEK ! MANTWAKI 44MS44 PAPiriEAUVILLE L07.IBER!'Cd.' Lf b. tATDitAWHSX, QUE. ). - '-- . ' ' ', '.. 4X, 437-24 It THE OTTAWA JOURNAL T Playground News CITT INDUSTRIAL Capital. 4; Keaarallah, S Winning battery: Arale Luttermaa and Arnle May. laalnc battery. Boter Buooa and Guy Major. H Captlal: Arnle Luttermaa (Si. Anue May. Pete PUon. BiU Sternberg. Firai soma beat-of- ttoree aami-anal senae. SBNIOB LADIES1 Brennan-t HIU. 11: Police W. en. S- Winnlna battery: Lynn Nelson and O Foley. Loalns battery: Jeanelte Dumels and Carol Abell. HRD. Hartley. Brennana HIU. ' Brennan'l Hill takea a ono-aam lead la the beat-of-thrae eml-anels. Nest fame to Moa-ay. Slo pm at riabar Park. INOkPBNOCNT LADUS 'Cain Centra. II: toalr ata Anna, te. 'Winning pitcher: Suaaa Arctv ambault. Losing pitch: S. Cler-oux. j " BASTVUW JVNIOB , f Dairy Queen, 14: Hilller'a,. s Winning battery: Im Lacelle gnd D. McLaad. Lonhw battery: .- B Vtrdoa and B. Blchmyra. HR I MUUer-n p. Lapalnta. M MrWada. ea, urea a, suae 7 S la. Celacleed AdaM anwaeag Bags 11 Jasaea W Plrat gama of bast-of-thraa aemi- WOMBKTS INTEBMBntATB City Hall. IS: Hydra. IS. Winning battery: Elanor Hunter and Sandra Kchee. Loalng battery: Betty Davie and Judy McSweyn. B City: Valerie Glllln. City Hall wine beat-oMhree tlnal aer- lea S-l ka gamea. INDRPBNDBNT RKCRBATION Met. LUe. 10: Rolly'a. 4. Win nlng battery: Bernle Caeey and Harry uemers. Losing battery Leo Leceanbe and Ren Glroua. Hit Met: Terry Borhmor. Met wine beat-of-ttvo erml-nnal sarlea S-l. Pirtelehne. 13: Coin Centra. 1 Winning battery: Norm Black and Jton Korrman. Loalng battery Buck Ball and Glllee Barault. Parttienna wlni beetMtve aetni- Rnal series 3-1. .;. aXMVALK ACRKS Plratas . SIS 100- 111 Yankee SM 04x 13 10 I John Allard and Glen Clark: Joey Simaeon and Ray MartlnelU Vankeea wia wdden-deeth eeml- anal gema. ) I ' l r'l .at-l-F --r a .--T,-LaW OaaaiKy Itras 44) "a. ajeel M 1 an Terylen PBM raw ' ' aa mm 12.00 - U Casaaer resting Toilets ' fats Baga 12 re I Wee Patted ceeeaua Cass M AdaN ataa Alt Bine Bakaerlaa M J- C. snggka S-Wa 7 Ceenaaa t-Maatlo Ceaea Laatem N , ' IS Catenae l-Maalle Cams V CLEARANCE OF CAf.lPERS' HEEDS . 'All Items New, Except Where Otherwise Stated a s IS Satart Wall Teal, . area 129.M t7 I a ir Betnre VarkreOa Vent wnUlda Iraaae .,- . Sf).f g y II s IS BaSaxa Igsi Wall Teat 10. If If Heeam lea ret Tea tatra PM. 4t.t IS m IV Derexa Krtra aUgk Waa Teat Cnr fkakh , , S.SS.M I S Belaaa OxtaaSn Prsaaa; . TaarSst Teni, II a r M.M J PaasUv Klgk W Tea :., a ir , , .., . . r.M , 1 t ir Pasatle Mlgfe ., . . . Waa Tst . .... 7.0 - S IS a ir Dense Barart Wan Teau, . "Stales area ana. dry nana . l ' " eat .MB . as9.tS, I I a ir Behne Safari Wall Tea drala area and dry Baiak eeat eteta leaee I ir Beraxa aatsri WaJI Teat dbssag r ,; v;; y. W.e) CAL'PI.-G ACCESSORIES Sato SS.00 80.00 ' 00.00 ; 30.00 105.00 00.00 40.00 ; 80.00 120.00 123.00 toaoo ; ir.ts nVTT ' 8.00 aa Cetteet- - 4 . aar - a aa AW. We? "e'eteaa ' 10.00 i Casap Cats- . m mm : " Smoother by farl - VAtSS But diitinctivo. Mellowed SX l to a ripe old ago in tho . -r A X)tfiii fir . ?rfoc.til.inodrof . , V WTX Kit , Nov Scotia's Annapolia Valley. k,ffl nnnnnnnnnnnnnniMQmQQQO O O Of ACADIAN DISTILLERS-Bridgetown, Nova Scotia pOO Brings You Big HOLIDAY Values Don't Miss Dollars in Savings! - . - ; r - 18.00. ' tmWwm : Easts. Uolors tnd Accessories AO Now Excapt Wbcrs Othwwaw SUtasl ! l Alnaeaieaa Car. Tap fY : l'aarla' tMtta. Baa TraBer ' J S ir AJaattaaai Car .Tap 1. S ir rtotrsUaa Car tap Boats , 1 P Alaaantaai Pant ; 1 II' Petewiaeai Sea Snark ' 1 ir Plkfaejaes Caaaa ')., )raaa ....., a)' ISM Blgai SO BP Matag f BlatUle Start. Lleg. S 't -St Blgta oa.P Mats Sc 1 l Blgta a MP Meter . Roeeojd. . 1 IS BUta la MP , Metee t ' Bia m BP Motet 1 " aigta, SH HP Meter, Hew ' 4 Btrln SO Pa. Baal Trailers, Bats S Blgta as aa. Baa '" Trailer, Mew Stein I.Oea IV. Trader wMU . IP WBssls. Used v ' 27S.00 1M.II SM.tB tM.II ,IM.tS 0).M 14. i.sia.M 4t.eo , ira.M 179.00 ; 1M.M SM.M 220.00 00.00 170.00 180.00 100.00 00.00 130.08 000.00 390.00. 700.00 300.00 130.00' 180.00 138.00; 100.00 220.00 For Home or for Students uormiiory irunus Special Low Price W3 : Blue steel wxnstructlon. Size 36 17 x 18". Brassed each end. Inside top tray for neater arrangements. . PHONE AND -vo 70Q 0C11 .'; '": '7 MAIL ORDERS FILLED ' ILO'i.Qil ;Uf SIWE 525! Complete 35 F.'M ' V : .. jim coioi suds, coioK nm mmammn nm . , ueai consisn or. - Skylark automatic eye camera. . .. Leather carrying caae -.)".-( Flashgun with tatteries and -j. feuiba T;..'. . . . -..-..v . S00 W. Blide projector, arxjuence typo,' takea 30 alidea at a time. Has fan for cooling rJidea. Self- i ": ' i contained unit with handle r PHONE AND MAIL ORDERS FILLED 728-2611 .... - .... 17-Pei ELECTRIC , ion cUfPinasET Kaw 11 .00 " - aWaeal Laeaaaa!. "., ( .... , . - , -;. IWafMatttvniO Ceeeoteta arlth aam -kerlk-trtai'' earak ar ' vttek oeej kliai. kit a tna aatr-ctria. Contalne at) ran aaed for paag faatUr aair eere,. ii i ', ; ; . i .--j .. rMir:i f - Phorte and, MaO Orders -. ':. fllkd i-7M.1611 ,VK' -' C f'.'-Kt V l .-.I . .-., Reg. 99.90 CT7 l Qft 32-Pc. "Star (InT , FLATWARE ' r?-; v Aef i 14.95 , fww jJnSemca K "i:'r"-' : dialnataaaa. parfeet erltk only kH . ehea eara. Toe Meal averya? flat- , ; tear lor the familv. Bap pour sal awer at big aavtaga. ' ' . " Fhono and Mail Orders " FUlcd . 72S-2611 Beveaie. I .a .ganac tuMWW.'HH'IMi. iw ' "" "" FERSOHAL SHOPPER SERVICE-DIAL 729-2551 LOCAL 333-ASK FOR f.'lSS LAI1E 7"T t ....... J 1 v v. ' . 1 - '-.' 'V I'.: (V, .-. i. T

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