The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 20, 1964 · Page 16
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 16

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 20, 1964
Page 16
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16 THE OTTAWA JOURNAL RIDEAU CARLETON Hurricane Will Wins Feature Double 1 Hurricane Will, s ; ERNIE SIR0IS i Jim Tubman, President of 1 Jim Tubman Motors Ltd. it f pleased to announce the p pointment of Mr. Ernie ; Clml. a kla mIm staff : Ernie will be pleased to 1 welcome his many friends to help them in the selection i of a new "64 GM car or ' used automobile on display ! 1770 Bank St at Alt VisU I Drive.' Phone 733-4050. ea BANK ST.-. a.'eM-ief If .rx-t ytr-old brown gelding, owned by Di foiter of Oakville, Out., and driven by Jack Bissoiiette, won the feature race it Rideau Carleton Raceway Wednesday night. The winner paced the mile la 2.07 45. Itwas Hurricane -WU1' sikth win In 14 starts this season. The winner paid across the board prices of U0, (3.80 and M. Spud Rico was second, pay Ins $9.90 and S4.40. Scot-Ex press paid M in third. i The eighth race was anoth er headline pace and Don Cameron got Brown Hope down in front The winner! paid S9.70 for each $2 win ticket and 12.70 and 12-30 to place and show. Brown Hope paced the mile in 2.06 23 and untitled In front of Direct M. Actio and Willow Brook Smokey in that order. The fastest mile trip on the Brockville Boy Captures Swim KINGSTON 0 Erend Bonen. 18, of Brockville, captured two-mile swim sponsored by the Kingston Recre ation Committee in a time of 34 minutes, 10.1 seconds. Wed nesday. . Second was 13-year-old Pat Gibson, of London, Ont, with time of 45.36.6. while Shaun Davidson, of Brockville, placed third. vv ,. , Miss Gibson led the Junior women's nod while Davidson took . the Junior men's title. .Bonen was the; senior men's . wtnner. - 4 a.., , I PICNIC TABLES CALIFORNIA REDWOOD r !(,' MK' fiat tie TimuM lalaa. CeslaaeleM yzssr sid.50 Red Cdr CAW COD UY1 CHAS3 l W00DR0FFE j HOBBY SHOP i BJCBMOND BOAO 188-471 . -. 111-1(4 Ope Sataraey la 4 . . 1 S9.95 CM CADGE VX71 1S3TCJ Hi 12cck ' I . i - ; ninui bo. '"' ' SIS-ISM ' aFJspyH m a maw uubsbbI auaJnawaV sseaew awwwafceerisrw SrrOVBjST FUEL OIL ,2m Baseilae Id. tt-I7ll , OPKN U..I pm. DAU-V BICYCLES Figure Payoffs I. F. C00DRICH STORE - k- ... DON CAMERON 10-race card was recorded in the sixth race, another pace. Gine Guinea: with Franz Belt- lich in the sulky, won that one In 2.03 25. A number of winners returned bickers 'prices in double figures. Royal McLean topped the win payoffs by returning holders of-$2 tickets J30.40 In the fifth race, a mile trot Racing continues tonight at Rideau Carleton and racing secretary Glenn Gibbons has another attractive 10-race card scheduled. . The ninth race for a purse of $500 ' headlines tonight's card. Big Chief C with E. Norris driving is the early line favorite. Other horsercompet ing are: Windsor C Chief, Canada Bars. Wee La Salle, Edgewood Key, Poplar Cits Uoa, Glendate . Gerry and Wayne Brook. Postime tonight is 8 pjn. Manderley Golf News A couple of holes-in-one were reported at the Manderley Golf Club. Gord Smythe sunk his three-wood, be shot on the 200-yard par three eighth bole. Smythe was waved on to the green by Mrs.' E. MacKenzie and Mrs. Don Walker. Win Kinniard scored the othw ace. His occurred on the 180-yard. third hole where he used a five Iron. Following art the results of matches In both B and C class competitions for the club cham pionships: B Class Frank Hoi-man def. John Law; Glen Walker def. Ken Thompson; Ron Cathro def. Bob. Newton. C das Dr. P. D. McCormack def. Gary Mohr. BUI Hendry def. W. K Brown; AI Best def. Jim Gaunt; Walter Chopowick def. Murray Leaney. ; Journal Want Ads bring quick results. rmmmmammmammmmmmmmmmmwmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ) Si8k.atf-VsaMaaa J 4 tpedalists in : e Bewar aad Water 73 FT. C:: J :LT BaVeJWaVpTaTJI - WwlTJBB f M flaar rererdtaf the aOaat ynumt . ddrtaaa to arfc M. J . ; AH typat ef F0I Ittsat, I 4 CasapUHa Mackaaera nl trsaat aealt- Batl Sat'tk . , aiUMcer-Hy. J . X. M Map I "'' ' : n UM"' '' f . r . 7 . V f I ' ! 1 , ' f i -eatt j -s, v ' I ett. v irjG'.l T.L G?Jl!IT Ii.7.ilcd 123 Catherina St, Ottawa CE-7ie5-7 vW wt.', Oemap ". i'-.'.; V j . .. V ' i' Rideau Carleton fir- Kite. Pace: Attorney General C M, 4 M. I U; tl Ctnef. S.tei Many Oration B . 8.4. TIM. I. IS. Mia 8ett Brook. Bos Lee Abo, rimt't Lum, OUwr Tt ate surte. Blaellai WM, tmnt Mil. Tret: WUtfwoo Bay., . ST; Judys ch, 110. is: Caatoa'a KopefuL IN. Tum. (.IS 1-4 Oaark Cousin, Protector OonlMta, HmUmt Bar, CkMit BUI. M4M in C, atee lUMi TkM tll. Pm: tommy Lady. a io. sea, s oe; iuwi may. . to: Dr. Mlom W. tOordoa). I N. Tim. S.I 1-4. Unci Bm'i ClrL 1MB j johiuton. KM Crtclnr. AI-tendal Vol. Th FhUewphar Im urwa. - Fourth mil, fmc bolt Bn. ,' 4jOO. I M: Spiet Kin. .. 110; Dr. O. CIUf. IS.4. Tlm. i ll rmn Byre, oanniaetoua, Chunk's Dauvary. BilU' Boy, Victory Dtract S. aim aurtad. CralaaUat lll ll. rut Mil. Trot: loyal McLaaa, S 4. S S. 1.10; t-rlaaa Moa. 14, S S: Mlaa Da L Ball. 4 00 Turn, S OS. Tlacy Boa. Inaaira HaBovar. Glory Haaovtr. Noro Hanovor. Vat. law Mctilra te atarw. Sixth Mil, rm: Gin OubM. ao, T Daraa. Tim. IMl Umatd' Abbey. Fill Mea. IHaky Jamie ate atartad. Bu Sapraa was aerate had. , , Baeead Mite. Par: Sir Hal. li lt, MS. 0: Oarmlka. 11.4. 400; Buwa Date. SJ. Time. 10 4-4. Slat-las Pane. Scotch Andy. Rata Dudley. Mr. Water, taste Beather ala stasia. . Bally Deahtel SUSJ. . . Third Mite. Pace: Mabte larate, a. a aa i: "''" Way. a a. f ian Valteyftald, Star. VT Tim, 1 07 -. anaay miob, s, Toon, mam Abe. Adlos Ray. Quoea auader ala terud. ' Fourth Mil. Trot! tTncte WU-Uam, 7 4. 10. 110; Saaftar Bch. 7 00, B 30; Xf Win. .. worn. at a. aeatch Oterr. ray Bey a . Buarter Bd. lrd Clair, viranas Jlmml ala start. .... ,. nlrnnal ail.l. Firth Mite. Paae: Adlos Meat, I N, 1M. S eS: D and M. s ee. 1 ; Th Inaulror. t ee. Tim, t OS 1- peedy Bam. Mater'a Fairy. Tammy Rideau Carleton Entries ENTRIES FOR FRIDAY FIRST Paee, para (ISSt QtmraXLA S Mia Corp. Direct t I t I. Parr S-l e Atte Pick S S 1 I Chandtsr t-s . Teay AaamaUy S S 4 W. Pyk Jr. 4-1 Mr. Brassih 1 A. Daavtr S-S I ' Marsaret Carey .. a S K. Kerr 4-1 T Taauny Lm E . I I I I Wtlllame -l O'Keefe . . S S S M. Beckata4 1S-I Lart PrUte '. . P. Church U-l SKOITD Pare, iraraa Sli . . . . S Malaria Dally 4 4 Stephanaea ' -l 1 4 ClareaceelU Bey . T S I D. Camera ' 4-1 5 Lsshsat lln Ul '4 I f W. IMM'M T Bollpat.C. S' S 4 J.Oram ' S-i S Bobby' Olrl S S M. Coll tea S-I 1 Vet Brrd S I S V. Uitmaa S-l e Duke Day Brook.. 4 4 1 P. Dante S-l Mara MacDaaT .. 4 S D. Behtrlwa l- T1BB "Tit. pan S)i . t Kilts L Ball I I I II arwwart S-l T Baeaaa Peart .... 1 S 4 P. Keen T-S Pans - S 4 4 D. Dufty . -4-1 t Navel Jamie 4 C. Mlvllte ' : S-S Pabrte K. ...... 4 4 W. Pyk -l S Peter Petreat 4 J. rtsrsaala S-l 4 Itastl Panch IS I. Berry 1S1 1 Carella Mike I I ,1 V. WaddeO ' ,1M . FOPRTB Pace, pan SMI CJtmiaXLA 5 Attn Chtet ' 1 T 1 UuVambeta ' S-l S Dandywerthy tit Tureette Jr. f -S S AUea Vale t S I D. Dufty . 4-1 I L Maranl I 4 S R. Ctnfrae -l t Dtract Qussa 4 S t A. St. Amatir V1 C Meaatala Exprem . e S I B. Pauaa -l Job Aady 4 4 4 L. PetUeraw tS-i J. B. Hal ..ri M I F. Damia . S-t .' I If IB Fasa, pan Siset .- I BUhbury Ont S 11 t. WtUtema , S-l 4 Lor Vet . ,-V 1 t I I. Parr 1-1 5 Orattaa Hal O. IS 1 O. Klaoosei 4-1 Barker' Jaaue 4 T N . Curraa . -l 4 Sbawaae , 1 S R. McLaaa -l I Bally ataa 4 S A. Beuraaa S-l I Swan Bene 4 1 R. Sllllpbaat IS-I t Breeay Daa T 1 4 P. Chureb IS-1 SDCTB -Tret. Bona asset Oar Rhaaaod 1 B 4 1. Oram -l Oood Prodact 4. 1-1 R. Johmhpa" f-1 Danay K. Petasa.. a SIP. BsiUKh .- S-l ladteaa State 1 I S B. Huntress S-l Safety Thla Matt., t t t L. Chartraad. -l Even uiow a., rntcaara -i d Dark 1 Jackte MeJClaasap.. I t 4 ITS O. MeMUIaa l-l K. lacker 1-1 SanrajTrwp, ptme sssei QCiimXA I limbs Calat ell Turcotta Jr.- S-l S Suosamte ... a t O. LaRaah S-l Raaarla Tass ..... I T f Btaphaneaa S-S S Caroaatlasi Darky. I Sea. Wllllama. S-l 4 Scrapper Cbial 4 IS C.Coke 4-1 T Carrl La Chief .. 1 IS. P., Daasa . S-l 8 Shirley Break ..." 4 4 1 B. McLaaa 14-1 .1 I B. Rom ...... I I I II. Ameur . 14-1 BtOaTTBV Paea, pan SSMi t Sharoa't Abbe T I S W. Pyaa Jr. T-S Chris Bates -. I V. Urate . 4-1 ! J. """ 4 4 I O.-McMllteB 4-1 5 Atomic Carl . s 1 O. LaJluah S-l ,1 Direct. Duk ,. S 1 I S. WllHam , 4-1 t Irish Ctender ..... S S P. Church fcl 1 DismoM By .. a C. Cake , 8-1 8 Bay Jee C. s S 8 D. Dufty IS-I WSTS Tiet, aajra SIJ441 ' ' ' tedy Bare 4 1 1 r Norrla , S-l I AwT : 1 1 . Lecke 4-1 !. 1 ' " Prltehard 4-1 S Beasl. P Orattaa.. S 4 S O. La Rusk 8-1 I Ateyss Bcett S 1 S C. HI S-l 4 Beeaa Bclwla I I I I. Zcroa 14-1 1 Be- Hanover . 8 ,T S O. KaUsM JS-I Pane t " Bey K. Bcett 118 Naaep Cated C. .. 1ST teeklaeer Jady .. S 1 a Beaer Haaeeer ... T T I BcaeMr Ranald ... 8 8 1 Market Itesjert 4 18 BIU Jcnaatea . 8 I 8 T 1 8 RXACTA I. Werrla 8-1 C. Coke T-S A. McDotKaO 4-1 J. Blaaeneu 4-1 u. jeamstea 4-1 B. LaaelU 4-1 O. Johnaaoa IS-1 B. Saure 18-1 Werthner Wins Two Events , Peter Werthner won two events and was a member of I the winning relay team in the weekly twilight meet sponsor- sored by the Upland Harriers Track and Field Club, Wed nesday. "' rv'-'.i :--.;Vi-;'., t. Werthner wo the 220-yard dash In 24.a seconds with K. Muir placing second and D. Witters third. He also won the Javelin event , Joea Fisher was the winner of the women's 220-yard desk with Donna Martell second. is . Bill Arnold won the two-mde race in t.50.l George PoweU placed second and Glen Mo WUllains third. Members of the winning 4 x 110 yards re lay team included Judy DaUi more. Pet Werthner, George roweu ana Graham Cox. - S-A-L-E 500 U DICYCLES miss y ftaal,tl8M BRT PRITVe Vt T0W1 tBAOa IN TOUB OLD BIBS DYI.ES A Co. 4 W-SI7 Baak St. " tUU MacLaraa atreeta HOME IMPROVEMENT f ; SPECIALISTS t 1848 MT7V Ro4 ; An- iowunq vv' , SHOES ; v m It. 1 M. 10: Adlw Dlrarl less. 4: count Direct. ISO. Tim. 1 OS a-, suica Mtauia. luca uaar, Billay HalUday. riaahy tV, Cbaatw Browa la start. avaalh Mil. Paea: HI Ami AvartU. IS.IC. 11J4. : Jo Daraa. S0, 4 10: Daw Atom. TJ. Tim. 10. Hal Bar. Moaay Bua C . Hal'a Bonk. Xay Harmaay. O Hanry Vol ala atarte. (jaiaallai 141. ZUhth Mil. Pat: Browa Hoea ST. 17. ISO; Dtract It. AMa 1.4. Tim. 10) S-S. Lurky Vie. Kylar Haaovar. Tamburlaln. A. W. La. Danny Bay Snd. Silver Grat ia D.. Mlaa Royal alcana. Victory Law Jr.. Kan Frisco, Duka ot Clainaiont alto aUrtad. V Ninth Mite. Pae: Hurrlrana wiu, a io. l ao. 4 00: Spud Rice. S.S0. 4 40: Scat Bxnraaa. a.o. Tlma S.OT t-s, Juparler PrlnccM. Maathar mraci. nr. laaarw. Ntacia Blu. In Rlcn. Blue Mlat Aniiaraoa. Baa Oay. Maid . OralUn, Sunn M.. also aterlcd, Tanth Mil. Pace: HI Arras Rudy, 170. 1 10. 10: Adah Ithan. S SO, 4 00. Rutty WIU iCaartrand). 4 Tim. I I U. Swaat Royal. tva a wiri. April n.. o Msa Go, Sutcaaa Dudley ala started. . btrlti SI4.S. Richelieu Results rirat Mite. Tret: Tevay In D..I iM. a ao. s.tS: Judr's Parlay. S.H. K. Boear Prince 'klae start ad. Sixth Mile. Pace: Sir Mil. T.S. 84. 84: Pacta way. i a. 0 Bartar Blura. 8.14 Ttaae. 1M Bankroll, Maverick Gratia n. Malady Brook, Uttte Keith ala atart- Beventh Mlla. Tret- BIAAli ti. ; " a-oe. aee: my rnne. 4 30. 8 84: Pick Bona. S T. Time. 10. nnay Kirk. Kilter, Red Top. Early welnellal 11 It. RKntb Mile. Pace- tlmm n. fr. JJ. SOS. 410: President Lee. 8T4. t i Amhna -... 484. Tim. 8 44 1-8. Royal Ronald. Latte Hanover. Neva Scott alee Ninth Mil. Pace: Irish Nspa-te, is SO. S I. 8.48: Adloa Mir. J S" I J0i Tim. J.00, Whlrrsrtnd. Tarport Bop. - awo asnts. 10th Mlla. aca: Ahha An A.. 874. 7 0 t tlh II H b. M S 14; Patch Oa. 8 4. Tlrmv 8 4 S-s' Tim Boo. Saw Direct M . Th -ocarn n. Misty Haras. Bampaon's Pllljr alsa started. Silrer'a Bultet scne. mum, :.. a IL Linescores Atlanta ;rk 44 81 104-8 8 8 Teeent ; 411 48 I. 8 8 Nleaon. Donahue (Si, Bant m and Huadlay; Laws, Btlera Hi and Betaar. WP Leun. I r lllmna HRS Retaer. McKnlht. , j JeHrsaenrUI a4 401 04 I ' 8 " ale . 40 404 Ike IS 18 8 Lemay. Hebbie hi, Datmla (Tl nd Uaakli Aurteraua and Sherry. a Col umbo 44 184 00a 4 11 4 Brubekor. Plaher 14 1. Ttamnar-maa IS) aed SuUleaa: Butter and Price. LP Brubaker. Rccheeter eol ao e I T Blrhmand : o 0 4 ' 8 4 Short snd Pazneatano: t Daley. Cultea m and Selamldt. LP Daley. KB tUtrttt. - ' j Rochester . io 44 4 T 1 Rlchmoaal 80 818 0048 4 McCermick. Vsssnhss la. Orlffla; Hertford and Oibb. WP scvormica. una ourham. Da- GOOD ADVANCE SALE BAASTAD, Sweden (UPI) Sweden's inter-zone Davis Cup t I I I V cS?" VOg ' h Tfce SATKWAV JT a If t- vmmoo$ ' 1 ' Itmaoou t o. tr)bm fo- 1 a I NEY! Cclcnlal Swiss Chabt Lodges For "ntmd-tjnKaleniiar" pteasura la PlirS or Cedar Ranch Plank, as THURSDAY, AUGUST 20. 164 I finals against Australia. Aug. I to an announcement by the 29-31, already has (netted $72.- Swedish Lawa Tennis AuicU-000 in advance ssles, eccordingtion.. v 1 , f can Afford a dB A 51 WajP aW eB7P Wi V-X V- U UVVs' amiat-HBimmmmm.BMBaH8ammBBBB.MMM. f "Tata It from us'. . . Colonial offers such wide variety, there's a model to suit most any budget I We were delighted to find how easily we could finance our cottage through Colonial I" laHSPEGOT THEIR -EXHIBITION SPECIAL "THE GATEWAY" $1664X3 . AIm tVaiUbleio besutiful TaaTaaWP" aflkaT aTaaM T i l i a-apm f ,wT (SB.aVB KB WFFKI " I Villi . Hi Jiipj mMMi 1 1 MI m 18 Jfjl'l1 T---. y f f'"'- a- RANCH PWNK-ffl vtrsabli Knotty Ptih. provides a beautifully panelled interior finish. swtflas ' a more sound-proof, tetter insulated structure, roreoid weather comfort choose Colonial's uctam dwidi- ' Wall" construction with the utra con of fcisulatioa , for added warmth. Other models to rich B.C. Clar. Ranch Plank. -. ,'' . .' PHONE OR WRITE FOR NEW 1964 COTTAGE CATALOGUE.- . 0 as exclusive "Alr-Seasons'' or' a$utl - Wmtarirtd constroction e Fmture-for- lirfl JL-J ! : raaujia, ine ou Mtm niuei on Die marktt Writ for our new bncbura; ADVAKCED PREFABS r U BOYD AVENUE Ottawa 13 . . V- t six oim wsptAt. ;.' LTD. . - ? (at Carfing) '722-6563 OF CANADIAN T10NETR llAr4TaLir. ,njiiNriu . , ; BlsUas-UisU OPEN TIIX TM. EXCEPT SAt. TO 4 PJW. I ZZmT T. (AT THE -EX". BETWKN THE McELROY AND CUrd-WJROMf WraLDWGS) j sjaasasaaaaajaiaasaSL i-'U.'t'X ' .... 1 M ,i t.i ;. . ir-eVrKJ-v- . , , , . . : , ; --77 Phone and Mail Orders ! Invited . . J Big Savings! Ton Oualitv ( '; f 4 a- tf ' 1 28-2611 T oii7ti .IVFoQrTc i '1 -yhihll j lrmrv Merion Grass Seed - .k . f . Reg. ' t 5-55 8 Iba. to 2000 aq. ft Top quality . seed for good front .town. l.s. "V? rW TV f ) j immmmm niw 'iw . .....wai.ias ,i mil m . .i. -,::-V; :-V; ; : Save 20! Green Karpet ; Grass Seed 3.88 S lbs. to 1000 sq. ft . Beautiful looking, bard wearing tuft Contains ' weeping red fescue and Kentucky bluegraas. 1 , ' ' ' Save 20 I Economy Grass Seed 'Reg. a.7t 99 BtfM for paw alar area or to aea th dtp ' property Hi front ef peiir let. Contain aiaap. mt red raseu. Kenrucky. slever ami arrrnuta (wall Outs variety). --. . . :. . uwn Pood o on -1 Oraanle feo cCTidlnoaa a wU a raillll, , Qeetf saera etarur. . . . . . .. , 16w Spreader :i V;'H" CkkM. A amrxtiav mmmAm aa taatv .11 n i f Ii4Pm1 T K Apptiee fertilizer neeUy. , nrj Reg. Ml v... J - '10-6-4 ' Ii " -' . 1 '" Lawn Food . Special Lew frit Reg. 1.7a Special - ; 2-44: 40 lb. to 4000 aq. ft Remtrmianitled for new or established lawns. V '" I v ' ... ... I aeTa-)1 Peat Moss Reg. I 2-66 Ti 4 ft 8teSrotaW ' . condilirmer '. ., V- i f -

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