The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 15, 1918 ツキ Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, March 15, 1918
Page 2
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'".PAGE TWO. THE DAIL7 COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE, PA. FRIDAY, MARCH 15, IfllS. TWO HUNDRED MEN EXAMINED, ITSCOTTDALE All Accepted but '2~ Who are to be Referred to the Uniontown Board. SHIPBUILDERS ANSWER CALL Hearty Response テつォt Kill Town for Appeal for Men tテつサ -U* in This Ptrt oi CoTernjueat ActiTitjr; lonthfnl Butcher CleaTes Stand; Other Sen!. " ' Special to Thテつォ Courier. ' " SCOTTDJLLE, March 15.--Over.200 men from District No. ~ were examined at the Y. M. C. A. yesterday. The three members of tte board, Bテつォrkey Boyd, Colonel "W. B. Howell and Dr. J. Q. Robinson. The physicians who examined the men w*re Drs- l*ati- mer and Sloan of Hennrile , Drs. Li,Trhead"and Robinson of West New- tcoi.-aiiii-.Drs-. Silsley and Waide of Scottdale7" .Th6 .clerks "were A. L. Porter,'C..D.-Etaテつサl6."Beti H. WQliard, XleJcT Tahaer,:3Ijer 'Morris, . Frank Jteain, William Hostetter and Claude Murphy. - Snc'-'transftrK were examined here yesterday- also. Of the number examined alt were accepted by the local board except 27 and thesa -vrere referred to the Medical Advisory Board at Uniontoim and at least a .part..of these:;wiU:-he accepted by the _Jaテつ」disal. -jdvisory^oard when they came before.'tlienr Opraiag. "We will hxve .on display a beautiful shcjjring of pattern hats, Saturday, March 16. Too arc cordially invited to attend. BroTm Millinery Shop, Overholt building, Scottdale, Pa.,-- Adr.--H-ft. Strikes Than* TYifli Clearer. Kay Trout, son of Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Trout, the Pittsburg street butcher, struck the thumb of his left hand with a cleaver and almost severed it. Dr. O. 3. Hess dressed the band, putting tirrw! 1 stitches in it. Men Answer Call. Scottdalc's men have .been called to answer the call of their country to help in the ship building industry. These men registered with William Ferguson.- Machinists and "blacksmiths were "the nテつサn called and for the past few days Mr. Ferguson has. been registering laborers again as well as skilled labor. Sirty in all have been listed. Standard Benrern. Miss Grace Lockard entertained the Standard Bearers at her home here last evening. Following the program and bnsiness meeting, refreshments were served. Xrs. JfarRarct Cox. Mrs. Margaret Cox, aged 72 rears, formerly of Latrobe, died "Wednesday at the home of Mrs. Patrick Collins .in South Bverson. Funeral services trill be held this afternoon at 3 o'clock and interment will be made in the Scottdale cemetery. Missionary Kectfaic. The Home Missionary society of the Methodist Episcopal church met in the church yesterday and decided to go ahead with tlieir prayer service on Good Friday. They decided to send eggs to (he Denconess' Home in Pitts- bTirg on' Easter. It was also decided to send a box of supplies to tie Mc- . W'e have been supplying the people of this section with exclusive suits for the past year, or in other words suits-that -we guarantee to sell one style only. We are showing Special for Easter--Exclusive Suits Priced Special at $39.50 WE ASK YOU TO COMPARE THESE "WITH OTHER SUITS AT $50.00. FAMOUS WAR SPECTACLE COMING TO THE ARCADE THEATRE "Womanhood, T3ie Glory of the Aa tioテつサ," 1VU1 be l rescntテつォl by Cup- tain J. X. Lewis, I". S. Jiarr. Joyce, Harry Storey, Naomi Chllders,' James Morrison, Joseph KUgour, Peg- I j gy Hylaud, Bob. Connelly, Watter Kc- ! Grail, Edward Elfcus. Teraplar Saxc i and thcnisa'iHis of others go to make ; ihis .the mightiest cast ever appear- ' ing in any photoplay, j This prcxlucticn will be presented ! in a manner in keeping wita the other [ offerings of those exhibitors- an or- j At the request of hundreds of pa- 1 ciieitra will interpret tie fuil musical j irons the management of the Arcade i score theatre will play a return engage- "Womanhood, t r Glory Nation BRONCHITIS, BRONCHIAL ASTHMA at that theater nest .Monday, Tues- ] day and "Wednesday, March IS, 13 and ' テつキ 20. The usual popular prices of ad- .Quickest Pain ami Acho Killer mission will prevail 10 and 15 cenテつ」s , Eurth--Zf*ralg!, Backache, at the matinees and 15 and 30 cents , at the evening performance. The pic- i ture will be presented, by Captain J. N. j Lewis, recruiting officer of the U. S.' Navy, Headache do in . Minnies Ble Box for 2.", Cents. The mi nut* yテつォu rnb on \fiwtart for any pnin. a^hi or surenema you'll ! k n o w that all Lhe mlfiory and aflrony ; Womanhood., the Glory of the Na- . hテつォ s started to po. It i.i vory ptnftfr.-vt-j tioB," "which is a sequel to "The Bat- テつキ '"K" テつサfテつォJ won't Mi-sur. | , will ricom- ! E*ntoe :t- HP j iL box ot Lh!fl i do tiic work , tie Cry of Peace" and a direct an- J -*ny J nd svcr to the pacLHst, group and the an- , mend it; praise U-Americaa foreigners in this coun- tr". and which comes trora the peas i of so of ComiootJore J. Stus.ri Blactton, U. Crmn Training- school at Unlontown. jテつ」- N., and Rev. Cyrus Townsend. Brady. This is to be packed at the home of | "was photographed by tbe Greater tMl you that a. 2i wonderful discovery T mi:r A WORD TO ABOUT CLOTHES E XPERIENCE has taught and for every process in its the public to look with suspicion upon clothing which comes from unknown and hidden-origins--particularly with wool growing scarcer--prices going higher --the temptation to cheapen and adulterate becoming stronger and stronger. The clothesmaker who has no reputation at stake--no fixed pledges to bind him-may decide it is more profitable to give way to the pressure than to resist it. An unlobeled garment is an evasion of responsibility. In affixing their label to a garment, on the other hand, the Kirschbaum clothes- rnakers say/'For this garment making, we assume full re- sponsibifity. Upon its ability .to satisfy the wearer we stand or fall" No eye--not even the eye of the expert -- can detect a slight mixture of cotton in an unworn fabric. Nor can it tell from, the surface of the suit whether the inner and unseen details have been well or badly done. Your certain protection, and ours, is a label which identifies the garment as coming from a maker whose name is a guarantee of all-wool, and the excellence of workmanship that belongs with all-wool--the Kirschbaum label. Kirschbaum Clothes in New Spring Styles Priced at $20, $25, $30, $35, $40 HORNER CO. nsim " fjft pleurisy and Mrs. Ida Warmer. Tfee meeting 1 of tliテつォ McKesport district Trill be held in ConntjilsTille on April 11, wtth an afternoon and evening session. The local -delegate is Mrs. Bosworth, and foor of the local ladies were officers In - " " Keithleyir Mrs. Mary Loucks and 5Irs, ift;; district."- MTB." Porter,- Mrs. C. A. Colbprn. " of land on Btre*J- car for $1,100, Sir" robni house iritli nmnin; water in hoテつォw r doe-balf (%) acre' of rroond, 10 rninutftB walk from borough limits, for $2,500. ' , Six' roomed bouse, _ oae-nalt acre lot, "West.Pittsburg street, for"?2,300. Six roomed 'bouse ''1th bath," on Market street^ for '12^00. 'Six roomed house No. 1 condition, four and one-half acres of land, one mile west of Scottdate, for $3,100. -E. F. DeWitt-- Adr.-- 14-3t. Vitagraph company, and テつキ is concede to be the master production of that company, trhi be prcscnied at tfce Arcade ' theater nert Tuesday and "Wednesday. March 18, 39 and 20. TJi* aim ot "Wonoaniiowi" ia the. exaltation ot patriotism, the necessity of preparedness, the compelling power of self sacrifice, especially among the women of America* la these troubled and anxious times. It is cfce reply j "^ ^nlci the Atoerican woman nuikps to thoa* Tfbo TFOUId betray or despoil her 'flag. ^ "Womanbood" is the supreme revelation oテつ」 the- threo noblest passions liheumatic .; u fTテつォ f *テつキ rテつォ joyfully praise U fur thテつォ t*rテつォy It apecdilj- slops ihc wrony and reduces the swollen joints'. t**7'x Murtiirlnfl if* the original mustard plaj-rtvr HiibKtitutfl made of pood. fcテつォnewt, yellow muMtarii--(not cheap substitute)--combined with ot.hcr pain テつキ clootroyors .ind U highly reeommcr,le[i ; i)/ m;vn* pbyalcians to reduce (ho j swrtlllnp nf g-out. I After (ill oUicr ro/nndios havテつォ f.iilcd I thoiirt,ijidテつサ hxve overcome the misery | caused by BOTM, h u r n l n c C^'jt, c^rnn, ] bunions and callouses. IJpre yua-t--vrlne テつキ for chilblntnn ami fmwtwl fpr.i, but be 'テつキ if* Bevy's in rtic yoflow ._ r^erryopolis. THE The new big SclMi prodacdott. in which Constance Hal- .-rcorcs the success of her life. od Is pronounced one of the moat successful debutantes or tbe seaj*on. She Is Hpoilcd to ber iiean's cxinlent and ittsists on her own way, wlfj the royal arrogance of a young qutea. Left mucla to ner OWTI dericw by a father and motncr too busy to inquire into bnr ways, she has only the adoring Mrs. Keane, b*r chaperone to guhle her. Mrs. Keane is a charming English woman, too foolihiiij- fond of a woman. Cor her country. IaU' The cast of other big gpectaples ot s - S- 5trickier of this sort do not compare with that of 1 W-ednes/lay with town Iriends. 'TVomialiopd." Ths samet*, Alice -**"*. Fred Baker was a Conn*Us- vi]lo shopper W-cdnesday, The W. C. T. U, mot at the home of MTK. Rebecca Piorsol Wednesday af- lernoan. Fifteen meavhers were res~ cut. Buy a package or Grape-Nuts テつキ llc Wetoesdajr. ; COEDIO Hamilton's fascinating novel ot ante ot socitr and shows how one oungstown, sport the -time nam*. and Is filled with I sraall lie may beget a thousand. Tho abusing complicatlonB and tense ac- j role ot Beatrix Vandcrdyke, gives Miss tioa. BcatrU Vanderdyko, ehiM oj rich parenLs among the soclsUy eicct- Nursing the T^O, \vrTM 0 テつキ n-^ テつキ -,*, テつキ i ^ tniccs strength and conraco to uurso The Woman a Foreign Missionary ^ WD u n i.d. *" Ereir *omu should i.ndcl.y..of tbe il. E. church will hold', maie h rrs c5 fit for 4r' B call at homo n Thaukoftoring sorv-icc in lie ciiurcb I or obrond. llo-i)tji and strength aro parlors Saturday afternoon. A mis- within tho roach of 95017 woman. They to you by Dr. Tierce 'i Fav- piion. Tako this jnixlicine, a ?afe and certain remedy ] slonary of India will apeak and Mrs.'. aTC テつキ \. \V. Stricitol ot Scottdale will be an | * ri * 8 j honored guest. A 3011 has arrived at the home or Mr. and Mrs. Harry Xxentaaugb. Dr. Kamerer has been serving on j orata evetj Talinaiige a most unusual opportunity to shovr her talents. A selected comedy ia Included. The proiuction will alテつォo -be shown tomorrov. Monday Kffie Shinnon will bfl f^aturod in "Her Soy." o. five part Metro attraction of ursusual interest Mae Marsfc nnd Tom Moore win be seaen soon in "The Cind-creHa. Man, a Goldwyn at- Pure Chevying Gum for tbo chronic wea^nDases, dcrangft- ments, and Aixxaes jwcnlinr to tbo sex. !lt rrill build np, fltrffnffth*n, and mrig- SOISSON' TITRATRF. . . ,,, rjfl-dffsn]" or.delicato vo- the exairaning hoart at Brownsville i man. It regxlatra and aasiits tho nat- ihe past- three days. . | nra! fimotiono. Mrs. Writh. Hienbaugh of Delaware i ^ f yon'ro a tirod or Efflieted woman is visiting relatives and Wends ot I ''H? *テつー "^"o^o Pressription,'' you; "The Minister's テつサ i wut find it nerer fails to benefit. Sold m play is a hajpy c The stock company at the Soipson theatre is presenting for tbe last two ! tablet or liquid form. Send Dr. Pierce, j Pros. InwOids' Hotel, Buffalo, N. T., lOo Dawson. i l o r ifiai P k ^ ^e**A PROMINENT NURSE iX, March 15.--Nelson Walsh MANY NURSES 1N.PA. SAY THE SAME and get acquainted with its real economy. Needs no sogar Saves milK Needs no cooking Saves waste Delightful, flavory wheat and barley nourishment, eatable to the last crumb.. who has been the guest ot friends, here the past tevr days has returned to his work at "Wbodlawu. Lester Sliallenberger of Owensdale was a Dawson caller Thursday. Thursday was pay day.on tho Tough j division oC the Pitlsborg . Lake Erie. Mrs. J. L. Thomas was a Connells- vjlle "Wednesday. .. Burgess-L. S. Mellingp'r was a Pittsburg business caller Thursday. : Frank Van Horn was v'.ile'.caller Thursday. ireek a hill which is pror- ing to toe a bis farorite with tile patrons of that popular playhouse, Sweetheart." This combination of good heart interest and stnmg comedy. The part ot tho minister, which is taken by Mr. layo, affords this able young actor great opportunities, and Miss Powell and all the members of PA.--"Wlncn. I get テつサ : the company appear in good coW and hare pains through my luags, I j Percy Kilbride is very funny as a. resort to Dr. Pieree's Goldon Ifodical Diテつサr 1 country boy. co^ery, which I carraofc praise onongh. heart" is s'ur "As for the favorite Proscription' * "The Minister's Sweet- please all who n-hicn he get when, he runs into the THE OEPHEITI, audience after a policeman. Mr. i Gram is more of a student ot negro! "BOB'S BURG'LAK". -- Wins, character than the average blackface [:Marguerite Clark is now not recommend it. テつキ comedian, and his maantrtons are, one of the most talked-ol itor'e- .テつサテつサTMテつォ. u :y ..,.i, uu so fortunatfl as !o s?0 il - T " ni Kit- the | true 10 type. His ability to express ; the year--"Bab's Burglar" which, o They all say they ( o l d favorite ^"country store' is sure ; amaiemeni, dejection, and despair a r e ' inaliy appeared in the Saturday , to attract a large attendance. Thn company announces special at- would not do without it. "As for Dr. Pierce's latest modieino --tho 'Anuric,' my kidneys and back j fractions for next week. Monday, Tue.sehiy and "Wednesday, the famous were so bad that I had to torn down several casca. After taking s. trial package, I got a bottle of the Annric Tablets, Mrs. Henrietta Luckey and datigh- tfe, Mrs. W. A. Wood, were guests of friends in Uniontowr. Thursday.. A. Emerson was a business caller in' Uniontowa this morning. Miss Anna For. is visiting Mrs. A. B. Murpiij- of Pittsburg for the next two weeks. Connells- double' strength, and the relief was wonderful. I am relieved of the back- acho and the excretion is healthy looking-. I am feeling fine. "As for the 'Pleasant Pellets' when I feel dizar/ and drowsy and got tho blues, I go for the 'Pellets' and in 24- hours T am feeling fine. They are the best cure for liver trouble and indt{restioii. ' 'I could' go on with praise of Dr. i Pierce ; s. valuable remedies, bnt space comedy drama. "Pretty .Mias Nobody," and for the latter part of the week a riotous comedy, the FYehcti cocktail, entitled "Mam'zelle." THE ARCADE. "S1LJ3ST .rack Grant remarkable. He will be seen today' ; ing Past and which was wri'itoa and tomorrow in a domestic comedy, i Mary .Roberts Rinehan. Tho s? entitled "The Silent Voroau." The was followed by thousand.-) or res: who will ret a perlcoi "ly sun; 'I'jr. a Real Kind Jianvma", by i for "Bab," youngej- sis".er of an Miss -McKenna; "Thai Jazz Dacce," tractive giri of twenty-four, and p song numbers will include "Down in all over the country Macon,. Georgia." uiig by Bobbie N e l - t i i z c ia Miss Clark Mr. Fleming; speciality hy (he Richmonds; "Woodsman Spare That Tree," Jaテつォk Gram. The picture will be William S. Han in "Kvery Inch ot a more romantic than the aver boarding-school giri. Bnb's effort: niarry off her older sinter are cre ingly funny and her experiences Man". On next Monday, Tuesday and! her thousand dollar allowance wl ffho is tbe principa! fimmaker with j Wednesday. "Womanhood, The Glory tho company playing at the Arcade this weak, seems -to get funnier al Hunting Borjruins 1 . , i will rot permit. If anyone calls on me j cn'ery performance, ' night he ,'T can tell it better than I can write. " j kopt a big. audience ia an uproar tor of tbe Nation." will be presented at the Arcade by Captain S. H. Lewis. The other three days will be illled by Coleman's Tip Top Merry ' Ton will 2nd them ia our ad. columns. I -^ s ' LOUISA BADUGAKB, 2870 Sopviva St ten minntes-with a Jittle bit of comedy TTBO ar now Dlaying 3hoe. she spends M two weeks, still Uirector J. Scarle pawlej-, who directed many ot .Miss Clark's big! productions, was also responsible 'テつキBali's Burglar", which will be sh at tie OrDheum theater today

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