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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Friday, March 15, 1918
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PRl ConneHsviHe's Biggest and Best Newspaper. Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week, 6,503 YOU 16, NO. 106. CONNELJLSVTT .T,K, PA^ FRIDAY EVENING, MARCH 15, 1918. TEN PAGES. ILL RUSSIAN CONGRESS, IN SESSION AT.MOSCOW, BOWS TO THE WILL OF THE GERMANS ?eace Pact Drawn Dp at Breet-lltovak is Ratified by the Soviets by an Overwhelming Vote and the Way U Opened Thereby for Intervention in Siberia; British Parliament Entering Into Debate on Giving Japan Free · Hand in tlte Far East. RUSSIANS NOW SEEK PEACE WITH UKRAINE , "By Asmociated Press. PETROGRAD, March 15.--The all-Russian Congress of oviets, meeting at Moscow, today .by a vote of 453 to 30 decided 3 ratify the peace treaty with the Central Powers. M. Ryazonov, a prominent Bolsheviki theorist and represen- Uive of all the professional unions, resigned from the Bolshe- iki party after the vote. The action of the all-Russian Congress of Soviets in accept- ig 'he German peace clears the way for announcement of allied itentions as regards Japanese intervention in Siberia and gives errnany vast opportunity for political and economic penetra- cm of the former Russian empire. · . . The decision of the congress is the culmination of the peace ,eps begun by the Bolsheviki government last December. Blue 1* Bettered tn H»TC Started From Fnnuee; Tlrranan Compelled to J'»T Quarter of WJe of Hose to Bcaca UK Scene; Hones all Ken-. LONDON, March 15.--A Reuters dis- itch filed yesterday at Petrograd ys t h a t the Bolsheviki majority at f .Voscow conference decided by a ·te of 453 to 30 to support the peaco e.ltj. The foregoing dispatch indi- .tes that only the Bolsheviki dele- .tes to the- Moscow conference were presented in the vote taken in wha; ay have been a majority caucus. R1T1SH STAGE IS SET FOR BIG BENEFIT TONIGHT AT SOUTH CONNELLSVELE of Fbuiuir and Kntertainment to be Given to tie Local Ked Cross Chapter. TTB VTES "^" indications pointed towards a VifintlVf SITUATION'' b ' s success for the Red Cross enter - j tainment and bazaar that is being LONDON. March 15.--Debate on the, gj ren at tho ^ mb ConnellsviHc high tescion of Japanese intervention i:: scoool tonight .bj- Uie women of that liera in tbe Holts* of Commons top , aco Members ot the Connellsville y brought from Foreign Secretary Chapter of toe Red Cross are on the ilfoir the declaration that German. di(tor;ilt comm iu ees -m,j a 'splendid DYNAMITE USED i TO CHECK FLAMES NEARUNIONTOWN RECEIVERS NAMED FOR THE · U. S. ELECTRIC STEEL; PLANS UNDER WAY FOR REOPENING SOLDIERS TO BE Fire Dwelling Honscs Destroyed tn Blaze in South Union Township. At a hearing in (JniontOTm morning before Attorney G« Carroll, referee in bankruptcy, F. JE. reprcsentii the creditors; Gads by tb« West 1*01111 Power company, and ttr. flTarkeU the stocfchtHders. ROCK HITS TRAIN SEVERAL INJURED MarfceU of Connellaville and A. C. Mi. Gadsby arrived in tlic -.ity OUR Ellis ami Georpa I,, findsby of Pitta- 'morning. Mr. Kills will be here today I Carnegie Librarian Heart of; LOSS REACHES $25,000 borg irere named receivers for tbe United States Electric Steel c«; irhicli wac thrown hito i banknrptcj by action of ccrtein oro^- Itorn In Pitfcrtmrjr Wednesday. Kr. ETIfa. who in serTT»tarY of tbp Credit UfonV f Fire bettered to have started from a furnacs in tbe basement of the homo of George Steinbelser in South Uniontown this morning aboat 2:30 o'clock resulted in the destruction .of five frame dwelling bouses entaiHng a IOEB of 125,000. By the use of dynamite Uve firemen prevented further spread of tbe conflagration. Two houses razed by explosive were consumed. Mrs. Steinfceiser was alone in bis home. Mrs. Steinhedser being in Pitts- «rrg recuperating after an operation. Tbe head of the bouse came down stairs about 2:30 o'clock to find flames shooting through the parlor floor in the vicinity of the furnace. He attempted unsucessfully to put out the blaze with water from the sink. The fire poon communicated to. the homo of George W. Miller adjoining. Flremen were complied to. lay hose a dismnce of nearly a quarter of a mite to roach the norne Trnich is outside the city limits, in South Union towru^hip. An hour after the fire started it was fonnd advisable to blow up the homes of D. W. Williams and Edwin Schimpf. Tbo fire was filially brought under control after it had d«- slroped the borne of A. E. Miller. All the bouses are located in l-ach Lomond street. Those occupied Movement t.o Provide Reading: Matter i Boulder Weighing 20 i nn TIT i r-n | Tons Wrecks Flyer and- tomorrovr the three men will! make an Inventory of the phmt I f^ oltr StTof^isDB-SMTlONS ARE NAMED! Near Harrisburg pJant, If this is iwocptable it Is ra- pected the company will resume within 1*0 days. BOYS AT CAMP LEE HAVE NO DOUBT ABOUT SEEING OVERSEAS SERVICE SOON Coitions WJI he SUd* Dally, Be-jSTEE CARS PROVE WORTH Binning Monday Moraine; rersons · _ ITUIInB la Makf 1 Donations Are Ask- j w .,, -.,. . ,, . _ . 1 -,. , · ,, c( a With wooden Coaches Loss of ed to Report Them at Uir Stations. ., Life Would Haye Been 80th Division TfUl leare Soon »« Filled, Says Commander. As i NO GUESSING THE DATE TTjere is apparently no doubt In the minds of the hoys at Camp Lee but that thfi ROth Division of the National Army will very shortly be on its way tn overseas duty, and there arc many reasons for thai, b o l f p f . H. K. Kc[-j DRAFT BOARD NO. 2 WILL SEND SK MEN Bestnning witii next Monday morning book week for the soldiers and . Bailors win be conducted all over the] United States u n d e r the direr.rion of the American-Library Association "War Service committee. . The Carnegie I Free library ^i'l ho at the head of the j campaign in ConnensvUIe. Sub-sta- i tions will be cstsblisftprl at the _ n .»-,»» m ,, r-,«.. nn ._ «. m ! "Wrigrht-Metzler company store, Ko- TO TEXAS TOMORROW: Ackers' stor,. Keagy's drug store. . Connellsville Drug store. McT.reary ; Motor company, the Connellsville gar- Local YcrattH- Will Leave on Baltimore age and tho Hyatt Motor company. Very HeaTJ". rn?T T\i7«-n GIBL DEAD Ohio Train A'o. 5 at 7JO Q'cJock. Persons having books to contribute may take them to the library or any j of the sub-stations named. . By -call: Ing Uie library. Bell phone No. 1055, Father fs in Hospital "fflfh Injuries; Accident Happftned at Early Honr This Morning in Cut Seventeen 3DJes East of the State Capital. By Associated Prass. . · HARKTSBURG. March 15.-- The nic- cinnati Indianapolis eipress on the PennsyJvanJa railroad, dne in Har- riBbnrg at 1.25 A. M. from Philadelphia. WOE struck by boulders while Sir men of District o. 2 will leave ! o r tomorrow night for San AJI 1 mo. Tf Tri-Stato No! .100 collectors will be I Passing through tie cut. near Bliza- Ipert, a Connellsville boy. who was a j w h o r e lh * «'" F into training, five Steinheiser. George Miller, Williams and Schimpf were owned br | member of the iast conUngont of draf- tcea sent from this socLion. has s e n t | The Courier a copy of .;'Tl} e Bayonet," i j t h e official newspaper of the 80th Di-. jrision containing an official intervieft- t with General Cronkhitc, oomraanding j the divifiaon. ta which the general is quoted as saying: j "The division .has been designated fnr foreign service and wilt leave as soon as the division is filled and tho men prepared. "We must first re- j sent after (he boofes. _ M J J J _ ^ | Rach afternoon from 4 to 5 o'clock, wrri Wto^h'inlstL and onc"aTa'tele- a"*"TM 01 '"" tlrivcn h " Miss Mar SJ ret grapher. The men w i l l leave here on i D" 11 . TM ss "^'J' 11 Collnra and the Con train No. 5- over lh-. Baltimore Ohio ! ndlsvi'.le Laundry truck, each accom- railroad and will be transferred a t ! I»ni«I ^ tw ° ^^ SCOUUi - w {" collect Pittatmrg to a special lor San Antonio, j boois. The ram, are Harry F, Fletcher. Ro- j .Thte_ is * campaign .1.°^^* | tured clavicle and abrasions. betbtown. 37 mUes east of here at 1 o'clock this morning, the rock wrecking two sleeping cars and causing the deaths of at least two women. Among the injured are: Walter Croft, 224 Camp avenue, Braddock, cut in head. H. H. Steinmetz, Dover. N. J., trac- bort H. Hays, Orlando Stirpa. all of ; virtually everyone can ConneJlBTille and Clarence Reckur, of i The P oal ls 2.000.000 books. Tbnre in 34 large training ' sU 8 nt ""'.s. Lewis Herchberger, Ford Citjr, Owmsdale, -who will go in the ma-1 are libraries ·\y. j camps and at. o*ch they need from j 110,000 to 40.000 books. :netration iu Russia must be com-' program has been arranged - . .aed. The allied point of view wa.i \ The ba2aar Md entertainment is '.he ! * Owon K at ihey should help Russia in pro-. firsl real c£fort on t h e part of g^y, j new. cting Siberia against Germany, ai- Connellsville to do its part in the Red i Nlx much ough he did nor think that Germans Cross v ' oA and ,. veryone ori Lno com . homes. mid send an army Co Vladivostok. Dittoes have been bending every ef- s ssid he had absolute faith in J a p - . f o r t towards inaking the affair a suc- ,'s 'oyalty in carrying out any de-! cess . A j arg p attendance from Con- sion reached by her allies. | neHBville is expected al the high " - - I school. E - Stentz. Tne flfth was the. property A11 wcre Practically At 300 smaller for located H-tign Soles. Turtle Creek, Pa., chlnists' regimem and Calvin Berkley of this city who has enL . as a telegrapher. Berkley has been i t r a i n i n g camps there is needed from ,-,.» an .H.mtnn*, in n.w t ooo' ^P'^d to the Pennsylvania rail-j a few hundred to several thousand | s"e?t cuts_about face, ccive an aduitionaj io,uuu men, 3 OtKJ; , . ' . ^ r . r ,\ rn rant*-f*\ PnrtViinp- apkn of whom wiU come from the Depot | "^^°^^_ . te JL». °»"?? r .J ' Zf? i ±n" ^^ P " Brigade, Blight cuts. Israel Lebenger, Youngsto\rn, Ohio. . Charles Palmer, 478 High street, In this interview General Croak- was saved from tho hite po liiJ«d out that a trip to Europe I'SSIA SKKIiS I*EAClj addition to the bazaar, selections given by a band and orchestra. n 1TH THE UJKRAljr... H l i l °c siven :y a oana aua orcnesira, AMSTERDAM. March 15.~Thc j D ^ U ^ r ^""^J: 118 wU1 . be SUns . and eni:i? of peace negotiations al Kiev · f ' " ' ana ' * i n ^ s ,,' W lj. C ^ lvea tween Russia an!'Ukraine is re- ?« ^J*TMTM?-?'*^'?*TM; we rter .....-in a Vienna dispatch to tfif ; ? ° r * l **? sch «l. »'«' S»e one .sslcbe Zeitung of Berlin. The ', ot ^readings. The procram will be- racia. the dispatch th ihe Central Powers. .I'OtT KECOMES OFFICIAL KfSS gin about 7:-15 o'clock. During tie ! ! entertain men t Bela B. Smith will give a four-minute tali. | The idea of the bazaar and enter| tainment is a. novel one and was conj ceived by Mrs. Charles Cars/n. who r« i heads the affair. The proceeds of the One more man will be picked by the -i draft h6ard to IciLve toTnorrovr nighv Morgantown, W. Va., cut on legs. Tie body of one of the victims and Bt one time worked for th-e West; 10^-000 hooka for his men crn Union in thin city. somewhere in France. He bas set' "? ooay or one of the wcums was aside 50 Lons of cargo for the books, j identified as that of Miss Una Esther Amons the hooks which men enjoy! Palmer of Morgan town. W. Va., whoso SHOOTING ACCIDENTAL , , . . . , -i uiii. ni^u^u uj ivjwe ioTnurn.iYr niCDi. £vin«nti ».·"*; ,.w*.~ · · ~ -- rf -- , these day, IB not a joyride. He caa-| b a t th applications reading are adventure, biographies, father Charles Palmer, LS on tbe in- t,nn*A the. TMn^K«^ n r h, D ~ n TMM**« n A , i i v u v . ^ jured list and in the Han-isburg hos- pital. When brought here early 10- day Mr. Palmer asked for his daugb- tioncd, the members of his command | ! his name. Riltinj; is Admitted in the Trial *»f Bnrao '2ffancus« Today, At the trial or Bruno Mancuao of Uiis city, charged with the ir.urdcr of his uncle, Saute Pizzememo, tliis morning in Uniontown. County Detec- · against communicating; any word to! ' t h e outside that would uselessly a n d j unnecessarily endanger their ' o w n i I lives'anil the" lives ot their brother I -JmOUK* DABR IS H03TE I soldiers. | 05 A TE.V DAT "There is no prohibition," he said,' James A. Darr. a member J i n the board has not yet acuouncc-d ' travel, history, poetry books, I military manuals, up-to-date technical ! books, the lattrr three being in great of demand. Onr men who are in train- ^ and search revealed that she bad I ing camps and overseas mnst have. icn killed. i these books. They want them for Miss Vera Ravenscrolt of Pittsbitrg "ou personal correspondenco now, j noth regiment hospital corpK, u n t i l t h e ; spending a ten day furlough at t h e ' j be v are eager to read, and books must nor is there likely to troops are moved to a port of em- j home of Ills parent-. Mr. and Mrs. J.; bo provided tive John J. Smith testified that Man- ; "jarkation. Then letters may be|S. Dtsxr on South Pittsbtirg street. the their leisure hours, for recreation and study. Experience has proved that is Tuesday. March 12.-- j entertainment will go to the Connells- ' p r i n t s about a telegraph pole and the ' -- " - -* -«· »*-- ·"-j /·· ! chick'jn coop, near where Pizzemcnto j was murdered. Tory Pololz, book' keeper at the county jail, stated that VF^SFIS f f l l l i n F iMancuso told him he lulled Plzze- V^afiW tULLiyL . m e n t o but it was an acddeaL The cuso told him be shot Pizzemento, bnt · written, censored and held until word; Darr left hore last August when tbe it was an accident, and that he.threw . ^ cabled back that the troops have! 110th, then tbe Tenth was called out. the revolver into th« river. ; been safely landed, when the letters | lie has been iu training in Camp Hani will be forwarded to tbe proper ad-! cock, since then. Darr will return to ] dresses. No one knows the date ot i ca^np nert Wednesday. i our departure from here, hul should -- Pizzemento was murdered, followins j repO rts of a date gain circulation and T R A VSFPRRPD FTEflH S I T the shooting, and found several foot- : be related in )etters wmc , t w n l l d ; l l t - v - a I ' K1US1 " ufl ftA:1 Officer D. H. Turner, tho neit witness, said that he inapocUd the grounds about the preoaisf« where iscow ha. again become the official ' TiHc chapter of the Red Cross. ;ita! of Russia. H was Peter the eat who moved the seat of govem- ?ra:. from [oscow to Peirograd, his me city which he founded add af- Edward Tipping of t h e West Side, years the government has been Continued Twenty-six Persons Are .Wissinp; After .case will likely go ta the jury this I afternoon. BAPTIST LAYMEN HERE msforred by its present head, Nic- j Mislmp Off Ireland. lai henine. back to tie historic cap-., By Associated Press. .1 in tbe boart of Russia. | LONDON, .\Iarch_ 15.--Twenty-six boa-Ice and virtually all tbe govern- j persons are missing in consequence ·nta! commissioners except Leon : of a collision between a naval vessel I , _ . . » , , ~ otzky arrived here tonight and of- | and the British steamship Rathmore.! 'mP»TM"'^:'' ' B ' e ^ |nc '' ially opened the .various ministrys j There were 610 passengers o n ! terestjOl lilj? HIM. fay preparatory to the sessions o f ; board. The collision occurred i n ! At "" impbrtarii. meeting of laymen -Russian Congress on March 14. · mid-cbannel. The Ra'-hmore, badly of the buildings in the ancient, damaged, was towed to Dublin. ; probably be necessary to establish a j censorship in Camp Lee. To avoid i , . , , I the Possibility of this. *s well as m j w h o l e f l berc WTWal j prevent foolish risk of dangrr to! | themselves, soldiers are cautioned against attempting to fix uy dato of departure in any correspondence they (Continued on Pa^e Two.) A.VTONIO TO 'T. OMA.HA weeks ago n Pag-o T tvo. ,, ,, . T Held In In- iia. tbe leading hotels and other j gs were requisitioned to accom- ; 4int- the government officials. The aorr iiiato employes have been in »cess of transfer for w^eks as have » g-ivernaieat archives, but to-day · ii:t ann'vei-sary o' the Kusian H E T 3 Y A L TOX10RT. Final Service of Tl'eok !n I". Ft. Church i to h- Helil. of Baptist Churches of this section held last evoiiing in the First Baptist church a campaign DOW being conducted by the Baptists of tho northern states Tvas discussed and plans formulated for carrying on the cani- ! pign in this district. The Baptist la-men of the country SLIGHT FIRE Each library in the big camps accommodates from 175 to 250 readers was fatally injured, dying on a relief train. Conductor ~E. B. Edwards (if this city was probably fatally injured. It is estimated that 300 tons of earth and rock fell into the cut strik- ARRESTED ON SUSPICION Thrpe Youths and Negro Pri«c Fighter Locked Cp Orer Night. Tbre-e white youths an-d a young ! Fire Truck Almost Collides IVfth Sin- j Clair*s ^Voiron on IVay to Ilis I Home. i The fire dtrpartmtint ciid two "fas-ors"' for Daniel Sinclair today. A fire, catching from a hot watea- boiler and a half million hooks are still r e - l TM E two Pulhnan cars in the middle quired to meet Uie actual needs of the nton in tbe 34 large camps. Another half million are needed immediately for military forts, posts and small camps; for the navai stations and vessels: for marine cfirp? training stations and barracks. For every man in ihft Borvioo there ought to be a bonk in service. That means at least 1.000.000 more books at once. You can pass on to men- in khaki the books you have enjoyed but will not read again. You can give them some of the books you like best, they will lite them, too. is CHAMPION PITTER Mrs. EliznirtJi Cimmons of Isabella Koacls Holds Record Hert. Eliiabett Cimtaons.or Isabella The final service of the week in tbe ' bave undertaken to raise $1,000,000 to o:u'ion. marks the actual transfer J t'nited Brethren revival will ho held;'be devoted to the various missionary, ihf new government and is being (this evening with. Rev. W . - A . Knapp , religious, educational and patriotic ebr:.:cd 35 a national holiday. I of Greensburg as the speaker. There i enterprises of the denomination. Of · | will bo no service tomorrow night j this amount about $150.6\Q will be de- hut they will be resumed on Sunday. . voted to work directVy among the sol- No announcement has been made · diers in the various cantonments. The as to next \veeU. ! -campaign closes March 31. negro were locked up lasl night'by D. ; - OD onc sidc ° c che bo ^« ai \ls way N. Hallo, a Baltimore Ohio police- Uh-rougJi the wall to the second floor, j man, charged with trespassing and be- | "^ere u ^a* extinguished by ;he de- j roao^ \s the champion kcitier of the : ing suspicions. The whi:* suspects j ParLmem v;ith use of the big hose and j Connellaville Chapter of the Red ! gave their names as Jamas and Bci- i cemicals. (Cross. From August 1, 1917, to March 1 ward Lermer and Charles D«m o f ! In making the r u n to ihe lire the 1. of this year.. Mrs. Cimmons has ; Union town and the negro as Thomas ' truck, narrowly avoided col H ding with knitted 159 separate piw^-s. I this morning was SRntenced t^ 24 . Sinclair's delivery wagon on North The record is .not onry the high | this morning were sentence to 24 ' PItisburg street in front of t h e Sec- ! water mark iu this chapter but is also I hours but later wore released after ; ond National bank. Three automo- I believed to bo the record for any :CIVN i 2* BOCIIK MACHINES, j X3NDON, .March 15.--There w a s ; ·ia! tishiics on the we;s:ern f r o n t ! .-diHMiay bctivcen large groups of tisb and German machines. British ;n-i arcoun'ad for 21 of tbe enemy. ? f'i~iri;t! statement on aviation add:-, '. fi c £Jr:iif!v m.-u.-iiinc,-; are mbsiug. TCH SHU'S MIK FOR TIJA.VSPOKTATIOX. HTXCTON. March 15.-Thc tons of Dutch ships about to :n over by the l-nited States eat Britain hy requisition if the aiids government voluntarily : agree to uirn them over TCIJI .1 chiefly. offiriaU said today, transportation of foodstuffs. ir from tbe Argentine and -om the United States will be ncipal comruoditips moved by pp. many of which have lain :le the allied peoples have.been 'n war rations. The shortage at. particularly, has been a of an.tiety. OS meats there is nee and exports from this he doubled as soon as tjbe T? readv. "1 HAD MY ORDERS," REPLY OF A GERMAN RAIDER WHOSE BOMBS KILL WOMEN AND BABES heing quizzed by tbe railroad detec-i biles tined one side of the street and ! community in the district, Mrs. Cim- tives. ! Sinclair's grocery wagoc. Blood on the j mous. who was severely hurt in The negro said he wa£ a boxer and 1 other. Tbe noise of tho truck caused j faJl on the ice several months ago- vb* youths were promoters and $·(?-|U\e hose to "shy" out ioio the raiddle [ devot«s all her onds. IDach had a ticket for Cumberland, Aid.- where they said they expected to arrange for several bouts. They were told to leave the cliy oil the next east bound train. of the train. Railroad officials say the steel cars prevented a heavy loss of life. H is estimated that one of the rocks weighed 20 tons and will have to he dynamited to remove it from the roadbed. The two sleeping cars were thrown across four tracks and if they had been of the old wooden type would have been broken to pieces. Practically all of tie injured who required hospital attention -were in the wrecked coaches. A detail of soldiers from the aviation storehouse at Middletown was hurried to the wreck in tracks to render assistance to the injured. WANT DOSAHOMS Business Hen of City Astod to Help Dctray Erpcnse of Farmers' Dinner Plans abont completed for .the dinner to be given the farmers of ihe community by tbe citizens oE tnis city nezt Friday, -when cards were mailed out to business men of tbe city today asking them TO donate towards defraying the expenses of the banqneu A committee will collect the dona- a | tions on Monday. The banquet, the committee V ; \j? line I,i!~ I r,r .her' Vhe n r r :··? a n CROSS TJLiyKKD BT KI5G. -0nxN, March 25.--King George t irrtay for Henry P. Davison, ·-Ti.-ni of the American Red Cross r r r u n f i l u-ho arrived In England s -v 'lays ago and thanked him for coitribjJtion of Jl.000,000 made ' n i i . - by the American to the Brit- K f t ' (.'ross. Mr. Uavfson was a it u* Uie I'riale of Wales it lunch- By .\?-;ueiated Prcr.^. PARIS, March 15.-- Captain Scboeb- ler of Munich, who was aboard the bombing Gotha brought down at Es- sones in the department of Seine- Et-Oise on Monday night, met a dra- "matic end. His two companions were burned to death but the captain managed to extricate himself from. the blazing machine and to run away from It. A French soldier saw him and . rolled him on the ground to extinguish his burning clothing. General D , commanding the line of communication, was passing . in an automobile and took the cap! tain to a hospital where his condition ! was found to be hopeless. Although Buffering severely from burns on all :; parts of We body Captain ScboeWer ; showed extraordinary self-command j m answering (luefitions of: Genoral "You had a mission to perform. Had you accomplished it or were you : about to do ?oT' asked tbe general. ] "T had already accomplished it, : General." ' "You went tn Paris?" j "Yes. General." j "Bar. wretch, yon hsve killed 1 women and children," cried the gen- ertl- ' "I had my orders," was (.he reply. Captain SchocMer died of his in- i discovered ; juries during the morning. Police Fivnl WilsSpy. police have in their possession 11 pints of blenrffi whiskey wbich i tjioy blievp n'as stolon some wh pro in j th-e city. The whtsfrey iras hiriden in I an A-rch Kir cot building where ii was the oQicen-. tC the or the street completely b l o c k i n g , i f . Henry, driving the t r u c k , j/iade a quiet stop to avoid Uie collision. *s all her time to kniiiing for the i ^^^ wishes to be plainly under- uross. Not only doas she turn stnod is not ~given by any association Red C · in many articles, but her work is of i the highest standard. j LAST SPAN OF DICKERSON RUN-DAWSON BRIDGE RAISED AND THE STRUCTURE IS IN USE The upan was raised 2d feel and P I L O T E A S E D : 'o Evidence »f RJs CnlpsibiWy in Tln.i- iffljc Horror, Court Holds. By Associated Prrss. . HALIFAX, N. S.. March In.-- The charge of mansiaughtrr agaiop.i, Francis Alackay. ^ho pilotfd the French munitions ship Monte Blanc at. the. time of her collision here irith. the · Belglsm Relief ship Imo vras dismissed today bj r Judge Russell. The court held there seemed to be no evidence upon which an unbiased tribunal crmiri hold Mackay criminally culpable. , Under the ruling ih pilot was dls- j charged from custody. Lt «^ The last span of Uie Dawson-. . .^ .,.,.... ,,,,., .,,««- -« own-fir is not locatnd h probablo Dickersou Ittui bridge was raised on : inches iu height, .its tola] weight be given to the two hospitals in the j Y.'ctmebday morning and traffic is now was 'JO tons. The hoisting ongma I city. ! open over the bridge, which e l i m i n a t e s which did the work is a lato model | given of merchants or professional men. but is for the purpose of bringing all thQ residents of the city and the fanners together in closer harmony. At the meeting no collection is to he taken for the purpose of defraying any exposes. Cards cannot be sent to everyone asking for a donation b u t should anyone wish to contribute, the money caii be left at either Hooper Ixmg's or Lhe Crowle^-ilestrezat shoe stores. Dins. | one of the most dangerous crossings . Md^erwooil 01 I in the county. fx-ension,- w h i c h 15.-- | Traffic was 'held up just a little over [saar j an hour in making the ronncoiion of F.x-Senalor .VARINt-TTTK, \Vis.. March Former United States Rrnator Stephenson diorl at his home here this j the old bridge with the new span on moruing. ! the Dickerson Rvin side. The work was done by lhr National Construction Tlock- TaK-ps Position Hare. Miss Useba HqU.7.honor of wood, has secured a position in t h o ' e r t y goes the honor ot being the last offices of tie West Penn Railways ; woman to crops Uie structure before company of l^iitsburg. To Mrs. Renry Fulmer of East Lib- company. ! Lnares For South. 1 C. B. Pranks- chairman of the No. 5 | district draft board, left this morning I for. Southern Pines, N. C,, where he j \viU join hie family,' Together they | w i l l make a trip through Florida ro I Si. Petersburg. Mr. Franks will return to his lix»me in about a week or 1 tea days. Fair tonight; Saturday fair and slightly warmer, is the noon weather forecast fnr Western Pennsylyania. Temperature fiecord. 1918 1917 Maximum T4 fif Minimum 37 JJR Mean '. 56 41 Tbe Tough river Cell d u r i n g the njghX from 8.40 feet to 7.30 test raisins and Ray Neville of Dawson and Isaac Byers were the last men Lo travel over it. Jusi wbo made the first trip over the new smr.ure alter it was raised carmoi be said a? there was Quite a crowd in hand to make tbe trip. The raising of die span was accomplished vithorn a hitch or acridcnt. The engine w h i c h lid fhe work of raising was started a* 11 A. M. and was stopped at jnsr 11.31. with fhe span resting just on a level w i t h tho new span. Tttf 5 delivery tnirli of J. F. Black Company, driven hy E. T\'. Blacfc, was the first vehicle to cross latter the raising. s t r u c t i o n , i s - i(53 icngi.ii. w e i g h i n g hundred t - u l j j r yn \iBpri i7. Uie hu : .i horsepower. The ; .=. of modern ron- feei FIX inches in R5 tons. .Twelve l j . is of concrete were : yi ar - Ai tbe dinner curb markets and i.^c farm labor qiiPFtion w i l i bo dipcusfod. 1 A Stale College man w i l l be her*: to make !vn address and local speakers win also i; a !k on the necessity of hclp- ins the f a r i r e r (luring llie coming TO UNFURL FLAG of the ^aduct. j anrl 26.00-' 1 brick vvc-ro utilized in the j na'.-iDS of i h f v i a d u c i . ! Tlic wru-k was started on raisins n , . , . 77 ., ,,... iJic bridge last J u l y . Tie company: 00 TM'" 1 ", ^"'"iay af SunuBJt 1M1J be ·n-ns handicappcfl in sevoral ways.] '""^ 01 "'""· ls r!l " ra principally, the shortage of labor a n d ' What Colonel ,i. Bnrnhsrt tfc(? severe!? cold we.itier this w i n t e r , i claims w i l l be thp iirEi service- flag The DawBou-Dickcrson Run bridge j dcdio.-.lion hy a Sunday fc.hool is to be rompleteii in 1SS3. was o-.vnetl by local |hcld Suartay aft«?rnoo'.l in the Pisn'-mi;. men under tbe name of the Dawson ]o!iapt-1. Dir.ibar township. -,vhen 'mi- Bridge company. It was a toll bridge i ors will be paid to eight members ot u n t i l 1910 when the county took it. i'l" Sunday ?chool in tbe service. T^e over for JSO.Oon. at w b i r h time i l w a s ; flag v;ill bp unfurled by f o u r rhilri'-.-n. throv.'n open tji th« publH- as a free ! °f soirliprr, represented thereon. They bridge. i al "e .lane Hank:n;;. a p:ster of Jane, n.~Givern was t.'ie firs; of its loll i Beitlah Hart and Bessie H n r d i n . keepers. He was followed by John '· Tho 'member? of th* 1 school iu the Slcr.aker a n d Hem-- Molleston. Ail j service arc ICmery Hartin. Ray u ore dead. Prior to the b u i l d i n g of the j Hankinn. .lames Hardin. W t l l i a m ' K a y George Ransom of East Lib- j Hart. Jesse 51. Grimm, Joseph erty operated a ferry across etream. tlie! Charles u I Barnhart. Harford and Evans

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