The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 10, 1930 · Page 9
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 9

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, January 10, 1930
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

FRIDAY, JANUARY 10,19W. THE DAILY COURIER, CON NELL 3VILLEJ, PA. PAGE NTMS. - t e n Frocks," for Six and Nlnu-Year-Old Qlrlo Are Made of Flo-'- C i i o r a d Coorgetto, Trimmed With H a n d Tucking. P a r i s H a n d w c rk on the D a i n t y Dresaca ts G r e a t l y A p p r e c i a t e d by the L i t t l e Misses Who A t t e n d Social Functions. Young Set Copies New Party Frocks Simplicity Marks Dresses Worn to Social Affairs by Little Girls. It Is (liiliculi Indeed to be n wall flower In tho lovely frocks that fashion has provided for parties of the younger set--from the cradte up. Kven the youngest "sub-deb," writes u fashion correspondent in the New York Times, Jinrdly trndimtod from V her pram, appreciates a touch of Paris handwork on her flower-Uko froclc of batiste or orj,'uniUe. While her older sister finds her heart's desire In the long skirts and generally grown-up evening mode of the moment. Clothes for Che tiny tot, of course, nre classic In their simplicity. Yet it ia astonishing w h a t variety may be found In thesf little dresses. Since the feminine yotin? person begins to v assert her personality even before she can tnlk, It I? v.'ell to consider the type of the child bfforo selecting her first party frock, for there nre dresses for Uio plain ant! the picturesque, the blonde and the brunette. fabrics remrtn much the Mima from vear to year, but there are Interesting no\\: developments In color and detail which show t'i" offocts of tho udult mode. M n n y colors nre now considered suitable )r children which were once confined to their elders. Delicate orchkts, ?reen' and yellows vie with white, p e t e pink and blue, once considered the only suitable shades for the nursery. Pln° handwork f r o m tho convents f France and Belgium continues to adorn ninny of the loveliest of tho _ l i t t l e party frocks. Ilul there is an increasing tendency In I'nr! 1 ? clothe-? for children to use hiirtd applique and u n u s u a l Huuminp', such as appeurs on more prown-«i frocks. Paris M i k e s Contribution. Sheer batiste, dotted swlss, frerich voile and h n n Ikorcblet linen are fa-- , vorites. And i o m 1'arts coma diminutive flocks Jn pastel or naive llorni- printed crepe de c h i n e for the very young person. These are made with t l i e utmost sii ipllcily, depending upon a bit of hand smocking or a narrow contrasting pi;i!n£ for their decoration. Tho TCticlI.ih t)'!e of smocked drtw of dotted hwias jr batiste is si ill worn by tho more conserve I lu members of the younjjer set for all occasions There l' a decided vo^uo at the "*· moment for ' sister dresses." nnd tin- problem of J l n t l l n j ; suitable clothes for s e v e r a l J O U I I K daughter is simplified by ordering ( h e biitup model In aborted Mzoa. Frc(|uently, however, the d i g n i t y of MliS Nine or Ten Is affronted ft tho pn-posal t h a t she appear In a costume i d e n t i c a l w i t h t h a t worn by hoi- younger sister. This Uiniculty is c l j \ e r l y fcoi\pd hy the sister frocks (boson for i l l u s t r a t i o n , w h i c h are. tho Hiimc in fabric mid color, but s u H U i o n t l y varied in design to suit the tJliferent acces. These frocks, from Paris, arc nmclP of (Icsfi-coSfin d gpoi^'tte n'ppo. The Hiv-yeur-old ivenrs n s t r a i g h t U t t l o j-'dtbered frock, wilh square yoke made of haml-fagotted bands, and the s k i r t t i i m m e d w i l h h . t i u l r u n p i n tuck.s nnd n n r r o w plaiting. Older -,1st pr's dross has f h s u m p t u c k s and p l a l t - liiCS but is cut on s l i g h t l y more ttophUHcntcd lines. Hie s k i r l g n l h e r e d lo a Atralglic bodice-, its licl'ts her years. v. One's first e v n n i n j , ' p n r t y , even though It he only from eight to ten, is a val inlleslon", n n j should he treated accordingly. Therefore the choice of 11 c l i i n c t 1 frock 'nc the p i r l of twelve ot t h i r l eon Is a momentous one. F'nrmer- l.v it u a s an impossible one as r\p||, h u i i lu't'e 010 now m a n y i l f ' M C i i f r s i l ( M t l n K t h e i r a t t e n t i o n t o (lie c m u f o n of frocks of reiil c h a r m and s i i i t r l v i l i t · for thi? "difl'ciilt ;i^i." The sheer fnbrli's. gcow'tt^s and c t t l f f o n s :m especially n d a p t e r t to the ntviN 01' I he your\;;er girl. A u g u s t - (ibf'rr.itri! rmi'.t's a c h a r m i n g dunce f i o c k o f · in blue rhlfton, caught i n iM t h e i i n waistline with a narrow fBSnh I i I he skirt, Just holow tin* VmiM".. i i , u - , f d u i t f i a c.erles of prad tinted in. fo (Ii of tlu material. SI in- Her folds form o quaint shoulder cape, which may be untied and flipped off, after the znaimer of a cocktail Jacket. Taffota IB Favorite. Taffeta has alwn ?s been a favorite fabric for the schoolgirl, uncl this year It Is shown in more attractive models than ever. W h a t could be more appreciated than a Uunce dress of red taffeta? One that has an almost festive design us well lias a fitted fiodlce with a belt markln ; a h!j;h waistline, a tiered pepluui a I. ivt, slightly longer at the sides and back, and a square decolletagfi finished w i t h n sancy bow on each shoulder. An adaptation -f a I'atau model makes a smart fr. ck for the young ?Irl. It Is of flat ciepe In a soft shade of Rreen, and has i sleeveless bolero bodice and flared s'.lrt, which Is fitted over the hips and inishd w i l h n narrow belt and jeweleil buckle. The simplicity of this frocl ancl its clever cut have a decidedly si nderlv,lng effect on the adolescent fleii t. Even satin, KO lilgh in favor for formal evening rocks, has been adapted to the ne da of the. younger set. Aa for the real sub-debutante, the girl of fifteen fo seventeen, there Is literally no end to tlie fascinating frocks from which 'jUe may choose for dances. Almost ev ry one of the lead- Ing Paris couturiers showed at least one youthful nioJ! adapted to her needs In the mill-season collections. An Interesting; model is from Lan- ·vln--past mistress of I be art of creating frocks at onc smart and picturesque .for the yo'i \K pirl. It Is sea- green taffeta mndt with fitted bodice and youthful flam peplum. The full, gathered skirt of the taffeta, cut In deep points, ends j rst below the knees, hut a |pf-i b n r d i ' · of. matching net enpth very jjratlfy- jusL boKlnnlnr; to yoke of the net Is round de«o!letai?t- f f i f t e e n nt sixteen ,,....,,,, ,. . ibrii 1 used for the debutante and her mother IK tslso pre-* sented In models' s ilted to the younger sister. Jewels for .'.ub-Debutante, Jewelry for the s u b - d e b u t a n t e Is now, as ever, a inm point in the mode. Costume Jewelry h is helpad somewhat to solve the piub'eni, for It is, after all, not really an i t n i l v jewels, and mlHses and even ji n i o r s . n r u now wearing the hrtpht- ol ircil necklaces and bracelets thai !ire madi: of everythlnK from wood lo phi 1 - ·. KhiriPstotH'S bee n U meet the long- Ing for sometliin; t J m i sparkles like diamond's lo wear w i l h p\enlti}? frocks of n l m y fabrics, ,nd those «re now p e r m i t t e d lo the cirl hi her 'teens if they are handled in a manner SUB gestlng simplicity r n t h f n than sophistication. The n -wcsl are delicate, shimmering fctratnls of t i n y Atones, some set In a sripjie row, o t h e r s In lacy, knlttod or brairled chains. A strand of dinmot d-cul rhinestones a l i t t l e longer than fi c} oker bus for a pendant a double tassel of the r h i n e .stones finely M r u i i ? . A simiiiir neck- Inco is made of rhineslone and t i n y pearls, w i t h a fi wei'-j.hapod pendant combining the t\\ i stones. A n o t h e r nccktii* f: '.=. a slender shin ing strand of b a m i P l i c crysials, made in Ions l i n k s joii od w i l h dusters of rblne.stones. It ins n crystid clasp in fron! w i l h r h i u e s f - ' n o tassels. On ( l i e order of l l i · fo-stho Bawaiiiii) "lei" necklace 1« a choker mado of round l i n k s of cu i - r j s l a l , with rhlno- Btouc-s in bilnches iike berries between. Most of tlieso u 'ckls.ces, chokers ot chaiuEi arc worn in si-ts, with bracelets to match. This season, » last, Channel's collection shows bf uio ("hnrinlug necklaces of e r j f e l n l sprclally adapted to the young plrl. S"ve r al of these necklaces are in flo ver foi'm, made of sparkling crystals in white or delicate opalescent l i n t s - a perfect f l n l s h f o r the new p a r l y fi'icks of tille or t a f feta, vM\ their b o u f f a n t skirts and demure l i t t l e sloe- i's 01 shoulder capes givey an effect of inpf to one who i 1 feel Ki'O^n up. A cut in a rnodcst stilted to the girl Almost every f i you have something to soil an 1 are in a big hurry to seiJ it, let the els £ihed advertising department o? 1 hs Courier prove its ability as a speedy ? H efficient sa ies medium. P u f f Sloevoa Party frocks fi r those unfixr twen ty-flve use t h e pu f sleovc occriPlonally ! wltli great sin-eft- . A purple net, very IOUK t;in\n Jus wide, square letage and full t- iorl puff sleeves. Silk Rayon Spreads iMvtftwwftnftftswtAftf^^ wtwgwnewsMiws^^tStfw^ One Stand ng Qnaraiitoe--Siitisfactloii or Your Money Back, Unbleached t * 1 1 Sheets Large size, 81x90. Choice of wanted colors. Regular $6.95 values. Made of serviceable wcigM unbleached wheeling. SIx'JO. Every One of Them Brand New! Women's and Misses* Sizes $n.95. $ All the gay high shades so very much in vogue! All the long, slender, graceful st3 r les so altogether charming and fashionable! Georgettes, prints and flat crepes in sizes I 6 to 44. These are the smart "Mil- teat" Dresses that have met with instant favor. Children's Winter COATS and DRESSES .... off Full Fashioned SILK HOSE Regular $1.00 f u l l fashion hose of pure thread silk. In extra lieavy service weight v,-ith fine mercerized I ale tops. Choice of the season's colors. Sizes 8Va to 10. Children's and Ladies* SWEATERS Ruffled Cnrtalns 89 c Made of splendid qual-t i l y curtain scrim and edged with blue, rose and gold. Full Size, 81x90 T, Famous Mohawks, .famous throughout the region. All guaranteed firsts. Regularly priced at $1.75. Other popular makes aJso included at this price. Ironing Board Pads Ironing Board Cover: Non-burnable. Has perfect titling cover. $L25 valuo. Heavy unbleached m u s l i n , taped and shaped to fit snug. Pillow Cases 15c 42x3G i n c h size. Made of bleached tubing. , -Bed Pillows $2.19 Pr. 21x27 I n c h pillows covered with fancy tie-king. · ' . Pillow Tubing 3 Yds. $JL HI cached. Tree * f r o m dressing. JO and 42 i'tch widths. Bed Comforts $3.69 Full size comforts covered- with fancy sateen. Some are quilted. Regular $4.95 , values. Mattress Covers Pull size umi ; v, size mattress covers. Taped shaped to fit perfectly ·$J.29 values. and ·TO 81x90 Bleached Sheets Full size seamless sheets, made of line quality bleached sheetings. Special for Satunla^ .... Cotton Blankets lOxlva l a r g o , 72x84 Double blankets in gray, fan a n d w h i l e w i t h pink and b l u e borders. Regular $2.05 values. Part Wool Blankets 72x-SO f k M i b l o b l a n k e t s . W i t h H t i l c h e d edge or bound with ' s a t o m binding, ('ho ice oi plaids. Regular $5.95. 75% Woo! Blankets T ti e s P are regularly priced ai $S.Of). Extra large. 72x80 inelisc. I'laid b l a u k o t s w i t h sateen binding. Turkish Towels-8 for Panel Curtains O u r regular $ grade. Handsome laco panels with three-inch bull ion fringe. 18x36 inch .size. Choice of plain wit lie or with colored borders. All Linen Toweling ' 14c yd . An odd lo( of Panel and 'Ruffled C u r t a i n s now redncod *4- Men's Part Wool Jersey Coat Sweaters An extra special value. Coal style sweaters made of part wool jersey in blue and brown heather. Sizes 3 to 44. Hal unlay only. Unbleached aU linen toweling. A new line that has just been put Jn stock. A regular 25c value. Bleached Ail Linen Toweling Heavy all linen bleached toweling with red and blue borders. Prepared Sn cuts of 5 yards. On Sale, Beginning Tomorrow Large, fluffy Turkish Towels offered al a decided .vtving. Double thread, closely w o \ e u c o n s t r u c - t i o n with extra pile terry ro guarantee absorbency. New pastel frosted borders in p i n k , blue, gold and green. Si7,0 22x-1 f. EACH 4 for $1. " t!T ' 'jBCP^f 1 ' IffTTB vwyvrnxvnzsrnaK MenS Heavy Wool Work Sox 20c 3 Pair for SOc Men's Heavy Sweaters -- ·priced at $4.95 or 3iiore. '·tfWfajWftfi/y^^telMtflftftfWWt^^ 'iSMWfW^JWWW'igyWfbfWWl*^^ · I 3l 1/4 off Fast Color Print^ To 45c values Odd Lot Men's Wool and Cotton Union Suits 1/2 Off Men's Work Pants --priced at $1.95 or more. , Hope Bleached Muslins Wool Comfort Baits- Cheese Cloth Covered All wool filled comfort baits, cos · errri with cheese c-lotii; e x t r a larjv*. 72x90. .Special, d»O ftp; a bat) ...J tPO*c'/O Pure White China , Quilt Cotton 81 Inch Unbleached Sheeting Comfort Cotto A good qualify co fotton, oponw oul 7 llcgular $1.00 value. Hj 68c nt'ort 2x90. -ccial Comfort Cottoii cot- i in pric- 1/4 off An e x c e p t i o n a l l y fin ton batt generally UHC better q u i U s . Regularly cd at $1.00, Special at 88c All Men's Lumberjacks y 4 27 Inch Dark Ou;ing Dark comfort outing Regular 1Dc value. Special 7 Yards $1 Comfort Challies i- Past color full 36 inch comfort/ Challies. This is the Melbourne quality, one of the best you can buy. Regular 25o' value. /Special 6 Yards $1 Stitched Comfort Cotton The best you can buy! 2 1 /;' pound batts of pure bleached stitched cotton Featured fit a very special price. 98c Unbleached Muslin Full ;-i(i i J H ' b iiiib'eac'hor! · n n i f i l i n . Special for H a l t i r day 8c Yard Comfort Out rig Lip;h( comfort outi ij4 '.](! inches wide, in a heavy q u a l i t y , lle^ttl ir liric value. Special 6 Yards for ''51 Peter Pan Gingham Full :!0 inch i ' c t i r Fan e,intjliam, g u a r a i i t c o ^ s u n - tast and t u b f a s t . Regular Ttlic value. Special 2 Yards $1 Comfort Gingham I'la in colors, slripos a n d chocks in fast, color g i n s h n m --Special lOc a Yard 36 Inch Dark Outing RpiMihir Me f u l l :u; inch d a r k o u t i n j * i n ^ood heavy ( | i i a l i ( v . Special I8c a Yard SheeHngs Ulcached and unbleached sheeiijii;, SI aiid !)0 inch, in a j,ood h e a v y q u a l i t y , llegu- hir (()(· value. Bpecial 49c Yard Summit ot M n f l o r i t o w n \\ors \Ir« on 1ha r . i 1 . ipion K t ' A l M I T , .Ian III-- Mttf. Inn Mc[ ) i u " l t o f ( l l i u l l * H i l l nrifl Mr«. W l l l m r C'ooi. niil c h i W v o n , V i v i a n awl ,! A , i f I iiioiitoM.ii w e i t i h e r o v U i l i n s rola- llvou, Or ma Uhodea anl Mrs. Olive Hatucht Ci i n o l l s c i l l o j Mr*j, fiobd^lian h u l l ) I ' p t o i i wc j r slioinier i o c f i i l h . .1. I . , I l i o l h ; c t - i wir-«J! nr M i n . (lan'lii H a i l , IT very 11 a l 'ItlT nneuinonti. Mr. mid fili'B. Olem Tali) 11 oC flK(- Eliza- .«l )cnl Xo. 3. Mrs. Thomas Ilandford a n d Alre. I b e r t Men PC of Siiatcltrd l-'rimi ( luilr. K i l c h i o to heck Fourth Term. t n n ' Ui - v Shamrnck .loseph I M( ( l e e . X M W V O K K , ,!;in ] · \ I u f)-w c" 1( rp])i i f V o \ \ a - "-eiH !·} t e l e p h o n e l a s t n I u m ) ) l to W . t i t l p J t Law) · at Kiui; Suii; Ii 1 .lamps, K. \ V o r i h i n p t o n «;i« j i l l l n p , ,,,.)»,,,, jus! t v , o V i o c r s 'n I n r c 111" nm»' r , n v p v i ) o r o f ' o n liih son, H d l p h i l ' t i i n n t o \ M i , who c , ,,,,- ( J X r ( U M O I I i ' i !· i n k P! u.i ,ni'i c ; m i t u j - i c v lor ,1 i i i i ' l i a a juet rftturuad f i o s n C l e v e l a n d j M i c h a e l S f l . i l m n , H i t - i k l y n ^ u i i m c u Uni» hcton; M d r f l i Clinic lloKpital. i . l n l i i i Sflil.iBi'i 1 of l i n n . In, ahei .1 i w n - j c o n r t n i n i M rl( nol Use our claseifiort a.rtv-orl.lsoiTi«ttl, j weults .sUy, WJ.B clocti ocuiuc' Uliuo. i n - - T h e Ball, "Sun" t h i s i i u u n i u n ·;,!() that !'· fanu-fl i i o m Knod aiithorl!)" that, v u o r R i t r h i c w i l l a n T i o u n c e his C r n i r i i i i - n n i hotiu 1 u, political before that

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