The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 14, 1918 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 14, 1918
Page 7
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THURSDAY, MARCH 14, 191S. .THE DAILY COUFJEK, CORNELLSVILJJi, i-A. Fabrics and Afternooii Frocks. Designers appear to have looked orer the Une-up of spring fabrics for afternoon frocks and to have come to some conclusions la common. Awaiting their critical and speculative eyes were printed foulards and taffetas in figured and plaid patterns,' voiles and organdies--plain, striped and plaid; crepe de chine, and other crepes--and, aboT* «H--:repe georgette. Colors and color combinations were lovely. It is no wonder that, having viewed them,they found the material a challenge to their genius. Fabric sind dign seem to be perfectly suited to each other In the new frocks for afternoon wear-- thac is the dress that does service for many occasions now formal or informal. ""I must make a v beautlfnl dress, and I most make it simply," tp- pears to be the iron rule which th* creator of styles has laid j»wn lor himself this spring. la the picture n f rock of crepe georgette shows bow successfully this rule, may be followed. Here Is a plain, straight aJdrt adorned with two groups of fine tncka and nothing else. It Is gathered Into an underpetticoat of silk at the bottom. Orer it a Russian blonse reaffirms its always xood style. It IS handsomely braided In a design made ap ot squares with soutache braid In the same cofor na the crepe. The blouse has two small pockets set. on with a row of little satin-covered buttons at each side and a draped collar of satin joined by the same elective means to .the crepe. The sleeves are plain, HOT ing at the wrist, where there Is a wide band formed by the braided pattern. A very long "girdle of satin Is wrapped twie? about the .waist and looped over at the front. The ends are finished and weighted with satin-covered ornaments. Many of the new frocks of this character show plain and plaid taffeta in combination, with crepe georgette sleeves matching the plain Bilk In color. The'glnsaam plaids In tmffetl arc effectively made ap In this war. Plain georgette with' borders of plaid satin and plla fabrics trimmed with pin- racks In crossbar effect* are among the popular combinations. SHOCKED THE PRINCE *r SIMPLE THINGS WORTH WHILE SERVANT A LtTTLE TOO FAMIU IAR WITH ROYAL HEIR. ·! Many Make Mlttak* of Thinking Hap- pines* Come* Only From Material ·r Outward Condition*. W7 iboald ycm care to be pevtcrrd wltb a large bank acconnt or distresed by a home foil of Krvants? a»ks tbe Rebukvd for Ob*equlouneta, Man i Albuquerque Bveidnf Herald, jrbtch Err«d I* th» ppaoalt* Direction-- jadda: Adam and Ere hail neither ot Lucky for Him Haughty Em- ! tfl»« and they caned tbelr place -~ Did Not Ov.rhear. abode .Paradise. r*w people [ abode .Paradise. Few people have learned th« aecret at llrlnf welt Too Im b*r book of rmaioJacenoea of ta« Gvman royal tamny Mrs. Hngk Frm- ·er t«Ui the followlns story of the prince and «. too obsequioc* many think It depends almost wholly Tills l« most certainly n mldtuke. Bap- HU rorml Ufhneu had juat taken i»to hl» a new manverrut, bat the overdone obsaqnlousnesi the man jarred on his master. At l»st tS« erown prince became » Irritated that th« Mrrant received an la- tlmatlon to the effect that his highness -fro-old prefer to be treated -irttK more simplicity. The day after h»Tln? grrea into warning the crown prince was «eated at hl» table uritlng, when he (nddea- ly felt hlmselt tapped on the shoulder. Tnlnilng it was his wife, he turned oolcMy, smiling, only to behold the hitherto obsequious eerract standing oefiide him and regarding him -with a most friendly smfle. Before the a* tmished heir to the German throne could Dad suitable worts in which to rebate the serrnnt's presumption, the latter Jerked hi* thumb in the direction of the door, and announced: 'Tappchen ha* come to see you.' piness \a not born of material or word condition*. It Is largely, the result of a purelyjnental process. Amid the'duller threads of duty It U well to weave one bright strand of desires--It Is well to mix a little sunshine with your dally food. Ton caa soften iJbe aonnd of cab aad car in the stony street by calling to memory a bird's sonc heard In the Oelda on a summer afternoon ID childhood. It is sweeter to year soul--If you hare on«--than Is the railroad that yon own yourself. Take a day off and go out to some cemeteur where you may reflect on the brerlty of life ami the insufficiency of things pertaining'to the pocketbook. It is better that, you go before *it comes yonr;-turn · to ride out there In the big plumed car that never hauls its load back again. JDon't watt until you own your private automobile, but go while you are able to walk aud to thick. From the dead you may learn much of life. Scan all the rtr- Now the crown prince was eipeet- t°«" Inscribed upon all the headstones ing a call from hl» father, the emper- by loving bands-«nd among them all or, and as "Pappchen" literally means "Little Papa," Ma astonishment in- Weased. "Pappchen.'" he gacped, as soon as he could articulate. Then thinking that the servant must have beeo) Srlnklnar to- speak of the emperor la such a way, he muttered to himself, while bis eyes were fixed ou the man in amazed Inquiry: 'Is he drunk?" The servant apparently thought the whispered remark was a confidential request for Information, as to the prospective visitor's condition, for after Kratclilns his bead In some perplexity, he leaned closer to the crown prince and whispered softly: "Drunk? "Well. I thlnfc not; I didn't notice anything." W«r» In the .Minority. Three or four year's ago they had In a small English town some revival · meetings. A man walking around the road walked into one of these meetings without knowing in. the least what it wan. He saw a man preaching on the platform, sat down; not liking the people'on either side of him, he went to sleep. While ha was asleep the preacher wound up his sermon. saying: "Thoie who are coins to leave their wicked ways and come with un In the paths of righteousness, put op their hands." . An the audience pot up thalr hand*. "And those who are going to keep to their wicked w*y and IM to damnation. put up their hands." The noise woke up tlm ileeyor, and . seeing a man with his hand, up on the platform, so that be shouldn't be 'lon^y he put np his hand; too, and "Lor, Guvnor, J dnnno what 'voting 'for, but weVe lost it." yon will not find recorded the possession of a million dollars -or a docked- talt horse or a brownstone palace or a 12-cyllnder car or a tlttndsome" wardrobe. - "- No! The headstones usually tell yon only of tbos» things worth while. POSTERS BY PROMINENT ARTISTS FOR I THIRD LIBERTY LOAN Oiirtch a Short-Llved Bird. In proportion to their size, patrlchm ar« not long-llY«d'blfds, and eyen under the most farorable condition! it is seldom that indlrldnala reach the age of from thirty to forty yean, an ace .freqiienUT exceeded v b7 crpwi; .cnue*, parrots, and birilrof prey. The Korea of weakness la 'their eonsUtutioas appears to b« the diceitlre ·rstem. The proverbial phraae "difiestidn of an ostrich" ia a popular ~ misinterpretation of tho obaerraKon that theiiT birds, like many otbert, p4ck.iip itbDeiC cbmt; keys and other ialK«naneoni hnrd objects, which ar* retained.In the (iz- zard and no doubt aesiat in th* tritnra- Uon of food. ' . ' ' . . . - D.colv.d by Mild WJnt«n. The -veatfecr in thw* part* wl]l hare to do Bomethinf mneh farther out of th* comjnom .tben »nytbing it hag .yet shown the people of northera Ohio to beat certain early records. W6en Clareland iraa about Ore y*ar old three winters in succession were ·o itrantely mild, from start to finish, that the settlers trot, New England were led to cherish nutotmded. hopes of the climate of the region to which th»T had mlgmted.--Cleveland Leader. ' . Fortunate. Klttr -- Isn't it a most ' ' ' · fortunate . Btael-- What? . ."·::·. Kitty-- That **opla can't read 'th« at ha?e bem printed upon a Ua».-- St. LMl* Poat-lOlspatch. Back of the Firing Line Every war activity in the entire Nation is linked with the Capital--and each with every other--by the toll and long distance lines of the Bell System.. Thousands of miles of special wire systems have been pfo- . vided for the exclusive use of the Government. Right of way is given to Government business over all commercial lines, and the War and Navy Departments lack no facility for keeping in constant touch with every phase of- the Nation's great task. The men on the firing line are looking to us here at home to back them up with every ounce of force. The men and women of the Bell System are pledged to count no undertaking too great in this great emergency. Enlist for Humanity! Help the. Red Cross! The Central District Telephone Company G. H. Fulmer, Local Manager Johnstown, Pa. · · PEOPLE ARE URGED TO EAT MORE POTATOES ilonsrliolders Should Donlile Tlieir Use of I'otnfocs and Sure the Crop Held Over 3?rom Last 1'ear. LLTOWN Manv'of the best-known anisti In tHe Called States have donated their serviccc free of charge In making posters to be used in advertising the third Liberty Joan, which will be la sued next month. Htn; are reproductions of four that are being printed by the milllona to be scattered broudmst ovur tho country. flhy Neighbor!. "How do yoo like your ni*!gubors?" *'Not a bit," fald the woman who ·wrfs trying n little boy's imt on. "You see, they don't .litfc children.** "How do you knots-?" "They hurt ' Reginald's feelings dreadfully. When UK throws stones tit their dog or plays the hose on their windows they- look real cross at him J" --Pacific Unitarian. THE UTTLE MASON OF BIRD| VILLE. I ,J CAN'T SmnrTn** which of the blrfls I i could to cnUed u majcm." Ia'»£hc4 Dfltvid w h f n Mr. Ortol? canie for Wm | ofic momtntf. "!'v^ n^^«r Herd of a | )l*lrd mUKK) brforc." I ! "Com* Alonjf wiUi rno," chirped Mr. j Oriole. Miiootblnjf on-, his yellow ve*t. ; **I'U ahow yoxi or.«," ': Duvld quietly hopp«d apon ttic otit- t (·'f-roarf wJngyi. nn-i away they C«w to an ) l:Jd bnrn back of «, d*^H»rt*d furntMouttf. | Uai!«r tho Aav»^ of tlj« born clunjc rwtr 1 cflffr rcw of little jjourd-llkf* thlncjt. ! . "V/hat in thTM tvorld CRQ they lxT" aoknl Dartd- "It looicn samathlujr llko| n wmjrp'c neat, bat I knavr it lan'L" · "JCo. InU-^d!" Mr. Oriol» - roplled.- j"Th«M? tir» the hotnen of tJin c«,ve PWKI- jioTr»--thay'r« th« majona eif Blrdvillfj.** "Tbey £o look ilk« tiny tenements but!t undtfr tb'erc:'' ercla!ra»tl D«,vicl. "Kach /fill* fcparunent hsj Itn own Liny hole at f h« top--I suppose Lhat'ii t)i« dtxiTTrfl.y," .' "Any m« home?" a*fcel Mr. Oriole, ^apploir at the *dco of a Uny hole with hi* b**fc. - "CertainlyI" railed a checrr vole*, tind Mr. 1-7*.T* Swallow bopped out to yreel V.P. Ortote. No .Compliment. '1 told Henrietta that t"was prond to see her vote .Just like a man," said Mr. Meek ton, "Did that please her?" "No. The choice of phrase was unfortunate. She said that if she couldn't vote bettor than a roan there would have been no need of her troubling about the ballot In the first place." Why They Were There. Mr. Bacon--Look at the Item in fh!s paper; The total- wealth of the United States Is estimated at $130,000,000,000. ? Mrs. Bhcon--Why are there so many ciphers In there? "The cipliers, my dear, represent the wealth of a large proportion of the people." Too Much Company. "Have you ever loved before?" asked 1 the coy maid. t "Yes," yawned the worldly young mnti, "but--er--never before a chaperone, two small brothers aad a pet bulldog." And then she suggested a trip down the old road to see the stars. ' Economic*. "Going fishing?" 'Tea." ·'Can. you afford to take the time "Don't know yet. K I catch a ash 'twill take a great deal off the market bill." ' ; . She Knew Him. He. (a great flirt)--Ah, dearest one, if yon conld look in my heart, you'd find yonr name written, there In Im- perishablo characters. She--Tut, rat, my boy I Your heart would look like a hotel register. A Woman's Way.. " Mrs, Btlton--Weren't" you surprised, dear, when your husband gave you such a nice present? -Mrs. Tllton--No; I was suspicious. --Lampoon. It*. Character. "This .new story is about a baby and a horie.- , "Thou I Judge the author } ha wrifc- ;en It with'mUe aiid mane." Close-to It : ' - . : · · -Nick--Did·fier'fttCB.-lifiht-up.?-- - vlDlck--Surei'iier.'.'eyeff; 1 'snapped and her cheeks' burned with rage. NORMALV1LLE SERVICE rnilfd llrf-thrcn Tbolr t« Kinder Eas- UT Tropriun M*rck 3L The L-nued Breihroa choir at iVor- mah'Ulp v/il! aj«i«t the Sunday school in nurturing a program ot ..recitations ·and oxcrcir-^B by giving the following; inslrunx«ttval and vocal numbers or. vSundav eveni»K- March SlBt: Or-i-niiis anibein, "Jesus is Risen,'' rh»rua; ^eUt'Uon, "Sweet Easter Tim.*," ciiOruiv; niaackilia aad guitar .'jtiet. 'Tit. 1 Lost Iopo," Sir. aud Mrs. McC'iindlo-ss; seioc'Jon, "Kaster Bells a,re PeaJing"." chonis; vocal duet, "Master Bolip Today arc Jlir.jpng", Mrs. MftthaU anrt Miss flazel Kemp; violin cluof, Messrs. .McCandif:,, and Kemp; reading, Jtiss Olive Chacutng; . : K i If s ction- "\Vako the Joj*ful Kchoes", ciiorus; sextcuo. 1'Our Risen Lord"; Ka.stcr ".-iirc!. "The Stone as Rolled. Away", chorus; vocai duet and chorus, "Rejoice! Rejoice!" Mrs. Mc- Manclwss. Miss Klir.aboth Kemp and chorus; xio'iin solo. "Angels Sero- narto", C. N". .McC'andlcss; selection. ''Risfcu'. HaUolujah'.," chorus; bene- diciioii. PHILADELPHIA, .Marcn 14. - An j Q ame For Supremacy of fay yh^aia^to^heip 0 ^ fheCar° b^cl"-! ette-Westmoreiand Co»n- ; potatoes was issued, by the United ties Taken Bj Locals. Sta-ies Food Adiniodiration yesterday. A survey has been made by representatives of ifao farmers in the Administration and there is every indication | that immediate consumption is requir- ] ed to save the crop. j "A similar condition exists all over the United States," according to Morris T. Phlilips, one of the farmers' representatives in tbc food adminis- 1 tration, "and tbe solution can be | found only in the kitchens of 22,000,- I The ^^ Maccabee basketball team 1000 homes ia Am-arica, W{JQ ^ e iHs , cbam p ions hip from j -The potato crop of the I'^ted j ^ n a j^^ j Sbxtes is far bi^er ttoa the bi SS est j ^ ^ mgh ^^f g^. The Fayette- I Westmoreland county championship e loca.1 team by one point, ending, 5-4. Although both THE FINAL SCORE IS 5-4 Attempts to Score From Yield Fail and Game is Won bjr Foul SfcooBng of 0. WWfanore; Scottdole T**»« Fails to Tie Score un Free Skot. j we have ever had and indicates once j more how patriotic the American far- i , ..' I 4he farmer answered the call of j J^^^ been ^ TciMy driUed £or I the government to plant pouitoes last ^ con ^ m WM M ^^ ' b^rc-o" 18 l ""*" a l' r TM fl «' d . eTOr - P° int b .° in S maoe on j "We have beTM hearing a lot lalely (0 ^ e s QQ h(Jth sides , ^ about substitute cereals which, must be used in buying wheat flour, and which must be mixed with wheat flour close game and the forwards were not careful enough with their shots, getting them away too quickly and as a , ,n baking bread, but I have been un- resu , t uaxxuri:LMT _ Scottdale had a ; able to understand why we should cbanc , to Ue ^ Kon in toe !ast worry about either we should substitutes or wheat flour when we have so many quarter, when a foul was blown on the potatoes for the next 30 days we not only would save the potato crop but ) we wouM save millions of bushels | of wheat for export to the Allies, j "There arc so many ways of prepar- I ing potatoes that no matter bow i youthful or inexperienced is Ue cook, she can tickle the palate of her fatu- ' -Macdabees, with the score standing at 'IDEAS CURJOUS AND POETIC by following any of the hundreds of recipes for prejaring potatoes." 5-4. Shirey missed the goal and later a pretty try by Scottdale for a field goal rolled off the basket, Mrs. 0. "\v2iitmore, shooting fouls for the 1-ady Macc-abees, got them, in accurately in the first part of the game. Tb^ee in a row were scored the first half, and. after missing (two anoUler Aw»r Flew, *'Mr. mid Ztfcs. Ea.T« SwjJlow are til 8 moat expert masons' of BfrdTttln,** mJd] Mr. Grtoio by ~mcy of InfcftiduntiorL Mr. Eaxe 3weHo9r atraJghtened his; '-,Ilsten.ns, st^el-Mnt coat Had smoothed but his bright chesarat-browD-aiKj-batt jv-wrt. 'Tee, 'I crneu we taJtos the prtav when !',, come? to masodrT"," be chirped prratV ly. "But ifrs. SwaHoir ta tW better oC »."» tw-o," Ucnring" bflr ruKine, ilr*. Ea7» 9w*UoTr Parted oat from her doorway. She ws, -·mailer than her Unsband. and b*r dreaa wasnH ncartr ao brOUont nor Her tail so. Ions, but Mrs. Swallow traa oertalaiyj pretty and orlftit. "Bat what do yon fotfcs IwCd yow hou^eK of?'* asked David, , "who conldn"t! pifce out Just what thj Itttle aportmenta were mad« oi. "ATad." rt-pllod Mr. Swallow. ""W^ nyiko- tt tnto Uttle bafls Tfhen 'tiw tnufl. '.s damp, then the sun dries It, and makes' th.« mud balla bard ao tiny atowss," ^Jusl loofc how coee7 it i* fhtry^d. Mr, Swallow. Drtd peeked into the ttttto arrd there on a bed ot downy feathvra a?id so£t grassea lay fonr ttay x whft« es^a, All speckled with brown and.Htac. "How cuonLrrg-r" crclaimcfl ParkL "I hbv^tr ta*v BirdTilf* had 3D mjmr tnter-i estttyc thinss tn it." "Most folks tiL-ver atop to tMnfc what, fl-onderTttl creattarea .we ar%" latt»bed/ Mr*. SivaltoTv. "They Juat can «· btrdai and never try to find out how clever wa.- are," and. bkldtny Dccrld gixrtl-by aba Brawled ^acfc into h«r neat and Mr. Swaftoir flCTir away in search »C food. When Mr. OHolfe took Da»ld bacfc homo h.c hopped off the btrdfe vrtosa and ian into. th« bouse to tell hia; rnammaj about hfc» listt to the mason of-BJrdyille. f Remarkable Beliofv That Have Been F.rmly Ingrained into the Children of 91am. Mr. Ernest Yonag, Tfbo weat to Slnm to orgaolzo the educatlooal system, related at LonQon recently some carious beliefs held by the children there. He explained that he had experienced considerable difficulty to teaching them she rudiments or scieace, They believed that tho earth was flat because the priest had toid them so. It Vms also the Impression of these children that a big crab went down Into th* sea and made the tide flow, and when the -crab came up lor fresh air the tide ebbed. When the gods became angry rolling thunder vros beard, and when the angels got sporty and struck flre out ot bricks, summer llgtatnlrig' Hashes ^vere seen. When many angela : got into the bath at the same time i water ran. over the side aad it rained- j Directly Mr. Young entered a school j the children prostrated themse!v«s be- j fore him, and the only way they conld" be Induced to abandon this practice I was to tell them that.English children j did not do that. They would do *,ny- i thing English children were said to i do. They were awful liars, but when : told that the English boy was tmthful j 'they gave up the habit. Vanderbilt. March 13. -- Mrs. Ophelia Koons has gone on a business trip to Niagara. Falls for a few days. Miss Bettie Crawford and Harold V. Cotton* ol Dawsoa and Frank Landymore of "West Newton visited Miss Carrie Arisen on Sunday afternoon. Miss Nelle Sweeny of Connellsvil)e visited friends ing. here yesterday even- '. one was..dropped in. In ibe second half, however, only one out of five attempts was successful. The first half ended 4-3, Scottdale only getting one free one through in ibat period. Shirey made three in a row in tue second half but missed when the chance came to tie the score. Tho only real passing in the game was exhibited by Uic Lady Maccabees. Several times ^«y zigzagged the ball up the floor in good form but more often it was necessary for a toss up. 2V] arena L/oucks- was the entire ·Miu Elsie Edwards was a recont j strength of ihe Scottdale team.- She Pitts-burg Visitor. played a hard aggressive game and Mrs. Chester Johnson and Mrs. 'William Johnson were out of town, callers on Tuesday. The executive committee oE the "Van| derbilt Red Cross held a business meeting in the Presbyterian church on iiondy evening. Harry Strickler and. Samuel Means were business callers in Connellsville H - Hirleman M. Jlosley' J-O. Whitmore- A. Mosley Foul goals: 0. Whitmore, yesterday. Mrs. Sechrist- and (Jeughter, Mrs. Frank Newell visited friends in Connellsville on Monday. Mrs. Oliver Knigut of Nellie, is on was on hand to break up the Maccabee passes. Timeouts were numerous, the players at times coining together so hard that bruises were the result . The- lineup: MACCABEES--5. SCOTTDAL.B--4. L. Wagner Prectoiis Stones in British Crown, There are no less than 8,000 stones . in the crown of the British king. Some : very famous Jewels nre included in : this Dumber. ' One ot these is a large ! heart-ahaped ruby, given to Edward, I the Black Prince, In. 1637, by Don Ped- · ro of Castile. Another precious gem · of the crown is a litfge sapphire, i bought by George IV. The remaining | jewels consist of X363 brilliant dia- ' inonds, 1,273 rose diamonds, 147 table j diamands T 277 pearls, 16 Kapphices, 11 | emeralds and four rubies. Complete ! with Its white silk lining nnd purple j cap, the crown weighs slightly more ; than 39 ounces. * 1=1 the sick list. Substitutions: The basketball team of the Dunbar | Hirleman. township high school -will play the j Referee: Wall. Uniotown high school team at Leisan- ring on Friday evening, March 15th. Mrs. .Kate Ritenour of Uniontown. who has'charge of the registration ot women for WOT work, in Fayette county, will speak in the Presbyterian church here on Friday afternoon, March 15th at 2:30. All the ladies of this community are urged to be present Miss Pearl Jennings ot Dniontofn, visited at the home of Mr. and Mrs. George Strickler on Tuesday. Edward Strickler . spoke to (he . G. Shirey TV. Eicher M. Loucks G. Kromer M. Burke G. Shirey, 4 out of 9. · out of n. · ' 0. Sn.vder .for 'H. Secret. "May I males a confidant of you, old man?" "Why, certainly. · What is it?" -·"Well, to tell you the honest truth. I'm dreadfully b.ard up and want flf.ty; dollars." · " . - " ' · · -"Yon can trust me. I;silent as the grave.. I nnvo heard1 Southern Prosperity Sonj. When we hftve sparorlbs. For to chaw, "We don't have spare rttxi Showing through. Unattached. Mr. Styles -- That hatpin hat from blowing off! I. .understand that · ' . ; - . - - , .. : '. . ; : . "But ·vvhat', I.." don't understand. Is whut · prevents fy.oar ; hair from . blowing off and cakiuV.the hat and tho pin.** " AMERICA BEATS GERMANY JItich Yannled "Kffiripncy" Jiffs 5ot Stnnd the Test. The searchlight ol war has brought out many interesting facts, and onfe of these is that tho vaunted German efficiency will not always stand the test of comparison witU American efil- ciencj-. · . f s The Germans boasted of being the Krealeel farmers on earth. Investi- school children here yesterday on the War Saving Stamps; Ohiopylts- gation shows; that in efficiency in agriculture, measured by the produce per acre, America being graded 100, r^lgium leads the world, at 205; Great Britain comes second, at- 164; OHIOELTE, March "14.--Miss Thct-janu Germany, third, at 355; America ma Rush "departed Tuesday for Con- comes fourth. nellsvilletb"spend this week with re-1 But,the better..te5t is. the man test latives. . rather'.than the acre test, and hers "" ·-" and Mrs. James Gates and fain- (America .l^ by over 2 to ily of Humbert arrived in Ohiopyle Tuesday, : they are--moving their, household goods to the'irorks at Cucumber Hun. . .. : 1. A'gain, grading'America at'100 per tarm."worker,;'Greal Britain"produces 43 and.. Germany 41. The American farmer cultivates 27 acres, the German Mr. Metigar of Conneilsvjlle. was a farmer, but 7. With the aid of 'vast recent business visitor here.. .... . i quantities of fertilizer the German . Hussel Davis, section former is j produces -more per-acre, but he pro- wearing a size larger owing to the-ar-j duces" at-a- much - greater : .cost »er rival of a new daughter Tuesday ' ' " ' ' ' ' 'night. . . ' . . . : . , ' . · : · . . Mas Elsie Beggs of''- Confluence .spent Wednesday, hers "th« guest'-of 'iriendB. Xoa*infliittlwoi.Jii out «i", bushel and he produces than'half as much per man; ;'*

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