The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 10, 1930 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, January 10, 1930
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

FRIDAY, JANUARY 10, 1930 Coat Is Shorter; Skirt Is Longer Abbreviated Garment More Graceful Over Trailing Skirt Lengths. I Aa efelrta grow longer, coet» got shorter; fashion hua discovered that lew women can afford more than two or three couts, Thi» happiest compromise for tlio now sHhouette Is to Imvo orio serviceable coat short enough to look graceful o\er tlio new trnlllng skirt lengths, sitjs n fuihlon writer lu tlie Cleveland Plain Dealer. '.The stylo troixl la definitely "set"-- ncd the first revolution against fash- Ions la the history of Ameifean 'clofhoe, stuged by Atucrlcnn women- Tips been lost! There are a few bravo feminine ooula hero and theiu who are wearing short Bklrts. But from New York to 'N*jw Orleans, from Los Angeles to Chicago, and all tfla way around this far-reaching globe--women are succumbing to the 1030 mode. Now dressmaker collections are featuring velvet exten dvely. Nest lu popularity, this observer notes the use of chiffon for both Informal and formal wear. A. piomlnent dealer displayed a vivid green ruyon chiffon evening dre*!9, which had a novel flared flounce fall- A n Ensemble That Is Regarded aa Practical for Travel. Ini; iow In the bnclc and rising Irregu- l a r l y on the front In following the crttinp line. Another showed an evening dress in inyon chiffon of thr new dark dnnlla fotor. This wns tilinmcd w i t h n se- il a s of Intrigtilng cross plnlts, two of. which crossed each other In f i o n t of (ho dress, holding the fullness w i t h 11 fiureC offept. The mode has grown veiy romantic, Ltutlps w i l l ivscmble the fair women of Kins; Arihur's court, If the pi csent princess style holds KB popularity. For street wear, black and till shaded grays are prevalent; reds, nnmrnnth, shell and hoi's do rose colors are also much favored. Maroeflln crepe nnd moire are much seen, especially becoming when worn under tlio straight hned new fur cents. Another dealer features a bluish-gray moire dress for the afternoon built on a straight line, tight-fitted at the hlns and widening at the lower part with n flared flounce of Irregular width. A georgette collar of the- sntue shade Is knotted on the sldf. Sports suits have no part on the long- sliort skirts controversy. They aie short I That's that. Along comes JCMI Charles Worth, the Parisian couturier, who says: "Feminine legs 1 nve lost their al- Inro because so crassly exposed, and that Is ono reason why skirts are grad- tmlly growing longer 1" Hunting around for "BomethlnR now" to startle the feminine public Into bigger buying, the stylists havo rediscovered olhows I They now aclvo- ctxte "exposure of the elbows" since there no longer lu exposure of tho kiieos. Thus Into ttio modo comes the elbow-length blcnw end frock which la very now, very tmmrt nnd very be- comlnpr They call It "being out at tho elbow!" Wedding Rlnfin for Curtain That tho curtain before tho taber- nacla In the chap 1 of the Blessed Sacrament of Westminster cathedra! in London Is h u n g on a golden rod with wedding rtngf has Just become generally Unown. Forty-nine woman of vttrloua natlonalltloii made nn offering or their wedding rings for tho purpose. Suno were widow (,, but mnny were ·wives who, for the embellishment of the cathedral, desired to give that which they most piUcd. Cheating Worth, the funiom tie-signer of worn- en'a styles, ones rc'inirlced at a I'uris contention: "I havo nothing Imt admiration for t r a t great English olaywrlght, SlmUe- spoare. What a lil nd of drama and p!illosoph 1 Ant! yet lie nmde one grout big mistake when be bald that love -was blind. "I lw\e found out by e\j)ciieiice t h a t lne Is blind to everything but fat. Love feeea fat, all Coiumbu*' View of America On August 1, H S the oiiiui tl at Joha Cabot t-iplori-tl the eoi\si os' North America, Columbus visits 0 tl P mainland of the Amenci» contl iD'-nt in Central America He a j i l n Vibitcd tho tnalnli ml In I'O^ m u t i e mouth of tho Veiugua ri\er in Central America. Thews wtre the onl.v Occasions upon wh eh the great navt- g i t o r actually nw (he mainland of c tber of the R f t a t w t M c u i Lornlru i i ( s IJtiJS DAlJUiT COOKIER, CONNKLU VILHE, PA. Currants, I.G.'A., 2 pkga. for 37c Asparagus, I.GJ., Square Can 350 i, Tosnato, I.G.A., 3 cans for 23e lid, Pint Jog 23c :Sge, 14 oz. Preserves, 411 Flavors, Delicious, Per Jar 25c! TC.PeathesJ.G.A.,No.2%can29c TOILET PAPER, 1.6 A, 4 ItoSSs BLACK PEPPER,I.G.A.9c CORN 7 I.G.A. 9 2 Cans 29c PEAS, I.G.A., 2 Cans 29c and BEANS, i.GJL, cm 8c Spfnach,LG.A.,No.2 can 1 Sc Starch 6loss,r.G.A.,3 Boxes 25c Matches, I.G.A., 6 Boxes 19c PATSY COOKIES, Ifo. 25c Try 0«r Harvest Crepm Bread one game wont pleoto everyone. On* blend of ciffco want wtiffy all coffw I.Q. A. Coffee«--tlio cream of the worlds' coffee cropa--ftro blended to different flev*» to aailsfy different totttto {»»(«. One of three richly flavored blend* ia 0ure isfj^ yo\. r caffoe HOME OWNED STORES IIVOR.Y AND BLUE F FLO NTS By Grade Jewett Atitttn Qraoe L. Austin. Mnny a time when vntohlng lads largo and amall, wenrlri j the popuier "nvlntlon helmets" m a d o o f d n r k I j o a t h e ? , D n m o ff a « ti 1 o n h a B wiatu J thnf wnmea ("oik could !tnve some soi't ot n p - pttrcl w h e t t r e r hoaclt ear or olhor- wlso, so wonderfully rnlxpd w i t h itnnginutlon. I t t r u l y s e a m s aa thou; h putting on one -if tboaa cnpa would lift any boy leartr to Uia slilea, and ninLo Mtu fuel as fhougb ha were looting up to a "biothei In the bonrt" wheo lifting up bis ayo i to see \ihlr- ring planes far above hn\. But womeu artj g p i t i n a pcihups «ulllolent ctoUies thrills for etio yeni out of the changing ^idit lengths. Llamlet'B iraposing fitiolicin, "To be or not to be," is not put \ I t h any ntoie [ liitonUy by nn enrnet t actor t h a n uoni.m's new question, "Sli ill I b n \ e my dtt'bs quite long In i i o n t , or would I I look bi'tt«i w i t h it si oittitioti?" In i spllo of n i l the talU i bout "natural j wnKtllnt!," It Is btill unite evident i tbsit tho kind iiermiasi u of fashion i ·lui^ntitfa to use "piiu e^s lint's" is ' in ;tn\ dfnirt'i latod. i \ \ i n f p i ttlmls Inutlu ? oU ot t e ' inn tli alw.i.vs tinke f i r cinits fipem I i i k ( % il[!id fiiciuio. A good rur coal ' it muuh Uko a diaiuoiii ; ir keepi its ! valuu Such a pietty \\uiuau met ! Dinne B'nbhlon »n tho s root (be other d a j whon tho tbertnon etec \MIS reg ibtouD^ clouB zeiowaul. bhe e uiarkod. "I wnntcd to K.NVO jnv lur I coat 8cat!se~IPi9~n)ne~'yeflra oUT, getting thin, but after I'd gone a block 1 hrd to go baclc nnd get It" And one would have affirmed that her pretty nn stylish coat was directly from the shop 1 Leather Is one of the articles where so-called blemishes may be a proof of genuineness, Dnme Fashion hnn been told that u string of real pearla has always a oorlnln roughness to tha touch, dlfforent froni tho smooth glnaa of tho Imitation. Bo alwo, If wild nnl- mn| loathar IB desired for gloves -- and It Is Indeed highly desirable -- It la something to be ptoiul of II acnra of former bni ties cnn le soeu upon ths skin. Hearing a round tho-world traveler toll lately ot the way women of many partfii of tfia Orient brighten a eotutw cobtuitio wHh ti siiunre of gay aloth, In wliJoh they em-ry smnll parcels, cs n woman of tho Wet might do In a shopping brig, Pnma Fashion thonglit that while tlia't purtlnular fashion of carrying nrtlclus has not davolopod In tho United Btntes, yet ninny n woman nt tlila moment Is using a enuure of bright sillt to enliven Jicr attire. Tho colors and designs In the tiqunre scarfs hn*o never boon guyer and more a i t i s U e tntin this year, 'lo quo! 3 Shakefipeora Just oeae rvioio, he oflclnred In the Merchant of Venice, "All t h a t glisters Is not gold," lUit "Jill that gllleia Is very fnshlon- kmable," ijotlureq tba modern merchant of .Uneilca. Within a week I) tuna Pnslilon has seen many women of wealth nnd high place -- und haw many gllsieimg objects slie has been I ( l l i s t e i i n g bools of evening pumps, e l i i t e i i n c ; hodlcts of gowns, gllsteiinf; iiiiiiinment 3 foi hats plistei ing rings, ue klacea aiul biacelois -- nnd oh. bow pnort t!io glistering brooches are at tins \ m y aiornentl ( 9 1538 Wettoin Ne%stepaper Union ) t it tfi iws big thostj who, i Ano her great triumph for this store! This timo with the greatest \.\lue PVPI hoai J of in this city! This, we believe, ia the most remarkable c o m b i n a t i o n olior ever assembled at such an unbelievably low prieo-' An opportui itv oi this lund pros mts itself to you but once in a life-time' Just t h i n k oi' brnuq aide to buy all thes pieces for only $6 95. "Flurry! Hurry! Come early and g t j o i n s n o w ' All Pieces As Pictured 32-Po. Set of Dishes ( C o n t a i n s All Useful Cabinet Style Toaster (Complete With 'or«l and H' Electric Waffle Iron (Complete W i i J i Conl mid I On Hand \\ o h a v j hocn hie to obtain only A 11 nltetl supply of this m irchantlHa, so tljereforo no value-wise person will po m np this chance. Take advantage of this marvelr is hiugaln \ \ h l l o It lusts' Only ono sol lo a custom »r' ^ ^ * + · · 32~Pieci Set of Dis lies The product rf onp o America's lu(r pottsilos! s The f it coasista of .12 useful plocea, loauf' ;ullv docoi'atod HB sho^^n. A sot of llshea you'll he proud to UBS on the dinner table! This llf-Tii alon» Is w. rtn the ?G 95 Electric Waffle Iron Mak*s full-size wafflenl Ha? aluminum Kridi that need no tcrp.islng! Heat's on both sldpfe at Oie same timo 1 (fiuirantopil electrical olciuenta! Comes complete with coloifrf silk corti nnri a plug j^lado by people Iluil back i t ' Cabinet Style Toaster f t binet sUlo, tho- nnwest In t -- Ijpavv f?aiu;c jiickol metal, tn.ists t v o pioceq ol! bimul i! OIIP nine' l l a - i to 'i i bide handle 1 ' (iuai.mtccd olc'- ti cal flojnouth Conies coniploto \\ th roioi/Hl silk coid and a plug:. Complete Hand Dictionary Good Post Office for Cu Ituther Hbniptty snd without ft thousht, tha head of tho IIIllsv high achool mndo ft sturtllna dlai cry: nnmoly, that n ploaennt slosv gulJied hla hoait ill Iho meie mom of a eartiUn liiiitrucU'esft In bla sth But whnt was bo to do? Tha soliool board turned "thuiti down" on suet) romances, Ptirll riioro, love tanglos In tha aohAol ml lower ttio high atandnrd of morale Wfis fltleniptlng to malutaln urn bla olmi'BOS, yat, fleaiilts bari'lera, tha glow I sltateiJ until at lost in desporfttlen tlashofl eff tlif-88 llueei "I must you alone I Jlleet rim In K-- (a near Illlisvillo) ITiiday nlaht." slipped the note In n mnall hand Uoittiry on the Indy's denk aud in ougly w a i t e d develoiimeut Later he returned anc} feund an fewer In tbn nfflrmative. Thnl wlntsi nuule regular calls on "Iripndfa" K -- , And, allboiigii IliJIsville on itself upon Its power of detection biispectef 1 nothing (Jraply becuuss of its lady teacheis Kpcnt mnny of evenings In t b a city. DuriPg March tho two wpra |t riod, bi}t yey decldail it ·vould- wlfeor uot fo disclose the news u coraniencejment. IIo\^ aurpilsi-d II v i l l a u a s l When h.ul they dona r 4'j(o processor declared lie hud oiiep spoUen a word lo Ins wife tbeir luutance when la lilllville Ti tbey bad held romantic eommiiniuit theie, often shocliinifly a i d a n t on piofasaor's nurt, according to his » feuf not pne spokeq word. f l \ p \\ itantl du tlonary hart remained tl i n f i l l i l . l c 1 1 in Cupid -- I ' n p i -i s w id re- lie anon ol 1'a or(lit bo ing ha ice lt^ ^e dc- PV- in |ie in led ar be itii Ms- It? lot of UG, on lie fe pe e[r Colontal Currancy Dttrlng tbs Colonial period the colon- Ifits used the onmo carrqncy ns tha motlier country, designated In pounds, Bhllllnga and pence. While the monpy of. account WIIB for each rolony a Colonial pound, the actual money In circulation wan ft varied collection of coins of English, French, Portuguese) arid Spanish oilfjin. The Spnnlsh dollar \va« tlio most widely known und clrculatod, and It thus bccnmo tba terra by which the cun'oncics of tha Colonies wero moat readily comparod. The Spanish dollar was common to nil the Colonies, and it was the term In which later tbe common obligations ware expressed by tbe Continental congress, and WIUB bernme the bnsls of our national coinage. Flat Pure Are Popular for Smart Winter Hats The felt hats trimmed wllli Tut seen eiii'llsr In tho fcPUBiin wore niorolv " forerunner of tlie winter tyiies inn do entirely ot flat fur such MS RiUjaU, Inpln or broadtail, Of couise, tlieap hats me veiy Binall, fitting the liciul snugly and w l t l i p o i l m p B a soli clmpo at tho sldo of back Iietet faaliion tTliey niny be woiu w l l l i utmost n n v datlnia oofatuiup f i o m (weed to 'cheasier materlnl^ niul mo chic when worn w i t h a coat of ihe bunni fin As You Will The woman In husiiiPhb \ \ i l l tf'H you t h a t hho bus to \\oik harder t h a n R m.'U to get na fur Mil)lie she does arid iiwijue she doesn't. He yells loudov n e r f h e (plephone but be floe»-n't sciow up his fncp so,-- IVoiuuu'b Homo Companion. Modfei-n "Weary Willie" Quite Fussy Individual Ono hot day n v nmlering "Iiiboror" In a fimy cnp nnd nigg*'''' clolh^" aslted 'at tlia Andrews fa m near Spender for food without m 'utloulng work. AH It was jnit d l n r o r lime, tho Andrews I m l t r d h i m In foi Hie meal, * Ho looked nt Ills cljnlr nt he tabls for some timo, nnd Mr. Al)dIO^ s, tblnlc Ing ho was dlflldont. ui,,'ti li in to nit down and innko bhuselC nt I nine, l i o took out a cloth and (Justed lie c l m i r first! When night fell the sirunger «jini(»cl to sieop in the lioup, but be 1 nd nctcd so peculiarly tlmt Mrs A n d r e w s » told him If he wlaiied to mu'iid Hio nl(,«tit t h e i o bo must dleep In llm \ ood bin. tic took out nil tho uooil, s i opt t h e pliuo and put In a col bed Crom llio llOUBO. "1 want I w o c l p n n Hhoet 1 * ' he (In mnndetl bplllgeiciilly, nml H ci v^c l ll! mi lo cnll for n rug to Btup "n In I'K nioruing, n cliafr to p'nee by ''Is bed side, niul a minor. At dinner ho had potcn plevm plates of ,1 meut enup atftl i! e (Lsjliuf, of chocolate blnnc niuii),o lu t i n inoiiiini! h« w n i i ' t d a b u t t o n lu m . i t i h · "lose n I LL/,a m u he oh nl'ied ii i mi IIL jfi'cred to h.n\ a l i t le wood, ' l i » sawed itbout ten liuic s t l f U s in ·i l.iLluidulilcal inuuiu't," it'l led M i s Andrews, "and tliui i,ild I u w o u l d have to go. 'I thi.ik WJ centt would be about rig 1 t for wimt MIII a\\n inc, he asserted,"--New 1'oik W ' l l d . A Rich M a g n e t BP f i l o n d l y like n frl«nd, v o i i h v n( friend^, ai;d the fri i cntli roma of t h e m selves.--W'onjun'jj liome £oui Successful Wife Knows ' When to "Waste" Tim*., "Mo-H wives." said Billings, "have to plnv t o m f o i t o r to their husbands loi m n i e rpns(sns than you could shall* a slick fit. Hut 1 doubt If theie 1« another M i f f 1 In New York who has to pot am ·nii'solc for the reason thnt pop 1 ! up in f i o n t of my friend, Mrs. A i n o l d H i / o u t t w l c p n year." "What rcdson la tbnt?" Bolt naked. "rnolball'" t-nld Hillingfl. "Did j o u HTV 'foolballt'" Bolt pu//!ei| "I did Mid nilllnfis. "My friend Arnold H ilu« town's moot rabid fan. And c \ e i v ( l i n e his tonm loses, be i* undo f h w i f u l only v\hqn his wife If Is l i l m put Ills lioud on her Inp and t i l l bc'l (In n o t h i n g loss than half en lio(ii) iiboiit nil the lolten breaks that t l l O I ( ' ( 1 ) 1 1 1 ) 1 ( 1 " "lo ,\mi ic.illy nit'in " Holt demoad- pd, ' i h a t 8ho lets t h e bis HtlfC waqte In r l i m e I l K o t h n t ' ' "If -,i n v i p t H i ' t « dumb bachelor," I t i l l h u s fcuiil 6Hge!,y "jiiu'd It vow thnt li s n u l l nttfiicH nf time that make bin ci h ^ l u l \\IM-S."--.New fYork Sim. "Sun" for Horse* ls in a lacin ^ ijciu (" nu «o icrpha ul 11 ^violet-ray IK i t u i P i i s t-M'iv (1 i.v, UK n is believed t h a i t l u \ nufd a t t i f n u i l buulight when t h e n n t M i a l ^upply Is unavailable, as m u i b as lo h u m a n buin^s, tays Popu- 1,11 M( I) tlllcfa ALlgil/cllK'. A bliort 63C- l)osuu to tho siudal lamp Is said to ;;!\e sin utlt_v| (·(juiNalPiit to that from a H twin t |ji in the ··un. Tho treatment Is of dpeeldl iwiieflt In w l n l c i , when the U11IUMI.S aiu- fonhned InUoorg. I "oS,m(!: for Burg-nlns J i r ni, i r . i i t t| ) ( i aihoi t i d i n g column* ii Ulj-^ luiiy Courioe,

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