The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 20, 1964 · Page 11
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 11

Ottawa, Canada
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Thursday, August 20, 1964
Page 11
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i r i THURSDAY, AVCU$T 30, 1044 111 -u IMov ;' ' 9310 9670 To: 9S10 9970 "i From: 9480 OH Frees Page VW - ,M0t 760 9120,9480 .r I7rwi anon um1 b-tba 1700, 9080 .9420 9780 .Executive Piloc , . parry's Bay lPoV3iMonths T klLLAtOE. (Staff) Fue. 11. of Barry's Bey.' was to three months In JaB Wednesday after admitting be peimed 'a loaded gun at Police Chief .Wilfred Golka of I ' Barry'a Bay. ' - " FUa aaid the gun happened k be loaded because be had beard something outside the bouse end thought k might be bear." i Chief . Colkd andOPP Reg Fatersen went to the File home Angv 13 to ktvestigat report that FUa was beating' up his mother- because ebe bed fueed to give him snooey to .buy liquor. ;.- ;.:A'tt : . Entering the bouse they mund Fim pointing J2 rellbre rifle et the floor. . "Ho relaed H and pointed It at my 1 stomach," testified the chief who hoe tan returned to duty fol lowing -n -17- -. am eeriee of hospital sojourns re sulting from a traffic, accident ' C Cbiel Golka' keooked the gun to one side and R was grabbed by Constable Peterson.. It had bullet in the breech end nine to the magazine. . m ' 1 .-,..- GSMiitiSeiiedule 9390 97S0 9690.1005Q From: , 9310 9970 9030 9390 9750 T t 9980 9320 96S0 10040 10400 "v'V i i v Consumer Service: : : (.. x'W' 'vi i.i From; 1670 0030 0390 9750 VT ' v. ' To: 1970 9330 : BflM 100M ' ' " ' - , Admtalitr'Uv Officer 6: AwUuat lfnur 9. fempfoynwnt . end Claim Office; Assistant Secretary to Um Governor General; Chief Customs Appraiser 10: Chief Customs Excise -"" Clerk 10; Collector 7, Customs and Excise fat Ottawa): - , Collector 8, Ciutomi and Excise; Defence Production Officer 9; District Administrator 3. Veterans' Affairs; District Inspector 1, Board of Transport Commissioners; Employment . and Insurance Officer 6; Excise Tax Officer 6; Grain' In-- spector 6; Industrial Relations Officer 6; Information Officer , 7: Inspector Si Ctvli Aviation: Inspector X Customs and From: Toe Excise; investigator J, customs and Excise; National Parks " Officer 4; Nursing Consulunt 2: Personnel Officer 6: Postal Superintendent: Regional Superintendent . Radio Reeula- , lions: Ship. Inspector 4; Surveyor 10, Customs and Excisr.l Technical Officer a; unemployment Insurance Commits loo. 9310 9670,9030 9390 9750 ' ' ;- 9610 9970 9330 1 9690 10050, :; U - . Public Information Officer; 8: Prom: 9310 . 9670 9030 , 9390 t a 1 . t r - r . Toe ' 9670 1 S030 ' asao 7m mi in IS DfWtoenW Accountant 9:. Inspector e .taxation; Special ' Traffic Adviser. Air Triiuiwn nmrA- ' . . - ' 9030 9330., ;.; Examiner Z. Board of Transport Commissioners; Examiner To: ?, 9420 9940 9260 9680 10100 J t ? 4 1 A . Excise Tex Ruling Officer 5: . - Fronc 9790 .9150 9510 9870 , . .J , . T9e 9090 94M MlO 10170 . ' Personner Administrator S;-J"r a, fvi'iif Prom:1 9400 9700 9120 9480 9880 10300 Toe . 9780 9140 9500 9900 10300 10700 "-Assessor 'fc AsslsUnt , Chief Auditor, National ; Wenee; ' Assistant Chief Grain' Inspector: Assistant Co-ordinator. y CWUiaa ftehablllUUon; AsilsUnt Director, Cusloma Draw-' .;. becks; Assistant Director, Excise Tax Collections: Assistant : y Director, Inspection Branch, Customs and Exdee; Auditor , ; a f,new Auditor . Excise Taxi Chief. Accommodation Branch. Customs and Excise; Chief Craig Wetghman; Coes- puier systems programmer f. Director, Steemship Sub sidies, Canadian Maritime Commission; Director 2. Tax- v u ore District Administrator 4. Veterans' Affairs! DUtrto Director .1, -Postal Service; District Inspector'J, Board of I Trtnaport Cooimiasiooers; District Marine Agent 9; Env : x pioyment end insurance Officer 9; External Affairs Officer -; Plre PrevenUon Spedelist, . Board of Transport Com-T'ttlsskmers; Inspector, Indian and Northern Schools; In- vestifstore. Customs and Excise: ..' Proms v . -9700. '9120; -9490 -9880 10309 JfV Tod ' 4 9140 9500 9900 10300 10700 ; ' Icomotrve Inspector. Board of Transport Commissjoners; l Msnsger 7. Employment and Claims Office; Postmaster 19; ' From: rurcnssing Agent seereurjr., Canadlaa. Pension Commission; Senior Electronic Dsu processor 5: Soedai In- 7; ves tiga tor 5, Taxation; Technical Officer 9; Treaanry Auditor , V K Treasury officer 9 (new): Treasury Officer 9: Unem-I pioyment Insurance Commieeion Officer 5: TntK 9760 4 9120 9480 9680 10300 T.l R 2V', Tos 140 9500. 9900 10300 10709 . Dominion Customs Appraiser 0; 9120 500 9480 9880 10300 ' sum aim iivtM-' -f !'VC. tf'J-rf A save hvwfen wsarwi, 8 IS1IIIWI L. . , ' Frotf- 90"'900 lQOOO 10509 Tt'!? r 4 S ' 1 . - AsslsUnt Regionsl Director I,. Unemployment lnsurence I ?. Commission; District. AdmlnUtretor 8,. Vetersns'. Affairs; f . wrector z. postal Service; District Superintendent. f Veterans Und Act; Pishery Officer 9; Industrial ReUUons Officer 7; Manager 8, Employment and Claims Office; post- B9irnr 1 1. nm irnnmrift pi Teimuai nmMa 9 i t . 9680 J 0300 10700 1 1 100 ' i U Tor v B900 losm loann lima nam ?, 1 Personnel Administrator ' , 1 ' 1 fj" From: 9300 9690 10029 10400 10800 11309 11800 ' Toe :" r 10000 ' 4 10400 10900 11300 11800 12300 '" : AOmlnlstraUve Officer. 7: Assessor : Aaateiant niww ' Excise Audiu Aswistsnt Director.. Excise Duty; Aasistant r- mi uirecior a unemployment insurance Commission; j Auditor 4 (new); Auditor 7; Excise Tax; Auditor 7. Unem-j ,; pioyment Insurance Commission; Chief, Contracts Division. . Public Works; Chief Inspector. Unemployment Insurance U Commission; Chief, International Relations Division, Air Transport Board: CWef, Purchases Contracts and Stores; atixenship Drvelopment Officer 4; Collector 9. Custome EciM; Computsr Systems Progrsmmer 9; Defence ly PfOducUon Officer 7; Director. Public Relations, National f: P1 Director, Special DirUton; Director S, Texetkm: District Administrator 9. Vetamw Affair- nutria nii. X Postal Service; Dominion Customs Appraiser 7; Inspector 7. TsxaUon; Msnafer 9, Employment and CUime Office; National Parks Officer 5; Reglonel 5upervisor 2, ladiaa Agencies; Senior Electronic Data Processor' ft pedai Jn-I veetitator i. ' TlaxatbM- Tarhnioai ' rmm, ' tn v 1 . C,7T. j7. , u 7 ww t0". Trtaiury Officer 10; Wetfare' Administrator a:" ' f f ft " ! 5 . rrom(V'' 10400 10809.11300 H$ttll ilii i-flf' ij tot 1 10900 11300 11900 12300 ; ' iPuWte WormaUeei Officer 9: . V Frora; 10400 10900 11300 11800 . ' ' v' Toe , , 10000 11300 J 1900 12300 . Examiner tV Financial: f A From: .V .10020 10400 10800 11300 11800 ."'V ? . T ! ' M 10300' 10909 11300 11800 12300 M & t Administrative Officer 9; Auditor 9 (hew); 'Assessor T; Chief. Air Traffic Control: Chief Traffic Officer Air Trane-. port Board; CobtroUer. Steamship Inspection: Defence Pro- duetioa Officer 8; Director. Customs Drawbacks: Director. . Excise Tax Collections; Director. Inspection Branch, Cut- , t j loms ana wise; Director 4. Taxation: Dominiea Fire Com. missioner, Indian Commissioner for British Columbia; In- , t vesugawr o, uisioms isf Excise; Postmaster 18; Regional . Aominairsior i. veteramr Affairs; Regional Director 1. it . -Unemployment Insurance Commission; Senior Electronic t ; uaia rrocessor 7; Superintendent, Construction, Veterans Land Act; Superintendent Procurement, purchasiiw ami Stores, Public Printing and Stationer--. Treuurv Auditor v- Treasury Officer 8 (new); Treasury Officer 11; Welfare Administrator 9: From: 11600 12100 12600 13100 ' 1':' To: 12300 12800 13300 13800 JVi ExecuUve Pilot 2: ' 'V-r. '.V ' ' ' From.-- s ,12600 13100 13600 : ! jTos-t i;. viasoo 14000. lisoa-x . . . j : '4' Metcalfe: Ball Teams Efflctivt Januory 1, 1964 ' i Development Officer 1. Indian aid VtorOwrW Fronu, .4S00 4680 4860 5040 S220 8400 T i t ' 4680 4860 1 5040 l 9220 ' B400 -USA t DevciWment Officer 2. Indian and Northm Affairs From: V ssso 9730 .' 5919 - 6090 cm sum Toe :J v 8730 .8910 - 6080 9270 (MSO asM Development Officer X Indian and Northera Affairs: Prom:" ,6310 6760,; 9990 7230 7479 .Tos ? 9750 ! 9990 5 7230 .7470 7719 Delopment Officer 4. Indian ami Northm-a From: , 7200 7500 . 7809 .9220 Tee m ,r , 7449 ,7740 9109 9460 -f . -' Development Officer 5. Indian and Northera Affairar From; , 8250 8550-8850 9130 Tot .. 9490 9799 -9090 9390 - Development Officer 9k Indian and Northera Affalra: Froav;i 120 9480 - 9680 10300 ; - ' Tos 9309 9900 10309 10700 n . Development Officer 7. Indiata and Northern Affaire : From:. 10400 10900 11300 11909 Toe i ' 10900 11300 11900 12300 . j . . Again Top. Contenders; METCALFE (SpecUl) Ie years long . g e a -Metcalfe boasted one of tha9nast" soft.' ball teams tn the district ' ft would appear that the wheel has made aV complete turn and once again the tow can well be'proud of their ball blayera. Playoff time hu errtved and all Metcalfe teams , have vtved the eemMlnel rounds and ere heeding bite) nam. ''. In the East Carleton Softball League Metcalfe downed CerlebedV whl- Vernoe),. out played North Osgoode, w thw first Bnel ' tame Is scheduled for the Vernon Park on Thursday evening, August 2a This series win be the beet four of seven.? : ,:- In the Sunnay League RuseeB Part Metcalfe downed Morewood -while . Russell feated MerlonvUle. Metcalfe end Jbtssejt. win -start the final beet three of five eeriee on Sunday afternoon at 3 pjn. Metcalfe has still one other great little soft be B team.. The Lions enoneored . sadiee .teem. That team came Into asJetssne soma four years ago thanks to the- efforta of BUI -and ' Beryl Woods.-V- taf -two years they-played CffictirB April l 1964 ' B India Affairs Officer 1: i : From: . , 4680 ,4860 8040 ; 8280 8520 ' 8760tI60 f t : ;i -ao-irv ww smi Indian Affaira Officer 2: From: 5730 8919 0090; Toe - ' 8910 9090 9270 . i Indian Affairs Officer 3: From; . 9300 9480 9720 Tot t '9480 9660 .9900 Indian Affairs Officer 4: ' From: . 9750 9990 ; 7230 To: rr! 9990 7230 7470 . Indian Affair Officer 5; Fnieai w . 7020 ; 7320 7680 To: ... :7260-7560: 7920 I 9280 A " i Indian Affairs Officer ' -,. -i : From: 7650 9010 ' 9370'1 8739 y: "f y" .. Tex "7999 ,S9) 'Mi; 9979 w i.-l v;'-V-, .fl Indian Affslrt Officer 7s " -r.'-': ; From:' 8310 8679 9030 9390 9750 fv: " i '.'i-T(fc , 9610 9970 9330 9690 10050 f , , c iJliifJmi Affalra Officer :' ,: - '-.; From: , ' 9880 10300 10700 11109 exhibition games, and then last year they entered the 5t Lawrence League, and tost out la the finals to a very: floe teem from Mountain. , f t; . t This year they again entered this leegue, reached the plav- offs, downed Morrlsburg m the semi-finals , whOa rMouatala was defeetliig KemptvBla. and now history repeat itself another final seriee MounUln end Metcalfe. Metcalfe woo. the first game - In Mountain last week'and on Monday of this week Mountain eeorefl a aecratve victory n the Metcalfe diamond. The third game vill ba la Mountain on Thursday." Aug. 20th, game time tJO pjn. , , With the return at oottoail interest to Metcalfe, the Metcalfe Agricultural Society and the Metcelfo and District Uons Club have Joined forces and hope to have a . lighted bell perk by playoff time la 1963. W .r-V" '''?' NAVY SCHOOLS V. TArMPOltS-"? A f There : are' which 'spedallte nary a of subjects, geared; to the com plete educetton ef e. sailor; In the MX. aavy. 8460 8700 , 8940 9240 , 9270 7140 "747i 771 . To:1: ?' 110400 10900 11200 11900 .( ! 450 630 T . "t Indian Affairs Officer teVA. w Tor , 1 1700 12200 127M 13209 ; 7'' ' , Indian Affairs Officer 10: From: . ' 12100 12000 .13100 13600 Toe - , 12900 13300 13800 14300 v; Cfassts and grades for which . t-f 1- s no ngTision n apprvTa OPP Constable Pat Mulball gave evidence that Benst:en- tarea me reserve home of Leon ard Sarmtia Aug. a. Ahoat 97 wae taken from Mr. Seresia's wallet while; he waa aaleei iThe money had not been re covered, Baneit could net recall events M the day "because I was drunk,"'.' t'H,.! . Oft District Gch' ' Area Rescue toat CORNWALL (Spsctan - On tario Provincial Police District II .bee. obtained a rescue tor i mo . throughout ' sawmont Dundee. Clengerry... Preecottl Carleton and Russell ceuntlee. ' The beet Ie 19 feet ftva bschee In length.? Ie ef nhimmam con struct loo and powered by a 49 horsepower snetor. ft will'' be stationed at district hoadobar- tars to Xoag Sauh..v.-- THB OTTAWA JOURNAL 11 I- '01 Auditor. 2. National Defence; Auditor t National Defence (new); Area Superlnteadenv. Poet Office Chief Superin tendent, Post Office: Senior Investigator, Post Office; Audit ' ; Assistant. :1 A. 1B. .2A. 2B, JA; Customs' Excise Account , Clerk X Livestock Products Crader 1, 2. X Supervising Poultry Fieldman; Treasury Officer 1A, 2A; Senior Livestock i. m Products Gradsr. 1, .Where, during the retroactive period, an employee or former .employee was sppotnted at a rate of pay authorised pursuant to subsection (3) of section 99 of the Civil Service Act he , shall be paid on the dete of appointment et the rate of pay be was receiving on that date or, with the approyal of the deputy , head, he may be paid at a higher rata which dees not exceed the rate shown immediately below the rate he was receiving on that data, but m the manner and subject to the conditions contained tn the Retroactive Remuneration Regulations. . 2. Where two or more rates era revised to single rate of nay ; m the new scale of rate, the first Increase m pay thereafter ; ror n employee or former employee aeinf paid lees then the highest e such rates ehall become due at the end of the increese period cukulated from. the enective date. . . i Golden Lake Youth Given Nine Months: KILLAL0E '(Staff) U'Keith Beooit U, of CoidM Lake In- luUtr toi theft Wedaeeday and- wee eesv tenced to nine stonthe la Jell. - Crown Attorns Mm Me cahy soM Magistrate S. C Plains that Baaott. had finished a six - month reformatory term for tneo only fast (Moth. . IN STAFFORD TOWNSHIP Rdtepciyers Given GbrAhead To Use New Sever System f .v. PEMBROKE (SUIT) . Back from Queen's Perk where he went en a ttouble ahooting trip, Reev Percy Hawkins on Wed- noaday toid Stafford Township ratepayers Mm kav been sit ting en a new 410,tM sewer for several weeks that they ssay use V.'-'.-'. ' - ' The) - prtmetare -1 hookmg-ln wde a ratepayer, liable te 8199 Iumv;.' ' -.-A': ;i- "la Toranto they told ase they hold on it at aO." said the reeve. -I went es both the Ontario- Water Resource Conv the Ontario' Muni- cipal Board." , V. sewn fxru :-j . .f- .- M wee told ."there: ta' noth ing hindering you 'now except AT CORNWALL CORNWALL Wltkhs long-' lage goei .oi.Iacldevbia;' jnV versity status, Cornwall '.Co. lege today enrwunced a ssJ09j drive reduce thsr II.79M99 in ceaatnictlMi debt on the re cently .completed buildings en Windmill Potat and to expend educatienal services.. Earlier thie year the eetlege admmistretion conducted a total survey en which to .base future planaing. Some of the proposals made were that a greater mns-ber of epctons bo provided to the Arts coarse; that Science granted, the teaching staff enlarged, an that physical education and library faculties be expanded. It was also suggested a residence be built tor Arte ilinlnssta. ''t ' --.-. "".' Rev. Mearl Ugaak. CSV. sapiiiir ef . -e genereus fund selling ; eaaspaigxj ; wae ttoas eeold ba bsDsraeraied to eg range livslismint seeae, He exslatoed that coeMruction n iu or tha first or. central bufldittg ef the present complex wae financed by a campaign which brought hi m.oa, and a sese.eea ipsa, la ISM. a em wmg was 'added at a cost ef COteee, and ia IMX the "north T WARRANT ISSUED KILLALOE (Suff) V As prelude to a bootlexiinx Smith edmitud beving visit ed Rumleskle June XL 1 LEGAL OUTLETS w ' i f' Scoffing at the euggestiea that aaone changed hands, be said be buys aO Ms aicoaoiic needs to Bamfe Bay at legal outlets kh he -visits ."three er toar timee a week," The case waa toVesttgeted by OPP Constables Reg. Patterson, Ted Moack and Pat MullaH. They produced si . statement bearing Smtth'e name. to. the ef fect that be bought Honor, from the miesina Rumleskle. .. . Lee Lefrance, Pembroke lawy er erhe wui serene stuaueue Annexation Seen Only. Solution InRenfrevrrnjit RENFREW (Spectol) An nexation Ie the only eohjttoa to the town's lack of large Indus trial sites. Industrial Commis sion Chairman Don Fraeer bee toM town council. ' ; r . Tea eemmlsstoa has race mended that an Industrial eur- et Renfrew and' the a ree ba areaared by a prutasaionei ; nrm , ana .me commission work ort a tf-yeer plan ef development Cost ef the survey 'would not exceed ! ...! : : v"; ;- v....; The finance committee Ie to study me pmpocal and bring In reoommendations . ett the aest aseeting. AI1vaMtobers of cduncfl favored such a e vy and agreed R wouM be of groat benefit to attracting new your s4wer -rates bylaw." It may ktjt to be changed. In the meantime, H washv dicated by the reeve, ratepay ers who neve sewere may use them, ' provided; that they can find, enough water , lor flushinf purposes. - mm ratepayare f at the ng compaliaed of i dry wells. The drouint H'buus en eewer trench digging which ie believed so have lowered the George Simpson spoke of the "fir hazard" end described the situation as ."very grave." Oscar St. Pierre used" the disaster area." j NOT SERVICED ? . , A.autorrtr of tbe-.delegetion live on ctreea not eervieed by Golleqe Launches :.-,-,'-,- -fi-w t.'f'.-i $350,000 Drive wag was added and the south wing enlarged to bring total lebtednees to' -91.T99.989. RAPID GROWTH J Enreimeat of' Cornwall Col- lege has risen from 34 students M It began .operating kei scattered buildings oa Lawrence enua to 149 to en expected snrolmeut of nsarfy et for the se-S academic year. H the pastt IS years; approximately 441 students have passed through the Secondary and Arts .-depart- The Faiadi reperi deRverad to Cky CsuatR to Febraory aaafclpatsd thai CerawaB Cs4-lege wlthto 0jey ptoa. NriUlsMwsaf ' VMhrWvliya 1 The college Ie affiHeted with the, University , of Ottawa' and al degrees 'ere conferred by the , Ottawa fnslitutioo. The school Is staffed by 34 priests and. four ,'lay .teachers, .Eighty per cent of the students come from the city. The rest are drawn from other parts of the prcvinca, adjoining provinces, the US. end Mexico. En rolment this term will Include young Jadles tn the Arts cours tor the first time. , - Rev. George Griffin. . CSV. dean e( studies, has been ap pointee: .campaign Other campelgn aflkialt be 'named- shortly. ...... -. , .. -V i- Bay Bootlegger Sought win p I - to -1 tf aniwhen be is found, obiect- ed to police methods of ebtain- Mag1straiC IiWediisJ .?h statee m , being nay usuoea ia an euuum ai anees' which . led 94-1 rearoid Pater Smith ef Barry'a Bey aeing charged with Rlegal peeeeeetoa of nouor. The alleged bootlegger. Benny ftumleette, 41. of Berry's Bay did not appear, to court and n warrant tor his arrest 'highly, Irreguler.' WT RESPONSIBLE It war admitted as evidence bat not as a sworn statement Smith adinrtted having signed k. but said be wae net responsi ble for hie actions t be beea drinlcing "that dlnmg st be specific uayr-De-mder eeth, aa emhnated be had consumed "flva er six bottles ef wtoe and CASE DISMISSED The megistrste waa 'convinced that Smith had bed enough e coiaol to make Mm drunk. The case wee dismissed. Meaistrate - Plains nu rested that police chock Smith's claims sgalnst sshw orders tiled to the Barry's Bay liquor, store end brewers' warehouse. If they cWt Jive, he said. "perjury charges win be In or- der. ' y ... . ..... . V; Transform : Cornwall Road Into Highway ) - CORNWALL fSpSdat) ;-t Suburban Roed ltlthe Rihsl Important traffic rout totb the city from the north, te waneformed from a Mlly filled road Into a free . flowrnt 19 mite . en - hour highway. United counties reed crewi thie week storied land cleer- mg on the read between Camera Corners snd St. Andrews West a- three mHe section which h for the meet pert Mils. heHews and sharp turns, ., . , Ahut R. . Fenroson, counties engineer, said be hopes this of the gji.eet wiq ba completed by Sept I. i 1 tenders or era vet work wfll be earned. Km mMU the united buntlvst may IHvj the vravOT mot n nu snuicatea tMe Would be rheaner Suburban Road H Hake Corn- wen whk Highway 42 st Monk. iei W'fi-"'. e lej'aii water works system recently ineUUed m part of the town- Heme s w n S r s ferHinate enough to have deep wells were et one time "lendini"- water to the less ortuiuu but this neighborly gesture has become e thing of the pest "They're running short them- serves," k was explained. CERTAIN TERMS Some of the perched petition ers had "water taps' ready te go" but had been forbidden to use them. Permission . WIH , be fry en only sfter certain terms an agreement with Pembroke, 'which will euppty water, have been met by the town- New water linee can come only after negotiations are started by township cosnctt and the OMB.-- .--'- - , - - - I Reeve Hawkins, who recog- there te a limit nyone'e patience." assured the delegation that council was ''doing Its best" m the face of e nssty situation. Plan Sewage Treatment cmtStudr ' HAWKEStURT (SpecUO The CSnsdian British Consult- int Engineers are to make a study on What type of sewege treatment plant Hawkesoury needs. It wss revealed at a spe cial meeting of Tows Council Tuesday night i The Ontario Hydro wui pay tha cost of tha study, which should be aver In two months. after which construction at the punt win begin. 1 v v A prunary ataa Involvina a $300,000 expenditure would be tha ineullatioo of an outfall ear while g eecondarv oUn. it raquired,-! would amount to about IIJ30.0OO, Mayor Victor Bruneau ssid. t . -i Beachburg I Strikes 1964 ( Mill Rates - - , BEACHBURG (SpecUl) Beecheurg village council levied 1M4 mill rates st4hetr meeting Wednesday : night '.--J.e f, Rater art as foUow county purposaa, 19 mills; r broke and District High School Board and town of Pembroke, high school a debeotare debt ,184 -Am: ' . '.. I . ) Stafford Fire Guts 3 Stores PEMBROKE (Staff) - While Stafford-- Township councillors were discussing whether er not they could legally nee their new water system Wednesday night, firemen from three municipalities booked in. to the new hy drants end opened them up tat an effort to seve' a flaming block containing three stores. The Ore gutted the Brash Groceteria.' Marguerite's Beauty Salon and Sam's barber shop, . operated by Ray Brash. Marguerite Jones and Oscar St. tnerre. Mr.' St. Pierre wee at the council' .meeting ' eompleining that there Isn't a drop of water in the township. Later he found bis barber shop practically Heating, thanks to the combined efforts at firemen from Stafford, Pembroke and Patawawa. The. Are wee spotted by. Don na Kmger. ls-year-old daughter et Albert Kruger, owner, of the building, and Mrs. Kruger, who lives next door, to the store. Flames were first noticed at the 1 eeutheast corner where there was. aa electrically refrigerated meat dtspley count- erSoote furniture was removed fjrom the barber shop and beauty parlor but nothrr in the grocery store could be saved. Extent of the toes has not been determined.:, Deaths Ottawa, Area ARGYLE MecFARLANE. 5S, foremen for the Department of Public Works. 322 Irene Crescent DAVID WHEELER. 98. Supreme Court Building garage supervisor. 420 Parkdele Avenue. I - 7JESSIE PAD EN, 432 Queen Perth Building Permits Top $270,000 PERTH (Specisn For the first-seven months of 1984. building permits were Issued for 8271.000 worth of construction in Perth. . v . . W. A Stamp, building inspse. tor, reports residences, account- ea ror giogoo and a school addition, hens . and .commercial bulMlngs.. .gecoeatsd for 9163.000. . ' . ; . t 5 .- Several hundred thousend dollars In construction to being completed throughout the town on permits issued ia 1963. A mills, residential; ., eomrMfi ' Boulevard wtn get under way del; Boochbura waterworks 00- bentura, 27; general purposes. iu ; auiia, - residential: 21.9. commercial; Beachburg. street lighting area. 2.8 mills; .Public School Joard of the Beachburg subdivision . near the end of the year oroariy la-iatUb v"i:i - Aa enrolment of more than 900 is expected at Perth and District Collegieu this FeB and a special building committee and Westmeath School Area, under Dr. C B. Church has been 11J, resldentlali 12.4, commar-lset up to study plans for aa ad- dat, v 'ditioa to tha achooL- ," Castletbn Man Jailed. Cbuldn WJLLALOE (Suit) - A man with three addresses oa ale car- owner credentials, wae ttved at S fourth one. went to toB 99 days Wednesday whan be could not Pay a tie fine. Charged with failing to re- at the scene of aa acci dent 61 ... year eld George auneiga pleaded guiny. - : Magistrate Pis tat Imposed a One of git and cosu er 9s days toU. '? I ASKED REDUCTION Burleigh saM If the fine could be reduced to S29 be would "man a cheque." Describing himself as laborer." unable to pa One, be aaid bis Csstletoa. ;.,' ' His driver'i permit. "Just a a lias pepere had him domiciled at Graftoa, Csmpbeilford and Brighton. TWO-CAR CRASH ... , ... - OPP ' Constable James Joynt testified hM-Burleigh left the ef a two car crash In ba wae involved July M on Highway 818 two miles south of Palmer Rapids. k . i The policemen found the car less than a mile from the acd- denT scene nd. caugM up to Burleigh two days later. - i Having ouestioned him. Con- ' Stable Joywt-concluded that Bur- -loigh bed bean drinking on the dey ef the accident, and wae afraid he would totebis irtv- ere licence a? be the ecena. MnaeallTaM ewt Damage done fat the colHskm totalled tsm. r: - . .? V j Anti-Picket I h junction ' Extended foPfirtli; V : .-( . 17.V ',('( f f ; f The town et Perth bes been ranted aa extension of aa ia- terlm inhmctlon ' arohJbltine picketing of power and water etilltes by the Cenadaa Union of Public Employees. : j Mr. Justice Haines granted the. extension Monday to Toronto, It te effective unti Aug. 18.'' ' J;:;.'-. .'; .. r J CVPxt end Perth CouncU are la disagreement ' over union recognition - as - bargsmmg agenu for 14 employees at the municipally owner power and water uuiitiee. t CUPE requested racognltion as bargaining agenu July 11 Couecll brvokad Section 61 of the -lOmerto Ubor - Reletioas t r ; 1 1 - t - '' ' Act. thai exempts them from provisions of the, act vend re futed te allow the uaioa to represent the workers. The anion pulled out Its -men - and council retaliated by hiring outside workers te fill tha Jobs. First interim injunction pro hibiting picketing was granted to Lanark County Court Aug. lL'The latest extension until Aug: II. Is. ths second such ex- y. ton. ERostoff . 7 WASHINGTON Fermere ef the U.S. have been forced to ebendon murf than tt million acres ef cropland ; years because of soil erosion, (

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