Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on June 6, 1976 · Page 94
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 94

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 6, 1976
Page 94
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^^ Pi rate land I Family ('.ampffround · 1,200 Sites Ocean Front m · a«tf,T«nnU, »«·! 3 Mll.i $.«)i, U.S.Hlwa, 17 · · k-r. MTIIUIIACH, 5.C.29377 · L. "'" » · · « · » · » « » · · · * PONDEROSAIFMILY CAMPGROUND ' " HUSSEY REALTY CO. ·IU1UT1IE UUS-IUSJS ( UTUWIIHOWS NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, S. C. 295S2 803/249-1475 · · i i mtn-rri emamatmaam U I c MflTFI P.O.BOX;!.:M V. J. J I"" I tL . . CHERBYCKMbtCIION · SWIMMING 1001 AND SPACIOUS SUN DECK · tENCSDI I«DDIE PlAVOtOUNO AND POOt · HORSEBACK BIOKO i. HoestsHoes · IENNIS NEARBY · CAIEBIN Fh»n««03/M9-lOH »»»*»*»******»*********·*** Rooms Xt Apartments JJ.4O5 Flagg St. -- Phone 803-448-224?* I MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. 29377 COLD COAST MOTEL In Delightful Cherry Grove '3901 N Ocean Blvd. NORTH MYRTLE BEACH South Carolina 29SS2. Phone 803 249-2412 2 8 3 ROOM EFFICIENCIES 28 Units. New Modern 150 Feet to Beoch. Fully Equipped Elec Kitchen. Color TV. Pool Kiddie . Pool. Golf Privileges, Surt. Pier Inlet Fishing, Doily Maid Service. Baby Sitters Available " C B--.. j-Jt:;. - LAURIE SUE McLEOD Owners-Managers WHITE REALTY CO. VACATION HOMES WRITE FOR FREE BROCHURE Phone 8O3/272-6115 P.O.BOX 1OO4 N. Myrtle Beach, S. C. 29582 · ft Vtxk from Often. 3 Blocks horn PovHwn. 100% Air , Cooditiontd ... Room Coble TV ... Pool and Kiddw Pool. On the South Carolina Sends SUMMER WIND MOTOR MN Air Conditioned, Cable TV, Efficiencies, Rooms, Elevator, Swimming Poof, Coif and Tennis Prlv., Cabanas. t REFRIGERATORS ALL ROOMS Directly On Ocean 1901 S. Ocean Bl.i, Myrtle Beich, S.C.29577 PH.(803)448-4361-BobiSutDucli»orth ---v cup * MAIL AD FOR RATES J Name City j State Zip ... Ocean Front Resort Motel and Restaurant · Rooms · Efficiencies · TV · Golf Privileges · Pool · Air Cond. · Beach Cabana MR W.D. MEEKS--MANAGER PHONE 803/272-6151 BOX 2248 Windy Hill Sec. North Myrtle Beach, S.C. 29582 r********************* Overlooking th» Cc*on KATHY-JO APARTMENTS 55th Ave. P.O. Box 3127, Cherry GroreSection K. MYRTLE BEACH. S.C. 29852 Phone 803/243-1853 or 249-1550 28 NEW UNITS ADDED WITH COLOR IV · Room* · Apti. · All Elec. Kikheni · Ai' Cond · lineni · Pool 1 Kiddie Pool · laundry Room · Til« Both! · Wall ro Wall Cplfl · l(XQl*d belwttn 2 Filhing P*n · Coll Priv. · Rwjwnobl* Rcte* Ml. MRS. OOHHIE KING Owners-Managers Ir********************* ANCHOR INN MOTEL Ch»rr Cii*ov k Station \orlh I rll IS».-M*h. SA\ 2»5tt:£ · 22-2 Room Effii. Apti. · Roomi All A» Cond.. Color IV · Colt Pf«. · AcroiJ StftM-t from FisSintj P*r 9 Rettaurorilt and Marketing Wear 0 Swimming Pool · CMd/en Welcomed · Reiervqiioni Advtinble. Write or Phone 803/249-2518, Box 3087 Rock v A Bob I'm i l l cw OCEAN HOLIDAY Dircctlfon the Ocean 1701S.OceanBI»d.,MrrlleBeacr,,S.C. A great lomily vacation spot with roomy apartments at reasonable rotes! 2 double bed efficiencies for low, reasonable rates. (803)448-3016 For Your Convenience Centrally Located .BEVERLY MOTEL UNUSUALLY NICE, HEATED POOL KIDDIE POOL, CABLE TV, 43 AIR COND. HEATED UNITS, ROOMS, 1 2 BEDROOM EFF. ARTS., MOTEL AND OFF THE STREET PARKING. ACROSS STREET FROM THE BLUE ATLANTIC. PARK AND WALK TO THESE: h BLOCK SOUTH OF PAVILION AND AMUSEMENT AREA. CArETEBIAI BINGO. WITHIN 3 BIOCKS OF DOWNTOWN M. BEACH · 1 STOP SHOPPING CENTER, 11 RESTAURANTS. 3 ARCADES, 10 GlfT SHOPS. LOUNGES. FISHMG PIER. LAUN DRY MAT. CABPET GOLF 1 3 THEATERS * 3 BLOCKS OF BUS STATION 1 3 CHUBCHES. Far Information Write or Call BEVERLY MOTEL Phone 803/448-9496-703 N. OCIAM BLVD. MTRTLE BEACH, S.C. 29577 APPLE TREE MOTOR INN 2603 N. Ocean Blvd. Myrtle Beach 34 S. C. 29577 803-448-3987 · Overlooking the ocean · Family atmosphere · Color TV · Rooms E(f. Apis. · Ele»ator · Daily Moid Service · Healed Pool · Fully carpeted · Coll · Air Conditioned 9 Near shopping trial MR. MRS. COYTE DRUM, Mgrs. PHONE 803/448-3987 APPLE TREE MOTOR INN 21031. OCIII ILID.iriUE IIUIU.C.2I5H Please send information to NAME ADDRESS CITY for a wonderful vacation MAR-LANE MOTEL · OCEANFRONT- CHERRY GROVE SECT. NORTH MYRTLE BEACH. S.C. 29582 P.O. BOX 3054 PHONE 803-249 2013 Mf j t^lh*, H. Andctuirt. Myr. Owfii^T PELICAN MOTEL Cherry Grove Sect. North Myrtle Beach · ROOMS · EFFIC. APIS. »POCH»TV · AUCONDfllONINO 0 HEAT ·DAIIY MAD SERVICE · G01F PRIV itsnmuurs muin WRITE P O. BOX 3502 For Brot huii- RemoooWc Rate* JEWEL X FU8MAH HUGGWS, (hrners,*grs. OCEAN FRONT Far Rrvtvotiont PHonc 803-249-1416 Among Palms and Carolina Pines LAKESIDE MOTEL The Place you will enjoy * Rooms-Apartments * Coif-Putting Green * Air Conditioned * Enjo.K fishing and * Restaurant Adjoining Boatitg * Golf prnilerjes at * Shopping Center Near lOChampionshipCourses *HeatedPool * IS Ouldoor Actixities * Catering to the Family MR. AKD MRS. JOHN T. SCHWARZ Phone 803-449-5848 Lakeside Motel 68th Ave. North "On (he Ocean Highway" Myrtle Beach, S.C. 29577 · Directly on the Ocean Crescent Village Mote! · ROOMS--COLOR CABLE TV · KITCHENETTES · GOLF PRIV. · AIR CONDITIONED · HEATED POOL--KIDDIE POOL Phone 803/272-6904 FAMIIT MOTEL S~lh Omn Bl.i, P.O. lfe« 1 W7 NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, 5.C. 29582 Vinie Carroll, Owner GRAND MOTEL 106 N. Ocean Blvd. KMTH MftTLE BEACH, S.C. 29512 Otean f.ont, modrrn rooms and opa-lmenK. (i.r com! . Colo' IV. Room MUMC. lorgfi Pool. Pt.-ote Pat'O. Doily Moid Scivitr. GOLF PRMLEGES. Ne*t loFiihincj Prr and Tcnn.v Courh. Phon* 803/749-3444 P.O. BOX 706-E Oeoan Oriv«Soct. Th» Walkars, Ownart-Haiti OCEAN FRONT AT ill YRTLK BKAC II Enjoy Your Beach Vacation at the VANCOUVER MOTEL 26O1 South Ocean Blvd., MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. 29577 PHONE 803-448-4331 Call or wrili" to r'M»rv«- 1 V a n c o u v e r Motel. Sam M i l d r e d W h e e l e r . Mprs., 2601 South Ocean Blvd. Phone (803) 448-4331 Myrtle Beach, S. C. 29577 Name Phone Address · City State / i p . . . . Sicned I .uxurimis. Spacious Rooms. Kt'ficipm'iesand Aparunt'nls air comlilioneil with Kitchen Unils. ('anli'TV. Heated Pool and Kiddie I'ool. Coif I'rivilepcs. SEA SPRAY MOTOR INN IHHI;C n,v ON TIII-: o *:v\ T O I.IH54C CrwntVcKiSKtMNKthNtffclrKh.S.C.miZ Phon. 803/272-3722 ^ New Luwrwui £ CrfomK li« Boihi · Coble Color TV m all unin * Goll P»ivIeg« · A!Tcondit.o.~H Elect.* HeOt 4 R "loumnH Nrorhy 9 Wall to Wall Carpet Wld*, Ctoan, Sandy B«adt MR. MRS. E. B. HANEY Owners Opera/on Welcome, West Virginia! to-The Most Beautiful and Unusual Hotel in Myrtle Beach J 0 1 Deluxe Rooms Apartments Directly on the Atlantic Ocean 1105 South Ocean Blvd.- Myrtle Beach, S.C. 29577 0 Family Fun Unlimited ·Your Choice of Eleven 18 Hole championship Golf Coursei 0 Large Swimming Pool (Heated) · Native Restaurant Gift Shop Adjoining · All Rooms with Private Balconies · Color TV /^ Lounge on 5th Floor 0 Within walking distance of. shopping area and amusement park Reservations Suggested-- Phone 803-448-8421 CALL TOLL FREE -- 1-80O-845-O671 Inquire about our special Golf Package September 1 5 to June 1 st DIRECTLY ON THE OCEAN! ONE 2 ROOM, 2 BEDROOM EFFIC. Apis. Telephone (803) 249-2265 Clean, wide Beach! One ol Cherry Grove'i Fineil! Next Door lo Fishing Pier Reitouronl Golf ol 10 Courses Tennis Courts Nearby · Air Conditioning · Wall-to-Woll Carpel « Color TV · Two Pools whh Kiddie Pools · Doily Maid Service Apartm. B tt Indud.: Un.n. ul.milt Ml kluh.n. two d«ubl«-b«l« ond o h!d«-o-bid. Ken Pat Rogers, Owners For Reservations, Write or Call: S H n P » H °L M 2a.v AMPLE FREE P. 0. Box 3210 In - ·omui* North Hyrl| e -Be 0 ch.S.C. 29582 PARKINC- Edythe Hill Rrigode of Charleston, W. Va. Fubar: Our Star On the Grand Strand By Martha Smith A h o n k , the kick of a red and white polka dot leg and a bright red nose all signal the arrival of one of Charleston's happiest souls. She is Fubar, the city's official clown. Her name is an acronym for fouled up beyond all repair and, as Fubar, she epitomizes slapstick, pratfall, crossed-eyes clown humor. Beneath the yellow yarn pigtails, the red nose, baggy pants suit and crimson mittens is a woman whose musical talents and devotion to entertaining and uplifting the lives of her fellow Charlestonians have won countless friends and admirers. Fubar is Edythe H i l l Brigode, musician, comedienne, public servant. She has been Charleston's official clown since 1967, when the title was bestowed upon her by Mayor E1-. mer Dotson and city council. She explains why she wanted the aura of officialdom for her antics: "I like to entertain physically handicapped and retarded children, and I never charge for it. But I felt sort of silly calling up to offer my services and trying to explain that I'm Edythe Hill Brigode, alias Fu- bar the clown. So I wrote a letter to Mayor Dotson and council ,-isking them to make me the city's official clown and they did." The first time she donned a clown suit, Mrs. Brigode was hooked on the comedy form, a l t h o u g h the character of Fubar didn't evolve until some additional experimentation was completed. "One Christmas, they were hav- "ing'a chWreri's breaRfasTwith San- ta and they asked me to make music and wear a clown costume," she recalls. "I was amazed at how the children loved the clown. The next year they called me and I said. 'If I can, you'll have Fubar.' " Mrs. Brigode already had an idea of what she wanted Fubar to look like. ("I wanted her to look l i k e Raggedy Ann, but prettier," she jokes.) Her husband, A. E. "Bus" Brigode created the yellow yarn pigtailed wig and became Fubar's biggest fan. "When I worked for the 'Centennial commission in 1963," she adds, "he took me around to all the events where I played the accordion He has always supported my work in entertainment, even to the point of breaking up his vacation to accompany me around the state." Shortly after she was made Charleston's official clow in 1968, Mrs. Brigode was dispatched to Myrtle Beach, S.C., to take the mayor the key to West Virginia's capital city. "They had made Mayor Dotson an honorary citizen of M y r t l e Beach," she recollects, "and since I planned to vacation there, he asked me to take them the key to the city. When I got there. I dressed up as Fubar and told them I should be made an 'ornery citizen.' The mayor of Myrtle Beach insisted that I stay and, as Fubar, participate in the Sun Fun Festival, the year's biggest event at the beach." Mrs. Brigode has returned each year as Fubar, to direct many of the festival activities. This Thursday through Sunday, she'll be doing the honors again, clowning around ·at a variety of fam'ily-briejited entertainments. Capt. Kahgarod'-will ·-im CHARI.KSTON. W.VA.

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