The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 14, 1918 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 14, 1918
Page 5
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\ THURSDAY, MARCH 14, 191S. THE DAILY COURIEK, CONNELLSVILLB, PA. PAGE FIVE. Special to The Courier. VT. PLEASANT, March 14.--Airs. ;E. S. FOUBI, John Leightr, daughter, |*fl» H«len, Thomas Fithtter, Frank Plater and Charges Cunningham left 2a5t evening for Camp. Merritt, New ·Jorsey. to see the local boys with the ADesheny hospital unit who are there. The local boys there are, Captain John L. BurhoWer; Sergeant Raymond Feast- Robert Cunningham, Caester Painter and Harry Fiddler. Ttrtae boys have been moved from Fon McPherson where they, were cam-pins to Camp Merritt ready to be sent abroad. Red Cross Lecture. Airs. CiiarJes Parsons, field worker tor th« Pennsylvania Division of the Red Cross lectured to 200 ladies Irom the various units in the assembly rooms of the bank' snd trust building yesterday afternoon. Mrs. Parsons had on display completed hospital garments and .knitted garments a;. v f l l . All questions pertaining to Red Cross work was answered. Personal. -Vtrs. Fred Irwin and little son and daughter left yesterday to visit frionds at Rochester, Pa. Miss Kathryn Kalp was a business caller in PittsJJurg yesterday. Says His Prescription Has Powerful influence Over Rheumatism BixcOTprrr Tell* ConnelHvlIk- Tmff Store -Not 10 Take n Cent of A«y- nn*'* Mon«T CnleMtt A.Ucnrhu C ··- plrtely nnnt.«heM A l l Hhewmatic Pnl»«. .ind Twinge*. ,\fr. James H. A l l e n suffered for yearn ·'with rheumatism. Many fmes t h i s terrible disease left him heli'lss and unable to work . f-Tp finally decided, after years of ceaseless study, that no one can be Ir-ren from rheumatism until the accumulated impurities, commonly railed uric acid deposits, were dissolved in th" joints and muscles and expHled from the body, With this idea in m i n d he consulted physicians, made experiments and final y compounded -a prescription that q u i c k l y and completely banished c^ry «i;rn and symptom of rheumatism from hi -j pystem. H» freely" pave his discovery to ot'iers whq took it, w i t h what mip-ht tf called marvelous, success. A f t e r years of urpinc he decided to let suf- IV-ors everywhere know about his disco v«ry through the newspapers. *on- ·neilsvllle rrucr store has been appointed agents for Allenrhu in this v i c i n i t y w i t h the understanding, that he will freely r e t u r n the purchase money to an who state they received no benefit. Mrs. D. H. Baer, Miss June Bell, Mrs. W. M. Ryan- Mrs. Curtiu Show, Atrs. Paul Elliott, Miss Mary Leech, Mrs. Donald Abraham, Mis Kathryn Thomas, -Mrs. Bcrnm li. Vaace, Mrs. R- $. Burchinal, Miss Rebecca. Brown.- j field, Hi as H. B. Guiber, Mrs. P. C JBritt. The chairman appointed the ! following finance committee: XCrs. I Donald Abraham, Mrs.| V. L. Mc- j Cracken and Mrs. J. TJ King; publicity committee, Miss Perie Abraham, Mfs. Jessie Ryan. The stork in the absense of the nead of the house, Mrs. OrviUe Cunningham who is .in Camp Lee, Va., visited the home on Church street Monday and left the mother a baby boy. SMJTHFIELD, March 14.--William Koontz has sold to J. N. O'Neil a piece of ground on Fairview street in the borough o£ Smith-field," containJrrg 27,320 square feet- The consideration is private. Ernest Young oC Point Marion was in the borough Tuesday working^ on the gas line which has been giving poor service for the past several days. The trouble -was at the distributing house on Main street where he found a cap on one of the pipes had become lose, letting water into the lines, which shut off the gas pressure. The stork visited the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Casteele March 8 and left them, a S% pound boy, being the first arrival. Mr. and Mrs- T. R. Lynch of .Fairbank are in Kansas, called there by the death of William Moser, an uncle of Mr. Lynch. Mrs. James Gilchrtet and children .of Ohio are guests at the home of J. W. Weaver. Mrs. Gilchrist's father. Mrs. T. L. Boord and Miss Azelma Rohrer ,have 'returned from a visit with relatives abd friends at Camp Lee, Va. Mrs. Lewis Morgan yisited Mrs. Caroline Morgan who recently suffered a stroke of paralysis at her borne in Uniontown. SAFE, GENTLE REMEDY CLEANSES YOUR KIDNEYS Tor centuries OOU MEDAD Haar- lm Oil hna been A *tandard household ren«dj- for. kidney. liv«r, bladder Mid stomach trouble, and all diseases connected w i t h tha urinary org-ano. Tbo kidneys and bladder are the most Important orga-na of the bodjr. They are the filters, thn puriftersr of your blood: Lf the poteonp which enter your system t h r o u g h the Mood and stomach ard not e n t i r e l y thrown out by the kidneys and bladder, you are doomed. "Weariness, sleeplessnera*, nervousness, despondency, backache, stomach trojuble, headache, pain in loins and lo^-er abdomen, frail-stones, srrave], difficulty when urinating:, cloudy and bloody urine, rheumatism, sciatica and lumbae-o, all warn you to look after your kidneys and bladder. GOLD, MEEA1j Haarlem Oil Capsules ar i ·vrliat you nee-rt. ^ They are not a "patent medicine." nor a "new discovery." For 200 rears Says AcM Exce»« of hydrochloric acid ·our* the food and forms they have been a. standard household remedy. They «HTG the pure orlgina,! j imported Hiuulm OH your pre»t- Brrandmotlwr used, and a.rp, perfectly» haj-mlejss. The healing-, soothine oil soalcs into the cells ami lining- of the kidneys ami thronrh the bladder. tJrir- inc out the poisonous (jerms. New life, fr**th. strength and health will come as you continue- the treatment. When completely restored to your usual vigor, potitinuo taking a rapsule or two each day: they w i l l kt-*? you in condition and prevent a return of the diweaaa. Do not delay a. minute. Delays are GSp*cr*liy danporous in Itidney and bladder trouble. AJ1 dru'RKists sell GOLD METDAJj Haarlem OH Capsule*. They ·will refund the money if not as represented. In three wizrs, sealed pacXtvpes. Ask for t.iej oripina tmjjort- ed GOLD MEDXL. Accept no substi- tutes.--iXdT. ' I GLYCERINE MIXTURE ! FOR APPENDICITIS j Connellsvillc people can prevent | appendicitis with simple buck-thorn I bark, glycerine, etc., as mixed in Ad- j ler-i-ka. ONE TEASPOON FIJI, flushes i the ENTIRE bowel tract so completo- I Iy it relieves ANY CASE .sour stom: ach, gas or constipation and prevents | appendicitis. The INSTANT, pleasant [action of Adlcr-i-ka surprises both j doctors and prftients. Leaves stomach t clean and strong. A. A. Clark.-^Adv. Smith field. Meyersdale. ilEYERSOALE, March. 13.--C. C. McDowell of the County Farm Bureau | of Somerset was in .Meyersdale on ' Tuesday and gave several very ia- : j teresting talks on school gardens and ; A well-known authority statM that stomach trouble and indigestion is nearly always due to acidity--acid stomach--and not, as most folks believe, from a lack oC digestive juices. He states that an excess of hydrochloric acid in the stomach retards di- I gestion'and starts food fermentation,} then our meals sour Hke garbage in a can, forming acid fluids and gases, i which inflate the stomach like a toy | ballon. \Ve then get that heavy, I lumpy feeling in the chest, we eruc- Late sour food, belch gas. or have | heartburn, flatulence- waterbraah, or 1 nausea. j He tells us to lay aside all digestive I aids and instead, get from any phar- [ macy four ounces of Jad Salts and i take a tablespooufu.1 in a glass of [ ! water before breakfast while it is ef- ; ferveaeingi and furthermore, to coa- , tinne this for one week. Whi'.e relief , follows the first does, it is important i to neutralize the acidity, remove the gas-making mass, start the Hver, stim- ! ulate the kidneys and thus promote a free^fiow of pure digestive juices. Jail Salts In inexpensive aud is i made from the acid of grapes _ and ; Eemon juice, combined with lithia and i sodium phosphate. This harmless | salts is us«d by thousands of people j for stomach trouble with excellent re- i suits.--Adv. eration Fire Insurance Co.. of Berlin, Pa., was here yesterday and at Som- ertield. Pa.., transacting business. · Mr. and Mrs, A. J. CJoee of Johnson Chapel, Pa., -was here y«eterday on, their war to Mannis to visit their son, James and family. ·Mrs. Julius Buttsr of Somerfleld. Pi., has returned borne after s. visit ·with friende hare. Mr. and Mrs. P. E. Vlttcent'of Fort Hill, Pau, irer« shopping hi' town yesterday. Quite a number of TOUTIS men in this vicinity were in Roctewood yesterday taking eliminations for service to their country. Mr. J. C. Barr- of Philad*lr»hia, a member of the Laurel Coal .\linin-g company, of this place is here on business connected with his firm at present Ira Link ot the State Mining company has returned from , a business visit to Johnftown and Conenaugh, Pa. RESULTS WILL STARTLE CONNELSVILLE People report' qniok results from pure Lavoptik ej-e -wash. A girl with weak, strained eyes -was helped by one application. Her mother could not sew ox read beca-uae of eye paius. In one ireek her trouble was gone. A small bottle of Lavoptii Is guaranteed to help ev«rr case weak, strained or inflammed eyes. One wash startles with its quick results. Aluminum eye cup free. A. A. Clarke.--Adv. I The Supreme Style Event of the Year Demonstrates Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt the Supremacy of "The Big Store" as a Ready-to-Wear Center Regardless or how discriminat- j For Opening Days we not alone ing her taste, every woman will find in this wonderful display, ap- i parel to satisfy 'her every desire and at a price that will appeal to her sense of economy. feature a representative style display, but special values as well, which will be equally attractive to all women seeking their Easter apparel. KOBACKERC * " * THE BIG STORE Confluence. SJOTHFTELD. March 13.--.Mrs. H. :B. Ouiber and daughter, Rebecca, left lere Friday evening · for Baltimore, where Mrs. Guiher's son, Lieuleran-t J M. Guiher, of Camp Mead will meet them when they i;o to Camp Dix. N. Y.. to visit Dr. H. E. .Guiher at ;hat earn p. .Mrs. Hannah Ryan- of Pueblo. Col., "wjis the guest of her cousin,.- Mrs. 'Curtin Show. Mrs. Ryan is a daugh- IP 1 . 1 of Peter F. Franks of Uniontown. ;~was.reared near old Frame. Thij is feer first vjsit to Fayette county in 20 years. VIrs. Edna Williams of L'niontuwn .ha* been elected principal of the borough schools, this position n'ade vacar.: by the resignation of Al'va Har- fovd. Urs. Frank Newman and four chil- or.?n af Filbert spent several days wi:h Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Button. .SmithJIeld women at the close o the Red Cross sewing in the Baptist church "Wednesday, organized for ef- Jeotive war work by electing Mrs. H. E, Guiher chairman: Mrs. j. D. Graham, vice chairman"; Miss .Mary Lyech serrctary: Miss Rebecca Brownfield. ar.vistant secretary, and Miss K;ith- ryii Thomas, treasurer. The following named are members of the city board: Mrs. Ralph Maline. Costs Less and Kills T h a t Cold ^i!^ CASCARA09UININE ' The standard cold care for 20 yean -in tablet form-- safe. auie. no opiate* -- eurca cold in 24 hour* -- (rip in 3 dwrs. Money backif it fails. Get the ··nuine ' wx w:th Red top and Mr. Hrir* picture on it. Cot3 leas, give* moce.sMvei money. UTabUti foi 2Si. At Any Dnif Star* various other subjects. In the after| noon he spoke to school children and } In the evening he met a good crowd of j ladies and geutie^nen in the high I school* building and interested them I until 0 o'clock when he went to the .| Boosters club and gave the mea there Jan excellent talk. j ' The Community Boosters club held ; their regular meeting on Tuesday , evening aud it was one of the heat · held for some time. One of the most ; important subjects they acted on was : in getting the shirt factory started up · again. The committee that had been ^appointed to look after th-e matter and l see if sufficient help could, be secured i reported that everything was favor- J able, and in all probability they would j be able to start up in about two i months. The" machines have all ready ! been ordered. : .Misses Clare and Gertrude Dixoa of · Connellsrille, came up Tuesday after- j noon and in the evening with their '· brother. J. I.,. Dixon. and Rev. Father : Brady went over to Midland to attend the funeral of Philip McMann, who was buried there Wednesday morning. Rev. John Brennen of U'esternport, Md.. was the guest of Rev. j. j. Brady on Tuesday and in the,- evening de- iivored an Lenten sermon in the Catholic church. .Miss Pauline C.rof very delightmlly emertained a lew of her lady friends on Tuesday evening. Refreshments were served after a few. hours spent in need-le work; Mrs. Casper Deist has gone to visit! her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and j Mrs. A. H. Eruce. at Lenni- Pa. ] Miss Mae Diehl has returned from a few days* visit with relatives in | Bedford. i , Mrs. \V. H. Ryland left Tuesday for | a few days* visit with relatives in j Lonaconing v Md, | John G. .'Kylus, merchant taiior of j Frostburg spent a few hours in our j city. Wednesday, while enroute from"; Salisburg where he had been on a { business mission. ' Henry G. Miller of Everett, ig visit-I ing his son, Edward Miller and farm- j :ly on OHngcr street. j CONFLUENCE. March 12.--iliss Rachael Miller who teaches school in ; Meyersdale visitod her parents, Mr.' ! and .Mrs. D. L. MilleY her over Snn- ! day. I Mr. and Mrs. Howard Sanner o! ! Pittsburg are visiting Mrs. Banner's (father, A. R. Humbert. . i Rev. "\\". A. %Vfssinger of Browns' villp- Pa., was here Sunday holding sen-ices in [he Jersey and West Sid« Baptist churches. ; C. E. Yeagiy was a business visitor i in Connellsville -yesterday. i Elliott L. Beggs, manager of the · McCrorey's 5 and 10 cent store in Con, nellsviUe visited Us parents. Mr. and Jfrs. T. G. Beggs here Sunday. ' . George \V. I.enhart visited' his family in Somerfield, Pa., over Sunday. ! Ixniis Reynolds who recently returned from Mercy hospital, Plttsimrg, where he underwent an operation for appendicitis is able to be out and 'around again. CONFLUENCE. March 13. -- Mrs. Fred Koontz is recovering nicely from her recent sevore operation. : Tomorrow the residence and sever' al lots of the ia;o Maria Watson on : the West Side will be sold at public | auction. I Yesterday was Baltimore Ohio | pay day here. Rev. W. }'. Bracken, pastor of the M. E. church was in and around } i Draketown yes-teruay visitin-g the sick. I i H. M. Dalesman was a business visi- j toe to Connellsvil'.e, Pa., yesterday. J. B. Schrock, secretary oT the coop- POSTMASTERS LIABLE For Exclusion of Unmatlahle Matter Intmded Soldiers Abroad. The postal authorities have renew-' ed their, warning about sending un- mai]a.ble articles to American soldaers in Prance. The examination or packages at the New York ofQcc discloses that umnailable articles, such aa ! matches, alcohol, explosives, and in- i flammables, continue to be found in i packages even though the packages I themselves are marked by posUnas- ' tcrs as containing no prohibited articles. _ I These ^eing serious rtolations of the postal laws, and subject to a fine of 55,000 or 10 years imprisonment, postmasters have been notified tluit they will be held responsible for tae exclusion of all unmailahie matter while senders will be dealt with through tlie proper legal authorities. Big 15c Matinee Daily j at 2:30. Evening Shows at 7:30 and 9:15. Clean, Progressive Amusement for the Whole Family. --TODAT AND TOMOEBOTV-- DAVE NEW^IAN'S BLACK AND WHITE REVUE : In the New Military Travesty "THE NEW RECRUIT" On the Screen--"Vengeance and the "Woman." FEATTJKTKG. The Funniest Man in Burnt Cork · JACK BEAST And tie Little Blonde Disseminator ot Gladness and Joy HKLEX HcEKNXA THE FLEMINGS Original Funsters. MOVE BY AUTO TRUCKS BOTH PHONES OPPMAN'STRANSFER OPPOSITE POST OFFICE CONNELLSVILLE, PA. Xotice. A complete showing of all that is newest and best In this season's milliner}' at JIcFarland's, Apple street. --Adv.--14-31. Blotchy Skin Uaur a tiiiM yam have looked into the mrmr and -wUh«d that roar cfcln vonld be Hit «tb;r ffaflf -vfena »om kmv, "wilioot a Mimi*.- Waih D. D. D^ U). loHm of bcmUmt ·*. rer Tour pintXei «r bkitek«. tnlcM--and wake UD in the nonitac to HiMl tham to»cl A Kf botUe will tiw Tf relief. . W¥r doo' t yon try D. D. D. today? J. C. Atoore. Druggist. Water St.. ConnellsviHa, pa. pARAMOUNTJHEATRE TODAY TTTLUAM A. BRADY PRESENTS JUNE EI.VIDGE AND MONTAGUE LOVE IN * "BROKEN TIES" LOVE DRAMA IN 5 ACTS. UNIVERSAL CURRENT EVENTS ALSO A GOOD COMEDY : AND SATCKWAY-- "SCANDAL" L. SELZNICK PRESENTS CO.N'STAXCE TALMADGE IN WONDERFUL PRODUCTION IN S ACTS. ALSO A SELECTED COMEDY. --COMDfO-- CLARA KIMBALL YOUNG IN SOISSON THEATRE THURSDAY, FBEDAT AXD SATURDAY, MARCH 14,15 AND 16. DAILY. JACK BALL STOCK CO. A MINISTER'S SWEETHEART A FUSSY BURAL C03EEDY Of 4 ACTS. FIRST TIME HERE. A Play long to be remembered. Bring fie children. For young men and their fathers--for girls and their .fellows. See the fun. AIRPLANE PRODUCTIONS AT SUBMARINE PRICES. AFTERSOOXS lOc AND 20e. NIGHTS, GENERAL ADJOSSIOX 20c, 30c A2S"D, 35c. A FEW CHOICE SEATS AT oOc. O R P H E U M THEATRE TODAY EDNA GOODRICH IN ·MVHO LOYBD HQI JiliS'I'lr Also a Good Comedy. --FRIDAY A.\'D SATfEBAV-- MARGUERITE CLARK IN "BAB'S .BUKGTiATT' One of Mary Roberts Heinbart's Famous Sub-deb Stories. "CAP"STUBBS 3IA WASXT THE RIGHT TTPB By EDWDTJ ASK VOUR MA FOB A NICKE.L'. TEftSE '. 5HE'U. CW6-WO ONE'. TIDES 1 . MA, OH MA'. A NlCKEU I WJTTA HftVE A NICHEU ' JEST OOTW. PLE NICKeLl OH i-AfV 1 . MA ^ JEST ONE UTT

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