The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 14, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 14, 1918
Page 4
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PAGE FOtlK. THE DAILY COURIER CONNELLSVILL-E P\ THURSDAY, MAKCH 14, 1918. ttmnrtrr. HRXRY P SNTDER Fooodwr aad JXUtor 1ST3-131*- K. 3*. 3Z7TDKR President, JAa J I RISCOLi SflCy and Treasurer BusttfS* JOHN L GAVS Managing Fdltor WA.LTBR Ctt) Editor HISS LTVNE B Societj Editor MEMBER OF Asiracited Press Audit Bar«au of Circulation P«nnsylvm» a Aesociated Da li«* Two cents per copy ^Oc per month »* per year by mall If P^id m advance. Entered as veoond class matter at the postoiQce ConncllaMlle. Pa- TITCBSPAT JETX'G, 34, J91 higher return n other lines If competent teachers are to be ob tain«l the whole sjstem bv which thej are tramed, T^ork and paid must be reformed It s about time to^ stop preaching aboiu the sacred tftauty of a teacher slife on nothing a year and pay the hardest most responsible most important-work of h-inging up children exactly what it Is worth Teachers everywhere Trill agree that the argument and conclusions of our coiUeraporarv are sound but they do not seem to have prevailed with the Grocnsburg school board which refus ed tfl ers wages In this respect the capital of ^Vestraoreland is lagging behind/ her tister Tnumcu^ities even behind a majority of the township school d»s | tncts of her own and other counties 9 grant the request of the Wachl- of that place for in arKanoc nt L "WHi.IAM P SHFRM VN j Hospital Unit L U S. A. Fort J ·McPher^oo. \tlanta Ga, RALPH F SLIOI P, Companv H 319th Infan ry 0 S. N A Camp Lee Petersburg Va- ·f The AMQctatcd Th4 Associated P-csa is ai clual-uftiy entitled to th« use for repub*ca.tion of all news di»- Pfctches credited to- It or not otherwise credited It this paper «j.d also the local n*w» published here n. - ~"Z1 lmrPOTVTVFT AM) JOSS. A rery modest and unassuming hut kmdlv disposed citizen of a peace \ loring and quiet section of the cuv W ' QO conceals his i d e n t * r but not b s place of residence under the camouflage of A Mod Jump r from Mud ulle end The Courier a \crv clev written communication ancru the j proposed paving of Daurteon avenue Overlooking a rule of all well regulated newspaper offices our contributor has failed to take Ihe editor into bJ3 confidence to the extent of giving! tfie name bv which his neighbors mat call him, face to face jf not behind j hi*? back, which omi=3ion prevents us using th s valuable and interesting! j contribution to the literature of South t STle ^mmunitv lifp This is a d i s t i n r t ' | disappointment to us and a deudedl tloss to the worths residents of he' section whence our tun d diid rosened correspondent hails ' OLK GUTS, li «*r be o b n p c d i t h p i r I n d i a n r-ec d i" t t r ctif* nn^ *iri m t k r t nlo trhhor i« to an nt xii Ion in so "W"lth letters w r i t t e n under the ro.. . of the bij, prun-, -it tho front, an 1 m*nj j JThosc jo*-«on^ vvbo fca*e Icanicd Jrx'^^V^Thr'rc"^^!!* -ill the C ho"-i lae jo ot gums -ca K do not tire of n e cd to m-tke UIP *a.r e m real o th* opportunities to she* their bej^e^ol To Ks it humt* i 1 - ' take * fr« j ence when the cause which, makes ap { P h o » p ^ r a P^ rr , Cu " ** 7, r !ff i «- i Noist .ind ^cnrt tnctn home peal to them ss worthy and dese-MB? 1 __ Thu^ the calls of 'he Red Cro^s. the I f ^ n u h a v f t oW C i 0!nes prepare t X. M C A lhe Kmghia of Co'umbus shed them ru-xt w e k tbe Young \Iea s Hcir »vr -X^^ociauon j Armenian Relief and irther war aux- ihan and relief ^rgamzauons hd.*e been cheerfuilj ra *t eich in ^ari h\ the people w n o find pi asure in bomg able lo add their effo-ts 1.0 those of Otheis in providing ^va\a and m^ans of kclpmg win the war -Of the many appeals that hat P come 5$2us practically all -vnth the possible exception of the nor*, being done bv the larfies of the Red Cross and the b o l s t e r Navy League ba\e requested contr cimpiu button*'of money" The responses have been generous and heartv and no "per son has regretted shaiHg in promoting aJL tn«-objects to which the have , .given I f taere be thoD who have fe l ' , T T h c that the calls for mone have come with too, great frequence, an oppor tunitr is now offered to gi\e evpres sion in a different form to furthc i the manv excellent v,o ks that arc being conducted foV the purposes of providing Cor the co-nfoit ot tho-e iv ho ha\e been depmrd o f toe barest necessities of life bv t!ie war IUUKJ) l t h e t M»*n ind either I impiicrn cm fl n more t^lT* cti v * i ork than vimplj to t e l l he p p!* t h a t the st hot 1 children of i»rot»re« I've P ^ r r v t o w n * » h t t » i e dom h d u r i n g P"ur!fttc R a n k ng Ho ir " u \-no-i nil nb ell rrduc« B tb S. Oite Cent m WorriL No nTr«rtl8«rpsnu for !«·· Tban 1C Ofitm. CtaMllted coluraaa cloa* Kt zioca. Advertisements of vantm. i»l«^ etc. received aTtar th»t hour -uril! not n"«ar unti; the day foifowttuc. \\«»1*«1. ' L K and i«hir P **K *' I A N D Y ^ JUT THI ST\T «!· roi n iKH-K od i,onH!tion i EN W c-n \pple street UmarSl S -r«-il r I S n i A t l f l v ) t l m i r -- T H I - . IjAT* bARAH A . ~ -- M I D t t r*5i(3cnc* in Ji%inn on a\*nuA i H \ s r T i l l i n q u i r e MPfi J T D VM1 S B 11 phone Jl, or "*rl ^ta -e ,, m S at*- f * « 1 m o n t o - a n Imartf Next week has been 5 et aside b\ the meant teat me fire was the box number Thu, near our Commiss-on fo- Relief in Belgium a house I at oace put an m coat and , non ,, es djrector of lhe w n r mdas v r e ros to division ol the American Red Cross to hat and went to the corner True collect surplus c'othln; to be sent to enough clouds of smoke were the people of tiiat st-ickcn count-\ alreadx pouring out of a hotel 8 op This 11 so practical H form of help pobite that e\erj warm nea ted -Vmentan Thc fire apparatus -was beginning to null certain 1 } be arx ous to n a \ e part/in it. And to have that part \\ H require so little to be done In prac ticailj ever} home the-e is an accum irfauon of suitable for ihe a r r i v e Fir»t came a Uose aud-laddor Kobirt S lx»vett former chairman of the board of the L n i o u Pacific and came a patrol wagon with policemen to present looking following was an imbalance v, ith a doctoi and nurses of aduka and childrei v»hich ser\es I \en he insurance companies were ao bf I- 7 "- purpose thai cluttering up i represented b^ a truck w i t h rubber wardrobes old trunks and bo-ces f h i s | blanket* to spread on goods in he can be easily gathered together and j store beio^ turned o \ e r to the local committee in -- tries board has beca appointed b* Director Generil McAcloo ctnef of i new di\ision of bet erments and idditions j of the riilroad administration This newly created po^ tion ii considered oni of the mos important in the raiP truck next came wo steamera, tbtn roa d tdmmistration " i U \ \ T T - O T R I N T sl\ uF «5I- ^ h N room h o u t j \ th b u h inrt f u r n m ! VddrciT I f O t bb care C o u r i e r I m a n t " r v N T t D--BO"SS \ \ D u l I I f c - \ H mast t it,t t U l wjlilt U i r i i n i f ^( L L h - V / L i T aJI K ^111 1- iSma.'-at V. JTil SOM! t X ^Look kcoppr VI O ^ N F l Lt»\ HJ P S. M I N t St. I PL^ \ M V vvvvrTt* peneice f ) r l u u n plv 11 u ur^ M A N L I A T I 1 IN CO Wett b l d t POlt «!A.LF--CHKAPJfcbT A^D MOST convnlent buildlnff lots for workmen · nil t t i u r n City w a t e r natu al ffjh electric ll^ht trolle eervice Prices rants- froji 550 to J3(Ki but mostly ranjt around J2OO Inqu re -while thej last nt t h w ofncc of THE CONNELLY \ TLLU DXT1 NfalO^ COMPAQ f Thn Courier Building Connellnvllle Pa FOR t l3 3ln 1 00 L charge in Connelly ill* No questions were asked to who There is extreme D°ed among the j owned that bai ding or whether the m- peopie of Belgium especially among i mates were ncu or poo- here was the women and en l(lr n for wearing] no j^alousv betw win t 1 ' c different ipparel Thtn have suffe-ed un old j branches of service The firemen tbe ind indescribable distie sea in con=e- I doctors and the msurai cc agents all quence o' tue^ravage of llieir once | cooprat"d n k h one rngle aim name happv and peace-loving countrv degenerates in t h e s IMS of Geimaa soidiers The conditioi of such of the population as has been left in. thia un fortanate laod is so pitiable that the 1 to put out the fire And in half an hour me fire was ou ' Prance is now ablare Over there are our brothers and neighbors "\\ith SH-K RFLlTTtBS Of SOI OIF K. Comrade 01 William Vdnms ^unt^ tin. Xddress 01 Ills ( M u l d n n . C H Scott 637 \ o r t b \Iain street Dayton 0 is making Inquire In Con" nellsville concerning the address o r one or more of tire children o' WVliam. Adam^ a member oC Company f S5th Pennsylvania ^olJntecrs during the Ciul \ \ a r Mi Sco t vraa a member or the same company and now deM es to be placed m communication w tti his deceased cb Idren a U U n g tb tt it will D of benefit to them readers are going to ro theur best Did v o u ever think what it is about "tnere mectioa of their dire necessities j heart cooperat on between stock- ougbtaUme to move u-, to do an and I holders and worker between cm everjdlng,^e can^to affoid them re i p l o e r « and pmplojfs w e can get lief.' there m time to save democracy 1 There should there ore be just as | b e l i e v e that ^ e are going to see such tree and open-hearted response to the | codperaUoi I know that al m j call for surplus- cloihias ab there previously been generous le^pona tho appeals for m o n j to C o n d u c t . ' a fire \ hicb thnlh u-* Did you ever other war relief and welfare asrencic^ j wonder w u our blood tingles and That Connellsrillf w 1 T make such ar j our heart throbs as the fire trucks jwer there is no doul t, i r ish by 7 j T^ ell the real reason is became a TTHI TBACH RS YR* S( VRf I- ^pmt of cooperauon then fills the air The advances that liave been made V r h e n lhere ls a fire weryone warts ui the salaries of school teachers M 0 heI P a n f i ^° we thcQ want to he! P throaghoaw the state general h have' Anting to h e l p starts the blood run resulted from the increasing tiiflSculty UIn S orough TM ^ems and u e ha\e laaecarlttguwnand women willing to j a nc * feeling ano a new experience contmue m th* profe^ston o- to take T h a t - coopcrat on it op for tbe first lime on the scale of wages that has prevailed U is no ·wonder," says th© Greensbiirg Re- Tiew. in diacumng ihe reasons for these conditions, that there is an alarnmig -famine in school teachers coMideiim* th* low Kilancs paid and tho more attractrre opportunities offered in tbe bo«inesfi world Twent yea^^s ago tbere "was nothing else for the young woman to do Teaching was her only chance to parn ruonev Young men vent nto rt, then as now simply aa a to earn a living JED-SI- tn « H V I HP Din. 1 t i n t much on re ipion an I can L expound the creed t But J guess the l o r d w i l l judj-f u^ i.t the fimshe by ctur deeds \n I -eckoii that H e l l ask us our flap of life . hen count the c o n t r i b u t i o n s tha rrntif u n t o ^ t h e \v or ; d while gettmg ready for something. el^e Salaries were low because t h e v j j don t fanc that H e l l bothei oould be low and still attract good! - j "W i w c - c gathered w i t h the dead ith the fine mdj tait\ phrases J h e p r e t t tninff!s wc Kncktrood Man I n i n r r d , Whih visiting roliu\cs dt Smithfield Mrs Frank oC Kockwood received a message biing her bus band employed Jie Baltimore . Ohio Raiiron-d company at Kockwood had suffered a fracture of the arm It was his Eourth accident WASTED--MI'vERS W A N T E D WHO ] are ^tud^ incr to- ciamlnaLlonH to pet the best m i n i n g look published itii ing In a Nutshell b JAMTS V, VKD LAT\ Scottdale Pa. Price 5- *D S f e b X U SM^--OM S h \ TN T A T k eamcl h i r k hor c D e l p h i ndj KQQ w o r k e r In all har IH .«;« ; njyJe 1 ne leader One ihvec n nl 1 PO) l a s been dri\ en ciuitr gen!If unrt v i l l m n k c i nice drU er (. no i^ v, rk m«!r in -h i p r to RO in l tl~r- pi jw L me .nd miKe m* a- off r \\ ! 1 o i l one ni I I three in a J l m p ( S n O R T H J N G T O N Di-* ' 5on I L ISmnr t* Vf VNT! D--t VI HIUCNCED C XSH Jer a d stenographer foi dcpirtii t,nt btore St iXf salarv wanted ^.nd cive rfTerenrt, w i t h ipplicatlon In o w n hand writing \ddress "^ cn.rt Courier _ 6 f e b L f d \\ VNTl D--OLF J-ALfc TI F T I I Don t m a i l e r if b r o k t n I pa's S 00 to fli 00 per ^*-i S^nd bi p u r c c l post and r e c e i v e check M rcLurn mail 1 M V/!t,R ..00" S I flh Strctt Philidel phK Pi. 5mar"3l' ^ A N T F D -- W H I T L \ \ D COLORL.O 1-tbot-ers for re^uUr work N I T r jur di 1 . time and one h a l f Cor o \ e r t m c Ma*e t-welve hours MMtPHIb STEl ^ CONSTRI-CTION COMPANY Ol i L.NN SYIA A VIA Greenfaburff Pi "5'cbtfd ·^NTI D--AJsV whe her it la biU or ot ^RI r calling card thi. finest 01 graved wedd i f l u v i t a t i o n or announcement. We p ~ i n L anythlnff--oerythlng---do it promptly and do it riRh: Pall the man at, THE COURIER oi*ice Both phones 27 tt iBQg V, alt Maa "WLNTbD--A IRACT1CAI. V N O F\ S penonc-^d m oe an ol-e I operator wishes to pet in t3L.^ J ^ v\ h i parties neccJinp a quj-liflcc. m in sali^ ' fv nj, reference^ afi to ttbil ty t t c will be f irnishwl i y replies v ill bt. I consdereii a.s conHdcntii iriNCI* 1 care Courier 13mar^t* STKA-GF TO^GCL ( 3 I do not ij.k the Choctiv, T mcs i for \ ^ l l l c h f uied o spend *nj dme^ I it s p blishcd in mi l a t i v e tout, L t h e ! C h o c t i w t n d since T w-u, y o u n p t i e j ULken i and reid its paprt but 1 h i% f q u i t in my old opre i also ^toppnd the Month t l i k e a. j o u r n a l co cl ed in "^ olApuk and canned t h e ^«pfraiito Sphe L. hat J have read for man x vear I or in Ihe^c timei a.11 l o v a l should t h i n k and talk T-nlted FOR R F N T -- N I N b ROOM HOUS1 1^ M e«-t TrcLn street U m a r l t FOR P ^ N T -- O N E DFSIPABLF store roo-n formcrlj occupied b\ Aloa s A, Iturph^ Inquire I-LORHNCt SNILTZ FOP RENT -- T\\ O FI\ E ROOM houses pat. anrl bath rent one hat jrarden d i t i o n SOLfc S tlo^PT Ad 11 m u r f i L f d S j ^ fd St Lie*- "^ hen people uornc f "om ei,,n shorei and "knock for entrance our door* t h e v ouprht to learn the I FOR RTVT--*ROAT OFMCES OV t o n g u e we rpeak a n d drop t h e i r j second noor of Dunn t I \ « i i s build l a t i n ami their Greek tliej "hould ing Inquire of HARRT U L N M forpct tho lingoes learned \lrre frco aom s beacons n e \ o r burned and w h e n the\. om he U S panp; th**j o prht to learn our hclp'ul slanpr In tlmeb of ne tee I didn c ^are T s iw strange journals here and there ill pad ed w i t h buphouse talc and «crood that no ·^Liie cit ?en could rc*\d If h \ p h e natr-d gen In I t h o u g h t prefer to rend t h a t kind a f rot to rea tn^ hon G-.L Fngli^b pro^e i t s heir o w n look out heaven kno\vs But now it makes me tired_to see a mongrol country of Pnbllc 1I1LR- \V 1L Bh O f - t F R K D \1 ptil lie ik n SiLui dii. Mirch 23rd 191b it ( ctork J* M on tin. prem i Lfc t u n t j ( 0) icrei t lan-t. more or 1 ss l o f U c d in H u r i b a r t o w n s h i p PavetLe count r r n n ^ j h a n i r f a n d bounded is follow s Ml th Ll rt un trict 01 p«rr"l o ·uid b n i i n d L l i d d c cribcd is 'ol lnv.« M/ B t p m n i n p r at a p 3 nt H Lhc p u b l c r ul IPiidint; from \\ heeler to M o i r e l it the corn r ot land of Blac^ ton h p f " South 81 10 m n u t c s T\ e*»t " jfi 09 re L f r o m the eiisicrn side cf tho Wheelct s r h o i l n o u b f lot i h e n r o lon^, sj, tl roac. Soifth i degrees I m i n u t e s "V, c« 1 1 Tt-ct o -^ point t h r i v e South 5** riegrpp" Cist to th riR-ht of n i * ot he West Perm Pa3 v-iyt* Compin\ thcr cc n l u n s said nn:h jt wa.i of the "Wt.»t Penn "Rail w tvs c o m p i n in a northerlj direc ti n to 1 ind now or formerly of tile W heeler Inn roi n r t Cunpcin^ t ence b\ 3ii d o r Lht M heeler 1m nro\emfiit r j m p a n \ N o r t h CS deErees 4 Tilrtu e*. "West to a. Lome t h e n c e h j the Gime North 11 d ^ r t P B 48 mm u ts 1 2G8 6 feet to the "^ heeler ·school h use lot thence Nor h "8 de jr-ecs ] 1 rrmutes ^\ est loO fe-*»t thenct. North 11 ac^iec*. 48 m i n u l e s 2 b IS" ft,et o the p u b l i c road t h c n c p lon^ ' h e p u b l i c roi d South 81 deer e -, 10 ·" mutes "\\ e«l 608 r eet to ihe corner of the TSlackfcLonc he rs lind ihe pla.ce r t beginning? bemp a p o i t i o n of the " ime p cce or trict o' 1 tnd ( o n \ G e 1 to the said Tohn Af Rob nson tnd Samtiel \ Coughenour b t-eed oE Johr A Guiler dated S*p f c m b p r "J 1913 c x c e p t i n 0 and rese^^ i n g r tliereout a*i 1 t h e r ^ ' i o m AH to* 1 coil w h ch mi\ underlie anv part of the iho\ e (. escribed tract with ihe T.PI u r t e n a i t m m i n p nc ts and p r i x i l CRre* 1 -\vhich ma 1 - ha\ o beop heretofore con-\ eyed l e r m s of Stle--Ten pe- cent on dai of sale balance of one t h i r d on con fi.r~i?uirn one th rd 1 1 sit month 1 - ind balance in om 1 i ear "Deferred paj me its to beai i n t e i c t at the rate of six per cen i n n u a l h and o be RP c n r r d b\ bone ind mortg-app "V\ D ATcOlNM*! Receiver rmr 14 'I ffara-p* the corner o Church Plice For 'T-- \ THRFE STOR"i f ^6\13 fauiLa.blG foj l u f a c t u r i n s purposes _ _ 'Mcidow Lane and j i n q u i r e J J., ST U;FR 1 11 LTtl ou I L f e V L L -- S I X . xOOM HOLS1 \ND ith _ ._ faim of bout _Ei utrt-H \ i t h coil and .-.- t-. -- f n « .. ,, ,,.!.,,* th fre- ind I u ould ha-v e ill d^le t i m b e r in SomerbeL c o ^ n t j Pr ue Tills 13 no longer true The open j He - u i l l strip us of our d.n the I ffates chini n o t h i n g but t nited 52 _00 Terms reasonable Addiess which we hid i St ue« W th forcipn languag-es I m I PAT M care Courier l l n i d t l t * H e l l ask th-ousrh \\ stopped the Tsklmo "Ba f zoo " 1"OR b V L E -- C L A 1 V \ T t , L D Al 1O Ings for both men and women h a v e , multiplied "Wliy sboold a voting \vo-{ A tnan just out of college go out to the discomforts of the axeraga country I ain't flgTinn ,,! and earn ten dollars a week or[ l ai ^ 0tmes i iboats viken she can set a job. " ll ". 1 ina-kln hj,pi the IjOrd J-m t rb»Kin my theorj that J v Ueep rav smnia on b l u j h n tune to ^o ealculati is In in office--a Job Trtuch ends everj I ^ t n m and begins afreato everr moro- In? %Mthou* the coatinufd sleep- WTtKkme re-tpon^rbiliET- of petting children through grade*!--and earn r more monev at the "tart* 1 Town ^ teachers are. of coarse better paid bin ihe demand upon them is greater j That ^borp mi. and tneir jin^lUicatioas ar* corres-1 · greater and can bring a 1 t i x \.)\- U1E\ S M LL.1 K I V L t t h i p u S ^ l L l L u n t j f ^ t ite ul H 111 s 1\ UiU 1 Llf-r-, tc- HiKi t-i.rj on i u.nt to hold, mv he- i h vnd on me IT 1 u I »,a in Htm pie lati on earth I paid »·« t t i l t il ] it imni ha ! 1 J.K. clatjis t them the -*cord in i to tti ("**£ the sam« to ire e crlj auth^nticatp^ fm IP £ \ MXLjLj"ER, Fxecutrix Ind-i ."i,. Pa H MAY ALtorn«r 21fe**t thara bicvt,l M mv l u l o \ aij-,L stot-c r u i u h i t i l e ) t I t nd t u l ei . i c ro m f l i i ni r \r AT ONCE LINOTYPE OPERATOR AT THE DAILY COURIDR OrFICB \ J N I \i. L t- 1 \S 1 I )i 1 i o t ^tticc, $ f r e t u r n t . 0 to C o u r H m a r i t * LOST--BET V I f * SOi 1 H PROS pect street And aai -i\enno a. Fwirth Oesrae Kniprht" of Colu m bu*J waich charm Kew.a.rd i? rettirnerl to Conr- tELAYING RAILS oinpt *iliipiunt O U M K I I I (.1 (I VMl'OI "K^ r o ECU 31 TLARKSBUKCT V V According to our usual custom there wul b« on sale at all our stores a good variety of Easter flowers--blooming plants of all the popular early kind Persons anticipating buying Easter flowers can leave their orders now and we will have . t them in. ample time for Easter We will also have a complete and large stock of special foods for Easter, consisting of Eggs, Lamb, Veal, Schcmier Kaese, Hams Fresh Fish etc Owing to the inefficient transportation facilities arrival of all goods is uncertain, so it is advisable for you to leave your orders, early for any special Easter goods that vou may desire We will do our best to serve you promptly and completeh but the transportation facilities are a great handicap and interfere frequently -Kith our plans «3 Large Beparftoent Stores, Located tn Fayette, Westmoreland and Allegheny Counties. The Sto^e that insists on fitting tbcir Shoes correcllv Particular people like our Shoes Thei re pleased with our style selection and our methods in fitting A FAMILY SHOE STORE ·with Better Shoes--Better Values--Bettei Somce--for our cus'omers satisfaction Call and see some new Shoes SAVE and INVEST IN THE SAFEST SIMPLEST SECURITY --BUY- w. s. s. War Savings Stamps SSUED BY United States Government MARCH. 1018. JAN. 1. 1923. $4.14 WILL COUNT $5.00 YOUGH TRUST COMPANY CONHELLSVILLE, PA F IF YOU WANT Anything, Have Anything for Sale or Rent, Try Our Classified Ads at One Cent a Word. They Bring the Results.

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