The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 14, 1918 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Thursday, March 14, 1918
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THURSDAY, MARCH 14, 1918. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELJLSV1UUK, FA. PAGE THREE. liiter^nr NOTES TELL WHATS HAPPENING · IN THE Mil TOWN Japies J. Keegan Elected 'Secretary of Elks for 17th Successive Tear. SW1MIWC CONTESTS ARRANGED of Series Will be Held SmfamUy *i the Y. M. (. A. and Hk«n Wli'CMM Xo'atUy; Tri- BwketMl Club is, Formed. ^ Special to Th« Courior. SCOTTDALE, March 14.-- The annual election of Scottdale ]»dge No. .771 B. P. O. E., was held last evening- at their lodge room here ami resulted ·:»s lollows: Eialted ruler. Wilfred : S. JUcKeon; esteemed leading knight. ·|U.- A. Kenner; esteemed lecturing luught, Joseph Glendenning; secr , tary, Junes ;, treasurer, Harry Had Female Trouble Ten Years-Bliss Native Herb Tablets Made Her Entirely Well Mrs. FoseTman, Cucro. Texas, tift*s .to the following facts; "I have been suffering from femAle trouble for tn : year*, anct tried many different medicines recommended for this malady, without benefit, hut- thank God, one ol your apentB came to my house, and toll! me a. box of Bliss Nativn Herb Tablets. I just took, one-half a box of them, and sot entirely well nf my complaint.' One of the simplest methods to keep well is to take Bliss Native Herb Tablets'rotrularly. They stimulate the liver, cleanse the kidneys, relieve the bowels,* soothe the stomach, and keep the entire sys- tem free from biliousrrtss, sick headache, indigestion .heartburn, and the many kJndred ailments, which if allowed to continue become ujfKravated. and jcause serious llineufi with posaibje fatal results. Bliss Native Herb Tablets are the ony recognized standard herb medicine. They are used in all parls of the civilized world and are guaranteed or money refunded. A dollar box contain?! 200 tablets. Nono genuine without the picture of Alonzo' O. Bliss on every box. Every 'tablet contains our trade mark (AJ3). Price Si.00 per box. Sold by A. A. Clarke and local agents everywhere. night, when the regular business was transacted. Takes Xew Position. John Cramer left last evening" for Lexington, Tfy., to take charge of the Ca AW«hU rl . n *j«*j UJ w I , J-J.HJ.I.T - , * , -,- ,, rt ; tyter, J, T. Hambry; trus- P^cal department at the V M. C. tees, J..P. Brennen, C. H. Loucks and i A : th" 6 R. A. Laughrey; representative w the 1 1 ersoHal. William Brown-o grand lodge at Atlantic City, James Bates; alternate, T. J. Hill. This is ,- the 17th year that Mr. Kergan has oeen elected secretary, he having ; been elected first at tbe organization of ten lodge May 28, 1902. Mr. Kee. san is considered one of the best sec- · retaries in Western Pennsylvania. . High School LiMheoa. I . A high school luncheon wag held 'at the high school yesterday under -the supervision of Miss Mary Myers, the domestic science teacher. Miss Olive Keagy was the hostess and tbe maids were Mildred Johnson, Bertha Evans,' Harriet Harden. Battle Brind- Hnger and Josephine. Mcllv.-iin. The guests were Messrs. KanCmann. Porter and Wangaman, and Mrs. Dlery and Misses Hurst, Loucks, Simpson, McClary, Krouse, Burtsfield. Gibson. -Mary Gallagher and Nclle O'Connor, Mrs. Sbotts'and Miss Katheryn Shotts. York is the snest ol Dr. and Mrs. W. F. Shotts. | Miss Martha Werkman spent a few j days visiting -Pittsburg friends. Earl Ixmcks of the Aviation Corps [ at Cornell, Ithaca, N. Y., is home on a i furlough. I Mrs. Edgar Fox of Greensburg is i the guest of -Mrs. J. H. Parry. | Miss Lucetta Hutchinson of Kit- Sage Tea Darkens . Hair to Any Shade Don't Stay Gray! Here's an Old-time Recipe that Anybody can Apply. cade patrons were givea an opportunity to judge between two types ol blackface comedians, as it is the same bill presented by Jack Fuquay ' three weeks ago. Mr. Grant has, an extremely tunny bk bf business when he runs into the audience, and his eccentric dance is comical. The latter got three encores. The songs included "I'm Going to Follow the Boys," and ""Wlben I Come Baclc to You." by a mixerj trio. Miss Hazcll McKenna. Bobbie 'Wilson and Douglas Fleming. "Hanfcy Panky," written by Mr. Grant aid sung by him and Vin Richmond. j!"0a. Harry. Harry," Mr. and Mrs. Fleming and chorus. "All I Need is Jnst a Gir! f j k o You," Fleming and Fleming. "Somebody Done Me Wrong," Miss McKenna. 'The Cottonwood Blue," Miss Middaugh and Bert Williams. "Constantly," Jack Grant. The picture is the siith episode of "Vengeance and the Woman." It is marked .by two realistic fistic encounters and a remarkable demonstration of strength when William Duncan pitts his muscular force against two horses. The use of Sage and Sulphur Cor restoring faded, gray hair to Us natural color dates back to grandmoth- OKPHEPM THEATRE. , .,, * the . Mrs. J. B. Hutcbinson has been call- i * iUl wonderful effect. ed to Taylorsville, Ky., bv the illness BM at home is mussy and of her brother, 3. A. "Bennett. "iHss ! °"t-to-dato: Nowadays, by asking at drug store for a bottle of Sage and Sulphur Cora- Mrs. James Kurtz has returned to : P°" nd '" '=" g='- "is famous old rrep- her Cleveland. Ohio, home after a j "ation. improved -07 the addition of visit paid Mrs. J. E. Steelsmith. ' I othcr iasredfcau.- which can be de- ·TTHO LOVED HIM BEST?"--A five reel drama featuring tbe beautiful actress, Edna Goodrich. H is the is the story of a famous actress who refuses a career in the movies to pose for a sculptor. A 'good comedy will also be shown. Friday and Saturday Marguerite Clark as ''Bab." heroine of Mary Roberts Rhineburt's story which appeared recently in The Saturday Evening Post, has scored one er's time. She used it to keep her i of the greatest triumphs of her entire hair beautifully dark, glossy and at- car.eer in "Bab's BurglajV'- Nine tractive. Whenever her hair took on bunches of violets at |5 a hundred; a small second-hand roadster; numberless tires, silk underwear, candy and other necessities of life--all these make large holes in allowances as "Bab" finds out. , .... _ ,, that dull, faded or streaked appear- ° f Mrs ' H " B ' ance- this simple mixture was applied Rose Hutchinson accompanied her as i far as Fittsburg Miss Virginia Byrne is visiting Con- nellsvlle friends. Mrs. A. P. Byrne and daughter, Evelyn, are visiting in Pittsburg. peoded upon to restore natural color and beauty to the hair. A well-known downtown druggist says it darkens.the hair so naturally KIDNEY TROUBLE NOT EASILY RECOGNIZED Applicants for Insurance Often Rejected. Saturday enning, beginning at 7.30 (VclpcJc, the physical department of _the Y. M. C. A. will hold its first ' monthly-swimming meet for Juniors mi Intermediates. There will be 40 Tind 80 foot dashes, 330-foot long d'is- (tsme, tour-man relay races, diving .,Cor form,, plunge for distance, sv/im- . mini; for 'form and candle races.- ' - V" Triangle Cl«b Formed. ·'What was formerly known as the fcottdale Independent basketball · team of Scottdale is no more since these girls have all joined the ladies' group at the Y. M. C. A. They have ^igned contracts to play with no other" team. The team is to he Known as ''Ihe Triangle club. GOK Monday Aiftbt V The Phy-Mo r Me club will meet the rheta Bo club of Greensbtirg on the · i". M- C. A. floor on Monday night. The last game the Phy-Mo-Me won by a score of 30-2% ' ;. TttUbwrger Coming. Mrs. W.' S". Lockard o£ Pittshurg · v;ill be hftre Friday evening aitd speak to the women of tht Methodist church Mrs. Samuel Detwiler of near anti evenl J' Ihat nobody can tell it has"! An examining physician tor one of Pennsville -visited her brother, Harry llcen applied. You simply dampen a | the prominent Life Insurance Com- Freed of Botler, from Friday until Sunday evening; and also friends in Pittsburg. DIG MEDICINE JUST LIKE COAL Compound uid Concentrate It i Ion H»TC the Strongest Best Iron Tonic OB Karth. yO BOOZE OR DOPE 15 ACID IRO" 3UXJ5EAL 1 'I know all about" indigestion trou- bl-es. I had gas to form on my stomach and give me belching spells for hours at a time. I couldn't eat and food seemed to do me absolutely no sponge or soCt brush with, ill and dra-vv this through your hair, taking one strand at a time. By morning the gray hair disappears, and after another appiclation or two- it becomes beautifully chirk and glossy. ' Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur Compound is a dellghtEul toilet requisite for Lbos« vrlia desire a more youthful appearance. ' It is noi intended for t^he cure, mitigation or prevention of disease.--Adv. panies, in an interview of the subject, made the astonishing jnatement that one reason why so many applicants for insurance are rejected !s because kidney trouble is so common to the American people, and the large majority of those whose applications are declined do not even suspect that they have the disease. Judging from reports Irom druggists who arc constantly in direct TBa®3afhr l ®s TJ1; PAJtAXOUOT. J'BROKBN' TIJBS."--A - five part photoplay in which three big World stars, June Klvidge, Montague Love and Arthur Ashley, are seen in the good,-' says Thos. S. Halstead, of Ram- ' leading roles, is being'presented to- sey, \V. Va. ; day. "Broken Ties" tells the story "I had indigestion bad," continues ; of a conscientious attorney, who be- it a missionary meeting to be held I Mr - Halstead, ''I nad Acid Iron Miner- lieves that it is his sacred duty to :n the church at S 'o'clock. Her sub- i a * recommended to me and I'm mighty. safeguard the interests of his clients ject, will be "Travelers' Aid." CiTJc Cl»b Meets. The Clric club held its regular ·ninthly meeting Tuesday evening A hen C. D. Flagle talked on play- j/ound work and the placing D! play; rounds was dlsccssed. The commit.,cp-of several years ago have some if the necessary equipment purchased Shop. Pa,,-- ,W« wfll have on display a beautiful showing of pattern hats. Saturday, March 16. -You are cordially invited ^a, attend. Brown Millinery Overboil building, Scottdale, 'Adv.--ll-6t Sisters. . glad to give that medicine a boost my- j a t all times, even though doing GO self now because it sure fixes indigestion. It did the trick for me almost in a day. I'm feefcog 0. K. and fit as a fiddle and can eat anything. I've used may me.».n big personal sacrifices for himself. This sense of duty leads the attorney into a most difficult situation in which he is forced to probe touch with tbe public, there is one preparation that has bcen very successful in overcoming these conditions. me mild and healing influence of Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root is soon realized. It stands the highest for its remarkable record of succee*. "We find that STrVsirop-R-oot is 'strictly an herbal compound and we would advise o«r readers who feel In need of such a remedy to give it a trial. It is on sale at aH drug stores in bottles of two sizes, medium and large. However, if you. wish first to test this great preparation send ten cents to Dr. Kilmer . Co., Bingramton, N. Y., for a sample bottle. "When writing be sure and mention the Conoells- viile Daily Courier. -- Ady. it and s*en so many-others cured by ; into his wife's connection with a mur- using it I gladly recouiend it to the sky," continues this well known farmer. "Talk about wheatless days--what is the use of eating if you get no nourishment or strength out of what you eat? Nobody wlUi their stomach out of order can feel good or able to work tor long. It isn't natural for tie stomach to be that way and a quick. easy, cheap and harmless way to set der case in order to prove that the man. he is defending is innocent MtBB Elvidge is seen in the role of Mancia. a loving wife, who through a peculiar train of circumstances, is brought into a position of great peril. Her husband, John Fleming, played by Montague Lore, is forced to add to her peril, through his desire to do the best thing possible for his client. Mr. Love is'superb in the role of John things risrht is to stant taking about: Fleming, while Miss Blvidge gives Mrs. B. A. Robinson entertained ' a teaspoonful of Acid Iron Mineral in | one of the most delightful impersona- the Pythian Sisters at her GarfleJd j a' glass of water after meals. It is | lions of her career. "Broken Ties" has been staged in an elaborate roan-' ner and furnishes a swift moving entertainment, with a snap and a dash avenue home on Tuesday evening, different from anything you ever took Miss N«He Pirl and Mrs. Irene Kling j in your life, ' Acid Iron Mineral isn't a vegetable preparation. It is just plain old highly concentrated compound made Zrom medicinal iron, ore dug from the mine and treated. That's all it is and folks in the mining country know what ore is. This is the good old iron without any booze or dope add#d. It i strong as they make k and harmless as can i be, and powerful enough to get down sang, Mrs. Orbin, Mrs. Joe Brandt and Miss Irma Brandt gave readings. ·Refreshments w^re served. .For S»le. Four acres of land on street car tjxe. HaVkeye, for ?1.1W. \ Sll room house with running water in house, one-half (%) acre of ground, 10 minutes walk from borough limits. |2,SOO. · Sii roomed noose, Pathephone Department Main Floor, Rear. A Pathephone is ALL Phonographs in ONE. The Talking Machine You Select- Will it play ALL records--so that you can hav;e at your command the masterpieces of every one of the great artists--or will it play only a select few? · Not alone does the Pathephone play all records--but it plays them \vitliout the usual scratchy "surface noise." And the Pathephone plays Pathe records with the famous Sapphire Ball--without wearing them out or deteriorating their tone quality--tlie longer you play them the better they get. . Hear the New March Records- Note the effect of the Sapphire Ball--the life-likeness of the voice--the full, clear tone i --the wonderful reproduction of band and instrumental music. Then you'll readily see why the Pathephone is the one talking-machine for YOUR home-the one talking machine that every member of the family will enjoy. .Pathe .Records 65c to $4. Pathepliones ,$25 to $225. Easy,' conyenient-terras, if desired. Come In now--you're always welcome at Aaron's. $79.50 This Popular Pathephone Outfit . Consists of the favorite S75.00 Model Pathe- ihone and your choice of 6 double-faced Pathc Records. · New March "Hits" Now on Sale iOSftS--Homeward Boond ...__ --'. 75c . Wlien the Boys From IMxie Eat (he Jleloii on d i e . R h i n e - «03H--l Don't Want' to Oet M'eU .'. 75c An Old Horse That Knows His Way Homo ! mil--In tie land ol" the Weildinir Bells Toe Tm Going to Follow the Boys 2051J Ubei-ty Bell -. 7Sc There's a Million Heroes in Kach Corner of !lic T. S. -i. 30ait--Are Ton From Heaven! ___ 75c Pot lYritijip to Ton, Sammy . *__ _·_'__ : 20»1«--I/nng Boy (One Step) '_: !-- 76c Calicoco (Fox Trot) .-- .... Royal Jlatlmun and A r t h u r Fields His nty Four, Male tjnartett* Arfli-r Fields --:_:. Jjouis .f. Vi'insch -- -..'. t'iiniiineil and Burr -- Louis Mi IVInsch --, Peerless Qnartt'tte '.:-- Royal Dadnnin Irrinp Gillptte Arthnr Fields American Republic Band American Republic Band Connellsviile's Reliable Indian Creek. Homefurnishers Since 1891 all who see it. a production that that will please "Broken Ties" is every lover of great screen entertainment must not miss. A selected comedy is also being shown.. Friday and Saturday Constance Talmadge -will be starred in "Scandal." a gripping screen version of Sosroo Hamilton's novel. The plrture Is filled with tense . . _ one-half acre to brass tacks and uproot troubles of ] moments and reveals Miss Talmadge lot. West Pittsburg street, for 53.300. the , .. stoanach, kidneys and blood, i as an actress of unusual charm and Six roomed house with . biith. on : Everybody needs a little iron. It is a j ability. Market street, for }2 200. i good tonic. Get a .bottle. Druggists " ou. roomed house 1o. 1 condition, j have it, or send a dollar to the Ferro- fonr and one-half acres of land, one I dine Chemical Corps, Roanoke, Va., for mile west of Scottdale. for J3.100. E. |a big twelve ounce bottle. Write Jo: F. DeWitt.--Adv.--1-1-31. " " """ · 'Tbe Daughters of Isabel held their regular monthly meeting at the Knights of Columbus room Monday miTM STRENGTH Potttive--Convincing Proof It U all very -well to make claims, but can they be proven? We publish : the formula of Viol to prove the · statements we make about it v fe Cofihrwaad Beef *«ptn««,Irea and *F M»a«mxM** VepUtotttn.lToa mud Ara- noaivnCitmt*, Lira* tad Bod* Giycero- pb*»fhftt**, Gucario. the fohler teliing all about it. or better still take a thousand people's advice who hare fooled along with weaker mixed preparations and know what does the business.--Adv. INDIAN CREEK. March 12.--Mrs; John T. May and grandson, James j j Reed from Connellsville are spending a few days here among fricnda. Mlas Jean IHig returned from Mill Rim tod7 »after spending a few days among Iriends. H. L. Hooter was a business caller In ConaeUsvUle yesterday. J. M. Illig was a business caller here today. Walter Nicholson from Mill Run is a Connellsvilie marketer today. James Crabtree from Jones MJU is a business visitor at Corniellsrllle. Samuel Hansel from Mill Run was a business caller here today. B. K. Miller is off duty again today on account of illtvess. Miss Duella Ritneour is spending today among Conn-eJlETrtlle friends SOISSOJf THB.4TB1!. Perryopolis. PERSYOPOUS. .March 13.--Mrs. William W^imer is spending the week-end with relatives in Pittsburg. Mrs. Allen Galley, Mrs. Cora Blair land Mrs. Howard Adams attended! a 1 county convention of the Christian Sunday school at Brownsville Mon" day. . Mrs." B. F. Snyder was taken suddenly Hi on Monday. Miss Ruth Luce of PiUsbnrg spent above, ·'combine the very "elements needed to make strength. All weak, run-down, overworked nervous'men and womsn may prove this'at our expense. Tb«re is nothing like Vmol to re- s*ort strength and vitality to feeble old people, delicate children attd all per*on» who need more strength. the week-end with her mother, Mrs. KHzabetfe. Luce.. Mm. G. W. Buckner of Connellsville will speak in rhe Christian church Sunday evening, March 17. She will give a talk on some phase of the war. Attorney Sturgeon of Union town was calling on friends in town Tues- "THE MINISTER'S SWEETHEART."--The second production of the Jack Ball Stock company, opened yesterday afternoon to a big and appreciative house. U is a stimulating play, full of life and love, and 1'augh- ter and is sure to make many new I friends for this clever organization. 'Miss Morgan comes to the little village as the new school teacher. Friendless and alone, her good name is' questioned unri she is forced to seek Lbe protection of the village parson. Friendship soon ripens into j love and she is to marry the minister j when her former husband, whom she ; had supposed to be dead, turns up. ' This leads to many tense situations, but finally all ends happily. Miss Era Sarganu as tbe school teacher, gave a splendid performance. She is and shopping. * Mr. and Mrs. Simons . and Miss Smith from Pittsburg sqjen-t a few days at the Killarnev Inn. James Miller from Indian Head is transacting business in Connollsville today, Miss Dottie Crabtree from Scott- da In pent a few days among aome- folks at Jones Mil!. Mrs. John Johnson Brotn Mill Run is calling on Connellsvilie friends and shopping. Ciiiicura Heals First-Quality Tires ew, Clenn . Stock Direct From the Factory at Cut Prices. . Pick your size and jeave your order. Non-Skid Tires Inner Tubes 30x3 30I3V-! 32x3 V 2 343t3"A 32l4 33*4 34x4 35x414 36*41,4 3714% 35l5 36x5 37x5 $.11.75 IS.38 15.60 36.75 21.25 22.50 22.75 23.80 30.25 31.75 32.25 32.75 36.75 37.75 38.75, $2.40 2.75 .1.10 3:25 4.1S 4.25 4.40 4,50 5.50 5.65 5.75 5.95 6.66 6.90 7.00 Other Sizes in Proportion. 5! West Side Garage B»t(«rleR Rc-charBed. Oils and Gasoline. Agency Pilot and Met* Cars. T. V. Schmitz, Prop. Both Phones. ' Mr* Sobert Tilliama, Galesburg, Mo. - - Decembor 27th. 1917. D*e,r Sir: / You are right when you say In yonrs of Eeeera* ' ber 24th that Sqnreco is a remarkably good tooth paste · .and that, it has 'a strong story to tell, but the difficulty, lies in putting that story dn such, language. as will convince the publio. . The Senreco story of a medicinal pa«t» that" not only cleanses the teeth but also "keeps mcmth and gurne diff healthy, when put on ]!*0per does not sound vary erent Iron the atory of just any ordinary denti this week. an unusually talented actress. Earl C. Mayo was excellent as the young minister, and Mr. Mordaunt made an energetic and entertaining Josiah Bumble. Miss Powell, earned many! laughs as Susie, and Guy Aster de- i serves great credit for handling a [ difficult role s cleverly. The bal- ; ance of the cast, lent admirable sup- I ,_ . i port. "The Minister's Sweetheart" ,s on the jury at Un- ! w i l ] be repeate(1 for t h e rest of the week vritb a special children's inati- J. W. Hair of Fayette City was the.! irficd, we, will return y.oor money without (juestion; that proves our fairness and ycur protection. I Drug Co.. Connellsrtll* nee Saturday. Tomorrow night will Monday. Galle3 1le County Store Night. Don't knock Conncllsviiis by seui-! ing your money out of town for your j "THE T H K ARCADE. NET1V - . . . _ , - - . . . . . . -- . , Davtd C. Eaion. Dunbar. and at tie | job work when The Courier company Grant's show best drug store in every town ,:it7,Jn, tbe country. and can do it here at home, j you prices. Let us give RECRUIT."--Jack the Arcade yesterday was featured by brand new songs and clean blactface comedy, and Ar- Scaly and Seemed Itchy. Could Not Bear to Be Touched. 1 Troubled Six. Months. Nothing Ptwet, Sweeter, Fot AH Skin Troubles Than Ccticura. "My boy had What looked like ringworm on his left cheek. It WAS as large »· a half dollar and every time I took him out it got j brighter and would turn red. U was scaly, and seemed to tx: itchy and be wanted to scratch. The child w»s cross, and . could not bear to have anyone touch hhn. "The trouble lasted about sbt months before we tried Cuticura Soap and Ointment, and in about three weeks he was healed." (Signed) Mrs. Harriett Thompson, 2445 Grays Ferry Road, Philadelphia, Pa., OctobM 15, 1917. If you have a poor complexion im* prove it by uaing Cuttcnra Soap daily and Cuticura Ointment- occasionally. S*«»l« E*ch Free tr Mail. AcMreaa postcard: "Cationr*. Dcpt. R, Boaton." Sold . everywhere. Soap 2Sc. Ointment 2S and SOc. GOOD BLOOD "Blood will tell." Blotches and blemishes, like murder, will out, unless the blood is kept I pure. Itspurityisrestoredand j protected by the faithful use of BEECH AM'S PILLS · L*rfttut S»Ie of Anr Medicine in th e World; [ SaU ·vwywhere. la box**. 1 Oc., 25c. For- that reason we make every, effort to get . the people to try Sanraoo. After that Senreco tellB Its own story - and fully 90$ of them arc Senreoo user« and boosters, -froitj then on'. · · - · · · . . "ii-ro la a Senreco user in Pittsburgh who haa Introduced our product into the families of thirty-four of his friends. Enthusiasm? No, not entirely. Simply a case of Senreco making good. It IB" just as stated above. If they will try Senreco - -if they once becoraa acquainted with e reel dentifrice - with what a denti- . frice can and should bo - they are Senreco boosters from that tine on. Tour druggist or toilet couatore can supply yoo with Senreco, It cones in largo, two ounce tubes end. retails at 25^. Bhy not get a tube to-day? .Try it, w« etejjA behind every package. of Senreco with a monoy-baak an tee* Very truly yo*nrs. ' ..... · SSHHECO, ...... WE A P Horaer's WEAK clothing QOOOOOOOOCOOOOOOCOOCCOOOOO OOOOOOOOCX9COOOOOOOCX3OOCX}Oa I J. B. KURTZ, i 5 NUTAIfi PUBl-.C f 3 ANP HEAL ESTATE. ^ 3 No. t South Meadow A CeniMllnlU* ' P* F. T.. EVANS EST -"" ; - BOTH PHO.V13S J. N. Trump W HITE LINp TRANSFER £1 OrOR. .TRUCK Ml WAGOZfB. MOVING AJVD H018TI.YG PIANOS A fi Offlc* 103 E. Gra|»«, Alley, 6 mite P. R. R. Ocppt. Both !**» Commercial Printing' of all Kinds Done at Gfte Gotarier Job 'Office.

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