The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 10, 1930 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, January 10, 1930
Page 4
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1MQBVOtttL THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELT,SVIUL S, PA. FRIDAY, J A N U A R Y 10, 1030, Cimrta. waa PttblUJMMh HENRY P, I-rtslUarU and ffldiUr, IS79-J.9;W Kens. tc. M. J, DttlSOOLJ* , O, RDMUND3ON, MtBS n, A, 8«er«tftry a n d 1 1 ..\ tin 01% JOHN I* (.: I- i . WAi/ram fi. City JSaltor, MiSS fcYSrNB B, KIKCBUU Society MKM.BRR Oil 1 Amnrtean Audit II n roan ot Circulation. Pennsylvania Nawnpupor PubUih«r« Tvro cants par copy; BOo par G,W.' par year by mall if paid in «.!· Varu o, I J j p«r woek by carrier. EiUorod an socotnl o:a»» mattar nt Iho p'oaloflloe, ConneUnvlUi, Will)AV EVENING, JAN. 10, 18»0. ' YCKTUKK IMVROVEMKXT OF VlKASATf'f VALLEY HO All. An oblgiitton that has boon owing th-e people of Pleasant Valley and neighboring i^ctiom, including Con- nollsvllle, tor s-overal yours lb to be {Hwharjtt-4 during the coming road building ftoabon. That portion ot t'io inHln tiavcled 7-oad of tho Valley, extending fawn n I»olnt n-ear the Pkusant Valley Country Club to the Mud School ho litre, Is to lx ,i)4ced under contract after protracted delay in go'tin? Uio proposition under way. It 1 * plan nod to 'push tho work In order that It may x be corn- plrtcd before th« close oE the sunnmor and fall season. Inability to finance tho county's sliare of the ivroj«;t has pro-vented this road being undertaken oarller. The Qo-uii'ty Commissioners ftiKHiig that voad funds for tho current year will enable thorn to match, the State aid that will bo Corthxming, the road will be built unJer tlto r.Q-50 arrangement. Tho rovisod loute o£ tho road, which Will vtivtwove the alignment and grade, IIR.S not -been fully docldcd upon, on account ot differences ot view as to right of way. A new survey has beon ra-ado which it Is hoped will obviate tbo difficulties hrtofore encountered. If these are r«adily dlopose-cl o£ tb-e construction can go forward v/lfh- otft delay with tho opening ot settled weathor In tho spring. The completion of this soction will jwlvanco tho ultimate objective of one of the most Important road .projects In the territory tributary to Connells- vtllo. It will .serve a community of euterprising farmers who havo been v*r,y much neglected In rotwl irapixve- nieiit and who hate long sought tho aftvautagos o£ a modern highway over t v/hlch to reach Conuollsvlllo, their nearest market ami trading center. An additional sctrtion wtll have to be butjt lefore tho maximum benefits of this road will bo made available to the Pleasant Valley and the neighboring ·territory in Bnllskin township- Froni the Mud School, the terminus of the s-ection to be built next spring, to the Tvlount Ple-asant-Somer.set pike a1 J^aurelvlllo is approximately four jnilcs. This gap will l.ave to be closed txtforo the Pleasant Valley is -traverued Jrom end to end by modern highway and its facilities c a n bo uj;ed by all of 5t» inhabitants. "When 4he junction Is made at t fjaiirelv11! Conjiellsvillo an-d the whole of Fay-e-tto county will havo the abortcbt and moat direct route to tho Lincoln ^11 eh way and points East. (,'onnellsville will (hen be brought into (Uret t touch with a Jargo area of pro- duethe farm t-ounfcry and the people i-esldent (herein will have a new out- lot to all section*. This If an objective to tho attainment o£ which Con- nelKville must continue to direct its attention, \OI:GH KIVEII HEARING. The piobablo smccess of the efforts to havo tho Improvement of the YoiiKhio.jheny River advanced appro- 'lably--'.vhlch is making satisfactory Jio-adway--will -vary largely depend upon the outcome of the hearing to bo Ihalcl nt )he ofllx» ot Colonel Bain, United btatWi Jiiiglnoors, at Pittsbui'g, January 20. This noarlnp. which is to be held pt tho 7'oquest ot' the- persons assiocl- atjpd with tho canaliz^lon project, had beon arnuignd by Congressman Kon- liall ·»!.. has- i.rgfd the unfavorable loporl of t h e improvement project bo icopenod and an opportunity given the supporters oC flu* Yoifgh River Improvement to bo heard. At the hour- Ing data can IH presented which will show that the potential tonnage Is of such volume a to justify tho contemplated improvement. If thlb IB done* it is anticipated that tho unfavorable repot t v ill bo withdrawn and another recommending tho improvement will be made. The order of procedure in river uud harbor improvements has been that the t u v o i a b l o i ('commendation of Uio refilduit onutir i-r .£ tho district Is ncccf-siuy beC'no tlio chief engineer of the army, w h o lias t h u lltuil word In Mich m a d c r a , \\\ll inulucio (he Item ill lliu uiipropriattuiih bill In Congreat.. The d i t f l c u l t i t s t h a t the frionds of thf Yough proiiH-i will liavo to ovoi- ionU' nt the p i o p o t e d hearing will [·? c hlcllv in pn-^t'iituiK iH-w data so i-oinpicheiiMvp in i tuir.iutor us to con- vtnco Coloi.el H.un ol i h u stiuiiKtli and sutlU'iMH'.v of ihtt fUum« that \\11S be ^t't f i r t h iu cllVi t tlio h C t i i i n i ; ) w i l l hi 1 a ii'(]iH' 3 t tliat i pii'Moub lie-i i K4liin ol Mio i 1 insinfei'b othcii at I ' i t t s - i inn if bo u'voi.sid and u l o p u i t of a dii'ici t'i.1 i i « i in- sul) »titute«' Thi'i is IH !e doubt, howuvtr, im ( that Maj « l l . i l n , spcretaiy ol l b " ' t Hoari of Trado, and \ ico pr^aident of j (he Yciugliiophany Hirer Improvement | Association, ugcthei* w i t h other o f - ' f l r p i a of that lcul wilt liav* an a m p l p ' 9 id ( i i n i i n u n ; a r i a v of f a f t ^ and fig nrou to PUV--CVH at this hearing. In e v e n t thi. ycxt siejj *U1 liare U V»P !pl;t!ii by 'he 6Vmy engin ipfrt, Upon the'.J 1 fovol-able I'fport !u (lit! chlot eti^rliippr at Wnslilngton tlio lattoi 1 will felV'* his ftsnoiit to Hit mclu'ilon ot Sit Ifettl hi tho appropruit'louH bill to provide fur I ho ccmelrut l i o n of llso (Irnt oC a sarks of d«ma tutci lovKf a,iu) a detailed HUI'VPJ* 3l" t!u» ilytu' from NS'est Newttiil to C'onUeUu\ Illc. ' Thlrt done tho Youglt booiitri's will luivo avilto tui nehlevptttont, Io I h o l v uredtt at the vnry outpot of thdi imtirltititt, which w(ll bn (i bo lit (ill t'uU i u u be at tlild OK c In I!K V (li(Miuflskn ol! cluirch bc-nvltip Uov, in, N, Duty -toiictied' Upon ;' Hitl/frot Unit 1« of Vital C-OIK-MMI to tlio pa.jtora of n) I olnmiln.' t, That 50 por oiui'l oflho jnKpl? «f t)io UnlttKt Htdtsa huvo HO ch ir!)i nflllta- tl»ns, und that of tho f0 j n' cent wh« u!x nominally ra«inlKn* -cnly 2fl per cetit tiro ix3ffiikii l In 'their uU«ntI(inuo af churcli «rvl«es, «ro h conillttoiifl, rcUjfl-otiely Bp faot stieina incomjwliblo v It'll 'iiu dis- ptny« of Ir totiouliy till the pi'K)plo ut tlio Christ nan Then it (iecintt that aimoc' (jvu-ry avn tl-crlvo3 plMiBare from givtutf sorno exhibition of Uio tuflxwii xv on (holr lives oC the uontrul tiu t f th Chrla- tlttu "-o-Htfion, Thoir talluvo U bs fiott.e !u chur*Ji ntbeudtinoo dm lug tho wuwluder of tho year would ttoem to Imply that thy ur-o lntiroBbod, rot in icltg'lou, but in tho uutwurii fonns uid manifestations c(Minoct«il with t so in ulwrn- nry of the Koun/dw'ii Wi't^i, Siildentlj they are contout v)tli this tompomn and f[iiiclc!y pasalug ^vii'enc-e of tho religions spirit. Doubfl-e a few would admit that thoy nra lmp«'lo(l to gracious ncta of kl/idiiewu /it ''hrlsimas by tho fact that tJto crccfthio.i IH tlio rnopt sacred of tho yonr aud (ins u de-erU' religious si«~niJlcanxj. They do fiot thlnk of OKI event In that semo. In fact, tliay to think facriously «,t «ny ti iw upon .roli- gious matters or the o/ll- o Uw church serves In tho country'* 1 £o. So ina^jy diverting activities 'hum bcin introduced that #ow 'people take time to think, especially ' about worthwhile thing's. They ldslre iic/tlilng «o much as to be anausod, enter! lined or siup- plied with diversion oi 60iiue sort, They do not find these UilngB In the church and fall to reme-nber thfl't tho most soul-oatlsfying jors aare fouiwl there ajsd Tiowhece else. Evidently tho solutioi of .the problem confronting the churches lies In la part in the ·dUtcove y of some means «hat will paiibe men to thlak, and thinking, to act tJiroughout the year a^ -they act when utncom clous ly yielding to tho hallowed influences of Christinas. t To tlrose who delight TI worklrtg out complioated .relationsritl rm the. in«r- rlago of Julius Rosou'wild, the C?t!- cago kiulti-millionaire, will afford somo diveiaion. His wife, who Is th-a mother of the wife of 'ver husband's son.. Is now the lattei s step-rnother in addition to being Ids mother -in-law, Rosenwald, souior, is f.Uhei-la-Uiw of his own son and st p-fatlio.r and father-in-law ot his so i's wife. WHEN A FELLER NEEDS A COUPLI 1 , OF FRIENDS Hoover Avoided , Trmible in Naming Seiator LaFoIlette But His Action lies Him With ' the Fro !?rossiv« Gronp in Party. Old Age Pensions Provided by Laws Of "Many States By DAVID ioao hy rho SVASHINGTON, Jan 10,-- President Hoover is not borrowing any trouble. The derision of his supporters, namely tho "young suard" in the Senate, who backed Senatoj La Foil otto of Wisconsin for a p'ac * on tho all-important Jiiianoo comiDitteo, wub not a surrendoi, but an avi idanoc. Mr. Iloovor would have brought upon hiuibelf and the S -nate a real row If the y o u t h f u l senat r from "Wisconsin had^becn denied a scat on the finance cummltte^. I would have obstructed consjldci.ith a ot tho t a r i f f bill and othor pt-ndin , measuica. Ant 1 , besides, Sp-nutov U n r a h ol' Idaho sorved notices that ht would carry the | fight to the floor and tluit would havo meant an ignoniinou i delcat because the western llopui'lluana and tli! Democrats would lia\o u n i t e d . Senator Smoot of I tali who was opposed to thp idea o adding Mi. La- Folletto to his committee Jiu.illy voted for tho Wisconsin si nator Thin wan taken to mean thai while he. did nut yield his own views- he dltl di-ltr to tho wishes of Die Pi ebldfiit thai har- Jliony sliould prevail When tue tarllf ),ill H out of J h o way, tho fhiauce- codimitleo will }iai n lost JtH bone of uonieiition and H sio liaojHMiH tluit the t e j i o i t o£ tlio fluanfo cioinrnlttoo even oh iho t.u'itf WUB regarded by « major ty ol tlio Senate. In other wotrts, In the chijs wlioii a commltteu r( i comtno utdtkm was enuiv- alont (o adoption the peibouiiol of tho tlnanuo c o m n m t e u wat of vital consequence. Now, dayn It merely ib a forum lor the cxpi ussion of difl'orent viewpoints and tiie presence of Senator LaKollette oji il e flnauue tonimit- teo balancoH the astern Industrial with the n o r t h w e b t i g n c u l t u i . U louru- Sdiitatloii. it ib significant t h a t tho Hoover supportoi-b in the Senato k n o w n as tho "joung K U . U I " arc* gradually acquiring the balm a of power. Onco thi-j decide to u n i t w i t h Urn \\estein Republicans, tlio old Guard has to capiUilale The I rebulent, in other words, has buei pe led in di ivins a weil{,'e insult h n i ivn p a r l \ b p l w p r - n t h e t \ \ o exueincs UK- ).,ast iml t h e \Vc-.t It l e i n a m a i . ho vpi'ii, li«WfV»i n he tli.'! tho onip o m l s ' M f ; i-, ,tll oil »!ii. sale, or ivlietii i ilui Wei t i n He l i t i ) M ( .ins ,ui ) · i n i l i K c d hi t!n ' \ t n n i H K'taid," to sue to soiiu of Us proposalij. I'ortalii 1 ,, Mi J U i t n o r liitu- ftelf, by hlb u t t l t u Io nu tlie* l'\iiint,iii «ippo!utnr n t o n t i n I r i t o r s t u t r . Commerce f'nijitni'iiloi and now !iK dpol- ^-Inri in t i t " h.-U'o! jtto m i t h - r h i t , u t r f r o m s ' ^ t t ( ' j f i i f o ' t to IJui H e t u l a t h , but has on Lho coatrair Ued U H s\!Ui Tho raoi ement for old ago aeaie- ianca bae Rained ground largely bo- caubf p£ toe grooving aiipreclation on the part o{ the public: not only ot the justice of its dotimnl«j but of its economic fitness and soundness. A coinniit-blon appointed recently by the governor and the loglalaturo is now engaged In a study of tho entire niib- joct and is charged with the d u t y ot making a report to the leshUuture at Its next scsbion, eajs Herbert H. Lehman, acting governor of New York, in the United Stutea Daily. it !« ol'Viout! that conditiotui facc-rl by tho wage earner In thlrf country have changed greatly during- the pant Hoveral df-cadofi. In fiplte of the industrial prospetlty of tbe United States, 01 poftiibly becauflfe if It, wo in thie country have been «lower than other countries to recognize tho importance of the problem The-1 ?ason (he question iw so \ltally botoi'o tl)!* people of this Slate arid Nation today is because of the vaetly changed industrial pondltlons within tbe last (iecado or two. Tho number o£ men ami women engaged in Iridue- i i i a l ocupatioiw for juun (ta unmparod with lboi-o engaged in businossiM of Uieir own or hi agriculture ha« been Very rapidly increasing The problem i",ic;ing tbe aged today la to a considerable extent the result of Indus trial deve-lopu out with itH demand for epo- eialiiiatk'ii und hpecHl. Tho introduction of new inventions, more Kpocial- ii!ed jiiaUilnery, znorc highly epeeIed tools, huvo bowi continuously replac- iag men In man Industries and has led to u demand for younger, elronger nl moie alert workers. Experience «.iined through years of toil within a factory count for rolattVe little today. jtSmphas s la laid upon those qualities which j o u t h , cr at beet middle age, alone cf n furnteh. Another factoj- that has obviouely reduced tho employment dead line JB the adoption by l.ugo companiea ot Industrial pension pKuis or group Insurance. THosso uorporatlonfi ob- viouly df not want to lay olt their older employee without gi anting then a piMinun and a pe^sio!) Is expoiiBlvn, nor ln they w f i n t to pay tho highar Inaurancft pronuuiu ratet. ucccMsltatod by tho Ineieasing age of tlieii workers "\Wifi s ai o, of (ourae, higher ac- l i i a l l y and ielAHv-e/ly Ulan Uioy ·were prior to 1914. During UID purlori from 1911 to 1H21, the iictual wage liso of tho avauigo man was 100 per cent, while (he average living tosifi ti'o noiv only a b o u t 70 por cent hljthc-r than in Ifll'l. It id, thoroforo, claimed that tho workers are so much bettor off ·fluin they were in lilli, 111 at · thoy tthouW bo able to provide for their old the Prigresslvo group. All this Bli'dteRy nas a. bearing on Senate tactics,, but it is not known yet w uit effect it will have on Hie Consul valive wiiiR of the p a r t y Irom whom Mi. Hoover must obtain ,i re- nomination in 1033. It, was tlu- Ipainim ot Tjieodore Roosevelt towaul Hie wing of tho party \ \ l i i e h about Hie rloav.ij-cc In 1 ' t l U It \ \ o u l d not t'Ufe nine!) of an OMMIHC tin the part of ICa-itei n U e p u b i S f u i i ' tn atteni )t to brliii; l o i i i i i - i I'roslrtenl C o o l l i ^ o biiek i n t o the p i t i i ! c vis iv- f l e c i i i f ; tiie (loilhPi v a t H c p o i n t of vle-\v. Ic \ s l l l all depend on how hiic- cBSsiu! Mr. Hoover IH In KelUtig- II!K lecrlsl idva proKUtm itppnntMl. It'ur, II by iioidiUK out. thn o l l m lir.uu li to ( h e lie i - i t i lirla^ uliotit l u t i . llu- ( OUT \ a l i v e I IUL be '·Hung t u u u g l t (n -Ld lio truo iciiduj; of iuii uat'tv age. This coneluelon, howevet, ti kes Into account only i part ot tho si ua- tion. ft w o u l d uiuioubtxHily be tri e it t)ie budget coiisietQcl only of ront and food, clothing and other c'jncrowj and uioio or lei's fixed expuns(!. It c srer- looks entirely th« ohangeii ooudll ons juul tho HBO of staiulardii of li inu, which ue a matter uf fact havo j rob- ably I«l to the very prosperity this countiy lifts been onjoyiiif In the last few jears and IB now t»nloyliig liut even though it is iot,eibl for the worker to «avo durlnx the p riod of his greitw t p i o d u c i n g 'ictivity and of coureu tha flKiircrf of savings 1 inks show that he does, li lb not £o* siblo In many inetancee for him to nial italri his cash or Investment balance i p to the lime when lie needs tho ill -ome therefrom for fiutcnanee. He is eub- ject to the r!«k of industrial aeclf ente, poriotie ot unemployment, tbo eft'-i ct of industrial disputes ami tlio \v r indli g up of old bublneaeob. In order Ifc it a man or v-oman lo sure of an ii xme even JB low at, $t a dav or ?'iCB H year, and this m certainly the minimu a for sustaining life, ho miiht huve 11 come producing resource3 of lKtwosn 7,000 and $S,000. 1 believe, tliat ther · arc- very feir inrlnctrtol woi-kers odny, who have «»anhed the age of Bf who havo an accumulated capKal o that amount. Now with regard to cost, r agree that no p l a n o) old aga afcttii taneo (ihoukl he a'dopted 1C it is not oct aomi- cally as well at, Mnuilly f,ouud or if it imposes on tho State ,i burde i that can not bo mifely borne OI I ago assistance will undoubtedly co t tbe Btato money but 1 do not belicv 3 that the bunion will lio seriously p rcotor than the burden now being irrted directly or indirectly by Hie tax myora of tho State. Looking fur Read tho advertisements lr The Daily Courier, Abe 'Martin 1 \ n o U t o r i l « n l j i n l n j r n b n i i t h e a\e f.oii n l u n a J i n ' o i y , li vu'. an easy to l i l a j o \ o r ' T i i o n l l i 11 It 1(1 to r 'unl'iiallj o w n a bertiiiom s't or ini m a l u d a \ , un' a u l c I d O H v u z u n k n o w n " iKI Joe K t f f i , t h i s m o r n l n a j t e a k l n ' of \\'n\] »(rot't.'ir ti r i i t c f i i l su v r y , M '» .fawn i o i f j \i\ l c p w i i u H i i i ^ h n v 1 r « o n k i i n ' i M i n r tirn iji i u n i « vv llu C illilo to UA a.U3iUl!tlK t ? cook. PROPER POSTURE IS NOT FASHION of proper example haa much to do with the vogue of the debutante olouch. deelarefl Dr. Aruiltage Whiteman In an article in Hygeia, In which )io -deplores -the previalenoe of por posture especially in tho present younger generation, For ceaturiee Irritated jarents, tired Prom tha day's wor-k ir cnuUHng: at the prospects of it, have been lying back In thotr favorite ehairs aad anarling at their offspring for heavens' sake to ntand up straight, Dr. Whitman continues. But tBie offspring can see no i^dvantago in doing a thing when their parents evidently do not appreciate Its advantages eufflcleT.tly to do it thetnselveo. Another reason that adolescent boye and girte do not wleh to stand up properly is that they are- afraid of eeoming different, Dr. Whitman lisa found. Standardization is the slogan of the day and the averagsi poreon does not wish to fieem uneual. One can hardly stand up straight without appearing different, he pays. Attempts to exerchti authority in the matter arc useless, ho insists. We must consistently appeal to a child's imagination and It we succeed in doing that we may confidently expect to arrive at a time- when a child will stand straight, not because ho fears hla teacher or wishes to please his mother, but to please himself. CHILD'S GOOD MANNERS BEGMITH PARENTS' Like charity, good manners begin at homo. They ehould begin with your child's parents. Anybody with two sete of mannote, ono lor home people and one for strangers, win come to grief sooner or later when ho Id caught off hie guard, says an adviser in Tho Farm Journal. But tho child ace.iwt.omed to courtesy bc-twoeu his parents sinri himself Logins at homo hie Hooial training with bin llrfet breath, us ho should. Growliii? "P. he Hteorbfl U with tlio otlior good i l n u g f j of home, dally, He will ut'[iiiro early tho. poiflo given by tlio iiocuwtomed, and havo liiBtlotlve Itnowledgo of just the right thing to do, aiwaytf. And uavar will he k n o w that uncitey teH- conHciouHiiefeis t h a t can leave one Btnuided under many b-oulal clrcum- ntai)uo« in life, nnleaa one Ih bouuielv buUvarked by conrteou^ hablt«. No a m o u n t of laler-llfe-aconhr-d veneer will givo your grown child t h i s fearless, m«y command of hJiiindf. Neither w i l l it «ava him from tho^e terrible, embarraHri-od momenta \ \ h t n he un-cerLiinly^ifts a social "don't ' not beoauso he doesn't 'know baiter bv then, perhaps, but beLiiiu-,0 Iho veneer pp-oled off at some mieinl moment ami lofl him exposed r u w , i iiomi-fa.iv.iRe \vliofei jiolitniipfefi wdbii't real not a lifelong habit. SG 99 "I was out there last night and she certainly mnde the evening an enjoyable one. Didn't seem to have a care m the world. "Jones let me in on the secret of his wife's freedom. She docs all her shopping by the electric car. My wife is doing it now and it makes a 'whale of a difference.' " It will be our aim, during the coming year, to be of greater service to our customers than ever before. Our prices will be as low as the lowest. Our gerrlco wilt not be excelled by anyone. Our merehnudhe will be standard, or better. Quality will not be sacrificed for price. We will continue to handle a high grade line of meats and provisions in our Meat Markets. In onr Grocerj' Line you will find best to be had and all the nationally advertised goods. FURNITURE--A larger line at a saving to you. CLOTHING, FOOTWEAR--Larger assortment at very moderate prices. LADIES REA.OY TO WE3AR GARMENTS--Many patterns to pick from and the prices are right. IJRY GOODS--Large assortment of piece goods and all the staple*, you need. Here, too, is quite a saving. DAIRY AND CHICKEN PEED--The best brands at reasonable prices. Save money during 1930 by purchasing all your merchandise from the Sixty Stores in Wine Counties of Pennsylvania. A Tliroo-Ycar-Old Smoker. WATBliBURY, C o n n , J u n 10-- ThrcP-yoar-oW Mam ico HI Pieirc smolcea tobacco no otrong- bin fallior fie. ho tills HIP Ind'rt* pipe ii, n p l u m j ) , b!uek-lw!rai yomi|- , IIIM lierm ttiiloliiiiK M I K O - IIP. v. i« ivnrt on-o-lmlf y o u r s old, in conlini; to JoHciili HI. VtiM'rp, t b e imroiil. H i s d«i!y c o j l B U i n p t i o n it^ two i IBIUH, n p,iclii(;e of clgiirotri mill 10 p l p o - l i i l l s of tobAc( o~«troiiK TAILORS TO SET STYLES FDR MEN Four thousand merci»int tailors will meot January 28 In Chicago to rule on what tho well-dioseed man will -wea.r In 1880, according to plans of tlK conwOTVtioii committee of National Morc-hant Tailors' Aesoclatlon oC America, , WIiBt'h-er your no\l year's coat will have oria hiitton or tlu-io, -vvibeUior trouear cufto will bo mirrowor or broader and a doKon oUiei «ul)jecls of a liico ntituro will bo decided by the tailors, sittiiiR en baac as tiie nation's supremo court of dreee. Novor botoro in tlie sarturial hibtory of AnK'irli'a Imve m«n t'X5n lotter and 1110ro corrot-lly drosHCil. Ainorican wi hiivc always IJPMI well dressed although not always torrwlly clad. The World War broko doivii t h e barb of drcfce convention ui t did many other fhingfa. But thi.s tdrol«e attl- io towards fatylo, f;ifilii-)n, and formality oC atliro i« furfl dibappoarinK In life plnt'0 bus sippeiirc'l a clotbes conecioutiinihe t h a t liaLi i ivolutionizcd tiie lornior fataudii One of Uic l'ftluros of tho conven- IHK tit t h e court of droifi will bo a May Piu'ly, at whn;h o\cry concelv- alilo Iijjlit wolghl KanuoiH, from tropical ltu5a biiilfc (o Uio Uilest tonnis, Kolf, and yai'hting ioga w i l l be idiown. 'i'bo latofel modes and c u l o r b will be dwplayed on niodok-i wb w i l l paf,« in review boforo tailoifi ( Two Wfchcrs. ATLANTA, Ga., Jan. 10~Atlanta teis two men--unrelated--named J. A. Wicker, who Doth are telegraphers, llvo In the same neighborhood, bank at the tsanie batik, out lit at tho same stors, and spend thoir lelsuro tlmo with ohvious} oxnlanatlons. A Good AIM?--Perfect! L,ON"DOX, Jan. 10--A defomlatit at the Old Bailey, acquit!ol on, a charge oC houwehreaking, staled that, at the time ot tho burglarly he v?aa at the pictures with his sweeth-p-art, witu«ss- ing "The Porfeot Alibi." JUmphis Bovlltiy. WKMPHIS, Tenn., Jan. 9--While a paLor of a prominent church here Iirouchod a sermon on "Giving- tho Devil Hta Due," a robber ransacked his homo and escaped with money and valuable heirloomfe. Classified Ads, HesiUU, q illicitly follow. Wink of the "Corpse" Routed Curious Watcher Oregon's Governor f! LKtJp Tea, I'len-c. 1 / n N H O N , J a n . t o \ S n I f c r l . f n d r u m , t P p l o t a U f i ut'l vr,i ii d - b r i M U J i i p 1)1! Hard p l i i r i , u n n H n c h b!« lq.luld. diet to a gHllpu oi tup, dftl SIHSIJIY, M o n t , J a n 1 0 -- C i i t l c d l l y in)iu'c-(l in an a u t o i i a s i . Dr. C) I 3 Uavi" \\\it, b e i D u Iriiiit, l o l l e d to t b » l r , u n in .1 iH-fliM 1 ttltli ; lat-d .side 1 -. A o u i i f , man i ^ i d o n t h !)'· ol t h a t brtH'd i! m'11-.atiou h u i I fix wlilch k ivir prosrnl :U fircr, ii'ui a c c l d e u t K - - ui'iln'il u p and g l u e d Ins nose to tiio d i d o «C HIP hoium* Hi k wanted to K t tin r j e - f u l l of a i i ^ n l " c n p s r " S i i d d o n l y tlio Klnfihy -yo oC i b o "coipho" eu'arklpd a b t and, a« t h e K o i r l f l r d y n u t h ' d niontii foil open, nn" u j i l i - i lo--i"l In nn Jtul - p u l a b l r w i n k "Ho lonlu-d --o ticrloui t i o l « l n ' t he.U). 1U" the doctor Tliia is nn official photograph of Governor Albin Walter Norblad, of Oregon, \vho, as prcaident of l-hp state eenate, recently became chief executive upon the death of Governor Taaoc L, Patterson. Governor Norblad, 48, and a native of Sweden, has announced his sondidacy in the aprlng primariea ·

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