The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 20, 1964 · Page 6
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 6

Ottawa, Canada
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Thursday, August 20, 1964
Page 6
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Mr. Bonks ond the Low : objected to there.being battowe- lom ngure , was bqi -hi a,wv mm Crown Counsel said - it should be at least $50,000. This seems to indicate I the Government must have had 'some The Doctors Haven't Charged 1 doctors and the Hall report'a version '-Of medicare coots down, any govern- ment" should go slowly In Introducing any health scheme. The success of I medicare depends on the co-operation ; ot the medical profession as well as the wishes. of the public ., ; ; Admirable Tox Juggling 1 One' criticism of Premier Roblln's . budget in Manitoba is that he Juggles. Homeowners will pay less in municipal . taxes but there will be added costs for J car drivers, liquor drinkers and smok-; era while electricity and heating costs ' will be a little higher. well lost on additional new expenses vY;. Xx. Ottawa TnirDVAT ,houM bt,m "W VJl 1AWA JUUltPLAJU m,kini number of Canadian-! : .-. Then Publishae by The Journal PublMhtnt Co. nf Ottawa LU Pt Quasa SL-434 Sparks St.. Ottawa. Ontario. THURSDAY, AUGUST 20, 1964 . , record- Cenadiartt-in 1IM.' a Liberal Government u elected by the skin of u teeth last year. It hat won no laurels for accomplishment but Mr. Sharp, In the spirit of his Liberal ancestors In Ottawa, feels In pushing upwards the statistics , of aid to the underdeveloped peoples. Canada has slowly brought the number of foreign students trained m this country 'under Canadian plant from 371 to Its to 1.423 last year. Our foreign aid spending is creeping higher, though It it etill nothing either to boast of or feel any pinch over. ' .' - - ; ; ; - The best way for Canada to be a good host It to announce greater ance to deserving students In Kenya or Sierra Leone or to send some teachers , off to Malaysia to establish teachers' . colleges. That kind of help 'will pay dividends In furthering social Justice and the good life long after the ceremony of tomorrow's opening hat , laaea away. Notes ond Comment Is there anvthini more deorestint to, What tha home. ' tka Aw... ni a tOita oar than Ids'sn. S owner gains in tax rebates he may . pearance of the 1969 modeU? elsewhere., v','!..;. y , .... A new era of weather forecasting lt 1 If this be juggling wa admire Mr. anticipated by means of new satellites; J Roblin for It " The homeowner Is the ' Wa could Stand a new era of weather. sitting - duck - for taxation authorities. w - -; .. i. . s.,.. . ; always there, always thrifty, always We don't mind these modern musical ' I ready,' under pressure, to produce the Idols who play by ear just those J golden eggs. The Impression it all too with obvious hearing defects. ." y . ? readily gained that hornet and landa - V ' : ? '.' - j are taxed because the authorities ere , The Columbia Broadcasting System's , too lazy or too Indifferent to look eUe- v purchase of the New York Yankees I where and Mr. Roblin, to his credit, shouldn't give the CBC any ideas of ; hat don It :,.; v'-' taking over tha Rough Ridert. - V Mr. Roblin also might have copied : J -.' . ... 'r ' , 1 , other provinces and Imposed a general Some people are wondering why only ' sales tax. applicable to almost every- 17.600 persons attended the latest Rough miiiik. na nan raaisicu Ulal. too. is a ciuas itAfiwau a.iuw. wu a w.niii I handy way ot raising revenue.. In brief ( that would have been considered ; he seems determined to be different excellent crowd. ; and. If we can't escape toxes. a little ' ' : X variety In taxes it the next best thing.- Reuters reports 30 Russian experts . , - I I .! a , Tha Pnfronizinri Mr. Sharri z .r Mr. Mitdiell Sharp was in OtUwa J as a deputy minister when the Liberals of 10 years ago used to put on mourn a 'lng for the Conservative party.. I 'i It was finished, they ' used to say. and they were to, so sorry because 1 ' , nave smra in tnuia va aiscuaa ton- struction.of a tteel mill there. Sounds use- ioi oi experts ior one a t e e i mill The remarks of Judge -Austin who sentenced James R. five years v in prison were aimost as satisrying as the sentence: This court la one that l-y b'leved lB th two-pkrty system, beueves tha sound of tht clanging Jail-, me LiDerait actea as n uia ion- nouse door has a saluUry efrect on Jiservatlvet had risen from the dead In tht defendant and tht community. This i tht 1157 election and they were nothing may be an old-fashioned idea, but It L iio. ukiii ickhiiiu uiai uiv ivit xnusis it uia one s num. By JAMES McCOOK of The Jeavaal at the Commonwealth Trade and Z', UJt tita v nomlc Conference In Montreal In IX. 7 t ZTJ ttd 'The conference implies a recognl- pendituret end lower uxe. raaiiMd m MiMdM k. taxes, realixed that televiskm caa be C concern about what Mr. Banks might.. r" Fiji and such as tht cent of the Commonwealth out of the realm of . benign abstractions, t -x : eecurity : ruUntu villi un ha tratwlllna fmm 1 Low Pakistan, from Uganda and ; do. Why has ftat concern now disap-, A conduct some ceremonial Pared to the extent that oui . legal - , . , , : or nostalgic ritual. processes' are made to look silly and ! our Minister of Justice teems to say J to the Commons that he couldn't care ' - less? : v"--v,-;.'- - - to see Ottawa - m It Is expected that this meeting will deal with the desperate shortage of teachers com Da red to that flnwai tkal the strength of the Commonwealth and ' Politiciant were predicubie attracts flies, traps them and nuw ai twanowt mem. ... all. .about business problems, .Prima Minister They ( ana leaves . . ; w-s ' mlnlo.r , iTraiMaM r Itialv aa. ai.i.- dream faces -' Ottawa. 7 Parliament's Trouble competent to begin worrying, not about A1, "h9 " "ritu" yr of pipeline debate and hat no arara to say thaa th his own inept party or its faltering . """7 " ..-co. mm fi. h.,i .hmit th ravtr nIH Tori. " " ,eeU ,hould "ervative leader. The basic Issues W national - . 1 j: ... y T . r have. aood aiuwstr am DM- T,i,i i:ei.iv .... .j.v. kik of Commons where policies are be made. loc, . ... i Visitors to the Commons who YLf F1?0'n.h.rd? Kin not have held pew. read.ef obttructioa caused by ZTL J ZZi Z tL? -S- P. of .eiIons wall was in the vaa of social he had bean exposed toteVsvia- .,. ,.;.T;,.r " JiT. . fW"" aao Meat and Mr. Soloa ion twice a week. TelevWoa TTrger paruea s a Social Credlter makes aaroas. and deomva e squabbles hi Parliament, ' more concerned about money them. - realize how far 'all thia la from reform thaa provincjel rlghu. The politidaa s the televWoa the tupremc cmRdence a nd No ana expected, them 10 be spotlights It tempted to ever- amiability of the politiciant miracle men. . . . v : aimpllfy. exaggerata.' be - the tS M tmltvMn- Tk, It it dinereat sow. '. treat -hit. father. ' . ; ... TJ " V - v Free year, after a. aVsctksa tav the of unparalleled Tory aucceta nabon't businest hat to htva Utttrt to the Editor" ;;.. 'v-.!-'""-,- (.T''-"'-!' leeae A Gordon Cfturchill Against in aispiays in Mr. Sham in the Commom .. Mr v.vfti. marriages while wins drinkers these, useful changes. it- Debate Limif Set in Advance . ... x -t.-i. sirs: M klW debet end invest conceit considers that nothirpt tending ignorance about the m ... I. sc, so ; about the oriee and SP' "CTlLSL to ? - t. the lead. jM-f - - iiicauuimi.iiwDiuu, ins m --- rr - -- " me caiy answer 11 tnai oo pontic, who sbuaatd election exaia. puoiisnea ui ins joumaj w Aug. lng Mr. Favreau told the House on pect ued 10 have " b,rig,' rriUment ever plet every- meeting ana tended ts treta Aa '. Mr. IHanoo U w miracia : . ' ' ' ,: Tuesday he did not know the . whereabouts of the former head of the Seafarers' International Union, but he would seek what information was available to the Justice Department. He returned on Wednesday to say he had nothing more to report. Almost everyone else in .Canada is interested ' in seeing that a man accused, of inspiring violent acts on the waterfront is brought to justice In this country, but the Government appears not even curious. ; - Mr. Favreau could not even tell Mr. Diefenbaker whether United States Immigration has been asked whether Mr. Banks crossed the border. In light of all the questions which have been asked about Mr. Banks in the last month. In the Commons and elsewhere, a prudent minister would have . informed himself on that point. The Government case is mat oau ror wtnai shaded. We had thought he had enough wit to see' that Liberals being patronizing are Liberals at their most objectionable. Their arrogance helped beat the Liberals in 1957 and Mr. Sharp reveals that it Is still one of the best Conservative assets today. : ;Mr- Banks Was set by a Quebec judge adVantage appointed oy Uie vonservauvs uvr ' ernment, Mr Favreau said In an un- gutV ; nothing to prevent Mr, BanRs leaving rton that education Is fundamental to Plain, simpi political (an! Uie country pcnuing umu( Oxford, New Delhi And Now Ottawa After Oxford In 1159 and New Delhi in 1962, the Commonwealth Education Conference comes to Ottawa tomorrow. There is fitness both in the holding of' the Conference here and giving it the chambers or the West Block of the Parliament Buildings for Its deliberations. ' i' The Idea of a forum for Common wealth 'T But here is an Interesting point When tht dignlty of ,,, jnm Mil was granwi uw wvwu w ,.Wopk,- vMth-rtaw - ubjact tmdor dlseutslon? The propoaal la have a daei- inhibited by competitiva poll- lucldanlv found that noliticiaaa cam vliitiiu after dinner a , . . . , kAt . TV-dinnr coatpankm. ' lath promisea of ISO. " agratmant it a form of cMMre. t Covtnmcnt btll The mora thoujhtful answer It Th innocents wart ubeci- That is the trouble witlTth Thir it an incorrect ttUment mhich M p, U to be that the Mth Pv'iemtnt is un- ed to massive dose of politics. Mth Parliament It was over- of the posJtioa taken by those mora far-reachma thaa was ear-usually unpopular: Why? personalities and proMiaa. told a much at the Utn. the wbo are opposed to hit suut- Uar ditclotad. or baa 'bee : ' They had eo aatural faamun- k and the Ord. - ion. Allocation of time by ord- badly drafted, r which fat the ONE reason it that too much ir- They believed platform The Liberal team caa no more ar of the Haute it a form of process of pasting through the is expected of it. Too many Phurtts were made of solid wood, accomplish miracles thaa the cloture and it It the strait-Jack- House, is subjected to unexpect-people beard and wished to bo cowboys could shoot js Conservative new dtai, at of the order of the House to ad amendments. Aa alleeation Have, lavish 'promises in the' bullets from a TV six-gun with- . v . which I object of time order issued before the tail 'elacUoa. In prosperous . loaig. hy omldat a THAT p,riiament must do It DuriB vr W my ex- commencement of the debate tlme and paying their MP. Pca brtck. without W" . 0!, off the ric m tha House at Com- " ch circumstaace, axMuHva ..uTnes of fllKM a ". create surpluses out of . LT humlrum mon. there has baan agreement cripple ?he oppotwnu ef the bill year, the voters expected mora "rtaxa.? JZZ" to limit, the time oa carula aad might eatily make tbfcpra- thaa they get la other af Parliament Eleven years ago the Liberals campaigned for re-election, and iBd wessful aa Perry Mason, won, with a platform that m whe ehteys wen..; v . essence promised more of the .... , . . . . . . . mttsuret. No formal enter or p " , davs the exaactariom P ds. the wrestler and the " , "7 v M " the House hat been required. I Surely (he only fair method of ment ware limited. Briu wiet, ari of h "TTJ: r fW ,iv ' "' -PP'J ellocatloa of time by . ' ...... mummim. tJ fc WOCT me tOO IB I IX- every- ..u,. k Ftnnrt aa Mikr nf Ike Hauaa la after never-never lead, at tonvmeig " , ' " ' ' Credits Insurance. Campoballei.aot before, the debate has cam. The great Canadian Issues international. Park, the Blue mencad aad at each of: tht be covered in a dozen water Bridie, the resolution states through which , at bin This hat been normal proced- served that a biH, apparent- ura whw I tkara tka tmatlM h Immmm knit - tar the nation, er should- ttgirtBn ta Mr. Knowlet' let- tial. hu bean ditclotad by de- in aa atmuspneTe 01 t(r (ni (hi. la not the nresent kata m ha hanwrul aa4 imh. practlcef .. . . trovertial. This -.eccurs ' be- He lives no txamnles of "un- cause of the epeeialited Knowl- hear nagging and Ill-temper, necessarily extended" debates edge of tome of the members Mecfceneie and the Canadians at home, who or of debates that might have' and by their diligent application been -shorter and crlsper". and resaarca ana wrracttve pre- Who U to Judge that what mtnf aantatkw of taatf case. 1 1 bert say in the course of de- A 'recent exampfa et fc sill bate should not be Hid? It that I thought would patt' tht the Judgment to be given by House (a two days wet the one who aat already spox- detlmg - wmi" student loans. : - Seven days were reoulred. A CS j! T eerleus defect m the bilt wat Oiae latlgntS 1 tht omission Of Its benefits for . ' Stttdentt the Territorial. Tail was not perceived until the 7 ' MiwfcsM Inr tka Tar4tfM4a kmA in developing countries. It win O"02 k estimated that a Mr. Diefenbaker was eut and wi apoUlghai, pancake Breckrllle Recorder and Timet an opportunity to participate to be told that Jamaica Blans to have , T . " ' r rtarsoa was m, caugnt a ie gait mty na ton to rue aeoare, simuany aa wv. " " "I J,,tin .nTthat nna ,,,cUo" is seen la the flesh th, spotiighu of the aaase cam- P" ." undigested promit- jdge their intended by what he portent amendment wu put for- v ,. - . . , . ,. . . , in iwmrraw m iKmian ns n nws at as nas m wjaswer many are susuiuf oy nowara , university can oa www tuoaaquemiy accant- S i The Canadian doctors and medical pupils each day. Jamaica and other M m c,, tni omi.. living roomt. hmad with Parliament. It hat accepted as a yardstick. Heavy ed. An allocation-of time In educationists who have Issued a report countries will be asking about using ciam w(re in teat of thousands ; The trouble it that the pm- not come ap to their TV expec- drinkers of gm hold onto their advance might have praeltided In Toronto endorsing all the Hall Royal retired teachers from Canada or Aus-.-. of Hving rooms. It wat the ent aueat . m CanadUa hemea tatkws aad never could. Commission's recommendations on tralia as teacher trainers. , . ! i; :, ,, . . medical education don't reflect any y The Commonwealth Scholarship and ; change on the parO'of ; the 'medical -Training Plan has .been working well profession towards the Royal Commls- but after four years of operation it . aioa on health. . j , ': ;: 4 has become dear that the need la ? i In June when the Hall Report first many countries' for undergraduate and a. at. a... .I:.. MAm AvL vii stitrAnHai rvl xtrhiVtl mr tuils rshinti la ppearvu m v-nHumn iti3uv4 - r- ' .... 'a a a.. at- . .AI.L Lai AT. aiaaJnala t ation said at once ftat It was pleased greater than scholarships tor graduate w 7 " . ... . a... J.. AT S ...1 AMjfl AA!lawaatak ..a saai " 2 With the recommendations Calling tor aiuuy.- mauswi ami maiavaia wan uaw t .' .. . . . v tiloh arhnnl wraitnataa Mttar tban thV a wim uic iwuiiiuiEiMiM,i ,w - - - - - - 5 hi chool graduates better than the His wbmow is every wumuw epeamg : . $ h f l.A'y Mr. . . .- Port Arthur): I am glad the eo longer. have e sky-high, divorce rata. Mr. Knowlet gives examples Whisky does the most' damage of restricted debates by Stead- to the body and beer whets a mg Orders of the Route, neatly thirst. Rum will make you aa the Address, en supply tno- tquint, Bitf wtK. The studies Hons and oa the Budget I wat ware made ee alcohoKct eely. a member of .the '.Rules Com . .- . - r tobbh assw aava san vary ei- pnmn li. Joanana rataraa aa - - ' i OTTAWA, 1 T : J YS" r.VrEWlLtOOrJTINUE f j CJi SM tils -?fn i - k . If.wA. f ft . i I II , , " m--i .-- 1 li JC i II iff I eiO . -U I r "X. A - , i t,':v';'.:.a.,;0''i' '.''''..-'. i'.'j':-A :': j; -,;" JTvJ'. !,V !.-. s ,. v..vt-. : ? ""ys-'--.iV t csiwsa mittee : which proposed those changes tome year age. The .i .. . . fiR '-my-' a ...-., ... k ... many Summers end at treat kT" rTin. Z fT' . " m" LD v X eflTS ' ASLO lVT km felled ' " Pickertgiii) . it carrying on (a minister considers being la the -tT,.v?i Tit. r egread to because every mug , lausu - t, iki.-ii I null .i .... , . . new medical schools, mora research cbeatnut hiM .VSmTt 1 " -i ' Sand greater financial , assUUncsv to caa ,im.D't.v)S m; v'c ", : pride-et Sw-jM' ttt ImAte ' "WSl -tTwaI i rnedlcarttudenu. i l i A good deal wll probably be heard. erchard. the Vs- SXuZZ tl bSJaJhrS tka WAS regarding btactenria v. .k .. t. - manr It wat certain that the doctors would pecially from the Canadiana., about W-r.U . . V I h.v w.n.w. www SS waa VTJIUWU w, m wn.wa. ' . . .. -m.. rui . I,..i i... ka.. atwaHr, cauonai WQia. ina iiaiiunai rum swans a II lvAJa gs, s a te aiextew arvuu siwTvvtjMii j many of tht recommendations. j But , the latest, statement . of ' the doctors indicates -no softening of the X medical profession's views towards the main recommendations of the Royal 2 Commission which call for a compul- tory medical Insurance scheme. - The ' CMA said in June that it wat shocked ! at the sweeping nature of the plan, t Presumably It still Is., . .. t. , , , w . . ... ' . . . 1 . . . h - a until , uie .antagonism oerween uie wntnew -member .knew that' financial SMraai at las. ts, tsst . ibllla foHew- the bdft to give reoonad that Car-' effect to chanaaa bit tariff and had .tithtened ka taxation: - What eat, wat beta Wi t M, - !"..- - . - . .. ....... 2 .... ... . . . j IVIIIM . D L. IT. am I OB inw . - u .1.1 III. MM. VUu..,. MM JM, VIM WMB.M .M..,. . j aTln.kM nff a r-ltllfl- SA ivnulira - . - -. - 7 '.1 . i . t" - - - .... w -" - wvw. t accept that action of the Hall report. "ff, . r - Impatient hours . J Mtototor !Wlv; r 1 "on. "'-,- - . . fajtn, (ove letters from me " -a One of the Incidents which I roiiso-wov rronuer mr . . e - e r and the CBC have enrned high repute- ,, . , .: to the ehm el- ;ftWB , .ii.Tha Euroftota situatioa tion for developing their powerful and h m-m, M hlte birches, clouds " Memhan When da h true to this. Ons of aur was tense. . - f uTimtt, itZw mass media for adult education. - ' careening. ? T0" l ttew as aleapr j. - deptaymaau in a most difficult 'Captain Desmond Burke to) auggettten - The real accomplishment of the con- Wind with e sting of brine from Mr. rhman Welt one of my area m. direct ly between- the the Individual service conditions m araB Hmiutioa et dt ferenct Will lie In the effect It has Atlantic . hvitim stories la the Minister outposu of the two Creek, end aggregate at the DCRA meal gaya fc. the main estimates it Leaves winuuw iiauieu nave a iranapona pweaamaoow as a tanuxa . ramsneniuaa. ranoor- as voanaugas sumge- ' v more practical and should be property - . - hagtograpay et one ad the great call, firing would commence . gtr : Malcolm ' Campbell oa tried. - However, the length ef ui warar, wavannaj ana noniir in at aw aauon. j stnaa iss wa ouiposu, ana Blue BlrS II aMtterte 11 rat sessions dSptntlt OS the nature - eat Mr. evstaftaflb Oa a ouet- a young corporal 1 years of age erds by speeding .acroet Lake and . aiTangemant ef the bosi- WHb glint and gold; from sleep tion ef, privilege. Mr. Chair would pick up the phone and Ctmlstoa at I41.T4 miles aa mm ef the House by awakening. " en- i , , ear "Now, you cut that oujf bour. " " r' ''ernmant. and aa the activity ef eyas ana uaa ca tram aepurt fmtn 1 km Ik flotr. T eta. w may-ne a Robert Carr, was reflected the OppOSitiOA. i a,v. ftheasV sbamem - - - - M a&aa t . i .- . .a. aai lc!dj"mn,r: f?f- toT!lU..r ' P-?. " Wlt. Hockey Ch. PKth. On,. alHT toSTwl!. W Mr. PtckaragUB 1 questioa of privilege. . facet grave and gay. The Otfrmaan Order. The factrv. mad yo. would be moat vice - smldent hi charae of ZTT.JZ.: .LZT' The CTssrmtai Order. Lang forgotten, gaze from spilU- Of privilege. ' mg leaver " Pro1 tnem n- yea aae the operations. Trans Canada Atr nntalai ma her found.' If ' - apportunlty to ate them- eperat- Linea. and wat succeeded by tht busiflese the Home li snckarignfc My exsHttoa big at effectively et they do D. B.lColyer. chief technical aadlv arranead. tea 'stations art " J.TTJ- " " , " T..7T. .. wmt " ""c"' cw- aavtsar. v ; . v prolonged. , Setting the mam . . " tawl M low sWW. eumtuncet. Retlmental Sergeant .Major eaHiMtas-. to one tide U it TUt fU,hiB pet forward during the u Staatoy Kaawlaa (NDP Win- E. F. Morgan wat retiring from bTnTimw thtoTsar tnlca tea wing e-ispellt.. . . f pratmw aatstoa. It that I alpeg North Centre): You had The Governor General's Foot lensthTsession. If trTopposl- LxjiuHc a. riuii t. wisa so say mi worm wat wm- Batter aene mat Boy aomt. wa Guards after mora thaa 11 tion it vera active a Ion tat- ten when I was unforrunate'y could aae him to this house. yean With the unit thm retuttt, at eccurred'. m IMMI, the VangenV session to Canada's' history, -i ' . v 1 To ergue that iimHatiea ef da-bate , would apply only when unanimous sgreement had been given by all parties conceals tome ef the difficulties thai are lit the way.' .A',-I j The Government ' would ef cowne favor limitation ef, debate. . What govamment would . hesitate te agree that criticism should be reduced and. restrict ed? The three smaller parties to the House have only to can. ' vast a bsker's doren of mem-ban before 1 deciding what ' course to follow The tituttlon ' differs wHh the Official Oppotl-Hon comprising' St "members drawn front etaa provtoces .'I and the twa ' terrttnrlea. ' tie eeick canvass of sock a TargS number ran be effected aad car- ' iainly no 'dedtlon should be expected prior te full disclosure ' nf the content ef t bill. Hence to expect a representative ef the Official OpposlfJoa te bind hit Party 16 a limitation -ef do-'bate before that debate - has '. commenced It aa unsarlsfidtory , pmpMltkin, '. 'V '- ' i -'Limitation of diban by Informal tgreemenr.1 Si It m being done' en occasion, hi an acceptable end time honored - practice ef the House. No orders of the House ttre required. To limit debate before It commences by a strict order of the fWie Is an, un-necasiiary restrietion en free- Goftbow Churchill,"' , r.., n pq Mf,l i Winnleea South rantr ' tvonseTvanva noete leader).:

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