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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Thursday, March 14, 1918
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{StSf-7 *·-:' ·-. IT Conncflsville's Biggest and Best Newspaper. Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week 6,503 VOL. 16, NO. 105. CONNELLSVILLE, PA., THURSDAY EVENING, MARCH 14, 191S. EIGHT PAGES. BLOCKED BY OPPOSITION IN SOUTH END OF COUNTY, RED CROSS MERGER IS CALLED OFF CREDITORS INSTITUTE INVOLUNTARY BANKRUPTCY PROCEEDINGS. AGAINST UNITED STATES ELECTRIC STEEL CO. {Tniontown Willing to Come to Any Agreement, bat Project Meets With Objections at Brownsville anG Point Marion Which Towns Refuse to Consider Possibility of Connellsvllle Becoming, Headquarters, Principally Bucanse of the Distance Away. REPORT MADE AT MEETING OF COMMITTEES Proceedings in involuntary bankruptcy were instituted in Pittsburg yesterday against the UaUed Stales Electric Steel company of Connells- Triill-e through, attorneys representing creditors who have been furnishing raw material m the form of scrap iron and steel, and whose claims nave been A hearing on. the peti- ld before J. G. Carroll. POST, HUPPED BT rUBSXTBHS, 1.KATS 1"TO MTEK; The consolidation of all the Red .Cross chapters in Fayette ;sentative xmnty into a single unit has been dropped. . At a meeting of rep-| ·wentatives of ConnellsvUle and Uniontown chapters at the _*urel Club in UniontoVm last night, which was not attended by my person from Point Marion or Brownsville, the sentiment in ill four localities -was given by Stephen Fuguet, National Direc- ·or of the Bureau of Development with headquarters at Pliila- lelphia, who has been here since Tuesday investigating condi- ione. Much to the surprise of the Connellsville delegates, who iave always been under the impression that Point Marion and Drownsville were ready for the merger, it developed that neither ·Jiapter was willing to enter into it, especially if this city were b be made the headquarters. Uniontown delegates made it )lain that that city was prepared to enter into any kind of an igreement at all to effect the county organization. it. Fuguet, wao has met with com-*" aittees at both Voint Marion* andu? Irownsrille since nis arrival Tues'day, elated out that there was much de- ided sentiment against the consolida- ion. Point Clarion points out that ionnellsville as a headquarters would · BO far away from thai place that he part taken in the management of he county organization by that unit ·ould be merely perfunctory. In ad- ition, the Point Marion ' committee aid that the people of that town had et to b« convinced, that the merger ·as th« proper thing. ^ Brownsville was not willinjr to con- Ider ConnellsviUe as a headquarters nd did not prefer to go into n merger Ten it Uniontown were to 'be the eadquarters. The Red Cross chapter i fhat city wishes to complete a full MT as an Independent unit and the ear' win not he up until October, [·eting with so much opposition Mr. ngnet and the two committees agreed lat the consolidation proposition at lig time would hare to be dropped. At a- meeting of. the executive com- itttee Mere Tuesday morning Mr. 'i^oet declared that he was not pre- ullced as to tie location of the head- uarteri hut In bis mind considered niontown the best place. He admit- jd, hoHrever, that after he had seen it' splendid working rooms of the feal chapter, and the spacious base- Mute of the Carnegie Llbrnry and long overdue, tion is to be In referee in bankruptcy, at which an effort will be made to secure the appointment of trustees in bankruptcy, one or more o'f whom will be repre- was J75-000. Considci able delay experienced in starting the work of construction and' repented delays occurred during its progress. * .Meantime the prices of labor and material were rising by le,ipb and bounds and it was found wheji the p-lant was fin- WAR'S HORRORS OF NET 60 DAYS WILL AROUSE PEOPLE, BANKER TELLS POSTMASTERS ble sum of money. TSroployes of the scrap dealer were pdt to wort loading the scrap at the plant in Herd's bottom during the extreme cold weather of last month and while doing so started a Sre which communicated to j the grease saturated Iron turnings in the pile, and developed resulted in the loss of fire which large part ished and ready for operation that it liad cost J135.000. This loft the company without operating capital, hence j of tbe material as well as other ma- it has beea uader a heavy handicap. Orders for its output were readily obtained, and at prices that would yield a handsome profit, but the ship- A valnabje pony recently purchased by T. M. Mitchell of Ohlopyle for bis sons, Emyln and Shelby, was drowned in tbe river at that place yesterday under unusual circumstances. The pony broke away from its juvenile owners. With the aid of others they attempted to catch it, chasing it about along the river. Seeing its escape cut off the pony leaped into the stream at a point near the "Western Maryland bridge. Under the handicap of a set of new harness, it was carried down by the swift current. of the stockholders' inter- | pcrs o f scrap, from which the steel I waa made, were not disposed to fur- The action which has been- taken anticipated similar action in filing a petition in voluntary bankruptcy by the company, a movement which had been decided upon for '.he purpose ot providing an opportunity to straighten out its affairs. The business of this enterprise had become very mucii involved through a series ot circumstances, chief of which was the absorption of the capital stock of the company in the construction and djmpment o the plant. Wren the project was inaugurated the estimated nish supplies ou an indefinite credit. A contract was made with,the Jessop Steel company, which is engaged on war contracts, to supply raw material and allow a good murgiii per ton for its conversion into a form suitable for its use. This contract «was to run for the greater pare of a year terial to which this dealer had no claim. This developed a. complication which added to the difficulties the company was experiencing and it was finally decided that, in order to protect all interests, both ot the company and of creditors, voluntary bankruptcy proceedings, be taken. The plan was to file such a petition this week but tho creditors appear to have come to a similar conclusion about the same time but were quicker in taking ac- Uon, as the fllmg of their petition yos- cost of the plant complete and ready j a large quantity of scrap, to take the for Deration, on the basis o£ prices material back upon a basts that would for material and labor then ruling, ha\e saved tho company a considera"- and it. was under thib arrangement I terday proves, that the plant resumed operations a | It is the firm conviction, of members few weeks ago after having undergone ! of tbe company that if it were allo\v- repairs. Meantime an arrangement Gd to proceed with the Jessop con- had been affected with a scrap iron I tract there would be no doubt what-, dealer of Erie, Pa., \vho had furnished lever but that the company would CITY'S BONDED DEBT IS HEARING $300,000 MARK provemen ts, $2] ,725.22; Parts and Public Buiktiags, fJ.SW.DS. misceilan- .eous fund ?-17,(jl7.US. Attached to the report is a statement of the riro iosses during the year 1917 showing a total loss of. §1,350 against which there was $45,700 insurance. The department responded to 23 alarms, used C04 gaJlons of shortly be able to overcome its financial difficulties and save this enterprise to its stockholders. RAIDING HUNS CONTINUE THEIR FRIGHTFULNESS Audit Shows Increase of $36,300 ' *enH«*ls and Mo sallone of gasoline., Effort Made to Sink Hospital ' TJ j - r t During tho year Cm Sealer J. S. , , . r For the Year Ending Last December. Bryner examined 530 scales and GSi measures. Of tile scales, tbe report showt.. 51-1 were sealed as in working | order, 33 were condemned and 42 ad- A R F S!"?1S Q27 ijustc] - OE tho measures the beale rUVE, ,|JiU,JUI sealed 600, condemned 1J1 and adjust-,' . - ed 15. Ship in I m m u n e Area in Bristol Channel. KEAJRBX TOST OFFICES JLUOi flSK KKCOJU1S SELLING IVAIt STAKPS. At ttie meeting of the postmasters of Fayette county held yesterday afternoon at the high school auditorium it was brought out that -while some places in the county were behind in War Saving Stamp sales, other offices, some in Email localities, were making ·what are considered excellent records. The names of some towns mentioned and the amount sold "by them follow: Dunbar, ?4,100; Parryopolis, .53,600; Point Manon, $3,300; Vanderbilt, $3,200; Smithfield, $2,800; West Leisenring , ?2.600; Indian Head, $1,200, and Pair- chance, ?1.20fl. Lemont, with a population of about COO, has sold 51,000 worth of the stamps. 'When Your Boys Fall You'll Awake," Says Stamp Booster REAL SACRIFICES COMING CAMP LEE BOYS TO BE FIRST DRAFTEES FOR SERVICEJVERSEAS Orders Heceiyed for Early Embarkation for France and tlie Bottle iines. The 80th division, Camp bee, lias been ordered to France. Officers at camp believe that, it will be the first National Army unit to go overseas. It will be on tie firing line before tlie vast majoritj' of the National Guard uirts of the country have left here for overseas. This Is a distinct compliment to the officers and men of the Pittsbnrger Branily Scores Extravagance of Dnited States. 3ITJSX GIVE UP LUXURIES, eoi of Buying TVar Stamps is Earnestly Creed liv Other Speakers at Big Gathering in High School Hall; Meeting First of Series in County. At the first of a series of thrift stamp booster talks given at the high school auditorium yesterday afternoon about half of the postmasters of Fayette county were in attendance. The War Savings Stamps, what they were j and the distribution of them were the I chief subjects of the afternoon. Addresses were made by a number oJ speakers. Postmaster w. D. McGinnis acted as chairman of the meeting. Another - will be "held in Uniontown ·mthra a month, with Postmaster Hagan in charge. The date will be announced later. D. A. Mullen, of the Colonial Trust Company of Pittsburg, went into th« War Savings Stamp question at length and placed much emphasis on the necessity of getting them distributed. "The quicker each patriotic American in this country realizes the individual responsibility on him the quicker the old high, school building, which RAINBOW DIVISION OF NATIONAL GUARD IN ACTION IN FRANCE V Tear Aip They Were $257,707; As. sets, VWX-., 'Gain Appro.imateiy I gr^J y^ jjyjj $3,000 Over (he Preceding 12 Months j City Sealer Jlakes His Beiwrt. r ; BOMB SHATTERS HOSPITALI dlvlsln - ft show tie mnisua) calibre I war will end." he said. "The worst of men selected by tbe draft and the ' ant i most dangerous state of the war unusual calibre of the officers grid- , s ye t to come and it means that we Sit Persons Kflled and Seren Jnjnred ! »a'ed from the officers' training General Fershing Cables They J£e- pnlfce-d the Germans ID Baids in March a and «. By Associated Press. WASHINGTON, .March 14.--American troops that repulsed the German ·Red'cross without j rai i of March 5 were from the 42nd Tbe bonded indebtedness of the city of ConneUsvilie is $283,300. It la- crossed^ 536,300 during the year 1917. This is showa m the fourth annual report of the city controller, J. C Vt'hitloy, which has been completed DISCHARGED FROM FRENCH HOSPITAL in Paris Area: Teuton Infernal ,Un- cam P s - chines Also Cnnse Ofier Iflss of Life Among Chilian Population. The -orders* for early service were and which will shortly be published 15Ui 5, n ., meers 5)m ' cv . herc !n At the close of the last year the net ,, to the iiea urosa nimvut.!- jiit,°"ttot the .headquarters should |°' 3 located here. division which is made up of National Guardsmen, General said that although he Tershing .reported today. ^'disappointed ,,, not being able to The commander of the American as oisappoimeu , division was personally congratulated by General Gerard, commander of the Eighth French army for the maancr in which the Americans conducted themselves. . General pershing's message as given out by the war department follows: "Summary of activities on 42nd · , ,. ,.,,,,,,,,», »,.. (Rainbow) division front, night ot 1Qe to ship from here although the, » ,o other chapters would send their dpments to the county headquarters., * · it this city were the headquarters, j^^ ^ ^ ^^^ Q ^ ^^ ^_ aiontown would ship direct. poned hght No m[Ssmg or prisoner s. General Gerard commanding eighth lect an organization he has not yet ,T« up the idea, andl believes that fuller explanation and more thor- jgh understanding will later permit e merger. One thing brought up at .« meeting by him was in regards to lipping. He said that even if Un- ·town were made the county head- i»rt«rs. the local chapter would con- early morning repulsec with liladelphia. He will stop off in ttsburg for a short timo this after- ion. CONFESSES TO ATTACK oHhton Xr.n Siilfi to Hwe AaniUisl Assaulting 3U«e Formmn. Sam Bioades ot Smith ton has con-- ssed to bavins murderously as- ulted K. 11. Bobbs, mine foreman .at e mines of the Windham Gilmore al company at Smitiitoa on Feb- arr 1 ot this year. Khoades was a tter in the same mines and commit- the assault inside tlie mines. Bobbs was found in an unconscious nditlon and has since been unable giro any details ot. the attack ide upon him. Rhoades was arrest- and later released on $1,000 bail nJing developments in the case of i victim. ! indebtedness was ?107,709,51 as compared with $49,443.25 December 81, 1916, an increase o£ $58,266.26. Of the bonded debt ?101,000 is in the form of short term street lien bonds, issued for the purpose ot paving streets, principally dtinr.g the past two or three years. Two amounts are shown la the report, one of $41,000, the other $60,300. Doth are due m 1920. The principal other issues are the J1W.OOO I-unding and Street Improvement and the 190S FundlDg issue of $47,500. The liabilities of tbe city are shown to be $318,987.38 as compared with $257,707.34 at the close o£ the year 1'JlO. The assets at the close of Lhc^ year 1917 werv $211,277.87 as compar-' c-d with $208,264.09 the previous year, an increase of $50,620.65. , · Including a balance of $59,419.80 from the year 1916 the total receipts for the year .ire shown to 696.15 ot which $129.276.35 By Aj5Jocia.teU Prnss. LONDON, .March 14.--The hospital \ snip Glu'lEord Castle was attacked un- i successfully by a submarine in tbe I Bristol channel on .March 10 it was I .muoiinced (oday. trncst \an sanl, who Is with the , Thl5! ls aie AKOni b , lbmanne attMk : - ' o n British hospaial lecently. A fort- siille Hoy Wius Suffering From or Mioll Shock, Jtelntlei Jlore llclieve. has been Uncharged from a French I hospitol and ha-s returned to acUve service with bis company, according to d letter received by bis mother, -Mrs. K K. Beeg!.lc .McCormick avenue. Tlie letter is as follows: "Am back with the fellows again I night ago tbe Gleaart Castle was sunk being lost. The sinking, an official announcement smd, was a violation o,' to the in' receivpd tbis · From tinae to time officers and wen have claimed that the SQlh division was further advanced than any other National Army unit in tbe country. The truti- fulness oE the claim now realized. PETITIONS CIRCULATED must mafce great sacrifices and raise many billions of dollars. The only method of raising money is by taxation and sale of securities. Tbe government has placed on sale 52,000,000,000 worth of AVar Savings Stamps which must be sold in ISIS. Every individual of the nation has an opportunity to invest in direct obligation of the United States government." Mr. Mullen brought out forcibly that the United States is the most extrava- , gam nation on the earth and that it Signatures of Public Sont'lit in Action , must ceas'e, Wo must give up our lux- Aguiust Water Cooipuny. j UT1CS| ne declared. He said that it The petitions against the Councils-1 the flghSng men of the nation were vtlle Water Company were put into j vrtllms to make their great sacrifice "Am back w,u, the fellows again , Guiffort dast , e , g - a 5te3msll _ , g and am feeling fine. It .s the middle ! r ,^ of February and we aie living in terns. Can you imagm* 1 it * But r assure you Uiat it is more comfortable than yon v»ould imagine. Rc- riTE KJLJJ'D ' AXOTEER /EPl'KLLV RAD). ceived your box containing cake, he!- i LOOTON, ^^arch 11.--In last night's | met, gloves, etc. Do not send any I a ' r raid one airship crossed tbe coast · more tobacco, but continue the cakes.! and Bopped four bombs on llartle- . circulation today by Mayor John Dug- IUD " i gan. There are fo'ir and they wi" DO tak-jn through the bus.ness distric; today. About 80 signatures are wanted for the petitions, which will then be sent immediately to the Public Sen-ice Commission. The petitions have been prepared for some time but had not previously French army congratulated division commander on way troops repulsed raid." in which the Al^o would like to have a hig box of cocoa. Get the sweetened kind if there is such a thing, if not, then any kind will do. You could buy a farm here almost witb a pound of sugar." Toung Van Sant made no mention in his letter as to the nature of h l i injuries. It is believed Ins illness wa5 caused from gas. during 1917. Tax receipts [or the year, covering duplicates back to and in-' be 523S,- I came m | CHABLKS T. OTTO TAKES MAY SAIL SOON js at Camp Hiwcock JBxpwting tally XoiemeBt Donald Trance. d'rices from Camp Hancock indi- te tnat tie troops stationed liere, eluding the 110th Regiment, will in take their departnre for Prance, e exact date of their movement is t 'known, of course, but a number indications point to an early trans- tt an embarkation camp prepara- ·y to sailing. The many recent shake-ups in the ;anizatlon of the 2Stn division are' derstood to be with a view to pro- ling only % flt men tor overseas duty. T7»d«iS»m Operation. .Irs. G. E. Albrecht ot Will's road ierwent an operation this morning the Cottage State hospital. It vas ted by hospital authorities that she od he operation fairly well. Bnildlne Ji'ew Garaee. rJ. L. Cochrau is building a new ck larage in the rear of his resl- icaon South Pittsburs street AMERICAN QRL KILLED Is Ticttra of Latest Air Raid of (!er- ma«is on Paris. 4 By Associated Tres3. ROCKVU.LE CENTER, L. I., March 14.--Among the victims of the latest air raid in Paris Miss "Winona C. Martin, of this village, a Y. M. C. A. canteen worker, according to a report received here today. Miss Martin was 28 years old was formerly librarian o! the Carnegie library here. She left for France a feir -weeks ago. $10,000 DT cludtaif 1914, were $75,984.65. L i q u o r ) . Ci "^ Te f *£· vb ° '* '5. "«°- .. j , « , -«- hag at Camp Lee, Petorslmrg, Va.,-lias licenses returns amounted to ?4.o7 8 . I ,,,,!. -,, t $P10-00( i w(rth of , na!lrance , to his raotber. tho mayor's oOlce [received while $63,236.10 was collect- ' e · e d on street ,,en, rnakUig ^e U.UU ^« bd0 y*±u,d actual receipts 5179^75^5. balances shows The statement of 57,614.99 in the general f u n d at the end of the year; $35 G73.77 In the sinking fund and $7,149.52 in the improvement fund. TVarrajits were isaned for a total of $110,033.94. Expenses by-departments for the 12 months wfrre: Mrs. Eatella ; it js what all do who have mothers dependent upon them. In letter to his mother ycmng Otto writes that army Hfe isn't so had, that he gets plenty to eat and has been on. guard duty one TiighL CONTLHENCE HOY IS SKJt'T TO A'Etr JKB5EY. pool. Six dwelling houses were demolished there luid 30 were damaged Five persons were Jailed and nine injured. Last night's air raid was the second made 1/1 two days over England by ZcpjMjUns which previously fcad Dot been employed in the auacts Cor several months. In. neither cases, tww- ev-er, was an attempt made to reach tho London district wiiere German dirigibles met with disaster on previous cxpci?ition. PHILADELPHIAN'S WEAPON MAY QUICKLY SEAL DOOM OF THE TEUTONIC EMPIRES Herman F. Parnelt, familiarly known about his home at Confluence Public Affairs, $14,369.94; Accounts j as "Pat," was transferred last week and Finance, ?-*,S23.19; puhlic Safety,'from Fort Clark, Texas, to Camp $25,122.88; Streets and Public Ira-' Momtt m New Jersey. Knroute he received a three-day furlough and is visilmg bis parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Parnoll. "Pat" declares he likes PHILADELPHIA, March 14.--Berlin and many other German cities can be leveled to the earth and. the' war can be won in 30 days by an aerial torpedo which he has invented, according to Eester P. Barlow, who has an office the the Land Title Building in this city. Unsealing the lips of rw o of the half dozen men who know the secret 50 that they could corroborate his assertion, Barlow, who is the inventor ot an aerial bomb and an anti-submarine depth bomb, which already have proved successful, added that his new aerial torpedo is the most terribly destructive engine of warfare that the world has ever seen. One of fcis corroborators Is Representative John Q. Tilson of Connecticut, expert on explosives and a member of the Military Affairs Committee of 'tha National House of Representatives. The other is Joseph Stcin- metz. president of the Aero Club off Pennsylvania, an aeroplane engineer BOJTBS KILL SIX IX FARXCH HOSPITAL PARIS, .Alarch 14.--JfTrencti aviators twvving accounled Tor 13 enemy machines according to a statement from the war office toaish-t, winch, also reports a successful Belgian forward movement near Lomfcaerizj'de, A sergeant in tlie quartermaster's department of the American, army who was acting as a chauffer for th* depart- nient in Paris was Injured slightly in last night's raid. In a certain hospai- al in thf 1 Pans district six persons j were killed and seven injured by j bombs dropped by the Germun. airmen. TWO policemen \vere killed and three iLjured in Monday night's air raid. army Itfe and France. * is anxious to go to A VOBLK'FTKRS FROM UOJIK. letter recpntiy received by- Mr. and Mrs. A. "W. Bowman of East Cedar been put in circulation. Howard Henderson will have one; Thoraas Davidson another and Pan] Duggan will have the remaining two. INJURED IN WRECK : people at home should be willing Continued en '.' ITALIAN DRAFTEE KILLED Tails to Instant Deaih THiile Hiding Top of Freieht Car. tias3o Ditalio, an Italian was killed yesterday afternoon at Ohiopyle by a Baltimore Ohio freight Train. _Di- laho. who was a trespasser, accompanied by another Italian, went to Stewart on in the morning to work in the mines. On their arrival there i they decided they would not like the (work and both boarded a freigbltram Former Local Grrl Cut by Glass- in j to ride to OhiorjjJr, froin where they expected to return to ComaellsvUle on Train No. 15. Ditalio fell from the top of one of t i cars and was killed. The body was brought to Connellsville and removed to Funeral Director J. Smash Miss Gertrude O'Connor, 15 years old, one of several Pittsburg' high school girls injured in a street car wreck yesterday morning in Pirts- burg, formerly resided in Consells- moved to Paiterson avenue. Since leaving Connellsvillc 'iile. She is a daughter of Mr. and Sims' parlors and prepared for burial, Mrs. F. P. O'Connor who ai one lime A draft card, addressed to Diagio Dii- lived at Bighth street and Crawford the O'Connors have resided in Pittsbnrg. Miss O'Connor T?as cat by flying glass and bruised. Two colored women were killed. alio of Yukon, Pa., was found in the dead man's pocket. Ditaho was married and has three children. It is sa^d that Ditaho recently removed from Yukon to Greensburg. Tax Dlilla CONFLUENCE. fre Raised. .March 14. At meeting of town council Monday night the tax levy for the year was increased one mill. Onlj a few citizens were is. attendance at the invitation of the president of council. CHILDREN FORGET CANDY IN THEIR ZEAL TO INVEST NICKELS IN WAR STAMPS and a wei^-kncwn Ph'f.adelpliia manu- \ avenue from tbe f r son, James, mem- i facturer, Other men who have been told the secret, and who have acknowledged the terrific possibilities o? the invention, ^according to Barlow, are Brigadier General SUuner of the Signal Corps, who now is in France; Glenn Martin of Detroit- tho noted aeronautical expert, and Louis Stoddard of New York, a banker. According to Barlow it .would be possible to aim the torpedoes at Ber-, lin from behind the Allied lines m Prance and blow the German capital to pieces. "Six weeks ago," said Barlow last night, "General Squier was first shown the plans of tho torpedo. It carries over half a ton ot the highest explosive which can bo manufactured. It has a range of 400 to 500 miles and is positive In going *o its target." ] her,of the Fc/restiy Engineers on dtuy .n France, advises .them that he is well and in line spirits. He, like other members oC command, anxiously awaits the arrival of letters CContinuwi on P*ufe ( Two.) Rain ar.d colder tonight; rridaj generally fair; colder is the noon weather forecast for "Western Pennsylvania. asked once for a nickel -with which to buy candy." , J. EuelL Snydcr said he believed the children in the schools would play almost as large a part in the winning of tlie war as the terras. Each speaker Several insiaucei of how the War Savmgs Stamp -s teaching "Young Aineiicans" to ave instead of spending monu for candy and coys were biouyit o\»t at -,he meeting of tie Fay- I'tte County i" J O5tm.i.sters at the high school yp.siorday afternoon. Each spoakei incited a case of how the pupils in tin 1 schools bad become enthused ovor the thrift stamps and were using i i vory penny to fill their Uuii't wvrdv, with stamps. Itev. J. 1- ProudfJt during his lalk ' fices, (big ones for the lower grado WAR WIDOWDOES BIT Stcwarton IToman of Si knits Two 1'airs of SwUs for lied Cross. Although 84 years old, Mrs. Hannah Smalley of Sle-warton, one ol tbs oldest and best known residents of Springfield township, is Ijnitting for tbt!, soldiers, bavins completed two pairs of socks, when she turned over to the Connellsville Red Cross Chapter. Mrs. Smalley is tbe widow of a Civil war veteran, and is eager to do her bit towards providing warm knitted articles for the boys ;n training camps and "over there." FARM LABOR MANAGER Is Proposed at Meeting of County Hepresentathes, Hcr'. _ A meeting to discuss th^ £arm lahor as he made his talk remarked 'on tbe , Problem m Fayette couaiy was ield vray Die cbildreo in the schools, es- J 1 "* yesterday afternoon with the peciallj- the young-s^ers in the lowo.- gradeb, ivtrc saving their pennies and nickels tor the purchase of a stamp. Many other instances of I'.Ulc sacri-- that [Uthough lie wasn't in. the habit oT bringing personal affairs into his addresses, ho eould noc help noticing" the change in bis own home. "My chilaren," he said, "used to come to ne for a nickel, and IT admit that 10 Uines out of 10 they gxDt it. We Hv« impils), have come to the attention o£ tbe teachers in the schools. Tcmperatnro EecoriJ. 1918 1917 Maximum 70 54 Minimum 58 40 Mean 64 47 The Yongh river rose during the [ stamps h a v e been put on sale in the night from 5.40 feet to S.20 feet. just across the street from a stove and | the m m u t p they had that money they 1 -would rua for candy Since the thrift I schools I don't I have bean Som«rGeId TV'oraan Dies. CO£F't,UENCE. March 14.-- A. C. JIavner of Somerfield was here yesterday accompanying the remains of his heads of several county committees confenng with L. D. Van Buskirk, ot 1' rcpicsenting the Agricultural Labor Service of the Department of Civilian Serviof 1 and LaJior. Committee or Public Safety. . . ^ Tho county maj ii-in a farm labor manager if it is placed in the first class or agricultural labor service. No action was taken. Stamps on Sale, Tho war savings stomps -were plac- mother to Petersburg, Va.. where bur-j ed on sale this morning at the Hum- ial will take place. Mrs. Havnerjbert school, South ConnellsviUe aad died at the son's home from ailments | Charles Williams, in, a sbort time, dis-i incident to fi-ge. posed of $110 TTOith.

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