The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 20, 1964 · Page 5
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 5

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 20, 1964
Page 5
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THURSDAY, AUGUST 20, 19M Two Missing Children Turn Up . BUCKINGHAM (Special) Two young Buckingham children woo got toil what cherry picking In the woods near their home were found, cold and crying out unhurt, this morn ing. . Nicole MarteU 12, and her brother Regent, 10, children of Mr. and Mrs, Conrad Martel. of 25S McPike Street, had left their horn late Wednesday afternoon. When they failed to return, -at 8-30 pjn., their father noti fied (folic and Chief Albert Didler organized a search of the area, AH available police con stables searched all night in the woods near the Martel home and around the golf dub. The children walked but shortly before .9 a.m. today. - They were hungry, cold and crying. It is believed they fell asleep la the woods when they realized tbey were tost. A prelimi nary examination revealed no Injuries were suffered by the . chudrca. LUTHERAN SURVEY Sixty per cent of the Lutheran Church's new missionaries from North America-do not have theological degrees, a sur vey shows. t. - fit - ia Glasses . - i '. M Pee. China Service .J Midway for children under 12 years of age. 9 a.m. Horticultural exhibits Judging. Horticultural Building. 10 a.m. Poultry Department judging. 11 a.m. All buildings open. 1 p.m. Judging Percherons, Grade horses. Coliseum, " 1-5.30 p.m. School Children's demonstrations, McEl roy Building. 4.30 - 3.30 pjn, NORAD Band, BandshelL '. , ' J ree. aMsterfWM, atotiMeel foam a ksMkf adppWVef fOW QtthlMM I Arbertte Step Tables : 1 Arbertte CotTee Table "l Table Lamp ' . , " ' 1 Floor Lamp . " ' Intetchmt Shades - f .' V,-'. i v.- , 1. ' C ' , ; rJ': . ' h AUL F0i7 TH2 LOW RHE SALE-PRICE OF 329 Bonk Sh -1.' JaV?..: :l J a Tif "-n-"r f--'-"' t,,.tMaaMaMaasasal ROSIE MEETS THE MAYOR Star at Central Canada Exhibition Association's annual pre-exhlbition press reception at the Assembly Hall, Wednesday evening was Rosle, a weU-dressed . chimp whose Impeccable manners earned her an introduction to Mayor Whitton. . The mayor waa one of several civic dignitaries at the reception, attended by 200 persons. . , (Journal Mom by Dominion WM) Friday at FRIDAY, AUG. St 9 a.m. Gates open. 9 a.m.-6 pm. Children's Day.- Special prices on the a. 9.30 nm School Chil dren's demonstrations, - McEl-ray Building. 6.30 p.m. Official opening by Prime Minister Pearson, Assembly HaU. 7 p.m. Horseshoe competition, nlavsraund area. 7.13 -8.15 pm. Rockciirre Pioa Band. RCAF Trampoline T B 1-1. ..II 'J miu, swraaiivu. 7 JO p.m. Horse Show, Coll IMIIII 8.30 p.m. Grandstand show 8.45 10.15 p.m. NORAD Band, Bandsneu. IOJ0 pjn. Car draw. Band shelL - Ex-CityjMan Finds Africa 'Fascinating' Africa is as fascinating Jn reality aa it waa oa films to Charles Tops he. ! Mr. Topshee, the former bead of the Canadian Film Institute In Ottawa for eight years, has been with the University of Basutoland, Bechuanaland Protectorate and Swaziland, (or the past two,. . And be has enjoyed It so . thoroughly he has asked the ex ternal aid office lor a second extent ion ts his one-year con- ' tract Right bow be is oa home leave before going back for a third term an dis on leave of ' absence from the film Institute. 07 PIECE .OFi In general, he says, the' peo ple of Basutoland are weH edu cated by African standards. "About M per cent are literate compared to 11 per cent aver age for most of Africa," he says. Mr. Topshee is not the only Ottawa person active at tha university. Rev. f arrel E.. Banim, of St Patrick's College is returning to Canada soon after serving three years as the rector.- The bursar is Rev. Anthony Hall from Ottawa, - ,. V ... A ... And Rev. J, M. Qulrion, dean of the Faculty of Social Selene .umm Comprising of . . 11-Piect Esiraea Se! . B Drawer Triple Dtiitu with -r- 1 Mbrar ' i 1 Chest of Drawers '-".r : p '. t Boaaolr Laatpa: . - ' ' , 9 1 Matchsag Skadss) -- 1 Sat Sprhag ' 1 tfrtag rOM Mattress ' f ' . . I Fossa PBtows CS-Pieet Kitchen Ensenihla 1 TaMa with cxteasioa leaf ' . - A r-w.i 14 Pea. Btabdeea Steel riarware at University of Ottawa, was there for IS year as teacher, bursar, registrar and dean of the departments of economics. Bridge Worker J -Sent to Hospital ". Thomas Curiey, 3. of 447 Catherine Street, is in Civic Hospital today after falling from the Macdonald Cartier Bridge project Tuesday. The workman waa "badly shaken up" On the 50-foot fall but was not Itertously injured. Hi condition waa described as good. . - siWr MMOKM AND WATMK OAMA9M C ' f- WITH OUTSTANDING VALUES AT BOTH LOCATIONS V iiTpfinn i m mm : J.' Mr1 S40 Down $16 Pr Month FIRST IN OTTAWA I ' , " Se Our Display of 1965' ' ""' , UBY WASKEnS c-J DHYERS . .- Semi-Automatic Splndriers . V . ' , Automatic Washers and Dryerg . Wringer Washers ' ALL AT FIRE SALE PRICES rf TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OUR LOSS AND SAVE $ $ $ 1 U UUUWI FURNITURE and TV CENTRES Ope sUQy fM. Frldavs till I ua. 1 - K ' MTB SUOmNO BARN orar lower Aybwsr aa4 Descheaee Road ' ;..,,. .:, Opea Etwalagt 7 IB ages, ; ; ; , :.;:,,..;. j. , ,i THE OTTAWA JOURNAL Authorized mm metmi mail. Pott Offle pmftvtmmt. Ottm and lor ooymmnx of pou In cak. Jury Rules Man Contributed To Own Death . - ? A coroner's Jury ruled Wed nesday night that Gordon At chison, 2. of Stittsville, who was killed by a truck near Manotick July 13. contributed to1 his own death by walking on the wrong tide of the road and on the pavement, instead of on shoulder. . . - The truck which struck Mr. Atchison was under control' end there was no evidence ol .negli gence on the part of the driver Roger Legault, 25, of Sf. Albert, Ont, the Jury found. Mr. Atchison died, almost in stantly, of a fractured skull with brain damage on County Road No. 7 at about, MS p.m. According to the evidence, Mr. Atchison was taking a flat tire to a nearby garage and was walking on .the right hand side of the road with his back to the traffic Mr. legault said ha first taw the pedestrian at the moment be hit him. He was on the pave ment. Mr. Legault said. The Jury recommended that more emphasis should be made to pedestrians to wslk on the proper side of she road. Coroner Dr. W. TV Kendall presided over the inquest Into Mr. Atchison's death. ' Journal Want quick results. Ada bring P - J fAnini I New Stamp to Mark Quebec Conference Opens Fire On U.S. Car BERLIN JP A Soviet Army sentry fired two bursts from a submachine gun "in the direction" of a U.S. Army car In East Berlin last Sunday but no one was injured, a U.S. spokes-rain said today. The spokesman said the bullets did not strike the U.S. Army car, though the Soviet soldier fired one burst of three rounds and another of about seven. The shooting took place In an unrestricted area near a Soviet military installation in, the Soviet sector district of Bis-dorfnord. Calling the incident an ""unprovoked and undisciplined action," the spokesman, said a written protest was sent to Pyotr Abrasimov, Soviet Am-basssdor in East Berlin, and to Gea. Ivan E. Yakubovsky, commander of Soviet forces, in East Germany. TVS DEBT Television owes a debt to Irishman Louis May who discovered In 187 that the element selenium' could translate light into electric Impulses. Just arrived on? th'P t "Yashushimd Maru" . ... -v y . CHOICE QUAUTt -: r PREFINISHED 4 x 7'i 5 "A-1" Quenry 210 lb, art. cwal a Orulta . ASPHALT SII1KGLES mm : tu) 1. square AWT atJAKTiTr on r Shftt 4 x 8's s' IN CRATE LOTS' n Smaller aaaatltles add 2ec sheet "' to eover handling costs ' '!' " Self-Stortag ; ... ; Aluminum Screen and Storm V WINDOWS $.35 (O) .. up LOCATEED ON THE FRESCOTT HIGHWAY (No, 16) : V";-C MIU SOUTH OF THE AWA V CITY llMrTS'AT'CLEARy.; Write Box 'NoV S33S foetal Stn. "C J Otff Lows! Prieo Ivet t :l v; DIQ 100' ROLLS .r;,j : XIIAIilUHKFEKCE 36" ptr roll 42" ptr roll A , up $1175 JLJL G T D:r Pests tZz ea. it-' (By The CP) The 100th anniversary of the 1864 pre-Coo-federation Quebec conference will be commemorated in a new - ' AtusJAL ' ImIDSUs ER W x 6'6" alumiiium., co:.ibi!iatio;i ; coons : 0pk.ft2S)rM,kre Rjrhrert mt Qmr ,'v-' , I j yf ;88 Each fully Prefromea' 1 ttn. r IT5 ''" "v TR $2U? no" C Salf-Storirrg Doert . V Other yards 1st Maltoa, AJax, Brookfla, Laisdosy' North Bay, Kuthvea and Niagara FaBs .. VISIT OUR YARDS Youtl tat why Btopla drivt ifp tt 2S0 mUti ami aisra to ihopatSrWAr.;! OPEN DAILY i -'V- 8 to 6' Saturdays till 5 p.rn. FIRST QUALITY ONLY ff BUILDERS' I SPECIAL Dry (Io;1 Spruce la Lift Lots for House, Cottage or Bars Joes -' SAVE ON LUffl&ER - V 'FAINT GRADE . FINE WATERPROOF , ; SANDED ' " PLYWOOD $). 90 la lots of XS sheets er saors . Smaller Iota add ISe ahaet five-cent postage stamp to be issued Sept 9. -, The stamp's design a. maple leaf and a hand holding a quill pen symbol at the agreement . reached at the conference. . The stamp is being printed in red and brown. Designer is Philip Weiss of Ottawa. No Telephone or Mail Orders on 6 pjn. Specials! Sport yi Jackets ' Girls' and Kiddies' tin ny grab table "2 sa,. ...29c 1 clnr. Ural This.' Villi J Jj OW H - mu OlrU' .', a I 2 -rt- ' ten Btskaa fl 1 "l W au. AiMrus turn la Um ladles1 ' Tm . Tin and ' '. BOYS' WEAR Earring Set ' ; GRAB TABLE Bummer . gf ''. swus . natr kM ux Pastel 8W VI mm. Sow um.. ttlu. tuw Toaea - m" aacu a ka um u mm caior. t. . Am 2"'0l SXCOND PI.OOB ' first Served, owKSTAiaa aroaa '; saVe save-save: . Tir "Vtaylfx"' Strictly No. 1 Qsntlty VIIIYL ASCESTOS . "A" GRADE ri' REVERSE TRAF : (Not that oa sitte aabdowa''. style) . ' TOILETS $1.95 - White With Grey . each , j SHALLOW WELL ) PACKAGED WATER SYSTEM :i taa ; a- JCO-80 PLASTIC PIPE f $51 .97 -y'U , per ter u ' sSsis' is Wot 'siia' waa l 4. ir-t, a FLOOR -C 1 1. ' uai-" ' 1 Shifts : a.g. Yw, 5,rfl " "tJM to IN " Ml ' $2 Ifh ; Mill ijXj " wMkMk m- f yljt va -trials h ' sum a st. u ' ' JL i am ixooa ' 'ij . ; SO Onlyl ' . 6-pc Kitchen TOOLSET First 66c downtown ifs C.plns , . . Rideu Street . . .Diily 9 to i .v; Friday 9 ft 91 : sa.- mm I ;s Vcartoa lots of ll phjees ;f , '"" ; "I OTHER COO COI.OM ; PREFINiSHEb WHITE CIUUG TILE la LoU of I ', Cartons or More ,::. : SMAixaa toTs . DELUXE REDIVUE - -SASHLESS VIIID017S ataetaf aiaaa aad rus-aias m k - mil . Aerstovao 2" Raid Cdar ! ""lit PICNIC .";.t 'V j, St': : lADkU - v ' :ijsf each AS 4jOW -Ji-AS- " is IN LAROfi QUANTTIT , VI KEEP COOL ! ! , . ,ur THIS SUMMER WARM KEXT WINTER; ' .?.-' insuLATion ITT, sas.fX. . ;,, v 3 er Carte Cartoaa er Mere Smilltr lots $337 . -.

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