The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 20, 1964 · Page 4
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 4

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 20, 1964
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

, TIME tMfTS Urges All-Party Ruling on Debates (By The CP) Tbs Com- eulrs good faith on all sides.' mm commutes on procedure Mid Wednesday any plan to put time limit oa Houm of Cam-mans debates mast bt agrssd to by all parties aad aot im-aossd by tbs gsvwnuiient. The committee, composed of TsprseiBl stives of ail . parties meeting wish Speaker Ala Macaaughtonsatd It bad spent eight weeks on tbs question of allocating debasing time, and so far bas found bo aces? formula. '"Your commlttso Is of tbs opinion that this is sot an area for legislation - unilateral actios oa the part of tbs government,' tbs committee said in . its th report to tbs Commons, table Wednesday. "Any chanjs la tba rales to provide machinery for tbs alio-csdee of tints should,, m our view, be worked out through corneal tatioa among arN parties since tbs successful Implemen- tanoa of any scheme will re- Greene Challenges .Grit Rival LONDON. Or. (CP) A can-didst for leaden of tba On tario Liberal party. Jw J. Greene, Wednesday cballanged Aadraw Thompson to produce tba names of his supporters on tba Liberal front bench at Os ier' Thompson. ' legis latum ms rubor for Toronto , Dover , court, claimed in St Thomas Tossdsy aught that 1st and tbs wadlrioed support ef the federal Liberal beach hi hU pursuit of tba leadership of tba party, "I doubt that such a claim is true and I have no hssitsnfy m challenging tba member of the Ismslatura, also a candidate, to snaha auhlir she uames of thass "mm." Mr. Grilse, mambar of Paraameot for Renfrew South, said art a luacbeoa for London : aad district Liberals. Bowvwvfa Mr hi ItuMdrk. Oat. Vednesdsy that ha eras I TI hers the majority support of tba provincial Liberal front aoach ami thass Liberal lead- on are working for me. I also eve solid aupportifrom the (federal) Liberal from bench hat 1 40 not daim their aadi-vhfed support," Mr. Thompson said far, his .second statement whll campaigning m Kent East. . . , -. . i Mr. Greene, whs officiany entered aha madonhlp rscs Just M days ago repeated aa surlier ststemsnt that my m convinced the outcome of the fight rests between Umsstf and Chsrles Tempietoo, format evangelist, aewspapsr esecutivs Buddhist Leader Blasts Khdnh (.' . : Bv MALCOLM BROWNE SA1GON (AT) A sap leader pubbcry assailed noiinint Nguyen Dumb today as the Sooth Viet Nam govers-sneat seught la evert aa expto-sfeaeatbs Rrst smtiverssry of the bloody pagoda raids. . Addressing a rally of MM Imddhmt youths, tba feeder. Tfcsh Taa Cheu. sharply crtti- issd Khaah's assampUon of ad-distoaai powsr last Sunday, whsa ha ousted MaL-Gon. Du ong van Mah as president aad aastaDae atmee. . The raRy. held at lbs grounds of the Buddhist association headquarters bora, was in com- memorstioa ef last year's pagoda raids by police under orders from tbs lata president Nga Dsnh Diem. Several Budd hist high school taaohsrs said during the rally that they have hsea Invited to police hsadauar-srs for auesakmiag. Buddhist sneaks said thai II i am detained, av wdi probably ha held sa front ef police hoodejuartaia. S17EDL0VE - nntNnuu co. ltd. 174 Data Is St. 22 BOX'S COKNDta , ije m. se to sa limie S m. es S r-m. BULL US Eddy a. sk s e sa. -. Tba committee report fol- a statement earlier this . in tba " Commons by Prims Minister Pearson, who said tbs government would be laced with deciding whether h should itsslf uuroduce some ruts changes h they csaaot be agreed apoa by consent among the parties. COMMANDER RJCHAAD CARLE. 87. of Victoria. BC. who bat ben appointed commander of tba destrover-asoort HMC3 Prasar with tba Second Canadian Escort Squadron, Esqulmalt, BC His most recent sppointment wss on tba staff of the Director of Naval Fighting Equipment Requirements, at Nsval Headquarters, Ottawa. Aqricultur Chief Here (By Tbs CP) Soviet Agriculture Minister Ivan Vofev cheako arrived Wedneedsy night for a three-week tour of Agriculture Minister Hays, bo accompanied him to Ot tawa from Montreal aboard a department of transport Vis count, said tbs visiting mmis-tar's Itinerary is not yet firm. Mr. Volovcbenka said as would bold a press conference Friday. 4 :i v Advance reports saw he hi asamry hrterested la purcbasmg Canadian livestock and la examining Canadian sgricuttura! sd- His teatathw Waarary calls for talks Thursday and Friday with Mr. Rays and departmen tal officials, and a visit to the Central Experimental Farm. Later visits wHl Include Kitch- ser. Guelph, Gait, Niagara Falls at Don'tJudge Judges, UK Asked LONDON (Reuters) Brit-one Wadnseday warn ' argsd aot to pass a sleepy Judgment oa magistrates who sit with ayss tightly shut and Tba Magistrate tbs official Journal of Brits la's lay Judges said - Judge's eyes were dosed R was "to anabla him to concentrate mors Intently on the oral evidence which assails his beer-teg." . The article said there were "aa refreshing cups of torn" for tba Judge. It said the Judges had to contend : with the soporific mutmuimgs of lawyers. Ilka bosy baas In a hive: tba! hyp-aotkawvesBentsef polka officers hi and out of tba witness boa, like sheep) Jumping over tba proverbial gate; the scratching of tba clerk's pea and the ticking of tba court With these typos of mtm-Mss why wonder a the heed nods aad tba Jaw falls spaa. tt magistrate actually slssps. Ha can say tbs words ef the Song of Soiomoa 'I sleep but my heart waketh'," tba article Shop Witt) Confiota. Whirt Yo. $ Tab Sulci SetUhcHon VA' Guards, at Pictoa, bau. has been notified to get ready for possible duty with the United Nations force m Cyprus, informed said Wadnesday. i The 1st Guards, the present stand-by unit for UN duty, would replace the 2nd Battalion. Royal 22nd Regiment, in Cyprus if lbs UN decides to maintain tba force beyond Sept 2. The Van Dons' tour fat Cyprus ends i that date. The Guards battalioa at Pic toa has been brought up to full strength by reinforcements bom 2nd Guards at Camp Pet- THE OTTAWA JOURNAL Canadian Guards ; Going to Cyprus? (By Iks CP) The' 1st Bat- awawa, and it Is getting annual leaves cleaned up so that H will be ready to go if required... . There wss evident relief in the government Wednesday that Greece - and Turkey have - re placed units under NATO com mand after withdrawing them for national purposes over the Cyprus issue. External Affairs Minister Martin in tbs Commons denied in effect the suggestion of T. C Douglas, New Democratic party leader, that Britain plans gradual witndrawsl of Its con tingent from the UN fores. SAME AS CANADA British troops Is completed the the adaptation of Canada's mll-ipaWersvl strength of the British contin- Kary forces to the role she nai gent will be about the same as Csnada's: 1.13d hi Meanwhile, the government has placed Increased emphasis on stuping Canada's military forces, to future needs of UN peacekeeping task. In a writteu submission to tbs Commons defence , committee, the external affairs department said: "The white paper on' defence announces a wide-sweeping re organization of tbs Canadian armed forces, but no fscet of the program Is of say greater He said that when rotation of j significance than the extent of - -T 1tii - K adjast tee hi ami tea out adjaet treat wheel - adjaat tarstoa ban es - Carysser pre duets ewmeawm safety psata FREE INSTALLATION v;::EELni:::::.EfiT special HXRITS WHAT Wat DO: 1W Weak flf fwai-smwl IppOlWtawWalC ' 7Z2-MM Qmtmmty, 7M-4M7 CLOTHES IIAHGEII OAR Travel with wrinkle-fre -. - - clothing. AdJutUble U t n cart. Sttwrig metal bar complete with ; anoanUnf brncketa for easy Installation.'. sssumsd In assisting the world wide security effort of the United Nstions." . . ' The d s p a r t merit's brief sdded: "In tbs 'Canadian view peacekeeping activity now has moved beyond the stsgs of a practical necessity In the conduct of in ternational affalrsv and should be provided lor as such. , : ' "The fsllure of tbs great pow era to ngrea on tba enforcement arrangements ' envisaged in the UN charter bas caused much of the onus for peacekeeping to de volve upon the middle and small SUPER-STRENGTH OUT 400 1 13 ...I. 2 13 A3 520iir....r2i 1318' 450 1 13 .-1.2hr 173 470 1 15 2 h 19.48 750 1 14 .... 2 hf 1740 t -2l19.t8 2 br 21.48 IASOME ROM AND WOODROFfl AVL ! QUEENSWAY EASt AT BUIR ROAD t OPEN 10 AJW. TO 1 0 PJW. DAILY FULL 24-MONTH QUALITY GRADE csiun SSADE f tks rot i i v y hit me mw nm rse -out ratcai , . h OMK LOi Low . Bulck ,:.'..-.,..; WS 3-WiT iSAIAITED TSE KBUXl , NO TRADE-IN V Whjr SMtla fsr sua ..... . st 1 f BeaiBBtMa msatsais aaauut aa rsad kaswes sel.. "f ma. krakM krekn ftmm, aaacterea,, siamlk smstaf aad rim tmm.. , 2uat..mS Iwriw eaaias astwia la weiksssaakte a tt Ik. W. f Um Hie SIM. O IwmU'l kn.rsan tt ussslit. .rlihn ve tHm. lilm.m ilMnn Ue m Um ri.Ur ntsU stks, kn. tn4t Im, ate reus evw laseted serMd ' . sw she suae bmu. . : r" ' i ' . . BRAKE SERVICE SPECIAL ' ALL rOtIB WnitSLS . , tret Mrt Cars) , HERE'S WHAT WE DO: a IMan SiStS Bala, sw e CVMfe amass sr B7 I kW VSMfc ... . SM a CswislMMr adhssl krakse a CkMk an knae sm , se ssvtve lea i.eHie .., . aa oIMm - . . .. a Seul fmst wkael : 1 e Omanaat m ktske fek SMftats - , It ss,eee maes FRONT. S.45 CORONADO ; FLOOR MATS MATCH INC REAR 4.49 Luxury rubber mats In smart colour combinations, gtves fuQ protection to floor and toe-boards. Bed, blue, black, brown, green or white. THURSDAY, AUGUST 20, 1984 Canada Is one of the -relativ ely small number of countries which are qualified sod equipped to undertake a variety of roles In the service of the "Canada, has reofgmiwd her armed forces, in large measure, to provide assistance to duly authorised UN operations, subject of course to individual decision In each Instance, when a request is received from the UN. "UN peacekeeping operations constitute a major area of sc tivlty vfor Csnada's, s c m sd forces and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.' INVENTS ALPHABET The American Indian chief Sequoia invented an AVcharhc-ter slphabet thatnelped"-'i Cherokee, tribesmen learn writ ing mora easily a century ago. for; the fiofest recorded music "203 Sparks Street ' Billings Bridge Plu y, .' Ctrlingwood P iau , SATURDAY 90 Ait TO 10 P. M. NO DOWN PAYMENT! USE YOUR FREIMAN CHARGA-PLATE MM I LOT raiDE! 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A new deep cleaning formula restores the new car colour.! "' ' '' '." " A r & :l.y t ' -. l. . . X- v

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