The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 13, 1918 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 13, 1918
Page 7
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vifiDXESDAT, MARCH 13, 1918. THE; IJAU-I uot), r- A. IP ALL OUR BUSINESS WERE SENT TO TOE MAIL ( ORDER HOUSES, WHAT OF THIS CITY? If -we f*rnit th« big mil order bouses to drive our bui'inui men ont DC competition, whut will w. hare left? A j)»e« oC *mptr (tore buildings, an undwir»W« place in which to lire. If the mil order houi;w tcccmpllth their .pnrpoM it it possible th»t railroad interests will decide there is not sufficient btwinMi to warrnt the stopping ot trains here--because there will be no reaion, then, for traveling men to stay orer in our town, no freight to be delivered to .our stores. k In snch cases we will be trying,to sell our property, bnt will find no- buyers, for who will think it a good investment to buy property in a dead town? But this i« Just what we must expect if we keep sending our dollars to the mail order houses, for it is only the busint« p-f the town that makes the town povaible. When we «nd practically all of our business, to the mail order homes in the citiei there will no longer be a necessity for, or a reason for, a town here. It all reiolves itself into the qnes- tion:-"SHALL, WE HAVE A PROSPEROUS TOWN, GOOD REAL ESTATE VALUES. GOOD WAGES AND GOOD MUNICIPAL DEVELOPMENT, OR SHALL WE HAVE A DEAD ONE, "WITH PIGS ROOTING IN THE PRINCIPAL STREETS, STORE BUILDINGS EMPTY AD WITH "FOR SALE" SINGS! spua UP, NO LIGHTS AND NO FHUp PROTECTION. IT ALT, BESTS WITH US. WE ARE THE ONES TO DECIDE." Common MDSC and good judgment teJl ua to protect our own interests. If we dont, who will? What can we expect from toe mail order houses after they shall have received our money and the local store keepers have been put out of the running? Shall we expect help and assistance from the mail order monopoly? "We all know, that the mail order houses do not pay any ot our local taxes. They do not support our schools, or churches, or help to pay for our lighting the streets or for our fire department Every dollar spent at home means added"wealth, added prosperity, added real estate values and added facilities of all kinds. Every dollar sent to the mail order houses means more unfair competition for our storekeepers and less taxes toward the support of our community. "Which do. we prefer? We must make the decision. Are we for or against our community? LET'S MAKE IT A LIVE TOWN BY KEEPING OUR MONEY IN CIRCULATION AMONG OUR' OWN BUSINESS MEN. evening at 7:30. Rev. W. B. Purnell-j in charge. · · . Jake puckey is serving on the jury this week at Uniontorwn. James Smith was a recent Uniontown business caller. Ott Haas spent Monday in Douglass on business. Ohiopyle. OHIOPTLE, March 12.--Miss Edili Colborn returned to her home at Connellsville yesterday after a jfev- eral days' visit here, Mrs. P'earle Howell. ot ilorgan- town. W. Va., spent Sunday and Monday with h*r parents near here. . Sred RaffJrty spent Jlonday calling on trieads in Connellsville and Mt. Pleasant. W, S. Rafferty and family ot Connellsville spent Sunday the guest of Garrett street friends. Kev. Wortman of Mill Run,' is assisting Kev. Wissinger 'wits his revival services. . Mrr. Richard McClain and-children o[ Connellsville are spending" a fvrr days here the guest ot relatives. OHIOPYLE, March 11.--Miss EUwl .Stuck departed Saturday tor Brad- Dawson. dock to spend a short visit with friends. .Mr». Ernest Hershberger returned to Connellsville Saturday after spending two 'weeks at her parents home here. . -,, / Fred H'afferty, ot Uniontown, ;is spending this week, at his home here. Little TjUlu Shipley who has,"b«n . iil with pneumonia following a bullet wound is getting along very nicely. Downer Sailor, who · has been ill. lor* the past month is'.on the mend. iliw Lena Mitchell, school teacher, of Wilkiasburg, arrived here -Saturday to spend a week -with friends. She ( DAWSON, March 13.-- Mrs. Harry Cochran -was shopping in Pittsburg Tuesday. ' Mrs. Theresa Grasinger is spending a few days with her daughter, Mrs. Martin Hasson. Connellsville: Mrs. A. J. Manning has returned home after a few days' visit with hor niece, Mra. Loyd Hurst at New Casiie. Thomas Mclntyre spent- Monday with relatives at Searight. Charles Edward Jones has returned to his h'o-me at West Newton after a week's visit here with friends. Mrs. Clarenre McGill and" two children are spending a few days with hcr'sicer, Mr. M. B. Pryce, Connellsville. Prank Showalter who is located al Newell is spending a few days here at his home. The community prayer service will be held in the Baptist church ' this . nitutrttted tit/ GrueTlt. GRANNY CHEER VISITS ANN. mama was vtry poor and. had le A* will then depart, for Washington, D. C., ' i\ to work out all lay to sapport her- where AeS accepted a government tt^.arS'.^h"?£?^"° lKsition. Miss Miicaell taught in this Kow Ann was only a little girl herself vicinity for about ten years, all her and «he wonted to play H*e the other many friends wish her the beet of '£*'* J^J^f 0 the*ba"fc» mlde h^r'v°ry success. crow, Frank Ridgeway and grandson of One day -when the children were Morgantowa. TV. Va., arrived here Sat- HJJJJjJ 1 " 'o^rons^nn^ran^'ff to*th? ^:rday to srex old acquaintances. mt ^ c to have a good ' cry . gh^, hated be- Prank Hall, of Morgantown, is Inr poor, tbc hated the cr.vJh* b»bles, spending a few dav s here vritli rela- ** ftn»Uy she ended by dec.arinr that r " »he hated hereelf. ^ vcs - . "Tut! Tut:" cried a. iqu^nky voice. Tne "W. M. R. R. train No. 2 was - AnnWw eometiiinK mov* over in the dctoured over the B. O. here Sat- · forner^tnd a queer. little, old. wrink.ed- , . - , n j-. ·* TttJwati fttv · OP woman, no taller than the baby, can»e ·arday. owinj to a slide at BSdwell on : ^^^ her . · ,the W. M. j "I'm Ornny Cheer from'Mnkabelleva OHIOPYljE, March lo-Mrs. Robert Lanfl," ah* aaid, "Now tell m» why Holland daughter- Jean, spent _Mon- : 'j' 10duer * ncnn " InBr ' and shc Bit down b *' day eveains and Tiies«iay the guest ot "Because I'm unhappy."* aohbcd Ann. CoTLnelVeiTille.Inends. j **Th* children are meun and Tm mtan Mrs. Clara Vmughn was among the j J^^'-j 1 ^^ ^ pt ^ nt to be th * T ConnelUville shoppers and callers I "g' ure i 7 yo u can!" laushed Gr«nn7_ yesterday. " ' Cheer. "When a Uttto girl can ae* her M. H. Hochstetl^r w; " ---"- 1 --' 1 -- »--·--* ---- '?ust itop think in (C about yoursolf and think rnore«about the little onea r happi- nets. Don't accld or be. croaa to them, but find flomething for them to do be- *Wej qoarrellnc. ·Tfou make your own happinra.1 by; taking car* of the hmppJne** of others.!. Try to find something to do that will t»a*k* your znama happy, too, *JS*S ycnTj be taughtny b«for« you 'icnow It," · Th*n--Uk* a puff *f Btnoke-- the queer. Incss Tl»itor in Coaneil Miss Laura Stuck of Swissrale is j Lhe guest "of Ohiopyle friends for a few ; iliss Violet Mason departed ycster- | day morning to spend tlie week-end \ lite guest of relatives in Uaiontown. j The meetings in the Baptist church are prosressiBs nicely. Patronize those who advertise. Meyersdaie. iTBYERSDAYi:, March 11.-- J. D. lladigan ot Connellsville came up Saturday and remained until Sunday evening visiting at tte home of his son- in-law and . daughter, Mr. and Mrs. James Dixon. He was accompanied home by Mrs. Madigan and Miss Gertrude Soi9S*n who bad been, visiting here for a week; :. ! _Mr. and Mrs. Valentine "Sides of Froatburg. Md., returned home on Monday after a lew days' visitfhere at the home of the former's brother-in- law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. C. Sides o! Large street. Mrs. L. R. ColMns went to. Cumher- v land on Sunday where she entered the Western Maryland hospital for treatment. . · ' Clark Reynolds of .Pittsburg spent Sunday here with friends. Mrs. J. St. Wiland is visiting relatives and friends in Ixjnaconing, for a few days- .. Mrs. Jennie "WJlworth left -Monday for a few weeks' stay at Atlantic City. Miss Loretta Aitkin of Washington, Pa., is a guest ot her brother-in-law and sister. Mr. "ami .Mrs. J. M. Schlicht. Attorney Charles Knapp, a former Meyersdaie boy, but. now of Baltimore, Md.^ was calling on 'friends here Sat- urday, leaving in the^eveniug for Mt Savage to '··(pit o' , » i ». t '^« MissKath- ryn Knapp and otier:' : relativea ' and friends. . ;.·': . - :,'--"':!V'... ,'. .· ifrs. M. H. Boueher'is' spen*ns- a tew days with relative!! in.'Berlin. Mr. and Mnr: ''cfarence .MinnJa are rejoicing oter ihc arrivar 6f a girl at their bameiirhleh-/^? 1 Mprlt- left Sunday morning, March 10th. i · tittle, old woman disappeared. MenhanU.wbo idrertij* tli«*r good? ) Dally Conrtar. Ann wlp*d her ey*m and went down- italn; Th« ohitdrcn wer» quwr«llni *nd figbang tmi In tb« y*nJ and Ann, instead of ·coldtnr them, oon bad-th«ra jtlaylnjr yameii and laocbhiff merrily. Then ah* wathed th« di*be« . ano ploftovd up the- hoa»«, Bb« had TMVCI IboUKtat of 4otnK It b^foi"*, Wb«n bar mama mtnrnwi home tired end hcnjrry, the found tnpper ait tha table ana the Itttla DII« nice and ol«an. flayJog" happily on the floor. "How aplcndtd to coma home and to And thlngi done for me," «l|h«tj Ann'* ^nuaa.. -VI certainly don't know what 'd do wttfiout ytxj, dear, you'-r* ma«o' Chutes Colborn Promoted. SCOTDALE, Mrci. 12.-- Word has been receiVed by C. A. Coibom, of North Scottdale, that Charles B. Colborn, first' class private in- Co. B.' 224 Mela: Signal Battalion, Camp Jleade, Admiral, Md., has been, promoted to corporal. y.e has }usi passed Us 22nd birthday. · / ] II To* ITant Advertise for it in our classified column. One ceot a word. ; " STOMACH MISERY Get Bid of Thai Sonrnna, Gas and Indigestion. "When your stomach IB out of order or run down, your food doetsn't digwst* It ferments in your stomach and forms pas which cause a sourness., hexrtburn, f o u l treath, pain at pit of stomach and many other miserable symptom* , Mi-o-na stomach tablets wilt give joyful relief in flve minutes; if taken regnlarly for two weeks they wili turn your flabby .sour, tired out stomach i n t o a srveet, energetic, perfect working: one. You can*t be .vary strong- ami vigorous if your food only half diERts. Tour appetite will go and nnuKna, dizziness, biliousness, nervousness, sick headache and cqnstipat^on will follow. Mi-o-na stomach tablets are small and e:isy to swallow and are puaran- ieed to banish Indigestion and any or all of the above symptoms or money back. Vor sal« by A. A. Clarke and all lead In K drujrfflsts,--Adv. Bmnk. Stateaicmt. REPORT O FCOND1TION OF THE First National Bank at Dawnon. in the state of Pennsylvania, at the close of business on March 4, ISIS. RESOURCES. Loanw and tits- c o u n t s (except those uhown shown in b and c) 5*15.031.67 ? 415.031.6" Overdraft, unsecured * -158.06 1SS.06 U. S. bonds deposited to secure circulation (.par val ue) W.OOQ.QO U. S. bonds a n d certificates of indebtedness owned and un- pledged J50Q.000.00 550,000.00 Liberty Loan Bonds. 3\i per cent and 4 per cent, un- pledged . . - , J03.350.00 103,350.00 Securities other than U. S, bonda (not Including 1 stocks owned un- pledged 143,441.11 H3.441.ll Stock, other than Federal · · Rfserve Bank stock .. 1,900.00 Stock of federal Reserve * Bank (50 per cent ot subscription 6,000.00 Value of b a n k i n g house 23,376,33 23,376.33 Furniture and fixtures .. 1.900.00 Lawful reserve w i t h Federal Hescrvc Bank . . ISS,-(Q2.~0 Ca£h in vault and net amounts due from national brvnUto* 84?,175.15 Tot:tl of Items 14, 15. 1C. 17, and IS 849,175.45 Cheo'ks on ban kg and' other, cash items ..'..., 31.00 Redemption f u n d with U. S. Treasurer and due from U, S. Treasurer 11.506.00 Total 5-2,335.362.5^ LlABn,TTn3S, Capital stock paid i n . . J Surplus f u n d Cnrlfvjded p r o f i t s ..'. , ^1,967.39 LCWJ current ex- ponsca. Inter- cut, and taies . · paid 2.46.31 CTrculating notes outstanding Xot amounts due to N*a- tlona.1 .banks l Tdta.! "of items 22 an-d 33 .. 2,565.17 Individual deposits aub- · jeot to check Certified checks Cashier's checks outstanding Total of 'Ie- mnnd deposits (other than hank deposits) pubject to Reserve, Items 34. .15. 3fi. 3", 38. .T9, 40, and\ li 1.913,375.67 Total $2,235.3(52.32 State of Pennsylvania, County of Fay- utte, ss: I. n. D. HENRY. Cashier of the above named bank, do w o l e m n l y swear that the above statement is true to the best" ot my knowlcriere and belief. R. D, REN'RT, Cashier* Subscribed and sworn to before mp, this 12th day of March, 1918. A. VAN HORN, Notary Public. M. M. COCHRAN, J. H. PRICK, M. E. STRAWN, -Directors, I'd do lie ·· I didn't drem It!" Ann. and he told he- m»m* about 'the hneer little woroin who hatt viewed her )n the attic and what Granny Cheer had loM her. "Granny Cheer Is rtpht, whertwr a 4rtam or not," laugrfted her.n:amfu. "To h* nappf we mn*£ flrst make some oni ·)5e happy. But, dear, you must i* ilred after all tM» hard vrorkT" ; ."That'B the $trans*Rt part of it all," Ann. *Tm not tired! I g-jesd ( never rrowi tired dome thlnp» for i they.. love." ... ', often. vfflted the attic in the hope *f secinir Ur»trny Chefir ·yaln, but Granny Ch*« never returned. Pcrhpa ^eomoe Ann .jiernr needed fear agalii, for ABU never forgot what Oruiny Chc'ir ai ·aid., anfl found that It. helped her DONT GAMBLE WITH TIME Every day you delay starting a savings account you lose something in interest. And you may also lose some big opportunity" to hetter yoursell just for lack of a little money. ·Money ahead 'of you will give you confidence in yourself, and give other people confidence in you. $1 starts an account." . Liberal Interest. 129 TV. Crawford Ate, Cbnn'ellsTille. The Bank that Does Things for fon" Chucking Acconnts rnritcd, iUjSm5^a^JCabaj^^^tiy^^^^^ This Handsome Bed Davenporti Suite --does more than furnish .your living-room or parlor in elegant style as shown in this picture. It also provides you with an extra, full-size, double bed. The bed is all-sieel and !«·· contained in the Da.venport. A very simple and easy operation makes the change. Such a suite in your home sieves the cost of rent and cost ,-bf furnishing one room. Such a suite in your home is today considered a sign of up-to-dateness. Our special price is very low, especially -when you consider the size, beauty and workmanship of these tSiree pieces. Bach piece has solid oak frames, is deeply upholstered and is covered in that most fashionable, rich, golden brown .imitation Spanish leather. You needn't even consider the cost because we'll make terms of pajTuent so easy;you!ll not.feel it. This is one ofjhua- dreds of similar values which positively prove-- ... 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Grafonola and Columbia Records Come in and Hear the Wonderful COLUMBIA GRAFONOLA You Are Always Welcome Sooner or later you'll undoubtedly put one of these instruments in your borne where yoi; can enjoy it al! th$ time; then, here to hear tbe newest records and make se- us play lor your entertainment at you'll keep con'.ing lections. but until you rjo so let our store. Have You Seen Our Special Offer? A Popular Model Graiouolii with 12 selections, on easy forms ,t'or only . -- .......... . AXI) SO INTEREST CHAKGKS TO I'A5! AT THli KAtTOKT- FKATHi'IUfA.Y CO, A l ' r n O K f Z K I ) COiL'.MBU AGEJfTS. A Cedar Chest for Only · $8.95 and upwards A handsome piece of furniture for the bedroom. Belter than an extra 1 closet because Jr absolutely protects its contents from moths as well as from dust and dirt. I twill soon be time to put away heavy clothing and furs--get a Cedar Chest now and be prepared. EASY TERMS, AS LOW AS 50c A WEEK. $ 1 Cash, $1 a Week ---WHi Quickly Fay For This "\Vitbout Your Feeling the Cost at Our Special Sale Pries of Only H has a good, large oven, measuring IS inches -wide, 17 inches deep and 12 inches Iiigh. It has drop oven door, which, when open, £onns a large sbt»lf, raaking it easy to handle your baking and roasts. It's asbestos lined so it will hold the beat and operate economically. It has four-burner top and bracket shelt on each side. It's buiH of heavy gauge steel and is a remarkably great value, COME AND SEE IT! A Dumber of BeantIM and Very Serviceable Rockers On Special Sale fl»O QJT Tomorrow at «P«»sif D Not a rocker in this lot Is .worth less than $5.00. Most of. them are solid oak with shaped saddle seats; all of them are well built, well braced and juc»- ly finished. One lot of Special Bargains in Upholstered Rockers, Ertrs Special at only $10.75 COMPARISON ALWAYS PROVE - "YOU'LL DO BETTER" AT Connellsville's Most Dependable Furniture Store. . vous, tired, worried or despondem it is a , sure sign you needMOTT'SNERVERWE PILLS: They renew the normal vigor and make life worth living. Besoreandaik (or Mott'» Nerverine Pills ££,,','£,,, WILLIAMS MFG. CO . Prop... C!~.U.J. Ohio For sale by Cor.nolisville Drug Co. BEAD THE COURIER. «L N. Trump W HITE TRANSFER HOTOH TH1JCK and WAGOXS. MOVIMU AKD HOISTIHO I'lAJfCS A SPHCIA1-TY. MOVE BY AUTO TRUCKS BOTH PHONES OPPMAH'STRANSFER .OPPOSITE POST OFFICE CONNELLSVILLE. PA. PATEONIZE HOBtE MEEOHANTS WHO ADVERTISE IN THIS PAPER JO3 E. 'Oran« Alter, opi«- . R. I)et*it. llnti) Classified Ads. ' | One Gent a Word. LOCA1 AM) LOXG DIST.iXCE MOVINGS. Bell; 342. ' Residence 101 Haas Tri-Stafe 573. - · C^OTTKELSY-GuLE, TJL

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