The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 20, 1964 · Page 3
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 3

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 20, 1964
Page 3
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1 v V'-: The; Ottawa Journal THURSDAY, AUGUST 20, 1964 Eastview May Hire Ciry "Watchdog' if . '. yd V .r i7 - :: 7, . , . . . . i . , ' tJ. -ri . v '. r i7- . riisVtraiv VARn - TRAIN VARn V r. , , - ... . : t - Th nil yirdi at Broad like "Union Station Wedoeiday when 1,100 fHtawa,,' ciumren had a train trip to I Everything's 'Go fo Friday ! Derriancls 1 By PETERJACKMAN ' PETER JeuraeJ " ; midway concessionaire. of Lansdown - And CCEA president Howard t The vm iwing "Exhibit at Tke gttes iwing Park open Friday on tttawtExhibitlon. ,? visitor over the- next And Z. : eight day will and the 76-and old fair changed notic- ably. - aa agricultural fair end the . ft bigger with asore farm show i feeling the great-axbJbrU and asore attraction ait press for space. A record park, . -. brighter with a freah. i 1,100 Children - oy ..- Something we oddly different at city parka Wednesday. The weather wa Sne, h pool and beeches were open. and yet the (lightest not seemed out of place. It was M though' Ottawa youngstar had teen deported from tha city. --. And that just happened to be the cast Joe scene 1,100 boys and girl who spent the day at LakeGrenoo near Manl- wakL- OH Indonesia Aif-MP Enj 'V(By TW. CP " Wallace B. Neabitt (PC - Oxford) (aid in the Common-Wednesday Canada should cut off It aid to Indonesia because of President - Sukarno' "warlike Intention" . against Malaysia.1 v '. External Affair Minister Martin said the government - would consider the vrtsdom' of , . Mr. Nesbiu's suggettioa. The ,. anly aid Canada was giving In-. donesia was In gifts of wheat . flour and non-military technical assistance. . . Mr. Nesbitt utd President Sukarno had promoted demonstration a g a I a I the United Kingdom and the United Slates. NUCLEAR TEST ' ' WASHINGTON OH An I iiwderground nuclear test .: of low yieia wis conaucwu asday by the U.S., Atomic Energy Commission at Its Nevada teat site. Tha test, the . Uth of it type to be ennounc- : at) this year, wu the first ttnee "July 18. A low-yield test I on with the blast equivalent of leu .Jthan 20.000 ton of TNT. . ' - -eaamee-a.seaanm, " ' v SOPHIA NOT POUnCIAN ' HAIFA Israel vf-1 am an artist and not a politician,"! snapped Sophia Loren. 'That was tha Italian actress' reac tion ta t report from Damascus that Aran embassies In Italy . ara Investigating to determine . whether he movie, "Juditn, ahould be banned In Arab coun ;-tfiee. "Judith" is being filmed tJA JsraeL ;: 7. , , -f and Oreton Street looked , i r Lake Crenon on one- . new look provided by new Henry said he'i confident the change has.' answered last year demand for both novelty safety in the 1964 show. This exhibition is historically entry of hone ha spread over into the livestock barn r: " The trip, known u "Kiddie Caravan." was organized by the city's Park and Recreation Department . : The children ware (ranr ported by. II railroad .pasaen ter car. At the St, Chrjftopher's Camp on the lake, sports, ewtmming and a display of dance and handicrafts by six Algonquin ; Indians of - the nearby Desert River band. gave the children hours of I excitement' Outing DESCHENES DRAMA Three Rescued From Rapids Two teenagers and ' 10- yaai'-old girl wera rescued from drowning in . the , Deschenes Rapids on the Ottawa River, after clinging to their over turned boat a . quarter -mile from shore for mora than half- an-hour Wednesday afternoon. Rodrigu Raymond, 15, of 19 First Street, South HuU, his sister,' Pierrette, 10. and Vlvi- ene lacroix, -10, of - Limoges, were fishing around the fast flowing water of the rapid when the email motor boat started to take In water, and sink. When they tried to make a dash for shore the boat overturned. ; ' V.'.. ? Standing In water up to his shoulders, Rodrlgue was able to brace hi feet against a shal low spot m tha rapids and hold the boat In one spot while his sister and Mis Lacrotx hung on to the boat on the aide. CALLED FOR HELP They yelled for help and were noticed by some unidenti fied workman on shore near the foot of Bellevue Street la Dea-chene who notified the Des chenes fire department ' Volunteer fireman Rene Houle and a Deschenes resident at the scene, Larry Bourgots, of M Main Street rowed out to the youngsters and dragged them aboard. AhesT" had to make two tripe. - The three were takes to Sacred Heart Hospital, - day excursion organized bv Park and Recreation.' Opening r Ex Answers mi where about. A ii ., v rt: - a urn jrr-ffif;. n illnrpi in m w B.faw m . ggv . . W . .1,-4 a A so-catue will De brougnt tn, shown and returned to. their home talls on the. saraa day. Another big change is in the Horticulture Building. It ha been redecorated both inside and but to provide a mora aU tractive eetting for the flower and produce display. OFFICIAL OPENING s The big fair opens tomorrow morning at t The official opening Is Friday evening ,wtth Prim Minister Pearson offici ating.' - ' i And Saturday' the day of the big Intercity parade. This year the. perad and a flotilla will move along side-by- stde Tram Wellington Street to the park using the Drive way and adjoining CanaL The parade win begin at 10 o'clock at Hull Arena and move through (treat ol Ottawa and HuU. The flotilla will form up above tha Chateau lock and Will be led by the model destroyer, from Perth which I being brougnt up tha canal by owner Jack Walker. Special price will be charged for, children on ride on Friday and there'll be no admission charge to the grounds up to the arrival of the parade at .noon Saturday. . ? they were treated for shock and released. ' . The three boaters Were wear ing emergency floating cushions when the boat over turned. 1 made them put them on before wa started rust In case something tike thi happened," Rodrtquo said. On of the rescuers, Mr. Bourgois ssld "the; mat hero was the boy. He kept the boat in one place and told tha other whet to da" r "We were all pretty geared," tha boy Mid., , . . .' V4 Compromise Agreement Key : Soys Lesage QUEBEC, (CP - Premier Lesage Wedne da y Indicated compromise will be tha key to agreement bo a revision of the British North America Act. Speaking to reporters during a break m a cabinet meeting, the premier quoted Prime Minister Pearson a (peaking of the possibility of agreement being reached during tha federal-pro vincial conference m Chariotte- town, scheduled to take piece m two week time. v -. Mr. Lesage remarked! I f. "A for myself. 1 say that If everyone mixes water with hi win, aa agreement will came j the city's Department of - .-.-, .?- Mwinul Tbaw by Dominion widti -5 There wfB be twd com plete grandstand shows k dnoding tbe. flrst Saturday matinee la more than a decade.. Red Skeltoa wUI star, ka 'the Brat show, en, Friday aad Saturday., and then Aady WlUlams win move te centre etage' tor next week,- j V Association manager J. K. Clarke says preliminary indi cation point to' , extremely large crowds for both show. Last year in eight days tv2,4l Eastvitw Mayor Oicar Per-rier called it the most import- ant legiflalion in the yount history oi tne city "vital to uroan renewal. Alderman Hector Hotte charged the motion would lead to spendthrift practices and that the city would have two men doing the same Job.. Charges "Election Year? Politics in Eastview Eastview Alderman Guy Cyr' was "he consulted about Mr charged at t council meeting Wednesday night that "election year", politic were disrupting business In the Recreation and Park Department , In a prepared statement, Mr. Cyr charged that "certain per on will go to any extent in order to receive favorable pub; : licity at the expense of the Pilon, in which Mr. Cy r de-many committee who are manded to know how the In-working ' hard, thus affecting ' dustrial Commission could persons attended the Exhillitkm. j s rstview Mayor Oscar Per-' Mr. Henry aid the new rler Wednesday night promised Mioway is ootn newer ana larger than the' previous one. A feature he points to is the pretence of its own mobile machine .hop on the ground TT. 1 Jul ,mK . part for a ride, ine superintendent or tne nucs le a ronner ouuuer of midway ride and must daily certify their condition and can order any closed if it is oper ating unsatisfactorily. I. RACE WITH TIME ' .Today the familiar pre- opening day chaos is evident everywhere as exhibitors race to complete their display. Mr. Clark Mid all ara required to be in operation by opening time Friday.. -. . , ' One of the tpecial feature is a display of provincial wild life end fish which has been enlarged and rearranged by the Ontario Lands and Forests Department a part of the pro vincial government exhibit in the Grandatend. ' a , t : Another tpecial feature will be the gigantic band of the North American Air. Defence Command which I to present free concerts each day in .the bandsheU. START WITHHOLDING DES MOINES. Iowa J.AP) - The National Farmers Organisation Mid Wednesday Its mem bers would suit Immediately withholding ' cattle. . hog and sheep from merkets m n states from the Rocky Mountain to the East Coast. It urged non- members to Join the NFO and the holding actjon In aa attempt to raise sagging prices for live stock. ",-' .',;-. ;.-....!",; BLACKBEARD'S '. BURIAL Edward Teach, the pirate known . a . Black beard, is he- ved to have een killed at the remote U.S. settlement of Ocracoke, off the coast at North Carolina. ' 1,; '.''"' i" "R A K ORIGINALS" Blm frnm 1S-S. " 129.95 ,,, 1 . awarM at , -.1 Chart Aecmat BILLTNGS BRIDGE " FALL DRESSES C Rap the program for children. He charged that the Industrial commission bad Issued state- ment on plan for recreation facilHiee alone Riverside Drive without consultation with council. He added that the recreation committee had not been consulted on the matters ' Mr.; Cyr was referring to plan to develop the NCC property along Riverside Drive into recreation facilities for East- At a meeting of Eastview's Industrial Commission n Aug. 13. commission chairman Raoul Landriault announced he had contacted y a religious order which would consider administering the planned park. C ' Mr. Cyr who reports for recreation i and parks-, to council was1 not at the meeting nor EASTVIEW Seeking Federal hia atdermen that ha was "con- unually pressing" the Federal Government to establish .- a building lathet city. . m 'cm ,fter quMtions from Aldermen Vlau .i,Boi-t who -wanted to know why, despite promises of action from the mayor, there till wm nothing In the way of a federal building for East- "Tha Government Is renting buildings everywhere but here." challenged Mr. Robert "They're handing them out left and right W may get left oat If we don't move eooo." ' . .. Mayor Perrier' promised a meeting soon with public works official to raise the question again. ' v.vU- Most Summer Examinations Successful- Most of the high school students from Grade 9 to IS who j took a Summer course to bring all their (ub)ecu up to par can I breathe a aigh of relief,, J S.:. S. Katz. principal ; of j Champlain High School, and principcl of the course held at 1 Glebe Collegiate, Mid Wednesday 85 Ji of alt papers written were successful. - .. . There were 1.054 students attending from 32 schools Including the Collegiate Institute Board's IS plus those from a number of separate schools snd others from outside Ottawa. . V ' : There ' were ', 1 .320 papers written, he Mid.- Last year S23 students from Grades to II. from the CIB only, took such course. The percentage then ' was S7 par cent of paper: -?-''..'' - "Result are already in the hand of the principals," Mr.; Katx Mid. V-r... - - ltAZA 73J-7S4J Building Z' 'Spendthrift' .traik of tnvicw i man in - vices. ! Mr. Hotte uyi there i no (reason Hhyithe city's enginer. Marc Heiishu. should not be iible to handle this work. THREATENS ACTION " Marc Heiishu. should not be He felt so ttrongly about ihelsider urban renewal in East- point that he gave noMce of motion he would ask for The CP) The govern men Will not fncrease the tt0 bam paid to buyer or Owner- mat Won't Boost ryy v 7 Dpnus (B The councillor! finalty patxd, by a votf of four to three, lean- I lalion which permita hiring of, engineering consultants to plot a map ol major public facilities! map of major public facilities in Eastview. ' The city may now hire a consulting firm, paying them a retainer fee of tSOe a year for the next five years to keep Landriault't announcement .CHARGES BICKERING ' ': Alderman Ubald Pilon, . who reports to council from the In dustrial Commission countered Mr. Cyr, charting him ,i,u petty bickering. A heated exchange developed between Alderman Cyr and make' pronouncements on the) (recreation site when final negd tiationi had not been complex wkh the NCC ' Here Are dmrfcwfKrflt ia1sMdaMftiad 'U ! Annual, j 0vy j - I 1 6 Mid-Summer : ' iiiiilljlii O rfeiIiWrs,J 1 builders of houses constructed src&s Association holding its 'enduring the winter months. La- nuil1 convention h e r e. The i Minister MacEachen said . Wednesday. . He replied .hi -the Commons ueorge Doucett tPC-Ln- ark) who asked whether the bo 'nus is to be raised to f7M. Just a Few - jc7 ... n ; DESCRIPTION a V I ; . , 1 only, Schubert apartment piano with ultra-vibrant ': - bridge construction, hiB M note keyboard, feat responsive action ........ I. anly, Spinet piano by Mason and Risen m " walaut . 7 1-J octave keyboard, finest steel music wire and copper wound bass strings - -t - ; j. - ,... 1 anly. bandsomf contemporary styled pianos by Mason and Risen. Features light touch and ex- cellenf tone. A top quality piano ..... ...... ' '; V". '(.! . f.;:"'f.' .V ', ; ' '"'O' , ' ' ' . ) only, Wirrlltrer aU trawlstor spinet organ with ', - twa 44-not keyboards, .22 automatic tone coo, trots, aver 23 watt output. Many More Pianos and Organs to Chooit From! '- The Lindsay iFdmilu First Sold Heiritzman " wa. mJ: tf.:.. "i' f ' ' f nanus uver ov i ears OWN Step , dimiai of lie permantnt n ameer if council hired a con Milling engineer. Urging the aldermen id vote for th measure. Mayor Perritr .said provincial and federal jauthorities .wouldn't even coo- forth view unless there were accurate plans of the facilities. Aldermen Pilon, Crete. Champagne and Mayer voted for the legislation. Aldermen ; Hotte, Robert and Viau were against Alderman Cyr was. absent for the vote. CHOOSE PENELOPE. -TORONTO (CP) Mrs. Dor-oihy Stary of Milwaukee was chosen Penelope of the Year ; Wednesday by the Daughters of 1(lrv , lhe 0rder Amert. ran Hellenic Education Pro- women rr on points 'or service in civic affairs. Creek Amerlcah. their work ,for ,ne improvement of stand- ; ards of , worn end for their membership la organization. Examples: Mh i aanntee ' .Ptlc ... ' - " $715 V SALE 499 $599 '639 )895 $799 $829 ; Very Special . Agu : 7 ... c , t F t .... p 1 TIME PAYMENT PLAN "From Firt la last Trtoet , l ea Dt With t" 255 BAI1U ST. cooTe. 236r9765 SMM&MMi iaWwa'WaWi""Aad 9 V.v X,. V;' A- 7 A- . ,1 V- - .7- I I-

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