The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 13, 1918 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 13, 1918
Page 6
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THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE, PA. WEDNESDAY, MARCH 13, 131S Ig t:=: ME PABAHORKE* : You Can pell the People Who ve Iron in Their Blood-Strong Healthy, Vigorous Folks . · "HANDS DOWN"--A five part Blue-' bird attraction, in which Monroe Salisbury., appears as.Dago Sam, a-amii- ias young Italian, -xho goes- about do- fcig -good wherever he can, ris_ being sjjown today. The part is on* of -the Host-pieces of character work .'seen on the screen in a long time. -Jtr. Salisbury: botff lootf and.'acts his role,- and ae bangs out convincingly Sam's, re^ vuisfoa of-feeling, when'after, all, he had donei for others, he eiclairas "Mo- body-Relieves in-me." -The story is ,'a lively ^one, excellently constructed and-decictedly dramatic. Dago Sam wanders forth with his pack, promis- 'ing his sweetheart he will bring her a present-from- the nearby : towi He sees 'an attempted murder and the- thett of some, .valuable, papers.-; he interrupts, a crooked. gambling game, he ..saves th.e..lvfe. of. Tom Flynn and later.: 'that of his'sw.eetheart, Hilda. 'Husli" Cliflord fiildsr the role oi Hilda *y attractively. A selected comedy is also being shown. ' Tomorow "Broken Ties," a five part attraction in which June Elvidge,- Montague £ove and'^'aiur~Asnley; appear, will be shoinb "Broken. Ties"- tells a re- ^ '. to;.aH«riiej^tp,..cT»r.his^;!ieat of ' a. mantwr 'charge. in "Scandal," a.IKe ·· select ~ -appear "Veleaae standards- "of -sbcieiy-aSii i r-C-'.MOl OKPHETJJt g 1 ,·- ^ ")KSSIB-ISTHE~WOOJDS"is:an-aiF p.". - " peaJinir-photbdriffia featuring tie Fox piV;- · Kiddies". It 'is ,th* story of a man. Iff 7 ' '.who in order-to prove to himself that K ''. ~ "his wite is^fatthtal," disappears. It is If '_ : "TuM»tt tliat his, money will revezt to if'- .'.". his two children. Through ti o butl-er |j- ;: he leanu that Ms .wife and brother g- : .,;; contemplate kiliing the tub children ·ft'.. '-, : in order to .come into possession of |r, i : .his millions. He returns and tells his iff ' :-lEttle.soa 'and daughter the story of ¥f : : "Hansel and 'Gretel, which case was ·§;· : ·' gunflar to hi* own. Hansel and $£'·: · ~-.'- Gtetel- are t»ke« to. the woods to be L- They, are rescued by tie g Hit StreWrt* *t i-down People Im Trr« Time i» Many C«*««.- ' 3 glance Is cnoush.toV.t*H"wl!ii* people have' Iron. In their ·'blood,'-' said [r.- JE.-Sauer, a. Bo*ton paypiicia]! wtoo hfe studied -widely boti in v -hi» country and in sreit European medical in- siitutfori's."'They .are the onear tht do and-dare. Thejotliers are in toe weakling class. Sleepless nisrnts spent wor- ,, over-supposed ailments. _con- srtant doslnjr wVth habit-forming- drugs and narcotics and uuelcsfi attompcs to brace up with strong coffee or other stlmulunts'are-what-'-lkaep ih«m suffers ine and vain]j-* : ]oii'Kt3^".tn^be, strong. Their real trouble is-laclc ot - iron, In the blood. Yritliout'.'frorL the:1»lo.od haaf power to change food into living tissue and therefore, nothing: you eat does you' ^ood; : you " don't iret-'thc strength out of It. -When iron is supplied it enriches the impoverished blood-and--gives the--boi3r greater- resistance to .ward off disease. I .have seen dozens of nervous, run-down people who were ailing all "the" time Increase . their, .strength and · endurance in from ten to fourteen days' time while taking .iron in the proper are not stignj? or well you yourself to make the foUo-w- the same time both -ludicrous and comical. Douglas, and Mrs. Fleming are equally as prominent In today and tomorrow's bill, wftich is'.erititled "OTie New Recruit,'!' Mrs. ( FJemin£ is just about the funniest female .Cbnnells- yille has cver : "aeen.^_ A tall, elongated "sirlt just bubbling^ over-···witfi-good- humor, she soon has all her and!-, tors in a pleasant mood and-they regret that she and her sweet Toiced- hugband make their exit. Mrs. Fleming is effervescing witfc'.^pDd cheer, and in these drafty days, tfs^ii^inore valuable, than gold. The". olheT 'members ot.the company are all good performers, and this week's show at Con- nelsviHe's fun palace is more than. meritorious. The .picture today and tomorrow Vill be Vengeance arid the "Woman* 1 /which is "becoming teresting «ach weefc.- Truly, the Arcado is the home o-f thrills and frills. And thia, after they inad in sonve ca«e* been golnGT on for nv^nths without setting- benefit -from- anything. .'If you " " L --" ~ owe it to , ing- test: See how long you can work or how far you can walk -without becoming, tired. ^Jext take two fl-ye- grain. - tablets of mixated irop three times "Tper day after meals tor two weeks. Then test your strength ag-ain and see for .yourself *how much you have gained. There 1 is nothing, lilte good old iron to he3n- put cftjor*n your cheeks and sound; healthy j flesh on your, bone*." But you roust take iron, in a. form that can be easily absorbed and (imitated llXe mutated Iron iC you -want it to do you any good, otherwise It may prove worse than useless. ·-' . NOTE--Nuxn-tod Iron recommended above by D. E. Sau«r, is. one of tho newer orjranic iron com.pounda.. Unlike the older inorganic iron products, It is easily assimilated, does not injure the teeth, make them black, nor upset the stomach. The manufacturers guarantee successfully and entirely satisfactory resnats to even- purchaser or they will refund your money. It is dispensed in this city by A. A. Clarke and all other Dickerson Run. . -DICKmSCKS' BUN. March 12.--E. W. Boots of Pittsburg was a business callerV yesterday. He was here inspecting tie work on the new bridge.; which'-is- nearing completion, Mrs. ;W. C. Durbin was shopping in Conneiisvilte yesterday afternoon, Mr. and .Mrs. Jesse. Coffman, of Pittsburg are spending a- few days liere visiting the; laiier's parents,.Mr. and Mrs.. Thomas Newton. " Olr's. Emma Beatty and granddaughter, Mis Gertrude, have returned home after spending a. lew days visiting ber son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Beatty at Smithneld. Thursday the' 14th will be pay day on the Yough division of the Pittsburg and Lake Brie railroad, the car will arrive at Bicfcerson Run at 1:15 p. m. And the i$ to tfce 'b«t QnUt hoiiac belone- are captured, old witch.'into _ jae''friro escape. "The black pra«, Trtto baj beta after the two childrtBrrat last captures them. Tber ar«;»»T»d.. again by the. good- upon ttCmoiBMr tiat she r«KM» the ·wronc and. from then on the family become mot«-tlnrily nnhad. Tompr- ro», Edma Qoodrieh, the Triracious beauty ot sUce and screen is featured in the XuM*I drama "Wbo Loved Him B«tr » 1» tt« story of how lasatnttom swe» a sculptor'! L class in methods of teaching will eive especial attention. ?e can loan-uooks to a limited rrom- ber who attend-this school. For further information adbirws J. C. Beahm, A.' M:, Prindat,: cbnneUs.yille, Pt-Adv: IS wed. tf. '.'.""- - TOSW_ RBCHUZT.;--Jacli Gnnt.irho iead» .the company at tt« A»e*cie tUs ip*ek is a student of negro T*~~-*» r and his droll ttm is tS« kted that" jwn !angji -aboat-for a ·ib«(-" tiaw" rftar. TOU s°s Ms show. Pattitic "at'o»e moment only to go to tbV-hcisM^ot egottem is a prominent ,-Jiaiacttristic', of 'ibis type and Mr. Grant can ezpT«M.hoth emotions Tich g natnzatneaB. As a foil for JO«»:Haiel McKaiina irto ap- . cbocotaite colored girl, .n«iJhe of chatter and mov»- ' ' S«t-ot their wprk. that-*l**-ls .tow to:t»e. is an ec- ·centrte A«c»:T*ieliJnolb4M "Wali- te' -Oie D«i","' 1 Brfa»g the' Jack." .and that:are Summer There vrill be a live Summer School at South Connellsviu'e* .Pa\ .The session will open May 6, and continue sii weeks, . closing with county examination for teachers'.. "All common, branches, voice, coltnre, pARAMQUNTTHEATRE TODAY BLOEBIKI^PHOTOTLAYS PRESENT MONROE SALISBURY IN "HANDS DOWN' . DKAHA DJ 5 ACTS. ALSO A GOOD COMEDY. . T O H O B B O Y T A. BRADY PRESENTS JUNE ELVTDGB AND MONE4.ODE LOVE UJ "BROKEN TIES" . UWKJHUMA-DI 5 ACTS.- · . COTKENT EVERTS STOP-LOOK-READ BENNETT BROTHERS, TVKECKIBS HlxfeOTt Fftexf P»U for An H*k« Cu We sen second-hand parts and acc«t- sort«« for aH roaken of cars lit prices. GET THE "BBNinCTT" HABTT AJTD ov** Corner I" A. X. to 1 T. M. and "W*ter S«r»«t« PA. Bell Pho»e Court lift National Taxi and Transfer Co. i«6 E. Fayctte Street GOOD TOURCtG CABS ASD XRCCK5 TO AiL FODiTS. Qtdcjc service. Moderate charge. Careful drivers. Moving and-hauling. Bell Phono 507. wishes to announce that after 13 years of successful business, he finds it necessary to take over the entire lower floor of the !. O. O. F. Building, 127 and 129 East Crawford Avenue, making one of the largest exclusive music stores in Fayette County where he will continue to handle the well known LESTER, SCHILLER and other high-grade pianos, and in keeping with his policy to handle only the best, Mr. Weimer has secured the agency for "The Brunswick," the world's Greatest Phonograph. The Brunswick Phonograph is made by the ·world · famous Brnnswiek-Balke-Collenier Company, masters of line cabinet work. It Is a musical .masterpiece, embodying all the fine qualities of other phonographs, plus distinctive artistic qualities of its own. It is equipped with two sound boxes, one for playing Pathe records, another for other makes; a sapphire ball, jewel point and steel needles. Has 12-inch turn table, tone modifier, automatic stop. Certainly the "world's greatest phonograph," the artistic trinmph of science. Come and hear it play the great music of Europe, old and neiv--the great European artists--and your ovrn favorite records. ACCOTOtAIE XOM!Y. BicG t JMrlJB »T M, ill not itrictur*. JUHr»» In 1 to » d»7». it If d«drnl--Price M, or 3 boul«t «J.7S. THE EVANS CHEMICAL.CO.. CINClrlNATI. O. Thrift Stamps and tViir CerB8cate«! TTcaiis of Acdrmnbttin^ 3loney. ; It will; surprise many people to ; learn how rapidly Government Thrift i I Stamps and War Savings Certificates ! I will grow into monev, A little added j to a little from week to week wliile j times are gnod will become a substan- ; tial fund that may form the basis of . a small, fortune later. The Citizens · National Bank, 1SJ Pittsburg Street,; represents the Government in hand-! ling Stamps and Certificates. Call at : the bank and arrange for your buying, j It is patriotism and proDi combined.--' adr. !| Big 15o | ilatinee Daily; at 2:30. Evening Shows at 7:30 and 9:15., Clean, Progressive Amusement for the Whole Family. SOISSON THEATRE THUBSDAY, FRIDAY AKB SATURDAY, MARCH 14, 15 AITD 16. MATEXEES DAttY. JACK BALL STOCK CO. '_nr_ A MINISTER'S SWEETHEART A FUSKY RURAL COMEDY 15 4 ACTS. FIRST TUDE HLERZ. A Play long to be remembered. Bring the children. For young men and their fathers--for girls and their fellows. See the fun. AIBP1ASTE PRODUCTIONS AT STJBMAREVE PRICES. AFTER T OONS lOc AXD 20c. KIGHTS, GEXERAX ADMJSSIOJf 20c, 30c ASD Sac. A FEW CHOICE SEATS AT 50c. --TODAI AND TOMORROW-DAVE NEWMAN'S BLACK AND WHITE REVUE In the New Military Travesty THE NEW RECRUIT" On the Screen--"Vengeance an d the Woruan." t6r FEATUBEN'G. The Funniest Man in Burnt Cork JACK GRAST And the Little Blonde Disseminator of Gladness and .Toy HELE.V tfcKEN.VA THE FLEilLVUS Original Funsters. ENLIST Y O U R DOLLARS in a good cause--one that will help you and your country. Decide to save all the 'money you ran can now and deposit it regularly to your credit with the Title £ Trust Company of Western Pennsylvania. Your account is invited. . The only Bank in this community paying 4fo on Savings'Ac- . counts. ORPHEUM THEATRE TODAY Wro. Fox Presems rbe Fox Kiddie Production ' "BABES I-V THE WOODS" A Modern Version of the Fairy Tale "Haus and Cretel." Also "TliQ .Mutual Weekly." TOMORROW Tbe Beautiful and Wonderfully Gowned ED.NA GOODRICH in "WHO LOVEI HIM BESTT COMING SOON--D. TV". GHIFFITH'S "INTOLERANCE." READ THE COURIER. PATRONIZE HOME MERCHANTS WHO ADVERTISE IN THIS PAPER. OCKiOOGOOGCOOOCxXXXXXXJOOOaO WEAD.fiamef's 1 IT EAR clothing^ OOOOOOOOOOCCOOOOOOCXXXXXXX3 J. B. KURTZ, MOTAR-t PUBLiC AND REAL E«TATt No. i South M««ow CvnmllMlN* Pm. aooooooooootxiooooooocaoooo By C. JL VOIGHT \ufm ^op -J -- "TheN UAVEW'T op THE GAVE

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