The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 10, 1930 · Page 1
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, January 10, 1930
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L H B j l ast Jdclition rice Connellsville's Biggest and Best Newspaper. The Best Advertising Medium in the Yough Region. VOL. 28. NO. 51. The M i - f k l j C'onrli'r, Koimilcil .Inly 17, JS7I). Tin- l l n t l j . u i H r i , i'limidril . N » . « - i n b i r 10, 100a. llcijrert. (JONNELLSVELLiE, PA., F.RIDAY 13VENJN(!, J A N U A R Y 10, 1930. TWENTY PAGES. HEALTH OFFICIALS KEEP CLOSE WATCH ON PARROT FEVER Surgeon (Jimernl Cumminp Thinks Tliorc Is No Danger Of Oonoriil Spread. SEVERAL CASES AT ANNAPOLIS Bv U n i t e d I'ie?". ' The mysterious spread o£ the d t e u d j "parrot disease" which in recent 1 monthe haa been tounel in tour countries, including tho United States, often with deadly ntfeets, hae? centered international attention on efforts) to explain and control the malaclj. U hae been defined now as pMttaeo- fcle, an oUen f a t a l disease marked by uautioa and fainting- Bpellh U was /irst lu-arci ol last Octobei In Buenoft A'res, \vhen tour pe-monfe. members oC a theatrical troupe, elie-d I there. They h u d otten careened a pel I parrot owurd ly a member of the i troupe. The disease next was heaid ! o£ Jn Berlin, w h e r e four Deaths had been r e p o t t e d [ast week t u o aw-ifi ( wore identified at Prague and tli id week doctors ot Annapolis reported C.'lCH Juk Off the Wire B* U n i t e d J ' i c - s VOLO.H JMUSOIX. Cal., .Inn. 10.-- Wnltor K. Burke, .'W, Sitcramento Ihoii- |ro tmitdit, w«j iiunrcd Jiflro todnj us (he ilrs,t of two men (o he 1'xo.i'uted, for his part In tho prison riot hero in 1027 in which l?t persons MCIT Idlled. James (-Jrejry, 8"» '''rosno murderer, followed "Burke to tho temporal 1 ) g'lil- Ions in a dungeon located jn the m i d - dle of the JiHiin eel! Moc'k. * * * MOOOSVtLLK, IV. Va., .Inn. 10. Frank Hull, 1,ot.'an county bad ntuii. sciiled the n u l l s of f l i o state penitentiary hens todny and escaped. Hall was seninw livo jours for shooting a state trooper and hootlegvlng. Ho osenped from u t r a i n in August, belnp bromrht hero lint In Jndiiiiiiipyll.s, Ind., hist October. UAM'IMOHK Jan 10 --Four new | cation o£ pmttacosii or "rmriol f e v e t . " i deadly South inaKuly, \ v c r e ' believed by the lUHimore h e a l t h de- p a r t m e n t to t a v o born d i M o t e i o d loday. Names of t l ' t v HCNV victims were w i t h h o l d b v t h * health d e p a r t m e n t Health officer:, discovered tlio now f.aves in homes where the birds had been sold by ,1 Baltimore p^t Hhop w h i c h also sold the p a r t o t credited w i t h spreading tho disease among t h i e e members ol an A n n a p o l i s lam- ily. Klght cases, io\\ h a v e been repoitecl hero and in A n u a p o l U . All of the IK w eases \ \ c r e reported as pneumonia but authorities' behove they are sult'ei mi: with psittucobK B A L T I M t l H I " , Md , Jan 10--The battle to pi event spread oC tiie deadly ( f t n o t disease reached U a l t i m o r o to- d a y w i t h u o i f ' t h a t a f o u r t h person had become a \ u t i m cif the m\6toiimit, fcvoi. Or X H. WlutehlH. Baltimoio \, U t h o latest to be reported intecten w i t h psittacosis, or " p a i r o t f e n e i . ' Tho other three, all i c s U l e n t b of Annapolis, are Mrs. Simon S M a r t i n , 00, M f o of the secretary of i h e c h a m b e r of commerce there, and her :,on-in-law and daughter, Mr. and I0 W Kalmey The latter are ' ill a. Annapolis Emergency I, whik Iwth Dr. WhitetvUl and Mrs. Martin a i e continent to their · liomcw. ' The same parrot is blamed by health iftlcers for all four cafe«. It waa pur- ' ,'hi^el at a pc* shop bore by Mr. and At its. Kalmey, on December 4. It became fU'k a few days later and died on Olmstimifi Kvo. Membotfi of tho .Martin household became ill on Now Year, i 'Ihe veterinarian was employed in Ihe (.hop \ v h e t o tho Infected bite! was - ptirdvi^ed an1 performed an autopsy v,htMi it «a* returned dead, after I'hrwtuiiit.. Hih illnefcrt was reported j a rooming hotist , p l a t e d b\ b i b " 2:2. 1.14,1. ' t h e lail Albert lieok l)i- C. H a m p t o n Jones, head of tho B a l t i m o r e divslon of the Maryland H e a l t h Service, dheoUiiK tho flight t o Keep tlu malady from spreading, ha;) mobilised his aides and a thorough invcstiscttlon Is being made. He m l i m a t e d ho toared an epidemic if o t h e r birclfa sold by the shop carried l b e pblttai-osis Kcnm, and he Is chocktin: thi- possibility carefully. Di. Jones also is making an ex- .iminattori of Dr. Whttohill's luug dis- cluut;e, he sale 1 , to clear up any doubta t h a t his a i l m e n t is parrot fever. He I n d i c a t e d evo.- sjmptom confirmed the boiiel Whuchilt had become a victim of the rare malady, but wan making thu bactei ioloc;lcal test to obtain Un:il proof 'Su a t t e m p t is being made to learn \\liu ( tho s h o p p r o p r i e t o r obtained i ho b l i t l T l i 10 may have- boon a v i o l a t i o n of :.K bud ((uarantino law i n v o l v e d m iui importation, Jones -aid M e a n w h i l e i he c o n d i t i o n of the Ann a p o l i h patio i t s w a s l e p u r t c d u n ( hanged. Tin, crisis are not e x p o r t e d for several d a i s . The- dlseaso u s u a l l y last:, f i o n i t h r e e to f o u r uceks. ac- lonlim', to h p n i a l i h t s f r o m tlie U. S P u b l i c Health Service, t a i l e d at tho miuest ul C ! o e r n o r Ilitchip. tun;eun Goaeral C'lunining, who is in i-lobc c out t c t \ \ i t h tho s i t u a t i o n here and at A mapoli.s, said t h u i o wat | l i t t l e cluiiii e nt tho disease bucomiilK general. The t h o u s a n d s in Ameiica w h o o w n p a i i o l need n o t lear t h e dibea-it lu s nil. as it i u \ t i s p i o a d s j li oai pi'i jou i n pci sun 22 ARMY PLANES OF "ARCTIC PATROL" · OFFFOR SPOKANE M i l l \'l C ! M U N \ I n h L t u HI r h r o w ' t m .i l i a l l i i ·,(· to all th\ t ' l i - ' !!.,n'~. h \ I o t t i i _ J - S u n s an p l a n t ' i r* \^ ^ ' 1 * ^ ' ( 1 \i t f *d tot' iM oi'K o!t » ' ^\ h i E ^ ' i lo t n* I L , ·· d r d i , · r ' K . ' !''(' !\ t n V r u u l i . ', u I"no- i n i im n I i.' M i ' ' · ^-I'-'K, 1 i \S i ' m e i , I ,, .- | ,- i i i - . ' i i i ^ i ( » · « i n . j f l v i n . ( n i t ' "'·- j · Police Locate Boy Waited as liirrfer Witness S p i c i a l to 'I ic I ' c n i t l c r . VMOMTOWX J i l l . 101- old A l b e i t Koll, who may bo able 1 to toll (ho ruoht \al iable Infonnation cou-ternlng Ibe I)oi ohoe m u r d e r plot, ha been lex. a bed in i'lttsbuig He vsas f o u n d , i at I M A i c i i stioj t wheie the bevy v\ .1 mother on Oeceniii' thtix» was k n o \ \ n a Plttsburi; city police, it is h.nd. a i e ho 1 ding the lKy loi the Penus;haiUa State Polic-e who riit-hcni men to P!(t»- burg tndav upon Ic, r i l i n g that the bov had bc«n found. ( oron r H A B-ait7 a n n o u n c e d (his a f l moon ho would resume the inquest into the murder at 1:I!0 o'c'oc'k Tuesd y aftenicxin All witnesses pro ·Imply nolill-ed arc I'e-iuestod to be pi -sent at that time, together w i t h any c i i l c l i t i o n a l wifn^s-ses .since subpx?naeil. The question as to whether or not Major l/ mi D. Ada us, commandant iC the Pennsylvania M a l e Police, will appear before the coronet's jurv to tell .Ul he knows r sardinp; the Donohoe murcl'or-clnoo i imaincd uiian-iw-er- ed today "i called the Oi ^nslnirg Imrraekh before th-e inciiie-.t · u r t e d last W-edncs day and asked tlx n to a.dvis-e Major AdaniH I w.'i,s boldi iir the fiifjtieat mill would like to hav. him attend if ho could 3o so," b t a t d ]r H , i l t / when ciuestionec' thU a,fl inoon "The major aent back word ho would bo unable to attend," added the coroner. cjuartors today tli U Major - Adams would be able to return to F.ivette c o u n t y and porhap 6lied further light on. the murder prolxj from the greal mass of statisticri uis department has NEW COURT PLAN WOULD EXPEDITE HANDLING. CASES Proposfll Mrulo to Hnv k Two Jmlgos Hit hi Criminal Cases, One In Civil. WOULD ADD NINE WEEKS FOR CIVIL Spoola! to The Coiirlor. U.MIONTOWN. Jan. 10 --Two judges will sit in criminal court and a thii d will h«UI civil court d u r i n g t h o March, September and December tonne, if the new klea, as advanced thifi m o r n i n g at a meeting oC bur membore and the court, clovelop« into fruitier 1 . The court appointed At- tornejv Penn IX Stnrgl's, K O Higlioe and li. S Dumbatikl a committee to thoroughly investigate the matter and maks o leport next Friday morning, whon :i f u r t h e r meeting of the bar and bench will tnko place I t the plan proposed fts carrted out there w i l l be nine a d d i t i o n a l weelw on civ 1 court anl 3(i weeks in all, I n c l u d i n g the throe- present ( I v i l court term.s FIGURES IN YOUNh GUARD VICTORY Will Not Be Very Anthony Tasson' , motor ear dealer of Republic and h -ad of the. 'fatso no Motor Comipany in whoso name rte-al- cr'a No J9-i(.S was issm-.d, and which nnmlxi 1 MlA* M^rg'dJ'Pt Aibol tostiiiod she a\\ on a Biuck or a Hudson sedan backed in a W i n d road at 3 o'clock n the morning of the murder, iswieii an opon btatoment to the press and public today Mr 'Tassone ways h« never owned u IIuc 1 son or a Buick, that he was never a piurty to any niat'ei-.s Hi\olv1ng Johu Continued · n Paeo Six. FRANK POLETZ, GRID STAR, FINED $150 IN LIQUOR CASE UNIONTOWN, fan. 10. -- Frank "Wop" Polotz of tbis city, prominent Fayetle county football stur and a former Brownsvlll" boy, was fined $150 and costs bv Judge Davis VV. Henderson this, m rnliiig when lie was sentenced for viol ttiou of the liquor law. Frank told the court he had pic- pared a vat of h'une brew and wan going to give a piirt for some ot nil friends just b o f o ' e leading tor Hit 1 American 1/egion coiu'-ntion at Senui ton. The authorities were raiding right n n d left t h e n , h a u l Attorney A n t h o n y Ciivultante, and fiey dropped in on I'Y.uik John Moberlv, i negro, was sen- toneed to pay the co.iis. Ho waa tho riohetutor in an ifa.sault and battei v case and the- j u n pUu ed the ( e 3 ts upon him. PENSIONS GRANTED FAYETTE COUNTSANS Rev. Lambertson Speaks at Final Tbeatre Meeting! As the smoke of battle Guard" of insurgent He sonate finance committee assertion oi Sennto; Bee* h» ought to resign the ch Administration were plac S( nators Robert M. La PC of Idaho, lower right, tat rolls «way two members of the "Young iublicans find themselves members of the Residents of Capitol hill, mindful of the Smoot, of Utah, upper right, that he felt urmanship of the committee if foes of ths d on it, look for exciting days to come- as 'lette, of Wisconsin, left, and John Thomus, e their places on the important committee. PITTBHURCJ, Jan. I d -- T e m p e r a - ] (ures dropped in Woslein Pennsylvania today afi the cold wave, wlikh lias been holding tho entire wexit I n , Us £?rip, reached this fcpution of tho Stale. Weather Forecaster W. S. BroUman ] prtKlictod temperaturcis f 20 and 30 ( degrees later in the day, with eoKUr weather tomorrow. Snow wa« predicted Eoi somo areas. A low pressure area, ej-tendint; over I thie section of tho couirry and h e l d ! fast by a etationary Ii1r,h pre°enre aica over the Atlantic seaboard, dl- vorted -the high preesuro area sweeping from the Wcet. The co'.d broezee wer» forced north into Canada befoie they could reach here, it waa said. OF COUNTRY k' of Wliitc Strcichos From Hoc'liie^ to Iho Appalachlnns. ROYAL BRIDAL P/JR WILL GET AWAY FRIDAY ON BELATED HONEYMOON Hc-\. John I I . liiimberl'-on. pa^toi of the Flint J!t,t!iCMlU,t Puitjtatant C h u r c h , i h e epealcpr at tho noon \\ook of PriyM hervlte texla.v at tli^ O r p h e u m Theali e, l e i l a i e d that evaimellfim is the t a L K ol the m i n i s t e r s a n d thai Kil- lownif the Week of J ' l a j p r ' we should go out and \ s i n the .-·( ores 01 niuuived " The paetor ured a p«w=age from M a t t h e w ^7-n7, "ThU U, Josus, t h u Kin^; »f the .hnvs," »,liowiin; Unit tho d i f f e r e n t iypew --(Sreek-, L a t i n s mid Hehre \ -- w n n t e « l to n a U i - C i n i b t tho kini? of kingo and lord of loidt., declaring ( h i t " w e shouli t i )w n n i m In our lives " L'hlr g a p«. i saKe ft inn U d i a h fi-1 "In the year Ibiit J V I I I R ],uiah ilje*l, ! saw t h e I x i t d high and l i l t e d up." Itov Ijambi rthOn d w e l t , b r i e f l y on (Oilfio- cratloii Orio bundled fseventv-i-ix piMnont, ni- tenckv tho service. i'ir\ 1, H. H t u v - en.s pi ChHlcd t'rajer w u , ofleu-U bv Rev. R. l: Schober H U. Shearer l e d N ( h e blngiiiK, w i t h J Harold P u l l at the piano Mrt,. M. H Duker t-ang "My ,)e«u, 1 !/ovo Thee" The nilnisterfl of the city were profuse Ijelay in their t h a n k s 10 tho man- ageim nt of the theatre, Ireo use of w h i c h was given for i h e Ihe noon eervices of the Week of Piajer. ToniRht HV I ^ice« will be: C h u r c h , C (.' Kent, bpcukor; tenan, Dr. \V. H U e t i l c k , Kliet Methodi«t Kpiscopal, Itev 1C. N. Duty, w i t h mubic by the c h o i r , Chrlbtlan, Dr. D R. Graham, w i l h vocal nuibic by Mrs. Peter R Weimar and a cornet duet by Captain and Mrs ('. .1 Fox of tho Salvation A r m ) , .Melliodi«t J'ro- lestant (Jinn ch, RPV K I m e r A. Sclnilt)',, United Brethren' Hev. J. j l w i t h muiic by the chiur. \rf !·_» 1'KH C'J-rVT H K K R F O R MK.UBEItS X r U A L i: iv RTY AJJOARO H K. ( ( F O H f f B ING TON, AT S35A, Jan 10- large quanliiip'i by S i t u t d promised tonij-'lr This a n n o u n r ment b the stewaid l u n n d t h e '-Olivers diploinalR a n d o i d l n u y p i a l i k f nun h g t m r vein t h e f l i out. T!H I n n o v a t i o n of m.irlilnar by bc-i'i may b » prepared w h o u t s was a n u n u i U f d v \ ) WASH- Bcor in y was inunlilo ( t o n of S I M l R f l S ! n i g h t « h«re- t h i n -IS MI 'ho ,i'ji U Ip \ 4 l H p u t tKi fll-bt tomor- to America. Tt « m a r h l i e i v imo operation 1 vsi n i g h t and batch oil 12 IHT cni't ,uil| brow w i l l Irf-* n a ( ' \ , t h e , ,'aj Tho pi lr» .' 15 ci-nji a gl. '..s. U. S, Steel Gains 25 Per Cemt Over December 31 Rate The- speaker at Ihe ( M i i i r c h of 1hf Hretlii'on HUB -evening w i l l bo Cannon D. Siese, a layman, timelier In the Dunbar T o w n s h i p Ilig-h S-ehooI. Tho Jyuiiiclay school :is.soclaiion w i l l luno charge of th-e worship period Attendance at the services last night W«M' Prehoyterian, SO; Fiist Methodist Kpiscljpal, 7(5; Baptiat, 85; United B r e f h i e i i , fi,S, U n i t e d Pretiby- lerinn, 61; Christian, SO, Reformed,} 21; C h u r c h of the Bret In en, 12, Methodist Protestant, G7; T t i n l t j Lu- thTan, 48 FAYETTE COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION NAMES COMMITTEES I I ' t n l t f d l^ii s-j VJ:\V YORK, J a n . ll 1 - U n i t Sleol for nora t ion t o d i y tc-jx (IIled ordci.-i on it lw oks (it of 19J!) as I 11 r, I'M ton-i, ,111 of "'»,! IS tons over tho Nov. total as otmipsiied w i t h i.OTfij on Ueocmber 31. n-S On NovembrM ;;o, i'12'i, un de'i s t o t a l l e d «I, I t',j,.'J I "i tonh, lU, 1,0,S(i, r )«:i t o n s on Sopto ,'J,!)OC,,'hl truih and on Atii;uf( 211 tons The Deeembei im reaae f o u r t h biiccebaivo m o n t h l y and In Ings tlu total ordwi booka of the c o r p o r a t i o n on 3 31 to an itici 'aie of 758,982 i the low point of tt2 r i, cstab A u g u s t 'il The United StatoH FUoiil Co .is now o p e i a t l n g at Cfi poi capacity, an inei case oE 25 oviu tho o p m a t i o u s durlnf? w e e k uf 192!), w h i c h w e i e IK account of the holid.iyp The H o t h J e l i e m Sleel Co was l e p o i t o t t today to have ai production to 71 per cent o£ an increase of mure i l i u n 30 ovei the season's low p o i u l . d Klatoa '·i«i n n ho clcj«,o uiber ;il 12 tons tiled or- Octolier ibf-r .10, vas the IncreaRO on t h e ecember ins over shod on poration cent of per cent he linal d up on poration jpped tip capacity, per c e n t Troopers Run Down More False Clues Irene Scfaroeder By U n i t e d Press. j DTTHBURG, Jan 10--Three clues I In tho c-taivh for Irene Schroedcr, I Wast alleged blond bundit- I rtt«, w o n t e d in eonnpcllon with the k i l l i n g of .State fUglnvny Porporal Brady Paul two weeks HKO h a v e beou dl'i»ipntol w i t h i n ( h n last 21 hours. SUUo troopers, following a tip t h a t tho wonuin and a male companion had bceii soon at Washington. Pa,, won't on n w i l d ROOt-o ob.iAo a f t e r an autorno- b l l n foi 30 miles early todaj, llually o v e r t a k i n g th«* tnr at Blm Drove, W. Va., only to difcooirr t h p , c o u p l o v,na a constable and hie ^ i f e . Previously a woman had been arrested at Washington as ehe loft the cofloe shop of tho Goorga Washington Hotel but ehf was freed w h e n ehe proved her Innorenre The- t h u d clue petftied out w h e n Slate Police declared a woman held at Cumberland, Md , after her arreyt w i t h «. man who waa carrying a gun, was not Mr«. Scbroeder. They said n h e resembled Mrfl. Schroelor vet y closely except that she did not have a scar over one eye Tho woman, who gave her name us Mrs Chai Ice Pollock, 2*1, of Uoecoe. Pn., ~WRa roleae-ed. By United ROME, Jan.' 10. -- A final day of dazzling ceremony, bringing to a climax the marriage celebration of Crown Prince Humbert *nd Princecs Marie Jose, and the royal couple w i l l be Iron to begin th-eir honeymoon, tomorrow, In the historic chateau of Raocontgl, where tho prince wa^ born. Thirty thousand child' en from the elementary schools of lome added their acclamation to in » demonstration of their elders today, when they assembled in the Piazza Di Siena -ii.d marched past tho prince and princess w i t h t u m u l t u o u s cheers for the couple. King Victor Emanuel ind King Albert, with their wives, motored priv- a t t l y to Ciaplno in the mornmg, to inspect the military ai -drome, and I hen proceeded to tho Hvil airport, where detachments of military aviators saluted t h e m . Departure of the t i t l e ! RUoBts v lio lent d i g n i t y and glory tu the n u p t i a l s began loday, and HIP ^flgian royal tamlly wa-s scheduled t lay goodbje (o Alarlo Joso and leave for H i u s s o l a a f t e r t n n i s h l ' s gala p e r f o r m a n c e in tho opera IIOIIFP llr,m^'B relrhration reached 11s h e i g h t h last night in a historical UNIONTOWN POLICE SERGEANT LAID OFF BY MAYOR CRAWFORD iJui nit; the ipa-' low w e e k s Cou- g r c b a i n t n S A K j u d a l l has abslwled the tollo'wiiii; IK mecl h o l d i e i ^ and \\ickn\s ol' boldiei -, in aeciuins pensions and i n c i e a a c - to s v h i c l i t h e y bad d t l e umlti' the la\, s ' J o h n K Hei k n i a n , llolncipple, 111( ic,iie to ?^D a m J i i t h M i b A n n a 13 (!cmai. \ \ u l o w ol lii'urse H (iemas t C o u n e l l s v i l l e , 11U, \ \ i t b ?ti a m o u t h , d d u i o n a l toi n n n o r c h i l d i u u I r om 19 2 lo d a l e i I n l d i e n lesu h tlu- ng(- nf ' hhn S I'hi'fi S H I , .\(_\\ Sakm, o r i g i n a l p t i t s i o n t ?3fi a m o n t h l o l n t I M i ' ov, C o n n e l l b v i l l i 1 oiij,i!ia! p p n ? i ( i n d -'(' a nicmth I c l i u \\ " l o i i n i i H , S n i K h h e i d , 111- M i i f ' , l i / - a h p n l i t , n i t r n j s e to ' U X t O N T O W N , J a n . 10. Announcement of commlttues of tihe layette {Joiiiify Bar Association lo feerv-o loi the -easning year wan mado j-eisterday, the committees inoludLng that in c h K r p o of the forth com ing a n n u a l ban- (iuet which will be h e l d at the noun- try C l u b Saturday evenhiR, J a n u a r y 18 TIi( committees are: Leritlative--E J M Daniel. J ' R. Smiley and Daniel S. UoUnson Offonaes--H W. Pl.iyioid, Dean U Sturgis, 11. \V. DawBon, I 1C fipuigeou and J. il. S h e i r u i d Kee H i l l -- I I . (Je-uigo M n s , Jiiines A Heill ' and W i l l i a m J Cio\\ Re-.olutiuus f W C' Ak'Ke.iu, W a d e K .N'owell and Chai'hv? W Baei i W e l f a r e -- f l . A Col ton, r h a i l p i i^, Davidson nnd J o h n J Hiim-es M a r s h a l - l,uke II K i a s h e r llanqii-e-t C'oniitnitte Judges Tlioni- as II Hutlfoon, i)aMs W Ileudeison, S. J. \V DUWBOII and 10 H. 11 K. H a c k n e y , I f S Durn- S. Uay S h e l b v , W Cooke Melt W. P l a j f o r d , J B A d a m s , li \V liny R K. I'lubel. M. M an J? C. Hlghee, John S, v, W J S t u r g i h , U M IleiuoA M Coio A K J-rviipp ,1 K f ' i , i } . Robmi-on M \\' r ' a r - h a l l a n d John TOWEfl HILL MINE BEGINS OPERATIC NS; 35 OVENS IN BLAST I ' X I O N T O W K , fan 10. -0 lerations arc being iturn-eel at the T wer Hill No. 2 plant of the llillnian In erotB in the Iteptiblic fie-ctioai Thirty- ve ovens ·were Ined T i u i s i d a j and ai other 35 a t e to bo pui. in M a i l totla) Tn ad- clilion about 20 earloucis of co il will be shipped clailv it'mploymenl will bo g h o i about 200 men, former employe of the p l a n t I* 1 W H o w a r t h m s u p e i - Intend'p'Ul ( l u f l i t i niiiH 1 - of he l l i l l - nian oeni|)itii le^iiiu^d opei l i o n s u- c e u l l v The Weather ban I d , Kean, Coc i t n i i - Joill: II I \ \ o o r n N ("an Is di -ector of K t i l T ('h.unberlln ("'air and colder t r u i l g h t , R a t u r d a v fail and c o n t i ' i u e d ( o l d IH he noon wt'iUher i i n e m s t loi Wesh n Pciin- b y h a n l n T e n i j i c r a l u r o Ht'con , M. i \ l m n r i i M i n i m u m M e n u EX-POLICE CHIEFS SENTENCED TO TERMS AT ATLANTA PRISON By U n i t e d Press. PITTSBUUO. .Ian. TO.---Two former chiefs of police w e i o among eiRht m e m b c r s i o f the M c K c e u p o i t rum rlnp sentenced in Federal court loday. Tho sentences varied from four months in. the Allegheny county Jail to IS months In t h e Federal prison at At- lauta. Theie w e i e ao accompanying fines. John F Draiman, fornipi chief of police ol Jk'Koooport, and O h a r l h L liergbtedt, former Versailles police head, both must go to A t l a n t a , Bronn n n for iS m o n t h s and Bers-stedt for ona year and a day UNIONTOWN. Jan 1 ) -- Kirst of a series of smpenfiioim In thr police department WHS made bis morning v/hen l\U\or I/uthor S ( nuvlord lu- rieflnitelv removed He- i^e-ant Henry O'Nc-al Unless i h o hcrgeant offer 1 ? his resignation, tlie mayor said today, cbwrpe-s will be profern rt again-sl him before city oonncll for "violation of the laws of Commonwealth, nil.scrm- elucl In office and violation of citi AdcliHonal siis-pensi ns will br meted out in tihn u-ext f w days 1n tho dpartni«nt, tho mayor indicated. Tlie removal of \ a r i o u s mon as planned b the "big tin OP" will o p e n tho way lor the reorganization cjf t 10 de.partment as announced at tho HIM! ol tlie year. Requ«vts havo not ye' been made, it is stiated, for th-e reslgi ation of other city employes aa planned aixi announced January 1 but action In this matter will develop, it is nai-d, at the lie-it mwtins of City Council on Tuos- day, J a n u a r y 21 At that session the rials of those suspended w i l l also be decided upon. EXTENDS SOUTH TO TEXAS LINE, TJj Unite* P r e - H (JHICAno, Jan. 10--Snow barrasren had niaile a no man's land of Hie Middle West today, leaving a toll ol' (itath, suffering and crippled trans- portal ion niul comma me,Man facilities. Stragglers of the, wintry army a.(- laoltod outlying regions as far west as tile I'ttciflc Coast and eDbtward to the- N o r t h Central and Now Kngland statt-B -Tho ropprcussions were hour1 as far s o t i f h as the upper gulf belt. where cither rain or snow carried tho seasonal war into usually neutral climes. A praclically unbroken realm oil w h i t e stretched from upper Texas 1o the Areflc and from the Rocky Mountains to the Appalachians. It approached record doptlia at man} points in t h e Mid-West. Galosburg, 111, had recorded IS Inches of MIOW and more was expected. Six deaths attributable to the slorm were reported. In the Chicago aroa tho -wot flakes polled d o w n for 20 honr-s and laid A covering almost eight Inches deep over the landscape. Other inid-cou- t i n c n t aren«i experienced snowfall varying between those limits. Trains moved on belated srbedules. Telegraph and telephone wires were snapped off under ( h e wc-ight of snow or ale-et. City streets and country highways wero hodped lugh with drifts. A yellow flood gushed over the banks of tho Wabash and White rivers in I n d i a n a , covering h u n d r e d s of. acres of l a n d . The state highway department closed 31 higlnvnys. Toraperatures sought lower levels today over most of the- country. Tho 15-abovo lovol approximated in tho t'lifcago HKM was approached In a. m a j o r i t y of Mid-West points. Tho low m a r k reported for thr c o n t t n e n i wns ·18 degroM bplow zero, prevailing f i t b o t h West U f i t t l e t o i U and 1'riucc Alb e i t , Sasltatnhewan. C'anada Wire cominunK-.uioil in cast oimtrnl I l l i n o i s wan hampered most :-M-ioii',Iy. In (he v i r l n i t \ of D . i n v i U e .ill w i r e s ·hero out for houi 6. The distnrbanco «,-is m o v i n g oast- ward lodm, t h r e a t e n i n g a n t i - c l i m a x to unseasonably warm t e m p e r a t u r e s on the A t l a n t u seaboard. More snow ·«as falling or w u s promised tor tho cntirp eastern half ot the Limed States. Floods added (o ( h p menace HI Indiana, southern Illinois and neighboring stains to tho .south Stipains nrai Cairo, 111., had leit t h e i r bonks and the Mississippi \\-,\ k m o u n t i n g rapidly Chicago's plight was typical of t h a t ot most latger Mid-West cities. No a t t e m p t was mado to clear the snow b l a n k e t f r o m sections other than t h e loop but thefft*-1.UOO sliovelors, 42 trucks and 10 snow-plows toiled Six d e a t h s d i r e c t l y a t t r i b u t a b l e to the storm had been reported trom points in the Central and Southwestern Plates and belated l e p o r t h \ \ r r o expected to ,sv.p)t the t o t a l A snow shoveler and a r a i l r o a d t o w e r m a n died in ('hie-ago, a woman ssas lulled in a traihc accideni at Danville caused by aleet-eovered pavement and two persons in n o r t h e i n Indiana wero killer) similarlj. One death was r e p o i t e d in Oklahoma TWINS, 11 AND 8 POUNDS, AT CLYDE HERBERT HOME Mr and Mrs. Clyde Herbert of Soo-rt il'Siven, forme-i'lv of Vanderbilt, are receiving congratitilallons on tli-e birth eif twinh--a boy ant! a girl--thj boy weighing 11 and the gir! eig-lit pnnds, laut evening at t h e n home There are now three girls and two boys The mother was MI6S Mary Herbert of Vanclcrbilt LARGE GATHERING AT PHILIPPINE YETS \ BANQUET ANTICIPATED Congress Will Get Enforcement Report Monday ·!" ARREST ORDERED OF PAROLED WHO EVADED COSTS U X t O N T O W N , Jan 10. -for a p p r o x i m a t e l y 50 persoiiu whose paroles have c\plred but who have not yet paid their costs have been NMied t o the hhciil'f at the i ourt's cli- re tlon and ,1 whole-sale i oiuulup of I m a n v p o i s o n s in a n d out of M ie c o u n t y j is promibiid in the next l e w dm-i K u i l u i e to ]:' the rosl"! «ih it-p r t l l p d b\ T Watt H-end^i.-un llifi t p n r t p r o b i i i o n olhcp! Thp t o i l ' 1 d l ' i n t r f l t h r i m t i i f d i a i o p n l o i t e m i n 1 o t th(\ = n n i r n c f n n d t h e K M i l i pr to be a u i d o - B U i o a u d i a z n o i Kepliea 10 invitatiom to the JOth annual b a n q u e t o£ Walter K Brown Host of the Veteran? of Foreign Wars on Hatuulay evening, Tebruary 1, In observance of tha o u t h i e a k of Ihe P h i l i p p i n e Ineuricctioi! indicate the- ·affair will bu the largo 1 1 the post has ever held, H was said hxlay. One, perhaps tv.o, national ofiiccre will be hero it waa indicated along with department heads BROWN POST OFFICERS WILL BE INSTALLED ON MONDAY EVENING 'Hit! uliii ,'rs (il ^ U Lei E Brown Post ol! the Veleianti o 1 Foreign Wcirt w i l l be instcilk'd Jlontla - o \ e n i n s , January U. In 1 ,\ departni'tul on\\: A l t o i the installation there - A i l l be an oysler -supper .uil "special MiN % r- t a i n i n L ' i i t Pi-ot-es«iounl l a l o n t has be-en eiiif ijre 1 '! lor (lie enfei t a i n m e n t K i i f f e r l y Word has been l e c e l v e d i i o m O e 6 r e I t a t t e r l v (!' Olii ipvle w h o un c l e i w c n l .'. · 01 HIU ·, o j i r i u i o i i ,11 M e i e v, I ' u K h u i K : a « t r i i u i f d a \ l i e is g f l l m g a l o n e .is v t r i i n. can h? By U u l t p d Pl-oas WASHINGTON", Jan. 10.--President Hoover w i l l .send the ropoil of (lie Law lhifor emenl Commission lt Congress* next M o n d a y to Ive dealt w i t h In any legislative mann-er t h u ! Congresfe may choose, f t was I-earn-od at tho W h i t e House today. Tho AVhitc n-ouoe niiido plain il lni» no lnt-ere»st in tlio manner of parliamentary proreduie adopted and desires ou.h to expedite !p.gislat!o-n to tloal w i t h tho prohibition biiualion These facts were mad-e itnown tociny following tlio action of liouso lea-der^, in r e f u s i n g ro H-et u p a j o i n t congrep- bionai committe-e- to uHx;ivo th« law ciilorccment commissions leport. Surh a commitiee already hii, been proviil- od for hr the .Sen.ito Radiator Plant To Resume Monday TFNIONTfnW, Jan l a -Jobs for a p i H o x i m a t e l y -Till IIHMI will bf ready Mcniclay moi limit ai th ( enamel plant ol thi' R i c h m o n d lladi.itoi Company when t h a t p l a n t resumes o p e r a t i o n after an idleness of a b u u t t h r e e weeks. 10 A J l i b l e i , h i i p e r i n i e n d e i U of t h e p l h i i t , baid he expects to increa«e the man power later HB ord»!i, ior long operation o! the p l a n t n i o on filo, .N'ormnlly the p l a n t einploys 000 men. Tho hope I n r ,m Ini rej^jp in bnsin^r-P f v i t u r e prr pectf ll.uluitor p j a a t on ISM M o n d a v r,'tv«- pmploymr n t »o be- 1 twean 260 and. 300

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