The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 20, 1964 · Page 2
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 2

Ottawa, Canada
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Thursday, August 20, 1964
Page 2
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Teamsters Sue Hoffa For Funds WASHINGTON (AP- Nearly SOfl Teamsters union members went to court against Team-ten President James R. Hoffa Wednesday In the first open sign of a large-scale, rank-and-.file revolt since Hofra's two federal court convictions. The large group of Teamsters from nine' locals filed a petition asking to Join a suit already on file, seeking recovery of all union funds spent lo defend Hoffa and all other union officials involved ia criminal trials. The civil suit was filed several months ago by six .members of Philadelphia Local 107. It charges violation of a federal labor law provision requiring that union funds be spent solely for the benefit of the un-sta. Kevin P. Charles, counsel for the larger group, said both groups seek to oust Hoffa but that his clients (eel their action would help move the .case a little faster and indicate broader support within the union. Meanwhile, t h e teamsters' ruling executive board convened in Miami tor the first time since Hoffa't jury . tampering and fraud convictions and ' is expected to take up the question of Hoffa't mounting legal fees. Court News JAILED U DAYS. Two brothers were, sentenced to time spent to Jail hi Ottawa Magistrate's Court when they appeared Wednesday 'before Magistrate Carter after being convicted of attempted theft oi $7,000 boat on Dow's Lake. - Kenneth Yank. 20, and his brother, Paul. 18, of JJS Flor ence Street, were arrested shortly after, boarding the craft July la. "I'm taking Into consideration the fact you couldn't have gotten away with what you. intended to steal," the magistrate said. The pair spent 34 days In Jail ' f ' from Pa gel) n e Red Rebels The U.S. .embassy, said that its seven- or eight-man staff in Bukavu fled to neighboring Rwanda after heavy street fighting "erupted Wednesday. A planeload of 40 refugees, mostly composed of United Nations personnel, arrived In Leopold-ville Wednesday night. A government garrison of some 800 troops was fighting to salvage the city, capital of central Kivu province and the only important city in the turbulent northeastern Congo still under government control. HOLD LARGE AREA The rebels, who bold an esti mated 25 per cent of this vast and mineral-rich country, captured the. key city of Stanley ville two weeks ago. The Bukavu uprising came after a government order In LeopoMville to deport citizens of ' Brazzaville, . Burundi and Mali whose government are accused of backing" the revolt. Denouncing the governments as accomplices of Communist China, Tshombe told a press conference Wednesday night that his order would be lifted only If their support of the rebellion ends. Saying there could be no negotiation with outlaws. he accused China of moving to use The Congo as a base to take over al of Africa. It was not. known how many persons would be deported but some estimates were as high as 50,000. Authorities began a mass roundup for the 20-minute ferry boat '. ride across the Congo River to Brazzaville. DECOMPOSED BODY Commenting on the Mulele death report. Tshombe said he was satisfied with evidence that the rebel leader had been killed. He said news had reached him that a decomposed body - bad been found in the western province of Kwilu. Tshombe said an -American radio receiver and a passport made out In Mulele's name had been found beside the body, Tshombe said several , thousand W a t u s I refugees from Rwanda were trying to move through Bukavu to Invade their homeland. Rebels and Watusl slaughtered two French UN of THE ORLEANS MODEL F331 1 French Provincial All Wood Cabinet ; ficials north of Bukavu Mon Iday. " ' ! In North' Katania. govern ment forces were reported to have recaptured the farming town of Kapona. Reports from Rurnneanx in Baudouinville. W miles west of Elitabethvtlle. said 40 rebels were killed in the assault- . , "roin Page, One) Housing ... Premer Robarts said the cor-' porstion will plan and develop all forms of residential accom modation for rent or for sale. it will, whenever possible. get away from the project form of development ana win aim for the greatest possible degree of assimilation ia the design and local I o n of its houses," he said. MAY ALLOW SALES ' The corporation would also allow tenants, in some cases, tn purchase the homes they were renting from the government body. To make low rental units available for rental the corpor ation would buy up older dwell ings and rehabilitate them. It would offer loans; or guarantee of loans, to individuals to put their own homes in good repair. Besides Mr. Socle and Mr. Suters, the government named eight other persons as. directors of the corporation. they are P. S. Secord, Ottawa; Mrs. J. J. McHate. London, OM.; Edward Tyrrill. Fort Erie;' and Dr. Albert Rose.. Peter Langsr, Arthur Lasceiles.- A. J. Truster and William Ladyman. aU of Toronto. - . Mr. Soble it president of Maple Leaf- Broadcasting Limited,, ownea of radio station CHML in Hamilton, and of Niagara Television - L ulled, owner of CHCH television. He it also president of the Hamilton Forum and a governor of the Hamilton Tlger-Cat football dub.- - - COMMONWEALTH LINK' The Commonwealth telephone cable system was Jbegun by spanning the Atlantic between Britain and Canada m INI. takes the time tabuild the best OJ '. ; SEE US A th3 GRANDSTAND DLDG. EXHIBITION GROUNDS for the REAL ROCK BOTTOM Exhibition Prices PHILIPS and CUBING Combine to Bring You This End of Ytar Manufacturer's Clearance of '64 Models TELEVISION and STEDEO t A ... M. C A VyV''A'-.-' J. i h' x ."' ' - X ' " ' at NV." -V, Four Duo Cone Speakers . ., Built-in AM-FM Multiplex ltlplex Exclusive 4-Speed Automatic '" . Sockets for Tape Recorder and i TumUble with Lifetime Guarantee . i .' Extension Speakers EXHIBITION SPECIAL 19" PORTABLE TV Vinyl Covered Metal Cabinet Built-in Telescopie Antenna ' Monitronk Circuit Stabiliier ' t-Year Warranty on Picture Tube 2 Front Speakers f ' ;-U' Pre-Set Fine Tuning 1 , $299 (Mot Basctlr ta tlluMratod) EXHIBITION SPECIAL ; 1 9 9 See fne New '65 MocWi on Display . at Our Booth In fne Grandstand Building cummin ELECTRICAL SALES LIMITED :":'.' f"'i'e' T Stir ) Ptrsiuml Strvic", ('.f '.. . 225 BANK STREET V 232-1193 Open Monday to Friday 100 U 100--CLOSED ALL DAT SATtlRDAYy v THE OTTAWA JOURNAL ' WEATHER Demhtloa Public Weather Office forecast: Cloudy with sunny periods today, scattered showers this afternoon. Fri-. day sunny with cloudy periods and continuing cool. Light winds.. High today 83. Low tonight and high Friday 'at Ottawa M and 88. TEMPERATURES ; " Low last night and high Wednesday at Dawson' 42, Tasteful Present FdrPM By The Canadian Press . Cheese, with toast and marmalade, it one of Prime Minister Pearson' favorite breakfast treat. He revealed this today' "when he received a gift of five pound of Canadian Cheddar cheese from J. M. Hartwick of Wellington, Ont, president of the National Dairy Council. Mr. Pearson said that many year ago his father-in-law, a 'doctor, suggested he eat cheese with toast end marmalade to top his breakfast . "Ever since. It ha been my favorite way of eating cheese, and I eat a iot of it," said Mr. Pearson. Mr. Hartwick made the presentation to mark the centenary of the opening of the first cheese factory in Upper Canada, the founding of the commercial dairy Industry in Canada. ; : . ; Mr. Pearson said that he ha been making "the nucleus of. a museum" with the various thing that have been presented- to him since becoming Prime Minister, but. "this wont last .very long." Mr. l Hartwick- 'ald V the Canadian cheese Industry now Is prosperous, with consumption , doubling In little more than a decade. Mr. Pearson said Canadian cheese now sells at a premium on the British market because of it quality. : . 1 i,: Pay On an across the board basis, said Mr. Mcllraith, the increase would' run 2.4 per cent,-- . - But, be wss quick to add, the great' majority of Civil Servants In this group had done much better than that. For la the two year since their last increase, they had been getting what be described a "built-in salary increments" amounting to about 8.4 per cent living 'them almost a total II per cent since lta.. ;;'' , ' Meanwhile, fringe benefits, revealed the Minister.' had come to amount to something approaching 28 per cent of the cost of the annual 8300.001,. 801 payroll for Group "B." These fringe benefit he listed at superannuation, sick leave. ' vacations, statutory holidays, death benefits, hospital and medical insurance. ' In industry and business generally, he reported, even the 'best" or the "model" employer was providing fringe benefits running not more than 11 per cent of the payroll. . " ..' . So In that department, CM' Servants were doing Just about twice as well as their contemporaries in- private enterprise. With some satisfaction. Mr. Mcllraith noted that the start turn-over In Group "B" was "low," and suggested that now with the increase , it would be even lower. ; i . FIRST CAMERA Frenchman Louis Daguerre inventee tee first practical camera la 18M, although many oi bis countrymen thought was faking' the pictures. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee) !. . ' ALMONT I.B.A . , , Ntia et, sisMMt, ov l ?iteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee '.'V'. .. ; - r . ,-. 60; Vancouver 53, 66; Victoria S3, 63; Edmonton 42,. 68; .Prince Albert .S3. 69; Regfna 58, 81; Winnipeg 61. 79; Churchill 40, 55; North Bay 49. 6I Sudbury 49, 61; Windsor 55. 71; London 48, 65; Toronto 54, 70; Ottawa S3, (8; Montreal 56, 68; Quebec 47, 69; Frederlcton 44. 63; Halifax 52, 61; Chartotte-town 51, 64; Chicago 59, 81; Boston 56, 71; New York 61. 76; ' Washington 56, 80; Tampa 75, 88; Miami 77,. 93; Denver 53, 90; Tucson 78, 97; Lo Angeles 64. 77. v Greek Move Greece' actual withdrawal ol units from NATO apparently was limited to a contingent w 154 'officers at' mand headquartersJ Ism in Tur key. A government spokesman said the unit might return to Izmir pending Cyprus developments while other sources said the men might return m four or five days. Tension had been mounting on the island m the wake of warn ing statements ever the" possi bility of another. Turkish at tack. Turkey had said Its as sault was prompted by Greek Cypriot advance against Turk' isb-Cypriot communities. ISSUES WARNING . ;'' Premier Istnet Inonu of Tur key has warned that if the Greek - Cypriot resumed ad vance against the Turkish-Cyp- riots, Turkey would again- a tack Cyprus. Cyprus Pre dent Archbishop Makarios. with pledge from the Soviet Union that it would support Cyprus ia the event of a Turkish attack. sent Premier Khrushchev a tel egram In response. "Your unequivocal warning to the aggresior (Turkey)! u the moat valuable eontributloa , to the cause of international peace which is being undermined by forces acting m their own nar row and selfish interests," , It read. -.: UN Secretary '-' General -l U Thant ha chosen' Ecuadorian diplomat Galo Plata Lasso, the UN special represent tivs on Cyprus, to replace the ailing UN mediator Sakari Tuomtol seeking a permanent political solution in Geneva. Cyprus has accepted U Thant's choice, but Turkey' position was not known. In other developments, two proposals have been advanced for. a change (n the UN role here. They are a Danish diplomat' suggestion that the UN be permitted to use force to maintain peace and a British miliary leader's. Idea that UN headquarters should be moved from New York to Cyprus' to end the discord. . :iMi?;.eJ, CmII ' 1 . SHERATON HOTELS y for nmnttions ' . by 4 ucond tlKtronle RESERVATION CEntrMl 6-2270 . -V Ottawa -Deaths- MRS. LEONARD LOGAN. 8t, housewife, of South March. MRS, THOMAS - ROBlC-LARD, 71, housewife. at BAN SATURDAY FUNERALS DUNDEE (AP City author! Ilea decided Wednesday ta ban Saturday aftemooo.: funerajal oecause ministers are loo DCuy conducting Saturday weddings. The action was taken after ministers complained t t b e have to "spend. Saturdays Best in ; - PIAK3S, Tealai; tzi Repsirt- ITS SPARKS STRUT -; 2334331 New Fall: . HATS, Manufacturer's samples of velours, , velvets and novelty fabrics. Assorted colours from which to choose.: Regular up to 20.99. EATON'S tpecu price, each Regular up to 10.99. . EATON'S tpecial r price, each ..... racing between cemeteries churches" because of tlnulng Increase - to weddings., 549 Just say "CHARGE-IT" v ' ' ' '" " with ' a Convenient . , . . EATON Budget, or'. . : ' Charge Account . ,. 'rh inqui re today at ' the f .' "3rd Floor Office.. . : THURSDAY, AUOUST 80. 194 T T and! thai can-1 t w a Satu-dayj IRISH LINK 1 tn U.S. oresldent are da tended from Northern Irish metiers In North America. CONDUCTED BY ' I Thllniverkltv of Toronto a:w !:, t - ' , CERT1F1CATC PRtStNTEO Of GRADUATION . aadONEOTt . ' S. s.i.ii.ii.. aiislnsitlrT - f - ""f'p'T ' :( The basis eeera I dealened la a watt to be eavedla thHto- sra and smut ae easspiessa wrnwa w jwmww. nim wrp;' ttmker 19. wstrrsi NiTlflNll REGISTRAR ASSOCIATION OF ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANTS- W) AY TRCBT, OIT1 MJ,TOOHT0 1. OHTAWtJ. EATON'S . -i Special Cloaranco JC 11 Pl...n.ln..d . W 6fK (cIa Wop! , Sweaters A Long 8ieeTed CaxdlEans. 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