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Ottawa, Canada
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Thursday, August 20, 1964
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MAINLY SUNNY. CONTINUING COOL Low; 50; High, 68; 79TH YiAR-211 W Move to End TORONTO. (CP):' , t A public bousing scheme that will pise emphasis on th rehabilitation of .existing dwellings lor rental to low-income families was announced Wednesday by Premier Roberts .and Econo-mice. Miniiter Stanley Randall. All public housing In Ontario In future will come under the JurUdictioa of the Ontario Housing Corporation, act up by the . government to reduce the number Of agencies concerned with public' bousing and to cut red Eastern Flank NICOSIA (AP) - The threat of serious sprit in the Atlantic , alliance's eastern flank - eased today as Greece followed Turkey's decision to return Its military units 4o tha command of tha North Alantic Treaty Or ganization. ; ' : - i- Tbe move drew swift appro val from the United States. It also reduced at least far the . moment the chance that the two NATO nations would go to war over tha explosive Cyprus dis pute, w a I c b prompted bt countries to withdraw a alts front NATO.- '.-. 11 But the Greek govrumant waned that its action Wednesday makes tha NATO command responsible for preventing fur ther Turkish air strikes against Cyprus." f Earlier, Turkey announced that air units withdrawn from NATO during but week's Turkish air raids over northwest Cyprus would be restored to the alliance. A factor in Turkey's decision was tha Groek-Cypriot government's agreement to lift an economic blockade against Turklsh-Cypriots. GETTING SUPPLIES'' Fuel oil was still scarce in this capital city where barricades are manned, but UN observers said Wednesday that water, vegetables, fruit and bottled gas began moving Into Nicosia. Some U,Mt Torklsh-Cyp-riots bad bee cut oft from supplies here. : Housing Set Up jGiieelcMdve Eases Split I U IJ I I I I II"" , , . " "" ' " ' J ' " "' Watchdog in Ontario NATO Threat URGES ST ABLE PEACE PMOfferstoAid Iniured Cypr KUSSEIX PEDEN NICOSIA (CP) Prima Mln-istar Pearson has told Archbishop Makarios that; Canada is willing to provide medical supplies to Cyprus for treatment of victims of recent armed dashes and air raids. Pearson's message was delivered Wednesday by High Commissioner Arthur Andrew. It also called on the Cyprus gov eminent and other parties in the disputa to use the current cease-fire as starting point for a more stable peace on the island. , Th text of the statement waa released by the presidential palaos.. tv- !V tXltU CO-OPERATION ' If Pearson expressed the appreciation of the Canadian government, for acquiescence of th Greek-Cypriot government in f United Nations Security Council resolutions calling for a eease-fira. v....' "Wa earnestly hope that through full co-operation with the United Nations of aH parties concerned, tha opportunity now will be taken not only to prevent a racurrence of hostilities with all the tragic results this -would have, but also to make real and effective progress In restoring . normal and peaceful conditions la Cyprus." LOSS 0P LIFE 4 v ! - Pearson's message said the Canadian government "regrets the tragic loss of life which has ... Red Tape SEVEN-CENTS tape in the esuWishment hooting ' projects. . Named chairman. of the hous ing corporation was Kenneth Soble of Hamilton, who connections wkb the broadcast ing Industry and the sports world besides being bead of the Hamilton JJrban Renewal Committee. - ' ' RED TAPE ."I think we all recognize that we've beet). Wrangling in red tape In this area (public bous ing) for some time," Premier Closes Supplies were also reported entering the southwestern com munity of Ktima where MM Turkisb-Cypriots bad bee iso lated by a blockade, -v : . ,'. IVa to Page I GREEK Protests lotion ; ATHENS (AP) - Greaca protested today to the North At lantic Treaty Orgialzatioa, the UN and Turkey that Turkish war planes violated air space over the Greek Islands of Samoa and Rhodes Wednesday Bight" " Defence Minister Peter Gar- oufalias toM reporters that two Turkish Jets flew repeatedly over the islands Just' off the Turkish coast ; Garoufallas- said the flights came .after Greece had m given assurances by : Ankara that Rights over Greek and Cyp- riot air apace would be halted. It was tha second report of Turkish flights over Greek soil la the last It days. The first report concerned alleged flights over Crete and Rhodes Aug. 12. iots taken; piece during recent bos- tilitles tend the suffering Inflicted oa many Innocent people' and said R is "urgently and sympathetically looking into the possibility of .meeting the request of your government for medical supplies.''. , ' - High Commissioner ' Andrew now b) holding discussions with Cypriot officials to determine the types of medical supplies required, v; V ' Andrew's office said today an announcement Is expected in a day or two. .-' j v ." f, of Viol JOUNAL REPORTER CLOCKS CORNERTHEN ADVISES . . WHehLiahtS t . By DAVE BROWN " -el Tb leenMl r ti you can't walk 79 feet In 2t seconds, stsy awsy. from the new pedestian signal light at Bank and Wellington Street. '. . ' - ;;. That's how long pedestrian has to get acros Wellington's six lane of trafficA It look like even lea. The "walk" light Is on only five seconds, then you're left standing,' about 12r IS feet from th euib you just stepped off oaeof Otuwr auswst streeu ' V- ' ' V ' . v; . j , , . The; Robarts told a press conference. The new corpora ton - would cut the red tap period to p haps two or three months from two to years, "according to Mr. Soble. It would also offer to administer municipal hous ing projects on a fee basis. RELY ON OTTAWA The Ontario corporation will depend largely upon federal financing. Under amendments to the National Housing Act, the province may borrow from Ottawa up to N per cent of funds necessary for public bousing projects. - , The Ontario government will put tip the other It per cent In soma cases, municipalities may share this part of the cost Mr. Randall said no amount has yet been fixed for the corporate fund, although R probably would exceed the SMM.-lOft budgeted for this year for the bousing branch of the department of economics , and, development The housing branch win become the integral part of the new corporation. H. W. Suters, director of the branch; becomes vice-chairman and senior executive of the Ontario Housing Corporation, ' ".-" . In u raff I-HOUSING UN Down Turk sore . Troops Toppl Borricadt ' .In Show of Strength :;iy RAY LMALONEY NICOSIA, Cyprus (UPI) United Nation troops today tort down Turkish Cypriot fortifications near the Nicosia green tine because they h become an "eyeball to eyeball' irritant only several hundred yards away from the United Nations tone headquarters. It was aba first, real show of strength by th United Nations towards either side. UN soldiers placed their automatic weapons In-, the stomachs of six rifle-carrying Turkisb-Cypriots who tried to I push past then, and ordered them back. They complied. Other UN troops - covw their fellow . members. . of the peacekeeping force here from behind barricades, their weap ons cocked. i The sandbag barricades were pulled - dowa ' because they constituted) "an eyeball to eye ball irritant and t provocation' UN spokesman said.', Before today's action was taken, the. United Nation. bad negotiated the barricades With the Turkish - Cypriote " for ti weeks unsuccessfully. H Positive UN action on" the Island and earlier reports that both Greece and Turkey bad :ldd to i restore .military writs to NATO helped cool the crisis here, .; t. ADMITS SOUTH KOREA COPENHAGEN (AP) The executive, committee of the International Parliamentary Union voted Wednesday to admit South Korea but t shelved the qtiestloa of seating North Korea. . Also admitted re Morocco' and Kuwait The anion's annual conference! begins today. . ' : , Actaally there are another IS seconds before, the six lane of car stralpthg eagerly at th light art turned loose. But when "don't walk the light says In big bold red letters, k look Ilk an order that must be obeyed. It' easy to hate that light . , 'It's easy to hat th whole system of lights. They beam a welcoming "walk" for a full 30 second for people walking across narrow .Rank Street at the sem tatersectlonj They even seem to be more, gentle when they say "don't walk" to Eye I OTTAWA, THURSDAY, AUGUST 20, 1964 Most Retroactive to Last Oct. IFF British Labor Leader Harold Wilson kieka tha baU around during gun of beach -- - soccer fat the Scilly Isles. Wilson played the game with his family on the beach -' at St Mary's, H la scheduled to vacation on the island until the end of August ' when he returns to London for the general election. t . .. . . . , AT SOUTH MARCH .' An" atomic ag factory is to be built Just west of Ottawa. ' . H will turn out the highly sophisticated research and treatment machines built by the Commercial Products Di- vision of Atomic Energy of Canada. . . - Tenders for the 93.000 squar foot plant and office building at South March now are being called. Construction i to start later this year and be completed nextPalL. ;,. . v . ' The plant wilt not process hot" , materials. .- Radio-active component will continue to be made In the com- mission labs, at Tunney Pasture , and Deep River, i r The two mala product will be therapy machines (cobalt bombs) and irradiators for treatment of food and medical supplies. : "i ; The new plant will replace ' congested rented quarters used by the division on Laperrier Avenue. No estimate of the cost is being given and full details of the project are to be given in a statement now being proces- aed through the commis- I sioo's public relatioas branch.'. '.. -.- ' Construction of this plant, .together with the Defence Research Board labs at 77 people and giv . them another IS seconds to clear the uitersection. ?.;.'. j To cross Bank Street you have a full 43 seconds to stroll some 40 feet' I But to cross Wellington, yon have 20 seconds to dash across n feet . . '., - If a nervous walk. The light Is snouting a warning and there' alway some eager beaver racing his engine waiting for his green light, and with his car aimed. right at you. "- It probably wouldn't bother a track star, " . avs'WALICYou these DM, . - . .... . -i . . . . SCILLY ISLAND GAME; IC Shirley Bay and the massive expansion of the Northern Electric research and development .facilities at Crystal Beach Is making Highway 17 west a rival for the scientific centre east of the city. It follows recommendations that Ottawa encourage location of more research - facilities la this area.' ' y -i Start $110,000 Prescott Apartment Job PRESCOTT (Special) Con struction of a 12-unlt 1110,000 apartment project began this i week on a sit located 'the McAuley Gardens subdivision ler. ' " ,"y ,'.Tb building, three-storey structure, .tax being built by ML W. Cotmell, Brodtville. with Arnold-fcuke, also of Brock-viller as construction supervisor. The building will contain 10 two-bedroom .. apartments and two one-bedroom, apartments. : H is hoped to have the apart ments ready for occupancy by the end of this year. 'd Better RUN The city's Traffic Depart-ment say it Is still doing a time-study on the light system, but so fsr Is pleased with the set-up. A department spokesman said "things will be easier when pedestrians get ased to It" No, he said, he didn't think pedestrians should start .practising for a 73-foot dash, ' '. " Ther is no change fn the time pedestrian have to cross Wellington, the d p r t ment Claims. The five second walk light only makes It seem that way. .(H.i?. '. r. Planned VA... sy l'. -v, WJt Reds Ready To Bah N-Arms '. GENEVA (AP) The Soviet Union said today it is prepared to sign a 'general treaty banning the use of nuclear weapons-' ; ' . 2 Soviet delegate Semyoa K. Tir a x n to.a the lT-na:ion dis-armameai conference such a trea -ou t! out aa end to all aucfeer auression.' trong support ". .ti ;ita. .he next United Nation General . . .... . convene a world conference' to draft a i a . n the use of nuclear weapons hi war. ' i Western delegate Immediately described the proposal create a false and dangerous of security. 1 FOR PRESIDENT Of SIUC - HAMILTON CP) Kenneth Jukes, a .39-year-old ax-Royal Navy Commando, announced here Wednesday be win be a candidate for president of the Seafarers' . International Union of Canada (Ind). ' Bank Street car still get a green light for 20 seconds and a yellow for five.' Wellington car , have 43 second and five yellow. ' . "When the light says Mont walk' K really- doesn't stop." the department said. "It's just to discourage other people from starting out when they wouldn't have enough time to get across. People who have already started can keen walking," ' : But the light say Don't"! I H mgnimmg. Sunrise H aj EOT 942 u EOT By RICHARD JACKSON 'of The Journal Salary Increases worth an annual $10,150,000 (or 65,000 civil servant 26,-000 of them in the Na tional Capital today were announced by Privy Council President George McHralth. Almost all are retroac tive to Oct 1 of last year. A few are retroactive to Jan. 1 and April 1,-1964. For the initial cheques carrying the increase ex: peeled in the end-of-Septem-ber psy in additional tie..' M.0M will b Included to cover the II months the raise has been owing. For Ottawa and the Capital's 26.000' Civil Servants, the incresse means an extra annual $4,000,000. . The monthly payroll for these 26.000 disclosed Treasury Board, has been $10,000,-000. : So for the month,' the pay package will be boosted by that S4.000.000. making a total September payroll of S14.000.000.. . For that particolar end-of-the month pay. cave ig two we:ks. the package will be" the usual S5.000.000 plus the $4,000,000 covering the 11 months the retroactive increase has been owing. v The increase, their first rate raise since ISO, goes to Group "B" Civil . Servants, comprising ' mostly - typists, clerks, stenographers, accountants, administrative and general office classes. t-The. salary, range of this group I wide, running from n annual $2.aM to $14.00. With th grades climbing from a starting One to a senior Eight . '.. ' ' Correspondingly, the range 'of the increase is Just as wide, extending from aa annual M ?. u. : yy::r Because of superannuation, the tafia! bill to die Treasury is steep, requiring a lump sum payment bite tha pension fund of lll.aos.go covering past-service benefit, '. .... : Subsequently, the additional superannuation coat of the Increase falls back to an annual tm.MiL Tarn t Page 2 PAT 92 Covered The Open ForCBC (By The CP) The CBC used a suff of 92 to broadcast the Canadian Open Golf Championship in Montreal Aug. I. : ,'. :' The Commons received this piece of information Wednesday with a mixture of snickers and gasps of amaze- - John B. Stewart (L An gonish-Guysborough). Parlia-nientary -secreury-tn- Stat Secretary Lamontagne, said' the final day of the Open was broadcast on CBC English and French radio and tele- . He aaid the production required It camera men, 42 radio and TV technicians, and 39 other Including commentators. . " ' ; ; ' - -r: The information bad been ought by Warner Jorgenson (PC Provancher). . JANE RUSSELL IN HOSPITAL HOLLYWOOL vfV-Actress Jane Russell waa in "very good" condition at Cedar of Lebanon Hospital Wednesday following abdominal surgery. Hospital spokesmen , did not disclose the nature of Miss Russell's ailment other than to say th operation was td cor rect a "female condition." They said she would be going home in a Week to 10 days. VES FOR PEACE TALKS ENTIANE. Laos (Reuters) Minister Prince Sou- vanna Phouma left here today for Bangkok, Thailand, on the first Mag of hi trip to Parte for th Laotian peace talks due to start Monday. ' FORTY PAGES For th icktiml lalarf increairs set fates 10 mnd U. Red Rebels Tshombe Believes Mulele Dead After Body Found - LEOPOLDVILLE (APW Pre mier Moise-Tshembe moved to day to oust thousands of citt-sena of countries accused of -undercutting' his regime, as fighting raged in the east Conga City of Bukavu invaded by rebel lorcea. - . ; As the spreading Communist- backed rebellion seemed to take turn for the woraav Tshombe said be believed a report that Peking - trained rebel leader Pierre Mulele. 33. is dead. Dip lomatic sources, however, be lieve the former Congolese' ed ucation minister is alive m Brarsa villa, the former French Cong - . T Government forces In Bukavu ' were reported pushed, back to the city's European quarter, but Col Leonard Mulamba said be believed be could retakd tha rebel-held part of the city if re- miorcemesKS were available. U.S. cargo planes airlifted two loads of troops and supplies t the besieged city during tb night. ;- . v i . ,; Turn te Pag 1 RED "' . i Olympic v Satellite Set For New Moye ' CAPE KENNEDY. Fla. UP) The Syncom 3 "Olympic Star" satellite cleared a tricky space hurdl early today and beaded for another critical manoeuvr later in the day. The complex moves, controlled by radio command from the ground, are aimed at placing the space craft in a stationary orbit above th Pacific Ocean where it would be in position to televise the Olympic Games from Japan. . At 1.20 p.m. EDT, a station at Salisbury, Australia, is to trigger a small rocket aboard the satellite. Th rocket at to fir 19-second burst of energy to switch Syncom 2 from a wide-looping orbit ranging front 695 to 23,675 miles to a circular, course In which both the high and low points will b ' about 23,000 miles up. , Th action, scheduled to occur high above Sumatra, also would kick Syncom 3 Into a mingly stationary position in which It would appear to hover motionless over one area of tb earth because its rela tive speed would match that of the cash's rotation. . - U.S., Japanese. Canadian and European interests plan to use -Syncom 3 to speed Olympic televisioB pictures to North . America and European viewer. . ; ' : PROBE CUBA SEAS HAVANA (Reuters) Th Soviet oeeanographic research ship Academico Kovaliesky ha arrived here for a Joint USSR-Cuban expedition to investi gate the seas Surrounding Cuba. ? r--? '. Inside The Journal Billy Graham . 99 Bridge ....... Classified Ads 29 , 32-39 Comics S9, SI Crossword 31 I Editorials e . Financial. 19,9 .. 19 Horoscope Kilgallen w Sport 12-17 Sweep Congo City Tell Me Why ......... 39 Theatres 23, 29 TV, Radio .......... SO, tl Women' New , . , , , 22-29 ft" -r'--r K .1.! 'I. ' 1 : 1 v. .t

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