The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 13, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 13, 1918
Page 4
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i ri fe. JW?» ftiily Ourarier. HENBT F Founder u4 Editor. 187»-llt K. M. SNTTOXB, JAS. JOHN 1^ JA»K. MAnafiTlng: JBi)!trr WALTEK S. STUCCEL. · City Editor MISS LTNNE B KIVCEIi. 3ort.ty Editor ·taaraXR or Aitfoetated PreM. Audit Burwu of ClrcuUtion v Sat*ra4.u »ecimd cl»»3 matter at th« IMtoOlct. ComMtlaville. !'». WKDJOSBAT 1TTG, SUE. IS, IMS. l'-P SHTBBMAN I* 33 a A.. Fort . Atlanta. Ga. RALPH T SUOEB. C»n»«iy J5C. mill Infantry, TJ Sr N A. Camp- I**, Patereburjr Va. cot yet t^cofcie tamUiar Tib tteir tactics ind » iinai»r of cesuiOties occurred, bDt nmr tht ttBj- hare learned the Him tricks tbe MtiTe (emus and atltck ai»j«abillty ot the Amerl- cazja lia\c made tbem etjul to tbe eiaergeacjes Tbty are not onlj meei.- Ing tbe emergencies but they are creating some w-hici tie Germans have sbova .lieiii«ejve« unable to mecU rheiywhere and at all tunes the 'Americans hare shown Jie coolness, courage, reftoureefu!new and danng of tlie * Cree-bora intelligent citizens ttvat they are and are proving that the German soldier, vita ail his training and yecxc of snbsertience to iron dis- cipbne. is no match tor tbe quick- witted, agile and fearless J'ankes While the results thus tar developed by the participaiicr ot our »oldierB m the war are no leee than we bare expected, thegr confirm, in us tne sure confidence ire have had from the be- Sinmg that once oi.r boys vre-e brougnt face to face with the Hun butcherers th"efe can or will '" -doubt ot the outcome. elu«*T.lT m Pre» to « to the IM» (or all n««« dis- to It or not Oito W»r new! publish..! 6EKJU5T TO ., -- CHOOSL. In tbe iresjnt war \merica has al- readj- struck some blows which have be» quite,as effective against the tnewy of all mankind as though our troop* had'pac a groat army of the Kaiser to ignominious flight. The adojtion of the selective ser x lice lair and its smooth operation, through which the greatest ot all the armies can 1e raised, -was a defeat for Germanv because itr agenti in this country failed 10. their skilfuliv directed and insidious efforts to create widespread opposition to the svstem Another blow, more humiliating to the pride ot Germany than a defeat of one of her grea^ armies would have caused was the wonderful txploit of Ameri--can skill and genius 1° repairing the disabled German and Austrian steamships in less Shun one-third ot the time the Germans thought possible and sending them to sea as carriers of soldiers to fight the Kaiser and provisions to feed his rnemies Stilt another bloodless victory for the American peoplo in their struggle to eliminate Kaisensm froii the go\- emment* of the earth has been the ready acceptance ot, the restrictive orders regulating the consumption of food stuffs, to which Germany boasted Americana ^ould never submit But the most stascering blow of ill that we have dealt German autocracj ·was that, inflicteiL b the Congress *hen legislation was approved authorizing the sale »f property in this country o'wned by poo lie in Germauv and empowering the Pi^ident to take THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVTLJLE, PA WEDNESDAY, MARCH 13, 1918. be no ! If the rwtdenU ol DavMson a%cntte ace the io)aJ Mud I^laoders that eierycody believes them to be ought not they to take some pndp in living on a thorougrMare wtao«e other nnrae 13 Mud' . The cit council is beffinninp to sftt a ffrip on the sa-bags problem. The ladies who have not yet taken up the useful pastime of knittinp need have no loar that they will he obliged to re-real their aye simply because the joungrest and the oldest knitter* arc proud of their accomplishmcnta and. perhaps, also of their years. Preaident-'WHsons message to the Russians ought to stir them to action to save themselves tiom serfdom un der a harder taskmaster than an? of their former Cxara ConnellsvUle. is the pos office of Fayette county todaj TThen the city acquires those two Ford tracks we jna expect a real drive to be mAde on the entrenchments oC General Garbage i Residents of other sections of the cit\ where the «treets are nnpaved tna^v be disposed to qnestion the riffht of Iivtd5on avenue Lo the claim of beine the worsx^etreet m the city Of the three towns ConnetlKMtie, Lniontown and South BrotmsnUe Lnjontoivn is the onb bne deto-mlned to obse^e pip penlesi d ^ b Some distinction that, Sn these davfl of m many administration* · I,BT HDl LITE. Prom The silent Partner A.S lonp as the flowers their perfume BHe So lone Td let the Kaiser lire-- Ijive and Jive lor 1 million year* f With nothing to drink but BelRiaa \ears "With nothing to quench his awful thirst but the salted briTD of a Scotchman s curse I would let, him U\e on a dinner each Ja Scried from inHer fir a golden tra -Served with things both dainty and sweet-Served v\ith everything but things Co eat ' And 1 d make him a hed of sitken sheen "With costl linenn to lie between With co\ ers of down and flliets o£ lace \ntl d o n n v pillows piled in pince "iet when to i fi comiorts he would yield MASSACRE OF THt INNOCENTS. --By Macauley. FOR SKAT 1 SENATE of the . ould stink with the tattlefield And bJood and bones and bran* of -men Should co\cr him smother him--and over the docks and wharves of the thjn Carman steamship corporations m H ' s tpelnloc 7 0sj ^ ouia cUnff Wlth tlie rot Hoboken, N J. | Clo from the cra/v o£ the soldier boj 1C Germany has been or still re-i Vnd w h i l e God-? ; their vigils keep mains, in doubt aj, to tbe detenxnBa tion of the United States to "Win in this uar, sht m\ist now know that there is no more Yankee ' bluff* *.n the decision 10 bieak loose the grip Germany has secured upon. American trade and industr and preventing her regains that grasp again than there is m the earlier and unalterable decision to ha\e the /Utimate treaty oC peac* signed Jn but. npt dictated by Berlin, ,,_ Germany s recent course in Kussia and her present threatening attitude toward Finland and Sweden prove conclusively that the* imperialists hare no intention of emplOTing any other method, the mailed fist in Vnti w h i l e the \ViV\cs the w h i t e c and c sweep He shouJil never n e % e r ne\cr *«lc«p \nd throuRh all the daj ·* through all the j-ear 1 ' There should be an anthem in his ears RingrinK: and singinp tnd ne\r done From the edge of light to the set of sun _ =* v ^Coining and moaringr and moan trie wild-\ ra%aped r^nch ffirl s baitartl chlW Ana t would bxilld him a custle by the sea \i l o v e f j a ctfi:lf as pr*r could be Then- 1 d «f»ovt him a ship from o"v er tho sea, A* fine a *hip as ev*r could be ^ aden w i t h water cold and sw"«t T*aden "with cv*TthlnS" jrood to cat One Cent a Word. No adxertluementa lor Ias Than 15 Gent* Classified cotumno close at 0003. Advertisements ol wanta, Ml«t ttc. received after that hour will not appear until th» day foUowtnK E-OK RfcNT--ovr DBSIRABI E «f e rr or- f o r m e r l % occup r-d bv M u r u h v I n q u i r e FIXmifNCl SMUTZ 28febtfd E D--SECOND HAND I writer Co-l Bell I t 11, or ' ns ~\\ Mount Pica, t n t ' I ~V9"ANTI D -- WI'LJ 1L.NCKD I tor general hoi-scwork Cj.II 5 Cedar avenue tfter 6 f ^ i nc h duion PF\T -- TWO FlVl- ROOM t-ts ind hiuh rent reasonable 1 - f,onien I SO1*J i Hogrg Ad i J m a r G t f d Miss Anne Martin of Nevada rice chairman of the National R o m a n s CjLHL V et»t ( arli I OK EtUNT--FRONT OFFICES »· sccoi c. floor of Dunn . Fvaus build- In quire ot. HARRY DUNN Sjan tffl h o u s e w o r k Applj to MR irivS 101 Haas -uenue A t D V N !rm-JLi J 1 Or RR.NT -- THRTt MrUJjl FC hcd rooma for H ^ h t houfehecp ch Idron 121" Sicamore street WAVTCD--WAITRt SS \L^O V chambermaid at onoo C b P P b K f - S I t m i r S t WANTED--MRSE CIPI i MRS L, KDtSBUKSbA -09 avenue Lincoln 12mar3L TOT R I ^ N T -- TWO JoARGI- TJNFtjll n ^li 6 l i f e h t housekeeping room*( No c h i l d r e n SOS os Oreen street 28fch eod IVA-^TUD TO BL.NT SIX OK SEVL.N room hnuae with bath and [urnace party, -who has announced her candi- j Address HO jfcb car«, Lourlci (lacy for the senate seat recently made vacent b ihe death pf the late Senator Newtands Miss Martin was grad- TVANTED--BOYS VM G1UI S O\ 1 H j 16 5«n.r*» o-* age l a i d \\h\\t IL \rnmg from the LnhCrii y of Ne\ada UDSNLI LSVU-l L Sfl K M LI and from Lrfand S'anford and has studied in Cambridge She is so* in Washington their Dealings with e\cr * too Yet scarce doc 1 ; touch the silvered . chance o show someUhouM chans-c his .disposition to be reasonable and fair I And though^ he d m its treatment of otli-er nations and' peopfet, FresuteTLt Wilson, declined to * join irrth, the Allied tioAfqr^Oce i n , in ' Pmrii to"l»y a tnioTe' lfocott upon Ger- *Uer the war-. E,\idemt-v tak swept shore Our Li = tan la vrould T ind en into hell on the wa\e- rag tnis as an oid"enc» of : Vaicrica s U!iwllluiirnes» to hack up her Allies oa mr measures Germany has (ell free to continue her arrogance TV ith toe torn of tbe -worlds markets m certain proamt, as the price she must fff tot the T»ai German may DOW iren consider whether the pluu deriac of terrHeir, which must be re ^3tor«d to tb» xjghtfnl owners ^hen peace is iriptoi, ml] not bo t slill raoc» or«rwbefci»ng defeat than that which, i d*e tne. TiJl come to her armi«* IB th* fldd. , The opgortaiiitT Eas passed for' Gennaay to cboon» the form of t h c j gubmtwioB she WMt nnaJir malcc Tke allied r»Mon« tfxvc decreed that it shall be boft eomoercial ani-mill- tarr. No Man fell I d «tar* th j I d jab him Tttb him T_ ,., _ _ , . In pri^a-te hell r r \ e h t m Kaa u n d f d p o u r grround glass I d nra ch him ivhere the brave boj f flied-Out past ihe lads thev crucified In the fe irfu! ffioom of his In Ing tomb There Is ont. thin^ I d do before I ing Lhrouprh T d m L| P h i m « npr in a ttimng man ner The uontlcrful i^ords of Thf 1 Star Spanpled. Banner W W L L D -- \ \ A K D ^ \Ub \ ^ D IN stilutionil cook f n r bosptLi.1 \. ? l a u n d r v m a n A.ddrG-?s- S) "VV H KLJ-. 1 ! \ALL,fe.T HOSPITAL ben ickloy Pill marl L* B Walt Maaan Profit came 11 h:spennff to him And on a shining jrolden tra.v A ROblct bubbling to t i c br m "ft ith ^ mt, tha,t held a. rare bouquci. £itis eves beheld and piattera i ich TS itiu* co'stlj too Is w - f r t jja 1 spread And Profit questioned ot him wh ch Of life s t w o \va3 he caxcd to tread Tour children shall know das of "lour w Ce shall sit in fUins fine I He" T, cat s «*hil t^cm u itl UIMJT cs And vou shill ((Uoncli % our thfrst Spake Profit \\ith A w i n n i n g smi e Bow do% n to me ind take n j O old And do mj *-erClco for aw rule WVMTD--L\PI ril v r ^ p fa\I I fa r ·uly it o co Uooil uof,es ste tdi po j sition "Mu*.t iindcrMincl ilt uitk n 1 - PUOPLiLb ULPT SlOlir 2^0 Mr i\ 1 itisburs -street 13m "t Tb* r*pucU that eom* from tap bat- Ue firocrt of Ptsuce of the bebav^oI of the American troops under fire aad the ««or, TUH and dash of the raids they make on "\ \S1TLPSS HE4LS. Mj tablo *tf*e*j no \vinton waste [ do «5 H i o \ e r tell" 7 cat m eprBrf w i t h eaprer ha--te antl then consume tne · shells Three times i dai 1 drop mj hjtrp and hush it" poldcn tones ind eat m sh ire of I ip^j«red carp and tlien I ^at the bunea But casting le\it\ Tisrrte since it in rotten ta^te I tike i patriotic pride n cutting" out the ·waste- Wt iijjed to h a \ e i garbajrc =toocl---vnd And T.II mj hold t-easurcs vou WKTBI-- A M A N "WITH UM1 ' X jjern,ncc Cor Coun ry sto p ( [ i c " p nly LL oHlue ot C O N M 1 I SM I I I MAiNUTACJ ORINO 5. M I N T · s L P I L * CO \Vest fc-id.. Utiar t A\ 7 \.NTl O -- MIM_HS 'WAN.LL.D WHO ari^ * 1 tud ing fo ^ \ a m i n at IOTS to f,t,t the best mining book p u b l hi. i V n tt\K in i JSutsh.e J b \ A 1 * }· S \\ YI/O I^AW ScotLda c Pa- Price 5 -5 8'eb-Ht FOR SVL/JL--KITf HPN CABINET * ew ing m u 1 ine h it her rockpr 'il j N o r l h Pllt^burs ilreet. 13mar w t eod ron SAL.D--BATIGAPN 3 IGHT -oorr ho\l«e n n d lot -50x120 1 ighth a trcf "ftpst Sirt* T n d J i r e 159 Sou h 1 iRh h street Tri Stat fi^S «·" T m i r S t * S XUr-- T ^ O \CKFS --e\ en room up to o n n c J s v i I J e aJonff Ttr^et ^drtre^ HOMK care Courier I2nar6l* I ^P S \ L H -- THt LATE SAKAH A M i r r c c t a rt.(denc^ in Johnston avenue I n f u l r e MHS J T D \VIBS Bell phone j In State 646 Umontov.n lma-tf Zxnct. I O T -- C H F L D S C^jGI 3 l i f t NEC! p u c e bo w e t n Mt-Cormick butcher s h t j i ^ n d I ightli i.nd I ij oitc strret 1 ) e w a i t l if rcLuraed to The C o u n e r 2 I m a r j t - 1 WANT' D--E\t f f I^NCL-D ( IfaH ,ei «ifid stt. Oi.ri.pher tor d t p J u t m i . i t I ·iLore State od.lar v. in.t d ^.nd {, reference N itli ipplication m o w n hJ (vritmg 1 Vtlclit^i N t, irf * o u n e i I ct i l Ol J \T 1 S M PFTD LATC lj of Cornells-* llle count\ of .nd b O.LL, of ] u n n i j j 1\ inia dc he itbm e GOOD ST1 \O5 f O I 1R ed m in f r c i L i n l n t , cars M u h over 1 V L ir 1 * uood position f r n-tu M VSrl K W I C 1 M S I C -Lilwayt snons shall part} ( We;t Penn can--fornlnst t h e barn it there the hired g rl r ortrn n going American, if^fii has witMn him ("therein kersplaih buc no\\ no tiki even a faint «p*J"k of national prfdei such h l i n k 3 of meat, and make uplift and patriotism. --***' k x [ins bash For things n bulk m tla- us of Httle buds of .Americans atcack-1 threw the lot away Put now i n ing or bean«- atttackori by superior j cnreful of tha dime t T hl1 ^ jnist w h l **"" one HKK one Brain of \ I t l j w»ti save thexofCce crioiin I Liiil ' I them o er OJ^.0 r no ira-»tPil prc i mil er abounds haok of my k i t c t u i t il ui Tbe vlilajee doea that one on. what I threw irWay, ~nr numbers and matin5 -way with tnenhea overj ^»* Yesterdfty the fiiew*. came ot y^uenc^a force, un- t-uppoaied and "unaided ^y th* Fr*»ciL, maktu^a raid on tbe German, trcuclws, cn,;a^iii» ui taud-to band fights »-ith tn^tr ikma Wuai, kilUu^ and wounding -a nmn-t m u * £ 1Jve her of thvnx and returuin^ to thsir' i, n .v, o»n lines wi hout the loss or injury! ^oupbone ot a man, _ _ _ i « t e a k ^ i c , During wrr« of fhP~carHcr attacks j J^" "^JJJ^ br the Gerrcm* the Amcncans nad i «a.t the rr ^^f1 he wa* t^"nitrd t r m p t f d sore So oisiU he could h a \ o free 1 His o^ n trom \v Lnt H revcnnort* So jrreat the stiiKc So smiji '·he "hen spoke another to b i n tnei e Look th ougrh "^ our w i n d o w to thr -sk \nd see he ri^g- t h i t s flUnc i?t**re Be c-ith it "ov. men-! cluldien die Or m rich in honi i v hen v ou can Ser\e Profit when h^i \ v a \ s ire- fai- But r oHo\\ neither K*iIJ nor 111 tn That f^r the tlig 1 haf ceosf-d t i i T.J e 1 o ir c o u n f v t-rios for ".cr^ jt,e n^w Amenta V'as need fo j o J ' "U UI ^\ou in -=hime to Profit bow Ol will ^you keep your ecorci true ' T w o u l d it in trold for them I lo'se i He ans^erel but 1 I tike no gam,! That 1 must bi* u n \ v o i t h it T w a i t no i ich b \\ th i M t a i i [ I I in ike \morle t nn cretvl And cuffr-r li irtlfa lp*; jt HIL P* »1 i\ -\1 o\o il! i thci n i U I M U ^ mt v s T**sta.mei t i n . « uni^d c^tale J) i\ luff !*·( n R r - i n t f d o I ill*- U U l L i r b l t , M ( 1 t i H O I t-f IS l l l . i e l l ' V u n e n lo till i i r i o t n s n d i b t c to '·n d e «UP o mi i immed v te pi\ m c n t irnl to Utos'f h a V m n tHjjrs a^i fist t)?c ' v mie tt p i f S ( ) H them p operU i\i i l Lnt c i t t d f i s^tU mcnt ·, ^ N N F j I R\ P nxccut-ix Conn*,Us-\ine Tsu | H C MAY Attorney f m A r S t ned \\ o it WANT no--oi D r u,sr T -j T n Don t matter if broJ n 1 n i \ ? 00 L ?lj iiO p^f ^c S nd fo im l p ^i T n receht cbeck bi i f t urn m i l L M \ / l I -OC" S ifih btrect Philari ph i Pa 5mi 1 » \ V \ \ T J r i -- W H I T L A N D U O I O P I 13 laborcrb Coi rrpralar vi orj N i n e h u t dai ti no in 1 one hi f tn o \ e r t i M ikp tv c \o hour-. "\ P I P 31S i l^j t. ^^^STP^ CT O\M O^IP \ \ ^ 01 i i N 1 1 S\1j\ NJ V Cr^enbhurj, I i r o! WANTJ L--V\^i K I N D Ol l I L m»r lUt" her it it, a c t-1 mj, i-\ cl SJ.IQ bil ot He !n cbt errsri^ (d. cdiln g InviLdlion or innoiu cu t n L M e nrin i anything -- o\ eryt*ii"r--do it i am tiy and do It r TMnt ^if) t » man at 1IU COLRIEP ofRcu Both phop-»s -1 tC I t l i idn f i IS J^l HI l\\ ion \\ I I 1 iat.e 1 C. J Jtiei a it! 1 ruor of Pen ''v \ T H \T h f f \ Perl an i on .I i \ \ p i i l I- 1 9 L 8 at 10 o clock V M ^ i \LI the pro\ siontj of in Act ot \-* 1 1 c n t i led \n \c\. to ])rri\ rff r Lh i" orporation a.nd r e g u l a t on f f i t i i n i J" atiDJis tppro'vcd ihe ^ l h At\ of V ) n l A D 3874 iml he u p i Ic-inen s tlif^eto Tor a ch trter for n i n t e i dccl o po r a t i o n to I a cafleil S"V PI \ 0 \L. ·. (m^^^·!L the chiracter ' ( t id hj*ct nf « jch is t h e in n i n j r of j i j 1 ) 1 t h e m a n u f i c u i r c f f t h e ^arrc to coi e iml t '··Lie of coal -\n k o intl f c i the=;(. purpose t o 1 -i\t ·sosc anf « n j o \ i l l the rip-hts bene , s 1 ind p r x i l e e r t - T h^ fijd \ct of m S l j a n d t h e supplement 1 - t h e i f t . re 1 STT-RL N O HIGi.7 E V . I 1 111 Vi *· ^ i l i c t l o r s n m r l S 0 clf S! I ! 1 MJ - \Mi I 1 ] J J ( j ]\ iJ n ! _ iMu mi in r t \ j . b e » jt^r L*-I t r srrown the 1 ut I t ref 1 ^ T- 1-* t h e bc.hdol IJ r u t t the hen he i»-a.pi MI i u l e ^ n i u-v £ ConnelHville -vt i h e filce of rher* 1 once I t m i g h t i t i c School Board Hiph Sr nit Bntld r no faddist « p a i h 1 treiH f ins- Fulrri^w avenue u n H l noon if fttfn] fmic* T plidH -at i "March SJth. XS1S School Board re- bread--the children I serve* the rlgrtu to reject ati\ or all 1 Tun's marl3 30-27 l o r air r n n F STORY f foi i FOR PI M- brie) bn I d m t f "'» i r t ui parfu?e nr man ifiicuu Injr pui po the comer n f Meadow ]jan Church Pln-cs. Incrnive J 2 mar if DAILY COLKI*-R OFFIC" All the dainty nevr styles in footwear for women, misses and cbildren are no%\ on display at our stores Most attractive stj les for women. in high top, fancy colored shoes We have them -with hght colored leather tops or TVG have tnem all leathei as jou like The prices are high, all shoe prices^ are high, yet notwithstanding we believe our prices are a little lower than, most competition You will be conovinced of this if yon examine and compare There are very attractive lines ol dress shoee for men and boys in manj different lasts, and -when it conies to working shoes for men yield to uobod\ The workmen shoe question has been a study with, us for ears,over pair we have are made special under our own supeivision The aie practical in sljle, practical in make onh good nigh-cla^s material used, and the greatest feature of all 35 our moderate puces in addition to the high class line of shoes M e have the \\hite Lopacs in the high top and the medium height Wonder- fullj popular footwear for mining work There has been some objection to these lopacs at least ^oine persons have decided thev were too TAaisi for spring and summer wear but the man thot wears them ought to be the judge Tbe\ clam the~\ are comfortable thev claim the~\ get equal h as much satisfaction out of them in spring and summer as the\ do in the ^ j n ^ r Therefore the stocks are kept up and are always rpad^ to supph the demand ·3 Large Department Stores, Located in Fayette, Westmoreland and Allegheny Counties. The Store that insists on filling their Shoes correctlv Particular people like our Shoos Tne$ re pleaded with our style selection and our methods m fitting A FAMILT SHOE STORE ·with Bette~ Shoes--Better Values--Better Service--for onr customers' sat sfacUon Call and see some new Shoe* SAVE and INVEST is mi, SAFEST SIMPLEST^ SECURITY - B l \ -- w. s. s. War Savings Stamps I^SLCD BT United States Government A! ittPH, Ills. J t . 1, W2S. $4.14 WILL COUNT $5.00 CONNELLSV1LLE, PA. IF YOU WAOT Anything, Have Anything for--Sale or Rent, Try Our Classified Ads at One Cent a Word. They Bring the Results. |

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