The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 9, 1930 · Page 15
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 15

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 9, 1930
Page 15
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\ THURSDAY, JANTTAKY 9, 1930. THE DAILY COURI13IR, CONNfiHJ£S'«TL,:ms ) FA. PAGE THE KITCHEN CABINET ((5). 102U. NV«at«rn rJewapoper Union.) Don't be a f r « i d of changing :rour :mlnd. E v e r y t h i n g elii«*: ·why t h e n .should j o u r oplnloiui re- m n l n the same? T h i n k i n g aieans 'Jovelopmcnt. Dovt'lopmont mean» ohango. W i t h o u t t h i n k i n g w e d r i f t backward,--i.loyd. SEASONABLE HINTS A anuce t h a t !s delicious over Ice cream Is prepared as follows: Tako three-fourths of « cupful of orange mitnnalude, ono- half cupful of sugar, one-fourth enpfnl of wafer, nnd bolt five mbi- ntes. Chill nnd serve over I c e cream. Collefla Fa-lye Caka. -- Out two squnres of chocolate into bits, add one-hnlf cupful of boiling witter, mix and melt until smooth. Beat one egg, add one-fourth of a cupful of shortening and one cupft! of brown sngar, mil with the egg and one-fourth cupful of sour milk, one-half tuaspoonfti! each of salt and HC-dn, one and one- fourth cupftilH of flour. Boat and mix all the Ingredients, then add the chocolate mixture. Bake In two lay- er.'t and put together with Reliable Frosting.--Put one unheat- en egg white and seven-eighths of a cupful of jminulutecl sugar, three ta- bli-spoonfuls of cold water into a dou- hto boiler. Hnve the waier In the lower part of the boiler boiling and begin to beat the mixture at once with a Dover egg beater; continue beating seven minutes; add twelve marshtnnl- lowk, cut Into bits and beat until smooth; remove ami beat until cool enough to hold its shape before using on the cake. Cream Jelly Roll.--Beat two esgs ·without separatiug the yolks from th'e ·whites. Gradually add one cupful of 8U,i;ar, heat woH, then ndd one cupful of thin cream find one nnd two-thirds cupfuls of flour sifted with half a tea- apoonfu! of salt nnd three teaspoon- futs of baking powder. Add n grilling of lemon or oritnge rind, or the extract of either. Bake In a paper-lined pan about eighteen minutes. Turn out on a damp towel, cot off the crisp edfjes and Hpread with fruit Jelly, then roll, Poppy-Seed Salad.--Grate a little dry sage cheese over head lettuce, sprinkle with roasted poppy seed nnd serve with a frenc'n dressing. Very good and quite unusual. 1'atroulze thoso v.-ho adverttaa. NOAH" IF A UNION CUOCK ·SETS EVER.V C3AT we WIL.L. »T HATCH? vlACK. p I C K n T NOAV\ ) S I R H L A N O ITS CAP1TOI- "S DUBLIN? IOT" SALLY'S SALLIES m n of £' i'inrcj.Jit; If, TOOTS (1AFPF" By .TIfiOIT MURPHY DOWT "TELL. ME. THAT'S A I HEASXD Vs/HAT S' TMAT Bl^ "DAME WHIMPERED TO HER- rTi! !''* ''fc THE -D0r OJ -THE I ALLOWED \M THE. TRAIKJ WHEN J PULLMANS'. TAWE. HIM BACWi TO CAR. 1 , ^ TME CONDUCTQR- CXJ^r-TT TO LET THE. TH PULLMAN , AND PUT ME- IN THB. CAP-i AK v CAR, AND BABY COMPLAIN MEi TRUKW iiife!^' 'HADN'T BARKE OUST NOW YOU'b NEVER HE FO« HIM; \_- li. /^' / cut, tnt., Grcut Drililn rl*llt« re«er/td. / |-y, ·1 - I - T T - - , - - - r -i ,.--, · - | * - - - | - - nil I II,*', I . i l l (8 1080, Klnir Futures Syndi THE t0ir BACW AN1 LET HIM eTAY IN ETTA KETT HE FE LL FOE IT } By PAUL TIOBINSOU I GOT PECKED OJT Tfte HWE VA.MPEO WEN D01Kb TVABV2, VlORlC -iT \NOHr 'STUDENT 'Sr' CO OWN CLASS SOME 'O? THE SOYS QUESTION ONE - :r CAM HELP \co A LITTLE __ XOO TO S AS r go viONoefcrou AHO AMD GIVES o-o KO f OO t^T- Me: SEE: HAD TI3I TYLEK TYM YOUNG. TO TAKE OFF, 6PUD"? GET TW\5 HOVv) -- CUVAft 3,000 TTLET, TVvEH 3PVRAL. -- 6T«A\C»V!Ve, v OUT, AHO DO A F\6UWe- tV6UT-- TWEH ) CONSt OOVJH « BE CAREVUV. ·HOT TO "OVER-'oWOaT" TttA"? I VJAS UOP\H 'O 5T\CK WROUHO AH V WATCW VAE WxAE / PUT OH HOUR SATOW 6000 _ P\H TME "PROP GOOOUiCK, wo \JDEEK6 HAVE PA6SEP- LOOK AT HEWOO, \ tAVTTS \ A5 A \V\ 13IG SISTEB. TO TH i.KESCUE By LES FORUIIAYE. OfA A HHB. COME ON3^ UE QETT£R SO TO 6AY? FELIX THE CAT THE GIG- CHUMP! I'M GOIJNA HIM To Pi ECS. 1 ?, \ YOU C.EAT THAT _ THAT B-CTZ.O ACTUALLY ISN'T THIS A PICTURE A. M I N U T E , ' THE. wore TH NOUJ PAT SULLIVAN. "CAT" STUBSS SHE WOULD 1 HINK OF THAT! By EBW1MA. " t C^CK ' MHCKT1E SHE. 'COOMTTf, \' TO 5ViOOL- HoWP TO FORO-E.T TO PUT THW N E C K T I E . OS/ T H \ N K Vou U K E THAT \

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