The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 13, 1918 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 13, 1918
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, MARCH 13, 191$.' THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVJLLE, PAGE '· JEWSY NOTES TELL WHATS HAPPENING IN THE ILL TOWN Women Start Movement to FrorideClotbloff tax the Seedy In France, TALK PROHIBITION A1ENDMENT Coulters om Fair-Kintc Speakers .to Boat the CUM are 2fMM4; High School Frestotei 61TM Winer for Xwter of Class Ltarfcg Tows. Special to Tb« Courier. SCOfTOAiLE, March 13.-- At a, meet-. ing a; the home of Mrs. James S. Pools at her Spring street home here last evening, the local 'W. C. T. U. started a movement to furnish clothes to tie women and children of France. Sope clothing haft already been sent to the French war orphans bat this is :he first move' mad« in ibis part'of ths comunitv to get clothing to the who need it so very badly. HEAD STUFFED FROM CATARRH OH A COLD 8*T» Qtam Appflwl is Noatril* Opt** Air Passage* Right Up.- Instant »*******·*·*******+ relief--no waiting. Tour OSE HEAB OF THE STITBBS FAJlttY. clogged nostrila open right up; the air passages of your head clear axid you . can breathe freely. No more hawking' | snuffling, blowtng,' headache, dryness. No "strugKling for breath at night; jour cold or catarrti 'disappears. Get a small bottle of Biy's Cream j Balm from your. druggist now. Apply i a little of. this fragrant, antiseptic, healing crcain in your nostrils. It pen- · «trates through %Tery air passage of the head, soothes the inflammed or or swollen mucous membrane and relief comes instantly. It's Just fine. Don't star stuffed-up with a cold or 'nasty catarrh.--Adv. . . .The matter ot a county organization D t uraisli. men women to a bureau if four minnle men and women in .Westmoreland county for tbe ratiflca- .tion of the National Prohibition amendment was discussed and Mrs. i. E. Steelsmith and Mrs, C. W. Stauffer are the local women appointed to this bureau: UTS.. Ja, H. Herbert, Mrs.' Anna Pabel, Mrs. Anna Lowe, Mrs. 1 Albert Balrd, and Mrs. Robert Cove were camei a committee on pVblicity. Mrs. Fox, .received letters from boys ' who bad received their comfort bags as follow^:. Alien Green oa board rbe Bbne~ who stated that when his friends rftnembered- him in that manner aldKUgh be was sailing- all orer the worll it did not se«m so large after all ; from Frank Miller at Wasb- ington.'and from Russell Bicher at Fort ItPherson. Two. new members were t*en ia Mrs. W. J. Marshall and Mrs. : !imzi Shupe. .Mrs. C. D. Reid .will J*ve charge of the clotblns bur'ei for French people and will be asisted by Mrs. McGoogan and ., Sirs. Jaird. The program was in jbafee of Mrs. Josiah Reynolds. Mil- ·drei Keslar recited. Mrs. C. A. Col- standing. The final score was 53-29. the highest that has been fun up in the city league by any team this season. The Biles were at their best and although the game was a walkaway for that team after the beginning of the second half the contest was one of the most intersting of the season. Both fives were in the game lor a good time and the crowd which had gatnered to witness a "battle royal" was kept in an uproar by the amusing incidents. · Goodman got a run on field goals, scoring ^six In 'each half of the game. There -was some accurate shooting by both teams in the firs't part. . There will be no.pity league game Friday..evening but on Tuesday the Maccabees and -Garage will go on the floor .vith the best aggregations that have been assembled this year. The lineup: Elks Garage _ Hbton Goodman forward Cochran forward Driscoll Rhodes center DeBolt Bain guard Ash Lessig guard Hannigan Field goals: Goodman 12; Rhodes 5; Hlxon 4; Hannigau 3; Cochran 3; Driscoll 2; Bain, Lessig, DeBolt. Foul goals: Bannigan, 9 out of 16; Rhodes, 4 out of 6; Goodman, 5 out of 10. Referee, Wall, * STAR JUNCTION ACTIVE bop spoke on the eight states that Wonen oS locality JUke Good Show- ratified tie amendment. Mrs. C. ]· Jug In Articles Sent 0«». The Star Junction branch of the D.Reid recited "Uncle Pemus." Mrs. .W W. Etcher talked on Kentucky's vitory. . These ladies decided to or- gnize singing clubs for 5he commun- F- Mrs. C. W. Siauffer and Mrs. A. (. Herbert will.have charge. . " Farewell Diamr. ' ! The second division of the.Fresh- . men. oE lligh school gave a farewell dinner for Esther 'Wardlow, .who loaves today for. Youngwood to tnakc 'her home, in the dining room of the domestic science rooms at the high school at six o'clock last evening. The : color scheme was carried out In blue and white -even the napkins which had a bluo'S. H. S. in. the. corner.'.The favors were blue baskets filled with : peanuts. The hostess wns Miss Gladys S'.einman and the guests o£ honor HERDAUMTER WAS SAVED Mrs. Welis of Petersburg Tells How. As the Mprossion of his ance would indicate does not give parental approval co aJl that his young hopeful, Joseph, or better known as "CAP" STLTBBS, does from time to time to keep alive a community interest in the Stobbs Family, but occasionally his heart opens up, and his purse, too. ."CAP" is happy and generous in consequence, but he loses patience with the members of has band wno do not take his view of the use to be made of such situations. "GAP" gives demonstrations along this line, at intervals, as you will observe if you keep your eye on page five of The Courier each day. Petersburg, V». --"For two years my daughter suffered from a weakness and pains in her right side; attimea abe was so bad she could not do .any wort. For two years she was attended by the best physicians here, and both agreed that she would have to be operated on. I suggested Lytiia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, and at first she refnsed to take it, but finally consented. From the very beginning it helped her, and now sh« is entirely well, and telling everybody how much good it baa done her."-Mrs. W. D. WELLS, 226 North Adams Street, Petersburg, Va. If every girl who suffers as Miss- Wellsdid, orlrom irregularities, painful periods, backache, siueache, dragging down pains, inflammation or uiceration would only give this famous root and herb remedy a trial they would soon find relief from such suffering. For special advice women are asked to write toe Lydia E. Pink-ham Medicine Co., Lynn, Mass. The result of forty years, experience -is at your service. HEALING RELIEF FOR TORTURING ECZEMA A. A. Clarke has sold hundreds of jars of Hokara, and although he offered to refund the purchase price Lo any dissatisfied purchaser, 'not one jar has been returned. WMle this is surprising in itself, yet the most marvelous thing is the reports of chronic cases of eczema that have been cured by this'simple akJn food. People who hive suffered with ' For a dialed Skin Over 100,000 people Have proven thtt nothing relieves the soreness like Sytces Comfort Powder One box proves its extraordinary healing power. Flaky peoplc.tafcc notice. £5c at the VInol and other drug storat The Comfort Powder Co., Boston, Mass. "MONEY" SCARCE IN CAMP Bat "Jack" is Wore Plentiful, Writes Conftaencc SoMier. The tenni "money" is not oftten heard in an army camp, says Herman F. Parnell who is at Fort Clark, Tbias, fa a letter to hie parents. .Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Parnell of Confluenc*. It says, in part: ^ "I received your letter last evening scales, scabs and even bleeding itch- i an1 as usual was slad to hear from ing have found relief it Hokara. you - Dld 1 tel1 · rou tiat - we arc quar- ---' J Nobodr Xo matter \v-her the eczema, prm- American Red Cross since becoming ! Pies or other breaking out occurs, affiliated with the Uniontown Chapter ! whether on the face,- hands, legs or at the first of January, 1918, has made j body, the. application of Hotara up the following articles: 40 hospital shirts; 43 surgeons aprons; 22 sweaters; 18 pair socks; six helmets and four pair wrtotlets. The branch is providing the' boys who leave here for the camps with a knitted outfit which consists of sweater, helmet pair socks and pair w'rist- lets. The knitted articles were made by the following persons: Elizabeth Daugberty^ sm-cater and helmet; Mrs. William Essington, sweater; Eleanor Knox. sweater; .Margaret Shubert, sweater; Mrs. M. F. Blw«ll, sweater and helmet; Miss Olive Essington, were Esther Wardlow, and Miss Mary | two helmets: .Mrs. Chris Philips, 2 pair Myers- the domestic science teacher. The commktee in charge was Eleanor Vainer, Elizabeth Wray and Esther Peterson and the waitresses Mildred Reed and Esther Peterson. The guests were Meda Stnail. Pearl Martz, Elizabeth Wray, Eleanor Yahner, Evelyn Hasness, Naomi Richie, Helen Whaley, Helen Fray, Mildred Yahner, 'Florence Rhodes, Anna Hardy, Margaret Eck C| maa' Anna Ellis, Teresa Loucks and Gladys Smith, Party. .Miss Madeline Kennedy entertained the Sodality at her Pittsburg and last evning, should give quick relief, and even the worst or most chronic cases should antined. town, as there are allowed dou-n tew cases of smallpox In the tovm. We 'were all vaccinated last Sunday. I have been vaccinated only six times since en- 1 toring the army anrt have had about ' 20 shol «' ln tbe arm ' be cured in a short time. - , s o l « ' n t e arm ' The ' ** in You can buy a liberal-sized jar to- ! civillai1 life one * £brae sllc£s wouM day at the very low price ot Me, and C05t aboul 57 °' so i£ ^^ is Ulc case with every package goes A. A. Clarke'3 i l^f government has^sho'. a lot of 'jack| gnarante lo refund the money if it is ! '"'" "* "" "" ' """" not satisfactory- -- Adv. The Coal Ontpal in Canada. production of coal in 191T Canada was slightly less than in 3916, the estimate being 13,000.000 tons, as against M,-I83,3M tons, for the previous year. nto us. Do you all know what 'jack' i means? That is the by-word for money. You never hear the word money about an army camp. It is always 'jack'. I didn't knofr what they were talking about when I first came Into the service, but it doesn't take you very long^-o get acquainted." Try our classified advertisements. socks; Mrs. Frank Darr, three pair socks; Mrs. Joe Ca.-r, sweater; Miss ·Josephine Carr, sweater; Mrs. D." M. Graham- sweater; Emma Piersol,. sweater; Mary Belle Echard,- sweater; Mrs. James Wolfe, sweater; Ella j Mae Pollock, sweater; Mrs. Beerbower I sweater; Ruth Elw'ell, sweater; Mrs. Richard Lammle, pair socks; Mrs. Ingles, two pairs socks; Mrs. Dora Flora, pair socks; -Mrs. F. L. Townsend pair socks and sweater; Miss Vesta Robinson,, sweater; Mrs. I. LJ. Byers, sweater and pair wristlets; Mrs. Charles Brown, two pairs socks; Mrs. T. G. Essington, two pairs socks ; i ! Mrs. A. D. Shaffer- one pair socks: | i Mrs. E. Schesler one-pair socks; Mrs. lutiful . , ' Chestnut strets home with a knitting party. Opening. ·We will have on display a beautiful i j_ Q strickler, pair wristlets; Mrs. .showing of pattern Tiats, Saturday, Grailt BIair svre ^ ieT: T,[ rs . ^r. jic- j March" 16. .You are cordially invited ·-to attend: Brown Millinery Shop, Overholt building, Scottdale, Pa.,-- .Adv.--ll-'St... ,,-Hdno on J. O. Grant Blair, sweater;. Mrs. Burney. pair wristlets; Mrs. . Corporal "Walter E. .Colborn of the .quartemaster department, who is located al -Camp Meigs, "Washington, D. C:,' is' sjending a four days' furlough with his parents-at North Scottdale. ";- Mrs^Charles H: Black, of'Scottdale, -is speidins several weeks at-Uniontown and Masontovrn visiting friends and relatives. E1S EASILY WIN IN WIERESTINGGAMEAT m HALL. 53-29 ' Cr'wJ Enjojn Saate Betwee* Aatlerert AgirregatioD · and Plck'Bp ; Garage Fhe. ' The Elks-defeated a team picked up : :t represent the Garage.last night, :'»hen that team failed to show up. at ihe itacabee hall due to a mtsunder- D. I Stewart, pair socks; Mrs. Clyde j Brown, pair wristlets; Mrs. Josio : Garee. sweater and pair socks; Mrs. | M". B. Towrtsend, sweater and .helmet, j i mm ! FROWpON Get Dr. EJdwards* Olive Tablets That b the jartot trj of thooMads ·once Dr.Erardi produce ·Jbe«uk«titut«torc«loreel LIKES ARMY UFE Smithfield Boy st Camp Gordono Has Been JTade a DriTer. Clark Robinson, SmitMeld/boy at Camp Gordon, Atlanta, Ga., has been made a driver with his "organization. Writing to his grandmother, Mrs, Henry Robinson of Smithfleld, he mates it evident that army life suits him. He'says in-part: "Dear Grandma: I vrlil try and write you a few lines in answer-to your letter t written some time ago. We are 'having fine weather here. We don't need any fire at night ina the mud has disappeared. Nearly all our company is on guard tonight. I don't have to do guard duty any more since 1 am a-driver. In fact I don't do very much but stay around the stable. I get ?3S now. We have a dandy stable sergeant. We get along finely. I have four horses to loofc after. . I am off on the mule business. As soon as I get my harness I will have to drive. I hope to visit Stone Mountain next Sunday. It is the · largest - granite rock in the world. Cutters are.busy cutting a. picture on the side of it. I. am feeling fine' and having a · £ood ti - . I don't know when!! will get home to see you. I. thlnt it will be before very long. 7 . ...,.;'. . 17 y««r» and atcmf* ohttime enemy, iiscorered jth* fcxnnta tat Olive Tablet] tre«ting patient* for cbronic con- Conflluence. . No grting i* the "keynote- of thoe ittle near-coated oBfe-colmd tablets. they one tbe boweto aod Incr to act Mrmalfr. Ther aercr tec* them to 'mnatifal action. . ' ' '· . : Hyc»navea'W»rkbi'C!«ra«»«rth l ind tbtn-- a bad breatli -- ·· dull, hr»yhr topM lirer ed, yoffH fio jre caaatipated, yoffH fiodqaic/c, »nre on* or two lie- t bedtime. Miss -Ella Zufallihas- returned to .. n LL-ANS ^olutely Removes estion. Druggists money if it; fails. 25o WHIT FOR WHITE SHOES Keeps shoes lily white. Easy to clean with, and it lasts. Leaves no yellow tinge. Retains the natural grain of leather and texture of fabric. MXA IS MADE IN BLACK-TAH-WHITE-REO ASK ANY STORE West Penn Power Co. "With offices at Irvfin Jeannette Greensbarg' ' Latrofoe ligonier, leeehbnrjj .'· Scottdale Connellsville · UhiontOTvn Brownsville Chuieroi Kittanning Monessen Donora , Monongahela Elizabeth Yest 'ewton Wayncshurg' Washington Canonsbnrg' HcOonald Scivichley Serves over ONE HUNDRED Municipalities and Villages in SEVEN COUNTIES, having a population of over 500,000. This .Great System is at Your Command. Let our Experts advise you on matters of Light and Power. A card or telephone call to any of the above offices will bring our representative. West Penn Power Co. novw i CAN'T eer WHAT A FOOt- BKEA.K tH£ AND GST IN TO THIS _ VINO" I SHOULD HAVE BEEN CONTENTED WHE j WAS. _ _ NlFOTtERS/«*£ LIKE rreveft sans DON'T BREAK FROM YOUR PASTURE FOR UNTRIED FIELDS; Every community affords a commerciad pacture in'which can be found something to fill every want. But despite this there are those who seek to break down the barrier enclosing this avenue to prosperity and toVaiider into fields of deceptiono. When the barrier is broken down into these deceiving fields, the dollars that justifiably belong within the pacture, that should be kept there to make it a more productive field o£ business, are permitted to escape forever. Once sent without that field they are never given, opportunity to re-enter and are gone forever, thus depriving'the community of a part of its earnings. The home merchant is the pistere from which every citizen should fill his wants; those who choose to break through the barrier into the field of catalogue deceptiono are the losers first and the community next. MORAL:--Never rush from green pasture into the barren field. A Great Combined Movement by Great 'People Will J Secure a Phenomenal Boost for Yourself and THESE MERCHANTS. COMPANY i THE AAROS co. 15-4-158 W. Crawford Arc. \ "Home Builder" 14S S. Fittsbnrg St. Fnrnitnre, BURS, Stores - IV. y. LECHE Dry Goods J2S W. Crawford ATB. THE HORNUR COMPA5TE Men's Wear 108 W. Crawford Are. COLONIAL "ATIO'AL BAKK Corner Sittsbnrg Street and Crawford ATenne. 3IcDOJTALI) MUSIC A'D ELECTRIC CO. Bojal Hotel Block X. Pittsburg St. H. KBACKER .SOSS "The Big Store" X, Pittsbirrg- St. C. W. DOWNS Footwear for Everybody 127 ". Pittsbnrg St. COS^ELLSVItLE 3IARKET A\D XOKTH E'I) MARKET Leading Grocery Stores 13C and 31« S. Pittsbnrg St. A5TDERSOX-LOPCKS HARDWARE CO. Hardware 116 YV. Crmrford Ave. CHAKLES T. QILES Jeweler ' 141 West CravrforJ Are. BROWJfEJjL SHOE COMPANY Show West Crawfora Are. C0'NELLSTIXLE BRU COMPAKY Drags 130 West Crawford Aye. PETER R. WEDIER FUnos and Phonographs 12"-129Kast Crawford Ave. A. W. BISHOP Jewelry 107'TVcst Crawford Ave. CROW1EY-MESTREZAT CO. Shoes for the Whole Family 113 W. Crawford AT«. ARTMAN WORK Chjna and Wall Paper 147-151 W. Crawford Are. THE CENTRAL STORE Dry Goods 211 W. Crairford -ire. ELPEEX'S Ladies' Snits and Coats ISO X. Pittsbnrg St. FIVE AM) TEN -CEST WALI, PAPER CO. Wall Paper 103 W. Apple St. WELLS-MILS 2TOTOR CAR CO. Agents for Willys-Knight, Overland Cars, Accessories ' WERTHEIMER BROS. Men's Store 124 jr. Fittsbnrjf St. COXXELLSVILZE iAHSDRr , "Snow White Work"' 129 Bald-ma Are. COLUMBIA HOTEL John Dnggan West Side PRISBEE HARDWARE CO. HardwuTi- W. Crawford Are. WRIGHT : METZLER CO. Department Store W. Crawford AT*. LAU6BDBEY DRUG COMPANY Bmgs. . 112 S. Fittetarg St. JBAPPQBT-EEATHEBaiAN CO. TLOU Can Bo Better Here. POKER DECK. . The Gamble;--Say, give ine some calling cards. Stationer's Clerk--How many,, sir? The Gambler--Wiy, the whole deck, of course. Grandpa Is Slxty^four Today and in tlie Wood, good beat of Health, Hale and .fceartr, : Trttb:. eood, appetite and good dlgeeUoif "-"-GtBBiipa's fere atsafly. too. H« takes oaro of himself: Ha keeps himself fit. Ho seei to It that his n*rve» anfl tJood are "in twod shttpa. VTban he finds thfl-t he £· omtine without relish, foal- TUifi 1 a Jlttl* JeprfiS*eia and crows, Bleepy all daj- yot can not elaep at nJffht, he begins hia treatment of Bio-feren, the nerve and blood tonic. * Blo-fcren. a compound of LecitlikL Iron -Paptonate anfl other valuable tonic tlemeiits ia tablet, form, Is Just exactly wfaJit the avero*e tired bxiai- nese man, tbe average hou3tjkeer*i- oeeila at this season of the yoax. It -tones the nereei and put* Tifur-«nl enorty Into the »ystcsn.j - " Th«re^ ia .no. .mystery, about Bto- feren. -Ev«Jr package sbowa -iu* exactly the pqntent Ak J9«r OftQ- Ttor aboaf Blo-fopen, or, IT yxin, Trt». · send us hi* name- and- ire win -for- 1 wttrA him tho complata' iniiiU*^' · Give Blorferon- a. ftdr-trlaL If II don't make jrood yoor-nioney;wni b pteaiantly r»ttrrncd to you, - Iat*o booklet will be mailed you o» . . . . . . OF direct If ytmr don't hondJa It. · Tim Saotanel odles Co.. CiQoUiuU, onto. I HothGTs · Should so that the whole family take at least 3 or -t dosa.s of a ibor- ougli, purifying, system cleaning medicine this spring:. Now is the time. The Canilly will be healthier, happier, and get along better if the blood is given a Lliorough purifying, the stomach and bowels cleaned out, and the germs of wimer, accumulated in Lhe system, driven away. Hollister's Rocky ivfoiiDtain Ton is one of the very best and surest spring medicines to take. Get It anrt see the difference in tbe \vhole family. Their color will he better, they'll'fel fine and be well and happy, Connellsville Drug Co.-Adv. · LEAVES NO AFTER-EFFECTS ·EXCEPT HEALTH AU- D R U G G I S T S - L A R G E Classified Advertisements Ic a Word.

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