The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 19, 1964 · Page 43
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 43

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 19, 1964
Page 43
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WEDNESDAY, AUGUST It, 1964 mi aotos rot Ulf - fCont, Irons PraeBdlris Column) 191 CHEVROLET, GOOD CONDI-tlon, beet oiler. SM-atU. BARGAIN AT SI.4I4 1M1 OLDSMOBILIi, EXCELLENT condition. 11.00 mllee. fully equipped. Privet. 744-tlll. CONVEBTIBLE 1M1 PONTIAC PARISIENNI Convertible, fully powered, tool condition. Mud bo told. Can ar-rant term, lull price tl.TM. ; ofior. sae-J i-nii.,. ISM MO TD IVORY WITH OREEN TRIM, many accessories, 41.000 ertglnal mlloa (verlflablel. body and running (aar la superb eondlUon. Highest offer. Call Bandy - . 4179 between s au-e w evening IMPERIAL 1M1 4-OOOB HARDTOP. FULLY anulnned. ail white, XI. 000 orl glnal mllee. saeond car, will . selfi beat oiler; privet CINTVBT MOTOR 44 OladaSene at Kant I21-4M4 -, Mt-IItt NO DOWN PAYMENT. - IM1 CADILLAC FURWOOD vary poselbli extra. 1. awn- . 1M1 OLDSMOBILE H AROTOP. fully powered, II. Ml. '. 1M1 PONTIAC HARDTOP. AUTO- maue ana reaio. una n ai 71. - 141 CHEVROLET. RADIO. SPOT- leaf. tl6S tMl COMET DELUXE AUTOMA- Uc. perfect eoodltloa. tl.aft. lfS PONTIAC SEDAN., EXCEL- lent treneportaUon, . MANY MORE TO CHOOSE PROM THESE MUST BE CLEARED WE NEED THE SPACE FOR RAMBLERS ' Take Your Pick Of . 4 : 1963 CHEVROLET BEL AIK SEDANS . None ovr 13.000 mile and Jiut like new. Automatic Transmissions, Power Steering, ., Cuatota Radios, Seat Belts, -Windshield Washers. IF YOU HAVE A NICE CLEAN CAR TO TRADE WEIL MAKE YOU AN EXCELLENT , DEAL. WAVERLEY MOTORS LIMITED ':' Rambler, Jaguar, Renault 180 DRIVEWAY 333-3901 ERS AUGUST SELL-A-; RAMA ALL UNITS REDUCED IN PRICE 1S CHEVROLET I dear aa- neater, - automatle $2195 1M1 OtEVROLET Deluxa S-doar aadaa, neater, power . eosi traction . $1495 IBM CftEVROLET Deluxe 4-door Matloa wagon, beat- $1095 SPECIALS 'ln OLDSMORTLR ..-f'.'doer' . hardtop, healer, auteme-He trananimiltwi, ruttom raata, power aiaaring. $95 brake . IMS CHEVROLET ,4-daor a-dan, beater, automatic white ta with . con treating $1495 MYERS I ELGIN at CATHERINE 333-553233-8411 t9I AOTMWUTO ALL MAKES OP LATE MODEL1 ua,a aara warrtad. . Pay aaab or tk. century Mono at Kant - trad up . Motor, 41 SU-1771. . IMMEDIATE CASK POR ANY make or mooel ta pel rout eoodt. .noa, Iae-O4o. LET MB SELL YOUR CAR POR yea. I bar to lima. ptae. axwananea ana aaa errand ' financial transaction. C a 1 1 Joe Marquaj. Stt-74. MEED CASH! HIOK PAYMENTSf Archie McDonald wiU buy my yvur or trade down, tor oneepar and part credit on ear at later data. - Arc hie McDonald. Laurtar Wait IS-d7t. ' PRIVATELY OWNED AUTOMO-kllee la parte eon dl Ilea- Call - TSV-ieVT. PRIVATELY OWNED CARS PtR- rra onaiMoav Line. 7i-aiee aae-aiua, VE BUY LATE MODEL OM AND J ore proaucta. 7ia-ei. WE ' BUY CLEAN CHEVROLET . and Pontlaca, pay top aaab prlee r aran aawn at Dili snoMl 144 Car Una Tt-S0t. i MY 102 AUTOS WAM7E9 tot (Com, from FTwcoalng Coliuan) WBX KU YOUR CAM ON CON' mut lor too price. 72-71. PALMEB'S AUTO tUCIIU CAR AND TRUCK! WANTtO far wrecking. SM-1J A I I B 103 RUCKS AW IU1BJ FUEL OIL TANK TRUCK. ItM CMC, now motor. s compers- mania, 1.10 gallona. BHia MKW UD USED SCHOOL 1UIU Elliott Motort (Beiieviiiei Belleville Ont. Phone WOS-4SS4. NEW AND USED SCHOOL BUSES. i ,r i etr m nana, ac tor distributors tor Bluebird Bua Caw BranUord, ont. doe ua belora you buy. ShexUierd Motore. Alexandria, mono n TRUCKS. PICK-UPS. ALL KINDS and awkea. Call Kan Say mour Molar Sale. Kamntiua, I sua. CHEVROLET 147. ( TON. STAKE body, eettM true a. paraan. aaov. M-aits. . IBM DO DOE t.-TON PANEL completely recondition, new paint, beat olier. Apply 4M Mt Artnur. UaS. EXCELLENT, 1M1 AUSTIN van. daytime, aa saaaac. THIS WEEK'S SPECIALS HI VALUE USED TRUCKS " 144 INTERNATIONAL R141 SIS4.:..;-: $400 j .$200 PANELS AND PICKUPS IMS WILLYS $550 ' leap A. IMS MERCURY panel Eeono-lln. IJ7. Now reduced - $1200 TRACTORS IMS in-.tirna. tcorvt TIONALS RSOS w ww. IMS INTERNATIONAL VSS. SuTpnaS .. $5000 BOTTLER BODIES . JJT INTERNATIONAL A170 $800 $400 IttT CHEVROLET INTERNATIONAL . . HARVESTER ; Ceenpany t Canada . BIS INDUSTRIAL AVE. OPEN EVOA. AND SAT. i ; 731-S301 -..-: ' tos M0TC8CTCIB ItM HONDA, IS CC. PERPBCT aoadiuon. aeH"nw . BTLB AND CO. WS IIU AND aWCSJE01" motorayclaai alirVeand NSU aaaotor. 0 and UT Straat. SM-ML1. ,. ... 901 LEQXl ATOMIC ENERGY OP 1 CANADA LIMITED COMMERCIAL PRODUCTS OTTAWA ONTARIO, , ;f. TENDER For ConaUieetloB of EuguWliki Pr4netkel Maayuracturnt Plaat stm onk Building Seeled tandera adtiaand ta it Purehealng Agent aad an Sen a. Tenner - iniraci t;-osab Ier Manufacturing Plant aad Office Building" will be received antll a pm EJA.T. SEPTEMBEB I, It Tender win not be rneendered anlea aubmlttad on nrenrlded and la with the term and unitlllan eet mrth tnerain. After August IS, flcatlon and tender farm will be available tar examination af eub- on tractors end material auppuer t the BuUder Exchanae, at Ot tawa. Toronto and Montreal. After Auguat IB, fScationa, tender forma and elal Ottawa (Tttnnay'a Pectoral ar m Toronto from ta Engineer. Olflei Aaaaelatas Lunlted. 44 Eg- untoa Avenue, wan. lit at tlM. eartlrlod nd apeeUleetione amet a returned aa good aoadiuaa by September IS. at which time de- poaita WIN be returned. , Each tender Bed b aaa Denied by aartlfled eh drawa aa a chartered bank In Canada: mad payabi ta Atomic Energy af unada Umlted. a bearer bond a opacified la the wooer eocumeuia, aeaai ta aaa per can 11) of tn amount at The eheejue or bond at the i eatul tenderer wul be tornHied amid be daelina ta enter lata a entroct. ' The towaet or any tender wul ant aaoaaaaruy be aoaaptad. . R. P. BRRINOTON, Anaari Energv at Canada UmlteeV Cornaftarejlal Pindtiet, fTtmney Paatura), P.O. Box as. , . Ottawa, OnUrlo TENDERS FOR BUILDING WORKS Teodera are Invited far aliara. tlon la National Capital Commie- ion affice at sat carllns At taut, CHy at Ottawa. Teitdaja will eloa af II anoa. Wednaoday. Saptembor Snd, 14, win a opened puoucty nm. pm, ba cot Tn commeaiion doaa hat bind Iteeir to accept the inweet or any lender, Addreeo all sendera, tn aeal- o anvetopee, ana eleeny enarkea Tender lor allaraUana t No tional atpttai rnawiimiaa Otnaar' Mr. D. U MeDanald. Director af Planning . vbfi- P'opcrtjft National Cap Mai . 1 Sl Carllns Avenue, . OtUwa, OnUarkv Plana and aaxteiflaaUaaa eon be obtained from the affloea t lb Cenwalealan at Sol carlmf Awernie. at UGAl THE HYDROJOXCTRIC POWER COMMISSION " - Of ONTARIO' CONSTRUCTION OP A SEWAGE STABILIZATION POND AT MORRISBURC. ONTARIO SEALED TENDERS, in trlnllcala. addraaMd to the underaumad. e0 unrvaraiiy Avenue, Toronto a. ou- ano, ana eiaariy marxeo "TENDER POR CONSTRUCTION OF A SEWAOE STABILIZATION POND AT MORRUBURO" will be raaalvad in u 4 .00 pat Eastern Daylight Tim an TUESDAY SEPTEMBER I,' II, or the ssastructloa af IO-er aawaa tlabllltalloai pond re wir ing the excavation at about cubic yard at aaU and the eon-structlon- at appraalmataly l, faet af compacted earth embank-mant Install tien at SS foot at pin . and lb conatrertloa at uncr ale eertiet enaaener. Tandertn diuammla mar obtained at Ike esftce at the Oon- auluna Engineer, Jam r. at Laran Limited. Ml Btoor Street Eaat, Toronto I. Ontario, on or altar Auguat It. lt4. A depoalt 410.00 wta be reauired for eb eat at documents and will be re funded an their return ta a aandlllaa. within two wiiai ex eleelag al at tintare. Tbe lawaat or any tender win at aavaeearlly be scaoytsd B. B. BASSON, Secretary township or NOBTHGOVVEB 4 TENDERS , For Construction of Church St, Police VOlafC of North Gower ---- ten ear elaarhr marked Tender, Church St. Conatructioo. will be received by the a a a r-algnad until 11 e'cloek aaoa. cai time, TUESDAY, SEPT. let, ItM T anrk will taebida aub- auaiia. morm eewar kaataUation. eaten-naam ecmeirvBuae) enu mm eupply nd placing at Oranolar "A" and Granular B material. A eartlnod cnaaue n n a tn total lander. tamed at the atflea t I Leo eat or tap I aarujr awepn. M. J. HAOOINB, Townaltlp Clerk. Baa 14. North Oower. N L. Parkin, Reeve. Ron IM, North Ounce, NATIONAL CAPITAL ' COMMISSION ; INVITATION TO TENDER JL IMoeatfoa, fJreoe SaperarteeM SEALED TENDERS, plainly marked aa to oontent. and a-draeaad ta the numeral) lor CPS. Relooetlon, rreeoott L I aa. Ottawa Contract Or Saa- iXepnZ E.D.T. bU linoen .mm- m ana TOSkBAY, SEPTEMBER It. It Carting Avenue. Ottawa, Ontario wbicb will be refunded rettsrn af all plana and daetiaaeata m nadltloi The Vun t r 1. E. HANDY. National Carllng Avenu ana OAwToitTARlO. "NATIONAL CAPITAL ' v COMMISSION : TENDER POR RJOTABIUTATION OF A HOUSE - - Sealed binder win wreivad until 1100 noon. ax Auguat ST, It, ay tno 7a t u wm hahilitatlaa at the bouee t lb Carmelite Perrav Praa-cett Highway -Xareol L A Il-l. AU teamen are te be k. emied eu.eaane eleerly nurked -Tender tar RehabUlUtieet of the bourn a tarmenie rarna, v A-SI-I and aaanaiia D. L- aseoonam. Director at pianalns and ra, ' PlOlw'l'tiT 7 National Capital Csaimliale Ml Carting Ave. . Ottawa. Ontarto, Piooadurea aad aaadlttaa tendering aa be obta ined rlftcatlona eay ram th National CenltalC Tendon win b opened In public hi the Commlmion Boerd Room al it.l am. edst aa th aay e I tea If ar any tender.' BANKRUPTCY SALE ttf vara tml at aaytey at LLOYD- MARTIN vnuxo. tradhut aadet the atybi . nam at Tenae'a Jewattra, at af at FOR SALE BY TENDER See lad tondaro will be ratal i b the under umed truata until t am Monday, th S4th day of August. It, is th leUowtng 1 Black eonah-tlna mamly af JeweUery. cblnawara and glUwr value at acroximeiety, ai retail value: t. Sevan ahewcaaa, flaa anerv ms. I Mr conditioner. 1 film eeb- mat, I ei aaaa. caeir at her Hem. Aaaeta may ba aeon by appoint-atoat wttb th undersigned. Tender must be eealed and eleerly snarked. tender re: Yottaa must be aooom pentad by asrtt-fted cbeeue parable, ta th trua- tea, fa 10 at th amount at th The hltkt ar any ma- aat leaeenaarlly tsitplta. DONALD A. MaaUOD, CA- TTuetee. MacLaod. CamrS Ca, Chartered Art aanasals. lit O'Connor Streot. , Ottawa. - . '' GETS ONTARIO POST TORONTO (CP) i. Wells BeotJey, former registrar employes pensioa plant la Saskatchewan, has bfi appointed snpeiimendeni of ptnslon for Ontarro, L. E. Coward, chair man of the pens ion eemmlttion of Ontario, announced Monday. He tiicceeds Dr. John Rawgi, wh rln4. - THE OTTAWA JOURNAL Journal CIross ACROM 1 Traaecal iraeu .' 7 Ri (raa aa M aaariaa dXaal). U Talk W a Mtt, 14 Atuiaad aaaeeaa, U Eatiiiigirf decora tiena. 17 Menace ia aarrr ST Lava W Carre i SS At laa 4JCartaia liana, 44 Raaliaa; McJ.ilm 4t Permit. 47 Militair 9 Tropical II Hon aar. 8 Ckealar Aft' U M and. aaaocta-' lag ehart. - ,-; 4 CaalraecrHaL U Smmki4 a a tovatva. M Verily: Archak. Sa amviemaker. DOWN IneoaM ( aarla. I Cala aa tail color. 3 -Maaaaa. I'm , AdM.- aad etkarv - 4 DacUr. I NevertkeUB. SS Harden. M Putiealar Ned, ier I Net one IT lllh-eeai Wse. M Deajrmk in bntilea. Si Ardenl M Reaeriliaa. at 4 Eater af a 7 Aeeetixia. Neclear Streldi Civ taa avalu at . (lb beck) iarwara: CXC aaanra. M Signal ier "e "iTr p i4 j"Tt"nrT i i T'Tr"T ii-"" "" -"" "" IT" T" 1 !? !T ir" ii"" "" " i" T" "T "" " 3 ; r - . a 2S2 "" 39 T"""""T"" ii' iaaT" 33 " "" 3 "" "TT " " "" " mn W " " m " 15- aa Ui ij ; -am, i 43 - 44 ..... 45 ,-. maU S 47 . . m """"so T 5T" iz """ Solution of this pussw wDI KaVSERYU SAYS: AootuorUt runimi toMTTtow . xuT aaaawticK asotor inparm var gpaaiiiieii). ai-is. . a i ,- PARTS AND SBRVICI AB Eatitak can rWk at ae Sad. llf-13 1 ThUColumCwnt.iwitoofrtprt k&ViSJLJVZL, FILL FOR SALE : BtADpsui ACTOMOTTVB , Service Uattted m niadalaae 111-04 S4 DAY AND NIOHT. Asm, ana aalu vallabl. parta and eervto to all papalar Caaa- umltton and carburetion spaetaUate, aatematie tranamla-slan. wheel ajignmant, brake drum hrsht . electrie ' i wxetyla welding, batttry semt- ta, gaa, au, t. Aiin-nnttm' PRO NT END ALIGNMENT braka epecwiiats- Konman Brake MeTAIIanment. S3 Kmg Edward anwjt. va-aia. Radiator Strvic PREE TESTINO, PREE ESTI- ma tea, free eneenng on tn vehicle. Hy's Radiator Co.. Cleaning, repair, recorea. War- llngton. PAt-otat. VphoUtny REPAIRINO TRUCK. BEAT cuenioaa. comnar auio tow up s;a-iaa. ALL CVMENT WORK DONE BY Tarry contractor, fuarantaaa s ta t year. Always check with rogtotarod auntr actor, free eeti- matea, M aaontaa t pay. I S40S. - . v AIJ. TT-na PATIOaV WALKS. carwai, gunranteaa. zrea aat. anatas, ia-iaa. a " CEMENT WALKS. STEPS, PATIOS ana atuaaa. rrae aattmaiea. i ae- er. fenarei repaira. ia woon- rocie. raa-saeo. - . RBCREATION ROOMS" REPAIRS, aaraga, frea aatimetea. a. awuoa snsna i amiton, t shists, .... a - C. A. fOBANNIEN - aad Sana Ltd. -uta w sj A N DAHA ALTtmATIOMS. at ore tronta ana aaciuona, repair, recreation reams, roofing and ahmgla You name H, whatever It Is and we'll de It J net dial th BIO "f aad wan aa a tVtVESTnoOOWTNO. REASON-hl price Frao aatlmataa. J D. Oervin Plumbing aa 1U1 Bank. 7SS-Ma. a i i B A V B STROUOHINO SUPPLIED ana Bietaiiee: aomenng loanta. guaranteoa wwrxmaaenip. mumatae. Anyoma. BOAM RUBBER AND POLYPOAM fabricating. Beat lie room nuo- ber, tat Raaaavslt. PAS-anni. CAPES, JACKETS, tl UP. t)B- pain, raaaoaabl. Cardaeh, SM- airs, 14 - Word Puzzle atttea la tana." 11 OatwarC Hn. II bntnre. U Paailie. 1 A w tergve SB : Se aalrnrt - ti Near a laa crater. 14 Muaical inatru- meat: I word. 17 Uoea a keying .V laaer to coelrer, 31 llcacnbiag aaea cheek. 32 Inlraard let rkeoea lew. 33 Fickle. 34 Redeemed. 36 Hewer. 38 Rmpanrli 40 Caarmtte , 41 Eltremely. 41 Naltcrjacka. 44 Lexer. 47 Uirectina e phaler. 41 Aaravar.' diet. V Over: Fr. U Black kin. be published toruorrow. who are rtady to mtvo yob. ' W.'i HUGH M. GRANT 322 Catherine SL 236-7103 V RENTAL SERVICE: n niT srovtrst. " " FRONT END LOADERS COMPRESSORS' DUMP TRUCKS . SHOVELS BULLDOZERS I'.'ll'J i',:ii.', MetnroY BROTHERS : . , SM Kent straat iim-asii ft ESTTABLTSHED ItX. PARKING UP TO 1 YEARS TO PAY tor lit beet m warm air beating, call Hubert Stav and furnace Lb.. Tia-47. TOWER PRODUCTIONS. S7t snarka Street. SM-S11. clod aaturaay lor auty ana Auguat- aaV OENERAL REPAIRS. POU DA- tlona, painting. excavat l n K. cement worm, r lee oatsmai 744-4747. DISCARDED FURNITURE. CLEAN up refuae. removal ta city dump. Moderate rata. RES- MeELHERAN. YOUR LANDSCAP - ar. garden loam. Free of end, tone or day , Preanpt delivery TOP DUALITY FIELD SOD. lac par eel. yd. 4M-S41S. North (jower, eoilect. . . ii ' MANBEBLEV BOO TOP QUALITY MERION BLUE gram and mixed blue grace, aur- PIEUt, SOD. lc PER YARD. var lo yard, ess-tote. ' I, i i a TOP QUALITY FIELD BOO. lc a a, yard delivered. Phone collect Knmpcvuio aae-siSE SPECIAL LIMESTONE. REGULAR goc. reaueoa lar. cedar trees. ate. 70-11! ACRES. NURSERY BOD. SI per acre ar beat oner. Hay. nuaeeu, una. HAHH-S NUBtBRV SOB TOP QUALITY MERION AND Halm a Blue, asm no. g Nuraary Sod at i educed prtoa. Phase aeuect. lire ley loo. SALB. PATIO STONES. WHTTE. rea, eaass, asaca rasecea, aa- nt.KM ACRE BOD USE OUR CERTIFIED MERION Bin Bureery eoa ana aur uma- acrea auaaa. aae-iaw. INDEPENDENT TRANSFER. - iy contract Alee plena moving Full: aaeured SU-MIt r S4- k For Information on ' MR. SERVU c.ll xeBammmaaaaxeaaaBBanaaaaaaaaBaaannw -ia LETTERS OF CREDENCE - The new Ambassador of Venezuela to Canada. Dr. Antonio Martin Araujo, recently presented letters of credence here in Ottawa. , Accepting Dr. Araujo's credentials, on behalf of the Governor General, was Wilfred Jodaon, Puisne Judge of the Supreme Court of Canada. , LEAVES LAGOS . LAGOS. Nigeria (ReutersV- James Meredith, 30, first Negro to attend the University of Mississippi, left bert Tuesday to take up post-graduate studies In government of Iha- dan university,. Western Nigeria. He was invited to iudy here by the governmenL Journal Want quick results. Ads bring AT YOUR Deal deliy call today, C 3 ABSO TJTE aaporhanging: painting, rea S ATI Sy ACTION. Inalde. outaldo art aiian Bros, CES-SUS. A P. Mac RAY INTERIOR, ETCTERlOR PAINTING. . paperhanglng; Preo oetlnv.tea. woramenenip guaranteed. last.. M... ' ' U '.'' ' ALL PAVING JOBS DONE BY TMTy Contractors, guaranteed 1 1 ta t 7 re. Alwara check with: a real tared contractor. Free rati ma tee. S4 aeon the ta pay. ass-S40. . , 1 PAVING DRIVEWAYS. PARKING areas, notching. Work guaranteed. Thibeeult Paving. Ta-! POR R EST BROS. PLUMBING and neetina rree eatlmat Work giuu-antaad. Time pay njie- nepaira our apeciany. Njght day maar. htvawd --mm NATIONAL PR-74TERS tjamtn. nna auallty ewasmereial ariat--J ang. 41 Praetun CI-744t. I a LO-MOR PRfNTERS SOCIAL. wuoimercial printing aet: wedding tnvit DhOtO. off. bivltaUona. a3 BEFRTOERATION. ' SAtR AT4TJ aervlea au branehe Mor-riaon-a, S7 Preston straat, ssa. aaaa. . ALL BOOFtNO AND REPAIRS don by Terry Contractors, guaranteed S to S year. Always check with a regnaered aaa-tract- Frwa estimate. S4 anantnt a pay. an-sao QCINN INSULATION COMPLETE ROOFINO SITRVICES. an wen guaranteed, rree e liana tee. Telephone day ar a v e-nlnan. PAS-VVU. . s . CANADIAN CRYSTAL POOLS BY A. Bruce Beneoa Llmitoa. RES- WELLMAN CONCRETE LTD. for lemiocced pools. Sale aad got Hue. IS-4U. SSV17S4. ' BLUB LINE TAXI, 14 - HOUR prwaapt eervlce. call CS-US. RED LINE TAXI LTD.. S4-BOUR ear ma. Ull SSS-S1L . 1 - aXECTUIC. STANDARD AND portaMo awmington type t lor mlo ar rental, j. St Hill and n o cu- ' T7BS . 236-7511 Denies Reid's Suggestion ' City- Solicitor Don Hambling said Tuesday that Carteton County Judge Peter Macdonald has been approached to handle tbe Judicial inquiry, into alleged civic mismanagemenL He denied Controller Don Reid suggestion that the city was experiencing difficulty in obtaining a judge to handle the moub-V snarked hv nWlnnar Irving Green berg's charge of rose - negligence" in dvle operations that Mr. Greenberg said was costing the taxpayers . . . r. 1 J urausanas or aonars. Mr. Hambling confirmed that Senior Provincial County Judge W R Wilmntt h.rf h proached first but could not ac - ceat because It waa nutirlo hie i.,-l-l,. JWINnHVIL An inquiry has been ordered by council under terms of the! Ontario Municipal Act which stipulate that such an inquiry should be handled by a Judge in the county where the action was initiated or in adjoining counties. Arsvn re fKnooi rem! PLtlEilnJP U N C H R 0 1 11 n' a.Zi Ere? A I S L 3 PIlM TI U 1 flwl I I I (H, r mi .tag a,iaiaa ficmiti iej miMioienririui swinnn PI II Imm- Mi " C H Nil IS T A VI I Ni I i ll,l rT l l lnl I I I "IU 3 b P II F r IFFll fi aTil Hlll(.k 6 lIIg l rhii Ml 11611 NOTICE TO CREDITORS ta the Bates of asiw lav a CRAIG, lata af the CHy f OtUwa, Widow, deceaaed. AU pereoae having claims aeaht aaiai U of Ann Lot La "Craia late nf the en Cltv ee t Ottawa bl the L. Widow we, a County af Garicton. Widow, who died on or about the lath , r July, ia4, are hereby notified to sena particular of same to the undersigned on or before th 13th day of ScDtember. A D. 1M4, after which date the Eetate will be distributed, with regard only to the elalme at which the undersigned shall ha notice, aad the under- aujnoa wtu not be liable ta any person nf wnoa claim they shall aot then have notice. Dated at Ottawa thai Itth day at Auguet, 144 by PLANT. SIM nd MORRISON, a esevraue street, ' Ottawa 4. Ontarto Sollcitora tor tha Executor. from tbe first I ' I i ' I ! . I 1 final hour, assurance and understanding ZJyuIseandWIautair a- . tllkltSl i fUNERAl 31S Hcleod SI 23X1143 ben and Otnnar Only One Minister At Parley (By The CP) Only one provincial education rnin.fctrr. Quebec's, hat been named to (he 52-mcmber ( nnad an delrcalmn ho the Cvminonwcalifl Educa tion Con.ereme opening In-day. Paul Gerin La)oie. Quebec ed-ucalinn minister, has been appointed a special delegate and w:!l hkely assume special duties al the two-week conference, the external affairs department said Tuesday. Eight provinces, however, will be represented by deputy edt cation ministers. The Ontario government lsrepresented by the province's chief director of educaTioh.'"Tinire was do Newfoundland delegate on the list. Entertainment Directory MOVIE TIME SCHEDULE Aladdla "Viva La Vege": "Twilight of Honor". Box office opens at I pm. Show atarta at duak. Aula Sky -To Kin a Mockingbird". The Miracle Worker". Box office opens S pm. Show atarta at duak. . -ft ma oata "Good Neighbor 8am": "Pleeae Turn Over".. Box ofllce open at S pm. Show atarta at duak. ' . Capital -Tn Carpet baisers". Its 1.11 - 04 . Ill Carticr "Vengeance du Paucen d'v". 1145 - S.S7 - 4 47 - t S4. -Adventurer da la Jungle", 3ft - i 12- "- ' Centre -Bikini Beach". 11 M - I Jl -140 - 40 "High School H-ll-caU", ISO t iSS - S 90. Last ahow SJO. . ' Claesta de parts Drageee aa Peivre". 4 SO II) - 10.0. Last show 44. -The World of Henry Orient", OS I IS I U TH . 1 43 Last !bow 1 20. Eigm . The New interna-. Met , uttiBi' --he snnc-. iso is sx, 7 - - - ' '' ' ... .-The Caxttttan". I JO - 4 35 ia5. s.Va. Sam-, i so i d - -50 ,how ,M Mayfair 'Sword m the Stone". EoS -" Laat ahow'. ' h "" ru Pali n the Smkm tm. tire", t oo 3i Laat show so. Odeaa-Qaeensway "Th World of Henry Orient. -Sergeanta Three" Box office pm auiew atarta m - Regent -Cleopatra-. 1 IS 4 40 - S OS. Rlall The Rretlees Yesrs". 4 OS - t SS: "Sumn er Love". 1 .00 - 1 35 10 OS; -The Wild and the Innocent". 12- 1- I I Rldeaa t "Good Neighbor Sam-. 1.3 5. to . tSO: "Pleaes Turn Over", S 44 1.00. Laat show 7.41. Star Tap -Viva Lai Veae": Twllleht nf Honor". Box ' office rmrna at .m. Snow atarta at duak. Samarset -Th World of Henry Orient". 1.04 . 119 . 1-14 . IM t.4S. Last tSO. - Dancing Floor Show CHATEAU LAURIER Dancing nightly, entertainment at Plana It pas. , BELLE CLAIRE - Entertainment trom f av CHEZ HENRI Muwc ta th takai 4 Or . Entertainment OATTNEAO CLUB - Dancrng and two floor ahowa alghuy. HOTEL DUVERNAY Dancing and entertainment nirhtly In Richo-Beu Lounge and Executive Pent trtTER PROVINCIAL HOTEL Dining aaa dancing nlghUy. OTTAWA HOUSg Meat fa th ana - ..... , ST. LOUIS HOTEL' ' Deoctag STANDISHALL Dendn end entertainment nightly. TALISMAN Entertainment . nightly i Dancing Friday asm Saturday Bights. town House motel Ent Ulnment nightly from a 00 moment to the ?' ? WriarTflDt DIRECTORS 1098 Byron Apt. 721761 I Between Wnndrulte and CDmotmal UNITED AIRCRAFT of CANADA . ;. - LIMITED ' ' ; -l..4-,l-t Our expanding operations have created ' highly attractive openings in our ystems-group for qualified "programmers' with - experience on the IBM 1401. Our company ' growth insures excellent career opportunities. ,;, Slariint Salaries An Above Af erase ApphinWritimtf! . ; r Employment Supervisor, A v V . United Aircraft of Canada Limited, P.O. Box 10,.u-, f.'M ) ,! '-: .J- ' '- LongueuU, Quebec. ' , ' ' T, L '. -

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