Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on July 30, 1972 · Page 2
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 2

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 30, 1972
Page 2
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2A--July 30, 1972 Sunday Gazette-Mail -O»-:,.;i.-,, WMt Virginia Dr. Benjamin Spock People's Nominee Ex-Partners Continuing Court Fight ~ A complicated legal struggle between Charleston lawyer Henry C. Bias Jr. and Hurricane businessman William A. Steele continued in Kanawha County courts last week as Steele suec a St. Albans bank and filed a lien against an Elkview trailer- office. So far. two lawsuits, an embezzlement arrest and a grant larceny arrest have been involved. THE MATTER began early in 1971 when Bias, Sleele and Dr. C. Frank Mynes became partners in a firm called Kultur Inc.. which leased truck drivers to various firms. Kultur lost $63,000 in 1971 and Bias indicated the firm was for sale. Steele says he paid Bias and Dr. Mynes $48.000 for the receivable accounts of Kultur and went into business on his own. Steele claims Bias was to incorporate his new business in the name of Diversified Personnel Inc. (DPI). Steele and his secretary, Linda Moles, opened an account in that name at Citizens National Bank of St. Albans. j DPI had its office in a trailer at j Elkview owned by Miss Mole'sj mother. However, a corporation called D i v e r s i f i e d Personnel Co. (DPC) was formed, and it filed suit in Common Pleas Court accusing Steele of misusing funds from the business. Also, Bias and Dr. Mynes swore out embezzlement warrants against Steele before Justice of the Peace H. H. Chinn. The embezzlement charges later were re-j placed with grand larceny war-! rants and the case was bound to the grand jury. The DPC firm siezcd (wo company cars held by Steele, took over the DPI trailer-office at Elkview, and took over the DPI bank account in St. Albans, which contained $45,000, according to court documents. Through defense a t t o r n e y John L. Ward, Steele filed a countersuit claiming he had been wrongfully sued and arrested. He claimed he was owner of DPI, and the DPC firm "maliciously, fraudently, and unlawfully" siezed the bank account, trailer-office and cars. Steeie asked $250,000 damages from DPC, on grounds that his DPI firm had been destroyed and his reputation ruined. Last week, Steele filed a lis pendens in the county clerk's office against the office equipment in the Elkview trailer, and also sued Citizens National Bank for turning over his DPI bank account to the DPC firm. Steele asks $195,000 damages from the bank. Halt Pickets, Phone Firm To Ask Court BLUEFIELD--iff'--Attorneys for General Telephone Co* of the Southeast are expected to seek an injunction in U.S. District Court in Charleston Mon-| day to halt picketing at their' offices here by members of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. The picketing is part of a several-state effort by the IBEW to force General Telephone to bargain w i t h the union for one: contract covering all its members in North Carolina, South Carolina. West Virginia and Tennessee. j The so-called "information- 1 a!" picki-1 lines sot up here by ! the IBK\V Thursday resulted; in some :wo members of the ' Communications Workers of America refusing to cross ! them. i Management personnel of the] u t i l i t y have been m a n n i n g key I jobs in place of operators, re- 1 pnirmen and inslallcr.s, who re-! main off the job. I Similar IBKW pickets also! have been SM up at General; Telephone offices in Charles-, town and Romnoy in the stateV eastern panhandle. j Meanwhile, members of thcj CWA have voted to go on strike; next Friday if agreement is not; reached on ttieir new contract with General Telephone. L 1 if People's Party Nominates Spock for Presidency By Andrew H. Malcolm knowledge that he had absolute-'us there." rf*miv «niw in u* =.i^»u. ,,*. «.__.,.,.. _,..,._... .._,...·/ By Andrew H. Malcolm knowledge that he had absolute-' us there." © N. Y. Times Service y no chance of winning in Nov- As its vice presidential candi- ST. LOUIS-The People's Par- -mber. ty. a shifting coalition of radical "But that's not our left groups around the country, Saturday chose Dr. Benjamin Spock, the noted pediatrician said the 69-year-old candidate. "We're out to build a grassroots movement. Our national cam- and antiwar activist, as its pres-jpaign is not to see how many idential candidate. One of his first acts as 'official candidate was to i votes we can get, but to call the. attention to our local move- 1 clear that ac-iments and inspire some to join 'after the date, the party selected Julius Hobsoo, a 50-year-old black educator and former member of the board of education in Washington, D.C. While there was some post- nomination talk of unity, it was party, formed election, was the 1968 deeply split in Its selection of; Speck's platform called for, Spock. A number of Southern delegates wanted to support Sen. George McGovern. The nomination Saturday and the wild cheering of the 100 delegates as the television eam- among other things, the immediate withdrawal of all American troops abroad, free medical care, closure of all tax loopholes, and allowance of- $6,500 for a family of four, legalization v.v.vfi.uiv.o no me ICICVUMUI: i-aui- lor a laimiy 01 lour, legalization era lights clicked on highlighted of abortion on demand and mar- the closing sessions of the par- Gateway Hotel here. ijuana and an end to all dis- ty's four-day convention in the crimination against women and homosexuals. In its endless debates and procedural wrangles the People's party convention seemed much like any other political parley. But there were some distinct differences. It was, {or one thing, most informal. Spock was the only participant to wear a necktie. The delegates, many of whom favored long beards and bare feet, were mostly young, very earnest and dressed in btae jeans. Speeches were impromptu and I informal. At one point the acting chairman announced, "All; right All those in favor of Dan-; ny's amendment to the agenda: say aye." Sunday Gazette-Mail Enler«d «, second class matttr al the fatt Office a! Charleston, W.Va., under tti« *ct of Mar :h S, 1877. Independent newspaper published each Sunday mornini by Iht Dt-ily Gazette Company »nd Clay Communications, Inc.- formerly the Charleston Mail Associa- tioi in Charleston, W. Va. 3533C. Sundav Gazette-Mail Is » mwrbw of The Associated Press. The Associated Press is entitled to th» use of all local news for reprortuclion. Telephones: CIXHlficd Advertising J4M8-18 Circulation Department SW-5151 All Other Otptrlnwnls 348-5140 FINAL SUMMER CLEARANCE AND SALES STARTS MONDAY 10 A.M. BIG, BIG SAVINGS WHILE QUANTITIES LAST SORRY, NO MAIL OR PHONE ORDERS READY TO WEAR ORIG. SALE 47 SLEEVELESS POLYESTER DRESSES 13 .oo 5.90 20 LONG SLEEVE BLOUSES 6.00 3.90 SPORT BAR--Street Floor 17 TENNIS DRESSES 20.00-24.00 9.99-11.99 38 SKIRTS 16.00-25.00 7.99-12.49 8 LONG SKIRTS 38.00-44.00 12.99-22.99 30 SHRINKS o on in on ? Qfl · - - · · . i ·* . *i ij tj *J U SPORTSWEAR--Second Floor ALL REMAINING SUMMER LONG DRESSES 30.00-60.00 l /i OFF DRESS CIRCLE--Second Floor 7 SHIFTS 13 .oo 5.00 2 SHORT SETS 13.00-15.00 6.90 25 JAMAICAS 7 .00 % PRICE STORK CLUB--Second Floor 1 SPRING COAT 60.00 29.00 1 SPRING JACKET 50 .00 13.00 1 SPRING TOPPER 50.00 16.00 I COAT SALON--Second Floor t 70 COTTON KNIf' : ' : ' W ' W ' : ' : PANT DRESSES Reg. 6.99 2.90 care cotton pant dresses for summer :|:$ wearing. Great for lounging around the house or traveling. Assorted colors. Sizes 8 to 16. 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SUMMER PAJAMAS ... IF PERFECT 2.49 FOR MEN ortg. 9 PR. FAMOUS BRAND SHOES .. 17.99-23 99 4 PR. MEN'S SANDALS 7.99 35 KNIT SHIRTS, SHORT SLEEVES 6.99 175 PR, SUMMER PAJAMAS 3 3 9 162 KNIT SHIRTS, SHORT SLEEVES .... IF PERFECT 3.99 64 PR. WALK SHORTS 3.99-4.99 12 SPORT COATS 2 4.00 35 PR. SUMMER PANTS 6 99 FOR THE HOME 5 CHAIR THROWS 11 BATH SETS 52 HAND TOWELS 4.99 5.99 69 ·|| 24 SCATTER RUGS 1.99 HOME FURNISHINGS SALE 8.90-10.90 5.90-11.90 2.90*10.90 2.90-3.90 3.90-5.90 5.90 3.90-8.90 2.40 4.90 30' 2/1.00 3/1.00 2.40 2.00 75' 40 C 1.00 2.40 1.25 1.25 75 C SALE 5.90-8.90 1.90 2.90 1.50 1.50 1.90-2.90 12.00 3.90 1.00 2.00 .25 .50 ': ORIG. : 28 PEPPER MILLS 7.99 41 WEST BEND OPEN STOCK PIECES 7.95-17.95 14 BARBECUE GRILLS 7.95-39.95 30 WESTCLOX DROWSE ALARM CLOCKS 6.98 3 WESTINGHOUSE DELUXE FANS 27.95 HOUSEWARES--Third Floor 2 BITTER BOTTLES i . 90 41 PCS. STEMWARE 3.50-7.50 32 TUMBLERS 29-59 73 PCS. FLATWARE SILVERPLATE , 2.00-5.25 S GALLERY TRAYS 14" 19.50 103 CHIN A FRUIT/SOUP BOWLS 1.10-2.00 HOSTESS SHOP--Mezzanine 5--60x70 CHAIR THROWS 8.00 25 PR. SATIN LINED DRAPERIES 13.00-53.00 70 NOVELTY CURTAINS 4.50-11.00 50 FOAM ALL PURPOSE PADS . Compare 12.00 22 QUILTED TWIN SPREADS ] 2.99 7 QUEEN QUILTED SPREADS 18.99 4 KING QUILTED SPREADS 18.99 17 FULL SIZE QUILTED SPREADS ] 2.99 DRAPERIES/BEDSPREADS--Fourth Floor 2 LOUNGE CHAIRS 79.95 2 LOUNGE CHAIRS 19800 1 LOUNGE CHAIR '....'.'.'. ] 59.00 1 LOUNGE CHAIR . . . 17600 2SOFAS '.'.'.'.'. 349'.00 1CREDENZA 17995 6--34x56 AREA RUGS 1 0 .98 2--26x45 AREA RUGS 5 . 98 8--21x36 AREA RUGS 3^93 FURNITURE/CARPETS--Fourth Floor SALE 5.00 PRICE PRICE 3.00 24.00 .50 1.50 .20 .25-J5 12.50 .25-.7S 2.00 40% OFF 2.70-4.70 4.99 9.99 15.99 15.99 9.99 44.00 S8.00 69.00 79.00 1S9.00 69.00 1 A OFF J /2 OFF % OFF

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