The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 19, 1964 · Page 42
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 42

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 19, 1964
Page 42
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if Vfip'Vf f V - V -- i ' ..... ,' WEDNESDAY. AUGUST 19. 1664 42 THE OTTAWA JOURNAL yy ; cooaveaseeqeayss. SOt AUtOJFOISAll tCont from P. seeding Columnl ' rORD GALAXIE SfJO 14.000 mile, excellent condition 771- 404T I rono isst station wagon" ryllnder excellent condition Mun bf sold thta anil Brit I eltsr Ulut. Tgl-7103 ' HAVE ' St. fT Ja. " 39 CHEVRO-!. Ponttace. Forrie. V o I k t-waitiw. Consuls,. Mould llkt tn exchange lor laic model car and pay cash for difference. 8t Maurice Motors. 110 Rides u Street. I34-40M IMPALA CONVERTIBLE. 10.38, V- ! automatic, power steering and ; brake, new lop. 1 owner. Call, far appointment, Ua-woa i IDIUItl YUI'R CAR WITH Norman M. r.rUrx. CEI-48S4 JAGUAR. 4-DOOR SPORT SEDAN. 4-apecd standard transmlaainn. Bucket ecala. Excellent- c o n d I- 1 lion. 1873. PA1-17B3 j JAOUAR XKIIO. ROADSTER, flbregleaa. hardtop 783-7011 LEAVINO-CITY." MUST "SACRI-! flee 1339 Vauxnall, isoo or beat offer, top eondltkon Jennings,, 801.3311 daytime. 117-1313 eve-, ninga. LINCOLN SEDAN. 137. $M0. 1 terms CE4-1314 I METEOR RIDEAUioO. 1961.1 tullv eauioned. excellent condi tion, will accept trade and ar-range bank financing 781-831.8. MUST SILL 1M JltLLMAN COS-verllble. food shape. PR1-I9SI, beor . AA1D-SUAAMER DISCOUNT SALE On new and used care Continues to End of August Buy Now at Fall Prices AU used cr thoroughly reconditioned 100 WARRANTY ON ALL LATE MODLX USED CARS Top Trade-in Allowance Open until It bib. evenings during this sal " : i'' ; :, Gordon Johnson Motor Sales Your Chrysler.- Plymouth, Valiant Dealer - 1139 BANK 237-2450 THE HOME OF - "GOODWILL" USED CARS ISM CHEVROLET' Impala S -door hardtop. AT. R PS. 'V--"$2995 1081 MERCURY Monterey se- $2995 IMS OtrVftOLtT ftlaeayno $2195 JIM TUBMAN MOTORSAIMITED '- Poatige. laiti Acadian. Vauahall and CMC Trucks 1770 BANK STREET . it Alt VTita - 733-4050 MORE AUGUST VALUES ISM CMEVV. It stall" wagon ... , equipped, radio, heattr, lulomatK O.et0 ' trerumlasjoa Pat7J IHS CHEVROLET "l-doof Met Air, vim raoio. naaii r. 1 automatic $2695 i IMS CHEVROLET I II 6 n , wagon, radio. heater, 'automatic, sow!1 brakea. , (tearing. $1795 ISM OLOSMOfllLS Super S. ' . radio, beater, automatic. ' : power brakes, power - $2695 IMt PONTIAC "Btrato ChM vS,u,$1850 ' ltM CMEVROLEf i-oti pirk- . ' $1695 ' Ontario Residents Do Not Pay , (-; Quebec Sales Tax! i GUEST '' MOTORS' LTD.. . i , - Akihotirrd Chevrolet Cdrvtbr, Oldwriatnlt. Envoy tn4 Chevrolet Truck D1 91 LEDUC STREET ' HULL 777-.73S sot' Autos rai sale (Com -from Prereding Coiumni.. : OTTAWA S LARGEST SELECTION ! 1 ' of English ear. and apurla con- terflbles. 34t to choOH iluin All reconditioned ana in top condl I lion throughout, from gi3 atd 1 up Party Cairiara. atont, I real Road. 4v-.b. i PARlSIENNt HARbfoP. ! autimiattc. power steering and brjkcs. radiu alust Jo seen. pLYMoi;fH749. r.w engine! one owner, till 712 33S3 PbWlAcLAURENTIAN' SRDAX. V-S. aillomallc. radio, Arctic white with ulue rnterior. new far condition Call lae-SHUg POWIAC CONVERTIBLE. lt. v-g. radio, perltcl Lundltiun. POXTJAC ISM. 4-DOOR, g CYL , standard, pence! condition Immaculate Beat offer 72II-7JIKV PONTtAC IStll ""WHITE," B-DOOR automatic tfanamlaaion. very good cundlthm, new tires I owner PrUate May be linanced. 719. 11170, g-S p nl. PRIVATE SALE. 1W DOOOE 4-door sedan, rebuilt motor, new clutch, reliable trantportat I o n. Herbert a B A .Service Station. Spadma at Wellington- P ta o n e 711-0133 SPORTS CAR MO. MANY EX-traa tl.130 Haa to be Ken. 73S-643 evenings. ST Tf6sWAOtlNisVl PON- tiac power equipped. V-S. radio.' S-tfaaarnger 1.6 JO. g-3 30. 131-! 371. TED rilCKER MOTOR SALES. Beat values. If Richmond Road.i 711-3473. t STUDKBAKER LARK. ISol. g cylinder, automatic, radio, excel lent .eonaillvn. clergyman own. ed SI ti.Ml or best oiler It Blackburn Avenue. S3A-4OTS VAUXHALL VICTOR. Itsl. EX-eclleett condition, one owner, IBM gMMll VOLKSWAGEN, I93t NEVER Winter driven, ,. mechanically ' perfect Going qvertaaa. 133- 731. Loral ! VOLKSWAOEN ISHtl. GOOD COS dltlo. Call Rockland 7B1-4WI7 VOLKSWAGEN, IDtO. er perfect, radio, 733-6S43. ONE OWN-SHOW tires DILAWRI MOTOR SALES LTD, 707 Main St. N.. Stittavtlle, Ont 10 Minulea Past Bell s Conwra On Highway 1- Tvlcphone 828-9121 or 828-9122 OUTSTANDING VALUES' IN CAMPBELLIZED CARS $2445 tM FORD Calaale Sot sedan, VS. utornatte tranamla-aton. smwar steeling, radio. tie it roD ioe u I WTrf coach, s evl . tuio tram. Clasrama Special 1 1 00 I ORD Oaiaaic P I 77 J too hardtop i VI. automatic trana-. miaaton. power 1 atearing. radio. WW um. tl "0N I J7 J aedl. I evl. . . . heater, Ciearanca . . Special. tl KQK ' rotD i v r -J Coach. S cyl rule Ciearanca Spatial. $19451 Ml roRD Oalaal too sedan. Pulle Clear- lal. eii6e 1M1 COMET sclan. p I 7J g cel., haater. Ciearanca Specl'J. VAUXHALU eeoan. suit r. Ciearanca Special $1345 ltST 70RD rur-lana coups, -tuta matte. S e l, ciearanca Special. ' 1 1 nnc 1M1 R E N A U I T f'v'J Catavslla tail Radio - peclal. i $845 I Ml VOLKSWAGEN coach. Cleara anca Special. : 1 1 1M CHEVROLET oltnder,. rad it, brat ft- . CWavr anr) $1 1 JC 1M fALCOIt Do. J lux Tudor, ftuttv , matlc tranvmltwintt. hoastart. drtrtiktrr. Clean nra Spt:al.i tmnc two FORD rliN" Ian atdait. i'lio-maUe lranmiMo)n. Cltaranca 0ptMl -fOT. Mkdafi. ejUhrVf. ' automatic Irarikw , miMion. .hvattt. 4-rrnatfr. ' Ctcaraitr Special. Campbell's Your Ford, Falcon, Fairlsrw, Cilaxi. Doaler lor 44 Years. i . . 265 .-. LAURIER WEST , 232i4e XW47 101, AUTOS FOR UU 1 : (Cont from Preceding Columnl lt CALAX1E too rOHDOR DE-iniHislrulur. power equipped .-fMMl miles. Mark Thompson. 133-441. avanuiga tta-lldl .ISA4 CHEVROLET CONVERTIBLE. ' g.WKI mllea. fdlly equipped. 3,900 134-U4S tU4 PONTrSc PARISIRNNE two-door hardtop. V-g. automatic pnwar. ettuipped: used aa aecona ear unty j m miiea Owner tranatetred. 43 300. glg-USQ !M4 rORD8EDAN ONLY ",SS4 miles, selling price S3 too. tor SlIMXi; iml Pontlac 2-doir hardtop: 1934 Ponttac atatlon wagon. gll3: Ift.le Bulck g-door hardtop. 11,1 g Chenler St. Hull. 771-1778 Ivl4HRVSL'ERsTtRATbCA- Best offer. CE3-7041 g3 RAMBLER SEDAnT" BEST offer, g Chenler St.. HuH. 771-177S l3 FORI) pALAXIE " XU I-door hardtop, bucket aeata. Beat offer for quick aa!. T10-547J T3 f ALCON ' rUTl'RA. LOW rnileage. Sacrifice l.73 71-S407 i3 TR3, VERY"O)ODC0NDi. tion. owner must sell. 74-o40T. isigj VOLKsWA6ErirUSTOi. 14 000 miles. SI .1 30 Pope S91-tu)07 office hours to . T4S-IHIS4 olherwiie rtwi 'CHEVROLrt-rV STANDARD sedan, radio, perfect condition. 1I.SSJ. 131-7034 ini pont i Ac T. Dob r Pariaiennc. S. private, spoil t a s. .Ta-42i7 i 1W1 CHEVROLET IMPALA 1-do-TT hardtop, I cylinder, aulo. malic wilh power steering, ra' oio, wniiewana. wneei niaca, etc Only U.1M at United Car Mar ket, 101 Bank street, 233-MSg Tom mntiac parisienne-. door hardtop, power fleering ana nranea, automatto, excellent ennoiiuni stag second A venus CE4-M3T. IMS OLDjmOBtLS Ol'N METAL grey, automatic alearlhg, brakes. UanamlaaKm, radio; excellent condition eoj-ootT. 711-1410 alter a YOU TRADE FOR LESS AT JIM BROWN'S Ottawa Motor Sales ISM I-A1RLANE see cftarti. VS. autematle tranunu-aion. radio, beige In- .v:-.$1995 ISM FALCON Purara each, bucket seats, automatic transmleslrm. radio, trans-lalorlaed tgnltlon. metal-lie htue. blue leather tn-teetoe,. black exterior Ilnuh r - $895 !Mt MrrEOR eotctt, I rylln. der. standard tranamta-Jnavblue intortnr, metal- ealtrior .... $1545 ISSI OLDSMOBTT.E tVintmle M Vt coach, automatic trantniHllon. radio, padded dash, power steering pa war brake, timed flees, whttewalls. red Interior, while exterior MM ..... $J045 )Ml RENAULT Oauphme sedan, 4-apeed Iransmltslsn. efficient heater rod Intermr, axttfo exierinr ' - $595 1S3S CHEVROLRT coach. S cylinder, automaltc trana-, v miasiort, radio, gray interior, black and white exterior . ttOQC ; linlah jx?T7 J 1938 VOt.KSWAOtN' eaat h t radio, blue intener. gleaming black exterior ,PKW $445 YOUR FORD DEALER 1850 BANK ST. tat WalkVay Roadi V t i 733-6931 MORE TO CHOOSE FROM,- 1MI METEOR 8. vt suto. . . , mane, radio, bucket seats. . mhliawall ) 1 OC tire, etc. ... 73 tM CHEVR0t4tT 4-dooe tla-tlon wagon, automatic, whltrwalls. . Ilka a new aJOOfjC ,WJ;4 f7j ISM MrrEOR ' l-fonr ' tuto. matM. radio, whttewalls. $1995 IMS COMET Custom Sedan ;. while with red Ind black . Interior, low mileage, very -.harp . $,795 tool FORO rotrlan MM. 1 vs. standard .transmtsstnn. whitewslla, , tlZQC - , vrF sharp .'. I OT J CANADA " -MOTOR SALES ' - i (Oltiws) Lid. ' , ' PAUL CARDINAL Limited - 13.1 Wellinglnn Sty 728-1836 ; Austin-Rambler Dealers ... , TRADITIONAL Traditional Scottish industries, such ai ahiphuilding and marina engineering, continue to thrive, as ahawvn hi thil scent on the busy River Clyde. However, new industries, are making big atVidet. Shipbuilding, a EIO0,0OX,OflO-a.yer industry, will be ove'rtaken hy the motor vehicle Industry In 18 munths. Since 1945, 300 manu- . facturing operations haybeeki attracted ta Scotland. . 101 AUTOS FOI SALE i Cont' from'' Preceding Columnl 1001 PONTIAC LAURENT! AN. 1-donr hardtop, good condition. 710-9030 after -a isei com ei autoM aticT'fully - equipped. Oolns to college, 777-3480 - lOOl CHEVY ii. CONVERTIBLE white. . black " top red Interior, good condition. .746-4301. lOgt VOLKSWAGEN VANEX-rellrnl condition. 71S-0317. after1 t 7it'3aa. 'i 1SOI SPRITE MARK I GOOD; condition, ssoo. S18-S13S 1001 AUSTIN HEAI.EY '.- Snoa. must sell. 814.W-S Cumberland. MMrORD" CONVERTIBLE." BEST offer, take trade. 740-4071. Ifw: FALCON-OKLL'XE. AtttO malic, radio, excellent conouton. 7114741.. iaSl CORVAIR. METALLIC BLUE: 4-ooor, fully equipped. Immaculate. to . 91-ot8l. ovanintw S34-S3.tS. -. - tfMI CITROEN. RECONDITIONED angina, excellent buy. Treee-m oonaidcra. 3e-aH-r . 1IM1 PORSCHE. MUST SELL. leaving country to atudy. alett offer. Mt-a30 , IPSI HILLMAN RANCH WAGON. excellent condition. 1-torw, 39- M4s. .-. Ml ENVOY STATION WACOM. 14.000 original miles. Immaculate throughout. beautiful arcltc white In color will accept aman monthly pay menu. 714-aJia,.. 1000 VOLVO, PV. 844. ONE OWN- r, Si3-3 7 It eeeninge , 1900 . PONTIAC LAURENT! AVI oeaan. radio, haater. new paint. SI.400. 821-1848, eveninfa. IPSO VAUXHALL VEIIX OOOD condition. 88.000 ssilea. 003V. gat-i .saia 1000 OLDSMORILt M. FyLLT equipped, wmtewau tlrea. perfect condition, Ilka new Reason, company car auppiled. 83-7083. . CN-S3 1961 DODGE 4-Door Station Wagon VS. automatic, power steering, radio. S-tono blue and white - rr,r .. -$2i95 CAPITAL DODGE-CHRYSLER LTD. .1354 CARUNO AVE. 729-3116 30-Day: 100' ; ;. i-- . - .-v Warranty ISSt CHEVROLET sedan S evtioder, auto CQQC ' ' malic radio f ''J IMt COMET Deluxe ' aedan, . AT. Iinlahed In oritinal ' Sr.. :. $1595 !tal PLYMOUTH . dan. AT, I . evtglnal . print . rt -.v flavoY ' . ne - nw-tr. $1295 mt CHEVROLET pickup long box, fxrellctlt rumuttn-i and ready tl00c to work .;.' at7J OLDSMOBILR 1-foor haidiop. the M ee-K-a -antn averv option ttid the original paint ' . - $2195 1H1 COMET eonverlible, VS. aotomottc. . radin Aa new $2795 IDEAL SECOND CARS I EfcPHYR aedon. lanea ana I cmditlonrd lanec) and re- ffQOC lOait VALIANT atdan, a evlln- -1 , der. auto. 1 jnt ssallc. radto' f a3 CONSUL SIS sedan. laM , . maculaia with many more mitca af trouble-free driv- $1095 v fniiwi nw tirex. and VVMtlMtl v: '. radio $795 v Chec These snd Our -T 40 Otiier Choice Cars at MacKenzie" MERCURY SALES LTD. tttrwt Net tor Ctmet '1377 RICHMOND ROAD ' '(Corner Croydnni . ' ' 828-5156 Vflr Our Cvtamfrt Send . rff rritnar il'mlinned on Nasi t.'4,imni Ik Urn 'l INDUSTRIES BEING TOS FOR SALE Preceding Columni 1939 VETEOF S. . STANDARD good cmdlHunN radio, anow tlrea. anu 7tS-010g. IMS FIAT. UOO vertlble. good aell .133-1331 ' 0RT8 CON. Must diuon 1030 J-ONT1AC. LINDER standard., good runnlnl cundt. lion a.oj, 7za-770). 1M FORD FAIrlLANE. t CVLIN. der. good meenanical eondnion , ' ie inivnnLTT BEL-AIR 9! dan. g. standard tranamiaaion Immaculate throuf houu us. 184S. tSSS PONT fiT?ERYFXT A N w,M7, eMjlerHia. PAS-0741 CHEVROLET radio, new paint. AUTOMATIC. 721-7TOS. ikhvXuxhall super" VIC tor. mechanically sound. lull price till. Oua, 887 Richmond i.v uua, 730naT Mr.. Novak. " 1010 VACXHAU, CREST A. S CYL- JxJtr. I owner, luod o a n d Itloa). 49J 7iU-l!S. , i3 ford fairLane sna." door hardtop. V-8. automatic. ' Custom radio, perfect condition throughout will accept trade and I inane for 3 monthly. 71-117, , ' ,- ASU;NICMcllONALD , eto 1-urt.e Aveaae . . MIJl (; , . . Ila-0I4 Ml MO.NZA CONVERTIBLE; IMS, t- eawxM. exanvcninio: llHia ioV- rolrt . super : aporl convertiblet I Ml . Sunbeam Alpine convertible: MI Ford convertible. 19K fNard ordan:.: 1900 Falcon automatic; ' 19H0 Pontlac hardtop. lJo Pontlac Lauientian sedan: , loas Chew. Bel-Air 4-donr hard-;. top' ISM Plymouth coach; 1V! Buiek 4-eW , hardtop: - 1037 ' Meteor; 133 Ford Hike newl. LOW OR NO DOWN PAYMENT. loot FORD CONVERTIBLE rVIXY ..EOjUIPPBO. PERFECT cohditlnn. U.130 73I-J30a till' 1; M-Mavovtnlnfs;i . ni'tygMoniLl SI'PSR aiTlMI tURQUOISE. AUTOMATIC trantmisalon. power , nraket tadlo. whll.wtl! nibeleat tlrea . wiUi guarantee, anow tlrea. extra Whecla. expertly maintained. In perfect condition Second owner, ttMV 1M0, Clovor Street. 713- 7sa GUARANTEED USED. CARS' Take Over Payments. , , All Cart Whoieuls. , . - AH Cars Reconditioned. Nil Vnntiac Pariaiennc tanv ' tl chavmkM srdad . . , S3 ' at Comet, aurematlc . . 844 1 Envoy eMail, ' 138 ' wl Corvalr sedan, awt,' . S41 MO P.mtuc, tut. - ..' . Ml "SO Ftmnt Wagna Ill 'It Pontlac Sedan ., Ill a atapciyr aatan: .. . ' M4 . ; IS ChOMtet SMlnot HT' Ml "SO Chevrolet station wagon to 'M Kulak eonvorUbio , oil IS Cheerotot aodatt- . ..' MS ChevrohH Impala ccarf. la IT, Chevrolet a-doog HT , Ml Many More to C hoots From. Aa low as $10 Down. LABEL LE AUTOMOBILES Home of Citarariteed Cart ! 394 RI,i.EAU ST, (at Ft it I) ' 235-1848 RED HOT , ' , 64' "r. M0N7A CONVERTIBLE AT A BIG DOLLAR REDUCTION AT THE BIG DEALER ' ' BELISLE" . Ikafl coRVAtR Monea atrtder ' convertible, radio, com- ; plele Spider equipment, 1 . Inclnding turbo charger 4. on the floor, tachometer, l' i i w.iod gram aleerlkf ! " f : whrot, . positrartton rear-' axle, wheel dlacs. whitev . wall tlrea. neaerl helg ' ' flniah. red Intermr, new ' - car . ewndillon, new Car , warranty. Thai beautiful model is lust nlcele Voaen In. Looks and , ,1 runs like a new one BELISLE AUTOMOBILES LIMITED Tour CKotrreiet. Corvtir. Oldamobilo, Envoy anS . Chevrolet Truck Doawr , ill Montreal m-md, Ottawa Evonlngl rS-9St(. 749-IM1 itiJ. tittt, msstiiTU (Vhstv Jk -tiNiamlt. i OVERTAKEN 101 J AUTOS EOI SALE ICont. from Preceding Columnl I9.W ' CARAVAN STATION wagnn. 30.000 miles. 8100 or beat offer. 101 Manor. RArkelirfe, 1939 CHEVROLET STATION wagon, standard S. good condt tion. SS19. 74S-3IS0. 1030 OLDSMOBIUE SUPER II. 4- door hardtop, automatic, power ateering and oraKca, ream, new tires 138-9001 ISM VAL'XHALL.' ' 1. " 4-b60R. mechanically perfect. T40-1I47. 1M FORD FAIRLANM (TAN-dard S., amart .looking, prlcad low lor quick aale. T3S-71IS 19.3S CHEV IMPALA J DOOR hardtop, fully equipped, very- low mileage, black with red In. will accept trade or fl by the month. 711-8317. lsa . VOLKSWAGEN. 1 EXCEL- ient chmlillon. leavlnf country. best oiler. 188-0178 ea tension 19.31. FORD DELUXE SEDAN. excellent body, excellent mech - anically. naw. Urea- Moving, moat eetl at once. . Asking 3 Tlr-Sv0. ... IBS CHEVROLET TBISCAYNE. lloor, 8 cylinder, ktandard. i ceilenl throughout. Ttull price . eeov. we-aaao, 1 SMOBILE, MOOV7H-M41 lt, l,1S STUHEBARER. AUTOMATIC szw. call bttojoon o-i p m,777. ... aval. . . f Tssa" r" ambler sirpts. i . la.i back seatf. soud motor. 78. OJIO 71131 rOMD. RADIO, STANDARD ahllt. bast Offer. 777-1H91 10.38 KARM ANN OHIA. ONE owner, lOOoo honest nilla rount, first claaa condition. 134-0031. lost Chevrolet. oood cokdI- tlan. 741-1438. - isst meteorToood condition. 8400. Best Oiler. T4S-8SS8. IM7 PONTIA4 HARDTOP. ' NO ruat. motor, body, oxcellent Leavlnf . ally; M0S. . 733-MM. isst dodge custom royal l-door hardtop, automatic, good cnndttioa. 8300, or boat offer. CE4-M3S. ' , ' 1997 VOLKSWAGEN. EXCELLENT Tor tiudent. MIS or best offer, taa-Mis. iv 1SS1 RAMBLER T' i fXT TO wagon, radio, sio. 7189S4 iSt FORD- RANCH WAOON automatic, . radio, whitewalla. ' snow lire 818-S7M, 50 CARS : - .'TO CLEAR FULL 30-DAY WRITTEN GUARANTEE ' WE GIVE GOLD BOND STAMPS RICHARD.- AUTO SALES 432 Rideaii St. 232-6793 JMI CHRYWLtrt WlndMT 4 -door sedan, auloinallo ' IranamHalon. power steer-. . Ink ana bitket. radio: Finished In almond hnge 1 rr,jr, '.$1995 - TURP1N . PONTIAC. BU1CK LTD. 424 klchmohd Road 728-1901 CONVERTIBLES 1964 CHEVELLE Malibu con-' vertible, equipped with radio, heater, . automa-' tic transrnitsion, V8 ' motor, power windowt, , v windshield wish ers, J , wheel dlscs, whitewall tire, padded ' dsih, .3,356 rhiles. Finished In v 1 trtnine ? white with r sarldls tan interior and ' ''mstching top. Balance , - of new car warranty. r7f.a$3395T 1983 PON T1AC ' Paritlenne . . , convertible, , equipped . with radio, heater, auto-t vF malic trans mumon,' ' power steering, 6 cyun-" der, windshield washers, wheel disc, whitewall tires. Fin lined lit tuxedo black, maroon Interior and white top. 23.174 miles. r..07QtT Priced at f-' S AT CABELDU'S Your Authorized Bulck, ; Rontiac. Acadian,-Vauxhall - and GMC 3" ruck Dealer ' ALBERT at BANK - 235-4371 101 AUTOS rot SUE I iCont. ,lrm Prtcadinf Column, 11)37 PONTIAC DELUXE SEDAN, fnmieculate -ear. '"fan finance It 11 monlhlc. 71t-Ult ! 1031 VOLKSWAOKN, OOOD' condition, IWI4.M37. (39 or beat oiler flS3 CHEVROLET. NEW VALVE ' lifters and valre fob. ll or I heat offer. Ttg-1711. . IBM METEOR 1-DOOR HARD- ton V-l. automatic, radio, !. ton V 137-II 1831 FORD WACOM. BEST offer, cash only. 3-130i. I'ssa PLYMOUTH STATION-WA-gon. 4-door. l-toned. tllo er best offer. 771-3070. after J 1 0 J " ONTI A e7S " "CYLI NflER autonuitir. immaculate condition throughout Best oiler Apply 4; McArthur - . ! 1936 TRIUMPH TR 3 VERY GOOD I condition, wire wheels. 8473. I 73S-S1M ' 19M fORij" t-OOOR" HARDTOP food motor. T1S-3S:S. beat lime rum I p.m. to S p.m. IBSJ rrORD V-S.' WANDARD tranamiaaion. runs food, Slat 711-USO. ' ' - 10JJ BIIICK BODY'nEEDS WORK. exceptiorial. motor, cheap- fort raah 13.VBS40 (0.34 CHEVROLET SEDAN. 1SS4 licence, 01 IS. 810, I33-371T . , 1961 VALIANT V2(M. automallc. radio, mat sine green, matching rp Cj interior - PARKWAY The Bright Spof M47 RICHMOND ROAD 729-3121 729-5121 Special Sports lsM'AURTlN HEALEV SDOO, overdrive, t'JT'O , wlrt wheels 7J ISM TR4. ovcrdrtvo -$2595 $1945 1M1 TRS . . CARLING - MOTORS , 149 Csvllog Ave. ' Z16-71V9 AUTHORIZED VOLVO. PEUUEtrT. MERCEUES-BENg : AND TRIUMPH DEALER Everything K MCW Vat...;- Waverley RAMBLER '' -,s' BACK HOME AGAIN - ,.- , -yTHE 1955 RENAULT" ; ' AUTOMATICS . ? ARE HERE - ; . r THE lv65 "S MODEL ' JAGUAR HAS ARRIVED - t.;v v ' y r . WAVERLEY MOTORS ..':'-uMiTEDv. ;j ISO DHIVEWAY , 232 3501 COMPACT : CARS 1961 COMET. - Cuitom. coach, 2-tone, auto- $1595 1960 EAICON- : Custom coach, Black and silversmoke grey. No Mtraa 5i.::.:,:$.i095 1961 CORVAIR "; r 1 Coupe, automatic and radio. Jet black with ttlad QC red Interior 1962 FALCON Coach. Optional 170 C.I. motor. , Blue with whitewall ........ $1595 V : 1961 COMET' Custom sedan. Royal blue metallic with blue nylon Interior. Cuitom T 1 CA C' radio ...Wl-"3 A FiM keloctinn of bthir Ued Cars at Various Low. Prices . Ol't-N TILL 0 F.M. ' SAIURDAY, 1 PJvL Lewis ' Motors fOttawai Limited MorcnrV. I Mitsnr. Comet ' Brrtlah Fords BANM at CATHERINE 233-5577 . - 101 AUTOS rot UU ICoeit. Irani PrcaaUia Colsvawl i . .: " . ISTrORO CUSTOMLINS. J0S or beat .Ifer. 7IS-U1S . ;ra.i"roR6 rsTOMCirrt m 1100 or best olfar. 711-tOH alter iVjlDODOE A-OACH. VERY - good condition JIS-SMI- IMS "CHEVROLET. "OOOifTj nlng rondition, good second ear. 7SS-4044 IMS CHEVROLET HARDTOP. 1-door. radio, good condition 733 goal BUY NOW! ot CABELDU'S Located on Albert Street, between Bank and Kent, Just across from the Colonial Coach. . DEALS HAVE NEVER BEEN BETTyER PRICES . HAVE NEVER BEEN ; LOWER PUT YOUR CONFIDENCE IN CABELDU'S 1 v .yi 0403 8TUDE-dit7J BAKER Commander aedan. AT. R. H. VS.' ? $2395 ISM MERCURY Monterey S door . ,i nardtep, AT. R. H, '..! . PS. PB.. ' ......' ,-. f tOnO l OLnSMOBItE ZU7j u, AT, 1. a $1995 101 OLMMOaitl i-dnor hardtna, AT. 1. 11. n, m. 1 'Oat 1MI CHKVftOLtT T ' stattott waion. AT. - ... '. , 1 t ii"V', N Oaf Soar hardtop, . - - - tl 30 1 CHEVROLET P eVTJ aodart, AT, B. M. $il495;reo?,,T,", '-tT-Ott SI FORD Falr-4 J7J tana MM sedan, a. " $1295.- tl 10 ,M Btncx ln- ' vtcta 0-door hard- tcj, AT. B. M. PS. $1095 RF'-- tlflOt 's CHCVgoUT f .1 U73 iedsa, AT, ft, H. j. , : v" '.- $ 1 095 u,e,t tllIOml; VAUXHALL I U7 J Cretta aedan, ft. H. tOOt t ETUDE. TTJ BAKER Urk 09. '. , . :) cJoa. M. . v.. . , , . ('-! VS Ct; -i. .( J t.l ! - $995 ,M "FO'rnAC s", V -' V , I 1 - ' ' ft70CI 'Ml VOLI f "3 EN Oolaxt ft. N - 1MI VOLKSVAO. ixa coach. t70 VAUXHALL P' 7 J Cretta stain, ft. H. tAOat lest VAUXHALL tO'w Mttaxa sedan, ft, ; tQt'lMO bobOE Son. j .fU7J eca coach, ft. H. $ri95 ! vauxhau. 1 sedan. B. cae loaf pontiac to. aaF T wdF ' .tan, ft, H. AT t IOC IMt FORD Jiai7.l . u -r - - naraiop, h, it, - . ,tin,, , a tOt ' OLDSMOBILE - wJ hardtop. AT. ft.ll ' " ' li ; i,, ' : :! 'r ,'.1 , AT Automatic Tranimlaoitrg R R'die v ; ' H Healer ' -PS Power Stsering PB Power Brakes 1 ' PW Power Windows AT CABELDU'S d . a " , X . ,. ,' ; Your AuthorUed Bulck, Pontiac, AcadiaiL Vauxhitl and (IMC TnickXoMisr ' ALBEr'i at bank , WS7 A i

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