The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 19, 1964 · Page 40
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 40

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 19, 1964
Page 40
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40 507 wiitioib vicwr ' boys and aim earn extr. monev gelling new flage a n 4 transfer HU after Exklbilion. REOISTERED LAIOIATORT teehrwlogist reaulred for 1M-bed heepltal. experienced In bis. chemistry, bacteriology, haemal. eiogy desirable. Apply to person, nal. Royal Ottgwa Sanitarium. RELIABLE OLDER COUPLE wanted aa caretakers lor (arm ham, does to Ottawa. Choraa include maintenance, cara ot horsae. Befereneeg. Box E-474. Journal. -' WANTEO. A RELIABLE COUPLE for a mortar dairy farm, half mtlt from town on highway, good beuae, all conveniences, school bua. ate., yoar-round work, food wagee. Apply Box ass, fiw i-iaxcare. uni. SUPERINTENDENT Bailable coupla for eantra tewx apartment Mo children Wife must hava experience In rantala and bo able to meet Kbllc. Man must ba abl to ndla inairttenaBca and butld-tnf cleaning. Good aalary (04 eccommode-lira auppUod. Apply in paraon to PARKWOOD HILLS RENTAL OfTlCE ' ' i: ' ' RON POTVIN 4 TO PJC. CHILD CARE WORKERS . Beauired by mll .enettturlee for children. Training and experience wltk children essential -Bsssllsnt aalary. ItvO In ar out,. , Apply la writing to Protestant Children's . Village. MSCartiniAvt, Ottawa 3, Ontario cot . loom to in 1 ACCOMMODATION; BOO M 8. V treekly -or monthly, some with running water, venooms n a 1 a 1, S4B aomarsst atreet wear. ACCOMMODATE LADY. CEN. tral, badaitttng, telephone, kiteh- on pnvuegee; Ul-liit. ALBION NEAR BANK. ACCOM- monationa tor 1-1, noara optional. S3J-1MO. , - ATTR ACTIVE. LARGE. CON-fortabk) bad room, private home, central. gentleman. ATTRACTIVE KITCHEN. EQUIP-pad, kodalttlng Waal Bad, ladlaa aniy. na-im. ATTRACTIVE DOUBLE, USE OF kitchen, private entrance. ' Leurler Esau near King Edward 144-1774. ATTRACTIVE BEDROOMS. TWIN kada and elngle bad. clean, eulel , home. Reasonable. . Gentlemen. isa-aiar. AVAILABLE. BOOM -FOB THE aathlbttlea by day ar week, eom pieteiy equipped. 444-4717 ' 411-4110: IM-MU AVAILABLE. WELL FURNISHED bedroom with . deak, owa tele phone, nutet apartment, cleve rer, bua at door, no alhar 1. loomera peg. 404 Murter asst. saa-saag. AVAILABLE. BEDROOM WITH private be th room. Olebe, gen tie- men psaioiion, aee-rooa. 1 AVAILABLE. NICELY FURNISH-. ed. very clean, autet. ground ' iioor. asa-oaaa. BEDSITTINO. WORKING PER-ann, 14 Central Avenue. SIS. au- - aeee. BEDSITTINO. PRIVATE EN- . trance S74 Maciaran. s4-T14. " aaa-iidT. BEDSTTTINO. WITH KITCHEN prtvUogoo. as Daly. ia-4iae. BETIRrmNO. KmTHENETTE. gas. ' also single room, 414, eentr si. loo r rare. BEDSITTINGS. LABOR. ALSO , ainglea, completely furnished. . . aewlv decorated, stove, refrlg- erator. reaeoaaaie. ai ai rr a y gda-aaia. BEDStTTINO. CENTRAL. FUR- ntshed, private entrance, refrig- arator. atova, parking, aaa-aaio, J34-47J7. . BRtOMT FURNISHED BEDSFT- ting, privileges. Hutwn-WeilUuj- aan. TSS-oiaSi Tgg-isag. BRIGHT LOVELY ROOM. PARK- ing. aaetvww. 7se-Kree. I CARLINGWOOD WALKING Distance,. furnished .room, adult home, gentleman, Tga-vraa, CENTRAL DALY AVENUE. FtlR- , aishsd, eult 1-g, prlvileaea. aaa- CENTRAL. BALCONY. BED. 1 atttlng, kitchen, phone, laundry, business lsny.aia-lU7. aa7 niivsn nirvoa. . CENTRAL, LARGE ROOM, K I T- . cnen, nrmianen, omul lixataa, parking free. aar-lOM. CENTRAL, ATTRACTIVE BEDSIT-ting, own television and grill. SAo-ossi evenings. CENTRAL. BRIGHT, CLEAN. FUR-nlshed bcdaltling. McLaod Street. B.e-3ee. s CENTRAL, LARGE, CLEAN BED-. atttlng. frill prlvllegea, . linen euppnea. gaa-atpo.- CENTRAL. LARGE BRIGHT , front room, all prlvllegea. CES- CHATEAO LAFAYETTE. 4S YORK. modern, running water,, aingle. an weexiy. as dslly.' ' CHRISTIAN HOME. A D O L T r warkln tody, k lichen prtvllegaa. . gernge. tss-oso. x CLEAN. ,' , WELL FURNISHED , , room.l Bt. Laurent Montreal noon, aite-aaaa. CLOSE TO UNIVERSITY. BRIGHT. clean ream, cooking privilegea. .Television room, ahare balcony. MT44IT. CLOUS TO WESTOATE, FVB- aiaftaa roma. Tag-ttoo. CRYSTAL BEACHTnrURNIrmED . room in new home, aag-aaas. . DOURLB HOUSEKEEPING, FRIO-,, Idelre. 1 grill, linen, telephone, etudenta, penslensts. shetalners. - virutiiy normal arhnoi-Mueaum " lSr"" -rrewBI. BASTVIEW, FURNISHr.D room, new bua, parsing. Teg- 7gg. . BASTVtrw. ROOMS FOR RENT II prlvilegaa, prtvsta entranos ruaNIBHRO BEDROOM, JiAC-leren Street, t.ia. 7.1VJ1ITT. s FURNISHED BF.OROOM KITCH- . en privilege, go Hamtltaa Ave- ' " ""- toon to in VoM from Preesging Columni FURNISHED . BEDROOM. WITH kitchenette, rotrltorator or rang- ana. auti g. ioa outgues. FURNISHED FRONT - B B D- anting, kitchen, balcony. lighted, heatod. alaetrloally 4 ulp pad 441-7441. FURNISHED BEDROOM. SUIT middle age woman,, MB. S34- ipia. 1 o GLEBE, ABOVE AVERAGE BED-roont. aittlnf room, p r I v I leges. acmiemen. sde-oooa. GLEBE. SINGLE HOUSEKEEPING eparuncni, quiet gentlemen, xae-iiit. lu-xn HERON PARK. VICINITY all schools 741 ttll. CBC. HOUSE KEEPING. EQUIPPED furnished, near CBy Hall. 434 no ecu rsc ease. KITCHEN PRIVILEGES. NEAR .' Tunney's Pasture and bua. lady preferrea. perxing. ixe-s 1 m IMMEDIATELY. FURNISHED. UN. . furnished 1-2-room mu, par k- . ing. t-ns-eaee. METCALFE COURT, DAILY. wkiit, male Hrrn, khih. US Metcalfe. CU-oail. NEWLY DECORATED. PARKING. trariaportalton at door, privi leges, zee-loss. OTTAWA SOUTH. ROOMS. FUR. aishsd, 101 Ajrlmor. parktsuj CI5-J07. OVERBBOOK. NEW. FURNISHED. , largo room, aa weeniy.- Tso-eaia. PRIVATE HOME. NICELY FUR-nlshed. gentleman preferred BOOM WITH KITCHEN. PABK- ing privileges, eleaa commerce nign- aa-saai. SANDY HILL. NEAR ' OTTAWA university. Students pre lerrea. tli-Oaag. SHORT TERMS. MONTHLY RATE Riverside He 1 4 L ... Attractlva rooms. Ta-4i7i STUDENTS. 04 WEEKLY. SINGLE, double, ample parking. laMMS. I OR S GIRLS. LARGE BOOM, meats optional, child wale ease. 1 ja-sese. 1 FURNISHED HOUSEKEEPING rooms, private entrance, near Number S Building. 1M Loretta arreei. .... 1 BOOMS TO LET. 1 BtGENT street. I3a-S37g. . BARSAIN, S4I FULLY FURNISHED. BEDSIT-ting room, semi-private, commu nity aitcnen. equipped, tdievt-ston, girls. SM-T4M. SANDY BILL COURT RENOVATED THROUGHOUT. new furniture, water la each room, carpeted halls. Kitchenette: 15S Oagoode, ttd-AUO. (02 loom wuto (gVirr RECENTLY RETIRED lintel wsaVIoRin IUirn lUSslo fortabl lVralhMl liMkfMplng room, vnmn iptnmitii or would har. NNT Imm. Mm S-4M. etrweirsaBll. ROOM AND BOARD FOR I STU. a win, wood rolls Avenue , and Baseline noaa area. 711-J7I rw vwn nHiuinMih rmrm. .ivv-evie oaya e OS THIRD YEAR EOfT STUDENT nvo o num room wnn ooarn Honday te Friday. Vicinity Leas Avenue. Box E-and. Journal. ; I VNFUBNMHBD BOOMS RETIRED WIDOW REQUIRES unfurnished rooms la . eentr location, , preferably weat Bank to . Oileaoar seuta. t M3 lOWmUAIft ACCOMMODATION FOB (.LARGE room with twin beaa. Baetva Tsa-aoao. ACCOMMODATION FOB I GIN- uemen, nngiwn oome. tee car- tier, na-oaig. ACCOMMODATIONS. HOME cooked meets, parking, conairuc- tion worgera welcome, gag-aeea CENTRAL ROOM AND BOARD for gentlemen, gl Frank, aas- 1011. GENTLEMEN PREFERRED, AYL- mer Avenue, near Branmn. awivueava. aeeieo. GENTLEMEN, gig WEEKLY laundry, Dutch lamit. Somerset. smvewey. gaa-asae. GOOD MEALS. OPENING N U R S- mg knme. eult pensliasil. gaa- a7ai... v.. PRIVATE HOME, ROOM. TWIN no, vxeeiiom meaia. pern tag. saa-goTg. BOOM . BOARD. GENTLEMEN. students. Government a 4 a p I e. nnnisiH. s.Te aan BOOM AND BOARD. - QUIET. . private heme, excellent meals Abetalner, PAg-lTgT. BOOM AND BOARD. 414 OIL- SINGLE. )U1ET. CLEAN. GOOD near eueae. gentMea e a 1 1 OENTLBMtN tO SHARE ROOM. V4WiniWfJCB 4VtM. rAar-vtntS. 701 HCIMFttUU ABLE. GRACIOUS ASSISTANCE. Thomaa Shlpman Umtted. Ro- airor'. ace our ada. ALTA VISTA. g-BEDROOM BB1CK hauinMiTi lPa sot. Itj near schools, shopping centre. "scj. uea, aown payment 414400. Taa-KUT. ALTA VISTA. a-BEDROOM RRICK runinsw, iinisnea recraat 1 e a airvBioreB, rutiy inna- ecepeei ins au X I SO, maturOO treea. Private aale. tas-4444. ALTA VISTA. BEAUTIFULLY tondsrapod, brick, g bedrooms. j 1 oeine, m noora,. n replace. !" .Reduced far quick sale. 73I-S4ST. ANOELSTONE. BRICK SEMI. bungalow, a bedrooms, lti bath rooms. BtcHouar park. Tn-4044 ANY PROPERTY WB LIST IN the ettr we feel wa aan eon Perrr karwln, -Realtor." SS4- 4447, ASKING 414.000. a . BEDROOM muse Knows m mi a e x ourn hamlet, on large treed lot. Owner tranaferrad. MLS gait. Mc Keown Realties Ltd.. 2.T2-4aoa ovenmae so nrcrnan. aaa-asge ATTRACTIVB t-STOREY FAMILY eiw m uiidoh village, noye Block, e-bedroom, bath. Itrge Mnns, oen, luu oeevmont, new oil lurnaca, garagg. Asking tll 000. good terms. Oerald Morris Beat Eauie Broke, tolep k a a a ' meicaiie 10. BETTER BUILT BRICK BtTNGA- iow. weat ana. a nee reams. gsrsge, landaaapa. IITJO. TSS- o)o. BRITANNIA HEIGHTS, BRIGHT eunny ungaiew on pineeraal at Bt. Stephen s. double, gttaeh- . ad garage, hmneaiate pn m bhhi Asxing giajme. Mrs f Bradshaw sas-iasg: Nicholson and Wymark, "Reeltort," gaa- rir?. BUNGALOW. URBANbAlC. I pranmnw, pievmnm. lennscspea large tot. 4IJO0 down. I.u-taet BUNOALOW. t ar'fls" A A is a enoerepew serrecea Mt, B S S r Rockcliff4 Airport. I4M4SO lev a. BUNOALOW DUPLEX. MODERN. 7 " ' '..-"'. rfrsigeie. ItOW o pirmrm ae-iaie CALL "THE OLD PRO." BILL r"eHit, neeiinr,- . aaa-gMT Real aetata tnoulrtea I a v 1 1 4 without oMigettna 401 ,7oi lotosmuu I (Cant, trout Preceding CoUunai CALL S AND A OOLDBNBEBO, Broken, TU-aglO; TU-laM gay. CITY VIEW. S BEDROOMS. dining room, principal, Interest. U "0- Vkcaat. 7U-4a7t ' COLONIAL gTYLS gPIJT LEVEL, West End, l-csr attached garage, lane living roam. 10 1 ill. with atone fuel Sreptace. Formal dining room, with French door leading to garden. Kitchen features OE wall oven and plate and ex haunt fan. Family room. IT a II, 1', bathrooms, a large bedrooms with double clothes closet, anodes k. Beautifully land, aeaped with apple trees. Bud Pollack, evealags. alg-uee Mac via ereeaaorg ug. ' nealtor, tu-lgll. copeland Park split-leveu g bedrooms, den. fireplace, m- CRYSTAL BEACH. S-BEDBOOM bunt slew, living room, large wienvn, ouiii.ia ovea ana range, carport, fully landers pod S1S.10. DUPLEX ' BUNGALOW. OVER- nrook. near schools, churches. eis.eoo. Tu-lllg. nilMsv. nine. . SiT JT!" as a - ooo- -T. 1-7. 1L laom rsnisa DUPLEX. . RICHMOND BOAD. cnurcnill Avenue, g years old. bedrooms, red brick eoaatruc-lon. herd wood Hoors, a a r p s t on main floor, awnings, prrvate tavad aide drive ta a erics and lack double gsrst. . possession e.vv eivs, iae-1100 BASTWAY GARDENS. I BED-room semi-bungalow. S lata. Zone MH. A real buy! Pigs Real Estate (Ottawai Ltd., 733- vms. Kvemnge. tea Dei n uio. aaa- ee: n. inomaa. 7za-sss (FFICIENT ANDX PERSONAL aelllng. Call rfudaaa and Evans. Rrsltor- gag. lie I. ELM VALE ACRES. S BEDROOMS, large living room, rtreolaea. as. cupanev Sept. aa. glg.gog vrlth tow sews payment' ana aaeend mongsgs u ae atreet. FOR HOUSES. ALL TYPES. CALL Bert guts as Slg. FOB PROMPT SBBV1CB CALL A loan Gale Agencies Ltd., "Real tors,- 7ie-seei ar aiavaaie esi OATTNEAV. 400 MAIM STREBT. 1-year-old brick buagalaw. g bedrooms, fireplace, play ream. garage, sat to a IN, St. too dawn. owner tranaf erred. gaa-aaM. HOUSE.. S FLOORS. Slgjov. At.- 00a coen. eea cumsnlata Avenue wi ovjhi eoi awe. IF YOO ARB THINKING Of BUY- tng ar ceiling real aetata, a a 11 major neeitr vim Tag sees. LA BOB BRICK DUPLEX," veers nt. a nearanma a apai imant. Large kitchen te a 14. Blaster walla.- MLB SU444. Evenings. WUIiam Nesgy. 1SS-aolJ. Kally-Moorg Ltd- BaaM tors. 7aa-ioai. MUST SELL S BBDBOOM BUN galow. weat Baa. ssassnlsa location. Greet aaertrkM. Offers Invited. . gaa-aSTI. NEW USTINO. CITY VIEW. IM-. ntaeulate. a hsdraam kuunlew. angslstene fireplace, many ex tras, eautmti laaeajeapea cieae te schools, only 414.004 ; Jack Botsrwell. Seal ear,- Taa- NEW 4-BEOROOM BRICK HOME. ruat nrapiaca. oak noers. 1 . be the. For aarttculara call Lars Oabarg. Broker, Tga-4404. OTTAWA BAST BUNOALOW ON ataean Terrace, near eaakl. Prnperll ta exsallent ewndltieai. Sbsdrsaana. living room a ad I When, Asking 414.004 Call J. Downey. saa-STai. evenings T44- oeao. t,anaoa reri Company. "Realtor MINTO C4U441 Moat Boajored Bui Id of 1965 MODELS NOW ON DISPLAY IN 'y FAIRFIlD TAKE AOVANTAGt ; OF MINTO S SPECIAL SUMMER ' .PRICES TO OWN . THE AWARD HOMR ' OF YOUR CHOICE IN THIS OUT STANDING , LOCATION. , ENQUIRE ABOUT HOMES ALSO AVAILABLE IN BELLANOS AND :., 7; UKEY.' Drive weal en Rlehrannd Rd , Just past the Pi nearest bver-aactlon: ar ea the 4ueenawap to Pinscreet exit. 444-4141. DAILY It .4 - TUNDAt 1 e i . TKS OTTAWA JOURNAL WIDNISDAY. AUOU3T 1. 1M4 f1'"! vbigfh! sa n itp40imm!fqm i-s V ' W. Bt. CAVAYi; of 31 Queen Mary Road, Ottawa, who waa ractnlty preaJntad with tbo Silver MadgJ of th Ontario Horticultural Asso-clgtioa at Its conventim hold this Summsr in Guetph. Th award Is tha higheat glvtn by tha Onurto Horticultural AafrOcUUon and ia tnada only to thosa gknlenaTS who hava atad outatanding contribw tlonl to horticultur in tha provlnc. Mr. Cavaya (Sandy to his many .Mands), has bom . asgorjatad with tha Ottawa Horticultural Society Eract(lM2. H is now aacra-tary-tiaaaurar, a poaitlon ha bat bald cootinuoualy sinct IMC 'U:,U 181 ICKIULt Oewt. from pimselag Cohtxtnl PARKWOOD HTLLB. AgXTNO an euw. asaiainn Buauuuow em attractive atone front, enrwart and paved driveway. Immediate an imilon. MLS tIMB. Mrs. Ora- aurn. gaa-aa7a mrhsisen and wymara. nenrsers. PRIVATE SALE, g - BEDROOM ones Bungalow, pevod driveway. Isndeoapsd. Mouassm Park, m- avoi. SELL OB BENT. U HOLLAND. large elngla house, brick, t hOt- SKL SWIM. SAIL. GOLF. S BED- w, pwveiiew svessiew, ell jnows. unx aagioj egva, es r BOOTH HULL BUNOALOW. DE- luxe, o urge mints, not water heeled, with lovely fireplace, en l.i -acre or ooautiiuuy taaoacapaa land, double garage, attached. ST aeale treea on toe- around s. ren- eones4e priced at Stg.osa. B. Landry. TTT-40TS ar A. Durroena, 4J7-IS30 Dueeeult Reel lata t a be. -Year BuU Beaiter.- TT1 Ull. SUBSTANTIALLY REDUCED BY owner. Drive ta SIR Edge earth, near Woodrefle High. Carling-wsod. etc. etas torn -auill apUk beet nelgSbsrhna. 4 h t'l bathe, very Urge Bviaa, dining gad family raaeaa, S-ear garage, asreanad pane. TRIPLEX 444.004. tiaa MONTH IV numt far owner. Hoi water heating. Acre RealHoa ami ta- srvce. taa-aaea anjtime. TRIPLEX. NEW. LOW DOWN MT- ment. TTt-aaaa. VERNA COOK. -naALTOR.- ttS- SS4S. with horoea and pispssUss far tha axsmminattna auyor. WELL MAtTeTAINBD HICK bunaahrw with go re go and electric applUnose. Asking S14 Caek. -ReelWsr- Taa-Aaat: Mm. otta Igl llll, ' WEST BHD BUNGALOW. 4-BED- reesn. auung rssm, au neat, near new nuhlic school. 414.SOS. T. A. vierx. -naaitnr.- xae-77aa rasTBOko. bpotless bungA- lew, a kigftaasi. eeporate dtaksg rssm, garage Tarrtfie landnap- awgi gieavo. uns vil ear. 11 ee IS. . WHEN YOO NEED HELP IN BUY- sng ar-gelllna roue heme. eaO naarge a. Eaass. naaitar, aag-arao. S-BEDBOOM BRICK B0U4E, Ot- sawa weat, ta rood read men Eaay terms. Can Lara Oabarg. 4 -BEDROOM S-8TOREY. CLOBB ping. Tsi-aaai. alter 4. It Cer- S1A04 DOWN. f-BBDBOOM HPnCaH bM"Mbp al4awVBBa ePBTaBaj, J, Pisipn I no. -Real tor.- sad-etta I1A04 DOWN BUYS THIS MOD- salew. ruel fireglass, wall ee wall rug ba living room, California style kHrhen. dinette, tot Tg x 100. Meadow lends, handy arheuls. tor eulrk eala. . SltJOa, a nvsrtgage. eaay terms. Edward aeea. nee nor. Tzg-aaxa. 4a.an0 HANTHJEB THIS I1TJ04 ki4innui. Itpi bathe, treed kn. near camngnaag. Tra-liea S-OOOR B4)W Centre Town. 4ITA44 Aek alitor STEADY RENTS. HANDY MAN could Improve gsspnty sad an-creese bual. Mr. Murrey saa-gtsa; aventngs. Oeeie Le-i oompet. gM-Tggl. i nan j. Oliver Eealtlaa Ikodted. -Beai- UAVTNB CITY AND CHARMINO BRICK ttmCA- xsw. recreettaa roam, fenced garden, atone pa Ha, Baaeline- erTFlShsTrfjBFi .crt lot., 3room honvt' : Only IJ,ftOO for thia wall-kept, Bagutifully Undecaped Occupancy M dayt or aa 72tI3a-.T22-a053 ' T22-7S23 . EDSTAN HOMES "wmnN 1 'tut atir ON VALLEY DRIVE, ttf FUASANT FAUX ROAD (N THE ALTA VIST A AREA $16,680 4. $20,345 , 731-dt61S 701 oo fct un (Cent, from Breetding Cettueal BOW'S LARS ABBA tt BUN8BT BLVD.. 4 BEDROOMS. galinsd easement, garage. Sept. I eertipansy. 411.104. H. B. Brawn. Broker. taa-aaTg. ' WEST BNB COM PORTABLE S-BEDBOOM bungalaw. fireplaea. 11. bath-reems. lendacapad. senvonlsntly ascaiea. 444, PRIVATE SALE CRESTVIEW PABK.'S - BEDROOM .axingaiaw with carport. 1 year mm oeiurmi atone n replace. Bay wmdow. walnut kitchen, lull ula Bathroom, lot Tg x 104, fenced In. Many extras Must gall. A real cnaaee. si 7. eon. xt erest Drive. TS4.1444. - WB4YBBN AVENUE . OEAL FOR EXPROPRIATED family from Centre Town, lovely condition Setntey brick. Varna Cook. -Realtor- m-4444; mra. warner Taa-xasa. MeBBLLAB PABB ,. IMMEDIATE POaSRSaiON bsaroom brick anas with fin- ashoa recreation rtim One lull and a half baihr omnia Call O c. Edwarda. S34-4441. ar aveninga Limited. "Realtor. TREMBLAT BaTAB BUS JUST 414.744 FOB A TB BOM mylee) bungalaw with riser to eelllaa rlrenlace. Located rust off ' the tfueanaway near Alia Vleta I imvw. nua at ine out mm . oil Delany. ' Reeltor." T4I-4I44. ' OTTAWA MUTR EARLY POSSBSSION. T - BOOM brtek home en usee a venae with rmiobodiflat on third floor. Good oonaitiaa. Call O. C. Edwarda, 430-444!, aveninga taa-0444. Bhedea Reel El 1 4 1 s ; rurennaa, -neeiiec. .' BRVENUR ' .:. CENTRAL LOCATION. TTTREE- atorey duplex, eeaatettng eg two-end four-bedroom aaailmantt Hera la your opportunity fee goad rental Interna ptua large living euartera. Abeaiuteiy spot-lese fhraughaut. Far tsanietnient cell Tut has Beat Batata. Deal-tor- 74-4117. evgs. L. MesTett 744-4114. . WS4T BHB - - ' 1. YE AB-OLD WHITE BRICK S- xaaiaam aaaapenaw nwngai e w. cai perl, floor ta celling fireplace, Ctoarapaa hammint, Rusrt. nublat, acparata and aish Schools within wslklaa distance. Prlvsta aale. til.tod. T44-4434 crvic BnaprrAL CENTRE HALL PLAN. 4 BSD- rooms with 1 14 Bataa. rananon recreation rssm d left washer, die-peaal. Ideal lecailon. ssnvsnisnt ta schools, churches, s h a p ping. transports treeoTehn malum vswws, Among The Pines (NOTE: If you ara Just took-ln( for a houaa on a lot aaywhtra - ploaao do "not bothar to road tiu4 4f). . If paa apprerlatd arlvacr ana aeronlrv. drrve br SS Oelewsv In MerfvaM Cardana. pan wiR aulckly ese thai It la hsuaded aa Iwa aides by HCC property and eta-rounded by ptaea and coders. What you sennet sea however. B the patio' at she rear, war tha dee tares of tha anterior. This we ahaU be happy prtee la rather high and a good cash per ment la renulrad. If yea are ami Inter ootid after that dlatauragmg plats mant. pieces leiapknna David Neieh au-eaoi. or Mra. Keahw T44-4411, asm. Lave T4a-1744. FITBIMMONS ' as ca LTD. . Roattan and lngurtircaj .. M0t4aM 147 SPARKS ST. 232-7113 EVERY LOCATION . OFFERS A DISTINCT ; BUYING ADVANTAGE - . SINCE INDIVIDUAL TASTES VARY, NEIGHBORHOODS APPEAL DIFFERENTLY TO EACH FAMILY- . TotW paraonal 4mim coupled with tha adocatad opinkm ol axparts an) your tuaraataaaf 4 turlsfacrifM to ' obtalaint tha right ' locatrM far yaw-., v faiaila aaxt QUEENSWOOD PARK Just Daat Oriaant) knfj look for Capital Situ ' Navai 2471 'call coBoet) h r a ; -A " ALTAVISTA MeoMa tocattd m , WttUayRd. ' CAPITAL QUALITY HOMES 701 .liCTRtUL! (Coat, tra LOUIS TrTLBY LTB. HSALTOB' Ml BsBaaa 114-IIM OTTAWA SOUTH, at. -STOREY rooming haun. fully furnkdied. warns aiste aaaaeaaeap, - aasaoo; sa.440 aaa-aaaa STE ANNS PARISH. CLARENCE .. Street, miasm atueta duplex. 4- room apt. 1 err aa Hen room. rage with paved drivO. 414400; aaa-uu. BBCBBFtT SEAL BSTATB (Ottawa) tag, ' lag MacLsrea at. asa-isaa - ' any Tune ISO MEADOWLAND8 DRIVE aalit level, brick and aluminum, living rssm. engewtene grepiece - dining room. 4 tigresses, rasree Han mens. I full hatha, eeokle carport, early a xiat only 414.440. IN COME PROPERTY. LOW PRtC- aa 4-emlt. Weat Bad. monthly rantala. 41R4 Jnat xaaaa ALTA VISTA ABBA. BRICK AND garage. S ream with bar. aear all ernooU very well priced at only 417.404 WEST BNB BBttBLB I YEARS OLD. BnrENT xsuanea with powder room. Bent, ad till each aide. Priced la aaU. m. ixampoon ltd . -Realtor, Tag-tsar. BRICK BOtrBLS sitvtaa a RED ROOMS BACH. SUITED tar reaming and bearding. I mocgi from Ottawa University Sll RAaTICALLV BBBOCRB OWNIR DBSPSaTATB. A NICE 4- gansw in cryetal Bay with fireplace, dining roeaa. large kitchen. garage ana lovely taod. low down payment, SI4.440. Roddick ana? 1 emlv tick and Mocllonaut Ltd. -Reel Inc.- Taa-lTtT. Eve ning ned gharhUge. 744-4444 ar -"en wainen. aaa-tagr. . BASBUNB BOA T-ROOM BRICK SEMI . BUNOA- aw, niaiiiaea. large tot. attached garage, many extras. MLS taog. McKaown Reeltlea Ltd.. 44-4404. aveninga Mra. Orant, MeRBLLAB HBrBHTC THIS BRICK ROMS HAS LOTS or Buiit-ht living. Aapactons living raasa. dining ream for en- teriaining, large piayi 14 uaina. a nawered nelio douhio ooreao fenced rear vera and an excel lent location, gat. leg. Roddick and Mac Dona Id Ltd. -Reelter." 114.1717; aveamm- Lea Wathen. aa-iair; Mrs. Mitchell. 441 gall SAVE $500 0N; V SUAAMER CONSTRUCTION RIVIERA 771-6694 - CHOOSE YOUR CeAMPEAU HOME j tr i! from 3 CHOICE LOCATIONS LESLIE PARK - MODEL HOMES AND Bales orrtca located orr bass lire road OH wREENBANK BOAD AT ! TBt WBkTEBJi CITY UkUTf, m , T . .. - QueensvVay Terrace West ' " O&T rMNKaaeTf BOAD. NORTH OP THS ffCBENSWAT. SALES OfTICS AT LESLIE PARK. . , j RIVERSIDE PARK SALES OPTICS LOCATED ON riELO INO DRIVE OPP MCCARTHY BOAD, SOUTH Of WALK LBV BOAD BETWEEN BANK sTTBECT AND RIVERSIDE DRIVE. "'-V';v CAMPEAU, Your Kay to anMtar Utina'. i I ill ' I. i. ' . . . f' .' ',:,vl V " . .;,.. - ' . 4, .i ' . J e ,r. i .1 " r new.: DESIGNS , FROM . MINTO ; IN PARKWOOD HIUS Mlnbrt or aao opeaTrar yi with g rcfresiuag dntereaoe. Yearn find a oMtghtfal eevf : aaplil ta garni ditschsd boeaaa every ouretanding failure Mlnua duality eanaUBSil at and awtid-wlnnlng doelgn at ' e9ef4TJa7, mmkTt afr 4a aTfjAjR aonrlral priee ...ail urvery Riilasea act ting ta Ottawa exeat tan nulla! eiasni unity. DOWW BATatHnttH .rHOM PARKWOOD HILLS Ylsrt ear mode hi on dleeUy every aveaiag luvoladtng Setup-ddyl m 4. lexis HI 1 Of HRHRB AYR IV ST BaXDW BASStUNS BO. 701 KCT rSJui , i Cent from Pisisib4 Columa) CANADA PERMANENT TBUST . Company ., -Rsalters . -aii-nas. Sll MUTUAL, t-BED ROOM BUN-galow. aear Rldeau High School Asking (II, too. dawa payment VILLA CRESCENT. 4 . BBDBOOM Bungalow walk 4-oar attached garage, aainai las. located aear Hog a Bark. Priced 444.004. OTTAWA SOUTH ON BARTON Street. 1-etorev alrutle k r I c k veneer, t rooms, earner tat Aak- ng gia.oao. immantale eion, Call Jehn Downey, gaa- 4744. , - ' VBBANBALB BUNOALOW. a BBDBOOM S, grepiece. carport Near schools - traaapasuuoa, eaevptng eat ehurchaa. S14.1SO. 7U-aU4 SBL AIR PARS, 414400 4-eterey. I kldissm, 4-pieee at . mla he th room. U ft. Uvlag rw fuel areplase, large, bright kitchen, separata dining rssm, piaster walls. 4i, merlgage. T 147 14 14LANB PABB BB1VB New Bxcraslve LMaxg 4 Idtaams. gig ATTBACTIVE BRICK . STOREY Specioue living room with fireplace, large- aeperate dining room overlooking beauttf ally landscaped, fenced garden Mod-' era kitchen with large breakfast area. Tha large master bedroom ana -BLers nam en aune. derful cupboard apace. A 1 1 n- ished reereatton room with ftre- Blace. Atlacnea Boated garage. Crane hot air ell hosting. Own er- leaving country. List IP74. Ask Ins 4aY5oo. Mrs. Cation. evenings T14-4144. Badcliff Roal- tiea us, ' Realtor.- 444-001 MANOTICK HAS BYBBYTHIN ... Bat Yea and Years , -. Aab OUvar" S i BED BOOM BUNGALOW. S he to rooms, a-cer garage, larre-placee. ocperate living and dining rasms. extra large kitchen, finished recreation room, land- river 417400. Exclusive wltk Ernest J. Oliver Realties Ltd.. "Realtor.- 444-4444. Evenings. aae-iaa. ' OTTAWA WB4T CHARMINO a BEDROOM BRICK ewngalew foeturwg dining room. 10 kitchen, large loL fully escaped Reduced ta SISJoi. Cloae ta schools, shopping, trana-portatlon. Roddick ami Mac Donald Ltd. "-Realtor.- 714-1717. evenings.' Pted Burtridge, Taa- 440S or Mra. Mitchell, 444-4111 nxnannM BUNBALOW . . neltiveo na wnntrt AU c-BAIN prmiera area, many . mm thle Immaculate erica umi. Mrin aiaaoa L. A. McKlnlcy Agencies. 'Real. tor.- 434-4.111. Mr OCennelU 144444. ; MAN4PTELB AYENUR BROADVIEW AND M BP BA B acnesi area, e snuniia. raae. tmaseeuleie condition. Ceil MrV Anderson. T4S-0400. Donald O. Chart an sett lad, 'Be a rear ." - TOO NAME IT IB HAVE IT. BRAND NEW BUN-galows aad twe-etoreya. Open every evening 444 to a p m.. for your Inepirtion, Vancouver Avenue Met off Bank atreet. 414404 ta 414.440. Regional Reel tr Ltd. Sa-Tai4, eveninga TSl-dO-tl, QUALICUM Th6 Prfestige Community a Superb Design Achievement by, ; TER0N , . 828-2343 w . Leeatod at tad aad of tht Wepaara BadaaswaJ. Off Blgk- ay 14. .. , , :. . RoydliTrust 2354311 CtNTRK T6WM '. a3V4-7 COOPER ST. ' Too. family 'dwelling reduced from aitjoa to ettue mtatd. $15,200 fS ; EASTWAY GARDENS : 133AVENUKR. ,H ' a bSdieem hunekvw la aluminum Sid tag. Largo rocreetlfln ream. Maintained M excaUonl ..'. I -iM $22,000 '1.. U CTTYVIEW 3 CANTER ItVD. ! j it-... , ... . OHim ta eotratla. ehucehaa and malar obeying centra, t bed $28,500 - - -SHERWOOD DRIVE AREA ' 3S LYNWOOD 'AVENUE 4 badi aom glut main floor dan. S-ear sara4a btg reereattaa BBrH bHH MlB) baaWaanTHMlt. per Inspection ar mformatbm. oall aaa-4411. ar ovenMga Mur-rsv O Dell. Tlt-tsna. ar Tad , C-.-v ' ; o ,. r ROYAL TRUST taltor ' " , O , a ' t 4 t 4 ream, a-ouwoy axBBa xrtrn na aural ftrepleeo. rsramta ' hath, raaab. MLS K-asta. -i . . u. ' 1. . i ' . 1AA . . ..s ,o, s. s ,s-o ........ f . t 701 , lOlfiB Nt SAU I Cent i to clsmow aVbnub LABOR MALLS. RECSXATION - .eod mtm hodrnams m 4 k O this homo eulted for enterUln- Ing. Schools are Clone, i , also trsne- -. . . . .-- m.,1,1 no BeptT I. Per details jslaasa eall Mrs. Hutchison. S44-7444; H. P. Beach, 714-4744. ar A. S. Me-PhaU? BSS-I4TI. C. A. r-itmtm-mona and Cempany Ltd . ' Heel-tors.- and Inaurance. Mortgagaa. IgT Sparks Street, all-llti RADCLIFF - REALTTEa LTtV ' REALTOE 236-9401 vat OVK HOMt riHOMKS SlRVlCt " UcKfUar Bright v -4 gapgr apltt' in ' Iha better homes' krecket-Bomaa brlrb and stone, aa a - Urge beautifully landiospod lot. Peur baitreoaM. pens Hod den could he 4th H desired. , fireplace la both the formal living room end the eetual. nuhoaany panelled roe. rooart. ' larga dialng room, laundry, mudreom. 4 bathroema. healed 1-ear garage. No. 1040. MLS . Na K-4T00. Vre. Cotton, ova. Bingg raa-tiao. XiOarllfaal . v , j Ntor Shopping Ctntn Treaapartttlea. bath Englteh and rronch schools. On 4 auhrl pretty atreet. an all brack elorey-snd-s-hsrf home with 4 Urge bedrooms and a den. Fireplace In a aparloua Irving room, good stead family kitchen, paved drive, and 4 lovely large treed lot. Juet lit 400. New MLS bating He. 1454. Mr. W. Strachen. T4B-144J eve. ' mUm. '': - MtKHar Park An, tnglttk Garim Just baautifulry kept, and It bocks mIsi email park. Close te - bath Broadview and ,Na-pose, ta St. Basil and St. Jeeeph'a erheols. this at a large S ksdraam kanualew hV rosily fine condition. rirepUca. wan- -to-wall hroadloom In living room, dining room and one hsdraam. tmmodlaU t . etoa No. 1000. MLB K-a04, Mr. W. Btraehan, 144-1444 nre- Unmitw't Man Uk jiifvaea port It reellv bt hist lovely, huge let. beautifully landscaped salting for a pertureeeuo storey-. and-a-half home, grey brick. S bedrooms, a den. t full bathrooms, fireplace m the living ream and in the ps nailed roe. m a aa weU. Beautiful condl-tleu, a gardener X pared tea, at an area' of exclusive horn so. 040.000. No. Ull. MLS 4M. Mra. o4etresa.';-4a-4Ma eve- JtotAtftK CrhHT K... format Country Metidenet Vary large. Amartraa Coioalal etvttng. huso let with a meg. nifteenl view. Pour huge, con-. . neetlng reception rogme, (perfect far entorialnlngl. gr see-fully curved stairway, cork ceilings and eliding pella patM doors la the aoUrlum. wall avaa. eounter tap etava aa a luxury kitchen, eunny break-teal area, I large ceramic keens. age. Thoughtfully planned and beautifully built by Oarend. 444400. Na. 1041. mra O I Cmtrg ron, SomerHt W. IVaar th Driwag A aolid rug brsrit 4-bedroom homo en the nleeat part of ' thle savory etd tree laxed street. Fleers hava . lassnUy been 'v, aondod. tea been freecity deea-.i.-iiMfc, , rated, modernised and Immaculately clean. Paved drive, gee- ' ace. Must be aoM, we're looking for orTere No. 1044. Mr. Edasexutena. 714-4044 a ox lags . Trent Strttt DosMb tnfogmtnt'- Whan pea own tht. excalnarl , a hedraam brick doubM an a very taod atreet of attractlva ' hemes In lovely ewadltteu with private gardena becking an She Expat ana atal Farm, both etdee are well rented. May ba purreletia or-perevsty if desired. Asking 414 PM par aide. Exist-lag 4 i.e. asartgage. or we win acreage new fin on ring. No.-.. 174444 Mr. t. Sharkey, tea- ' 444 evenmga. - au vuu - Long, tang, Into bungalow - , wo-va mat natea wilt I asa- reesn beauty or or atone.' el rusted right . BMsk of goo ahoppmg. en a fatly lands repeg ' lot. cuetem built, slsie ontrsece hen. stone fireplace in the Hv ' hsg room, seperele dining room. walnut eupboarda la the kitchen, a full eat a mis bathrooms with vanities, attached garare. Asking Juet 44040 dawa. Na. IPSO. Mr. H. free man. Tla-aiad aventnas. at Air Park Wfra alt axcUtd " over rhig ana. It's in each lava. . ty condition, that we love ta ; . show It. A terrific buy ot 417.-. ana, a year oM ail brick 4-bortroont bungalow, with crtra ' delightful lendsceping of ghraha and flowers, s amines akada H4 Aide wlndona. ftrepleeo ta a pretty Irving loom, prslssalan aire finished roe. room, paved drive, aleue to all schools Na. " toto. Mr. H. rroman. Taa-aiM VattaaU '. roa'U nvr balitv g Till you eee It . . , 4 big bed-, rsims. . i haras big living rosso, eeperete dining room. weH planned large family , kitchen. 10x14 ft family room. laundry room, with one hod. ' room down and a ueeteira. i Broad loom m th living room. dloloe row) halt . 4 ..... , JuatiM.OOOt Of brick, hi levo. ly condition, nice aarden. an Rrlva, on a pretty street Na. 1044. New listing. Mrs. Kshoe, TSS-aiai aveninga. , 4 ... . tt. Thotnat AoulnOM Parts. Star thru tchool bllt rtngf , can no mti ice nt ttma far aohei opening in thai spot, i Woe and shaxtng atersy eiul a. half heme, ae conveniently le rated nvr aoheols. churches, , ahope Buaea A fenced an4 ' a large kidramist and a balk upetelrs. 4rd bedrnaaa eowa 1 far dent ernnbtnetkua hvtng mom with flrepteee" ... , IW- Na, EaMt, 744. aiSI ovaaiaas, . i., , TYT ' Bga( fttirrj .n.;.;,..., A Dofl'g ffotiM . H r,n!J' " "1 tWn. V. , ing eondttion. eierrect for g re. ".t"l'c who would en ov the hrvery targe treed gar. den Just I bedrovnwa, na baa. ' mtXf- T? ovasent tenant H willing In stay at 444 per ' month ar we eaa arranga ee. '"r"- "' t11.0io" No liHis.s"'- " ' veattMB. , ,. SorvifB tg ear haafnass.' mA W 04T ROW 44 for tvtrg out. ft; call ut t any ffmg. cup tDOn trglngrl gnif avnewe.,. gntt'mr tumg mt pour 235-9401 ' '

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