The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 12, 1918 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 12, 1918
Page 7
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, MARCH 12, 191S. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNEIiSVIIXE, PA. PAGE SEVEN. SMOKING A PIPE EVENINGS MAKIES A FELLOW FOR|GET HIS f ROUBLES, SAYS "HERB" SHANK letters' from Herbert C. Shank, Company C.. Fifteenth Engineers, ic Prance, to his parents. Mr. and .Mrs- Charles Sbaak, ot South ConiLellsTiUe, and his slater, Habel, and brother, Earle, give some information as to now he was enjoying soldier life when they were written', - They indicate that he, like others, longs to again set toot on American soil. To his father and mother fie writes: "Everything is being mihed--work- ing, day and "night. .Tomorrow I am going to start on the car]enter detail.' I don't know how long I will he with them." Oiir captain, has "a scheme for beating water with the stoves and he got me to draw it up. "We look two big cans and connected tJiem together with a half inch pipe. Then we took a pipe f,rtm the bottom oC one of them, ran a couple of coils through the back ot our cooking stove and then iatofhe top of the other can. By means of it we expect to koep about 60 gallons of water hot all the time. "Say- pap, I smoke a pipe a little in the eveninss and at nights. It seems to make a-fellow .forget some of his troubles and really givas me much corn-fort Would you send me a large can of P. A.? Don't tend me any cisarets for I don't smoke them. ·ianks. £or 1 know you will. · "Gee, I had a dandy dream the other night. I thought I was lying in my bed .and looking out over the kitchen root. It was spring and you and I and Jimmy were digging in the gar- den.. Mother, waa feeding the chicks., I surely did ftel out of luck when 1 i woke up." . . ' . " - ' i To his sis-ter Shank writes: j "Still as healthy as ever and getting' beUer overy day. Saw a lot of negroes ; the other day. One fellow aked a big black .boy if he had enlisted. TUe negro replied, 'No boss, we didn't en-; list They just-came and took us.';. Another fellow asked if tber were scared coming over. One spoke up and · said: 'wtH bo', we wasn't $est ex-1 actiy.' skeered, ;but one night we had a | i pretty rough sea and some ot us" was' makin'"peace with our Maker wUen a : tall one (meaning high wave) hit our ! I boat. One brother yells, '.Lord if you j ; can't come quick, send one of your ! { swiftest angels.' They surely are a happy-go-lucky bunch." ; The following letter in. port/was re- ' peived by a brother, Earle: "I found a fellow in Company A,, by ' the name of Larmor Costello who says ; he knows you well. He was a brake- j man on the P. L. E. train.which; leaves the city about 6:35 o'clock in ; j the morning for- Pituburg. j j "I have been - dreaming of home ' ! most every night lately. Last night I . j seemed to be home but ^the war -wasn't i jot-er. I Tras trying to get feltoivs t o } enlist and was going back in a month, i The other night I dreamed of Jimmy. i He was walking up a long stairway j and T was following him to catch him i if he fell.'.' Illuttratet · ENVIOUS NETTtE'S PUNI5H- ;; MENT.'. O ICCK tiponj) time, long, long a.ffo. L .theri. lived a . little cirl named' 'Nettle.-'{*who ' wanted Bverythlns I ' O n * n l f f h t a b e cried for the *p*n *f ·tan that hunc in the aky Hh« a. necklace of diamond*. "But you can't have that, d«ar." said her DndiST, "That !· the diamond necfc- l*co. belonjlnif to Qucxn Niffbt." /'Then I will have It!" cried Nettle. "I want It! I want tt!** "But Qu*en Night Urea In Cloudland," .Kmfletl her Daddy. "And I don't Xnow who way there.'* : I "Thon I'll nnd Itr.' cried Nettle, and quick as a wink NeUie and her Daddy wer* ·ailing through the air. They hndn't cone far when a. tiny Ellin op«nM her litti* *tar window and .warned them to turn back. ' "Cloud land Is no place for little glrla who cr/ for thins* they ice others wear- Ing," said the Uny elfln. "WUchy Gloom will bo rery anjrry when fhclearna about your mission hert." * 'Tin not afraid of her or of anything else!" exclaimed tho naughty little fir!. ."I want that pretty neckia.ce and I'm going to get it." "You'd better trim buck beforo Jf» too late!" cried another tiny ftlfln. "It al- jwajra mean* trouble when one envle» another. Que«n Night vrill ?i«v«r zlve tap that necklace, my fler." FEELS FINE, SAYS GEORGE NOX M'CAIN MRS. JOHN HOGAN MADE NEWS DIRECTOR FGODADIffiNISmTWN She Aow Testifies Thai Tanlac ilas Improved Her in K\err Way. j Former' -Mt. TMrasant KdJtor Accepts ' j federal Post on Condition Tnat 'Tanlac has made me feel fine," de- ; H« Draw no Sulary. - , el-ared Mrs.'John Hogan. o; Bridge-j Colonel George Is'ox McCain, veteran \ port. Pa.' I newspaper correspondent, author, lee-v "1 learned of it through my son, who [ turer. editor and publisher, has been : brought me the medicne about a wecU,! appointed as a member of the ad- . ago. and I began taking it. ; visory council-and news director f o r ; "Owing to a bad, we;ik" stomach, I · the federal food administration in \ have eaten very little for years, and,. Pennsylvania. The now iQ8t wt j 'naturally, my strength and vitality be- i created as a result of* a- request th.w.j came very much lowered. Food sal-) the news^wers of (he state cooperate ^'k^yvitemS^it'?'" dom agreed witih me- even Ui« lightest j with the.adainistratioa. Colonel Me- · By thUi tim» Xttitto and her would be too long, but we We can't very well give you a complete list of the users of the Pittsburg Garbage Incinerator. The list can give you some of them; Pi'ttslwrgli, Pa. Pittsburgh, Fa. Piffsbunrh, Pa- .Pittsburgh, Pa. Pittsburgh, Pa. all of them in and around Pittsburgh, and to whom you can write if you care to do so. We can show you testi- mohiaJ letters from some of them if you \vlil stop at our demonstrating room, 123 South Pittsburg street, i· · People's National! Bank _ Pittsburgh, Pa. German Cl«! - Pittsburgh, Pa. Paul Hacfce BuiMiEg ~ PJttshurgh, Pa. - S=AS. Kresage Co John Z. Spoer _ T. C. Jenkins , . A. E. Braun -St. Joseph Hospital Sewickley Valley lipspiiatl Sewicklcy, Pa. Children's Fresh Air Konie fnr Crippled Children _ Sewickley. Pa. Bellevue General Hoxpiiai Bellevne. Pa. Standard Steel Car Co Bntler, Pa Hotel Engie ._ West Brownsville, Pa. Summit Koto! Uniontown. Pa. All of these users will tell you our incinerator is a demonstrated success, that they give satisfaction in every way and require no upkeep or repairs. Bring a neiv plant nnd a neiv industry to Connells- Tillc by buying Pittsburgh Garbage Incinerator Stock. Shares. $10.00 f u i l y paid and noia-iissessaljlc, Demonstrations (laiSy ;it 1-S South Piifcsbi.rg street. Dorsey Realty Co.- f Easy to Make . .*** 5 Pine Cough Remedy t » i ·:-»-) i M * I'll find It.' "But my D»ddy prorait*^ 1C to d I'M nev-»r »*»ln headaches.. Months and months o f ; taken him into many thrilling skua- suck misery are sure to iindennine tae j tior.s. has been arresteil as a spy in health of any woman. 1 final? grew j Venezuela atf Constantinople, and very uervoua and could no', rest well j barely escaperl arrest in Serbia. HP at night. j was bora In Allegheny City, January ! SSme? wild 1 am now Ceeliug the best^l have in , 117, 1856. On« of bis first, ventures was j .7 hope t j )lf 1 years. Tanlac rcUe'vcd iae immediate- '· publishing 'of Uie Tiraf*? and M i n i n g ; A» ·*« «poi ly. The second day my appetite in-i journal at Mount Pleasant. He later,' creased. I -really was hungry aad «.* ; became cliy editor and New Vork car- , grandest thing of ail is thut eating | respondent of the PHtstmrg Dispatch- : did nat hurt me. Taniac sirensthened j and. in 1883-1902 and* 1?KM-W wan on = · my digestion and 1 do not have bloat-! the editorial staff of the Phlladelphlr. iag or shortness of breaih. The pal-| pros?. He was corrrcpor:dent of i h a r piiatioa- headaches and dizziness have- paper during the Brldn'n-Veflozuela also gone. · «boundary excitement o* 1^?6. "Taulac has made a new woman c! ' Colonel McCain lias traveled cxtcn- me. I fel better every w*ay. My ; HveTy and of late years has lectured nerves are better. I have plenty of · on Bulgaria. Sertslc, Alaska, Egypf. strength and never have a bit o f ; Tunis and .the Sahara, Yucatan and trouble sleeping. Tanlic is different other foreign countries. He rras HP- from all other medicines. It is re: poiated to the aiaff ot Govrnor Hast- Diarkable-." " , Ings in 1395. In 1879 hr married Mar;.- Taniac, the celebrated -Maater Medi- j V. Overboil cousin of Hearj' C. Frlck. cine is now sold by Connellsville Drag j · . _ Co. Tanlac can also be secured in Dunbar at D. C. Bason's Drug siore,--ft3v. haod both , . «hJ«d and c*rrl«d further and furthwr JLiray from tb* diamond n*cklaor, never »top- ptnff until th«r tJiinipwS rl«ht Into U» enchantdJOLVtlft ot VHtclJT Oloom. "Jt ts verj- «!n»h and caufhlr to err to othcrvt** «x- (q a cruE voic«. uh« waved tiirn*d Into a »rcat bin b«r. Thro-wtn« t«pfc ht^ h^«d wtm *n on«rr irrowl h» 1 "Vou rn'.j?t return In mrih *nd UT*I B!OI:*." »aW Wttchy Cl!o«m a«Jly. ·TVhtm oii cjtn trll me how n».rir aijun It tftWo lo m-ilce up lh« dlamontl necklace Qu«k*n NlRM wcarn. tltn yo'ir daddy fchnli lif r»str*rptl to von. S*!(Uhne« »nd ·nvy will n i w u y p brlntr yon (o Borrow." Then NelUo waji Lfitnblcd b«ck to ru-th tjr»!n wher» ah* hiui to r»m«.tn the r«?t of h«r life alon*. At ]ea»t, I gijMi ?ho dM. for 'mend nny nl)fht if Ton, loafc UP Into Ihft l)et'«iu row can ««t th^ Croat big b*ar ctlnrlnjr to tho ctmidti ·wh*re W Itchy Gloom coat him. ind Qnern N l j h t ·'"·H w««ra her lt%mond necklnro of t i n y «tai-»--whtoh thn th!l- dr*n of todar ca.Il tho Milky TV*y. Yon know that pine i* used in nearJv «ill preirriptionB and rcEatdics for couzh*. Tbu rcMon in titat pine contains soveral peculiar elements that rive a. Temartab!« effect in soothing and hcal- inj; tbo tncmbranw o£ the throat and che*t. Pino is fuinena for tbia purnosu. Fine cf,nish nyrtips arc conibinationa oC pint and srnip. The "*yrup" p*rl U U"*- nallr plain cMnul»t«ti sucar syrtin. Kotninjr better, but «hv buy it? You cnn. caailj- make ifc rourdrlf In lire minute*. To in*kr tho bwt pine couofa. rtmwly thai money can bur, pist 2Vj ounw^ of J*i»KT {80 cwitfl worth} in a pbt bottle, And fill up \viiih sucar inrrtip. ThiaRiri^*yiu a full pint--morn than you cs.n bur r?*c!y-mnde for $2.50. J', it pure, good and very childrfn take It cfifterlr. Vow can feel this take hold ol a r»r cold In a way th*t ia*»us business. Tbe cou^h »»? h* drr. hoarwt and tisht, or niav bo porsiit^aUj loom from tha ionaauon of pbk-ym. The c»u*o is tho *amt-- i n Qamtii nwmbranee--anil th is Pinrr «nd Hrrup oozabjnation ?fi!I stpp Jt--uraaflr in 24 hours or lv«*. fc-pleadin, too, for bronchial jutbom, ho^rsenciyK or *OT ordinarr throat ailment, Pinex is a bfcbiv oouocntratcd cora- pound of crnaine JWOPWKV pine (rxtritct, ·Aad I* ftmouA tha M-arJd over far iU prDuapt rtmltA. Bevrarc o( wiHtttutcn, Ask voar dmc- ffist for 2'.-j oturvres of Plnrx** with directions, and don't acc^t anrthins rlw.^ Gunritntccd to civc nfiMtlutn ati*» Too Tinei Co^i't WaySc^lad. "^ Big 15c Daily at 2:30. Evening Shows at 7:30 and 9:15. .? Clean, \ Progressive i Amusement for the Family. --TODAY A-YI T05IOKK01V- DAVE NEWMAN'S In the Musical Oddity "ON THE VERANDA" On the Screen--Rillic Burke in the lasi chapter of "Gloria's FEATURING. The Funniest Man in BurntfCork JACK GKAJfT And Uie Little Blonde Disseminator of Gladness and Joy HELE.Y 3CESSA In Creole Impersonations.. PILES RELIEVED Flatwoods. AUTHOR OF TOP THE, HOME FIRES BURNING" Also I'C7cm» Salt Rheara, Ulcers, Old Sores and Cnrfeunclen. Uaiir the influence of San Cura Ointment surprising improvement is _ - _ made so quickly that it seems almost KILLED IN AIR RAID ; TM,o vs . ORRINE SAVED HIM FROM DRINK KLATAVOODS, March 12.--Hctirv I i'ook met. with a very p a i n f u l accl- , dent on last Wcdjjesciay v.-hiie lie and ' KoiJic others wan- c u i u n K (jrnlt-r. a . tree fell rmrf caught him and knocked j bis shoulder out of piac? and hrutcKl j him in other way*. He is gettlas j j uloug Dicoiy at presooi. TheVural mail route No. 1 f r o m ! Smock hoe been without a carrier for j the past two months, which makes it ! very inconvenieot. for persons living , three or lour miles /ram ihe offlcw. [ The state road leading* tiii'ough \ SUIT NEW BUT HOLE IK SHOE Bad Teeth Like Bad Shoes Spoil Rne Dress and Good Looks PEOPLE NEGLIGENT IN CARE OF MOUTH Senreco Tootli Paste Powerful To Save the Teeth and Prevent Diseases i This scientific preparation promptly franklin township from tlic Perry to i kills all desire for whisker, beer an]( l n » Dunbar townsSlp lino is In almost Stubborn casct or piles like those of j otuer intoxicants. It can be given in i impassable condition. tVas Jin. Leia Ccilbort Ford, Amori- j ^ v :J V ^f- r ' l , 1hb *" ."JLJ^H.^'JIfj.^ I t h e home 6ecretly w " hout losa of """·' lean lVom»n; Body Eccorcrcd From Knins. By Asaociatca Pi LONDON, 'lurch'12.--The bodies o£ Mrs: Uena-Guilbert Ford, an Americao ppeteis and her'Son, about 30 old wore discovered yesterday in the wreckage of a house destroyed ia the German air raid.last week.' In this house 12 persons were killed. : ' Mrs. Ford formerly lived in ElmLra, N. Y. She was the author ol "Keep ; the Home Fires Burning'; one of the V most popular ol Uie English war songs. She made her home recently ~': with her son. Walter, in the north- 'f T^estern . section of London. Her ! mother. Mrs. Brown, of Mmira was extricated on Friday from the wreckage o; tb£ house and taken to » hospital seriously Injured. The Ford home and five adjacent houses wire wrecked by a bomb. STATEMENT OF EARNINGS . To be Given K»ilw«v Kmployes to Aid in Jtakinp Ont Incom* Tax Return. ' ' few railhead employes, who are not paid a fixed salary, have a record of- their earnings for 191", fiber a-re' finding it ^ifflcult to make out their income tax reLurns. The matter having come to the attention of Director General ilcAdoo he'has requested the railroad com, panies to give each employe, vrho re. celved more than SSOO in wages dur: ing the past, .'a statement showing how much waa received by him. ! vanish before the marvelous antiseptic j Ointment. Mr. Gilbert writes: 1 ".For twenty ears I suffered with bieedlng and itching piles; at times I was confined to the house for more lhan a month. Two years ago I began using Sam Cura Ointment and one 60c jar mad* a firm and permanent cure. I have not been troubled since." San Cura Ointment is guaranteed by the Laughrey Drug.Co., Connellsville; Broadway Drug Co.. Scnttole, who are sagents in their respective town*, to help any of .the^afaove named diseases or money back I relieves pain from burns, cuts and bruises, draws out the poison and often heals hi a short time. SOc, SOc sad IT.20 a jar at the Laughrey rrug Co., Connellsville; Broadway Drug*Co., Scottdale. . Dinbar Township TOns Agafi. Dunbar township' basketball team from work. No sanitarium expense. No losj of time. ' We are so sure that Orririe will benefit that we say to you, if. after a trial you fail to get any benefit, j'our mon^y will be refunded." .Costs only $1.00 a box. Ask us for free booklet about Orrir*. Co.inellsviile Drug Cc. West Crawford Ave.--Adv. MUST USB CARE. in Addressing Mull Jlatter to Soldiers in Serrfcc Aliroad. Tbe Amerfcan postal -sen-iqe in France has asked the PostofTice Do- The Ladies' Aid and Mission society of the Flatwoods churcb w i l l hold their regular meeting at the homo of Mrs. J. W. Hays Thursday, March 11. The Bucna Vista W. C. T. I?, held its regular meeting at the home of Mrs. E. E. Arnold last Thursday. At Present they are devoting their work to the interest of the Red Cross. The next regular meeting will be held at the home of Mrs. F. - L. Townsend. In Future Draft* M'ill Comprise About One-Third of Those Accepted. Statistics ot the Qrst draft show partment to urge relatives of Ameri-! that 10.87 per cent of the married can soldiers to in direct- i ra en called were accepted and 39.41 ing mail to the troops abroad. Rank I Per cent' of the single men. Out ot .(H)01 BAJ1I SO^tP. San 'Cura Soap is. a healing and antig^ptic soap: just tie soothing kind that baby needs. It frees Uie pores from impurities and prevents rashes 'and other skin diseases. Fine for any one's 'slda; Danishes iblackh«ads and clears the complexion. 25c a cake at the Laugrhrey. Drug Co., Comiellsville: Broadrvay Drug Co.. Ecottaale. If your druggist doesn't keep it send to the Thompson. Medical Co., Titnsville, Pa-- adrr. FARMERS EXEMPT From 'l»nr Hoarding Rules fc of Fqoa Administrator. Food Administrator George, of Allegheny county has decided that farmers' are exempt from the flour boarding rules, insofar as they apply to maintained its good record Saturday | floor produced from -wheat raised by night by defeating U'est Newton, i the farmers themselVes. 25 7 23. Next Friday night Dunbar They will not be required to make township meets Unioutown on the report of the supply of snch floor they Leisearingjloor.___ » may have, on hand. "Wien the !ro- ,! ducer sells or otherwise dispose 'of his product, then a report must be made by the person who aciruires possession of it. Try D.D.D. for Eczema and title should bs used instead of "Mr." Given names should be Written la full. Heturn addresses should be given and ink should always be used. It is explained that lead pencil writing often becomes illegible in transit. If Ton Want, Something Advertise for it in our classified column. One c'ent a word. 6,503,559 registered men not yet called 3,149,473, or 48.43 per cent, are married and 3,354,086, or 51.67 per cent, are single. Based on these statistics ProvoBt Marshal Gerioral Crowder estimates that in futura drafts virtually every other man called .will be a married man. Read The Daily Courier. Water St, Sceo*4 lied Crosn Drive Pottpvied. So as not to- interfere with the third Liberty Loan campaign the drivtt .to ' }raise a second-JIW.000,000 war relief' · ·' fund.for the Red Cross has been- post- *j poned from May 6 to the week begin- 1 nlng May 20 pARAMOUNTJHEATRE TODAY THOS. E. INCE PRESENTS AL.yA REUBENS IN . SOCIETY DHAMA IN 5 ACTS. "I LOVE YOU" ALSO A SELECTED COMEDY. T O H O B B O W .BLDEBIRDHOTOPLAYS PRESENT MONROE SALISBURY IN "HANDS DOWN" - . * - DRAMA IN 5 ACTS. ALSO A GOOD COAIEDT. ·All dretscd up with a hole'ln'hta \"y woji a. bit ol earciuam a girl at a young miui friend who»o *o- nUH -m* amw except hi* JKIZW-' turftd" iihoen. Rtcht itoough. too.^ man'or womati a. »habby would spoil the tppearanc* 5V UMi-fmost clBETust ffaxrseaui «v*r ,Wh«}fcbout the t«th? Dross la all ejflnary you plNOJW, It you open your cnouth.;expoiilng' a. decayed net of teeth yo"^*^«,tLracavoaees anda rtght there. TbJLt'*^ a hole In tho sho« for j'OQ. Thta^appUe* both to men and women, Girls, and young: man, you lo*« hall the admiration which would be directed toward you If you hav* bad to«eh. .You Scan't b* ploa»inc with, a mouthful lof "decay. You can't be · h«althy either. Tho condition of .the tftoth IIQ.VO a tellloc In- iluenca'on other organs of the body.- Bad teeth aifcct Uio lnt«atine*, itora- ach,'heart, and even the eyes. MsdJ- caJ scJenca shcrvrm that batf tseth produce unhealthy conditiona all ovtr th« body. With S*nreco Tooth Pojatc at your 1 eorrJce--a ecientlilcally prepa-red prt- [v«ntlv« of Pyorrhea--Uiera'a no i»ol ,of faUloff a prey to tbejsti Ills. No jnecd ol hmvinf a mouthfiul of d«cjtycd [teeth. Used regular ly on a ae,t ot Vood te«th tho dofuT.y germs have llttla fChtuzoe to tnter. If they sbould enter rth»y oa.n't axlEt long under Its thorough clwuiaUig proporties. Aa a jCleanser JUH! preventive ol dlseaau of Ihe t«*th It in reliable. 'Advanced CWGB ahotUd b« treated by your dentist. flam Benreco Tooth Paste as a pre- fTent*ttv*. Aslc your dentist U you ·nhould not pay ail attention to your teottt. Of course we won't say our Tooth Paat* -V7U1 cure Pyorrhea. If · you already hare it, your dentist u ^tlie doctor. Eren if you ara kffllcted with h!» terrible diacajse Sen- ireco Tooth Paate will help you to gat bid of it, irtth your deutljit* a»»lat- [ance. But w» don't want you to coal-tract any aliment of the mouth and iteoth, nor doo« your dental doctor, i A preventive is far butter than to have to ffo through the trials of a cure. Save your teeth by Senreco Tooth iPaBto and tlJ« probability 1m that you, rwon't havo to deal -with foul and pain-* .iuJ.diseased. By taking- excellent cara : ofU-our teeth you may cave stomach,' .intestinal, heart and eye troubles. j'i'ke.all precaution to keep the teeth, ielQoji^ABd do It -with Sanreco Tooth CPamtm, ^tho latest discovery of dental iwt«ia«.' Sample of Cenroco free if hrfihji-t.- Secreco-TootU paste, ' NOTABLE KNGAGEMENT AT THE IAW OPENING MARCH 11TH MATINEE DAILY TODAY DOUGLAS FAIRBANKS IN "THE GOO!)--11A1 .11 AX" Also a Good Comedy. T03IOUKOW "; "TS.4BBS IS THE \VOOD" A William Foi production, featuring t.ho Fox kiddies in McConville's adaptation of the popular fairy iale "Hauael and Gretchel." S t o p That Cold At Once CASCARA0 QUININE Tbe old family remedy--in tablet form--s«fc, «ure, easy to talrc. No opiatem--no unpleasant after effects. Caret colds in -24 hour*--Grip io 3 days. Money bade if itfaib. Get the 'genuine box with Red Top and Mr. HiH'i picture on it . 24 Tablet* for 25c. At Any Drut Stor« F. T. EVANS- ES - TATS - BOTH PHONES. I r3 UOTUlt TRUCK and · \ j j 8 . " · "MOVXKG /USD nor. ^3 OClce 103 K. Cra,.- AHty, Oppa B el« ·*. R- it. ncput. Ootli PU lea.'

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