The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 12, 1918 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 12, 1918
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

CpljpAf THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE, PA. TUESDAY, MARCH 12, WS. PANY 13 ".'. "-""-'. .".:.('.."".' .5AMW5UTTON ..:/ - TRBTr SOBBSKtod "SAMMY" BUTTON are Con'adants ot "CAP':. STUBBS, he reveals.his hopes and ambitions for :the. future, .but. at other-times when the concern is more of tht present than the future, they get "mized-up,'r or. all_5»used-np,." especially if they are out of sympathy with or refuse to. join li "Cap's" plans. You will note th« difference in the relations between these members of "Cap's" .little band-of Sure-enough Boys if yon watch page five of The Courier from day to day. - W.YA.FARMERSAYS WRITE HIM FORFACTS gnffered- tor -St^»itt»- l'«trs WJtt keesport were business callers here i -Monday. ' . /Mrs. TV. S.. Smith. returned home from Bellevernon after spending a few days. "ivhh her daughter, Mrs. Kay Guytoiu H*w to ftet XelM. TELLS JOS yyP "Anybody can teil by looking at me that-1 haven't eczema and I'm here to tell you tfcat; after suffering seventeen years Trith.rheuina.tiwn-- and- -trying · lour different dpcitoro--the :r bwt-"-'I' know--I no longer am "bothered- with rheumatism no 16nger,"doclared P. R-Pauley, of Spriaff£111.'-ft- Y». R. F - D; NO; i. '.': · .- :_· :..., . .· ·. * rheumatism a-nd the last two years I suffered agony'at' Wines. I didn't seem «ble-to-get anything that would help me until one day my wife sent into a Charleston store after a bottle of medfcme ona pro-criiO'on I was' talcing and while in there a traveling man told her about .Acid Iron Mineral. He said he would pay for a bottle if it didn't give relief and "I never saw any-thing,Jn..jay life,..After three . . . . and sores -disappeared day by .day and now 1 am a sound mact, ready for any- 7 body to took 'Si"for", themselves' tb rprove is It wilt absolutely reHeve Ihetmmtiun, blood diseases and akin ".trouble. ;.'iny- man or woman who -wants 'to verity- this statement just write me. at my post, office in Spring Hill. "W. Va.," and "I'll-be'glad to per. sonally recommend Acid Iron Mineral," declares Mr. Pauley. : Note:--People in waiting should enclose -a- stamped, addressed enTelope ~*W IT a» It-would be anilmposition ' 'upon this gentlemen's sincerity and good nature to tell to pay postage. Add,Iron_Mineralj5,a strange iron XTianeraT doi:tip *iwn:in Mississippi It iJ ft not a : vegetable; preparation. K is "pjSwerfeCfS.rTarmleBs; tafern-eitern- -J^ly-or iifanialy *riS'a/bottle -goes:-a "ion* way" GeC-'it* oTypni-droggist or ' - ."CountyiOas company ot ConneUsville ~fa "doing some repairing on the main - line on ConnellsvUI*, street. .The. line ·^wi«-"iim»£wl'by the "fire ,ot;De«m- . . -Mi». "CliarliavHnir ' ' -- TOT Hill "of rcaiiilfcVille ft ZTMtt'omDlng on friends h«re ywterdw^ '--jQlrtna^''"^y /~**^ary--· - . · ,4 *-.''· -~.tThe: M*tr»l ,me*Unr »«ing"-. i ' 2:i»£tett~fn -tte'rJtfettiodlst- -Protestant -*ittcfc-"by. JRe»n.CJw:ence ; l«ck«nby, ·uriB contbHie this week.' Mrs. "V. S. Gaddis was caHing ia ~ ^oaielisTiBe MbodayT*. .rr.: r*. " :' "-"·" Mr.'and Mrs. Praik'KHey of" tie- too young to p!ay bid man parts bnt he makes a good attempt at it. -The chorus executes an Irish reel and a skirt, dance in a masterful manner and put plenty of pep in the show. While the encores were limited to one 'and two, : . except in the specialty of Mr." Grant- and. Miss McKenna, who got three and 'two bowsi' the 'show seemed to please- better than |those which received a more tufnultous reception. .It has a classy-atmosjphere seldom noticed with a tabloid (company. The picture was the finish of Billie Burke's "Gloria's . Homance." Both shows will be repeated today. THT.ATBE. "THE GOOD BAD MAN."--A Triangle production featuring Douglas Fairbanks, with Bessie Love as his leading lady. A god comedy will also be shown. Tomorrow "Banes in the Woods." a "William Fox production ot- 'the' modern version o[ the fairy talc. Sffansel and Crete!," wilh the Fox kiddles as the cast. Thursday Edna Goodrich is. starred-in .the Mutual drama, "Who Loved Him Best?" It Js 'the storyj of a famous motion picture star,' who. renounces her position in the film world in order that she may po»e for'a* rising sculptor. THE -PAJtAatOCST. .."I.LQVE YOU'"--A seven part original, story., featuring ..Alma -Rubens., a capable east, is today's feature, attraction". .Jules Mardon,;a Erench artist;' seeks, renewed health In.Italy. 3. finds here .Felice, .whose rare beanty has brought-her the' name of -Passion Flower: "Maroon paints her and betrays her- trust. He does not lteej» his promise to- return,' but his painting of her in. the Paris salon, attracts the-attention, of Armando de Gautier, who seeks her out and wins her hand. With the. birth of their baby comes perfect peace, but soon Mardon .again crosses' her path, and by force takes her .with'.'him. She escapes to find her .husband believes that she deserted her child when it -was stricken with the-plague. -With thV plague germs' upon" Her lip's she return, to Mardon and showers him whh Kisses that bring death, but sb.e lives to regain the happiness that she thought tost forever. Wheeler Oakman is seen in the role of Armande de Gautier. Tomorrow Monroe'Salis- bury will be seen in "Hands Down", a five .part 'Bluebird attraction of unusual interest. Thursday's feature will be ''Broken Ties" in wiich three World stars, June Blvidge, Montague Love and Arthur Ashley appear in the leading roles. . Friday and Saturday "Scandal," in ^which Constance Talmadge is : starred," will be shown. Mae Marsh, the captivating star, will be seen soon in "The Cinderella Man," a Goldwyn attraction'of"unusual interest.: ' . . - . · · - . ' . THE ARCADE. ' Jack Grant and bis. company of artists captnred Arcade audiences yesterday with one of the^ best' shows the house has had for "some time. They'scored a hit because every one ot.their songs are-new; the -wardrobe ciassy and the jokes", right up- to the minute; "."In." addition-, to a company that "is 'talented. Mr: Grant is Hearing sfeilardom and Miss Hazel McKeana and the Flemings close.behind. Grant is a^ student of negro:.character and has 'acquired .hundreds: of the mannerisms of the raceV."and portrays a droll, slow and witty" negro. Miss McKenna has an original character, that ~ot a little tab'.,cblprefl girl. She ·is -a scream: in- her-spig: and dance iHth -Mr; .-Grant- ^Biwigilas and Flem- e.the.'.kind:''of",--performers that you^take^lttaaiy. to.Cupon. their flrst appearance; and -like'-them better as their, -act conthinues: · -;Bobbie:Neli*n, although, /handicapped-rwith a cold, proved that he could sing and he- is one of the stellar lights in the jazz trio'that" sings. three, .different songs at~the'"same .time/ Vin Kictnnond is MORE THAN 12 BILLIONS OF INSURANCE TAKEN BY SOLDIERS AND SAILORS Orer W Per Coat Vow Imemred; April IjBit of Tine tor ThoM W*o Have Sot Filed ApyUcatiois. orance of more than $12,000,000,000 has already been written on the lives of American soldiers, sailors, and nurses by the Bureau of War- Risk^ Insurance. Up to the close of business March 6, 1,392,324. applications, representing insurance of $11,256,448,500, had already been, received at the bureau. 'Late reports from the American Expeditionary Forces, together with ij^ surance now in transit from distant points', indicate that the total insurance written to date is well above $12,000,000,000, covering more than 1,500,000 persons in the military or narol service. The average amount of insurance applied for is 58,085. The maximum permitted is ?10,000, and the minimum $1,000. Insurance is still belnff written at almost a billion-dollar-a- week rmte.' 'Final flgnres show that the United States Army, both here and abroad, is well above 90 per cent insured. In many camps 03 per. cent of the personnel is protected* by government insurance. The Insurance now on the books of the bureau is more than three times as great as the ordinary insrrrance held by the largest commercial company in the world. In view of the extension ot time by Congress, the vigorous insurance- campaign is continuing throughout country. All persons whose right to apply for government insurance would ^ave expired before April 12. may make application any time up to and including April 12. All new persons, joining the service must apply within 120 days after joining the colors. Automatic insurance ceased for all men, regardless of enlistment date, on February 12. 1DSTARM CONQUERS TONSHniS, ^·.^-liEDHSTi LUPA0 AFO) NEORALGU, tt Tmke flee* fa Ball "the LARGE BOX 25 CENTS 3Iustarin« !a uj«ed by-tens .of thousands of people who know tiat it* Is the quickest.killer of pain on earth.' It's so penetrating, and 'effective :that, In jnbat' caaes_ neara.l^it.,' - headache,* to.othach'e,. earache and, backache disappear in 5 to 10 minutes, some statement, but ifs'true. \'/ It will not blister 'because ii'a -the original substitute for the old'.reliable mustard poster, and is ma'de of real yellow mustard--no cheap .substitutes are used. .Use. it,to banish rheumatic pains and ffout, for sore, inflamed or - frosted te«t, for chilblains, stiff neck or joints or cramps in legs. It acts instantly and nercr fall* to drive out, iri- flanunittlon In any part of-the body. · WHEAT GROWS SCARCER \ · ^^____^_ Tisible Supply Less Than Ont-llnlf Vliat it Was a Tear A(to; WASHINGTON, March 12.--The Department of Agriculture announces that tha total stocks of wheat in commercial channels on December 31, 1917, as indicated by a- partial tabulation of. the food survey of the iatter date, were approximately, one-halt as large as the commercial stocks on hand December 31, 1916. It points .out that the commercial visible supply shows stocks pn hand January 5, 1918, about 30 per cent of the commercial visible supply reported for January 6,1917, -while the visible supply reported for January 5, ISIS, was approiimately 36 per cent of that reported for January 6, 1917. - The total wheat crop of 1917 was approximately 650,000.000 bushels, as compared with 640,000,000 bushels for the previous year, with 806,000,000 bushels the average for the five-year period 1911-1915. BOVS FOB FARK TTOHK. An Sought by State Agriculture labor Service Committee. The Pennsylvania. Agricultural Labor Service Committee through Lieutenant Governor McClain has.issued a call to the young men or Pennsylvania between 16 and 21 to enlist in the agricultural army of the Pennsylvania divsion of the United States Boys' Working Besenve. Claistfiei Advertisement* Bring results. Cost only lo a word. Successor Leonard Furniture Company MMERMAN FURNITURE "The Big Store Near The Bridge." 154-158 West Crawford Avenue Come To The New Store For Your Everything spic-span new in Floor Coverings at the "Big Store Near the Bridge." We invite and will appreciate your inspection.. The latest and prettiest conceptions in Spring Rugs are represented in a wide variety of designs and prices. We direct particular attention to the special below. Extra Heavy Axminster Rug Special at $34.50 8x12 Ft- Priced Elsewhere at $45 and $58. Luxurious 'deep nap Axminister Rugs in full 9x12 foot size. Beautiful new blue and tan effects-predominating in colors. The patterns embrace the best there is in domestic rugs. Compare t.ha»e Rugs with any you see elsewhere at $'45 to $50. !x!2 Ft Bugs $11.!)5 Up. Continuing All This Week See "our big display window to get an idea of the sterling worth of the values offered during this sale. These prices prevail this week only. Mattresses Worth Sfi.oO to $20 Priced 'oiv i4.95 to $14.75. Opening of Our New Luggage Department You will always find a complete, display of modern traveling accessories in this department for we are Exclusive Agents For BELBER Trunks, Bags and Snit Cases. We Cave S. H. Green Trading Stamps Zimmerman-Wild Company A qoBsnoN OP JFizrniturc, HAVB IT Dining Furniture The Zimmerman-Wad display of Dining Furniture bears the stamp of quality on every piece, whether it be the finest period suite or the most modest chair. It is a pleasure for us to show merchandise such as its. represented in this' department. Will you afford us this pleasure? Tery Special-Talnes In Mning Tables aad Chairs AH This Week. Stop Corn Agony in Four Seconds The "BetB-It"-S*e Corn* BeelOffi Tho roller that "Gets-It"' sties from coro-palne--the way It makes corns and calluses peel off painleflff- ly in one piece--la one of the wonder* of the world. The woman In --THE--' EVERYTHING COOKED LIKE AT HOME, Strictly Fresh, Clean and Pure, ASK FOR.O'UR SPECIAL CLUB BHEA^AST AND SUNDAY DINNER, "Our Pastries Are Delicious Be- causo They Are Homemade." NEXT DOOR TO WEST PENN " WAITING ROOM. (WI51SIDE) HOW A LITTLE BOT SAVED HIS FIBST $100. A prudent father gave his little son a practical lesson in saving by opening an account for him with us for $5.00 and advised him to save every spare nickel and dime. The little boy did this and made * e S ular deposits. It was not long before .he had |100 to his credit. What this boy did, other boys can do. UNION NATIONAL BANK the home, the shopper, tho dancer, the root traveler, th.-. man In the office, the clerk in the store, the worker in .the shop, hare today, in this great discovery, "GeU-It," the one sure, quick relief from all corn and callus pains--the one sure, painless remover that makes corns como ott as easily as you would Ticel a. banana. It takes 2 seconds to an- ply "Gets-It": !t dries at once. Then wall,- with painless joy, even with tight anoes. You know your corn will loosen from your toe--peel it ott with your angers. Try It, corn sufferers, and youl! smile! "Gels-It" Is sola at all drticrelsts (yon need pay no more than 25 cents a bottle), or sent on receipt of pride- by E. Lawrence Co., Chicago, 111. Sold In ConneHsv-tlie and recommend, ed as the world's best corn remedy by Lauehrey "Drug Co., A. A. Clarke. Con- ncllsvilie Orujr Co. ooooocoociooocjcraoooaooooocxj J. B. KURTZ, $ NOTARY PU8UC £ AND REAL fSTATt f. No. i South Meadow La«« 5 Conn«llcvlll. Pa. 6 "Who to Tatronhe. Merchants who advertise their good* rhe Daily Courier. | UTC AD Homer's § I Tf CAR Clothing"! D . S oooc^oooocoooooocoooocoooon Has Your Come . '" a TM C i ... renew it nex aubscnption time you ^ Expired? MOVE BY AUTO TRUCKS B01H PHONES ' OPPMAM'S TRANSFER OPPOSITE POST OFFICE CONNELLSVILLE. PA. READ THE COTTRIER. INVALUABLE FOR COLDS .If taJrcti 'ft time this C.Ttclum cornix««td · 1B33W1R the rinlc of chronic throat or lucr · troublo. All the remedJal and tonic tjual- . ItiM arc combined in this Calcium compound. No baxmivil dms». Try them, to- ; 50 cents a box, including war tax ' Tor int* by air £ckmau Lnbcratorr, 1'tuiadcJnhU ENLIST YOUR DOLLABS in a good cause--one that will help you and your country. Decide to save all tile money you can. can now and deposit it regularly to your credit-with the Title Trust Company of Western Pennsylvania. Your account is invited. The only Bank in tliis. community paying 4 r c on Savings Ac. counts. PETIT *OK--Tts, They Don't Get Aromad Eno«gh BT C. A. VOIGH1 A To V/ACK. 'EM up j / UVfl-IEL. v--/ Kwov/, THoife V«H- DOV/T

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