The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 19, 1964 · Page 38
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 38

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 19, 1964
Page 38
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:K. I i a X i .. I -5 i r 2ot ins. run to in . (Coat tram preo-onng Column) , in bandy max- If The Buvey Cam la aad iHt Us Over . 110 INTO A WONDROUS world or luxury and color. SEB THE MANY NCW 7 EA TURKS . recently metalled, including i . wlmmlnr pool ana pallo. BACHE1X)HS FROM 7S ONE-BEDROOM FROM S11S. TWO-BEDROOM FROM 130. TWO . BEDROOM, TWO BATH' room from 17J. 155 BTEW ART STREET. P H O N 1 334-0730. ManiKt by Ault-Kin- ; WENTWORTH . PLAZA luxury Apartments Private Balconies , Roof Garden Swimming Pool , Alr-Conditioninc . Individual Heat Control BACHELOR -I and 2 BEDROOMS X $9250 up . 2MUSGARST. TUB EXECUTES ra ToasiV 1U HERS B A BACMZLOB AND . bedroom rallo that la uneoi quailed ited an lust off In style and design. Located Metoslf and Lewis Bts. iiut Elgin, only minute away from shopping aod transportation. En-Joy tho quiet atmosphere of ona Of Ottawa a onest Mian. - Equipped for your comfort with automata! elevators, roof top la unary ana a penmouse tor your relaxation. 111-eoOO. FRANKDALE APTS. 160 Frank St off Baaic t and S bedrooms, broad loomed, drapes, almlor, parking 1 BEDROOM .. $105 , 2 BEDROOMS .. $123 Daily t-0 TURNER REAL ESTATE REALTOR 729-6117 BOCKLBIKtB TERRACE . t BEDROOMS. UVINO. D1NINO rooae. kitchen aiactrlaaliy equip. Kl. ceramic Ua bathroom rata bassmsnl with leundry tuba, kaatad gang. Heat hot walar supplied, ajcnoala, shape. .. eaurcasa iion ay. an, srtuaay Drtvo. TiB-sasi. TBS LEXINGTON SOT RrVERDALE AYS, I AND S . Many f 33-7(34. 'Open House Saturday. August aSnd. , I pm. to s pan. . LORRAINE APARTMENTS Claranea Street at Frtst Coma to and have eoffaa as you tour this - macnUleent new ' , building where all the ' r apartments are . ' t5 carpeted. v:- FREE Hot Water " FREE Drapaa , ;'' AMFU PARKING lachalnr and Ona Rcdroom 2?. $75 c A. ittzsimmons co. - UMITED , ." x ' . Realtors SM-41M . ' tanmga m out and T90-UM WARBBN ARMS, E MACLABEN BACHELOR, t BEDROOM. EQUIP- pad. waanar. dryer. Furnished optional, sat isoi; aveniags, SM- NEWLY WEBS BEYt FOB SMS. SEPARATE bedroom, laraa living room, oult- maa kitchen, electrically equlp- paa. mieraatea pnono Ta-iaa. 234-4065 A. WEST END S-BEDROOM DUPLEX. SPACIOUS "kitchen, choice of recreation room or separata baasmsnt. mil THE Acadian 153 NEPEAN ST. rS ' Just osst of Bank St. . Modern Mven-ctorey-, twuw leva tor building featuring bat-eoniee, a iafa washers. fa.'!y draped apta., and nunty other features. Saml ana bedroom, awe bedroom, two d-jvy c( - bedrooms, from --. 0' --JW Open for Inspactlon daily. : Mr. Hogarth, asi-isas, S17- THE . f " ' - . Du Barrv 600 ST. PATRICK ST. at .CHARLOTTE in t4iliiiiil buikdtaf fn-t4 $80 a i fr poophv Furnkthed -X, f I W AU aarvtco included In rent. Mr. Presley, sss-SsSS. ' Owed and Mane gad by ; KASSEll REALTY LTD. Al Kasouf, r: Ellis . LAROB t-BBDROOM APT IM BTS WfLBJtOD, HEATED, ELSC-trtcally equipped, walking dkv taneo. Parliament buildings. Apply auparlntandeat or SS1-SISo7. " SSS4S ATTRACTIVE ' PRICE LARGE baili oam and largo .using room, electrically equipped, residential arsa. Route si laaee you ' town la M mlnutea. Into rrr THE DEAUVIUi 363 BESSERER STREET at Priel v. Within ' warking dUtanoa at Parliament Mil this luxury S-etorey autMlns adara targa ami 1-Bedroeov l-Bedroom hogany daaatlpilag wall to V Ing nam, . laraa atuimru " hitohem aarpatad aarridora, li door and auidsar parkins.. ' . RENTS FROM . . $89.50 i. $145 J Svvirnrninij Pool . MASTERCRAFT MRS. HOLT. 3324001 aomy minaeq 201 1 ipu, junto in (Coot from Prcdliitf Column) rm BNFIBLB 1 l BlHHl CaaaaalaaUy tare tad Near Bank St IN QUIET SURROUNDINGS. Brand now building with parking and balconies, all suites draped, elevetor. laundry room, janitor service, tv master antenna and lockers. Bachelora and ana bedroom, from tM. Benui sftloa on premises, or pnona iia-Taaa. MANOR PARK RESIDENTIAL AREA . Bin. room duplex apartment, living room with fireplace, quipped. riBST MONTH FREE AVAILABLE. CENTRAL, STOVE. reirigeraior, venetiana. narring, I bedroom. ISO. Ua-lMt. THE ' FAIRCREST Ottawa'i Largttt and rtn$tt . Must Be Just What People Want Available In Autumn SS EST Sultee Available In January 17 Suites AvaOabla NOW . M Smyth B4. at RlreraWa Drrva -733-5911 Managed by Montreal Trust BRITTANY IEBBACR LTD. BACHELORS. UVINO BOOM. . acreenoa off bodroom area, kitchen, ceramic tiled bathroom, atovo, refrigerator, boat hoi alar and electricity supplied raa car nku-tn at na door. Modern laundry rooms. JM oniiany Drlre, 74a-aagi OLEBB. LOCATION ROOMY. Of-T 1 laiaTuia large living room. S bedrooaas. kitchen, electrically aqulpped. S-Il LSNORS FLACS " 1 BEDROOM. ' Ml 50. MODERN. electrically equipped, laundry facilities. Janitor aarvice, tree I Bliuhm parkins, also partly fur- nianao.. wnMt. SSS-1S4S B. 74S-70t7. THE CANADIANA Centrally located at SS Daly Ave. This now apartment offara - aSTIctanry, semi aaa bedroom. 1 or a eworaomo equipped . with - dishwashers, and other modern features. . Modal suite open lor Inspection daily 1 , to S p m. Jm-medlato and later occu- . . pancy. Tel. ' TSS-S35S C A. FrrZSIMMONS CO, REALTORS tn-tiss . , SAITVIEW , Mew MacArthar rkua ' rram IU CONVENIENTLY LOCATED NEAR snapping and transportation, tola delightful ! -bedroom suite offers you Urge living room IdaoUy suitod far furniture arrangement. modem kitchen. Plus the ooa- of a aperkllna auto matic laundry room. Mrs. Mcctoakoy. TeS.TT9S. TBS SUMMIT . 'r n Wllkred street tasary Air CandHlaaad BACHELOR, t-' AND S-BEDBOOM suttee, soma with S bathrooms, laundry facilltiee. elevator, parkins, tuparlntandant printing w wiwaj. . FOR ADDED PLEASURE TO YOUR LIVING : .- ' THEC ". . N0RAAANDIE Just (roM tna Chandler Brldgs and turn left an Tech Blvd. Watch lor the NORMAND1E MSB. 777-9261 - WESTCENTRAL Near Qaeenswsy " SIM : . VERY LARGE S-BEDROOM WTTN a good iiaad work-savins kitchen, big bright rooms, indi vidual oeot control alue advantage of a front and roar entrance. Utility room and art-vate atorage raoaa. Churches close by. T23-2v41 , CENTBB TOWN Reserved fee Adults , From S1S1 FOB A COUPLE WISHING quiet plasaanl living with close proximity to Eight St shopping and transportation, plus tho on--oynvant of the Mint Park ana. You win appreciate tho comfort ana eomeuienoo of tola 1-bed-room suite with a luDy eoulpoed aitcnea, specioue cloeeta 1 xpanetv baleony. SSS-ISTS. THB SUMMIT, IM WILBBOB ULTRA MODERN AIR CONDI. tinned S-bedroom suit. S bath-rooms, elevator, laundry facll- liiee. parxmg. ' Apply teodent or SCT-ISM. NEAR OTTAWA UNIVERSITY MODERN t - BEDROOM APART- Slant, heated, electrically equip- newly decorated. a. I37-1U. FIRST AVENUE SIM SPACIOUS S BEDROOMS. LIVING and dining, electrically equipped, ciom to schools, transports! lea. isv-swsa aiuar e,. , 202 vis. wuTia COUPLE WITH t SMALL C H 1 L- aren require aaeairoom apart-ment t double or lower duplex. Heated, equipped. Older typo name acceptable. For Oct. 1. Must bo near separate school. Prefsr West End, Glebe, or Ot tawa South location. Maximum 103. Phone 7ss-aa7j. SMALL APARTMENT. WIDOW. vicinity Ollmour Somerset geo Bee-17VO. S-BEDROOM APARTMENT, EAST of Island Park Drive, convenient a . arimg saewaoa after a. 2031 WK ACXOHMODAIICXS THB SBABINO RSOISTRY SPECIAUZEa IN MATCHING auslity pre mlscted people la snare living accocnmodetmria according to their Individual requirements. Na charge or obligation unless an am as merit to snare la reached. Free ngiatra- uon ar aantnentsH nuormeuen 203- rvi-Kaim Available, sept. I. ocr. I. cantral, model a. newly furnish ed, asuraug apertmenta, line, dathea, waaher, dryer, parking: SU-41U; 20 rUSXBJM APTJ. I Coot from Frecedlng Comma) AVAILABLE. FRESH 1-BET room apartment, nicely appoint- oa. Ta-lees. AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY. bed roona. furn lahed. Sandv Hill. Teachara prsl erred. . sua. SU AVAIL ABLE IMMEDIATELY. Easrvtew. 1-bedroom apartment. equippea, parsing, isa-iaua. BACHELOR. FURNISHED, CIN tra Town, heated. SM-SSTI. sve- nlngs SM-4a7i. BEDSTPTINOi . WITH KITCHEN etle and smraom, completely furnished, rangatta. S4I0. sink, refrigerator, SS Fairmont. IS- CENTRAL. FRONT. SMALL apartment, newly Turnianau, equipped, lowvuuon. ase-a79a. COMPLETELY FURNISHED - room apartment. IranS. I Weilingtoa. -03SS. EASTVIEW. COMFORTABLE, S- room. heated, lighted, washing facilities, private entrance. T4S- 73J4. FURNISHED APARTM E N T. . weekly, monthly, .maid ssrvlce inciuaea. 7o-s7a. GILMOUR NEAR ELGIN, CONVE- nteni to everyming, garage, J round floor plus baesm eat rant verandah facing lovely park, centre hall plan, living room SI a 14. fuel fireplace, leaded bay windows, dining room Ms IS, bedrooms lg x 14. u x li, li x a. Kitenen ana piece bathroom. SITS. SIHaa. GLEBE, FURNISHED. BACHE- lor, talavlsion. ground , floor. parking: ssa. 730-77M. IMMEDIATELY CrjtTRAL NEW. - ly ftuTuahad, decorated apart- -'mem, waanar. aryar. ssx-Tai, WEEKLY. MONTHLY.' BEAUT! rutiy rumiehad apartmenta in very -part of city. (30 weekly. 7ZS-37S. 1-BBDROOM APARTMENT. SEC-and floor, S1S0. Sept. 1. Somer set, near O'Connor. 133-3U34. I BEDROOM APARTMENT, Bandy Hill.. I7J. 73S-407. I BEDROOM APARTMENT, parkins, no chlldreni M. sg Laurence St, after S. SU-tSIS, McKELLAB FARE APARTMENTS , IM1 Caritag Aveaae K TW-4171 . asa-isei, OFFERS FULLY FURNISHED 1. t ana s-neuiouin aparuneavj, eueo lineh. dishes. TV and maid service available If required. Gardens, swimming pool, woek- rsnuus Vltiffii THB FOUR WINDS APTS. ' Luxury Lfvtag LI A Pries Ten Caa Afferl HO LEASES REQUIRED FOR OUR tuny rurnianea nacneior, - ana S-oedroom suites. Unene, dhwes and free parkins, plus weakly maid service included to our exceptional offer. LOCATED AT 1IM BASELINE Boad at Havana unve. rza-reas. NO LEASES REQUIRED Ottawa's Leading . Apdrtment Hotel ; THE SAVOY 140 Sister St CES 6275 OFFERS: Fully ruralahed hechetora. I-and S-badroom sultae wllr complete hotel service fully equipped klteheaa. DAILY or WEEKLY ' , ''1 1 ' ,M. ..,V i ; . pxaci rowiJt PROxiMirr -' ' Seectoui bachelor, I- and S- Attracttva rates lor short and I The Algoirv I METCALFE at USGAR ;;. ( 332-0581 ANYTIME la the Heart of Centra Town y t i ARISTOCRAT, ISt Caotiar St at Elgta FURNISHED t-BEDBOOM SUITES ! e. $37.50. WEEKLY MONTHLY . YEARLY ' , Unfum'shed Apt. Available . , SM-4IM Days or SSS-S1M 301 : itTtaa rot sue ALMA TEX FOR ALL YOUR pointing rseul re meats vrhr 1 buy at wholssaH pricosf Wa sorry Satla Latex Semi Olosa. Vae aiahea and exterior paints Laureattaa Trading Post, ISM Bank Btreot Phone RES-ISTS. ANTIQUE GRANDFATHER lack, excapuonsl f as-ssts. - ANTIQUE STYLED OLD CARVED vaoroom. rurmturo. 4-4S7S. AUTO PARTS, USED, ANY MAKE. io-reel. . ; , ,K AUTOMATIC ZOOM MOVIE PRO-yector. MS; power team easners. eao. TXB-S7. - . , BAMFORD REGIS LTD, WHEEL-ehalrs. wslkera. aemmedm, arthritic htr. Rental ar alV SM neat aireet. cax-sno. BASSINET, NEW, NO MATTRESS, . eta; goon ' rerngeraunv BOO KraMlW at, t., fl.1,1 alJu,.', conTE..8" BEAUTIFUL WEDDING DRESS. complete, ease s-is. yas-auT, BEATTY WASHER GOOD CON Di llon, cheap. SIS-SSM. BEAUTY SALON EQUIPMENT. Bargain. 7M Bank Street CARPETLAND" 721 Richmond Road -'729-1469' - 600 Colors' " . " WOOLS J.. . ACRILANS , NYLONS , " TRILANS ' , " BLENDS' all goods disco untto i Terms at bank bates . .' Better Ooodi for Lesa.' call u Homo B g. 1 146' : f . 729-146! 5 Open 0 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday to Friday A.. 38 WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 19, 1964 THE OTTAWA JOURNAL aaasaan'Oj' aa esnaesasil m l m slkl iiiswl V : .;- '' " ,!. " , ,);' V r. I N. V'"' I .i.":' J ' f : :t iisiiii hi iii aim tmi i l as siil. s WHO WA!TS MICKEY? ' Mickey, .a bright-eyed, black snd white mixed spaniel, is looking for a good horns. If you can give her one contact the Ottaws Humsne Society, 93-Bayview Road. For $6.25, to mure good care and offset the society's twpenses, someone can have this ' six-month-old pot- ' " . .v ': .'""' 'v; '-,'. joi - unaa rot uu Cont from Preceding Column) ED, SOFA. CHESTERFIELD chest of drawers, SIS esck, carpet weeper, lawamowar, S10 each, ether articles. 7SS-S4S0. . BICYCLE FOB SALE. TSS-U1S. BICYCLE MEN'S, CCMi LIKE WW. JTvlWTral. X BICYCLES. NEW , AND USEl Tup quality , at low. Bysha, Boa and Company, Bank. SaS-StSt. BOX ' STOVES. BRAND NEW. weal far camps, starling SISSO. jonneon s Furniture. 411 Murray CARRIAGE, BLANKETS, CABBED. crio. oauy seat, cioinsa. aw. rtfa- ooav. 1 CASH FOR HOUSEHOLD. OFFICE furniture, aompieie estates. You name . onnsoa"g runuiure, III Murray. - CHESTERFIELD SET. 1 . P1ECC. walnut dining room suite.- 1 CHESTERFIELD BET. CARPET and other h cues ho Id furniture. Moving, must seU. PAS-S341 after a. CLOTHES TO FIT "BARBIE poll.- M aactt .VnIvnal. 4U COLEMAN SPACE HEATER AND , loo-gallon tank, top condition, also child's buddy-buggy wagon, new, ' aacelleat bargain. 777- avra, 1 COLLIERS ENCYCLOPEDIA. S4 voiumaa. 10 caiiarena volumes. viue oooKcasa. aauu ar Beat otler. MVVOIT, , , COMBINATION STEREO AND TV, ii oumont sjoo. sn-Tios. COME IN AND SEE OUR LARGE selection of laws and garden supplies, m. r, uooartcn, Bank. U1-7MI. COTTAGE TOILETS, COMPLETE wita eeptic tank, a taw ten to clear at II H. regular !. Ot- wwa largen miecuon or plumbing. William' Plum bin and Heating Ltd.. 104 Marivaie Road. TSS-oaSS. Saturday. I-BEAMS H-COLUMNS , ANGLES , CHANNELS , . PUTES REINFORCING i f ZAGERMAN CO. LTD. . IM BAYVIEW ROAD, - OTTAWA. OMT ' " Telephone PAS-SII1 - FIRE SALE1 ; SMOKE AND WATER : - DAMAGE ' - ' . - ' CONTINUES with , OUTSrANDINO VALUES . AT BOTH LOCATIONS Sunbeam Lawn , & 1 ne Sprinklers 1 .7J Arbortl Coffee a, 7 QC Btep Table .. ' .7J SO" Mattres ... j $4.957 M" Spring. ' t'l 7 OK Filled Martram I ,7J . Dnpor,' $84.95 Odd Chroma , f , d-O Eft" Chair, each J.JU MANY OTHER ITEMS AT ; . EQUALLY LOW PRICES Take Advantage of Our Loss ; . and SAVE 5 J S ROTHMAN'S Furniture and TV Centrrs ;, 32ft Bank St . Open dally S-r p nv " 4 Friday 111 t p.m.'' JfTTS SHOPPING BARN Corner Lower Aylmer and Deeohsnea Road Open Evenings Y t 10 pm. NAILS I PIPE RODS STEEL s lOSTS MESH J!L1l) RAILS 301 wncm rot uu (Coot from Preeedtng Columnl CRIBS, a, STROLLER. BABY walker, ea reset high chair. duck rocker, a fur eoats. apart- anem eua wasninn macnine. tSS-44S. ;'-. - : ' . : t DAN ELECTRO AMPLIFIER twin i2-inca speakers; bast offer. TAS-XMS.-' DINING TABLE. CHAIRS, X siectnc vtctrola ST30. Floor.mmp, M. - ovenlngi. s - DISHWASHER. f4S.iaa. 1NOLISV CALL DRESSER. KITCHEN SET. RE-frtgeratoCx iFVigtdalral, elngl cots, tudy tables, ill Henderson Apartmenta, SM-1SM avs- nmgav ELECTRIC EXERCVl CLE. AC GUIDE to physical fltneaa. B-471. journal. ENCYCLOPAEDIA BRITANNIC A. lunlor and eenlor eats, baok-l caas. CE5-SSM. I FENDER PRECISION BASS AND ampeg smpltfler. vary reason- oiv. sav-eewe. ' - FLOOR LENGTH WEDDING; areas. Evenings, PAS-a77a. FRIDGES. , STOVES. WASHERS. dryars, recondition ea, g-uaran-leed. Applianca Service Centre, . Somerset and Rochwtor. , saa- ... siaa - - FUR JACKETS. COATS. STOLES. I, perfect wasermaa Fur. rAaoas. GAB STOVE. ALMOST NEW. OAS LIOHTS ON - SALE, M M: Sa refrigerators, a-yaar warranty, buy now. Man Ion Propane Oaa Service, SM Montreal Road. GENTLEMAN'S SUITS, 40. SB. Per. feet coodiuoo, neasnnania. w OOOD T USED BUILDINO aiataraiia lor ears iau aja-ejue. GUITAR, BASS. GIBSON ELEC- rle, new, boat offer, szo-zmb. GUITAR AMPLIFIER, USED, 14" speaker, sou. Kan rarisiaa Ptenos. SHJ-7071. HAMMOND OROAN. MODEL reverb. M-ioi, vmn buui-ib spinet. SIS-SISS. HAY FOB BALE, ALFALFA. Timothy, clover, straw. 7b-lass. HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, cheaterfleld. DIN- tt eulte, Tsa-saas. JACKET. PABTEL, MUSKRAT, re. taa-sioi. w, M, budgi c KITCHEN CHROME SET, W A S B tng macnine. BHB-aaaa. : LADY'S BOX COAT. BEIOE. namvat it St. ku-tbu. MISCELLANEOUS FURNITURE and household appuencea. Leaving country. SS4-MM, attar 4. - MICROCORDER TRANSISTOR tone retard era b Wehcor. while they last. SMSO. Valley Audiovisual. IMO WaUlngtoa , Street TiS-fSSS. MODEL . RACINO BCALEX. M feat S lanea,plaUorm. f4S-lt41. MONITOR WASHER, EXCELLENT condition. Ideal for smalt apartment gat. S3-?eS. MOVING. MUST BELL BTOVE, , washer, dryer, riving room sofa ana ensirs, lamps, taeiea, drapes bed, piano, baby dresser, earpet . Accept oners. mn aetweea and S. tte-lSSS. MUST BELL INDUSTRIAL BEW Ing machine, evenings. . CES- Sol. , OFFICE FURNITURE. NEW AND , a ead. popharn', 1S0-ISS Albert Street, IFI-ISIS. OIL PAINTINGS Of Y O U R choice, , Vcnatiaa , artist, ., CES- ORGANS OF QUALITY, CONN (naturally l. Hear them, at "Kea Perl el en plan Btudlo,'' SHa- TOTI. ' ' ROUOH I - LUMBER PMM t ".PLYWOOD 1 TENTEST ... , ..MAS0NITE , L ABIT1BI HARDBOARD . . . , LOW IN PRICE - v FAST ON SERVICE M. ZAGERAAAN " CO. LTLV '.a . IM BAYVIEW ROAD . " OTTAWA. ONT. I Talephone PAS-SUI 3Q1 ' 'AOTKIB rot SUE (Cont from Pnoedlng Colamn) OWNER BOUGHT NEW KEN- mora, has for sale Ho t pal at range, lair coadiUon, only I0. TTi-oao. OWNER BOUGHT NEW KEN more has for sal General Elec tric eanieter vacuum. S veer old wita-attachments, good con- - aiuon. sae ins. OWNER BOUGHT NEW KEN-- atora has for sale Inglt auto matic waaher with suds saver . good working 'order. 1SS-M4T PIANO GRAND WURLITEER. wsinus. excellent oondluoa. - StVSi terms. , Lauaon's Piano : and Organ Centra. ISM WaUlng- ton aireet. TU-14M. i-jr PIANOS! PIANOSI NEW AND used, bargains terms. Laua Piano and .Organ Contra, ISU waiungton aireet TSS-14M opon Friday evenlngt. PIANO SPECIALS, OTTAWA S largeat Mlactiona. apartment sis. . uprights, grand, player piano and rolls. Soma nsw models reduced 10V Conn organs. Ken - Parisian Pianoa, I0M St Laurent ' P1;!!- near the queeneway. PIANO. ORME: TENT. WOODS. a m iivs ralalse Road. PIANO, siso: ; frlgarator, " Avenue ' STOVE. : n., !j. SW PIANOSI COMPLETELY RECON aittoneo and: tuned, from 10a up, terms. Lsuion piano and Or- Ean t-enira isa w a 1 1 1 n s tot treat. 7U-14M. Open Frida; iui e. PIANOS, REBUILT AND O U A R- antaed. Buy or rant with 'option to purchase. Rentals from tt per month. Robertson, Flag I and Tilley Ltd, M Spark S 1 1 a s t ana cariingwoag via. asi-lMl or im-sszj. POOL TABLES a 11, I I 10, 41s K 0- 771-7J4. REFRIGERATORS. VARIETY Or nsc ana makes, trade . in on combination freezer . refrlg oTnwrs. aiunimii rooa Barvwc, TM-1S9I. RENTAL CHAIRS. TABLES, OUT- board motors, televtolons, refrigerators, cribs. Office banquet, noma lurnisnings. J on neon a yur. nltura. Ill MurraySM Bank. RENTAL. VACUUM CLEANERS. f meaiiniy. rraa pcuvary,. rAS- RENTAL OF VACUVM CLEANERS SS awntltry. day or night. TAS- taxa. REUPHOLSTERINO. GIVE YOUR rumiture a new look. Workmanship gua tan teed. Free estimates, 3-piec set, davenport and chair from 7f S. Cadleux and Tltt-ley. a 17 Montreal-Road. - 14S- 1ZM. . RIVLE. MY REMINGTON MODEL in. caiiore 137. lees than 40 shots, new. nickel super 4-eoopc ei, isaui na. iuat ana ouya. axrei-lent condition. Call Jack. 7U- oiaa. .' - RIFLE. MOSSBERO. 31. BOLT action, cup magailno. gu. in- SECTIONAL cmESTEttFIBLD. wool triesa with matehlna chanr. Foam rubber cushions, good con- otiion. aingia spring ana mat trssa. Mason presarva iara, TSS- SEWING MACHINE, AUTOMATIC sif-aag, ounoaaoi, eewa atlt- tone. ate., baianc owmg saa-ia. Pay for It br the month. Call gia-TtOB anytime. - SHOTGUN IS-OAUGE S" MAO- mim slide action. Brand new. SM.SS. 10 lays it away t Ill- hunting season. Tho Hunters Supply Company. I7Q Eastvlsw, 149-gaSS. SHOWER STALL. SIS: LEATHER top mahogany coffee table, gis; peaw gV. siir. p lay pee- i. lei INOER SEWING MACHINE. AU tamatie. fancy at I tehee, button. x bultonholoa. regular S4SJe. ra- V ' halanea BM.17. Tike over payments. Call SSS-TSM anythna. " FAI - J FENCING GATES POSTS . ACCESSORIES , . M. ZAGERMAN It CO. LTD. , 109 BAYVIEW ROAD, i OTTAWA. ONT. : " Telephone PASSU I - - - EXHIBITION ' 5 a' ' SALE TV21" ' , .: $5?Up j " COLONIAL j FURNITURE CO. LTD. Trade-la Davairtmanl . 403' BANK Dial 236,0411 ''.""TANKS" i ALL SIZES. From 200 to 12.000 gallons, suitable for oil. water, ate. Oil Tanks. Hot Water Tanks, - Watering Troughs, stc! "M ZAGERAAAN . . ...h, CO. LTD. ..... - -1 - 4 100 Bayvtew Rod ' :x ..- ... Otuwa. Ont , Tnieemooa PAB-S1U i - -1TV- - Adrriiral 23" - Demonstrator, Full Ouarinty '$169.95 R and A COHEN BANK at LAURIER 236-7431 -V-BELT DRIVES?; Single or Multiple Grooves. Sprockrt Chain Drives, Roller, Riveted and Detachable Chain and Sprockets, i AA. ZAGERAAAN CO. LTD. loo j Ottawa. Ontario Telephone PA9-8U1 i i - -iV . i t 301- lintin W J4Lt 'Coot From Preceding Coluamnl SPACE HEATER. OIL. COMPLETE with drum Ian. -pipe and tin. Good condition, roaaonabla. SSS- ua. STERLING SILVER. FOUR COM-plete place settings, mahogsny cheat, four extra place. After S JO, SM-SMS. TELEVISION RENTAL. Oil DE-livers. spUoa to purchase. SM. SMS. TELEVISIONS. NEW. USED, ga weekly, no cash, with trade. tM-sans, Excel. TRANSISTORIZED . T A P E RE-corder. Mayfair, brand new. won . at bingo. SM or beat offer, lii-7M. TYPEWRITER, STANDARD. selling last at a low ' price, yashlca camera, reflex, antra leneea. Private. SU-(4J7. USED REFRIGERATORS. HOUSE- head appliances, linoleum and carpet remnants. A. J. rreiman Ltd. Warehouse. IM York Street USED FURNITURE. DESKS AND chairs at Evan and Bart Ltd, IM VACUUM CLEANER. EXCELLENT Gonaiuon. lae-visa, VISIT OTTAWA'S LARGEST FUR. nltura and applianca trade-in department Always an Interesting ' tour. ' Johnson's Furniture. Ill Murray. VOtOTLANDER BESSMATIC. SJ mm., complete with 13 mm. telephoto. carrying case, alters, almost new. Value SMO; sscrl-Beo MM. t4a-47U. alter 4. WANTED. SOMEONE TO TAKE over balanco e( payment of Singer automatic tig. sag sawing machine. Original S14S. You may nave machine for Ml ar M monthly. Dealer write Boa E- esa. journal WASHER AND DRYER. KEN- mora boo. , brand new. Owner transferred. M4-S7SI. WASHER. CONNOR, GOOD CON. anion, mexpe naive. 7M-41M 'altar ..-.. . WASHERS,' STOVES. TELE- vlaiona. trade-in, fully recondi tioned, west End Applianca. iui Wellington. 7ZS-41S1. WASHING M A OH Ih'lt AND stoves, rebuilt guaranteed, froaa BIB ap. The Service Depot Lint- . aga naasarer. caa-oaaa. WHY BUY A USED AUTOMATIC wsanar when you can buy a new r, en more on Bimpeone-beara easy term. Only SI0 monthly on aits. Machine fully guaranteed, is lb. capacity, not or warm temp. Porcelain enameled tun. Bad outdoor drying with match'! n g dryer a cycles. Only M monthly on Siaa. Remember We service what wa aril. Simp- aonaHsaars. giao caning Avenue For further Informattoa plaeee phono fas-Mil. ' I, BABY CARRIAGE AND PLAY- pan, good eocmltioa. TTI-TOtS. 1 FULL DISCS. HUB CAPS FOR . 137 Cadillac. Beat orrer accepted.-. 4a-a37 after SJS pm. a BOUDOIR AND, BED LAMP aria,; mooor 1 v antenna, SI M. Robert Elsctrtc. lit Ri- aeau street. S ROOMS OP BEAUTIFUL FUR, Blture. 833. never used, must be aoid. Eachtsree Scsndiastflsn llvtna room- art a seatar aafa and matchiag . ana chair. Genuta walnut retire, s n d Ubies. tompe and pktturea Rich Scandinavian atvla walnut finish dlnetta tahla and chairs. Bed room sat. white and gold pro-- vinciai aaaign. ccmsisia Of aouoie oresser and. framed mirror, suigi commode, double bed. spring and mattress Sea it howl S3SS foe complete a-roora grouping. Convenient terms M7A M Be- real Road. 74B-ggxT. S CUBIC FOOT FRIGIDAIRE AND eiecirke range, pu-asra. aae-ioeu between l-s. . t0 OFF ISM LAWNBOY POWER an owe re. Groan Valley Lumbar, BBAOIJIV PIANO' AND OROAN HAMMOND CHORD OROAN WITH bench, ton cabinet reverbera tion unit complete, SM9; Hara- nvona spinet hi, ravevoaration unit ana promts, save iov; Baldwin dtmonmratar. aa S3M. fa-14M. WILUS AND. CO. LTD. PIANOS: ALL CANADIAN WILLIS tano at conaineraoie a a v i n g a. and reconoilloned piano ram - S7S ap. Ottawa a largeat lano and organ dealer, uu elllngton. TM-1MS. BICYCLES SM, NEW, SSS.M UP. SECOND hand, glaVup. Bylea and CO.. goa-307 Bank, netweea Mac La red a Somerset UfHMU. Open Friday till S p.m. X I SAVING TOWN . HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE AT acrtnc pneoa. also poo uoie. professional racing bicycle, el trie lawn inaeur, skis. 7 TSS-aoajJ after a p.m. only. MACBINB SHOP SUPPLIES SBAFTINO COLLARS, BEARINGS. couplings, sprockets, chain. V- pulleys, chain blocks, wins rope eablo. blocks, etc M. Eager-men and Cos Ltd. IM Bayview Boeo. rnon fab-oiu. SALE , 1EAK FURNITURE l - SO" FIOOR 4 BOOKCASM.U COFFEY ; ' tables END ' ,: . TABLES DINING - . . TARI.ES DINING ' '-, -. . CHAIRS ' $39 $15: $55, $10 . MATINEE. FURNIIURE : 297A MONTREAL ROAD '" ' 740-8286 NOTE: Open Every Weekday Evening Until 9.30 p.m. i ;1 Demolisher . I Clearing Lumber Yard ALL MATERIALS FOR SALE t'' Forced air furnaces, tn tanks, blowers, burners, spaco heaters, floor furnaces, doors, ' windows, Stairs, bath tubs, sinks, basins, toilets, reU Ing. plywood. 1,000a of feet of 2x4. 2x6, 2x8, 2x10. wood-en beams, steel bMms, alo -minimi doors and windows, brtcks snd blocks. - - . Many Other Items Too .' Numerous to Mention. Osgoode lumber Co. Ltd. , Located at the and of tha i Albion Road. 1 mils aoulh . Of Rtdeau CarIton Raceway. fRAILERS AUGUST CLEARANCE SALE ON all travel trailers. Buy now and save at "Keneon" Trailer Sale. Smiths Fslls. HOLIDAY TRAVEL TRAILER Company, sale and rentals, loss Carljng Avenue 722-47M, HoU-dsy Travel Trailer. HOUSE TRAILER. NEWLY, DEf orated, completely f u r n I bed. reasonable. Apply Bellevlew TraUer Park. Orleans, evenings. ON DISPLAY AT OUR L Of! fully equipped travel trailer for rent snd ml. Make your reeervation now a bookings are Roing fast. Also accessorl. Itches, side mirrors, ilitker iacks tc. 1M-47M, Holiday Travel Trailers, IMS Carllng Avenue. TENT TRAILER-APACHE ffEi; lite. Tag -a -Long. Sllverlincr,. Sale and rsnUls. Everything for the csmper at ABC Camping) Equipment. Almonte. Opon dally till 10 p.m. . .t TRAILER EQUIPMENT AND AO ceeaorlaa. equaliser hitches, sldr mlrrors. extension cord, sucker Jacks, ate. KM Carllng, 7M-J7W, Holiday Travel Trailers. TRAILER. SINGLE WHEEL WITH tarpaulin, light. 13S-3SU. SJ- ' ' ' ' ' v ' TRAVEL TRAILERS. GET MORE, for less, fast financing; I quality Unas to choose from. Reee axle hitches, awnings, mirrors. Com- , plete parte department. Ben, Travel Mor Trailer Sales, . a mil aouth of city on Highway a. - - . . -r IS FT. SHASXA. GOOD C O R I O' tton, sleeps I. H.000. SM-lrSl. 41 x f. I-BEDROOM MODlLaT- home, fully turnianeo, w Ued. excellent condition. I a, t u-latad cabanne, tU-im. :J;'-J 302 UIICLU WUIU) CAMERAS. ENLAROERS. MlfiRO- scopes. Mnocuisrs. pamogrssmie equipment Oouldl, SS 7un SUMt . . 'I... ''...' HIGHEST PRIUE8 PAID, US ELF ofllce fnrnltura. typspwnwrs, Stl Sling eaMneta, dupiicslnrv ddsre. up rocoracn. gaa-iio. PIANO GRAND OR UPRIGHT, urgently needed, cash. : TJT-SOOlr evenings. ; . - .''..' PIANO WANTED. IMMfOIATELY-Cash T13-I4M. PIANOB. ANY MAKE. ANY SIZE. for cash. SHS-7071. , " .... RALPH S , FURNITURE ' ' PAYS cash for household furniture, ap- itnrc F34-S13I r . i WRECKED- VOLKSWAGEN saa-iaaa .... .. 303 toin W MaRINI BOAT. TRAILER. MOTOR IS electric, convertibl lop, csn- VSS. BH-04. J CABIN CRUISER. 13 FT 10 FT. beam, fully equipped wiUl" SIT cu. inch Chav. V-S motor, automatic bUga pump, blowor. tc;' Priced for quick sale. Phons M7-4374, Perth, Ont . GET FREE IS' PRINCECRAFT; fibres' runabout, convertible , top. with purchsss at coet of M . h p. electric start Gala and trail- ar, tha package, purchased IMS, S1.4g3. 333-4334. , . HEILITE CAR TOPPER. USED, ideal for aloeping a family .of 4, fit car or sutionwagona. Tha anawar to the boat owner who' wants to have bia sleeping' ad-'' commodstion with him, ABC" Camping Equlpmsnt A I m a t a, phone 1- OUTBOARD MOTORS FOR SALE. Johnson's Furniture, til Murray, aaa-aigr. YOUR TRAVELLER BOAT' AND , Johnson outboard motor dee (era ' sa lee and service. lwy a good stock of ussd motors on hand. ''Tommy and tlebvre. M nejMT - Street CES-ST3I,; . . .- . ; JOHNSON. It' THOBNaVB aluminum boat, all equipped Mastercratt trailer, I m o n t h-old. SM. Sllllsvlll S34-H3I. - ir PETERBOROUGH. GOOD CON-dltlon. 733-4417. ' . tr CEDAR STRIP. WINDSHIELD, ste-rlng whsel, nylon cover. IMS 40 h p. electric Gale and trailer, - SMS. Green Vallsy Lumbar Ld, Si)0 .Montreal Road. . IS FT CABIN CRUISER. BLEEPS . a. Ayllng built 1X3 tuU galley sink. head depth -sounder alternator an aafety equip. ' Mont' ideal ' family boat. May he Inspected at Maaotlck Marina. - For Information call Ampiior U-H3. after 130. S1S5 BUYS HYDROPLANE 'j5fP , motor. 1-T, SM-433S- , "- 1MS SHEPHERD CRUISER, hp, 1SS h.p. (ueedi: IMt Shep-herd Sunllner cruiser, M ft.. 110 vh p mewl. . Holiday Marina Salea Lid. Exrluelva dealers for Shepherd Cruiser In th Ottawa" vaucy.vicrricKviiie, goa-tasa., ri 14 FT. PETERBOROUGH or boat, completely equipped. motor I M h.p. electric, start Johnson. Tea Nea trailer. Owner leaving, country. Best offer over S1.0M. TS3-44M. -V - 304 MBM wwrnriTf X- COCKSHUT M TRACTOR AND. mower, new condition, and other farm machinery. Reasonable... R. Juneau. Hawthorne Road. ' COMBINE WITH"mOTOR; P I C K-up and Mn. dean, reasonable. : Davidson. S04g Scott Strt ,fa-l3. .. DAVID BROWN DIESEL TRACN tor, model SM. like now. Ussd ' SOS hours. LOW 433-3413. JOHN DEERE 43 B P. COMBINE - corn nana. Mitthsw con tlnuou flaw, grain dryer and molttun meter. Maxvllle, jar-SMS. Writ Max villa. Box 140. 306 MAtm iion LOW, LOW PRICES AT ' ' ' , ... Hoetees Custard Squsres, If) . . J4 biscuit pec kegs .. aCFC Smith' Pur Jam, Raspberry and Strawberry, 71 , r. la, a for Itjt -, Aylmer Choice Bertlttt Pesrsi - balvsa. 30 fl. oa t r . 1", ,"":t ,6?(f; a for t 1 -A&P . 'FOOD STORES . . v ' ' CHRISTIE'S , "' Graham Wafers UVJoe. 3Q . T' C -Packag. 3yt. tf-nnnafd on Men fu-m,n r.AKU r.siuri VNIU1IB Tba Caiarilal Dt r, '" " . ' - nw viusaami' the Canadian a-overnment bave' each ElvenVohah a TMm deaf CffA 09 to awlst cyclone: victims lit 3011 new raiiuuit.

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