The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 19, 1964 · Page 37
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 37

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 19, 1964
Page 37
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Page 37 article text (OCR)

, . -. i i i I i i i ii i tt i 1 1 n 1 rrir eyer r - r ri" 'iffrr Vff f V r.r"reW 7 WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 19, 1964 THE OTTAWA JOURNAL 37 201 Wl,IUBTOin Cent twm preceding Column) 201 AWL, FUTI TO in . 201 m. tun to in 201 un, run to in 201 APTL, RAIS TO LEI (Coat, from preceding Cohimn) 201 APR, RATS TO LEI 201 WH, BID to in 201 Am, run to in (Cant, from preceding Column) (Conl. from Praaaimig Cehan) Cent from Preoedug Column) (Coat, from Frescoing Column) (Coot from "leuailng Column) (Cent From PrenrHag Ciliaial duplex UFrin. i bedroom, CieCtTICBllJ MUinN, WKW7 October. Itt-UOg. EASTVWWLAXI B O U L E- nblimKr. heated, lighted. couple. aHa-ano. IAITVIIW. BASEMENT. 1 rooena. heated, parking. lit La- JOI ntrOCt. IW-IOTC BAfTVUW. Ml. HEATED l-BED-room apartment nMf everything. XASTVKW. l-BEDROOM APART-moot, get). T44-14M. M OwMt jATVUtWp BIDROOM. 444. parking. Srlg-4444: SlfP-aOU. IABTVIEW. l-BIDROOH APART-1oent. 14. weaker, dryer. Itt-1 4404. West end l-BEDROOM SUITES $H0 J-BEDROOM SUITES $100 , and $105 Mwm Weetgate and Cerltag-' wood ajmpping Centres. Janlinr arvtec. EteotrteaUy equipped. Free parking. Bo transportation at dear. 233-3741 Evgs. 723-9110 723-3613 ECHO DRIVE. 414. IST FLOOR. -I bedrooms, modem k I h a n. neatea. perning' iwnn available aowTttl-Mlg, ECHO DRIVE. 411. GROUND floor triple. I bedrooms, dining room. Deeoreted te choice. Sept. a Oct. 1. 4110. M Journal. mCIEMCY ONE BEDROOM watiaanetle. ofl Richmond Road. Taw own entrance. . yard aod garage. Daaoratad la row choloa of ootora. aoo up. ELECTRIC STREET, t BID-roama. $89 and g40. equipped, KLOtW AMD LlaOAR. NEW Suc tion, 1-bedroom epertraeot. asu. ENJOY COUNTRY UVTNO. S-bedroom apartment, run ladtt-ttea. baa ted: 474. a-u. COMMAND A MAGNIFICENT . VIEW OF THE OTTAWA RIVER, GATINEAU HILLS PARKWAY AND PARKS. The Beautiful PARKWAY TOWERS APARTMENTS BACHXLOR $100 4 BEDROOM.. $110 S BEDROOM - , -J Luxurloue PanOoa AND FEATURING: . Srepee m Every Suite . Ample Indoor Parking gaiiaa Bath . Complete flimaaali . Berraarlna Rooana wink Coatlauoue Muate Situated Ideally at the aomar of Richmond Read and New Orchard Avenue. ' TS4.U49 OPEN HOURS: Weekdaya, ! am. to p.m.. Weaken da. 14 aua, te m PLAT. ROOMS, BATH. UN-tMotaa. Admlte. . Mia A- OENEST STREET, 114. S-BED-room kmiment apartment, klt-ahea tuwqulpped. gTg, Immedl. . ate. Royal ajnaat Company. SM- OLEBE. 4-ROOM APARTMENT, tiled bathroom, equipped, park ing. bh GLEBE. S BEDROOMS, HEATED, lighted, equipped, ati. gM-goal. mrttw. e nmnooMn. grnf- parch, dining room, equipped, parking, tag; t bedrenma, abound glSTM. October. SM- OLEBE, t BEDROOMS. ELECTRI-ally eqalpped; gag. tt5g. OLEBE. t BEDROOMS, ELEO trically eejutpped, 444. 134-4114. OLEBE. I OR 1 BEDROOMS, medara apartment, equippaa. and egg. 1M-414- HOLLAND AVENUE. I . ROOM HOLMWOOD. t BOOMS. BQUIP-. pad, fireplace. October. Adult, f lot. TU-aaat. HULL. l-BEDROOM APARTMENT, eScbta etova. 444-444. TT7-4I04. THE ;.. ' BRONSON ' APARTMENTS ' ' , ' . 200 BRONSON AVL ' WITHIN EASY WALKING DtS-T AlrCS OF PARLIAMENT HILL. OFFERS BACHELOR. : l-BEDROOM uA 3-BEDROOM SUITES S RENTALS PROM $83 u $139.50 SUPERINTENDENT ON PREMISES 232-4082' 236-5093 IRENB CRESCENT. 1 . BEDROOM apartment, gag; S bedreem apartment. $104. equipped, ,Sapt-, Parking, la-. LOWER DUPLEX. I BEDROOMS. patio, carport. I HO- Taa-aeaa. ' LOWER AND UPPER DUPLEX. healed, parking fecUltlaa, aehaak). tla-geog after T. MACLAXEN NEAR BANK, 1 BCD-room, living, dining, bale ear, parking, aoupla, October. 414. W4-407T. MANOTICX. 1 BEDROOM, AT- treetlve, heeled, lighted, ground floor, aaa-uis. MARIER ROAD. S - BEDROOM. heetad, gao. 744-iwa. T-iai MODERN. GROUND FLOOR. aall-oentalned i-bedraom. Ill St. Andrew, Ottawa. -joee. MODERN 1 BEDROOM. EqUIP- ped, aaa. Taa-iai or Te-eeae. HEAR ORLEANS, MODERN S- bedroem a Dart moot- owe . trance and balcony, garage, f ed, epeclaaa grounda. Sept. 1. i Tta-t. jtMEAR UPLANDS AND RIVER- ewie, I ueauwie, wn encnvu, : aieetrfeallp.. equipped, ptug-eg. 411-1304. NEW APARTMENT. I BEDROOM. heeled. 1Kb lad. washer, dryer. 144-410. NEWLY DECORATED. ELECTRI- cally equipped, a liearnnma I Charlevot. Eaatvlaw. 144-4041. OCTOBER I. BANDY HILL. 1 bedroom, fully aqulppad, heated, hot water, rant fro. Mutt ha aaaa far appreciation. SM-S911. OMt . BEDROOM APARTMENT. eiectriceuy aqulppad. eemrei-M4-7SU, local to. 1-20 to em. ONE . BEDROOM APARTMENT. eleetnoally equipped, fee. Ml Olodatonc. OTTAWA SOUTH. I BEDB O O M. aunrooa. electrically equippaa. S round floor. Sept. 1. 444. IM-Zll. 111-1441 evenings, j OTTAWA EAST. DUPLEX. PR!- vaie entrance, poreing. unuite. S34-TS7S OVERBROOK. AVAILABLE. large 1 bedroom, otove, gwa. T71-4151. phonr m-eise roR details ta Centre Town. Heat. light aad partial mcinasa m tern ran. REDECORATES 1-1 -BEDROOM aponmonta. central, equtpp parking, reeaonable. SM-UH. RICHMOND ROAD. 1 BEDR OOH modern, equipped, too: bachelor. 444. Parking. T14-44JL aH-1144, eveninga in-oaee. SANDY HILL, SPACIOUS g-BED room, electrically equippaa. fill. 134-4 Ut. SANDY HILL. 1 AND I IIO- rooma, aqulppad. iM-auw. SANDY HILL. BACHELOR apsxtmenta, modernly furnlehod. au. leaee optional. iw-ejw. SANDY HILL, LARGE MODERN, 1 badroom, electrically equipped. 444. Reduced rant far light aoiyicet. Tw-iieo. SANDY BIU. BACHELOR, t BED. toame. SI gweetlaad. TJJ-T704 SANDY HILL. SUBLET. 4 ROOMS 14 mlnutaa' walking dlalanoe Centre Town. Stove, refrigerator, heated, clean. 4 Temple tea. Apt. 4. SM-iaag. MINTO Canada'a Moot Honored Builder OHAWA'S FINEST APARTMENTS 1 PLUS YOUROWN PRIVATE COUNTRY CLUB Far the ftret time la Canada, apartment reeldente aaa enjoy the megnlftoent faclll. tlee of thew owa exclusive Country Crab plue the flneat rentel ooaommodatloa. Hera ere aame of the many fea turea eaTered by ,1110 haw Bayaaora Country Clue. I Healed Indoor Pool I Hooted Outdoor Pool I I Regulation Gynuieetom I Bedmmtaa Coarta Sauna Bathe I Child rene Huroeiy I 8 FURNISHED APARTMENTS ON DISPLAY tsrltlng new 1. 1 and t bedroom derlgne thet offer the woet Important factor km somfort . . . EXTRA SPACE. EXTRA ROOMINESS. WALL-TO-WALL CARPET IN LIVING AND DININO ROOMS ENCLOSED BALCONIES I INDOOR AND , OUTDOOR PARKING -EAT-IN" KITCHENS RENTALS FROM gT ENQUIRE ABOUT . MONEY SAVING OPENING SPECIALS BAYSHORE Only mlnutea from centre' town! aa Carting Ave. peat' weet at the Britannia Drive-fan: an Richmond Road lust tract of Plain sat Road, or an the Queensway te Ptne-ereet exit end wart along Richmond Road. OTC hue eervtee (Route 411 )tferi over 40 Croat town tripe dally. ; daily PJL SUNDAYS 14 -4 fM. 828-2751 v; MINTO Canada Moot Honored I I Ronored Bultdar ANDY HtLL APARTMENTS. 440 up, parking, elevator, laundromat. 140 Laurter Eaet. XU-1M4. SUBLET APARTMENT 401. ONE beautiful' weu to wall rage, view of city, occu- peacy Sept. I. ( lii-1414, daytlpe 4134. Eveninga. XJO-ooa SUBLET l-BEDROOM. FURN1SH- oa. weal ana, glee. 720-4440. THE SIDNEY TOWERS, 1 BED- room apartment, giuo iit-uia. TWO . BEDROOM APARTMENT. electrically eqwjppea. Apply aa a. apt, a. UPPER DUPLEX. OLA D STONE near 1 leoiuu. I iniiiiiiee, garage. eoa. tti DUPLEX. HEATED, 1 eev momniy. ? w-ujia. UPPER DUPLEX 4 ROOMS. eatoToony haalail, ughted. UPPER DUPLEX. 1 BEDROOMS, 4110. 441 Mutual. T44-37J4. UPPER l-BEDROOM DUPLEX. baa tea, civte lioepiiai area. adulta. Tl 4-4011. . VERY CLEAN. 1 BEDROOM apartment, cioee to transportation, chopping, redecorated. 714- VERY LARGE. ONE BEDROOM apartmiat. IT a on, at krichae. elec-trlcally equipped, parkings 4 WAVERLEY ST, l-BEDROOM apt, aqulppad. g7t. Available Immediately. Royal Trust Co. FOR A LUXURIOUS APARTMENT AT REASONABLE RENT . ... VISIT IE VERSAILLES Model Apartment Now Open, 10 g.m. to 10 p.m. 27 HENDERSON AVE. , oil . Free Electricity , 10 Minute Walk la Downtown , Sauna Hatha , Parking aad Laundry FacUlUoe Phone 234705 WESTBORO. UPPER DUPLEX private entrance, a stroma, ing roam, dlnlna lajem. kltct aasawteally equipped, petal 114, gardaa prtvUaxea, eloee to parkway. aVapt-s gag. TX3-04T4.' WEST END. BACHELOR. PRt- vate entrance, auitaala for ooupie. rAP-iirr, WEST END, VACANT I . BED- aounle. Central. T34-1M4. eveninga T 14-07 40. WE&TGATE. MODERN 1 . BED-room. 4110. parking, achcoas and hopping. Oct. vanlaa L 'I3-PU1, 1144 A' WRIOHTVILLC, HALF DOUBLR. e eeurucene. neeieu, via Be 10 acnooie. aee. l-BEDROOM APARTMENT Df aaodera aalleVag. O aeifclag. beat, fight lew real, log Kin 1. BEDROOM APARTMENT. aqulppad. colorful. s ooupw. T4g-14. ' 1 REDPlOOM. BALCONY. HEAT- ad. lighted. 440. 1ST St Andrew. ORDER YOUR JOURNAL WANT AD 4 OR 7 TIMES AND RECEIVE ONE DAY'S ADVERTISING FREE! AnnouricctTients let : atlrtaa - aat lea Death! aoa lag la Mimarlami am 114 Aaalmaary Maag - lotA lag Cards if Tbaaka ' aat IMA a, at sum and Lodgsg ana lor Fenaral DUeitmi See let Ciaaalsij MeaMrtaal gat 144A Came ta Charek aoa lata Flerlala aoa 104 Leet I04A Feund 114 - Where te Oe Ul Ambaliam aWvtee lia Beevtee atetliea ! 1UA Draggleni : Apartments ; Ka Ml Aiarlanele. Flata te Ut 404 anl A in an test Weatag . gag aoa ruatskil Agaianiall S04 inT ang ea BY PHONE 236-751 1 -Ag takeii any aa duty neOy Upmj aWMrdey S am at era en duty nafty AT THE COUNTER t ! BEDROOM. ELECTRICALLY aquippea, newiy aearaioa, iree parking. T44-11M. BEDROOM. MELXOaE NEAR Oladatone. gra, giving. BEDROOM. BATHROOM, KIT-chea and living room. 444. TZ3- 1 BEDROOM. BALCONY. EN- etmaa auaraaaa, gra noor.- aoso- eraet near Lyaa. Mature aauua; 474. Tu-gaao. BEDROOM. LOWER FLAT, newly decorated. 444 monthly. 11 Charlevoix. Eeetview. 144-4041. . BEDROOM APARTMENT; 44 available tmmedlauly. rent free month August. Apply guperln- APl- I. ilea anmtngion. S BEDROOMS. DININO ROOM. kllrhea, igg wiuow. BEDROOM APARTMENT. Me- Arthur Pkua. etoctrleaUy equlp- pad. heated, iea. rev-efae. V0YAGEUR Your Weet End addresn only . 4 aalnutae from Carungwood basura. 1 4 Year Betas? af i 1 aaenrsil at La Voyageur. Innaled eal both bun llner CarV gag Ave. ana Btrnnuina jw. FEATURING: v.J kigh-pd lvator rVgeJkriletf COTTidort . Drpe$ M twrw eittts :. . Broadioomtd JkatU . Otrniitdgiaiiei . Woodworking hobby ihof , CMidrsn'g wading pool . Indoor hoatod pool . Sttcm room . R4cratUm room Multi-ehmnl TV mortal . Built-in OMAg . Counttr top ttovet , H c. ft. fttrlgerator . IU wUMie piped into oaeh aoartmnt . Vatktrt ani Srytrt on ' . gewv floor . inttrtor-oxtortor parking , Doeorator appotnUd lobby , Restful mRgig in main lobby . Constant txchangi of froth air . Boantg talon . Tin gtop . Clog to tohool$,ehtreh, thopping r - m froncH Provincial dooor WE OFFER: -$102.50 3 Bedroom mgndm at $125 2 Bedro.img, 3 Batb-room eommeodric sf OPEN HOURS: am ta t fa. Men. thru Frl I pea. ta t pa. Sat. aad gun. Legging RepitwtnUtlva MRS. J. RAMSAY 8283117 Under Nnw Man4gnMnl. Owned and operated by SERIAL REALTIES LTD. Articles for Sale Arttelea Wanted Fen. fLammmi ' 1 Fnel far SeW Msawat - - - Personals Enployrnent ale Betp Waaead I S aaa, ta 4 pat.' rThareday WJ ORDER S 1 Cum bum neraenelasad aaislm aaaflelsn te The Jeurnel B.ualng. Mala FWar, waskdiya tram a am. la S pea, Setaraen tremXaja. la IS aoea. , . . Wran, ' - jjNCEMPm J- la asav-erMaTnMasf werdT Oamnauin?'chere 'tilgj ! M 111 in. Ledge, Te per wars. Plkikaem Charge Legal Meaana, Teaman, gee per Lam. Box hrtamber Wbea asad eotrBt as three (3) words, ag 1 word. Telephone rannber, t woroa. Coat of aatuiot aaa Naaaa, AotSraag aad Talepboaa Nurnbe for better A"" HI our to writa rear owa A4 Jtiit 401 . A warn Wanted gog Trecka end T 004 paragea 404 Moscceysaae Traeka and Pot Legal sot Aactem Serva. Used Cars Tranent Miscellaneous mafl pan. fig la Tliuisdai. I aaa. an . eii a. ni roucwlaej panliaalloa day, anma day. CORRECTIONS AND CANCELLATIONS .. . - - . lwvecwone man no ensaewa aerean ane eeamm nanwiaiai Allowenea aaa be made for one 111 anuiml bisittl a only. Adierllnmanai aaa he aeaeellsg for aeet day af kaaliaitliiiil are reaelveg before a pm Monde te Frtdey, 1 pen. Saturday and g pm. ta g pea. Baaday. Befunde will be given aa anueag en naaaruoee. wean eenaaaiiiay en mm ovaaana n auu Me alliiaaasa ea elahaa laamllil wlUaaal Tt nrires la roup, each Initial, ebrorUtiong, gifng connt Box Raplias, lOo-oot retmdahle. It is advlaabia to rggultg. Kates apply ta prrrate advaTtJaars onlj. , fORM-.vV. writs one word la geharmoa. neeat toaert mj Ad for .......... day. mm tni sttdoeed f oodar tMedtni No. J HAIO ADDRESS ....V...." tu, M& : W tai CXrVSSOlED AOs, TBI OTTAWA lOUlNAle 337 Qaeea ftragt. Ottawa, ,r:;r Writa Oaa Ward h Kt j Tame n4aaT-wg It) I tl-e free M-7 I Free ' . - 11 . M IM " free j UT rrea I I t . M J3 j IM Free IM Free 1 . ' U Jd j IJd Free Ml Free . 1 1-11 I " ' M U Free . .Tt Free - . ; ' . 1 '. J 101 Free 44d j Free I I . ) ' id "T . IM Free 4J3 Free t . H' U3 IM I FpmT" M Free . j t l "T5" 3.7 Free 4J0 Free , I I - . ' It IJ4 IM Free IM Treej I I 1 I 3d 1J IM Free Led Free MINIMUM l-BEDROOM APT. PARKING. NO ahudraa, 440. M Lewranae at After g. 414-4414. BEDROOMS. DEN. STOVE. BE- frlgerater. heeled, parking. Cam-1 anoga. Kvenutgs gjt lata. S-BEDROOM APARTMENT, . Tes-aiu, BEDROOMS. KITCHEN, BATH- roeaar, aaoond floor. SI Ooroon treat. - BEDROOM APARTMENT, 40. annealed, tea encntea. Tip-awa. S-BEDROOM APARTMENTS. 444. living room, kitchen, bathroom, bss, men tfraejr king. plug. la The GOVERNOR METCALFE- 130 Metcalfe Street A tat Reatdentul Addreea Downtown Ottawa Bachelor. 1 aad S adr. Apta. aunaoeaw eaaaager, , li eon . r. Aa Ottawa-Owned Company GOVERNOR MXTCALFB REALTY ait ROOMg, HXATEO. LIGHTED. 40. 144-1117. . BEDROOM APARTMENT. aeetea. Close to aenoot, private enunnoa. navan, paone eaw. S-ROOM FLAT, PRIVATE BATH room. : ruasaty e ana. S BEDROOMS. HEATED. CAR-port, weening laculllea, T 44-0711 ROOMS WITH BATH. NICE. bright, electrically equipped. Would eutt couple. - ilMin, aae-atai. S-ROOM APARTMENT, HEATED; gT4. 11 Finney, gg BEECHWOOD. 1 BEDROOM apartment. 1 children wele erne. ten. THIRD FLOOR, 4-ROOM AND oatn. uu-ge oewony. aae-iete. 440. SANDY HILL, a BEDROOMS. electrically aquippea, 1M-4247. lie BRONSON. THIRD FLOOR, or a bedrooms, gao. Ma-rase. APARTMENTS. ECHO DRIVE Excellent location, bachelor, two and three bedrooma. Immediate and later posaeaaion, Eveninga 725-2351 CARLINQ AVENUE Near CaUnrvood, air-cotidiUOMd, two bedrooma, parUnt Immediate poaaeggion. Evenings caB725-235X LAURIER AVE. W. Near O'Connor, one or two bedrooma, moderate rents. October lit pogaeaaion. Eveninga c? 725-2352. C A. a FITZSIAAMONS Jk CO. LTTX Realtorg 232-71M SaX CENTRAL LOCATION AVAILABLE SEPT. a. SPACIOUS 1-bedroom. gioa: l-ba . 400. modern weU planned an ant. Bright largo electrically eoulpeed. bile da. Appty Caretaker. Apart ment a, t Frank - Di leeway. lOaatlMMd ea Neat Cnlumol 404 Baby getiluei Rooms la Lai Wealed and Board - J" JK? aog Beam and Beat Real Estate T4I Raaan lor Soli toiA Apia. Per Sale Tog Boeaea for Baal BY MAIL Clsaolflag Ada may be pieced by DEADLINES' Claanflog Ads reearved kerore a aetaraayi any ea aaaanee aaasnsaenaaasua iai TOg Rnani Wanted ta amy r44A aaiig Wanted la Baal tot Omem.ateree to Beat yea ovaaMe eav , TgaA Praperty ta Beat "- wennea TOT Oet-uf-Tuna Puiertlei TOO Fareaa ear sale end Rant d the tm Id-WORO AO 114 COOPER, l-BEDROOM APT.. refrigerator, available Immediately, gao. Royal Trust Co, M4- 4100. 144 LAUR1SB AVE. WE4T BACHELOR ' AND 1 BEDR O O M oof buudl tral location. Uundnr lacilltlaa. etectrtcelly equipped. Free perk-mg. Janitor eery Ice. 134-1174. ALTA VUTA, 9114 ENJOY THE CONVENIENCES OF thla large 1-bedraonieuMes lea-turlng liuturtoue ityUng, eeeUn-od for your eomfort. On large lendsoaped grounds, well pun- Baa, work caving anenen rental opportunity. t CENTRAL MORTGAGE and HOUSING CORPORATION STRATH CONA HEIGHTS SANOY HILt AREA Two and three bedroom eultea $74. $90 Call 729-ol2T 444M . AXE YOU CRAMPED FOR BED- roomet Thla analaonetta haa a bedrooma, large kitchen and liv ing room, electrically equipped. parking plentiful, abort bust trip la downtown. Phone 744-eiae. COOPER 4 TREE BETWEEN O'CONNOR AND'aOT- eaue. tor on. i occupancy. oeoroom wua pevon. gwi. isa. aail, after T pjn. . ao. ceil 441 er 44 INTERESTED IN SAVTNO RENT7 Sea thai a-aadreom aparwnant, newly decorated, electrically eoulooed and healed, aa a lanMor eervioed building. Free perking. Dareat bua ta oowwona, 14 mln utea. rnona Tee-oiae. COOLING end Heath Controlled by iMIa EACH ROOM of EACH APARTMENT "TBI SANDRINGHAM ; 85 RANGE ROAD Often: K a- aad S- THB GREAT WEST LIFE ASSURANCB COMPANY Ree legal atsasiemeel ai auree a high etaadlag af 2344377 CRNTRB TOWN S-BEDROOM. SBCOND FLOOR. ripiex. oct. i, aaami a T24-H7L 114 CHAPBL BTRSET BACHELOR AND 1 BEDROOMS. electrically equipped, laalter eervtee. la unary fecllltlaa, aaod- wrm wiww. asa wee- 444J4 1 LARGE BEDROOMS. LARGE living room, eo parole dining and kitchen. 4-pleoa Ilia bathream. free parkana. 14 menu tea to downtown by a hue, ah ana 44- tP4 Parma wanted Tie Cillagn gey Sole Tie Cwrragae tar Beat Vtea CMtege Lew far Sale Til Cireagel Wanaad T11A Biiim Tia Wsalaiai Oigailanlll,aX Via financial :::;V:- 4- :) i h4 MINTO Ortavkfg Garden Communitf PARKWCX)D HILLS ENJOY CANADA'S FINEST HEATED OUTDOOR SWIMMING POOL AT YOUR DOORSTEP APARTMENTS BEDROOM FROM 444 1 1 BRPBOOM FROM 4lTT 1 1 BTDROOM FROM gia KNOrjIRI ABOUT AUOUST BPBCIALS MOW AVAILABLE. e COM KUcKtnt Cerdmle' bathroonu Big bright room e .TRjMgfiyt'Av bdJconlgi e Carpetsd haUt Conditkmod-cir torrUort UuUi-cKannel TV mortal e Sparkling laundrUo etRtvawrie olnatort e Indoor and plug-in parking Modut renialt " TOWN HOUSES from $118 staler the at aa eellent OTC psnelie inga, a I parkland am an week, pebue and aeparete PARKW00D HILLS OPT FTSHXR ATX. tVtt BXLOW BAEZUNB WO. dlealay every evonlna Saturday) tu g. Sunday til 4. MINTO - - . . . . H OtUuetft Popular Watt Mnd PARKWAY APARTMENTS ENQUIRE MONEY SUMMER ABOUT - SAVING SPECIALS Comfortablg parkland' . gurroundinja K tOBVl Convenient to Shoppers City, Carllngwood ipplng Centre, and new Trgdeg School hibflc and Separata Scboolg, and Cburchee Free plug-ia perkinf BASEUNX ROAD FOXT WEST OF WOODROFFB AVE. I near Shoapera City) OTC BUS AT DOOR RESIDENT MANAOEX A. ROTRgCHlLO , l-483 828-2979 vwt display every evening llneL aatardayal 111 4. Sunday HI 4. MINTO Caaadaa Moat Honored Builder 7 JuSt Off ... Rideau St. and Cummings Bridge 14 Blocks from ; Parliament Building THE SELKIRK Apartments $75 $82 $112 BACHELOR, from 1 RED ROOM. ' t BEDROOM Enjoy wondtrfui comfort ; and convenience, with -, modest, dollar-aaving reatala in the . Selkirk Apta. DAILT 104 WEEKENDS 14-1 ,:';.-,V, 74-773J : .-. Selkirk Ste. i of Rldeaa St., )nat peat ' Grmmlngi Brtdte near Fact view gooppteg Centre MINTO OOARANTf TRU1T CO. OF CAM. Ml 111-4441 RRAR NATIONAL Biriiei lor i end 440. October, 111-1404. WIST CENTRE TOWN. TWO BEIV rooms, living room, aaung room, kitchen, epacehoetet. gag. Octo-ber. ast-dlet. EAgTVIEW. LABOR MODERN two-bedroom eperunem en aaoond door, equipped, (roe perk-ln. October. 444. T44-T404 LOWER TOWN. ONE BEDROOM apartment on oeeoad floor, lea. October, au-0144. ALBERT NEAB BBOMgON I aad a I a ELBCTRICALLT EOOIPPED, heeled. Apply 4TO Albert at. Apt a. or S. O. Maey aad Soa. aat Uurlar Ave. Eaet an-1404. . GOOD VALOR 1 BEDROOMS. 144 PRESTON. redeooratea. aae aaa see. van- 1114. MANOR PARR, gllg l-BEDROOM APARTMBNT. SEP- arate dining room, equippaa ana owa dryer. T44-eo40. THE SAV1LIE TERRACE APARTMENTS Adjacent to CaVnrrjvwod Shopping Centre ' but only minute from Downtown FEATURING: Heated Indoor aad Outdoor 8wimmlnf Pools, . Private Balconies Multi-Channel TV Draperies Kitchens Cogtom Degig-ned AntOfaaiic Wall Or ana Counter Cook Tops Six Hlth-Speed Elevatora 13 co. ft. Ref rlxeratorg Laundry FaetUties Quiet. RegideatJal Area Aagig-ned Parking Space Public Separata aad Hljh Schools r O.T.C Bus Servlccf Churches - Carllnawood Shopping Centra Fully I.anflgrgpad -FurnJahed Lobbies Corridora, Uixurtouily Carpeted Walk-1 Clothaa OoeeU WE OFFER; -BACRELOR -from 1 BEDROOM from ...... a BEDROOM $ $11250 $130 RENTAL OinCE OPEN Dolly t hi S pas. . ojeturdaye IS la I pat. Bundayi It ta I pm Leatlnn Raprasantsthra a a MOFFATT : 725-2720 Under New Managrnant Owned and operated by SERIAL REALTIES LTD. WEgTOATE ARB - a Bidrsssaa - - tta-llll modern BtnLDnra. labor kitchen with ditung ar trically eoulppad. men. tree dryer, free parking. Avallabla Oct. let. Tae-iiaa. CRNTRR TOWN l-BEDROOM DUPLEXED APART ment modam. equipped, tag. Eostwood Park Estates ; OTTAWA t BEST RENTAL VALUS IN FAMILY TVPB , SVITEB aBdrootr- $92.50 Bee the : . 414 MeArthar Bead Jeat kHMa the private etcne at isnvna run - SuperitHrTioent - oa 749-2332 . V BERT KATZ REAL ESTATB LTD, 338-8183 TBS SAXONT . -cweet Bad) 4HM ta 414440 MACT BOULEVARD, BACXXLOR. . f and g bedreonv Bi igtul anal- auaaaarem aouonag. tiiea leak, i a. Jaaltor aaivtea, geragea, ear plagi- Apply Apt III, IPS Mecy Blvd. or It. O. Maey and Boa, "Realtor" end O an ire a aurence. 444 Laoraar Ave. Beat, agr-iiee. Ml BaUtRSEBlLL I BEDROOM FROM gTtJC FUB- ataneo. evaiiarue nppiy ngw. iwi, i4-isn. aANPT BILL - AND l-BEDROOM APART, mania, gag, 444 and tag. Large living rsosai. anally aeulp-pedi very eomfortenla, off -etreag SANDT BllaV 414-44 ta 4iaaa4 nvrna boom. DnnNW room. perkmg. Appry B. Sea, -Reelter- ajag Appry a. O. Mecy and eu ranee, gag Lenrtar Ave. Beet. an-iaoa. . . BRONgON APTg . 04 BRONSON. MODERN SPA-etova beehelar. 1 and t aea room apartinenkt, eletuhally oojuippod. Within eeay walking dtatanca at Parliament BUL Prloed from 441. jgy appoeat- ani, eav eiee er apply eg auuama eupemt lees. IM-gfa. V 1

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