The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 12, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 12, 1918
Page 4
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PAGE KOFK. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVIUuE, PA. TUESDAY, MARCH 12, 1918. fev. Satiy Oiuurtir. d TreaMrcr. Btuiaeu H»n««r. JOHN L/OANS, ManaKtnc Editor. WAL.TBR a OTIKKKU Cftv Bittor. 3OSS 1YNNE a KUtdL.^ Society Kdttor. MEliBBR 0»; A**oci*ted Fr**9. ·A*dtt -Bureau or Ci/e«Jatjon. AnoeUUd, Dailies. Two e«nt» p^ copy, 5$c per month: ** »«r ywr *T mall If J»W l» :wJvanc«. In view- nfc-theee .dhKOTertai "-we ought to tB«L »JluoJKf '"-U»t 'we -bar* ,»o, kpnt-b«u»r«jd : tfl tb* staff W -rtth '' persistence .' trusting a» the Russian , bare pinned our taith to the once historic, but now forever dis- j credited, reputation of the Germans j for truth and honesty. We knuw that \ vc have been just as gullible as thej Ignorant Russians, but with the d i f - i - fprenee-''tbat they are still allowing' themselves to be fooled by - German! duplicity *-hilc we have.hecbrae awake to some of it, but not to all or it. · | i 3e*ond elaaa matter t th« I t \ - , ' ·;; If General Per?K'mp tfks rojuiy 'inert ' l i k e t h a t soUJfer*''who. 9inpli*-handj?d ; .intl alone, drove off-40 Hun.y .killed ' their leader AncU'ivoundetl several' of ' ' JLUt 12. 191S. l* U, S. A,.' Fort *-. Atlanta, Ga. '-y. £LIGEP.V Company H. fi»th Infantry, .,..u;vsr:N. A.. Caaip'?L*e; 'Petersburg. Va. · im:ii numbr, ' t h e r e won't lie much j oeed oC i?cndin(7 the-, boy*, of t h f t t l d i h ' regimes! ,oror csctipt' to tal:e part in thf BiR- Parade in Berlin, Isfjt'^ttpt a · wrtmj-p-iisf if- terms* IP say i th»V a faj-m'.rfcith "55^005 "per acre coal unrrer.jrTH a. poor .farm*-' K i n c o - - t h V - Baltimore .' Ohio yard i officials ".ha.vT beaten by ojic,-fVjurth | t h e f r record, in clearing 1 the yards j of loaded cars. vih'ore is nothing "left for management to do ; b u t ! beat their r?cord liy pivlns the' yard j hustlers' a -one-fourth biRg:er d i n n e r . T otherwise and alio herein.." . t* Frew. asa is «· . the use tor -Mvf- a.11 ne-vr* dia- ^ cr not In thin paper ' n»ws published ScottdaJe appreciates- and fittingly honors both its'llvinjr and. dead heroes; It la only rarely that a' ConneHsvtlTe ftre pets so far ahftatl of ^Connfilsvilje firemen that a total Ions ^eeruS(«.'. But having- tf flarht a blase in-a Under box in a March wind Is not giving the ^firo- men a fair chance. The Sammies are pC'ltinp onto tlio I curvt-s of the Huns. and Incidentally ! curling: up a lo: -of the .Huns.' " ' ( ^_ J __. ^^^ _* I \rith the fonn-Ida-blp r.rray o f - c o n n - j- ^ - . ^ - _ . _ ^ - _ . _ 1 ctts the FiLVfttfr County Liberty l*oan i TO IXSIIKE CLEAX COAI*. [Cotmnittee has formed lo conduct tin- { · · r-" -"*·;- . i campaign formldahlo results u-iJJ ; iAbOUt .Wr.'MX. Criticism laat canj n a t u r a l l y be expected. They -will br I be made'Qf^tltSjll'tuel Administration's' forthcoming if you. too, di your p a r t ' regmatfpns:,w£lWr are intended to e u - j l n boosting- . · I force thJ£*lcdin?jc'.6t clean coal, is that] they -tfrnye^becBylio long delayed ini their promui$*Uoii. Altogether .too many -producers^. o£ coai Iiave been permitted "to',tak"iP advantage of the abnormal a*rnand. by shipping their product without; effort to make it merchantable.', t; Tne haste Tvith.;wluch coul has been mined ani loaded by aorae producers, in answer to th^'.urgent calls for it, have, ot course,.-'made it difficult to By O. K. SUimansky. X' ^ JlWf-?Iff JHOlfek, ti / '/, , /, u ^f4\;la WL .. J*vW''- ' ^ give it thorpuj^jreparaliem, but that · has cot beeafjusOfication lor-the shipment ot material, which cannot, even M" boy is "over 1 there." Maybe vpur boy is at front, or well on his .way to the battle lines. It he is abroad, in camp or on the draft ligt,'pot necessary i to tell you that lie cannot W supported' in his work vrlthouc guns, ammunition, by courtesy, befdesigDated as coal, i food--and other boys. Those oC us To such an extekt has carelessness .in, who'have a direct, personal interest loading been carried that, thousands} ia'this _war through the activity oC 'our sons and brothers do not have to be asked the second time to buy Liberty Bonds. We dig down deep into our pockets and buy all we can. t "Winy should we fathers and brothers alone furnish, the boys and the money lo insure the success ot this war? ! You know boys who. are now ia Uncle,Sam's service! "They have been your neighbors, your employes, your acquaintances. You surely feel that they should have all the backing they can get. You want tbeoi to bc the best fighters in the world. You want them to get through with thjs job in a hurry. You want them to come back home. You want peace--and if you're the kind of a man the boys thiuk you are yon would put up every last cent ybu have to guarantee a speedy and lasting peace.' of tons of material which should have been left on the" '"gob" dumps at the mines, have been hauled over the railroads and freight .pai'd on it just as for real coal, only to'find its resting place ia the ash pil6s:at steam plants throughout the' country. This has constituted a triple.waste: a waste of transportation, of. money !or freight and handling aiid'a.waste in the generation of power. :- '· The accumulateilrwastes from, the shipment of unclean coal have assum- ·ed such proportions'; and complaints of consumers have* become so frequent and ecQpba.ticr.tbstEthe Fuel J Adrainis- tration has-foMnd;l{';nece.vsary to take steps to.remedy, .thfe conditions. To this en3: the organization of an inspection system has been authorized. _ , . the members bavin* mil power to u , s oddr J5nt it/[Da[ -, t is an ot condemtrcMS-of-coal that are loaded mauer tor Unc[e Sam to a] , tbe m without..prorier .care being taken toj boy . 3 he wants to - fight £m . your rjghts remove tne.'1niporitles and make- the product ''.merchantable. If such coa- demnatton^is-^a^prpved by the district representative pfHfae Fuel Administration the snipper has the choice of doing one of two things. He can either unload the car and. re-prepare the coal to the inspeeiOT^sJiking, or can sell it at 56/ceBts-"peir topless. than the fixed price ?""_ ,", ' ' ''"·!' ''S^'s.-.y As a corrective joi£a'n'. : abuse''Whicn has become- litt.le short of burdensome to the coai consuming jmbl.ic.tfle new- regulations siiouid -^prove^^ They will work some hardalil^ t operafors who are for removing impurities as.H arc loaded. Irr *such cuses will have to adopt a system .-th'ai .Hvill check this trouble -at the source'; which is the working 'lace where the coal is loaded into the mine car before beiTig .jumped into the railroad car. That will be cheaper than unloadin and re-preparing; the cpa.l and profitable thartmaking a deduction of and mine, but that it is hard to get money to back up these fighters? But we'll show the Kaiser now that our money, as well a's our boys, is at '«?Te command of the government "We'll over-subscribe this third Liberty ^"Loan, and we'll prove to the central powers that this world will get along without a Hohenzollern dog collar. Of course we will! We're going to prove to my boy, to your boy' and to the million other boys that we shall : ' to the finish with our.'dol- ' ' ' WORDS OF FIRE. --By Macauley your briny weeps! Old Winter's sllp- po'd his tether, his r u d e unpoltehed weather vrlll soon be gone Cor keeps!" Xow bring- from dusty jrarrets the aeed of beans and carrots and squash and things likd those; oil up the rusty mowerl the drill and patent sower, and sharpen spSides and hoes. N'ow pawn your winter raiment: the coin you ffftt in payment invest in lines and far from t h e strife and 'soon may sit and angle bright strfiLmlfct roils. ' trusty Dobbin." pipes forth t h e early ^ robin, "plow up your ·wasteful lawn; raise corn instead of grasses, and when thtt summer passes you mny wax ! fat thereon!" janffle you · where some ! H i t c h ' up old Owe Cent a Word. i No advertisements for L*aa Tb«JJ 15 Oats. Cla*lfie columns clove *t noon. Adverti»*ment «tc-, received alter that hour will not apr-ear until the d»y WANTED -- YOCH busineaa. RKNDINE'S. ML ADMINISTRATION CONDUCTING A CAMPAIGN TO INSURE CLEANER COALiS FOR KACTOUY and shippinf,' department. TRI-STATE i CA-VDY COMl'AN'Y. 12marLtd For FOR SAI^E--A SIX tf . ! Studebttk^r, 1917 model. I n q u i r e at 'TVEBB'S RESTAURANT, BricJffe street. Scottdajp. llmarSt , WANTED--SECOKD HAiVD TTPE- wriLcr. Call Bell 13-j*, or Tri-State 3S-W, M o u n t Pltasaht. 23fcbtf FOR SAX.B--OKK TVFBWBITBR. f n q u f r c at WEBB'S RESTAURANT, Bridge .street. ScottdaJe, Pa- ll marSt FOR KALP3--THE LATE SARAH A GIRL j Marietta rtsidenco in Johnston av.enue. j - EXPERIENCED ousework. Oa!l 1!02 TV e a t ; Inquire MRS. J-. T. after 6 P. M. 4martf ; 75, Tri-Stxte 64o, L'niontow All the dainty new styles in footwear for women, misses and children are now on display at our stores. Most attractive styles for women in high top, fancy colored shoes. We have them -with light colored leather tops or we have them all leather, as you like. The prices are high, all shoe prices are high, yet notwithstanding, we believe.our prices are a little lower than most competition. You will be couovinced of tlfis if you examine and compare. There are very attractive lines of dress shoes for men'and boys in many different lasts, and when it comes to working shoes for men yield to nobody. The workmen shoe, question has been a study witli us for years;every pair we have are made special under our own · supervision. They are practical in style, practical in make, only good high-class material used, and the greatest ieatuje of all is our moderate prices. In addition to the high -class line of shoes we have the White Lopacs in the high top and the medium height. Wonderfully popular footwear for mining work. There has been some objection to these lopacs; at least some persons have decided they were too warm for spring and summer wear, but the man that wears them ought to be the judge. They claim they are c'omfortable, they claim they get "equally as much satisfaction out of them in spring and summer as they do'in the winter. Therefore, the stocks are kept up and are always ready to supply tbe demand. «S Large Department. Stores, Located in Fayette, Westmoreland and Allegheny Counties. ·W ANTED-- CIRI-i FOR GEN*ERAti| FOR SALE -- IMJIGE BROWN housework. Apply to MRS. A. .'I. PAN- j baby bu?n?y, sma-li H»(vther foldintr ( 103 State Administrator Condemns 1,000 Curs of Anthracite; Activity to Extend to Kltiiminous (Jo*U. More than 1,600 tons of anthracite coal were condemned in the. Pennsylvania markets by representatives w *.NTED--SURSK GIRL. IXQOIRB the Fuel Administration recently | MRS. L. ICIN'SBURSKV. 203 Lincoln conection ^vith the Fuel · Adminis- j avenue. . I2mam ti-ation'a campaign to comoel the de- livory ot clean coal. WANTKD--WAITRESS. ALSO A chambermaid it once. CCTPS' J5ES- TACTRANT. ItmarSt. 4nxarUd, t cart. Both for 520. pnnuir.fl ]e:tUier bEH 3t2 ISast Fayetle. Iron berl couch J5 davenport J25. 50 cents per ton from jrice. - . ... the selling ' old KUSSUSS. .The tn'jeh-Taunted ."German .efficiency" is another tif ihjs .mairy sies tie Win is .uprooting.- As a re-j .Vnd as tliey dressed, 30 they expressed salt of the very thorough and persist- 'Their' moods'ln'ssinbrc hues or-eay. .nt^aaner,in,which this Teutonic| ^--^^.^T^'T^'taTS; propaganda T?as disseminated through- j speaks, out the world-for-years preceding the Antl he who heeds the call for deeds The-funiform .of- service seeks. 'Tim« ivfts that g-old's ^liffeiiictlon marked The richer brother from the rest, Bat TIOTT men pass nn marked by class --Yjut.aone can. soj* vrhich man is best. TCor all the broadcloth wealth can buy war. we of the United States, in common.. with- ine-people -of' other-nations-, r.eaUx».be!ie red) that Gorman methods, particular!-, as applirct" to industrial operations, .were.-infiniteiy_.supcripr..t9. any other.' ' .'~~-. The falsity ot .aVCcleam 'has Jign. - ' ' ' completelj- This -was first done^by^th'c American. mechanics; who restqred~-thc- interned German steamships .-to active ' service by repairing the ma6h}n.e.rxa*ich" the. German sailors beljeH'jud, tneiTxhad so effectually damagedvaiafU'.tconld taie. twp years to ·When the skilled YanSe'es."got''Ufro'uj5h " with their Job eight At the mines inspectors o£ the Fuel Administration also condemned sover- ai cars a day because Uiey were loaded with coal, much of whicb. did not come up 10 the standard as to size and quality. These JacLs are eoutaioed in a re- port'by Fuel Adaninikratoc AVilllam potter, of Pennsylvania, to Admini-, trator .Garfield, covering the work 'done ia Pennsylvania during'tbe last th-reo weeks, to prevent the unloading of unclean coal on hhe public. ^' Administrator Potter indicated in Ms report that tie campaign in the anthracite distrct has been so successful that similar work is now to bc done in the bituminous fields of tbat state. The large shipjwrs of anthracite, 3!r. Potter states in hia report, after indorsing the - standard of preparation adopted by the Puftl Administration, are keeping their Tvord and are now sending properly sized and prepared coai to all markets. Some of the small operator have been givng trouble- but the unloading of the cars whidh contained r iue coal condemned because It did not measure up to the requirements is bolieyed to- hare effectually ended the practice. . Administrator potter baa communicated with county chairmen in the various bituminous coal districts "as WANTED TO RUNT SIX OR SEVEN" room iKHitfe w i t h baUi and furnace. Address "KOUSL 1 ," cure Courier. LOST--OITIbD'S CRET FLTt -XKCK piece, between tcGormick butcher i sliop and Klphth M.nd Fayette etroets. j Reward if returned to The Courier. i "\V-ANT1SD--WARD MAIDS AN'D IN"- meetinR- of the stockholders of tile ConneHsriJle Foundry! Machine stitutlonaV, cook Cor hospital. - VAI/LBY HOSFITAX,, § ( Address SEWJCK1.ET j ^n'^,,^" PITAU Scwlcklcy, Pa. J?""" 1 *. llmarSt WANTED--MINERS WANTED WHO are studying 1 for_ examlnationa to get the best mining; book published, "Mln- ine in a Nutahcll." by JAMES "WARD- Scoitdalti. Pa. Price $2.25. 3fob44t Aso{ Stee l Castings Company win be held offlcc of t h e coinuany in Con- Tuesday, March 19. ISIS, p ^ ^ ^ purpoae of electing- directors and transacting such other business as may properly como before the raeettng-, H. A, BAR- TENSLAGKB. Secretary. 26fcb.1t-tues TV ANTED--EXPERIENCED CASH- ier and stenographer Cor department store. State, wanted itnd fflve rriference w i t h application in own hand writing. Address X, care Courier. ed man for cleaning cars, ilusi be ovor 31 years. Ooud posritlou for riffht tHtrty. Apply MASTEH MECHANIC, Weat Pcnn Kailwaya shops. ·W-A.NTEP--Or.D FALSE TEETH, lon f t matter if broken. I pay $2.00 to $15.00 per .set. Send by parcel post and receive check by return mail. K MAZER. 2007 S. Fifth Street. Phii^del- pUia, Pa, SmarSJH" WANTED--WHITE AND COT-OREO laborers for reirular work. Nine hour day, time and one-halC for overtime, Make twelve hours. MEMPHIS STEEL CONSTRUCTION COMFANT OF PENNSYLVANIA. Greensburg-, Pa, well' as tie the » "WANTKD miners in prosecution ot the campaign for clean coal from those mines. Nor the fashions art car. make i nfnr'corrtTKu'p with that -men wear, ". The -uniform for freedom's sake. . TfrS. arnsy.khaki and the' blu?, . Which marks men's--service on,.the MakQ richer 'dress. thn|i kings possess, - -T-besaVari; .the .raiment of the free. 'And he \vho wears th; uniform And stands to servu " mand,- the ercat. cora- ' . ITe:vd -hiKh. -The best flre?K"ed an3 had spat the'.sri»ps" ; Eo^si?ar'they' " ' " were in better condition : than a-hen originally been discovered (hit. muctt of Ue mi- ' tcria! employed by the Grrtnai ers in time of peace ^as as in quality as the wockmattship'. .'. '.'-f The next revelation ot the sfialloir- aeas of the'claim that GermanmetSo'ds [ are better than all other.' . - may walk his way. " 1 " ' PEOPLE ARE SAVING invitation or announcement. Wo print anything:--everything--do It promptly and do it r'lffht. Cail the man at THS COURIER '/(Tlce. Both phonoB. 27-tI Steady Ciuii in-Xwnber of Savings | _ FOn and Amonnts SareA """" Evidences are accumulating that the habit of saving among the Amer- TM up. he far behind those ol ;VweVIcah, : a'r'eveuj=the croandho'E ,nisSd it badly- C!r«tt Britain ~ ' ' ~ shown tritaln or Belgian!. This '=isj wires were orosscU- su. b^tly, Ue's -j.1- by- the cron production per TftM9t '" ""ww- - , T "o' fcmrean. senra. ,-,»,* tk. ,,-_*,,;;*! .,, ,.:!" sifwins. arc.painfur.aua distress- ican people, especially among tbe patrons of savings banks and postal savings, is outstripping the financial demands made unon them by the government. · , . "W-hile iao exact figures are availaBle at "present,. It is known that postal savings deposits have steadily gained duriBE the;years-"1017, and notably since the-1st, ofy.Tuly. of that year, rhjch was after the-first issue of the Liberty 'Loan. ' The reports from sayings banks also show a steady gain, aod the same is trite ol cooperative building and loan associations. . · ftoc have -the people of small means ;! been the only savers. It is estimated that the savings of the whole people of the United.Stales, oniiiiarily |5,000,000.000 to $0,000,000,000 annualls-, were increased to ?H.000,000 000 to -|?15,000,000,000 in J91T. ffentletnan preferred. 253 30asft Cawford avenue. llmarlit fOn RENT--FURNISHED BOOMS for liRht hoiLsckf-cptngr. I t s South Sixth atreet, West Side. 7uiii.r3t.eod STATEMENT OS 1 CmCTJLA.TION. State of Pennsylvania, County ot Fay- etto. SB. Before me, the subscriber, a Notarr Public -within and for said County and Suite, personally appeared 1. Wylie Oriscoli. who beinK duly's-worn accord* i n p to law, did depose and say: That he is Assistant Manager ot Circulation of The Courier, a daily news- Paper published in Connellevtlle, Pa_. and that the number of papers printed durinp the week ending Saturday, .March 2, ISIS, was as follows: March t 6,437 March 3.. . c 50" March fi 6,613 March S . e'ss" March 6 6,605 March 9 . . . . 6 i 6 4 9 £" 1 ' 1 ' 35,017 D.iily average 5 5 0 3 That the dally circulation by months for the year 191S to date was as follows: ' 131 S Month. Daily Av. January 175.963 6,620 That the daily circulation by months tor year 1517 to date was as follows: 1917 Month. Daily Av. January 157,281 February 130.352 March 149,431 April 139.180 May 149.162 J u n e .1 141.596 July .; 1S3.676 Auffust .' 165,C95 September 154,193 October 166.233 November 153,192 December 155,848 The Store tliat insists on fitting their Shoes correctly. Particular people like our Shoes. They're pleased with- our style selection and our methods ia fitting. · A FAMILY SHOE STORE with Better Shoes--Better Values--Better Service--tor OUT customers' satisfaction. Call and see some new Shoes. 5.124 6.45! 5,534 5.G67 5,S«4 6.H1 6.132,u 6.127 6,534 5,850 "Total 151.343 And farther sayeth not. ' · J. TV5TLIE DEISCOIX. Sworn to and. subscribed beforo me this llth day of March. 191S. J. B. KITRTC. N. P. FOB. · .RENT--ONB DKSrEAB!L,K I storo room formerly occupied by Menns Murphy. Inquire FLORENCE SMUTZ. ZStebtfd . FOR RENT--TWO FIVK , ROOM houses, gas and bath; rent reasonable: one has garden, t;^ SOLES. Ross? Addition. ' . llmtrSLfd FOR JIENT--FRONT OFFICES ON second floor n£ Dunn 'Evans build- inc. Inquire of HAREY DU.VM. Sjan-tfd FOR RENT--A THREE .STORY br'.ck building. 96x49, suitable for a garage or manufacturing purposes, on the corner of ieadow Lane anil Church Place. m»n per acre, tke production costs in ,Gwmany being rouctj greater and the I output jnst halC'as louch per man per ' acre u in Amcrica. in?, they are not wearing when the robin twitters of yprinp to weary. critt«irK,'w«,.bank-.on what O.A teils. -"Cut out the rrief aad. wbhtoin':" | thus sinjs the early robin, "And'dry) Innuirc.J. L. STADBR. limartt AT ONCE LINOTYPE OPERATOR AT THE DAILY COURIER OFFICE A G O ? r a C o SHAKE A of collecting rants. 11tebl2t-th-tu-s FOf; SA.L.E--UAl'.LIAl?*. E I G H T ! roum liouse iinj iut 40x120, i^i^uth [ 3tr=cl. Weal. SUe. I n M U i r e 11» South j Bltfhth street, Trl-St^te, 09G-YT. i 7i«artft" ! TOR SALE--TWO ACRES 'LiANO't with seven rK*m un-to-datc h n u s near ContieiisvilJe, aJoncr street C. inft. Addross "TTrt\TV.," care Courier. RELAYING RAILS fur I'fouipt Shipment. OJt WIU'JE OKO. P. 0. Boi 305, * CLARKSBURG, W. VA. SAVE and INVEST IN THE SAFEST SIMPLEST SECURITY --BUY- W. S. S. War Savings Stamps ISSUED BT United States Government 3LAECH, 191S. .T-iX, 1, MIS. $414 WILL COUNT $5.00 YOUGH TRUST COMPANY CONNEU-SV1LLE, PA. IF YOU WANT Anything, Have Anything for Sale or Rent, Try Our Classified Ads at On Cent a Word. They Bring the R s. ^iESSiirfif i'Jtii'iit.

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