Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on July 13, 1975 · Page 50
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 50

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 13, 1975
Page 50
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July 13,1975 Your Bridgework Mrs. Gandhi to Begin Crucial Appeal By Jackie Witetx South dealer. North-South vulnerable. North 10 6 J Q 5 3 10 4 4 2 8 6 3 \Vest S J 3 H J D A 4 C K 9 K 2 5 Q East 9 7 6 Q 10 4 2 J 10 9 8 7 6 South S A K Q 8 A ,K 8 5 A The bidding: South West 2 nt pass 3 spades pass passpass North 3 clubs 4 spades East pass pass No bridge player will deny that it is great fun to cash a number of tricks Against an opponent's contract, but sometimes being too eager can be costly. In today's deal West could have defeated the contract by stopping to analyze the situation. South stretched a bit to open with two nutrump. North bid three clubs (Stayman) which asked his partner to show a major suit. He was delighted with the three spade response and gladly raised to game. . West led the king of diamonds and East MOMMY MIGHT OUMJCATf Fau!«.es and Harry Weh-cti 2. Mimi La*reoceaod Mri. Harry Weisch WEST VIRGINIA STATE COLLEGE DUPLICATE 1. Jackie Wilcox and Robert Bailey 2 Scoti ScobeU and Tom Moore 3. AAr. and Mri. 8. Y. Hill J. Alma Perry and Joe Balle* 5 Mr. and Mrs D. D. Smith EASY ACES CLUB TOURNAMENT NORTH-SOUTH 1. Mrs. A. J. Carey and Mrs. R. P. Rogers 2 Mrs. Austin Miller and Mrs. Tom Moore 3 Mrs- George Woo and Mrs. J. A. Gatens EAST-WEST 1. Mrs. L. G. Carney and Mrs. J. C. Wells 2. Mrs. V«. J. Wischmann and Mrs. R. D. Keightley 3 Mrs J 0 Miller and Mrs. Charles Lemon OVER-ALL 1. Mrs. L. G. Carney and Mrs. J. C. Wells 2-3. Mrs. W. J. Wischmann and Mrs. R. D. Keightley 2-3 Mrs. A. J. Carey and Mrs. R. P. Rogers 4. Mrs. J. G. Miller and Mrs. Charles Lemon 5 Mrs Austin Miller and Mrs. Tom Moore BID AND MADE I Mrs. J A. Gatens and Mrs. D. D. Smith 2. Mrs. Ann Pollitt and Mrs. Harry Welsch 3 Bill Lonesome and Rett Bean 4. Mrs. Ruth Huston and Lyle Sattes BRIDGE CALENDAR WMk If July 13 SUNDAY - Sunday Night Duplicate - 7 p.m. -- Public invited Morris Harvey College Union. MONDAY - Bridgette Club - 10:30 a.m. -- Home of Mrs Harry Welsch. 901 Wilkie Drive. Public invited. Monday Night Duplicate-7:30 p.m. -Home of Mrs. Harry Welsch. Public invited. CLUB TOURNAMENT. TUESDAY - Tuesday Night Duplicate - 7:30 p.m. Public invited. Home cf Austin Miller. WEDNESDAY - Easy Aces -- 10:30 a.m. - 214 D. Street, So. Charleston. Closed. West Virginia State College Duplicate - 7:30 p.m. New Dormitory. Public invited. THURSDAY - Novice Game- 10:30 a.m. - Homeof Mrs Harry Welsch. Public invited. FRIDAY - KVBA - 7:30p.m. - Morris Harvey College Union. Closed. SATURDAY - Bid and Made- 7:30 p.m. - Homeot Mrs. Harry Welsch. Public invited. By Mym Bdkfai NEW DELHI, India (AP)-Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, who has suffered her greatest defeats at the hands of the Indian judicial system, goes to India's supreme court on Monday to try to overturn a conviction that has plunged the nation into its worst constitutional crisis since independence in 1947. The court's immediate task is to rule whether Mrs. Gandhi was wrongfully convicted last month of violating election laws when she won her Parliament seat in 1971--an offense punished by an automatic ban on holding elective office for six vears. $4,300 opposition parties to force her resignation government employe himself, rukd that: rain, including allegations until her appeal is decided. *Local officials in Mrs. Gandhi's consti- spent more than the pen In announcing the emergency and the tuency had given her an unfair advantage limit « election expenses, tnat sne arrests of her opponents, the prime minis- over her. Socialist opponent by construct- misused air force planes to fly ba· w ner ing platforms and supplying electricity for ter claimed that India was threatened by internal disturbances that would harm the country's stability. Since then, Mrs. Gandhi has promised sweeping economic and social reforms as part of her emergency rule--but she has voided any references to India's independent judiciary. Inherited from the British colonial rulers, the judiciary has traditionally remained aloof from politics. Although the government plays an im- :»o. ":~i'"' t "· °" - i- · j " · i It is generally acknowledged that the su- portant role m nominating judges-just as . i'_ _.i:_t,* «» n .. ;MfltA«jtA vu-k4 Woohinatnn drwK in tho Tl £ faHpral omirt preme court's ruling may. influence not only Mrs. Gandhi's political fate but the future of India's democratic structures. Highly placed government sources have said privately that they believe Mrs. Gandhi would relax or end her recently imposed state of emergency, free political opponents and call for early elections if she is exonerated. If she is not, then the emergency would likely continue, to give Mrs. Gandhi a chance to seek vindication in some other, still undetermined manner, these same sources believe. MRS. GANDHI declared the emergency June 2-two weeks after she was convicted--to thwart a civil disobedience campaign being organized by non-Communist Washington does in the U.S. federal court system--the judges have never hesitated to rule against official authorities, including the prime minister. The supreme court has dealt severely with Mrs: Gandhi in recent years, declaring unconstitutional her nationalization of major domestic banks in 1969, her abolition of the princely class of maharajas in 1970 and her efforts to restrict allocation of newsprint in 1973. But the most damaging judicial blow to Mrs. Gandhi came in the high court of Al- lahabad, her home city, on June 12, when a judge convicted her of two counts of misusing government officials to help her 1971 Parliament campaign. JUDGE Jag Mohanlal Sinha, a former loudspeakers at her rallies. »0ne of her senior aides, Yashpal Ka- voor, had begun working as her campaign manager before he had resigned a civil service post in her secretariat, thereby violating India's equivalent of the U.S. Hatch Act forbidding political activity by federal employes. Sinha nullified Mrs. Gandhi's 1971 victory, in which she had defeated Socialist Raj Narain by 183,000 to 71,000 votes, and imposed the mandatory ban on her holding elective office until 1981. Mrs. Gandhi has been allowed to remain in office for the time being because first Sinha and then the Supreme Court delayed enforcement of the ban until the appeals process is completed. However, in a setback to the prime minister's prestige, a vacation judge of the supreme court stripped Mrs. Gandhi of her Parliament voting rights and limited her participation in debates while appealing the conviction. The restrictions on her Parliament membership, announced two days before the emergency, were the first ever imposed on an Indian prime minister and spurred opposition demands for her resignation. Sinha, in his ruling, acquitted Mrs. Gandhi .of several other charges filed by Na- constitueney, that she had made religious appeals to win votes from the majority Hindu community and that her supporters had bribed voters with free blankets and clothes. Narain. who was among hundreds of opposition leaders arrested following the emergency, this week filed his own appeal with the Supreme Court, asking the justices to have Mrs. Gandhi declared guilty of the, charges of which she was originally acquitted. When the supreme court returns from its summer vacation on Monday, Mrs. Gandhi's lawyers say they will ask for an early date for hearings on her appeal. Sources close to the prime minister said they hope the hearings can start by July 21 and end in about four weeks, so that the court can give its ruling by the end of August at the latest. Narain's lawyers are expected to press for his release from jail or at least for permission for him to be brought to Delhi so that he can give advice to his legal team during the appeals hearing. The supreme cpurt has 13 members, all appointed since Mrs. Gandhi became prime minister in 1966. The justices can serve only until age 65, which means that there is a constant change in the court's composition since many members are named to the bench with only a few years' service left before retirement. Lowe* · . . I it Of 75 MRS. WILCOX discarded a low club. West, anxious to take all his tricks, now played the ace and queen of diamonds followed by a low diamond. East dutifully trumped with the nine of spades and declarer overtrumped '· with the queen. The ace and king of spades cleared the · trump suit. Declarer cashed the two high . hearts, trumped a heart in dummy and · pitched his losing club on the good jack of diamonds. A club to the ace and another heart ruff in dummy completed the play for 10 tricks. West should have cashed only two high diamonds, then led trie deuce. East would · be forced to gain the lead by ruffing the '. third diamond. The deuce of diamonds would have been a suit preference play, ' suggesting his partner lead back a card in ; the lowest ranking suit other than trump. With this defense South would lose two . diamonds, a diamond ruff and the club king for a one trick set. LAST WEEK'S WINNERS BRIDGETTE CLUB 1. Mrs. Clarence and Mrs. C. E. Ellis 2. Mrs. W. J. Wischmann and Jim Morgan 3 Mrs L. T. Snider, Jr. and Mrs. J. A. Gatens 4. Mrs. K. W. Miller and Mrs. R. D. Patchell A Distinctive Split-Foyer Home, In Two Styles . . . A trodi- tionol Colonial and Smart Contemporary . . . planned tor Expansion. $ 1 0,1 50.00 * Price Includes All Material From Foundation Plateup, to. Complete The Upper Level. i --in BtrjuclX i I MOOCH I I I ...... M oo." 1 ; -- -L F -i. Upper Level Plan 1050 Square Ft. I State College Enrollment Increases - Enrollment for the 1975 summer school : program at West Virginia State College has increased by 455 students or 36.4 per '. cent over last year. John L. Fuller, director of registration and admissions at the Institute campus said the total number of students attend ing the college this summer is 1,706. Th 1974 summer enrollment was 1,251. He said this is the second year that Stat has offered two five-week sessions o classes in the summer program. Fuller offered five possible reasons fo the substantial increase in enrollmen They were increased recruitment by the college staff, opportunity for students to take more credit hours by taking advantage of the two summer sessions, the availability of day and evening classes for working persons, easier access to the college with the recent opening of the interstate system, and the fact that many students were unable to find jobs and decided to continue working toward a degree. Maryland Band Wins Competition VIENIN'A. Austria (AP)-The High Point High School symphonic band of Beltsville, Md., won an international youth music competition here, organizers said Saturday. The annual festival of youth bands, orchestras and choirs is organized by the Vienna-based International Association for Cultural Exchange and an American travel organization. High Point's competition ended Thursday. Some 15 European and American brass bands took part in the competition at the Vienna Hall. The other two American groups were the high school band from Ludlow. Mass, and the California Polytechnic symphonic band. . European youth bands came from Denmark, fweden, Norway, the Netherlands. Gre«4i West Germany and Anstfia. There was one group from Israel The Buccaneer is NOT o pre-fob, NOT o shell house. It IS the complete material package necessary to build thii attractive, split - foyer home. Here's What's Included: The b a s i c p a c k a g e provides all materials from foundation plale up, to finish completely the upper story, which has 3 bedrooms, full bath, kitchen, dining roam, and large living room with Wrought iron railing overlooking entry foyer. This gives you a total of 1,050 square f e e t of heated living area (electric baseboard heat), with ihe lower level to be completed at your option. The materials furnished will . meet or exceed the. minimum p r o p e r t y standards of FHA. Any changes necessary to meet local or state building codes may alter the price according- The spirit of 1775 was a true American Spirit. It was a dollars-and-cents revolt against an unfair economic situation. People were fed up... with the Stamp Act, with the Tea Act, with all the unnecessarily high prices. So they did something about it. That was the true beginning of the American Revolution. It was only later that the intellectuals, philosophers, and soldiers got into the act. The Revolution of 1776 really began as a pocketbook revolt in 1775. Lowe's salutes the Spirit of 75 ...' and it appears that history is repeating itself. Today, stamps are more expensive than ever, tea and other food items are at an all-time high, and people are beginning to do something about it. They're being more demanding in the products they buy and the prices they pay. If you agree that part of the Spirit of 1975 is a quest for lower prices and better values; Lowe's is with you. We don't sell stamps or tea bags, but we do sell over 7,500 other items lots of people need at prices they HKe. Just look at Lowe's Spirit of'75 prices! tjfe Watteras "The Best Home Value In America Today!" A complete materials package to build this home on your lot from the foundation plate up! The Hatteras is the newest addition to our popular Homestead* line. It features beautiful Cape Cod styling ... a story and a half... 2 large bedrooms downstairs... a full bath ... kitchen with dining room ... living room with fireplace ... and entrance foyer with stairway. The materials furnished in the Hatteras package will meet or exceed the minimum property standards of FHA. Any changes necessary to meet local or state building codes may alter the price accordingly. . FIRST FLOOR-10M SO. FT. SECOND n.OOH-710 SO. FT.. DUSK TO ^ DOWN S«urit»licMj Protect family, home ond property. A photoelectric coll turns light on ar dusk-off at dawn. =74002 I. DINER SWITCH ·Adjusts lumination to- suityou. f 70710 I. S1CLE POLE SNITCH Replace your old worn out liaht s w i t c h e s . s 70400 \J \J S97.M I1N.97 PRICE INCLUDES: all the materials necessary to complete this home downstairs, and electric baseboard heat and rough plumbing upstairs. The do-it-yourselfer can complete the 2 bedrooms and bath upstairs at a later date and save himself some mort money! $ 39 C. 12-2 COW* CABLE KM For indoor use 250 ft. t o o roll. 170111. V 34" Complete 19" Vanity Package . Ideal for bathroom remodeling because it's designed to fit in the space of a standard wall- hung lavatory. Comes with a marble-like top, deluxe faucet, and storage space. #20195 D.BiriEI RECEPTACLE w/s Replace hazardous woil r e c e p t o c l e s - 70485 $82 Fiberglass Bath- Shower Cove Here's beauty and strength in a fiberglass reinforced plastic cove. This seamless, ieakproof unit has a contoured backrest, recessed area for towel bar, cosmetic ledge and soap dish. #20104 10,575 88 *159 97 49 YOUR CHOICE 4x8 PACIFIC LAUAN Don't paint or paper your walls again--panel them! Real wood paneling with a real wood grain --measures 5/32" thick. #12279 HEARTHSTONE OR RRESIDE * x 8 PANELING Hearthstone paneling gives the look of antique birch, while Fireside adds a glow to any room. Both measure 5/32" thick and have s simulated woodgrain on lauan plywood. #12301,12278 4' x 8' CAPTAIN'S GAUEY-Save $2. This paneling has the hand-rubbed look of antique elm from an old sailing ship. 1/4" thick, with simulated woodgrain. #12289 « x 9' SPORTSMAN'S BIRCH-Save $2. Sportsman's Birch really fits its name with a healthy, outdoorsy effect 1/4" thick with stimulated woodgrain. #12316 REVERSE TRAP WATER CLOSET Simple, modern lines and quiet action. Siphon action means self-cleaning. * 20004,5 194 30 GAL. ROUND WATER HEATER Comes with factory- installed temperature pressure relief valve. Electric. #58810 $69" s Rsa T la 4" CORRUGATED DRAIN PIPE Corrugated pipe is so light and flexible that it takes less time and trouble to install. #24112 1" x 4' SECTION IRON RAILING Add beauty and safety to your front entrance with wrought iron railing. It's easy to install, because no drilling is necessary and fittings can be attached in 5 min. #14215 8' FIBERGLASS PANELS (Whit* or Grttn) These translucent panels let the light through, but diffuse it,. so there's no harsh glare. Use as awnings ' ... decorator panels... dividers... patio enclosures... carports ...or fences. #12550,52 'EACH Galvanized Mobile Home Skirting Th*s« are 28' x 60", easy-to-handte rock-faced panels with a galvanized steel finish. They're fire-resistant and maintenance-free to add protection and looks look to your home. #60762 Tone anchors are to tatp your home utor' in high winds. #80796 PER PANEL MOBILE HOME ANCHORS AND STRAPPING STMPHNG This W Strapping is to to used in conjunction with anchors. #80770 12" x 24" Economy CelingTfe In less than a weekend, you can have a brand-new ceiling --and with very little trouble. These 12" x 24" tiles go up quickly and easily, either with adhesive or stapler. Instructions included. #11786 SQ.FT. tniK M.FT. "SILENTEr 12" 112" TILES 21* ·11791 tan. 10' OR 20' WHITE ALUMINUM GUTTER Old or worn-out guttering can be ruining your lawn and shrubbery. So add protection and new good looks to your home with these attractive white gutters. #11550,2 imntaum t MRUWWK I fS Patrick Street PLAZA Phone 344-8071

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