The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 19, 1964 · Page 33
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 33

Ottawa, Canada
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Wednesday, August 19, 1964
Page 33
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'.-iJ V l ",,. e v.wH'nyniTT yrn'n tt r.".f . ----- . 1 - '7 WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 19, 18M THE OTTA W A. JOURNAL - 33 COOKING COLUMN - -. r Three Ways to Cook Roast' i By NORAH The boned and rolled by three methods, the rotisserie, the barbecue or Ihe oven. A spicy chill marinade imparts a delicious .flavor. Serve it with garden fresh vegetables and a salad. Fresh peaches and a lemon pie filling make a light refreshing dessert ' WEEKEND MENU Tamata Jute Chili feaseaed BmI O rawned Ne p tutor Y'telabls Marrow and Onions Bread Stick Butter Umaa Peach Fhill 1 Caflta Milk For a barbecue meal you, might want to change the menu a bit After the beef It cooked, it may be 1 1 Iced and terved .in between ham-burger bunt. Foil - barbecued ' cart of corn and a g r e a a talad would make a fine dinner menu. , ' j- - No matter which method you use to cook the roast tha meat thermometer temperatures do not change. The roast should be removed from the oven or rotisserie when tha, 'thermometer reads five da-' greet below tha desired done- nest. This allows for the tern- peratura rise that takes place - after any roast7 is removed J from the ove.n.. CH1U SEASONED BEEF j 4 B. baaed and relied prima j i"rt raast ..? .'-i . ri salad all . ( H ttotptoti chill aewder 1 taaspaans chopped grtea j talent ' - i leataeaa tan 1 taaipsts) sugar i-issipson vinegar . Dash pepper Wipe roast with damp doth, i Combine oil, chili powder and .' anions. Stir' in salt, sugar, ' vinegar, and pepper. Shake to , low pan. Spoon marinade over f meat. Refrigerate for one t'-hotUV ttrx:-f W:vv.i4 V: , , Remove meat from mart-'" bade. - Balance on rotisserie i spit and secure with prongs.' (Insert meat thermometer in the meat parallel to spit i Km you heard about it?i ; Creata Rossi It a daMdoutiy medium dry red table wma maoa nam rrancn nywwj . m Niagara. , rkoM lriMi for fret home salivary I rM u sv . t rma auh nut a . i e tanas cu arming wur SHOD IVt THE WHOU FAHM J. B. Lefebvre 'v''..Uft.'::'! Two tecatkmt in" Ottawa -:. 275 BANK STREET 197 DALHOUSIE STREET Lfll The China Hall of Ottawa 247lklL 54D.HSL tMWfMt ''Iff' ss?!Ws!iawm SHOP AT KRESGE'S For Better Values . . 8 giDUO ST. WBTMTI SH0PPW6 CWTM si CHERRY beef roast mav be cooked Roast at medium heat until thermometer registers 140 da-greet (rare); 1(0 dagreet (medium); lit degrees F. -(well-done), or VA to IK hours. :"'' Note: If meat It to be rooked on electric spit of outdoor barbecue, follow directions for rotisserie but do not attach spit until charcoal it covered with white ash. To oven roast: preheat oven to 123 degrees. Place meat in shallow ' pan . after removing from marinade. Roast M minutes a pound for rare, M minutes for medium or H minutes for wall-done. If. using meat thermometer tha readings for rotisserie hold for tha oven also. Yield: six to eight servings. BROWNED NEW POTATOES S lbs. aaw potatoes I cape Mllag watar -H tetipeeei tall M cup bttar ,'. ' Scrub potatoes. Bring water and tait to brisk botL Add potatoes. Cover. Parboil for IS minutes. Drain. Para potatoes if desired. Melt butter. Brush potatoes generously with buttar, ' Broil until lender, about IS minutes, turning and brushing , with more butter, every five minutes until evenly browned. " Potatoes may be placed oa grill of barbecue after par- boiling to brown. Yield: ti servings. . -. , VEGETABLE MARROW AND .. ONIONS . 1 fct. vegetable marrow '; . I Spanish aalaa . , t .; J4 staspaae salt . bash peppsr-" S lablespeeaa batter - K cue) cereal cream -, ..." , -- Para marrow, cut in -thia t slices after - removing veins and seeds. Pare onion, slice ' thinly. Separata Into rings. Preheat ova to 401 degrees. Arrange ; marrow end onion layers ia buttered baking dish.' Season with salt and pepper. Dot : with butter. Cover. Bake Tor V4 hour. Remove cover. Add cream. Bake 2 minutes longer or until delicately browned on top and vegetables tender. Yield:, six servings. -' ' CUCUMBER COLESLAW I cups shredded cabbage I caeasnber '-, - ' " S greea fleet ' . 4 radtshea -. V ' H taaspaeai tak " ' ' ' . Dash pepper . H eap Myaanalse lettuce turn - Place cabbage in . salad PRINTED PATTERN : 4781 tins lo-u SUNNY-DAY SHIFT Look one main piece for back, one for front) Whip up this sun shift In en afternoon. Has a parade of buttons dowa one side, end a pert bead scarf. For poplin, denim. '. " Primed Pattern 4711: Teen sizes IS, IX 14. 1. Size II outfit takes H yards IS-inch. FIFTY CENTS (See) m coins (no stamps, please) for this pattern. Ontario residents add le sale, tax, Print plainly SIZE. NAME, ADDRESS, STYLE NUMBER. . - Send order to ANNE ADAMS, care of The Ottawa Journal, Readers Mail Lid., St Front Street, West, Toronto J." One ' NEW! Wt sparkling designs, five exciting fashions and fabric features plus coupon for ONE I FREE PATTERN any one I vou choose! Send for new Fsll-i Winter Pattern Catalogue. Mc. bowl. Pare and dice cucumber; add.' Slice green onions . and radishes. Add to cabbage. Season. Toes gently' with mayonnaise. Serve in lettuce cups. Yield:' six servings. . LEMON-PEACH FLUFF ' I tc package lemon -ptatdbtg and pie lining H cop sugar 1 cups water I eggs J cups diced fresh peaches Combine pie filling, K cup sugar and cup water, in saucepan. Separate eggs; add yolks to filling and beat until blended. Stir in , remaining water. Stirring constantly, cook over medium beat until mixture comes to full boll and it thickened. Remove from heat. Cool five minutes. Fold la . prepared peaches. Pour into baking dish. ' Preheat oven to 42S degrees. Beat - egg- whites ; until' soft peaks form. Gradually 'beat ia cup sugar until stiff merln-. gue arms. Swirl on pudding. Bake five minutes- or until meringue delicately browned. Cool then chill. Yield: .six servings. t. Russell UCW The Russell United Church Women were hosts to the children's "messenger" group at the August meeting held in the church hall v President Mrs. Robert Gamble opened the meeting. It was decided to enter the Bower competition at - the . Russell Fair. Sept II and 13. ' Mrs. Asa . Sullivan ; wilt succeed Mrs. . Gamble i as president for the balance of the year. Mrs. Gamble and her husband have taken positions at the United Church School at Pointa-aux-Tremblet, Que. - V I bought two yards of ad hesive . backed paper for less than a dollar and made four placeman fir by 11"). . . Naturally; I did not remove the paper backing) i . Placamats are very attrac- tlva when-cut wUk pinkine FOR THE SKI SET This after-ski outfit is in four parts: a heavy handmade woollen sweater in mustard, . black and white; knee-length black pants; woollen stockings to match the sweater, and a beret in the' traditional shepherd bagpipers' style. Created by the Naka Boutique fashion house of Milan. H was presented at the Florence showing of Italian Fall and Winter ' fashions. . ,w , : shears, or they can be seal- ' tractive package. How tight-loped around the edges .with y r hmtely you squeeze the regular scissors. , - . f r , ball depends on the site of the Tha mats an an aatv' la wrinkles you desire In the keep clean, as they do not absorb stains, and can be washed with, a awipe of a ' damp sponge. They are much ' less expensive than the usual ' placemata. '. One can cut the placematt'. any shape one desires. I made a darling set by drawing 1 around(a turkey platter. - '. With the two thirds of a yard you have left over, you .' can cut attractive centrepieces, or small circles to use as coasters for your glasses, we, ter pitcher, etc, ' I also covered my stained ' hot padt (the kind you set hot food on) with some of the scraps and they are prettier than they were, when new. Now 1 have a matching set of everything. ; ' ' I think these would be wonderful to sell at bazaars and excellent as a project for Girl Scouts, etc. And think of the profit en ' organiiatmn could make with very little effort? , Helaise. DEAR HELOISEi . I Just stumbled upon the. Idea of using, tlumisum foil to wrap packages. It it quite beautiful. . : ' ' . Tear off as much foil' as ". ; " " . ' "' ' needed (plus a few extra inches).' and wad the aluminum toll Into a ball. Then carefully unfold the crushed foil oa a table and smooth it out ' This crinkled sheet it ready to be used for wrapping; and ' J feuist say it mskes an at. aluminum toll. It it pretty any way . . r no matter bow you wrinkle It - . , Lillian Wibea. ' '' . - DEAR HELOISE: ' .; If you nave a pitcher of ' Juice. . or some other drink which you want to chill (hut you don't want to "water k down"), put your ice cubes ' in a plastic bag, close the end of the bag with a rubber band, and put the bag and all in the pitcher of juice. - - Nancy. . . . . DEAR HELOISEi V ' . ' - After repeated washingt, bahies' rubber pants become . stiff end uncomfortable. " To keep the pants soft, tain them from the washer ai . pop them Into the dryer with e full load of towels. This will even Soften rubber pan ta which have ' already become stiff. Barbara Mathy. ,,.- 'a;; - ; ... DEAR HELOISEi . For mattress protector on a small child's bed I use a , flannel backed plastic table-'cloth Panncl tide up. .-. . The tablecloth protects the mattress.- It comfortable for the child to sleep on, and I ran wash It In the machine in VIA AIR AND BUS , : OCT. 9th 7 SERVICE LOTED MJ-J7J4 fn Stic Fork Tours . s nd CAPITAL ESCORTED WCSLD FAIR TCUSS VIA AIR" SEPT. 3rd ruoNt or WKiTt ron foidkm ; AUAfrS TRAVEL U Sparks 8U Ottawa " - . . rears Xxnerfetice yjh w '-'.) - .' ' r" y-. , ( V'- ' ' I II .. J aHvtnheV ' ' -.-Una". . & eeiwiw assnjstssssssaV - iir -.t-itt "'-. - asssV - BE OUR GUEST THURSDAY, AUG. 20 ' Ji : -: AT THE ' ' OPEN HOUSE Set lor yourself why comptomiUr optrsfori ro called figure work loecisliih. Qualified ; Initrvctori and graduates will be in attendance : fo demonstrate, various machines and answer any inquiries yon may have. , TM Placer VICTOIt C0.'.!PT0"ETER LTD. . 227 Lauritr Wtst - Room 22 i Time 6.30 p.m. to 9.30 p.m. ,. '4 ' (APeunul Wweptratol V: lukewarm water sad hang H oa the line. - -..- Dereea Bartlett. ' ; . ...:'..: e j- . . . DEAR HELOISEi ! ; v I take a small plastic detergent bottle, pour a little liquid silver polish In It end dijute H with a bit of water so It won't clog, use this to clean my silverware -as I em washing my dishes. I use-a p ece of, paper toweling to rub the silverware alter squirt mg the pbJish di- rectly on the tilverttelf. My silver is clean in time at all Minnie G .-' V - ' (CopyrtSMi y 'I - vilUI Why Grow .Iranian health faddists cake I 7 J - O their bodies With a thick mud I . f. t "W TT to ward off rheumatism, arthri- I I' s llM III '.-.!. .i Miw ii I Aw' . I avl I arA , rtaassssssfSswaswaswassaajr 1.T ' I 0.... I W ' t KMT A SWW6 MACHIH j ' M ':. .; BY IHE WEEK It ; I .' -,1 " . FROM YOUR ; J I . U n singer I v kj; n: f . l! I I I . t-A SMALL . I IIftfiyi" I I . DOW I (r' ' MiUMii I j .' . : J)ld? V&Jef4)MMef spVMssNsVJ J Hair Problems A woman can wearmore different hair styles and do much more with coarse hair than with fine hair because it has' more body. However.-it must be cut cleverly. Many women who have coarse thick hair have it thinned. Skill-ful cutting and tapering is even more important Women with hair such as this can enoy the many simple - line, smooth looking hairdoes so popular today it their hair is properly cut. Unlike fine hair, very coarse hair is best managed with cream shampoos. If your hair is very dry the ends are probably split If so. have them cut and use cream shampoos only. There are splendid conditioners for dry hair on the' market today. Treat your hair with one. This Is applied to the hair after It has been shampooed and dried. Follow directions end leave It on for the given length of time and then rinse it off. Very dry hair will profit by towel drying rather than the usual dryer whenever this is possible. A cream dressing is also helpful. Suppose you have extremely oily hair! Many women with this problem hesitate to shampoo their tresses as often as they would like to because they think this would be damaging to their hair. This should not be one of your worries! Shampoo it as often as necessary to keep it looking lovely. Every two or three days' Is not too muck for the . very oily head. . This kind of hair can be. 'most unattractive unless it is cared for with frequent washings. Otherwise' it bee e m e t ; dank looking, and separates and droop There are tham-poos especially designed-for. oily hair so be sure that you are using one of those. This can make a, big difference. - Do not ase very hot water when you shampoo your hair or when you have k done. This encourages the f 1 e w of oil. Use warm water only. . , If you are worried because . your hair is falling out y e e may want my booklet "Is Your Hair Thinning?" To obtain your copy send IS cents' and a. stamped," sell-address- ed envelope with your request for it to Josephine Lowmaa ia care of The Journal, KEEP. PATIO CLEAN . When you wash the patio floor whether It't made of tile. ,rick or flagstone use a stiff brush and hot soao or deter- Kcm ,uu. i mil . . I- r : ,l. the mortar used for Joining 1 absorbs . toil. any greasy pre scrubbed stain should be with thick suds. DEGREE Or CLEANLINESS NOTTINGHAM, England (CP) An advertisement in e Netting- asm newtpaper for a l-hnurs- a-day woman office cleaner s a y s: "References tssemial. Apply, stating, age and educa- ion." , Cn$lant Jfrnw,.,,,. re Givt Geee Fr DOWNTOWN 9.00 Long v Cotton Broadcloth PYJAMAS Reg. 550 3 .98 . here's sn opportunity f j "Otrr ft Sale! . to stock up lor fall -and an opportunity to save at the same time. Made by a well known - , manufacturer in the smart tailored style ... ' generously cut for sleeping comfort . Come ' -.. in and choose yours now white the selection, , Including florals, stripes and geometric patterns v ; Is plentifuL Dark ..or tight shades in , .' small and medium sizes only. - LINGERIE, SECOND ' FLOOR. DOWNTOWN , STORE ONLY Continuing Our ust I I Vr TV Make a COAT Fur DEPOSIT WILL HOLD YOUR FUR SALONS. STREET FLOOR, . NURSES SCARCE ST, ALBANS. England (CP) Because she -could not recruit enough nurses ia England, the matron of a Hertfordshire bos- piul here went to Malta to seek them. She signed up nearly M on the trip. to 5.30 236-4511 Via; , - 7t?:1 SALE LINED Out of Your Old NTOWN, AND AT BILLINGS BRIDGE Coat For Only $ 119 style an Hie yi waul ... ana have a rwnpltty mm Par time Cat lor rail. Dwl let nut oM fur eoat iuM hang mi um e . . , aut n i . tea. Vflwr east will be emivertee hy Mr prtm .... si ta jreur esaH msawiieMHWit, Pur. wnet fanncs mt Imn, aU. Or?, Blark. , . . . Blue, Oram, natural r Mn. USE OUR LAYAWAY PLAN COAT UNTIL FALL.

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