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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Tuesday, March 12, 1918
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Dail Connellsville's Biggest and Best Newspaper. Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week, 6,503 VOL. 16, NO 103 CONNELLSVILLE, PA- TUESDAY EVENING MARCH 12, 1918 EIGHT PAGES AMERICANS COMPLETELY ROUT BOCHES IN FIRST UNASSISTED TRENCH RAID Teuton* R»n When Artillery Fire Indicates Sammies are Comiog, bat Many are Killed and Wounded; Every American Comes Back to His Own De- fenM*; Little Work for Surgeons. NOT SINGLE GERMAN SHELL REACHES PARTY , Bj Associated Frew. WITH THE AMERICAN ARMY IN FRANCE, March 12 -An American raiding party entered the German trenches along the Toul sector at 6 o'clock this morning, after an artillery Bombardment of 45 minutes and brought back materials and in- 'ormation but captured no prisoners It was the first raid under- .aken by the Americans withdut the aid of the French The raid was highly successful as the enemy withdrew soanj men from the front lines when the bombardment indicated hat a raid might follow The raiders reported that American jwnfire had created destruction in the German positions and aad torn gaps m the barbed wire entanglements The Americans entered the enemy trenches behind one side 3f a box barrage which moved in front of them They found lumerous Germans hiding in the dugouts In the hand-to-hand ightmg which followed a number of the enemy were killed and rounded and left in the trenches. Going far beyond their objective the raiders penetrated tbe Jerman lines 300 yards The Americans failed to find most of he Germans who had withdrawn hurriedly from the front line, UtLough they searched for them In the band to hand fighting the* unerreaas used their automatic pis- ols 'and rifles During the raid the inerican machine guns placed a arrage in the enemy back areas in rder to prevent a counter attack. The Americans fought so fast. ono. id their work so Quickly that the ledical men who accompanied them »d little to do Every American who at the front line returned. The Americans reached their own ne without one German shell having illea anywhere near them for it was n over so quickly that the German itteries did not have a good chance y set Imio action Tbe Americans ere lande the enemy lines for 15 tbnte* JDEKKA5 STCAXEB BIT BT SUBMARINE; ESCAPES A FRENCH PORT. March 12 ^An merteaa steamship, formerly a Geran vamel, arrived here today with 9 bridge «nia»hcd and a shell hole WILSON SENDS MESSAGE OF CHEER TO RUSSIANS PLEDGING AID OF U. S. Expresses Desire to Help tbe Stricken People of tie Conntiy Threatened With dermon Domination- - By Associated Press. ·WASHINGTON, March 12--Disregarding the so-called treaties of peace forced upon sections of Russia hy Germany President Wilson on the eve of the assembling at M.osco» of the Kuseian Congress of Soviets has sent a message to tn* people of that country with a pledge that the United State will avail itself of every oppor tunny to aid them in driving out autocracy and restoring Russia to her place in the world with complete sovereignty and independence. NEXT MOVEMENT OF SELECTIVE* SET FOR MAR. 29 Order Believed to Include All Remaining in First Draft and Part of Second. THE STATE QUOTA IS 7,868 Definite Information "toll Unavailable Concerning Details of Oie Second Draft at a Wholoj General Cro-wder Is Waiting on Vrfaoi ky Congress. By Assorted Press. WASHINGTON March 12 --A move ment of 95 000 dratted men to begin on March 29 and continue for flvo dajs wis orrtersd today hy Provost Marshal General Crowder The or der calls troops from everv state in the union with the exception of Iowa and Minnesota It includes men remaining: from the first draft and those liable to call in the second Just how manv men of the second draft are affected by the order was not stated at General Crowflers office It is understood that the movement will virually complete the first draft tad that it is part of the an nounced plan to call registrints In small groups as fast as thev can be accommodated Pennaylvanias quota Is ",868 Provost General Crowder today made tbe first official announce ment of the time of the second draft- It will be ordered as soon as Con gress amends the law to compute tho basis of, apportlonmeit among tbe states on the number ot registrants in Class 1 instead of population For purposes of computation 800 000 men w i l l be considered as com "THE TEN DAY OLDS" MAKE GREAT SHOWING ALONGSIDE THE "REGULARS" AT CAMP LEE Ralph Sligcr and "Rookie' Comrades Chosen to Gire Exhibition DriH. "EATS" PLENTY; WORK TOO The members of the Ust detachment of draftees sent to Camp Lee from this section are keeping up the reputation of the first as apt students in the art of war and are quickl mastering the intricacies of drill, at, the following POSTMASTERS OF FAYETTE COUNTY HEREOMORROW Gathering l bi *ldreSFed by Pitts- letter from Ralph. P Shger to James 9tamos burger on ihi Sale til War iiiiv- ings btamp(. A meeting of aji the po masters of JPayette county will be held tomorrow afternoon in the high school auditor ium at j o clock (or the purpose of discussing the sale of wai savings J Driscoll of Tbe Courier relates Today makes three -weeks I've put In here I am just feeling fine We got our third shot in the arm Monday and I believe it was tbe worst of the three My arm got pretty sore and it is still sore but not one of the shots made me sick ' Believe me Jiey are putting us through. After we bad been here for 10 days we the Company H rookies irero put on an exhibition, drill before Mayor Babcock of Pittsburg and his party We were picked out as the best dril ed rookies in tbe camp and were the second company to appear on the parade grounds The first was made up of tbe best drilled regulars in tbe camp We came next as the best drilled rookies in camp and were dubbed 'the 10 dav olus The drill principal address will be made b D A Mullen of the Colonia Trust company of Pittsburg and W Russell Carr of Uniontown will also make an address The meeting is -open to the public WEST SIDE SOLDIER LIKES ARMY LIFE; AISOJJUNNY TEXAS Fd. Tipping "ttritos From Field o. 1, tfolc-s on Other Local Soldier* A letter received from Ldward Tip ping oi Lht. We 1 ?! Side who is with the motor mechanics regiment in San An tonio Texas sajs that be likes the anm.3 life very much and espec ally San Antonio ft here we alwas ha\o bot weather He says 'ie expects to oe sent to a, train nj, camp n Nebris- ka before long . JOIEN UOBD.SOJ. WORST STREET 1 THE CITY T0BEPAVED Council Promises Relief For South Side Residents CITIZENS WAIT ON SOLONS Some of the postmasters have not "ajicock » L eutenant John I Robinson of Companj D 110th Regiment station ed at Camp Hancock Augusta, Ga arrived at his home in Uniontown on \ Saturday Bight for a 10 daj furlough It is his first \i*iit home since Ibs company went into training dt Camp They Declare Daiidson Avenue Impassable Eien For Funerals. been reporting very heavy sales of ' stamps, and Jie necessicv of them distributed will forth at the meeting be brought cimo oft flno slipup We were e did not hirve one congratulated on The ConnellsMlle postofllce is supplying stamps to every other postman ter in the countj and also 10 banks and other agencies Schools where the stampo are on sale have purchas ed tLem from tae local postotQce as have stores nnd locieties which are endoa\onng to increase the distnbu N1LASD BOTS BOTH ABRIYF 4P William Niland, a son of Mr and Mrs E iMland who le't here last TucBdiy for the Columbuo 0 bar racks to be assigned after having en listed in the Medical Department of the aimy has been sem to Fort Ogle thorpe A card was received bj bis mothe }estcrda3 ^a\ing be had just been assigned A card has also been recened f~om BiFAYI\G IS DISCUSSED Members Talk Long About Crawford At pane JSnt Come (o ^o Conclusion; Halt at PBJJDI; ?6,000 for Sweeper n One can be Bought for $2,000. the applause There wore thousands of spectators Yes tins surely Is a picnic down here -- to do but work But rcallj I like it and I eat anything and posing tbe second draft although no j everything that the} c e£ before me such number will be called to tba col | For Sunday dinner we had ice cream chocolate pudding and pumpkin pio amount is cocti"ually kept on hand for the purchdbt, of nore stamps The all sides after v,e had gone through j Dunbar township schoo s also pur our drill and you should have heard Tho Connellville public bchools' Joseph Miland another son who en- have purchased $2 oOO worth of stamps , listed last week with the motor me from the local postoffice which j chanics through Draft Board No 2 ' for supper besides lots of good whole. chased stamps at the local office The G*"eelt» Catholic soc dv Si. Stephens I' M C No 18 of Lets-en ring is the largest agent in the sale of He sa d he arr \ed m San Antonio on Sundiv morning FEIEt C\PFCTS TO CO OTEIt THFBE S00 I i. Fuel of York d\enue who has been in training at Camp Lee has Ilmat, treasurer s encounter with a submarine omrr LCXBLTKC ESCAPED 10 UHLE, JtWOUT tl i?" I i n 'iS ! !? State*_7iow recognizes 01 no government in Russia but the President cabled his message to the American Consul at Moscow for delivery today to he congress, which ors at ani- one time Men m deferred classifications the pjrovost marshal general announced would be called in some solid food and ihcn some fei i small numbers as well as man m j i o w s wnte home that thtj do not get! ,,«,,.,,,,, nnnrno THTA Class 1 for the purpose of utilizins I enough to cat Uncle Sam treats his CUUNtlL UKlltlvj I W U stamps Tho sociel) will put the f been raosferred from the infantrj stamps on sale among its members in to the Signal Corps Friel writes to and about lyCasenring Tbe officers o£ his piren s here lhal he expects to tho society arc Peter Voreczky presi go to Prance soon dent John Savatcnau secretary John j special technical qualifications sending them to schools to acquire such qualifications "While General Crowder sets no n ue tn hia staterrfent it had been staled prc- boys right, hero at Camp Lee Those who write otherwise are just knock ers nothing else As I said before the surely are putting us through } eacerday morn GARBAGE TRUCKS; Wfll BUY INCINERATORS viously tiat supplies and equipment | ing wo BCre j Mtruclcd ln semaphore v Kpartt t, OIls V re Going forward lor I. 0 /* 8 TMTM^^.! 6 ?^, 4 :^^. 11 "!"^""* ««» «»»«· Ura = TM» we S»tamt.o Jiemoral o, Tt u f a ) I)FT1\ntK U F U H N S .TO CVn Lloyd Dctwilei a mcmoe of the lluth Regiment hospital corps kft fins morning for Camp Hancock ^Vu iusta Go. after spend ng a furlough at his home here 1)0\ HI- II) LtiM Is FOIt become available m April and action I got along fine BT n » ott most ot us on the desired legislation is expect ed bnfore UiatJJlme "The first calls are expec'ed soon afterwards is made up of Soldiers and Vork"* iiiiMj^; mr uj, £rt*JUiCld tlDO. \ OrJC-- . mens representatives and speaks for ported here today (that Cxiunt Von aiburg, the former German minister is fled Argentine territory escaping Ch.'le COlfSIDEKS CATJSA1IT LIST PROTESTS. WASHINGTON, March 12--Presl- nt "Wilson toda personally consid- ed the war departments new plan issuing the names of American Idiers killed, wounded 01 who die France without their home ad esses or^other mark of identifica- in. There was no ontward mdica- m that the President would reverse e war departments raling which it been explained has teen made at least a considerable part ot tho Russian people The meosace is as follows May I not take advantage of the meeting of the Congress of the Soviet? to express the sincere sympathy which the people of the Lnitcd States feel for the Russian people at this moment, when the German power has been thruut in to interrupt and turn back the whole struggle for freedom and substitute the wishes of Germany for the purpose of the people of Russia. Although the Government of the United States is unhappily not no* in a position to render the direct and effective aid it would wish to render, I bog to assure the people of Russia, r military reasons bnt it was plain through the cong-es- that it will avail it protests from every quarter had own to such nnmber that the jpres- ·nt had decided to inform himself all the Jacts ORGANIZING FORCES War Sarines Stenps Sale. Uayo; John Bnggan chairman of · "War Savings Committee in Faye county who is getting his forces janiied for a big stamp sale drive 3 completed the preliminary steps e work in Connellsvillo will be adled bv the women in the irches In other districts of tbe inty ways tor handling the stamt e Hill be suggested hut each com-, ntty will be given, the liberty of tecting and using its own plan ir Duggan has also suggested that the stores where the stamps are on e. foe clerks be instructed to re- *st the purchase of stamps by cns- lers The major also suggests t persons with stamp* for sale be hand just after paydays by the I roads and industrial FUGET CONFERS i CT*M HiMMiUte Co«c 5 te Coutj Consolidation Qarjtio*. tephen Fuget a member of the Na lal HcaAjuarters of UK Red Cross ated at Philadelphia Has m Con svlHe tins morning conferring with local committee appointed to "t In Untontown to discuss countv solidaUon The matter was gone r thoroughly and a joint meeting of four county chapters will be held icrroir night in Uniontown (r Fuset was taken through the 1 Cross headflnarters be-e and was iressed bv the snace available for kers. He l«lt for Umontown, this irooon where he will meet nlth a unittcc fioin the Red Cross chap- i there itself of every oppo-tunity to secure for Russia once mo»e complete sov ereignty and independence in her own affairs and full restoration to her great role in th" life of Barope and the modern world. Tbe whole heart of the people of the United States is with the people of Russia in the attempt to free Jiemselves forever from autocratic government and become the masters of their own life. TWO KILLED, THREE INJURED IN CRASH AT DICKERSON RUN Cars Ban lw»y and ColLdc 'With Slag Damp; Dead Hen Caught ID Box Car. Two men were killed and Uuee were injured this morning at Bickc-- son Run when two cars of the Pittsburg £. Lake Ene railroad ran away, colliding with a slag dump A.I1 the men were Italian laborers ind the two who were killed weie in a box car The dead men were removed to Funeral Director J H Edwards establishment at YaaderbiU and prepared tor "bunal The injured men v-ere admitted lo the Cottage State hospital where it ·was stated that their injuries are not serious They are Basilone Thomas 10 years old of Vanderbilt suffering from a hcalp wound and bruises Fil I ippo Graiosi -10 years old of Vanderbilt has bruises and contusions oC the body, Pasquale Disantl has bruises and contusions of tie back and legs 95BDTSTHlKNmiNC AddfeM Woman Searing Centarr Mark ActiTe for lie* Crou. Jfrs Mary Rush Kellar, 95 years old. of Addison, desp te her advanced years is actively engaged in knitting for the Hed Cross After completing six pairs of jocis, sbe became ill witn muscular rheumatism, which incapaci tated her from knitting for some time Having recorerrt h r strength she is Mrs Kellar is a grandaughter of Jacob Rush wlio served in the Rev- olutionarv war four brothers Thomas Victor Eil John and David- served in the Civil War Thomas Victor being killed in act-on Xaajr Flon Cards «mlx la. ounty Food AdminisLator David- reports the receipt ot hundreds of r cards which ace being filled out the blanks printed In the nevrspa- 1 and uafled to tils office. IS YOUNGEST KNITUR Seven- \car-01d YnaderbiH Girl Turns , Out Sweater ad "Wristlets. The ·voungest knitter in the Vanderbilt communUj is Miss Anna Belle Madden, daughter of Mr and Mrs Praufc Madden Lfttle Miss Anna Belle, who is but seven years old has knitted a pafr of wristlets aud a, sweater Anna BelJe has been confined to Jier bed for the past year and makes use of her time bj" knitting for the sol dier bors SHIFT BELL LINES Danger From ffigli Tension ITjres on West Side to be Rcmored. Preparations are under way to remove from Crawford avenue "West Side, the menace oC telephone wires falling on the high tension electnc lines during storms such as visited , ConnellsviHe during the winter endangering lives A representaihe of the Bell Telephone company was be fore council last night ^ith a p'an Cor removing its wires from the north side of the street where they over hang the "West Penn. circuits to the south side of tbe street where the lines of the Tri-State Telephone com- panr pass In place of open circuits the Bell will place all its lines m a cable The company was given authonlv to proceed under the direction of B L Berg superintendent of stieets could go through the -nhole alphabet' » rt with the fliigs I like signal mj, veryl o t t l ] ( . Testerdav afternoon we were taken out on the drill ground and each was given a gas mask and we structed in adjusting it "V posed to get it on in sir seconds Oaring Summer ^ory Ip the better handling: removal problem in tbe TOMOHT. J Dona d Reid son of Mrs J M Re d of A\esl Peach street will leave Unless railroad embargoes or other %ar measures mterfeie the worst mud street in ConuellsMlle will be improved before ^nolier sp-ing rolls around Davidson avenue holds the distinction of being the worst public thoroughfare in the city Last night when council met a delegation of about a dozen citizens of that local 115 appeared-- it \as an annual -\isit their spolosniin Frank R Graham said -- for Uie purpose of prexailing on council if possible to afford some relief Council promised Davidson avenue is a little worse this spring than before =aid Spokesman Gnham It is impossible for the residents to get coal Grocers refuse to attempt de neries Doctoi s will not bra\e the mud And when one dies there is no wav for the funeral car to get through Chestnut street is little better if aii tbe delegation agreed, so that birte from DaMdson a-venue southward to Austin avenue \vas included in the pioposcd improvements The resident propertv holders will agree Mr Graham said to make pavment fo" the. paMng TMthin. 60 das after comple'ion Council ordered tbe pre paration for an ordinance for presentation at the ae^i meeting the mgbt city during the coming summer conn eil last night authorized Purchasing \gont Koj Vf Hoo\er to secure two tonight for the School Ae-on vuies Princeton for av lation train ng of Militarv University were in rord cnaass {rom tne Hyau Motor a T e s " p ~, Company at ?715 52 each and also to " secure bids. 01 four or more mcinera- Be ed bom«. vesterdav from an \tlaitic lieve me six seconds js fast It Is a tors m the all bushel capacity type "?"' w * e TM lhe5 '° l t c a , ,^ eir son , very interesting drill because It means Wembers O f council on Saturday l Be * , wh .° '* * TM mber Ol ^ " n ot life and death over there We have witnessed a demonstration here of the a Uni ed Stales cra!scr Ber ls of Varch S5 If brick for the surface is unobtainable an effort will be made to Lompiote the base at least. Council jJSo talked of repavmff BEK1 HOWARDS FitHFR Crawford avenue from Brimstone Coi\ D IOJ'HI K MSJ1 HDr oer 10 Ninth street 'Nest Side The Mr and Mrs "W r Howard amv estimate^ of the cost ran up as high all our close order drills down pretty well and are being drilled in skir mishing This is more strenuous than any we have yet had The setting np exercises are also pretty strenuous The double quick marching with a gun and a pack is likewise In fact, this is a pretty strenuou- Hfe, but I think it is just fine "iou arc ready to eat when you come home from the field They are talung of taking us out on the rifle range next week. ' VTe -are so busy here that we dou t have much time to write' SELLS RESTAURANT "Bill)" Bishop ReceiTes In Exchange Six Houses In I'Mtsbure. A deal was closed yesterdav b W C Bishop for the sale of his restau rant in ·'South Pittsburg street to George H Humphreys of Pittsburg who has taken, chai ge. Tho deal does not include the Stag hotel In return. Bishop receives six houses in Northsi3e Pittsbnrg four on Geranium street and two on Norman street. The retiring restaurateur wni take a "cst before engaging in. other business He iias been in the busme=s 20 vcarst utility of thii furnace given bj the Pittsburg Garage Incinera or com pany and were pleased with the performance of it. Dr C W Utts heao of tae Dooart meot of Parks and Public Buildings for bodies for iubmit them at will also secure bids the motor trucks and the nel^ meet ng March 25 STADER SELLS LIVERY Hits «CD JH tbe Bnsnitss in iiellsTtUc for 2J eara. Con- After sticcessrully conducting a h\- good health and fine spirits they saul TUOTTER COtOTl) P BOT as $35000 'Wood block and brick were suggested for surface Wood block toda costs ?2 05 per" square ard as compared with $1 60 a \ear ago said Ma~vor Duggan Brick now is specified at about a dollar and a quar er he said Excavation, the con- IS Str L FRA5CE. Mrs Jennie Gibson a well known t higher Council came colored woman of Tiotter lias re- elusion in this project crete base and other work will also be to no con- If the work Continued on Pnge Two WRITES COLLEGE PLAY *ew Teacher m Hj£h School tecimres Bare Distinction at 1'enn Slate. M ss Margaret Baker teacher of expiessioi: and public speaking in the high school CDJOJS tbe distinction o f ] ery business in Connollsville Tor 23 being" the first student of Penns-xl Knte Boy Missing A search is being made for Ladlslay Onglafe aged nine years, who was last seen about noon Mondar when he left the St Mary's R C church in Uniontown. The lad Hrcs at Bute. \ny In- fo-matioii of his whereaoonts should be given to his father. John Griglak at Bute, or Key Ifatter SebOc. NEW BAND TO APPEAR It. Bed Cross Bazaar nt South Cod- ncllSTille Friday. The Communit} Band Connellsville s newest musical organization will appear at the Red Cross bazaar at South Connellsville Friday evening with Lester Crawford as soloist James TV" Bnttennore is directo- of the band Several ot its members wer connected with the old Tenth Regiment band. To IVorK Abandoned Xines The H C Frick Coke company which last month received several bids for the abandoned mines m the Morgan valley has notified all bid ders that the companv has decided to withdraw Its offer o£ sale and work the mtae* itself. TO USE MASONIC TEMPLE Banquet for Farmers Will be Given There Instead of Christian Cbnrcli. The banquet to be given the farmers of tbe community bv the people of ConnellsviHe on Friday March 22 has been changed from the Christian church to the Masonic Temple The invitations to the farmers of the community have been sent out The mayor and city council will be present at tbe banquet and that body has given its full support to the cu~b market movement Revrrals Resumed. Revival meeting will be resumed 1 tontg'it in the United Brethren cb-jrch under tho leadership of Rev W A. Knapp of Greensbnrg and continue the remainder ot the week Temperature Record. 1318 1917 Generally cloudy tonight and. "Wed nesday somewhat colder is the noon weather forecast £or Western Pennsylvania Maximum 55 Minimum 37 Mean ·!« vears, J L Stader tho well known funeral director, this morning das posed of his livory 'equipment to Harr Dull Peach street li\eryman The consideration w as not made known The deal included 13 head ot horses eight carnages buggies and wagons The new owner will continue to con ' duct business m the Stader Jnery 3o cated on the corner of Meadow lane | graduate o£ the Waynesburg high and Church Place Mr Stader will school and the 'Waynosbnrg College continue in the undertaking business which he established in Connellsville nearly 26 years ago FURLOUGH EMPLOYES Hen in the Scmce TViU be Retained -on Eligible .List Daring Mar In rtead of being dropped from the service with tbe irnderstandng that whfn they return their jobs will be open Connellsville policemen and firemen who enlist will be simply fur loughed """'us decision was reached at a meeting of council last night Andrew Thomas member of tbe pol ce force and Bert R tchie and Thomas Dailey firemen are in the service ceired a letter from her son Richard, us done the \Vest Penn Railwajs cora- ~ pany w i l l be asked to bear the ex pens e of the portion between the rails and IS irches outside Of the remainder the city will pa two thirds and tbe propert holder 1 ? ono third Superintendent B jL. Ber£ of t-io street department was instructed to I take up -n ith the Connellsville Watci ' companv repairs to Fairvie*w avenue where leaking water mams undenmn ed the surface Members of council demoted almost an hour to discussion of purchase of a jsirpet sweeper A rerrcsentat2\e of Sine Elgin make of machine ~v\as pres ent to sell one at ?6000 but se\eial members--Berg Ltta and Hooker-were desirous of looking into tho merits of a. second hand machine ot this make at McKoesport nhich n^ be purchased at a third that figuie Thej will go to the Tuoe City to see it work The ordinance requiring that permits at ?5 each and up be secured before streets are opened for the installation or repair of nater gas or sever lines "was adopted ·without debate and with no dissenting \o 4 e The purchasing agent was duthom- ed lo accept bids for 10 rubber coats, 10 rubber hats and siz pairs of rubber ·\ania State College to write a plav selected for production by the students during exercises of commence ment week The play is ent tied Tb-e Red Cioss .Nurse It is a -war ra mance of three acts The cast ^ull number 32 persons all of "whom are students of Penn S ate Miss Baker is a daughtei of Mrs Baker of Wavne^burg and of Expression Slie later entered Penn State from which institution she wa« graduated in Januan with honors and in advance oC tbc close of the college 3 eai which will occur April 23 WILLARRESTDEUNQUENTS to IH Isued for Mcrcbantb j boots for the firemen "N ho 1 ail to Prompt!} Paj TM TT " X - MYSTERIOUSLY EL CHAHTHAJiSHIT. Orders were todaj issued bj Mayor Duggan to ha.\e isarranu, served on merchants «ho have failed to pav up tLeir license tax 1\ith the third I month of the year now hilf over ^ On* Sars S( gross Threw 5ora5 Compound OB Clothing. ignes Kosneki IB 3 cars old of Le- therc are still a numbei of merchants moat is at tbe Mount Pleasant hos- who ha\e not paid the tax for 191S ipital as tbe lesult »be =avs of be Chief of Police W B Bowers has I com ng ill from something a negio been notirong tbe merchants to get their licenses bu some have failed to appear at city hall No more notices Ferry IfoMan ^PHll Not Serve on Liberty Loan Committee. On account of pressure of other work the Ued Cross especially- Mrs I Lena G Galley of ""errjopohs has de-j clmed to accept the chairmanship of the county women s LiberU Loan committee Mrs R. E Lmbel ^illj have charge of the work ' Ono ^ill Be Hang 1 in Iran ford Mrs Galley left jes erday on a trip. School; Other is in High School. woman on a irollej car throw on her gloves from a bottle The girl was found Iving along a will be served on delinquents In ad street at Scottdale last n ght. She cation to the license tax a flne and had been employed b a familv nam- Losts w 1 have to be paid ed Miller and had been to hei home BRONZETABLETS ARRIVE to Philadelphia 65 38 52 The 'iougb. river fell durmg the night from o 20 feet to 4 85 feet Measles Pase* Reported. Th-ee casts of measles vveie report ed to tbo Board of Health tins morn ing This makes sit cases this week th-ee having been icpoited jesterdaj 3Irs. Toting crr III. Mrs A. "W Young of Rockvvood, for merlf Miss LenaHetzef, is c-itically ill at the home of her mother Mrs Margaret Hetzel in the South Side, The tivo bronze tablets one to be at Lemont for tne clav she said Finger \nipntattd. . Louis Harris colored of Adelaide and employ eof tbe Pittsburg Wood Preserving companv at ^dela de met with an accident Testerdav while at hung n the high school and tbe other work which resulted in the loss of hia in the C-awford school on the "Rest 'ring finger on his right hand The in Side arrived here vesterdav Tbe hured memne was so badl mashed high scaool tablet vva.-. pu m place to (that it had to be amputated at the daj and the otber w i l l be taken to the Cottage State hospital West Side later The tablets beai the name of the school the nanips of tbc school board supeuntendent of schools, and piincrpaU of the building also the names of the architect and. contrac- Hog Eflismg in Sonth Brownsville. The council of South Brownsulle has decided to allow hog raising in the borough under permits to be la- sued by the burgess and subject to board ot health inspection of

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