The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 9, 1930 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 9, 1930
Page 7
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,^1-nrRSDAY, JANUARY 9, 1930. ·ram- JOAXtyr ctrOTCTEK, CONNETLI8VTLLB, PA PAG32 SKVUHtf. ONE OF EVERY TWO . NOT AiFFlUATED WITH AMY CHURCH Startling Situation, Religious!y SpeftWngJprosented by Bev. E. Jf. Duty. *" REGULARS ARE FEWER STILL Kov. Eug«n N. Duty, paetor of the Fiitit Christian Church, epoalttag yea- terday at the noon prayer meeting at Iho Orphoutn Theatre, cited the poor enrollment !n tho churches and synagogue In the city and the county. He urged better church attendance. The mlnletor vised th« last vers« of the Sermon, on The Mount: "Not everyone that saycth «uto me 'Lord, Lord 1 shall enter tho kingdom ot heaven but he that dooth tho will of the Father." Jtev. Duly declared that to do Hte win is to take our place regularly fn church. "Statistics tell us that 50 per cent *o£ the population of tho United States arc not attached to any church or fiymigogue. means of the 115,000,000 people In this country, about 1)7,500,000 are- not affiliated with any c'OURi'ogatlon, leaving a similar number on the rolls. However, ot this vast number but 25 per cent are regularly in thoir places on Sundays and this means that only about 18,750,000 peoplo attond church regularly as compared with the 88,750,000 who are enrolled but do not attend every Sunday. That means then that 06,250,000 people should be reached." Computing statistics on tho basis of thu- nation? 1 survey and figuring th* population of ConnelUivtlle at an even 17,000, Rev, Duty eald that "on the strength of these figures there are 8.500 persons In tho city who are not affiliated with any church or eyna- Kotrue and that of .the othor 50 percent there are but 2,125 persons who are In church every Sunday, leaving a total of R,R75 absentees who can he termed 'apaumodtc' members. This loaves a total of 114.S7G persona who Hlunild be reached. This Is the field ot o p p o r t u n i t y for us." Rev. Duty etatcc! that the figures may not !to exact because the churches are fed by a number of surrounding dtetriots. lie cmpas.zed tho need ot a chal- lengo to got tho people In line to do tho will of Cod. H eald that the people w h o say that they can live a Christian life outeide of the church could live a much bettor Christlau life w i t h i n the church. BULK OF MT. PLEASANT , FIRE DEPARTMENTS WORK OUTSIDE TOWN MOUNT n/TSASANT, Jan. 9.--'While I In- j'n-e loss In M o u n t I'leasaut amounted to $3,825 for tho year 19129, the damage from flames in out o-E town poinig to which ihe locul flreinon were fuumnoned and helped combat aggre- Katod $t03,"7B, according to the report ot Glenn A. Harrison, tho retiring chief, who swvfrd last yoar. Of the 35 alarms sounded' ·during the year, only JO of that number wore Jocu! Maze*. Tliis .shapes up with 21 calls (hiring 1028, fivo of which were w i t h i n the borough's boundary limits. The 1920 (ire loss ill the borough wo.s greater than iu 11)28 when the t o t a l damage was $935. The year's iigure, IH ?:;,,S2u, $1,200 ot which wan covered by Insurance leaving a not U)K« of $2,^25. In ISiliS, the out of town fire loss w u a . $rG,Cn)0 and the 1929 figure is inwrly twico that. Tho most destructive fire in Mount I'lcaBaut las-l year jwaa the one which svvept the garage 6P Mrs. Roy Crosby In Smithtielct street. The fire look place on. July 27 and the flames destroyed two garages and five automobiles. Tho largest fire oC 192S was routered in tho ^rejection room oE tho State Theatre, whoro. tho loss amounted 'to $S50. Only a few gallons of chemicals were utilized 1 'during the pa«t y-c-ar w-tih 20,000 gallons of water. PAYNE A. i. E. , REVIVAL CLOSES ONJANUARY13 Sunday mat-Iced the end o£ the ftret ft'ook of fpectal moetlnga nt the Payne ·\. M. B, Church on West Crawford avenue. Kwmgolist Maryy Ixu Hen- ileiaou 01; Ohio hrought three insplr- tug mcefcageo to tUo large audioucefi Hint assembled, One addition to the ch'urch W«B the ro6ult of the meeting on Sunday with two reporting Eor prayer. There were SO for reconsocrntion and communion. T w o vibitluc ministers also pwticl- (itetl in the- wrv'icu. M d i u l a , 1 tiiglit marked a special horMi-e for t h e joung; pooplo and 75 \\cve i n .ittfiultinte. .Motheio and UauKlitoi-s a u g h t M\as oliMM'ved on Tuesday when the 'V!inReh-.l ^\ioke on "Tho Ideal Woman." P.ilhPi and Bon nisht was ob^crvol l.ittt n i R l i t . " S t a n d i n g T r u e to a Prln- c-ip-'i." «-i^ 'he themo of tho sermon Th«·-« nieeti«K(5 w i l l continuo u n t i l .Itiuuury 13. Mrs. Titlio ShefHold will join Alt 1 .'. Hendereon on Friday to t a k o fharsi* ot' the siughiR. yim ( fl a .-.lilRor (4 note and h,i had considerable oxi'prlenci In thf choir Ktv. \V. S. Amo-i. the putjtor, cxtcndn itn invitation to tho public. Looking r«r Bargains I il the advertisements In Courier. Tie Oxfords $5.00 and $6.00 $ Entire $15,000 Stock of High grade Clothing, Furnishing!, and Shoes MUST BE SOLD! Prices is no Object--We're QUITTING BUSINESS, so v/e must sacrifice Stock--at Cost. Be Here When The Doors Open Tomorrow Morning. $2.00 Broadcloth Dress Shirts $3,50 and $5.00 Work Shoes CHOICE OF ENTIRE STOCK Entire stock of clothing, including some advance spring patterns, divided into two low price grc ups. Hard finished worsteds, cheviots, cas- simeres, all wool, hand-tailored garments. Dark shades, stripes and checks. 105 North Pittsburg Street Next' :o Orphetim Theatre Connellsville, Pa A SAFE-GUARD AGAINST PANIC Our Federal Reserve System has proven of great value to the people. A veritable safe-guard against panic. It has many other advantages in its helpfulness to sound business enterprise. This member Bank invites your Checking Account. THE UlIONlATIQffiLBAMK ^ a I W E S T S I D E News of the Courts UNIONTOV N, Jan. ti--Two new di- orce libol.s and on okl one were btartod. In tho case of Ralph T. October 1, 192G, ho deserted 5ier, she (ays. JULIUS ROSENWALD MARRIES HIS SON'S those who- advertiao. ot Sn HhlieUU against Gertrude K. Jlow«l(, tho libel was renewed alter ti prior action was w i t h d r a w n , U war I Icarnod In tl.c f l m t cao that t h o respondent \va a m i n o r and it « a s noc- 1 cfesary to s« ure I l i o a p p o i n t m e n t of a 1 guardian botore t h e iaho could he protsecutod. t'ruel t r e a t m e n t is allog- 1 od. They w re nur nrd J u n o I!0, toas, j in Uniontov, ii } Ste-vi} I!a.Ug of -South B r o w n s v i l l e , charges Ida Raloc, of the -ftme place. \vlth.lnlldeliiy. They wore married on January 2o, 191 J, at Oal-o, Hungary. Baku; alh'gi s t h a t Mt, w i f e has been intimate wit i Louii Szitkumn. Mary M. Paudino oE 805 North Pitts- lnu- strce-t, Conn'jllevlllp-, brought a cliai-ge ot i i sert!on agoinfit her hu«- haril Jolin of Kaflt Sraciu-»e , Kow Vork The? were married September! ;!. 1020, fit ( onneUsvllle anct he ejecl-J erl her and their three-year-old child I f r o m the hcMeo August 21, 192'i, whilo they u e t e 1 vlng in ConnaUsviLle, Oa By L'nHf'1 Press. A B I N G D O X , I'd., . f a n . f l -- . . Ro6cn\vald, t h p i n u H i - n i i l l l o n a i r c Chi-ago p h i i a n t b i opifet, was mai-rio-d to Mr. Alole (ioodknul at the hoinn ot his eon, GlrasiiiK, tcxlay, Tho ceremony wa l jierforined by Judgij Horaco Stpj'n oj the rhiladel- phia Court ot C'oinmon Pleas, nlio is an tntiinate f r l o n d of t h e Kosenwald family. Mra. Ooodklnd is a native of St. Paul, Minn. An unuoua! tiituatlon developed in the Roeonwald household aa a rrtnilt ot the marriago. Through it Airs. Croodkind, who Is the mother of Mrs. J. GVesslng Rosenwald, bocopics her non-ln-law's stepmother. floth Roeenvaid and his bride w e r e dressed In street clothes and no elab- o r a t e preparations \vure made for (lie nuptlale. Only a few immediate friends of tho family \v-ero present, Donohoe Inquest May Be Held Up Several- Days C o n t i n u e d f r o m Ptig 3 One. oiitf circling lance (bet cr used you to order their anesU, ?" "Yos." "What were Hi' wo ciri umstnncefl?" "I wae suspicious due fa the fact t h a t WoMeetlor was a £t gitivo ami T hud boon informod of eatings between him ami Donohoe ' "Who is Crockett?" "lie gnv? hla oocupatu ri aa a landscape Eardoner." "VVtian -was th)a infor nation convoyed to you tbn cause- you to suspect tlieiM pereone?" "ijofore. ihe murder." "What connection w,i/ Ihore bo- twecn AVonae-tler and Ui tiohoe?" "[utmost In moon; lilno liquor "Do j o u k n o w where jkl Wonsoller wao at the time'.' ' "No." "Was an effort being amis io rpar-h h i m ? " 1 "There was." ' Dodsou r tluMi told of a trip ( o C e n t e r c o u n t y w ' l e r o Wone-t or was ar- Hi'-ba I c h t i i i c d ilcnii A l l u i u , Crofliplt, u lands ,apo gnixlcnei-, her (iaughicr .UK) «i c,i .-yeni l -i)ll htiy u.inied Coll, t i n f-nn o a f r i e n d of hers in i ' i t t N b u r g , u r r - »l on (he- W a l n u t i i i l l r «d Joliu D o n o h o p va'i ritai i. She \ \ l i e u I ' l u c ' c l l Jicr liomn t h o took (horn I n r u. di'ivo- A i l u m w e n to ln:l a n t later d e c l a r e d fohf h » r ( glancwl iu his brdrrjoin |oor, h c u i n s ilm, or w h a t felie toolc I o ho him, mi Irr (he covers. t'i'oclcf;(i am! Iu r il«JfKl Ler pc' red i n t o t i i o loom at t h f f a m o tnno, n!ie eald, C r o c k e t t in now In "W ashingtoJi, hho .-, aid. Mrs HCFS c n u l d n ' t live any exact reason t'nr Alluni boil ? at her homo j excopt that he £re u e i i U y visited , the-vo. Shu \va(3 iio»it vo that he ar, rived on a Sui.dwy an 1 never loft it i u n t i l Tucbday u f t o r n o o i when lio w e n t ' ! o » fltore u) ilorgdi town tflrool to I purchase groorrios. j Mrf Hens wiih riupt-,! oneil 1» At-i^ist- ant, D I s f r i t A t t o r n e y A, 15 J O I I C A relative to the const) jctiou at her i home and. location of several rooms. She said eho -WUB first to awaken In the morning, a representative o£ the Goodwin Gleaning Company of Oon- nellsvllle knocking at the door, Whllo ho was there, slio eaid, Allum eent down hla suit of clothca to be cleaned. ConetaolG Provtince ioW of going with Deputy Sheriff Brady to locate the bat. lie told at finding: It In a field and said. It could not have been Lhero long HH the grass beneath it was not pressed down, "Did John Donohoe ever U1! you he waa being framed?" queried Coroner Baltz. "Yr3, ho (said eomoone was trying to frame him. i often heard him make thn,t remark." "Did ho over mention, any namesT" "Not poieonally. I never questioned, John Don oh no except once. That was when t h e r e wsii, so mud) around about tbo Oounollflville still. He told me he hud nothing; to do with it." · No further witnesses were summoned wlion the constable hnd ilnitihed and. Iho adjournment was announced. CONSTRUCTION WORK ON FAYETTE CITY SAFE-CONSERVATIVE STRONG" HERE--SAFETY Thiity-nine years of experience. Capital, Surplus and Profits of over $390,000.00. United States Government Supervision. Fed eral Reserve Bank Membership. A policy th'at keeps safety ahead of every other consideration. Resources Exceeding $3,300,000.00 W A S l H X n T O N , .fan n - A l l o w a n c e of an oxtentilon ot" t i m e in wli,cb to .start niTil finish tho r-r-r-c lion of the proposed i i f w b r i d g e aero 1 -;) t b ^ !Moii- o n u f i i l i e l f i r i v e r a t K a e l l e C t t v , Fay- etle eoiinly, Pa. is pro\i!'! for in a b i l l i i i l r o i l i i c e d i n tiw» S(Miali» bv Sr;ia- tor U a v i d A. RiC-ed o! P o n n s y h ' a i i i a H e i ) H » s p n t , i t U ' ) K i d i i u p l A K e n d a l l of Meypi'Mlalo y e s t e r d a y i n t r o r l i i t - t d a i K i m i l a r measure i n ( h e l l o u ' - e 'J'lie 'bill p-iovidos s p e c i f i c a l l y t h a t nii- thori'/.iilion Io s t a r t f l i t 1 onsti uclion work ly oxtendP'd onr v o a r f r o m the date of the p'is-age of Uio mea.suie. 11 provides i l i a l the- work be completed within t h r e e J P . H S from the- same date. U n d e r Ihe ftxiiUing l a w , the penmls- faiou of Connrpi's in Iho matter is necoK-ary for the retiRon that (ho Motion ;ali L la is considered a n a v i s - j able river The o r i g i n a l a u L h o r i / n t i o n was a p p r o \ - o d .March '2. J!)S!), w h i c h m.ikos n i n . i n d ' i t o i y t h a t the \\ork he .start-eri heto-ro M a r c h 2, nevl The- I p K i p l a t i o n , Ixtnever. w i l l pi\' t l , u .inolhor year in which ui OLDEST BANK IN mm is STARTED ON MEW F'OSTOFFICE BURflED AT SMOCK T w e n t y - f o u r Ii mr-; at'tor firo had destroyed the T. S. postofitcc at Smock, together \ s i i h of her h u s n u ' ^ fStabliBliments, ( a u s i n t ; a los.-, «,-ii- niatt-d at $15,000, work ot n i i ' , i r i u f i ; i ; ; a n o w poslotlicc 1 .id been started Tho lire r.iB"cl early TuoBrtay morning. Last nlj:ht, .1. V S p a i r o w , o w n c i nf t h i h u i l d n i K d i - a t -o cl bv llu- hu- a n - unimtjul i Uj.t u a i l v Tur'^.d.u iti^ijainir. \vor\c of ( ( i n s t r u c t i n g \\ t e m p o r a r y poslolHc-e- was started. Last night t'21 l) j b :ur uso by ihe residents had been, cous.ti u c t a i , ho reported. T u e s d a y n i u r n i n g a p o o i table lad boen wei e Mr u j i d by c lack as l ,t\ -.1 uiiih in n; i. S p a r r o w Postmistress a u improvised poat- the t e m p o r a r y boxes n l b o that ai) those -vho blaze, inc ud- Ufmpany era- ! J l o r a l r l t b u n k in J J s h i i n s i b e C. l-'rick CoJ.-p Hniri(.k ipnltlents and th0 fire t h a t anf.wnrcrt the ala- m. Save moucy--read the adg.

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