The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 11, 1918 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, March 11, 1918
Page 8
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PAGE BIGHT. DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVHLLE, PA. MONDAY, MARCH 11, 1'JlS. GOVERNENTISIN FOR THE RESERVE Operators, Clerks, Cooks «ad Others Are Greatly !· D AGE RANGE20 T040 YEARS Con «tj Director CvuMll 5a»«s !·:»· rolttBg Agnta* .!»»·;*TV» P. !!·· fano »f GwMUrrille; H« Qiate far Couir " The War Department has requested the United States Public Serrice 3!e- «rve to ftimiah records of ciaalilied -railway operating men, clerks, stenographers ind cooks. There is also a request to furnish records at qualified rubber experts and glass blowers tor X-ray tube vrork. ..The railroad men, clerks, stenographers and cooks will tw attached to the 469th and 36th engineers regiments'- and the~.~others to the gas defense section of the medical department. - 'George S. Connell, county director c£ the United States Public Service Reserve.' has~ announced that enrolling agents throughout the county will register men in any of t 1 "*** classes, "ha following information concerning dores' tools' and wjuijjmenL- ' .. Car 1 ' inspectors'-'to' ma^e Might::' car repairs^ -AMirt in reidjMttaE loads. Pass on the "fitness of I cars before leaving terminal territory. Mottvo.power clerks, f Eiperienced in keeping records in the mileage of equipment and any statistical records in connection therewith: In: the 'gas defense section' men are wanted who. are experienced glass blowers for X-ray- tube work, and rubber experts, Qualified in the manufacture of rubber products. Men seeking .service in. either of these branches should report to enrollment agents "throughout the county. They should come prepared to present evidence of their experience. If they are accepted they -will be notified through the |Whr Dpartmnt. The following enrollment offices are maintained in the county: tlniontown--H. G. Sturgis, The Herald. . »· Connellsvllle--P. Bufano, foreign department. Tough Trust compnry. Brownsville^-H. B. Reilcy, The Telegraph. . i Smithfleld--H. O'Neil. Perryopolis--Howard Adams, First National bank. this work is given: Applicants should be between 20 and;40 years of age. Those over 31 " -will be enlisted and those of draft age will be Inducted into service. The "War Department will accept - the recommendations of the Public Service Reserve. Enrollment agents - -will carefully Investigate the qualification* of applicants. t "All men of dratt age can be in*_ ducted into service up to the moment they receive orflers to go to a camp. t Unless otherwise specified, men will "" enter the service.with, tie rank of |" privates. ft: These men are not to tc.enlisted by ft', local- army recruiting officers.', but '?','·· their names, addresses anfl qnalttica- b" tions are to be sent to the county di- t~. - rector who, in turn will forward them ff-' to Philadelphia, from which office the £;'· 'War Department will receive them J; .'··" No quota has been assigned either 'f.':' the. county or the state. For the en- (!;«·- »ineers regiments the War Depart- i*f' Mint seeks about 150 men of the q.ual- The fol- COKMA1TDER OF DITISIOIf OF AMEKICAX TEOOPS Aft Hie TUB PAXAMOCJfT. Perryopolis. PEKRYOPOLIS, March 9.--Mr. and Mrs. R S. Luce. ProE. and Mrs. File, j Mr. and Mrs. OUie Luce, Rev. and Mrs. i W. J. Law, Mr. and Mrs. J. 0. Stenger,' Mr. and Mrs. Allen Galley, Jlrs. S. N. Galley, Mrs. 'Win. "Weimer, Mrs. Cole, Misses-Stridden Bar- Cole, Mrs. C. T. Davidson, Philj) Holterbrarai, Alphia Weimer, Joseph Essington, Mi 1 , and Mrs. Howard Adams, Mr. and Mrs. Alva Blair. Mr. ami .Mrs. H. H. Slocum and Mrs. B. S. ^Iccum attended Rev. Hiliia' lecture Friday evening a*. FayeUc City. I Tbe C. W. B. M. m?t at tb* home of Mrs. Ira Blair Saturday afternoon. Mrs. Colt 1 , of MeatWIlc, is spending the week-eud with her daughter, Miss Helen Cole oC town. 5Lrs, Samuel Grass has received a fine asortment of spring hats novr ! really for her customers.--llmar. ](.. ! B. S.' Slocum, Walter Dutf, John ! Armstrong and Jra Blair attracted the 1 funeral oC Howard Aiarke 1 .- Friday. j Mins Lena Gal-ley is spending a few days at Philadelphia. Gen. Doyen, commander of a' division of American troops now stationed at an important base at X -, som- where over there, has all the'confi- dence of his men that he will lead them over the top to victory- Read the advertisements. "THE EYES OP MYSTERY."--In which Edith Storey, the popular screen star, supported by a cast of unusual excellence, is seen in the leading role, is being presented today. In "The Eyes of Mystery"- Miss Storey makes her initial appearance on the . Metro program and its vital dramatic j are at. the Arcade this week, qualities gives her a splendid opnor- are the top-liners with Dave New- tunity to'display her talent that has man's Black and White Revue which Women, Prepare! Thousands of -women, in Pennsylvania 1 have overcome their sufferings, and hare been cured of woman 'a ills by Dr. Pierce's i Favorite Prescription. This temperance j medicine, though started nearly half a ·'""·" -~- -- -- -"- ~^~~ \ century ago, sells moat widely to-day. It G-mnt. the funniest man in burnt cork | can now bo had in tablet form as veil as and Helen McKenna, one of the few .liquid, an( i every woman who suffers from women who can be funny in blackface : made her a favorite with the motion picture public. As Carma Cannich- ael in this fiye part feature Miss Storey is required to swim, shoot, ride and do all the popular "stunts" opens today in thfj musical oddity, i "On the Veranda." The Flemings arc : also a feature as is Yin Richmond; and a jazz trio that sings three sep- i arate songs at the same time. Bobby i in which the popular star excels. The j Nelson, a well known vocalist, is also main attraction, bcrwever, is her treat- t a member of the company, as is Kath- ment of the story itself. There i s i l e e n Mlddaugh. Mac Richmond and headache, nervousness, should take this "Prescription" of Dr. Pierce's. It is prepared fi.Ji nature's roots 'and herbs and docs not contain a particle of alcohol or any narcotic It 'a not a secret prescription for its -jigrcdients aro printed ou wrapper. It is now pnfc up in tablet form. Writo confidentiallv abont your caso or acnd lOc for trial pkg. of " Favorite Prescription Tablets 1 * to Dr. Pierce, suspense, excitement and than com- j Irene Ward. With such talent- the |p rc3 i dent Invalids' Hotel, Bu£alo R Y. plete satisfaction 'in "The Eyes of ! Arcade show this week is away above j Mystery." A selected comedy is in- the average. v ) eluded. Tomorrow Alma Reubens will be seen in "I Love You," a five part Triangle production. Wednesday, Monroe Salisbury will be seen in "Hands Down," a five part Bluebird feature. Thursday ''Broken Ties," in which June. Elvidge, Montague Love. Arthur Ashley appear, Till be shown. The picture is an exceedingly interesting human document, the human interest of the picture being ono of 4flcatJons explained bolow. -towing m« are .wanted; - - | its strongest.points. Friday and Sat. Railway bill clerks, each hiving had irday Constance Talmadge-will bo featured in "Scandal," the new Select production. Mae Marsh, the ce!e- ?fi-' at least one year's experience in rails';' rond ticket office as freight bill clerk. *,,: Railway statistical clerks, each ?-- . having! h»d at" least one year's eiper- JV ience in handlfnp: accbiimfs,' either in ft division superintendent's or auditor's f;" oBce. £;-'' Railway report clerks, each having ?;··· worked at least one year in an agent's g office handling reports, or in super- ·*i: intendent's office or office of superin- ^S ter.dent or transportation. at' Railway file clerks, each having p JaA at least one year's eTperience fll- ft'-.taff records, either in agent's office. |V»uperintendent's office., general super- £ r Intendent'S:office or general manager's %;· ·fflc*. p--- Railway .yard .clerks, each of whom §5. kas worked at least one year in yard?V imastar's offlce as clerk.' ' S.-" RaBway -ticket agents, each .having S had 7 «t:l««st «e "year's: eiperience If:- »eIlta*.,Sck,*ts.«t riil . r . oid . 9 ^ ation -- i« : those from-niain offtce in cities ier- |;' feraMy; " : " ' " '- . · 'i v Stenographers with experience in ^.' railroad offices. ^- ' CoiBks. · ·· . f. Por outside work the following .are Track supervisors, rank or sergeant. 0sual qualifications of men molding this position. Must be f.rst- clt»s extra gang foreman'or assistant supwriBors on. any railroad in the Unlttd State*. Coopers. Ordinary qualifications to a cooperage gang in any steamship or railway terminal. _They will be required to irehead. barrels, repair boxes and sew.up bags and other things pertaining to repairing damage to bag- gag* or ffeight that is being handled. Gearmen. To do light blacksmith ·work, splice wire and manilla cables. · -AU 'kinds of work'in connection with rigging tackle and repairing steve- brated screen star, will be seen soon in "The Cinderella Man." THE ARCADE. THE VERANDA."--Jack OltPHKUM THEATRE. "MOLLY ENTANGLED."--A five reel Paramount drama, featuring Vivian Martin. It Ls a production permeated with the very spirit of Oulcl Ireland. "Are Married Policemen Safe?" a very funny Sunshine comedy. Tomorrow Douglas Fairbanks is featured in "The Good-Bad Man," a Triangle production. He is supported in the leading role by Bessie Love. "Wednesday, the well known Fox kiddies are shown in "Babes in the Woods." Thursday, Edna Goodrich appears in "WTio Loved Him Best?" Hnntinir Tou will find them in our ad. columns. The Part That Makes The Present Possible Year after year since '1851 the Western Union Telegraph "Co. has gone ahead, growing in scope and public usefulness. Now it uses one million, five hundred thousand miles of wire'--goes into twenty-six thousand cities, towns and hamlets--and gives work to fifty thousand employees. Today under war conditions, thousands of out boy* in khaki are safer, happier, better clothed, better housed and better equipped because there is such a thing as a world-wide telegraph system. THE WESTERN UNION TELEGRAPH CO. JTcKiasroaT, Pi.--"I fomid Dr. Pierce's Favorit Prescription emial- i ly as good as it is advertised to Bo. A few years ago I hd a severe nerv- ooe break-down. I bec;mie very weak a n d t u i n a n d eonld not sleep, when, a neighbor of mine adviaed zno to try 'Favorite Prescription ' as it had helped her. This I did, and three bottles cared me of aU nervousness and I vrais once more in good health--thanks to this good medicine. Women who suffer as I did. will find (Treat relief in the 'Prescription.''-UBS. EMMA DECKEK, 41B Penny Ave. For tie .best and cheapest repairs on that roof, conductor or spouting, i see F. T. Evans Estate.--Adv. Thursday and Friday March 14 and 15, 1918 TWO DAYS instead of one--TWO EVENTS instead of one. Fayette's greatest style show--and more. An entirely new plan for the official 'opening of the Spring season 1918 at Connellsville's foremost store. Make your plans now to be here--both days. SEE TUESDAY'S COUBIEB FOE DETAILS. Big loc Matinee Daily at 2:30. ' Evening Shows at 7:ZO and 9:15. Clean, Progressive Amusement for the Whole Family. --TODAY ATO TOMOTmOTV DAVE NEWMAN'S FEATUKGG. The Funniest Man in Burnt Cork JACK GBAXT Aad the Little Blonde Disseminator of Gladness and Joy HELEX McKKSSA In Creole Impersonations. BLACK AND WHITE REVUE In tie Musical Oddity "ON THE VERANDA" Screen--Billie Burke in the last chapter of "Gloria's Y O U NKKO An extra pair alwayp-- why not have them mailo up now? Ready to fit you with tho lateat and best--for tho servtcR you Intend them. THE Merchants who advertise in A. L. Tucker, Oph. D., this paper will give yon best values for your money.. CMOHC^ST COKKEKXSVHMJE'S FAVOMT1 B3REW "ETT HITS- pARAMOUNTTHEAIgg TODAY METRO PRESENTS "THE EYES OF MYSTERY" . ' A 5 ACT METRO SCREEN STORY OF ROMANCE AND ADVENTURE, STARRING EDITH STOREY, TEE BERNKAHJDT OP THE SCREEN. ALSO A SELECTED COMEDY. , T O M O B B O W THOS. H. INCB PRESENTS ALMA REUBENS IN SOCIETY DRAMA IN 5 ACTS. "I LOVE YOU" ALSO A SELECTED COMEDY. ORPHEUM THEATRE TODAY VIVIAN MARTIN IN ·OtOLLT KSTASeiilD" A Charming Tule of "Ould Ireland" Also a Good Comedy. TOMOBBOW · DOUGLAS FAIRBANKS IN. "THE GOOD--BAB XA!f" STOCK CO. NOTABLE ENGAGEMENT AT THIS SOISSON THEATRE, . EVERYBOD IS TVUKINC ABOUT OJR6CT Fft'Otf REPUBLIC THEATRE . ;.; NEW VORK THE -.x^r ·'··. --BY: ; ' OPENING MARCH 11TH MATINEE DAILY c ccooooooooccc»oooooooooooa It's IVioney WfeH invested S oottooooooooooooocxx3ooooooc oooooooooooaocxjooooooooood PATRONIZE HOME MERCHANTS WHO ADVERTISE IN THIS PAPER. ijfe-v' . :; ,;- I 3!ftSii;.;-K)J:..c-.iK

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