The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 9, 1930 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 9, 1930
Page 6
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J-AGE SIX. /HE DAILY COURIER, CONNE ^LSVILLB, PA, ri-IURSDAY, JANUARY 9, J930. P E R S O N A L M E N T I O N Rev. Jamefs A.j Davta ami Rev. Martin OToole oe PHtstHW. were, guesrta of Rev. Davte's mother, Mrs. Lrnry Dfcvin ot -Market street, and also of Attorney anil Mrs. James Rellley ot Unlontown. ' For a home demonstration of a Maytag Washer, phone 1B40-R. John H. Work, 117 West Apple street.---Ad- vertisement--4Jan-6tx. Mr. and Mrs. D, M. Show and chil- drer, Emerf-on and GeraHline, who had been visiting Mi and Mra. Cyrus Show of Bast Francis avenue, have returned to their home at Canton, Ohio, *' Miss Louis-a Veech sailed from Ne-w York Monday even-tig for a cruise to tho Carrlbb'jan SShe will be- away sixteen das and 'in that tlmo -will traverse nearly 6,000 miles on the journey to the West, Indies. Miss Veech will visit San Juan, Sando Domingo, Kingston, Panama and Havana. Mrs Dorothy Edmunds Griffin and Jl'ttle (laughter, Dorothy Jane, left this morning foi an extended visit with frlende In New Jersey and New York. Mr ami Mrs. Daniel Sinclair o£ North Ptttsburg street arrived homo today from Buffalo, N. Y., whore they spent tho Christmas holidays with thoir son-in-law ami daughter, Mr. and Mrs D M. ScoU. Mis. IVul B Dick. Mr ami Mis 0. R. Berwick Mrs. W. J. Pavldfion, James Veerli. Rev. Henry DeVlvo, Miss Pearl Hock, Mis Louts Shi allow, Ifr ami Mro. W. J Bailey, Mr*. George A ruistnjtig, MUa J-esoia Brooks, Mr. ami Mis Walter T. Smith, T B Hyatt, I.. 13. Hyatt and Miss Elizabeth Stevens of this place attended the Soth- orn recital Tuesday night In the Glirjtttlan C h u i c h in Unlontown. Mlsti Kobotca Sauter at East Patterson avenue was a Unlontown visitor yesterday. Mice Mary Dura haw of Youngstown, Ohio, Is vibitlng with Mr. ami Mrs. John VoUko and Mr. and Mia. Charles Bobbs ot Dlckeison Kun. Mis. Joseph Whoric and eon, Michael, of VaiKlerbilt, visitc-d yeeterday with Mr and Mrs. John WhoUc. Mrs H. 0. Davis o£ North Plttshurg street wa« the guest of her parents, M1J6. and Mra F. M. Clellaml of Van- Urbilt yesterday. Mrs. Joseph Pagan! o£ McKoesport spent the day *Uh her mother, Mie. Josephine Hemline of Carnegio avenue. , Mr. and Mrs. Ray Kooser and Mr. and Mr« \ V . K . Kooser were guests Of Mrs Mai shall Brooke of Pitteburg yesterday Mrs. Brooks Is a sister of Ray and \\. R Koosor. Mr. and Alit. Frank Paesalaqua ot Carnegio avenue attneded a banquet given Monday night in Uniontown by the OMev o£ the Crown o£ Italy, at which Jerry Barbar was given the decoration of chevalier. J 11. Mason is visiting hi=s brother- in-law ami sister, Mr end Mrs. D. J,. Metz of HVU Iman. Miss Grace Adams of East Green aticc-t who is in a hospital In Sara- sotii, Fla , to"«nt ot a fractured log, suSfe-ic-cl in an automobile accident d u r i n g the Christmas holidays, is reported 1o be getting along nicely. MlM Aidaius is a teacher in tho city set ools. ' Piitroui/e- thcfee who achertlso ROSENWALD AND BRIDE LEAVE ON HONEYMOON B U n i t e d P i c a s ,.\K\V YORK, Ian. 9 -- J u l i u s Uosen- w a K I , Chicago philanthropist and head of ^o.un. Uoebuck Company, ami hl b i k l * bailed todey on n honeymoon t r i p to Kffypt, wbe-ro they p l a n t o s t a j i n t l l K p i i l The nerdianl wat. m a i l led In Fhila- doiplli. j - - t e i d a y tci Mrs. Adelnldo lUut Cijoilkind. m o t h e r of the w i f e of his uoii Le«smK. They came immedi- aUMy i ' f t c r tho corcmony for a wed- d i n g d nne'- at nn exclusive hotel and then Iwaukd tho liner Saturnia, Standing In tho center of a cheering throng of fellow-pa£'-.engerri, the couple laughingly submitted to a barrage of Itashlighti! bet off by photographers. "VVe a i o \ety happy," Rosenwald Mild. ' VVe shall go first to Egypt and 6tay abroad u n t i l 4piH." Ho p i o u d l y dkplajed a telegram f i o m Foiuier Governor Alfred E. Smith, which t o a d : ' ( "Well, 60 you hold out on one\ of your partners? That doea not look good tor tho f u t u i e of tho firm. However, I'm tickled to death and hasten to hend ou hodttletit congratulations and good wlsheti." Hoeeinvahl and Smith \\erc- "partners" w i t h the Former President Calvin Cool clge in deciding tho disposition pf the ttilate of Conrad H u b e r t . Tanker \rrivcs. MEXICO CITY, Jan. 9.--Tho AguiU Oil Cowpany'b tanker Cerniealof, which wan reported unheard irom sinc«^Iu)Hiary i, whon it nuile-d from Fuel to, Mexico, bus arrived at Tam- plco, it w«n Btatcd toilaj. Aunt Het BOBKIT "It didn't urprlse me none. There's somethin' dead up the creek w h e n j ou hear a woman that's been married seven years ravin' a b o u t a lull moon." MRS. EDNA Z. ZUCK DIES AT IT. PLEASANT Special 'o Tha Courier MOUMT I'LEVSANT, Jan 9 -- M r s Erlna Zundcll Z ick, 16 years old, died this morning at the Memorial Hospital whore she underwent .in operation for acute appendicitis on Ue- combor 24. Another operation "ivas performed earlier this week Mrs. Kuck wsn thp daughter oE tho late Reuben ami Laura Gtsbert ''Ou'i- dell and was born in Mount Pleasant She was marriod J a n u a i y 24, 1918, to l.oien Zuck. SUo was the oldest op- orator In tho i o l n t ot service in the Bell Telephone Company hi Mount Pleasant, h a v i n g foinpletc-d 25 years. She was a member of tho United Brethren Chumli. Her mother, Mrs, Laura Zundeil; her husband, J oreu Zuck, and tho following brothers and sister? biirvlve: William and Charles Zundell, Mrs. Allle HOP art and Mra. Flosalo Keller, all o£ \lount Pleasant, and Mrs. Vivian U u r s t l n e , Ctreenabuig. The body w i l l be removed this evening to IIPI h o m o In College avenue, whore the f u i eral service will be held Saturday. I n t e r m e n t will be made In M o u n i Pleasant Cemeter. ITCHING SKIN BANISHED BY ANTISEPTIC ZEMO If I L e h i n B , b i r n l n g s k i n makes ] ] f o u n b e a r a b l e . (|ii c k l y a p p l j '/.-ma, tho soothing. coo I n g , Ini IMl»1o f a m i l y a n t i s e p t i c Tli u s a n d h lind t h . i t »m brings s w i f t i \f( f r o m I t c u l i i K , h i i « to cl:.iw out occil i n f e c t l ' m mid les t o r o the skin i r norrml. Fur 20 u i r a Zemo hai beet cl^irJne 1 U P skin, re- l l e \ ! n g p i m p l e i « i s h a n d o i l i e r sklti i r r l t a t l o n - i N'c er ho n i t h L - u t It e\ ery w h e r e -- u . f, 60c cUid v e r t l s e m o n t 0 0 -- A U - Man Wanted in Dfetroit Arrested Police aie holting Fiancw P. Lave lie, 24, in tho lock-up hero awaiting the arrival of an ofBc«r f r o m Poiitlac, JHch , \vhere he is wanted for a jail bijjak. The youtli h is been here for .several dajs and waa irrested at 11 25 o'clock Tuesday evening by Acting Assistant Chief A n d i e w Thomas arid Patrolman V. Bert Hit.-hl . ^ Robert M c l . n n K f l i H n In Hospital., P.obeit iMc-I iiighlln oT Npmacolin. Greene r o u i i t j who has been 111 slneo October, was ipnioved lo the Uniontown Hospital Monday m o i n l n n Mr McLaughlin \\ as a patient at the hospital d u r i n g the month of November, but returned uome for n short while Sir RleLGUtfhlln is s u f f e r i n g trcm kidney and b l a d d e r t r o u b l e Assistant to Coroner. Miss D o r o t h y Mlllei ol Scoltdalc has been a p p o i n t e d an assistant in the office- of tho coroner of Westmoreland county In Oi eensburg, it wag announced by Coroner James S Harklns of Mount Pie isant Miss Millet suc- ceedb Miss 1 oulso Potts of Greensburg and assumed hot duties yesterday. First Robin Is Seen. A robin, In licating an early spring, was s«en till i moining perched on a rote bush In the ga.rden of the homo ol' Mr and Mrs Kay Koosor o! Poplar Grove . 'I he miliMike weather is said to bo i sponsible for the -eaily appearance of the bird. PitikhiJls on Visit. Mr and M s lav\renco P a i k h i l l of \e\v Brighton, formerly of Pavrsrn, w e i e visltim with friends and relatives In tho Tri-Town Commua'ty yesterday. Uso our cl .sslfled aivertlsementa. BEWARE THE COUGH FROM COLDS THAT HANG ON Cougha from colds may lead to serious trouble You can stop tln;ra now with. Creomul'uon, on emulsified wcosoto that \«, pleajant to take. Crcoinulsion Is a metlica 1 discovery wilh two-fold action; it soothes and heals Ihe inflamed niem- iranc 1 ! and Inhibits germ growth. Of all known drugs, creosoto la rccog- tiized t y high medical authorities as orio of the t reateut hettlmg agencies for covigha from -olds and bronchial irritations. Crromiilsion contains, in addition to creo- ·ole, ol bar healing elements which soothe and heal tin inflamed membranes and stop tho irritation, -while the creosote goes on to Lho stomach, is absorbed into the blood, alt icks the scat of the troublo and checks the growth of the g rms. Creomulsitm is guaranteed satisfactory in the tieatmcnt of couplis from colds, bronc'iilis and minor forms o£ bronchial initmions, and « excellent for building up the system a f t e r colds or fiu. Moi ey refunded if not relieved after taking ncrording to directions. Ask your diugpjgt. (adv.) Jew Beach Jewelry By HMB. '"T'^HE new beach Jewelry of coral 1 jrlasa la pictured, worn w i t h a low cut lounging pajama suit. Tho long tassel of bcadn is hung behind, outlining the woaret's jiretty back. Tho swathed hlpllno has not been contented to confine itself to dreaaes this season, but appears, as you sea, I T beach pajamas. Stilpea are out- t landing- In this typo of wenrlnff ap- jtarcl, and stripes uro IncorporntetJ into this up-to-tlie-mlliula suit wltll the very wide trouxnm. faie's Marriage Redioces' Europe's Eligible to Eight W r l t l - n for U i i l t t d V i e ,1. PARIS, .Tan !.--Ono by one the princesses ot Km ope, e l i g i b l e to bbare the throne of the Brltlvh kingdom with tho Prince of Wales, are mai ry- in.r and the pi trice makes no move to Ilrd hlmbelf a bride Tho tipltl has n e w boon reduced to eight, w i t h t h r m irriage yestcrclav of H e l g l u m ' b pretty Princes* Maiio .lose The marriage at Homo i\aa h a r d h concluded before- tho chancellor!* h \V"re b i i b t l v b u z z i n g w i t h froisip a b o u t tho next lo.val m u n l i i c c B of K n i u p i . and It Is generally a s u o d t h a t short!} {he P t l n c o oC Wales w i l l ilnd his Held reduced by another \\cddlng to seven, w^ipn Princess J u l i a n a Krnrna of Hol- laiul m n i r i c s a Teuton pi hue Tho Held, as II stnuils now, is still ojten, \uthout odds but v.lth plenty it tl oite: B e u l i u e of Spain, 20, a lin-o danc.- and b r u n e t t e Mario C h i i b t i n r of Spnin, It, oilu o! trie beht clicised pilii«ts,Pi- lleana of R u m a n i a , -», blond tallei liiaii the pi Int e and ,1 i c a l b f a u t v .Inllana Emma of Holland, 20, blond and buxom, ( J i o v a n n i nf I t a l y 3J, coal-black iK her mind bet on t l i e U n i t a r i a n throne InKi'lf! of K u e r t e n 11, ,t t a l l blond i id s o c f a i i v popular. Kmloxla of H u l K a r l a , 81, verv do- niestif and r a r p t i i k r r of Ihe Imperial pilaoe for her b a r l i c l o r b i o t h e i , Hoi 1s Hilda, of Lnxeniboui g, ;rj liiFt n- n i a l n l n g s p l n s t p r s i i t i (if Chu lollc, I)land and a vor\ fliu cooli The P r i m e of Wales ran find plenU ot d i v e r s H r of c h o k e in that i m p i u h Sive field, but If thorp v, ero any oddi, offered, many observers In the c h a n - cellories would place th«lr stal'c.i on Ingrld of S w e d e n . There have been many t'.es in the pant between the l i i S - tish tin one and tht- I m p e r i a l lamlllcb of Scaridlnavin. There are- i digit us reaqona w h y a tnariiage IH h a r d l y p i o b a b l o between Wales and the Ita Un and S p a n i b h prlneesbea, all s t i o i i g Roman Catholics, and l l e a n a and ICudoxlo, orthodox Catholic» JHlda of L n x e i a b o u i g Is being (·ought by a prince jf one of. the lesser (xOiaiari state 1 ). She luiowa tnoro about housekeeping than most of the other prlncesscb, oicepting Kuduxia of B u l - t;ai la. Princess J u l i a n a lirnma of Holland lias many a complMhrnents,. AmoiiR ihein is hei i b l J i t y to l i d o a bicycle, cin art w h i c h she p i t i c t i c t f a much In Ihe fillpjsi of the i o \ a l palace pat k *3ho is aUo an a a u a i e l l i a t of n o t e 3ho is u p o t t e d engaged to m a n y Punce ^ l l h c l m Von K i b a c h Schoen- bei'g, but this hat, not been olllclally admitted by Queen Wi)!ic!m!tia The choice of a h u s b a n d lot b u x o m Juliana was difficult, lor hur molhoi is a staunch Protestant and in addition the D u t c h constitution sel-s a hard and fast set of nioia! and spiritual r u e a ^ u i e m e n t s which a pio.spect- ive b i t d e g i o o t n roust fit into American Bathing Suits Popular Among Italians W A S H I N G T O N , J'lii 9--Olio piece bathing tuit-., Ameilcan btylo, \ \ l t h bUii-tuii baukd, s h o i t pantios, and low cut neckt,, v \ i i l bo the btyle at faBli- ionablo Italian bcachcn next buuiuioi, aceoi cling to the Coiumeice Dopart- menl Coiibiii H u g h .Miller ,il A H l n n reported to ui« D e p a r t i n e n t t h a t A m e i i - uau Uithiug suits t a m e I n t o vogue In Italy l,wt yoar w i t h .1 let;i e^ t h a t took nuiuufa liners by b u t p i l s ^ . TH£ COUGH FftQM COLDS THAT HANG QM' Uobnlts ! Sur-a ' Wlion you UBO Claslfled i Ads. Jn Th-e Dully Courier. Tho cost 1 ta KmaJJ_ remiUa ajB bitt. Sensible Way. to Lose Fat · I s -- lhat'B d u c r -- b u t I hat /ill c l p n n d u l y lipppljni; (n , 1 on TV I til n. · ou'd most R t a i t t a k i n g : K r u s c h p n Pf Iho (onimon-afnst 1 w a y to i tlon't I n h n t h f i n w l l h t h r t h c j - poGBeas i-rchn-lngr ciu t h e m s o l v e a . T h i s li Trhat t b f v ilo !hi* f h f l t r n p i t r l t l P i I n j q ^ i hlool t h R bo^ pis. k l i l r i p V / i and l i v e rtlcl working 1 s h a u o l n nri fill v l f r o r anr] llrnlo'j.w e n e r g r f o r g o t t e n H a d pNkjloil As a i n s u l t Insjti^ad of p i n t ting- 3-0111- s e l f i n an cas-.v c h a i r e\ry fi -e m o m e n t find l o t t i n g f l a b l i v f a f a r r \ n i n l n te M^II f e r l n n urgo f o r n e l l M l v t h n t k«-eps ^ ou m o v t n j j n r o u n i i d o l n p - tlio t l i ' i B ^ - s o n ^ f alxvaj'!! Wiinted to do anil nf vied to do to k e e p you In Rood c n n d l t l m 'I'hon watch I h o p o u n d s a Itlo nff K i u i c h o n K a i l s ai c tho u p - t o - d a t e F o u n t a i n ot Y o u t h Take o r e h a l f tca- s p o o n f n l tn d fjlass ot hot fir cold n a t e i t o m o r r o w i n o i n l n g n n d evo y m o i n l n p -- t h e y ' l l ) talclcii t h a t iv O', fl"J "' t h c don't fliaiiRe ' our v h o l p Idea a b o u t reducing:, go back ar I set tho small price you petit! f o r thf m Get an 8(5 cent b o t t l o of K r u a c h e n inlts--Insta f o u r weeks--at U n i o n D Scottdalo .Atrent^ J l o f f m n n Broadway, or any p r o p t r e a s l a n j i v l i c i ! 1 I n t h n \ v n r l O li'n (lit- I-ilKIcp llally Done ( m ilor^ It. upr Sloro )rii(? .Store, e CLAMOR FOR OPEN SESSION BOOM'S ENFORCEMENT BODY U t ' n l t r d P.Phf WASHINGTON, Jan 0 I / a w Enlorcome resumed its s-ecret d today a p p a t c n t l y u t i m o v c l a m o i of w e t s and d i j 1 open meetings This Is the t h i i d day t'loseted in a committee ro its o w n pioblem'i, d i w h i c h lends c i e d c n c e t o membershiii is divided on of. proper p r o c o d u i o , espe -Provident l i b e r a t i o n s d by Ihf alike lor . has been m debating reports its he question Inlly in U 1 - crat, New tord.iy tisfiod \ \ i t h investigation ot prohlbltl in enCorcc- nient. t ith'c I.ortrig I lack, Demoi 01 k, t ild the Hotibe yes- lu- unilerstool t h e 'o was dlb- in the conunlssloi and called upon C h a l i m a i i W i c k p r s h a m to i n f o r m t o i i s i e s s w h e t h e r rumor 1 to this i.f- f» t ,11 o truo. Ho named (nan Kobcoe P o u n d of tho Hun a i d l.n school and hidce A\ l l h a n i 11 )eny n of I o w a , foi mcr San Uor, Bb l\vo if tho i om- rnlislonc'r's rejioi t"d ril.'-j, \\ i c K e r s h i i r n ' s m e t h o d ? Oi 'B generally have b (led w i t h WmKorslmin sin 13 bin letlor \A-*L .Iul\ ii~ G o v e r n o r 1 ooBevolt «il Xi w York h i n l l i i p he f:i M ed modiII- ( d t i o n c»f the prohibition v o n , onto head cf tho bloc, i.i a p r o n o u n c e d dry FSlaok d e m a n d e d the commlshlon a b a n d o n it* "Stir Cha nbcr" pro- t e d u t e and ojjen Its inee ing to Congi f-tss, the pies', and t 10 c o u n t r y I)i vs, t h i o u g b H o n n l o r H t r r l s , Deino- c i a t , G c o i g i a , p i e v l o u s l y had made a s i m i l a r d e m a n d The I'ormmhMO! is ^^J n l c d l o ac- c'rdo lo a n o t h e r irfiiie-,1 o H a n i h t h a t H s u b m i t a p i o l i m l p a r v cpoK iipforo t h e Treasury D o i a i t r n p t tipitropiia.- l l o n bill is p.ibheU, to i;u de C'ongieiis In ti.xing the sum availa 1 IQ next yeai lot p r o l i i b l t l c i u pnforcom nt it has fjl.-en no i n t i m a i on, l i o w o e t , ol i t s a t t l t idc on open 1 anngs. ·enalc Ken- f i r m No Sir, Not Noritaa Hailed as a double for Norma Shearer, motion picture actress, Miss Polly Thompsoi , above, of Miami, Okla., is one of the leading candidates in a i o-ed beauty contest at the Univer .ity of Iowa, H.MOS Brothers, SK ers In Fire. UEN'ViiJl. Jan fl -- M, ry MAC-S, 13, is in a hospital here t h i s i loniing uffe.r- InR i n j u i l e s rKeivd v hen she h-cro- icall) savod Iho l i v e s ot her f o u r y o u n g brothers and sis era when they were trapped by tiro in Uveii home Quic :ty relieved by r ibbing on lljf^i^ (!'8^^k«S ^/APORUB MILLION JARS JSED YEARLY World's Tonic A real hoi b medicine and tonic for every member o£ the family. 3 Bottles ..! $2.50 SjH ,1 one a ire Face Powder 50o Joncaire Fnco Cream Both for $1 Y o u r l o f l J ) arc v a l u a b l e tools and should he treated tho same way as your knives, SJHVS and hammers. To aid you in tak^ ing care of t h e m such useful articles as oothbiruli- es, toothpaste i i u d powder, d e n t a l iloss m o u t h u a s h a n d t o o t h a c h e n a \ June been i n d e n t e d . \\ o t a k e pleasure in s t a l i n g that you ivill find a wide assortment of each of thesp in our store at ail times. Jeirgen's Soap For tolk f and bath Assorted colors and scents 15c value. 3 Cakes 29c 50c Pepsodent Tooth Paste $1.50 Squllib's Sharing Hrush 40c Tube Hquihb's Sharing t'rcam Both for 98c $1.20 Yinol 98c A mil) H i v e I o n i c for m o w n f o l k s 'iid c h i l d r e n . $J.50 Miitomel Contains tho genu- ne s,ap of the Mexl- L.UI masuey plant. 50c Hcxall Tooth Brush 30c KexaH T( otli Taste J5c Tooth Brush Holdei c ·TonteoJ Chocolates 49c Oim pound box^s of nssortpd chocoUteft. Boxes sliRhtl.v soi!- I n l o t h e r s ise p c r f c t t c Ilexall Hiibhing Alcohol 49c tired #1.00 U c x a J l A n t K e p t i s 69c Kor i\ gargU 1 or inouih \ \ n « h 122 West Crawford Avenue, Connellsville, Pa. Seeks $180,000 for Ardent Love Making "Bringing* up seven no worse than onej'says Ma DEMONSTRATION Dolores SalaKvr, Spanish dancer, whose $180,000 breach of promise suit agfjunst 51-yenr-old Ferdinand Pinney Earle, wcll-lmown artiat, has been answered with a denial that tile latter ever proposed marriage. Further exception is taken to the dancer's oliepcd declaration that Enrle won her by a course of "ardent love-making and passionate letter-writing," and that he fbiaHv abandoned her in Paris. M u s t k n o w a b o u t f i r s t a i d t h o u g h Former Daw son Olrf Mother. M i . a-nd M i s J a m e b A MoKenzle, J i . , of d205 Klgin a v e n u e , Baitiuiore, Md., a n n o u n c e tho b l i t h of n son, James A n d e i s o n McKen/ie, i l l , on J a n u a i y 5, at the Hospital lor t h e ) Women ot Mai \ l a n d Mrs M Keii^ie bcfoi o her m i u i i a g r a was Miss H e l e n Ray Shot bondy ot D a w b o u Kho \\.is vlre p r i n c i p a l ol the F a n e h i i u e H l s h School. Tha f a m i l y f o i m e r h les'tied ia U n i o n t o w n A N Y mother of i family of children -t"i. knows that yt u'\ o got to let them run and play and £3l bumped if they're going to. She knows, too that you must be prepared for minor casualties. Often the quirk application of a simple home remedy will avert serious trouble. Thai's where "Baseline" Petroleum Jelly comes m. It is so handy Always ready (or use Safe Recommended and used by doctors. Kasily purchased at the nearest store f i r a few cents. No medicine cab nctis complete without both tubc5 and jars of "Vaseline" Jelly. Stock up n 3w while you think of it. Then you'll know just \Jiat to use for burns, cufs, scratches, scalds, blisters, and all tiic little emergencies hat are daily occt rrences in the home. Do buy a jar 01 tube of "Vaseline" Jelly now. DelayE are dangerous. DOMINANT SET John JloiijosKy on Visit. John Honjohky, o m p l o j e d n t -Detroit, Mich , Is, tponcilne a week \ \ i t h his p a i e u t s ' a t l / r i b e n n n g No John, a g r a d u a t e of tho D u n b a i Town mlp High School, Cla-is of J 9 2 0 , and a tootb.Ul and basketball -,t,u, is 01- gaged jn i n d e p e n d e n t h a s U f t h a l l a t t h a i plate C A S C O A C T S ON THE BOWgLS C H E C K S F E V E R AT Y O U R D K U O O I 1 T ASK F O R THi IMIJIPU S O X We carry a Cull supply of Uooling, Paper, 18 and 3G inch. ]{oo! Faint All Kinds. Sh I'hono 15 and 1700. R A D I A Now Peak In Radio / A P E X O NEW MULTI-PHASE Ccscca ELECTRO-DTK AXM iBfjuJcu Phone 196 4 WERTHEIMER MOTOR CO. W, Crawford Avenue;, Connellsville, Pa. Use our classified advwtisom«nt8 UP! A dollar's -North of satisfaction for every one you spent!. Call FOX'S And \ o u ' l l Got It: Phone 3 t l . Patronize Those Who Adverti ie

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