The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 9, 1930 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 9, 1930
Page 5
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THURSDAY, JANUARY 0, 1030. fHE DAILY COURIER, CONNEL1 .SVILLE, 'PA. PAGE FIVE. SPAIN'S FUTURE LIES WITH THREE POLITICAL GROUPS Two I'nvor Continuation of Monarchy, Other Would Kot Object to Its Downfall. ALFONSO MAY SAVE THE DAY F o l l o w i n g it, t'li! last ot throe a r t i c l e s by J o h n DC UuiuH, e l i t e t oE the U n i t e d Tress Uurciuu at Madr.d, e x p l a i n i n g Int e r n a l pollti.-al e v e n t s resulting £ron\ tho d i c t a t o r s h i p of P r e m i e r P r l m o l-e Rivera, established \t\ September, 10^3. By J O H N PH G A N D T Vnlled Prsss Staff Cm-respondent. MADRID, Jan. 9.--Tho future ot Spuln lips '-vlth one or two ot three powerful political groups all of wUi agree that tho dictntorship of Gen- cial Primo Oo Rivera must end. Tho rosins under the premier, founded as o d i a s t l c measure to meet the need o£ 'he day iu 1923, totto'rins at the opening of tho present year niay wane In the passing oC the months of 1H30. Spain may become a republic or may continue Us monarchy, but the consensus of opinion is that the dictatorship is on itH last legs. Careful Investigation hy tho United Press shows that tho three large groups which may bo expected to control tho situation in f u t u r e feel the time for a cnnngc has come. The first K r o u p , which may be called the "extreme vlghl," will approve? of any move for Do Rivera's resignation provided nothing Is allowed to *ndang«r , tlio monarchy. This group believes a ported ot transition would bo necessary but that later elections could bo held in which conservative mid moiuirchial forces ini^ht 3\poct'to gain a majority. This process would bo smooth. The second pvoup also leans to the right. A parliament could be olecled, it believes, however, under actual law and the constitution of 1876 could bo retained. The third group includes at present «'!pmciUs ranging from the "center" to the "extreme left," that is, Liberal Conservatives, Liberals, lleformHts, Republicans of various tendencies and Socialists They seom to be in tacit accord to form a constitutionalist front. At an o p p o r t u n e moment, regulated by circumstances, t h e y ·\voukl call a constituent assembly 'with f u l l powers ti deride oven such «iupstlons as v. luit regime should p r e - ·vall In Spain. Which of these groups w i l l gain ihe most i n f l u e r c o over tho people remains c o n j f c t u r a l . Some observers beliovo p u b l i c opinion is asleep, others that there has been merely no h a n e o lot- mpiiifostatlons. [f, however, tho first or second groups gain ground and if Do Rivera holps them, tha political history 01' Spain may bt expected to unravel w i t h o u t hysteria and at a more or less Jiccelerated pace, according to tho yvesHuro exerted by the third faction. As for the third group, whoso members do not caro whether tha monarchy sinks, victory does not appear j:robublc. W i t h o u t organization, to- fjMhcr w i t h c i v i l i a n and m i l i t a r y fa'.ip- jjort, it is d o u b t f u l it could take power Iti 1,930. Abdication probably would havo to be approved by Parliament, and the- 22-yoar-old Prince of ·Astiiriix*) would seem logically favored for tile t h r o n e . The present situation la similar to the period preceding the dethrone- m e n t of Isabella II in the so-called September revolution of 1SGS. The [ti!cn, expelled from Spain, abdicated 3U favor of tier son,, Alfoiuso XII, at « famous irici-tiiiK in Paris. Parlia- m e n t had to face an accomplished fact and thorp- rcsultod the election ot a constituent assembly. In 1871, C'fOiieral Primo brought Atmulco from Savoy and tho Spanish Parliament proclaimed him k i n g and took his iath. Amadeo abdicated two years In tor nnd again it -waw Parliament t h u t accepted the abdication and decided to implant tho Ilrst republic in Kpain's history. Tho republican regime lasted 11 months, u n t i l tho Bourbons won their way back. A government of t h e regency was formed, which convoked Parliament, and before that Parliament King Alfonso XII, f a t h f r of the present king, look his oath. The foregoing data are given only because t'ow recall the details. Tho present and following ye-ars may pass without siirh scvjsatlonal happenings lu -Spain, bin from so many points como reports of u "storm ahead" that It is Impossible not to keep oyos and cars open. King Alfonso and his dictator arc playing a pi-avo gamo which both (an win or lose. If both win, Spain's J u t u r j is assured for some time. If one wins and th-rv other loses, sumo a d j u s t m e n t ciin still be expected. If both lose, troublo Is certain. The king and tho premier have an rxcollont opportunity to .show \liey understand w h a t t do to avoid g r i e v - ous s u f f e r i n g * In the nation. BLOND, BUT NOT THEJUGHTPNE,AT MOUNTPLEASANT Great Excitement Aroused Over "Imminent ( nptnre" of Patrolman's Slayer. BUILDING LOAN ELECTS STAFF Confluence John Holt of Ohlojiylo wart a* Juisi- net** culler li ro yesterday. W. I I . Kiiton. d i v i s i o n f r e i p h t Jig out for tlio Daltltnoro S; O h i o Railroad, \v.w irtumactaiR Inminees hero yeatur- Don't Cou^h! Qct q lick relief from those hacking, tcming couuht. Stop ttie inndilrnlnii tlrklc with Scvcra'a Coueh Bal- n«l!U A fuvortle with mothers and children lo 49yc«r», Safe, effective. Your drug. gut ha» it. Two cats, 2Sc «nl 30c. COUCiHBAlSAM Special to Tlie (Sourler, MOUNT PLEASANT, Jan. !).--No end oC excitement WHS created hero yesterday when a telephone call from Laurolvlllo notified Chief of Police Joseph "White that Hie "blond woman" wae headed this w;iy. Chief "White waited u n t i l the woman and her companion drove into M o u n t Pleasant and stopped at a restaurant. The Motor Patrol was called und the woman questioned. It developed ehe and her companion Avere on their way from Greeneboro to Philadelphia, their home, and that thk wnn juet one- of the number of times she had be-on stopped isince lea dug Greensboro. The officers Immediately realized that the woman held T\ as not the- one wanted. Th-e man i?aye the name ae Arthur Bendlet and adclrces a« 1515 North Fruzier street, Philadelphia. His wife and a child wi re In tho car. So tho h u n t for Irene Schroeder, the wanted bio ml, goes on. B, L. Elects Officers. At a meeting oC tho Mount Pleasant Building Loan director*', held at t f i e office of the secretary, S. C. Stevenson. M. R. (.corga wae choeen president; A r t h u r .\JcCloy, vice-preel- dent; S. C. Stevemon, secretary, and George "VV. Stonor, treasurer. Kabe P. Marsh was. chcu en solicitor. One auditor, Richard Doncaeter, wae elected. The; arcs Misfi Alice Ranmay and Fred ! e Priest. Tho directors chosen for the year are C. M, Galley, T. N. Seaton, M. S. Knhn and Paul Doncaster. T he other members of the board are IT. AV. A. Marsh, F. S. Dulllngor, J. B. Goldsmith, Georgo Berenak and D. L. Georso Paul Don- eae'ter was choeen 1o flil the unoxpired term of'tlie late J. '{,. Fox. OdiiudijEi for A'ccdy, The J. C. Penny Company store has contrlbulod to th Mount Plpanxi Red Cross chapter for distribution ot two largo boxes a! cloUiinR. This is one of the largest and beet clothing donations to be reteived by the chapter. The clothes are being distributed by tho nurse, Miss Clara K. Gloor, to the needy, mostly to thoto portions who have been ill r with uiekneaB in th-e family. Hooks Inspected. Mtas Joeephlne W l i i t n e y , field representative of f h c Welfare Unpart- ment at Harriebin =;, was at the Memorial Iloopital y : lor.lay going over the books. Week of Prayer Service. The Wednesday n i ^ h t meeting of the Week of Pray r w.w held at Ihe Methodist EptecotK I C h u r c h . Rev. A. W. TruniBetor, pab'or of the Lutheran Church, was tho 1 ader. Uov. II. U. Claweon, pastor o " tho Middle Presbyterian Church, c ioko on "The Work of the Spirit." Other A'ens. Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Mullln have returned from New York City, where they visited with Mre. Mullin'H brothers. William Ramsay of Derry vielfed yesterday with his sieter, Mr«. Thoma.s Jdnee. Mr«. Richard Doncaaser was botiip«B to the Ladies' Ahl Society of the Re- Union Preeby teria 11 C h u r c h at her homo on Monday afternoon, at u business and se-clxl meeting. HOW ECZEMA IS CONQUERED Yon can banish every trace ot annoying eczema and banish. H in an astonishingly short time--thia Unto next week your Mdn Will bo nearly healed and well on tlio road to enc h a n t l n g r ' lovellne.'is and beauty--(jut you must nse I'et'Tson's Ointment. Peterson's poss"sse3 such remarkable healing and soothing (iiialitics that minor pimple i and blackheads go llko magic--that obstinate cases or b u r n i n g eczema aro gono after a fow days treatment. Mrat application lakes out Itching and burning. Virglo llawkhi.'! oC Wallaco, Va.. writes: "( had .1 very bad uaBe o£ ecKOinii. Tho cniplionH on ono o.f my arms we-ro so bad I couldn't uSo it. 1 had the t r o u b l e £ov ovir a your. ] got a box o£ Peterson's O i n t m e n t and in a weoka my ccsiema had dlaappoared." Kczoma and Itcliing «kln can't witli- stand tlio p o w o r t u l l y healing influonce of Peterson's O i n t m e n t and one 3Cc box will prove U. All d r u g Hlorca.-- Advertisement. Nornialville NOEMAbVILU--;, Jan. 0.-- Mr. and Mrs. Homer PritH are receiving congratulations on (lie lilrtli of a tsou, the flret in the family Mrs, PrlUw w i l l he romomberel HS Mic-,« Dorothy Laymen. Mrs. Joeoph Poitcr/lold is ill at hor liome, A. II. M i l l e r is i s i t i u g relatives and friend,-; in ConJicllavllle. Mrs. Kitsseli Ui\ai(!ri und hem, B«nny, of I ' u l o n i o w n are- vl.sitinj{ at tin; homo of Mvc. ilaulelrt' sltiter, M~a. tU'-ph Porlerfiehl. S a m u e l K u d c r l u d i ftiul d a u g h t e r of ogoih M i l l wc'i-o C'un ii(-ll-i\ Hie M i , a n d Mrs. i H i n o r A . M i l l a r and family of C o n u o l t h v i l l e \\ers visith\g hero Situduy. Mr. and Mrs. Wfeiey Porterfleld and family of Connellsvllle were v i s i t i n g relatives he-re \V. M ^foy of M i l l Run wni' t r n i 1 ^ n c t i n p liuttlner^ n Connellsvillo on ilondajr, IE A A lOc Loaf of BREAD will be given awa; every CASH purchase amounting to $1 FREE with 00 or more. Fruit and Vegetables Bananas L'cr Dozen 25c Cooking Apples 4 Ibs Cranberries, per Ib. Oranges, per dozen California i Celery, 2 stalks Celery Hearts large bunch Head * Lettuce ............... Somerset Potatoes, peck Fresh Spinach, 2 pounds; Parsnips, Turnips, Carrots, etc. 25c 25c 35c 25c 15c lOc 47c 25c Shop today an-1 every day at the West Side Market. Your dollars have incre ised byying power here . . . and you have the convenience of credit and free delivery. All meats, groceries cuid produce are first grade and are sold at prices that invite comparison. Blue Ribbon Malt Per Can Old Dutch Cleanser 3 Cans for 20c Pillsbury, Sweet Cream and Komo Pound Sack California. Lima "| I"7 ,, Beans, lb". JL I L, -\ ^J! 19c Matches, C large Ivory Soap Flakes per package . Wis. Early J u n e OS 1'oas, 2 cans .... Young and Tender Groen Beans, - .'ans -. Demonstration and Sale of tie famous HEINZ VARIETIES California Yellow Cling Peaches Large Size, Halves, can 25c Cape Cod Cookies U Boxes Heinz Baked Bea is, medium, 2 cans 25c L, Heinz Bakecl Bea as, small, 3 cans 25c Heinz Baked Kidr ey Beans, med., 2 cans 25c Heinz Chili Sauce, large 27c Heinz Salad Dres sing, 2 jars 43c Heinz Ketchup, 1 irge, 3 bottles 69c Heinz Ketchup, s mall, 3 bottles 43c Heinz Mustard, tumblers, 3 for 37c Heinz Mustard, c uarts , 35c Heinz Mustard S.,uce, large 13c Heinz Stuffed Olives, medium bottle 19c Heinz Stuffed Olives, large bottle 37e Heinz Stuffed Qi een Olives, Ige. bottle 48c Heinz Olive Oil, 4 oz. bottle ..,, _ ,, 25c Heinz Olive Oil, 3 oz. bottle 45c Heinz Fresh Cucumber Pickle, jar 19c Heinz Fresh Cucumber Relish, jar 19c Heinz India Relish, large jar 23c Heinz Cooked SF aghetti, small, 3 for 23c Heinz Cooked Sx'aghetti, med,, 3 for 37c Heinz Cooked Spaghetti, large, 2 for 45c Heinz Cream TOJ nato Soup, med., 2 for 27c Heinz Cream TOJ nato Soup, small, 3 for 25c Heinz Apple But ter, quarts .....35c Heinz Cider Vim gar, pints, 2 for 27c Heinz Breakfast Wheat, new ,, 23c Heinz Rice Flake s, 2 for 25c Heinz Sweet Pichlea, dozen 20c Hominy, per can ---------- American Beauty Beans, per can .1 ...... ------- ... Bait, free running, 0 p o u n d s -- ......... Jereoy Cora Flakes, 2 pkgs.- "Our Brand'C Coffefv, per !h. Baked White House COFFEE For si More Enjoyable Breakfast A C? 4OC lb - · Cloverbloom and High Grade BUTTER Print or Rolls, 45c Finest Quality Fresh liamburgr, ground, per lb. ... 25c ,Pork .Loin Roast, pound Veal, Pork and Beef, 1'ov meat loaf, ;! pounds Veal Breast, per pound , · Roller's Sliced Bacon, per pound Chuck Roast, per pound Rib and Hump Roast, per pound .! Neck Bones and Fresh Pigs Feet, 3 Ins Pork Chops, per pound gro'uud 85c 25c 35c 27c ,35c 25c Pork Butts, per pound .... Full Dressed Sirloin, Tenderloin and Round I! Black Irlawk. Whole or Half, i© Cream and Long Horn Oiaese Per lb. Navy Beans, per pound Ivory Soap, 10 cakes ... Campbell's Tomato Soup, 3 cans ___________ _TM Swansdown Cake Flour, pkg ..................... _.._ Ralston Wheat Flakes, 2 pkgs. ----------Neighbor Pan Cake Flour, pkg ...... ,,.,_ ............ Toilet Paper, o large rolls _____ ..... -Rice Krispies, 2 boxes . ................ -- ...... ..«. Tomatoes, large cans S ^ \ } Fancy Loose RICE A wholesome, Inexpensive dish. 4 Ibs. Tomatoes, small cans -.. N. B. Soda Crackers, 3 Ibs N. B. Fancy Mix- Cakes, pound . Vanilla Extract, 2 bottles Smoking and Chewing Tobacco, 3 pkgs. , Davis Baking Powdery r !2 oz. Sweet Corn, 2 cans. Jell-O, all flavors, 3 for La Premiata Ttomato Paste. 3- cans , Neighbor's Milk, 10 tall cans 45c 25c 25c 25c 19c 25c 25c 25c 98c Lowest Prices Skinned Fresb Hattns, 8 to 10 lb. average, whole or 'half, per pound Lainb Chops, per pound 45c 25c Pork Sausage, loose or link, per pound ............... Pork Shoulders, whole, "| K ^ per pound ............ .............. JLOC. Fresh Spare Ribs, per pound ........................ Veal Koast, home droBsed, per lb Jg of Lamb, por ]b 20c 30C 35c r25c Pried Reincman rendered bard, '2 Ibs Breakfast Bacon, 4 to f pound pieces, per pound Black Hawk Sliced Ikicon, p o u n d 45c 1000-02 West Crawford Ave. Phone 620, We Deliver.

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