The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 11, 1918 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, March 11, 1918
Page 6
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PAGE-SIX. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVIIJL/E, PA. MONDAY, MARCH 11. 191S. WHYCOAL JOBBERS' COMMISSONS WERE ORDERED STOPPED "IllmiiuUeY Boia- Tide 5 Bait t«-'Cut.Ojrt ;'.·'.'.:. he TOO MUCH SWAPPING' Of Coal b)' Producers TVio Agreed to Act as Sale's Agents for B»cli Other; Too Kwiy' Jobbing .Companies Organized to Collect Commissions. In explanation of the reasons call-. '.: ingrfoith' the order stopping the pay:. meat of commissions' to jobbers for "-'. tueSale of,coat, ' answer to the -'. numerous piotes-ts.that-Jiaye'.be.enfiled ;! against the.'order '. becoming effective j : April 1, th'e.''Euel '.Aamtoistration has. "· issued'th'e'foirbwijttg statement: : ; Thes* -protests are-biased upon 'the' -.: false_ -^assumption that- -the ' revoca- .: Uon jjfithat ^regulation will -drive the .' : jobbetiiutf. oi .business. ; · .- . i.'" Administration: declaims V any 5Hten.tioiJ-;.to'.eUralnate.Jegitimate- *.: joW3erA--trbm.'tlie cQal^busness. It has J.'not 6rilj:.Tecoga4aed their .ksiportaDce -' to tbe"coQfiuct 6f.the'trade,-but has an- · · nounctd^itsj fetention to-so fix- the :; pricej-p^ coal at "the mines as to en-. operators .to "compen.-" Uyes of evory branca of the coal liusl- «W6, tho Fuel Administration decided that tho only solution wag to recommend -to the President tbe revocation oj the regulation allowing tlie-- commission or margin to the jobber, and as a.substitute,tho fixing of prices oC :c6aliat'.Uie..mina,that T.U1 enable, tho operator:-tO-compcnsata -tho; bona'. Gdo joijber for'.Kis services.':;,. -'.. ' .V XAJHKI) ( OK : WAU DiDGS'L'KlBS Defeat Con'nellsTille" Tiisers · Bjr a! '''' "A team of city league players from ·this city-, was- easily .defeated by the.i fast' Fenn te'airT in ' -the Uniontown high school Saturday night: The team was picked up to fill an open date in the Penn schedule after another team which had been' signed up for the game cancelled. Three different city leagur teams were represented by the' aggregation which went to Unigntowtf. At 'the end of the first halt.' the " score stood- 47-20. -The locals piled up their score by spasmodic -scoring, making several in a row- - at times. Hannigan. was in tiptop form on his foul shooting. · Out of ten tries missed, only one...: , Pen as--SO. J. Sanson forward '. A. Sansone forward . ·A. Parks ' center _ CoancUsriUe--S» . Hannigan Bain . JVhalen . .j guard . . guard . U Miller Driscoll . ' t Fener Field goals -- ·J.,Sansone'.15; A. Sansone S; A. Parks 6; Hannigan 6; Bain 5; Whalen 4; Eessig 3; 'Miller 3; Driscoif 2; Bierer. ...... "· .: sate She. Jobbers .for;, their Cervices. ".: The ^liEinAdininlstration..insist that Bain 2 out o£ 2. - v :; bona."atd£iriibbers will. not -. be forced j Substitutions for Feher. ".'.oat 6K'Ijusiness by . the "'proposed .': cbansif.'TJTiiey .will simpjy.-bc.'compeil- · -· ed to'-'-look'.-to the-operator, for their : · compensation as they were iccustom- ;; ed to do before the allowance by'the ; Fuel Administration o£ the margin. In view -of the protests, however, Foul goals-r-Hanpigan-9 out of 10; Bierer for] Whalen. Referee--Jones. Characteristic portrait' of Bernard N. Barueh, who has been appointed .chairman of the war industries board to'.succeed Dapiel Willard, resigned. As the President, Mr. Barurh will act "as the general eye of all supply departments in the field of industry." 'I ;; the Fuel. Administration has deemed j D. JIartin and Mrs. W. H. Habel very ·* it advisable to make a more detailed ;'; statement than it'has done heretofore. I'.o! the.. circumstances. that impelled it ;.to take the- proposed action. ;" Prior to the entrance of the Unified States into the war and for nearly - three months thereafter, the jobber ; had always bought from . the operator ' ZONING PLAN OF HANDLING COAL IS ASSUMING SHAPE Bonndorles Most Be Fbtcil By April 1 So That Bayers and Producers Can Complete Contract Details. The Fuel Administration's zoning at the home, of Mrs. Martin on Thurs- j pian is ra p t1 i y assuming shape. A day avenlg. Various games were the j tent ative program, which will follow Meyersdaie. MEXHRSDALE, .March 9.--Mrs. H. delightfully entertained the ladies' of 'the' Dorcas club and th'eir husbands t Pittsburg Garbage Incinerator Company Stock Not a Stock Scheme. We want to impress this point upon you .and make it as strong as we can. Stock schemes usually start out with a certain, price then advance the price and in a few weeks announce another advance. Our's is not that kind of stock. "We have one price $10.00 per share, fully paid and non- assessable. It is a stock with a firm, solid and substantial base. We have a going, prosperous concern with plain business men in back of it. We plainly and frankly ask you to buy a portion of our treasury' stock, so that we can acquire and equip a plant and to provide additional capital to take care of our fast growing business. No schez7ie about it at all. Just a plain business proposition from plain business men to the people of Connellsville and vicinity. You want to bring a new plant and a. new industry to Connellsville. You can do this by subscribing now. Come see the incinerator demonstrated at 123 South Pittsburg street. Convince yourself that our inciaerator is practical and successful with a wonderful future. Vanderbat. amusement and at a late hour a dainty lunch was served. .Miss Gertrude Hibner was hostess on Thursday evening at her home on ' f o r less than the retailer could bur j the South Side, and had for her guests in a somewhat general way the proposal of the railroads, is being concluded. Tlit: zones, however, will be COESi^crably broader than are thoso in the plan submitted by the railroads. : - direct In other words, the price to j toe members of the Fortnightly club, -·the retailer was the aame whether he j Lunch was served after a few hours ;;bougai. direct-from the mine,, or i were spent in needlework, ·through the jobber. The so-called job- '· Mrs. Jda Staub returned Tjursday ..ibers- margin was an. innovation. · · from a brief visit with her daughter, ;iVE" 1 U't"crn''KemuckyTMfor that' After -Che Fuel Administration had i Mrs. A. C. Kennell in Cumberland. o[ the countrv witt be CIlt 0/r _ organized, and the President had i Mrs. V*. A. Sboemaker.aud daughter, ."filed toe:prices.of coal, the practice of fallowing the jobber to 'add his com- Uiose prices was continued. Miss Lydia. spent Friday visitittg tiie former's son-in-law and daughters, Mr. and Mrs. Orien Daniels in Salisbury. . : Mrs. Grant Trcssler visited relatives Under the", regulations issued by ".. President' Wilson August 23, 1917, a · 'jobber is defined as "a. person (or land friends in Cumberland on Thurs- other agency) who purchat.cs and re- j day. ,, - - sells coal to coal dealers or to "con-j .Mrs. C. \\'. Truxal left Friday for sumers without physically handling it | Baltimore, Md., where she will re- _-'r-'oirroverY-or-througb.-his o*n vehicle, j main for several weeks visiting rela: dock, trestle;'or;yaruV' lliyes.. : After several; months of. operation- Mr. and Mrs. il. J. Glotfelty of Salis- uncter the practice of allowing the .-t,iirg were Meyersdaie shoppers on jobber to add a commission, or margin,' Friday. - ^'-~tb- the price of coal at the anine, it'de- veloped that - this margin .was being '- charged, and collected in many ways . '-'. not contemplated by tho Fuel Admin- Miss Harriet Staub left Friday for a week's visit with relatives and friends ill Cumberland. Clarence Kcihra-'bf West Salisbury It is now clear that there can be ria great limit set on the movement of Lake coal to the Northwest, hut the all raiJ movement from West Virginia section The supply of smokeless coal for Illinois and Indiana will be very largely curtailed. The only way that it will be possible t'o move cotil from one zone to another Trill be by special license. Every effort now is being made to fix boundaries for tne various /ones. This is complicated by the fact that some of the /ones will be broader Ja the summer than after October .1, when weather conditions will necessitate some restrictions. Another important clement 'entering. into the fixing of the boundaries is j reports from the railroads as to their' ability to move the coal aa prescribed.', Director Cienera! McAdoo has directed 1 his operating office to roport at thej VANDBRBIUT, 11.--Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Arisen and baby of Cheat Haven spent the -week-end with the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. E. McLaughiin. .Miss Nelie Nixon of Fairchance visited Miss Lilburn Heed last week. Oma French and Paul H. Collins were callers in Conuellsvillo Saturday evening. Mrs. David Herwick and daughter, Anna Lou, of Connellsville, visited the latter's parents, Mr. Mid Jlrs. .William Thompson. .Earle Chambers spent the woek-encl at his home ;n Revere." George Johnson of Buena Vista is spending a fow days in Chicago. Miss Carrie Dull spent Sunday "with I relatives in Scottdalc. Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Lovo and Edward Strickler were Connellsville callers Saturday evening. A. A. Mitchell has returned homo from Oklahoma City where he attended the funerii] of his father, John Mitchell. J. C. Beatty was calling on fricmls in Smithfield recently. The funeral services of J. Thomas were held Sunday afternoon from the I home of his brother, George Thomas, in Hast Ijiberty. In-lermeat in Dickerson Run cemetery. Proof Positive j CITIZENS PI.'BtJO ST.VTEMBWT Do not confuiir with ninLlJ»l- » j ou IniUatrt. We alone CumMncil Trvntwent. ijt.ratJon : ___Agencies--which, -while ! sp" Bn t-Friday transacting business in ! c f rliest - possibls TM"TM°\ °" technically jobbers, were not such in .fact, .or ..were closely affiliated with __th.e_operators for. w.hom... ihey .acted,. tSo T.he" dobber's margin, .which became, a -mere .increase: in the thb-'op'erat'or.r: ' ; . T.Qtte -pE-'the-niethods -by.' which this -- pr6ht-"w35 obtained by 'the' operator,' -j was the practice of /'swapping coal." ' *- Two operators would agrM to-act as ^2. jobbers for each other, in -the .sale of ~ their output, each coilscting the job~ bcr's margins. -. · · -_ H. Another practicfe~was that of organ- i izicg subsidiary .companies, the. sole ~" function o! which,.was ti act. as the -- osJensiblo jobbers' of tbe producing -" companies by. which they were owned, - and to collect the commission allowed ^ by the I-'uel Administration. -: The effect of -these practices was to -- add from 15 Ur jo-cen-ts a ton to the ^ cost of coal to;the. consumer for serv- our city. -Miss Mary Black is spending the week with friends in Pitisburg. Smithfield. lees thatjTrore'.merQly fictitious, and"to .. S^rITHF^ELD,· March 0.--A representative of the internal revenue department, of Pittsburg held court in the postoftice here Thursday for he purpose of collecting income tax. phase of the matter. T)ie zone boun-i daries must bo riled before April l.[ so that purchasers may jinow where ; they may buy and operators be informed as to the territory from which j they may accept orders. Dickerson Run. DICKERSON RUN, March 8.--Coa- ductor :\V. C. Durbin returned to his Katberyn R: Thomas, a teacher in!TM 11 on Passenger trains .Vos. 151 and " -taJifuSTJiy'- those-onthTeif "competitors. ^ SBho'-lm^roye'd bona-flHS. jobbers. Tie! --· 1 6usines^-o"f-th"e bTma ficle'jobbe'r sufferr' .-- -:ed raateflal'iy by reason"bf these prac- -...'.;.'.Offlciais of. the.'Fuel Administration : ±;..fbit'.that a continuance of the com* miasibc allowance to jobbers would --ibe^taBtamouaiitd a^tacit consent to the "'these:'fictitious job'bers. of the business-' tbe local schools., has offered her service to the government for a clerical position in any department where sue may do her bit for the country. The gas went off Thursday before noon about the time the housewives had'their bread ready for the oven. They'had to take their baking to neighbors who burned coal. Tne Weaver school and tbe Pleasant Hill school in Georges township met at the Pleasant Hill school house in_a -.spelling.- bee Friday afternoon. The7:P'ieasant Hill school _-was vic- torions. Joseph, Hoon, 13 gears' old, in a practice stunt ,1n · the Wearer school given .the. day before the. contest of 200' words' selected by his teacher, spelled every one of them correctly. The Prospect Coal company, commenced running coal over their tramway for the first time "Wednesday and dumping "it into"tfie'bin at-t.Se". ovens on the S. M.jbranch Firday morn- Jng:"; -Tipjpleman Samuel - Thompson, ·wb.iiejmtting a trip down; to' the'-dump ind-jobbers. i^jatJr-rffvestigaiion.-tof'rtheir. relations 7 Z :ould not be.'nndcrtaken by'the Fuel the tipple, killing the . ··let;two'Wagons-and*a horse-go- over 156 yesterday after being off duty for ; a week which he spent with his son, i MOVE BY AUTOTRUCKS BOTH PHONES OPPMAN'5 TRANSFER OPPOSITE POST OFFICE CONNELLSVILLE, PA- Clarence Durhin, who is stationed at j - Camp "Lee, Petersburg, Va., "While at Camp Lee Mr. Durhin was pressed into service by the boys and did, some hard drilling. .Mr. Durbfn left bis son in the best of health. Mrs. J. D. Corcoran has returned home from Pittsburg after spending a day there .shopping. P. M. Sbovalter of Da-wson is spending a week visiting relatives and friends at Mbnongahela City. | TIIK IIMTXSD SPECJAMSTS j Who visit here at, ihe Baltimore House I near B. . O. Station, OonncUHvillc. i Room second floor, T««Ml»y each week, ' 3 A. M. to 8 P. M. Honcnt, Sober, Rtrlialilc Serrlce, Ilcxnltji i and IVrmftiient. I'roetlrt;, j For Men nnd Women. Up-to-date {Treatment for all chronfr.. nervous, (complicated, blood, Kcncral and special (lis-ea^es. Xo matter what your dia- i case, seo thr SpfclnlUts, who often cure ' a f t e r other.-* Positively-tho larsr- I fist .ind most, successful practice. Do 1 not hr; lUsappointcd if you cannot he j wetted u p o n tlic day you ca.13. Call , :ifrain. Thfr; is a reason for our la,ree j [jracUcc and prrftat succcs?. "N'othing 1 I Succeed.-' Like Success." "Merit Ali tvtiys "Wins." We cure people. 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Persons who live aimless lives simply cannot be hnppy. Let the woman given to envying those "fortunate," bnt in reality lazy and listless' Individuals, ponder seriously over this troth, become interested in some worthwhile duty of the hour, and try -to forget herself. -If she ~- Administration because of the e.-cpenso j dinkey, only by the breaking of the ^ indt he'-amonut of'.labor-that would coupling, was' prevented from going ^ a-ave been entailed. ~ After a thorough investigation o£ -- :very phase of the situation, which -- iicluded conferences with representa- The floss this she \rtll not find any Ume to Ennting You will fiad them in our ad. columns. waste ia Idle wishing, but, oa the other hand. Trill experience a contentment delightfully new and satisfying. Classified A Bring, results. Cose only Ic a word. LOCAL AST) XONG DISTANCE JtOTDTGS. B«ll S42. Bcsidcnce Ml Haas Ave,, Tri-State 57 '. . COATfEtlSTILT.K, PA. 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